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• Block 60 content categories, including: • Pornography • Gambling • Games • Dru gs and violence more ... • Monitor and control access to Web pages. • Generate r eports based Activities. 1 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl FREE Software for Secure Internet Browsing Internet is for children, a new world of possibilities. But it also has some ris ks. Internet offers many fun and educational sites for the whole family, but som e contain content inappropriate for children without viruses and threats that, t hrough ignorance, can be installed without your consent on your computer. As par ents our supervision and involvement are the best weapon to protect our children . (From today, you can use this software, we will show you how to get it, how to install, how to use it and make the best of it.). Remember, 80% of parents and adolescents "feel" that children younger are not careful on the Internet (Source : Pew 2007). In this same study shows that Internet hazardous areas are: • Socia l Networks (Youtube, Fotologs, Myspace, Facebook, etc.) • Cyber Predators (detai ls below) • Cyber Bullying (In MSN, chats and emails) • Personal Information (Pa ges applying text and / or pictures) • Inappropriate content (pornography, drugs , violence, hatred, gambling, etc..) We will stop and detail a little about the Cyber-Predators (Grooming) Cyber-Predators • Child Pornography - 1 / 5 children are under attack - 83% of images of children between 6 and 12 years - 62% images of girls - Pedophiles, curious, people discriminated against are motivators. Profits from the images People • Child prostitution - The main reason is dysfunctional families: psychological abuse, emotional or sexual abuse, poverty and drugs. - Enter at an average age o f 14. 2 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl • Sex tourism - one million children are forced into years (UNICEF) - is offered through travel agents - online chats promote it and provide information to part icipate Source: After our "call to conscience" we invite you to take maximum advantage o f the information we have prepared for you. SOFTWARE FOR MONITORING AND MORE. K9 , is a free program with which you can filter the information that enters your c omputer through the 60 categories in which it has classified the content (not a virus). Its origin is Canada, their language is English, but because we can get the maximum benefit. K9 is updated all the time, limiting entry to forbidden sit es that appear from one day to another. To use the program you must necessarily have a password provided by the manufacturer, the key is free and you will be as ked to install the program. 1-Obtaining Key: Enter the following link to order o ur clave: (Figure 1) must complete

the form for then download the program, once registered you will be sent to your email a key to en able the application. (Picture 2 Animated) 3 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Finally you must press the button "Request License", which will be sent automati cally to email a password you have specified. Here we show the screen once envid o the form. (Image 3) 4 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 2 - View Our Key: now remains for us to open our email and we will have an email sent by the K9 business. Note carefully that in our example, this email is SPAM folder hosted on our yahoo email version. (Each case may be different but we wa nt to take into account our experience) (Figure 4, Figure 5). 5 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl As we indicated in the picture above the key that you have provided, you will be asked later, when installing the software on your PC. (File size is only 234 Ki lobyte) 3 - Download: Now go to download this software by clicking the following link. (There are versions for both Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista) (Picture 6 animated). 6 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 7 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl On your computer, the installation file you just downloaded program should look like: (Picture 7). 4 - Install Process: Double-click on the file called k9-webprotection.exe.€[To m ake this process must be connected to the Internet] (Animated Image 8). 8 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 9 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl

10 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 11 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 12 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 13 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 14 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 15 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 5 - Interacting with the Program: When you reboot your PC there will be a new ic on on your desktop, this icon will also appear in the list of our programs. (Ima ge 9, Image 10). 16 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl When we entered the program, see the following screen (Figure 11). 6 - Items of Agenda: This is the main screen, where we can clearly distinguish t hree items, that we have listed for clarity: (Image 12). 17 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Item 1 (Report): It allows you to see activity for people who have used the Inte rnet. (Page addresses visited including the time and date, etc..) Item 2 (Setup) : Le settings allow for all possibilities we provides the K9, such as: Browsing time, limit hours of navigation, enabling or disabling address pages. Item 3: He lp (in English). 7 Item 1: View Internet Activity: View the activity on the Inte rnet. When we click on this option the first thing you notice is that the K9 asks us t o enter a password, this means that all control then it should be noted, that on ly we "managers" have the privilege to see these activities (the key you ask for is that you entered when installing the program see Figure 8 Animated; not be c onfused with The activation key that you send to our email), it is his duty not to give this password to anyone.) (Image 13) As we enter our password and click "Login", will enter the next screen, where yo u can see the pages you've visited, the date and time of these visits, we also s ee how many pages fall under the categories listed. (Figure 14). 18

AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl This page summarizes the categorization and statistics of page views and blockag es that have been made (link in red) and the claims allowed (green link). THIS I NFORMATION EVEN IF THE PERSON REMAINS CLEAR THE "HISTORY OF VISITS" YOUR BROWSER . In the Summary of the Category (Category Summary), a green name indicates that t he category is allowed. A red name indicates a blocked category, the numbers ind icate the number of pages visited that fall within this category. Clicking highl ighted some of these categories (link) will show details in particular. Somethin g I find very interesting is that for example if someone has tried to enter setu p item (Item 2) to change any parameter or attempted to enter to see the reports , but not knowing the password from, but in this page is recorded that we try an d bring even the date and time it happened. (Figure 15). 19 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 8 - Item 2: S ETUP: k9 configuration. Entrance to the sector "Settings" must ent er the Item 2, image 12, when clicking on this section see the following: (Image 16) We enter the same password you use to view reports on the Internet (Section 1) d escribed above, to enter this password to access the following screen: (Image 17 ) 20 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Image shows the following menu: (Figure 18) We discuss each of these options, starting with the main screen, where ads appea r protection levels (Figure 19) Here you decide the level of protection with which you want users to navigate yo ur computer. For many users, selecting the "default value" (default), will be su fficient, here you can see the details of this level (Figure 20) 21 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl For each level, you can click the link (Show Details, Show Details) to see the d etails of which categories to block.€If none of the protection levels listed mee t your needs, you can press the level "costume" (Custom Level), so you can enabl e precisely the categories of the block. (Figure 21) As shown in Figure 21, we can select the categories you wish to lock or unlock. EYE with the option that appears at the end (DRTR) (Enable Dynamic Real-Time Rat ing): A system that tries to determine the category of a Web page automatically without 22 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl

human intervention. This is the second line of defense when the page is not incl uded in the database of K9. Now we discuss each of the predefined levels: High ( High) Protects against all categories. Default: (Default) Protects against all a dult size, security threats, illegal activity and sexually-related sites. Modera te (Moderate) protects against all adult size, security threats and illegal acti vity. Minimal (Minimal) Protects against pornography and security threats. Monit or: Allows all categories - But what about the REGISTRATION OF ALL ACTIVITIES IN THE INTERNET. (This is one of the most used alternative, so we can see all the activities that made a user on our PC, and if we see who has visited inappropria te sites, these addresses can block the later with the "Web Site Exceptions" of menu and so the person will know that we operate the K9 for your benefit.). Cust om: (Custom) Here we can choose our own set of categories to block. 8a - Time Re strictions (curfew) (Image 22) This option lets you set the schedule for the week, users will be allowed or den ied access to the Web. 23 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Time is divided into sections of 30 minutes each, for that reason will see that each hour will correspond two cubes in the graph. For example, in schedule 12 co ntains a cube from 12:00 to 12:29 and from 12:30 to 12:59 is during each day of the week. To allow or deny access to Internet at any particular schedule, just p ositioned under the corresponding day column and press the button and drag the m ouse to select a region, that region will blacken and then you can click the but ton "Allow "(allow) or" Deny "(Deny) access, finally press the button" Save Chan ges "(recorded the changes.) (Picture 24) In this example (picture on next page) has been denied access to the Internet du ring the week, including one in the morning until 4 in the morning. To re-enable access at this time, just select the region and click the button "Allow" (allow ). 24 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 8b - Web Site Exceptions (Exceptions Sites) (Picture 25) In this option, you may indicate that Web sites particularly want to block or allow access, regardless of its category. Example: We always allow people to visit the website for the latest news (www.lu n.cl), for this we will perform the steps shown in the picture below (Picture 26 animated). 25 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 26 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl On the other hand, if we refuse to visit people who visit the (exotic location w ww.quefuerte.com steps, which are encouraged to). We then perform 27 Image

27 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Pay attention to any changes after we press "Save Changes" (Save Changes). Now i f you need to delete one of these sites added in this section, just click the ic on and the site is eliminated. 8c - Blocking Effects (blocking effects) (Figure 28) 28 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl This page is used to set the general options of the blockade. - "Bark When block ed" sounds an audible sound when a page has been locked. - "Show admin options o n block pages": It allows you to skip the blocking of a site, or modify their sc enes of filtration, as long as you provide the correct password manager directly from the blocked page. - "Time Out Settings" will allow you to block access hap pened to all Web sites within a period of time. 8d - URL Keywords (Keywords in t he Web address) (Image 29) You may indicate which direction you want to block Web pages,€when specific word s appear in the composition of the Web address of a particular site. If you ever want to block a site because of a certain word at address (regardles s of the categories you have chosen to block) enter the word in the box "Add a k eyword and click" Add. " NOTE: Does not block words that appear within the page itself (only in the address). For example, blocking the keyword "sex" would bloc k the site and www.sex-pics.com 29 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl as www.essex.com. You can also use the wildcard asterisk (*), this symbol replac es one or more characters, for example when writing auto *, involve auto, autos, and * sex essex sex and block, but not sexy. 8e-Other Settings (Other settings) (Image 30) - "Beta Program": Allows you to choose to be notified by the developer of the So ftware, when updating the K9. - "Web Search Settings": The filtered search resul ts in Google you realize (Solo Google!). This will reduce the amount of material "adult" in your search. (We suggest keeping it on) 8f - Password / Email (Email and Password) (Image 31) This page is used to change the password and use email addresses to access the administrative options. Here you can change the administrator password or change the email (remember tha t if you forget your password, the K9 will send you a temporary password to your email, for that reason should be careful to write properly.) 30 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl The password must be maximum 15 characters and can only contain letters or numbe rs (for example, and 012233n9 pepegrillo2). You can also use the following speci al characters:! , @, #, $,%, ^, *, (,), (And) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Fountain of the 14 Pregruntas © 2007 Blue Coat Syste ms.)

1 - What is "K9 Web Protection? K9 Web Protection is a software for filtering In ternet content. Once installed, prevents computer users from viewing sites that contain inappropriate content. You can block over 55 different categories of con tent, including violence, pornography and hate speech. 2 - Children are not look ing for these sites. Why do I need K9 Web Protection? While not attempting to do so, most children find pornography, violent sites and predators (grooming) for the Internet. Consider these statistics: • 70% of all children ages 15-17 who ha ve connected to the Internet have inadvertently viewed pornography, 23% say they have seen "many" or "some" times. (Kaiser Family Foundation Study , 2001). • On e in five children ages 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Inter net. (Youth Internet Safety Research conducted by the Department of Justice euu) • 43 percent of children say they have no rules to the use of the Internet in t heir homes. (Survey of Time / CNN, 2000) • 17% of parents believe their children are providing information in online forms, compared to 45% of children reported doing so. (Internet Safety for Kids, Protocol Analysis Institute). We do not wa nt to alarm you, but things that are on the Internet today are not like magazine s "Playboy" from his childhood .. Pornography is much more explicit and much of this, it promotes pedophilia or a connection between violence and the sex. Gambl ing can be addictive among youth and is a problem that continues to grow. Many o f them learn to bet online. the K9 filter helps those sites. 31 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl Sites that provide a network of companies, such as "Fotolog.com" or "Facebook.co m" can also be a danger to children. For these sites, youths and even children s et personal information and photographs. These sites are a goldmine for cyber-pr edators. 3 - How do I get "K9 Web Protection" Software? Enter here 4 - What kind of computer do I need? K9 Web Protection works on any computer that uses Window s Vista operating system or Windows 2000 or Windows XP, no matter who provides y our Internet service (for example, Entel, Telefonica, Telsur, etc, CTC, etc). It also works with any browser (eg Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox). For reaso ns of security and stability problems of older operating systems such as Windows 95/98/ME, K9 is not planned to support these versions. 5 - I have little knowle dge of computers. Is it difficult to install K9? No. Remember the steps: 1) Requ est K9 license automatically,€(Figure 1 and 2) need to use your email address to recibirla.Su license will be sent to your email immediately. 2) Download the so ftware, (Fig. 6), in less than a minute, it will have on your computer. It is ve ry compact (234 Kb) and decreases rapidly. 3) Install the software and license: Double-click the file-webprotection.exe k9 to begin installation. (Figure 8). Wh en prompted, enter the license that was received via email. (You will also need to choose a key for K9 - this will be asking the program to change the settings of K9). That's it. You will be prompted to restart your computer, and once you d o, K9 and start working. The default settings block the most common categories. You can change which categories you want to block, and make some exceptions if y ou want. Only when someone tries to visit a forbidden site will know that K9 is installed. 6 - Can the child or a PC user control off K9? When you install the s oftware on your computer, you have to create a key. Only someone with the key ca n turn the control K9. 32 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 7 - What happens if someone tries to access a banned site? A locked page is not displayed, said that this site is prohibited by filter software. If you want, yo u can make the K9, a tone is heard barking. This function is very good software for parents, so if you hear the dog barking, you can be sure that someone has at

tempted to access a forbidden site. 8 - What happens if something blocks K9 do n ot want this locked? After entering the key lock on the page may allow access th rough K9. It may also include the site you want to visit in the "Web Site Except ions" to later be visited by any user of your PC. 9 - What happens if something does not block K9 q ue I want to block? At the same time, you can add the site t o its list of "Sites to Always Block." Just select the icon to display K9 admini strative tool. After you insert your key, select "Setup" then select "Web Site E xceptions." Enter the Web address in the "Site to Always Block," and select "Add ." 10 - I worry that my kids are running the risk of being victims of predators in chat rooms. "I also worry about the way some children use instant messaging t o start malicious gossip. K9 can help with this? The creators of K9 - Blue Coat Systems - say that in the near future, include aspects relating to these items. Filter controls are adding to chat rooms and Instant Messages in the next versio n. While we recommend some things to control how your children can enter and use the chat rooms. " a) Define rules at home about when and how long their childre n can access the Internet when doing their homework. b) Place the computer in th e lounge or living room or living room of the family, rather than the child's be droom. c) Finally, the sites should be monitored wherever they go, perhaps while they are online or later. If you do not like the sites to which they are visiti ng, you can block them. The K9 administrative tool, selecting "Reports" then "De tailed Reports", he will find a list of every site that your browser has visited . 33 AprendeviaWeb 2008 - www.aprendeviaweb.cl - contacto@aprendeviaweb.cl 11 - Blue Coat is affiliated with the creator of K9, with any political group or religious organization? No. Blue Coat's team working on the project with parent s. 12 - I'll have to pay to continue using the K9 software? No. The plans are th at Blue Coat K9 always stay free for home users. 13 - They cost some updates and improvements to the database? No. The updates and upgrades are free. The databa se is updated while the K9 software evaluates new sites. It's the easiest and be st way to ensure you always protected with the most current information. Updates and improvements will also be released automatically. 14 - Blue Coat will sell or give my email to another company? Never. Blue Coat's vision (2007 Blue Coat S ystems.) Is to protect you, not make them vulnerable. If you want to keep you informed of any news of K9, or if you have any comments and / or questions, just send us an email to k9@aprendeviaweb.cl