ATHENS COLLEGE Maranhenses - FAME Quality in Customer Service: As customer loyalty © Gerisval Person Excellence in Customer Service Fundamental

Principles: The company is totally committed to providing excellent customer service and i s the main center of attention throughout the enterprise; All employees are aw are and committed to the vision of excellence in customer service; Providing t he highest level of service customer, and Systems and procedures are designed to give impetus to the customer. © Gerisval Person Customer Focus Customer First Application for customer and market segmentation and market cover age Communication with customer relationship management customer management prob lem customers Measurements Customer feedback © Gerisval Person The Paradigm of Customer Focus The customer in the future will be largely responsible for pressures on firms eded expectations. ust always be heard new customer. "Every © Gerisval Person Attending the client is: Meeting the requirements. Exce Anticipate your needs. You may not always be right, but m It is much cheaper to preserve an old customer than get a employee is an ambassador of the company"

Who are your customers? End Clients: People who will use your product or service on a day-to-day and a s you expect - will be delighted. Customers intermediaries: These are usually distributors or dealers that make their products and services available to the end customer Internal clients: We are a chain, in which all links are interdependent. There is no job more impo rtant than another. For all chain works well, it is necessary that each link in the right place at the right time and doing the job right. © Gerisval Person Satisfaction Processes People Products and Services "You forgive almost anything but not well attended. Even when everything goes we ll, the customer feels more satisfied when their channel of communication with t he provider is efficient and suitable for their needs. " © Gerisval Person

Cultural Change Customer PRES. Line Management: Personnel Board Personal line Management Board PRES. Customers Decentralized administration more power to those employees who deal with custome rs © Gerisval Person C l i e n t e s Moment of Truth The quality experienced by the client is created in the moment Indeed, when the service provider and client encontramse interacting face to fac e. moment of truth is every time the customer comes into contact with the prod uct or services company. If at that time the customer is satisfied with qualit y, certainly the images of the attendant, who works in the department and the co mpany will be positive. The Moment of Truth ranks: Tragic Apathetic Ench anted (or magic) © Gerisval Person Moment of Truth and Cycle Service Interactions: 2. Case 3. Technology or four places. Staff 5. Other clients Duty cycle (Client) Home Wins cycle access to the site will find parking space walks to the door and is greeted enters asked directions to the employee going to stand in line Choos es film enters service check out the goodies Choose Delivery Does payment proces sing portfolio awaited movies Receives Receives greeting Sai farewell store walk s to the car Get End of cycle parking M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 Criterion (s) principal (s) Home Comfort cycle access availability, security, speed, Support Services, Custo mer friendliness, competence, comfort, quality and speed, flexibility - choices speed, comfort and quality, flexibility - Flexibility Speed Service options - me ans of payment, cost, speed Attendance, sympathy Security Security, speed Access End of cycle © Gerisval Person Dimensions of Service Quality Dimensions of quality of the services of the service quality dimensions of avail ability, accessibility, courtesy, helpfulness, competence, availability, accessi bility, courtesy, helpfulness, trust, confidence, competence, objectivity. commu nicability. Communications "word of mouth" Service perceived expected service needs personal past experiences External communications to customers satisfaction Training Hig h favorable attitude change behavior desired Quality of service Formation of low satisfaction nasty attitude change unwanted behavior © Gerisval Person

Satisfaction No change No change of attitude behavior Dimensions of Service Quality Definitions of quality of services offered by Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry: 1 - Reliability: Ability performance of the service offered with rigorous contro l. 2 - Level A: Willingness to guide customers and provide prompt service. © Gerisval Person Dimensions of Service Quality 3 - Competence: Knowledge of skills and knowledge of the service. 4 - Courtesy o f Education, respect, consideration and friendliness of contact personnel. 5 - R eliability: Reliability and honesty of the service provider. © Gerisval Person Dimensions of Service Quality 6 - Safety: None of the danger, risk or doubt. 7 - Access: Easy to contact. 8 Communication: Keep the customer informed in language they can understand and li sten. © Gerisval Person Dimensions of Service Quality 9 - Knowledge of consumer / customer: Make effort to know customers and their needs. 10 - Tangibility: Appearance of facilities, e quipment, personnel and communication materials. © Gerisval Person What motivates customer behavior? YOUR NEEDS ... © Gerisval Person Hierarchy of Human Needs The m M Hu TI VA TION an O Creativity = self-realization, self-development ... Ego or Esteem = Self-confide nce, independence = Feelings Social acceptance, friendship ... Security = Protec tion and his family, stability ... = Physiological survival, food, clothing and shelter Maslow Cr SA cim es en IT TO SF CA © Gerisval Person ION of If r Hierarchy of Customer Needs ?

Customer Success Unexpected Wanted Basic © Gerisval Person EVO Expected LUC ION The Dimensions of Customer Needs Quality Results Process Quality Quality Quality Compliance ective Interaction and Wellness James Tebul 1991 © Gerisval Person The GAPs Quality Conceptual model that demonstrates how quality manifests itself in the service s ector. This model is used for fault analysis of service quality and to assist ma nagers to identify needed improvements. Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry © Gerisval Person The GAPs Quality 1 Managerial Perception Gap: where quality expectations are perceived inaccurate ly. This gap usually occurs by the lack of information for a proper analysis of customer demand, market research is, in this section, a strong ally for its corr ection, because when properly planned and executed, clearly reflects these items demand. © Gerisval Person The GAPs Quality Gap 2 - Specification of quality: when, if known customer demands, the specifica tions are standardized inappropriately. This occurs when the planning is poor: i nadequate procedures, unclear goals, lack of commitment of top management in pla nning quality. © Gerisval Person The GAPs Quality Gap 3 - Service Delivery: when quality specifications are not the same that make up the service. This gap is present by a lack of training for implementation of these specifications, so that staff understand the procedures and comply with t he specifications. The care in choosing the appropriate technology to facilitate the performance specifications, as well as the involvement of all through a man agement that motivates the group, facilitators are to obtain the expected result s. © Gerisval Person Quality Aff

The GAPs Quality Gap 4 - Communication with the market: when the market receives information inco nsistent with the services delivered. We can characterize the occurrence of this gap for non-conformity with the specifications of the operations, for planning communications dissociated from service operations, lack of honesty in disclosur e and even lack of coordinated communications. The alignment of all sectors that involve the macro process of service, ethics and transparency in information di sclosed is the best antidote for this Gap. © Gerisval Person The GAPs Quality Gap 5 - Quality of Service: Perceived than expected by the perception that when the customer has service. This gap is regarded as more important, because through its analysis al lows for better strategies to guarantee satisfaction of service provided. © Gerisval Person Quality Improvement in Services Decreasing the Gaps Perception Management Delivery of Services teamwork adequacy of the official function of perceived control by the official recognition and evaluation role conflict in the official role of uncertainty in the official Communication with the market GAP 3 horizontal communication tendency to promise more than can © Gerisval Person GAP 4 Perceived Quality of Services Parasuramen, A., Zeithaml, V.A., Berry. L.L. GAP 2 Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer commitment of management perception of the viability padroniação task setting go als Perceptions and Expectations. The Free Press, 1990. Quality Specification QUALITY OF SERVICE GAP 5 market research vertical communication management levels GAP 1 Attending to Customer Needs

Interaction with the customer need additional minimum requirements Availability Patio clean and tidy type of fuel required to queue Paper tow els will stand for the acceptable size. buy fuel to clean hands ready and sympat hetic Service Good lighting at night Go to "A" to "B" in Call scheduled appointments. nice and helpful the taxman Availability of seating and not very crowded bus clear and accurate warnings to be informed if any problems. Travel by Bus © Gerisval Person As customers change? Lower Quality of Care Received = 70% Lack of Personal Attention = 30% = 30% Prod uct Quality Service Quality = 70% Your expectations: 3R + V Value of Trust - I can tell you with Fast Response - You are quick to offer solu tions Relationships - it's easy to do business with you + Value - you add value to my business © Gerisval Person Reasons for excellence in customer service The client always well looked back. The customer service staff has 70% o f the responsibility for customer satisfaction. Not always get a second chance t o impress. Effective relationships with customers, combined with the technical q uality and fair price, strengthen public opinion favorable to the Company. Favor able public opinion raises profits and good working relationships increase produ ctivity. Retrieve the client will cost at least 10 times more than keeping it. E very unhappy customer account for about 20 people, while happy to have only five .

© Gerisval Person Because if a customer loses death 1% 3% change 5% adopt new habits 9% thought the price too high h the quality of products 14% are disappointed wit

68% are dissatisfied with the attitude of staff (poor quality of service) U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT

© Gerisval Person Skills The 15 core competencies for front line first - develop the confidence and loyal ty. 2 - Put yourself in the customer = empathy. 3 - Communicate well. 4 - Master ing the tension. 5 - Watch. 6 - Always be alert. 7 - Work well in teams. 8 - Dem onstrate confidence and loyalty. © Gerisval Person

Skills The 15 core competencies for front line 9 - Demonstrate personal motivation. 10 - Resolve problems. 11 - Maintain professionalism. 12 - Understand the company a nd the industry. 13 - Conserve energy. 14 - Apply the knowledge and technical sk ills. 15 - Organize the work activities. Source: International Learning © Gerisval Person Customer Complaints Ten tips for dealing with customer complaints Let the customer speak Say sorry for what happened Listen carefully examine the facts learned to ask questions Keep an open mind Do not argue, nor be defensive Try to find out what solution the customer wants Concentrate on what can and explain what It can not impose a solution Always make a resume and make sure the client understood and agree © Gerisval Person That irritation can be avoided? © Gerisval Person Promise and not fulfill Indifference and unkind attitudes not hear the customer say that he has no right to be "Awesome" Acting with sarcasm and arrogance Quest ioning the integrity of the client to discuss with the client not to return to t he client Using inappropriate words present appearance and posture little Profes sionals What do angry customers? © Gerisval Person Be taken seriously. Be treated with respect. What action is taken immediately. G ain compensation / restitution. See who punished or reprimanded Wrong with them. Clear up the problem, that never happens again. Be heard.