EARNINGS (EUR) general clerical OFFICE FITNESS FOR CUSTO MERS, MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS FOR CUSTOMERS, CASH, CONTACTS WITH BANKS, FILE DOCUMEN TS COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE AND ACCOUNTING MANDATORY ONLY 1 JOB (BETWEEN 16 AND 30 YEA RS, INCLUDING THAT NEVER HAVE WORK WITH NO TERM CONTRACT) OR LONG TERM UNEMPLOYE D (REGISTERED IN THE CENTER OF EMPLOYMENT AT LEAST 12 MONTHS) - CALL FOR EXEMPTI ON FROM SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTIONS With experience. Knowledge and power locks , driver's license for light heavy 3e (preferred) APPRENTICE / LOCKSMITHS OF CIVIL PRACTITIONER TO WORK IN IRON, ALUMINUM, ETC. LOCAL OFFER OBS Clerical / a Accounting CP 12 years 450 + food subs Walnut 5874782 22 Painter of metal surfaces Apprentice / assistant Locksmith 2 Civil Mechanical In dustrial Machinery MS ET ET 09 th -06 th grade years 600 500 600 for onthe However ete salary may increase in accordance w / expe r. Demonstrated Subs + 5.5 Euros. Ref Remuneration to be agreed in accordance wi th Maya S. Pedro de Avioso a vacancy for a vacancy for Gueifães + Mindelo 5874772 82 5874793 03 5874829 97 Or professional experience or training. Computer Programmer ET The Bachelor Moreira 2001 5874816 exper. Draughtsman ET demonstrated 12 years 600 + 5 Subs. 76 Ref. Gemunde 58 74853 1 Drawings WORK FOR GENERAL-TAKING MEASURES TO DRAWINGS AND + MONITORING OF WORK S IN PROGRESS. WITH OR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE. With acquaintances. DESIGN CONSTRUCTI ON CIVILCAD

Painter (multipurpose) Painting of units (furniture) with knowledge and power lo cks with experience "Call Center" Service experience with telephone RC 9 years 600 + sub.ref. Folgosa ---Original contract through a temporary employment undertaking technical training / professional in the area of paint Hours: 7-12 and 13-16 hours from 2nd to 6th Thursday RC Minimum 9 years 450 + sub.ref. + Commissions Gemunde (zone ind.maia I) 5874838 25 Telephone contact with customers on the use of PHC exp, knowledge of hardware Ex perience minimum 1 year of service to the public Time Contract normal initial si x months Course technological level III Repair "brown line" offer through tempor ary employment agency Operate machine manufacturing Offer through temporary empl oyment agency contract minimum of 1 month renewable Offer through temporary empl oyment agency contract of at least three months, renewable functions: loading an d unloading, storage of material in the warehouse ... with experience in applyin g stucco and plaster. You have to do with machine design. Transport over the fir m. Electronic Technician RC 12 years 550 + sub.ref. Moreira (industrial zone) Gueifães --Production operators pref. Employees with experience of warehouse Pref. with exp erience RC 4th year 410 + sub.ref. RC

9 years 450 + sub.ref. 510 + 3 sub.aliment.

(Industrial zone) Gemunde Plasterer IB 04 1991 5874770 Mason Mechanical Gas Appliances Electricians Construction. 2 + 2 Official Pre of ficers loyal to store IB JS April 2009 510 + 3 sub. alim. 500 minimum. Negotiable according to experience. Pre Of ficials: 500 Official: 550 alim Subs: 6.05 450 + 600 6:05 Gemunde 1991 5874770 S. 45 Nogueira Pedro Fins 5874747 5874804 5874769 03 16. With professional experience. Preferably with knowledge in the application of pl aster. Transport over the firm. Damage repair boilers and gas heaters. Minimum 1 years experience in similar functions. License. Necessarily with experience. Wi lling to travel throughout the country. Receipt and dispatch of goods Service de sk goods Driving of light Jobseekers 1st job Responsible for the preparation and painting of parts or furniture (on-site or public roads), responsible for small jobs in metalworking, electrical repair, responsible for maintenance, cleaning of vehicles and equipment assigned to him, detection and reporting of anomalies in areas where circulating. Must have minimum 2 years experience in the field of painting, technical and professional training in the field of painting, metal w ork and knowledge of electricity. Driving license for light and heavy (preferabl y) a car mechanic.€You must also have knowledge of experience in maintenance of machinery and equipment construction Part-time - days 4 hours 6 months contract Monday to Friday Portuguese very good notions of English facility of expression to attract clients Computer skills JS 04-09 PP 9 / 12 (maxi mo) Holy water Painter of metal surfaces

PP Maya 5874772 82. Automobile mechanic PP 650 Moreira 5874770 32 36 5874805 Seller by phone PP 9 220 Aguas Santas Preferably knowledge of telemarketing Mechanical Engineer PP LC 700 Vila Nova da Tile MATAMATA 5,874,813 06 5,874,830 70 Mechanical Knowledge in the area. Respo nsibility, honesty and good relationship Driving No experience is necessary. Ser vant with the license to help in the workshop and works. The apprentice to do va rious tasks related to the profession. Installation and maintenance of hospital equipment installation and maintenance of hospital equipment to carry out the se paration of various types of waste (cardboard, plastic, metal, glass). Cleanup o f any site preparation of all waste to transport up to ecopoints Operator chemic al and electrochemical baths, for functions of parts in the plating brass online . Course Level III technician electronics. Good knowledge of analog and digital electronics, computer and technical English Seamstresses running stitch and brun ideiras Servant and apprentice locksmith PP 04 Servant 450 403 + Apprentice Sub 3:30 Alim 600 euro 600 euro 403 + 5.78 Technical electromechanical technician electromedical Undifferentiated PP PP PP 12 12 MATAMATA MATAMATA the Airport 5874839 03 5874839 03 5874842 41 Undifferentiated Technician Electronic Sewing / Bruniderias

MS MS MS September 12 th 500 + 3.99 sub. Alim. 600.00 + 2.49 sub. Alim. 403 + 2.5 sub. Alim.

Maia Gueifães ST ª M ª Avioso 5874831 68 5874782 43 5874831 88