COMPLEMENTARY SOLUTIONS FOR SECURITY PREVIRAS FUND OPEN PREVIRAS The pension reform requires the worker an important

choice: whether to allocate the TFR to a form of supplementary pension. By June 30, 2007, each employee will be required to choose where to allocate its accruing TFR. By D. Decree 252/2005 , the open pension funds are an extremely useful tool for the management of FN, offering a number of significant advantages over current methods of use. The pen sion fund is in fact the only management tool saving tax incentives. WHY 'CHOOSE A FUND OPEN FOR THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF YOUR FN: • TAXATION easier for the TFR PAID TO FUND BOARD: • TFR left in the company is taxed separately and provisionally average rate that depends on your income (and that is between 23% and 35%) in the TFR into pension fund is taxed at a rate instead permanently maximum of 15%, reduced to 9%. OPPORTUNITY 'CALLING FOR SPOILERS: even TFR into a pension fund may be requested in advance, with more advantages than the TFR left the company: the Pension Fund may make advance payments up to 75% of the position gained (aga inst 70% in company) and tax benefits compared to the TFR in the company to purc hase their first home, renovations and medical expenses can request advances for expenses medical even after a month of seniority may request an advance of 30% of position for various reasons (not provided opportunities for the TFR left the company) • LESS TAXATION OF EFFICIENCY: taxation applied to financial returns earned is 11% per annum (instead of 12.5% set for all other securities and 27% on bank accoun ts) MAJOR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE: possibility of investing different lines in ord er to benefit from market opportunities and thus obtain a maximization of return s TAX DEDUCTIONS IMPORTANT: You can take a deduction from income contributions t o the Fund (excluding severance pay) up to 5,164.57 euro per year, which so go t o cut the income tax income tax INSTRUMENT FOR SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY: It is pos sible, given the significant tax advantages, use the fund as a means of achievin g savings for future goals (eg house purchase for themselves or their children) and a means of Health insurance • • • THE PENSION FUND OPEN PREVIRAS In the vast landscape of pension funds, PREVIRAS is the ideal tool for the manag ement of severance pay for employees who may join through the company. The Open Pension Fund Previras was in fact designed to offer the best service to business es and employees. This is a simple and transparent instrument, with competitive prices and best proposition for which the service passes through the presence of a landmark in the company. This means safeguarding the position of employees wh

o individually and independently decide to choose the Fund PREVIRAS open, and si multaneously, the benefits that membership in an individual pension fund does no t cover: the possibility of redemption total paid-up capital in case of resignat ion or termination of employment of the employee with the company, otherwise you can not PREVIRAS open pension fund is the first born in Italy, defined contribution, mad e in 1998. The Pension Fund is a member Previras No 4 Dawn of the Commission for Supervision of pension funds. At retirement is made available capital and / or an annuity payable in different solutions. LINES OF INVESTMENT PREVIRAS is a umbrella fund: the fund, it offers the opportu nity to invest simultaneously on four lines of investment characterized by a dif ferent style of financial management and different profiles of risk and return i n order to respond adequately to the needs and expectations of each member LINE 1 PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE BOND WITH MINIMUM (2%) This line guarantees the repayment of the entire paid-up capital plus a minimum annual return of 2% LINE 2 MIXED WITH BOND GUARANTEE OF RETURN OF CAPITAL The line guarantees the repayment of the paid up share capital LINE 3 BALANCED Line invests in bonds and equities (to a maximum of 50%) in the long term, allow the member to obtain higher returns by exploiting the opportunities offered by financial markets LINE 4 Global Equity The line invests mainly in equities and to a lesser extent in debt securities wi th a fair mix that helps you get all the investment opportunities offered by fin ancial market THE COST OF PENSION FUND PREVIRAS The economic conditions for the Pension Fund PREVIRAS are summarized below: • • one-time fee: 51.64 reducible by the number of members of Boards of Management : Annual% applied to the assets invested in the line: • Line 1: Line 2: Line 3: Line 4: 0.95% 1.10% 1.25% 1.45% Commission in case of transfer to another pension fund: 51.64

There are no other costs: neither the annual cost required to manage the positio n, or for operational decisions made dall'iscritto (eg switch from one line to a nother investment, and advance purchase). WHY 'CHOOSING THE PENSION FUND PREVIRAS The Company may offer the Open Fund PREV IRAS their employees with the opportunity to: • have an instrument adapted to the new regulations on the destination of the TFR; enjoy the tax advantages provided by the legislature on contributions to the fu nd.

• Adhering to the pension fund also offers you the SAR agreement ensures for an in tegrated and customized for all other insurance coverage (such as car, house, pe rson): • • insurance products purchased in the Convention, cost more convenient Convention can only take advantage of splitting the cost of your monthly bills by withholdi ng salary, without interest charge. an insurance consultant in the company to me et all your needs and requirements •