Mastercam v.

10 OBJECTIVES OF CHANGE To facilitate the management and learning Mastercam Have the Windows interface similar to other applications, to facilitate the lear ning of new users. Drop-down menus have a similar structure to facilitate learni ng V.9 for current users of Mastercam. Mastercam one for drawing, milling, turni ng and wire, if the Customer has to machine a part with milling and turning, wil l drawing and all machining operations in a single file. All you select which ty pe of machine is to be machined without having to leave the cutter module and en ter the module Torno. Reduce the time of execution of the work Significantly reduced the number of (Clicks) steps to execute any command, signi ficantly reduced the computation time of 3D machining ENVIRONMENT Remain largely the old orders from the dropdown menus v9 ENVIRONMENT Input bar that appears when you execute a command. For example "Create, Linea" The "Ribbon Bar" to change the type of line to create by clicking on the icons a nd change values interactively. The Ribbon bar offers more options, which previo usly required different orders click menu. ENVIRONMENT Toolbars Floating toolbars are completely customizable toolbars Saving bars, per user, pe r type of machine, by type of work ENVIRONMENT The secondary menu is changing and you can configure your display disappear "MNU PPAL" and "PREVIOUS" is added to line type and thickness, type of work item and 2D / 3D ENVIRONMENT Bar command memorization Toolbar icons which are used by storing the last orders, to facilitate repeat or ders. It can be configured from the "screen" of the configuration the number of commands to remember and if you want to use or not. ENVIRONMENT Memorizing lists numeric values in numeric values entered are stored in a config urable list for later use and thus avoid having to retype. ENVIRONMENT Menu, right-click Setting the right-mouse "Through this option, the user can place on the menu, or ders more common, so that you can run without having to move the mouse ENVIRONMENT Living entities New concept of flexibility in creating institutions and also to create agreement s and forms like propellers, polygons, etc. are previewed in cyan color screen, the user sees the result and can change values, see the new result and when it f inally decides to create via the Apply icon dialogue boxes instant preview Order s saturate the "Ribbon Bar" present box preview dialogue with real-time geometry Undo (Undo) / Retrieve (Redo) Unlimited number of times, both for creation and editing functions for geometry.

ENVIRONMENT Lock values We can block the parameters of a living entity values by clicking the icon, the box will be displayed in red and the value is locked to generate different entit ies within those parameters. Copy / Cut Paste Transferability geometry between two open files from Mastercam, via the clipboar d (clipboard) from windows ... ENVIRONMENT File conversion Disappears "convert files" From File, Open and also from the File, Save As, you manage all types of graphic formats that supports Mastercam. STEP ENVIRONMENT Dynamic views and zoom Zoom Zoom window centered total control entities selected from the mouse central button mouse button Rotate dynamic central mouse key + "Alt" Dynamic Translatio n (Configurable) Wheel mouse zoom dynamic from the point of application key "Alt " arrow keys + Key Movement lateral dynamic Alt + arrow keys central dynamic mov ement ENVIRONMENT Selection modes entities Direct selection of entities, then decide what action SHIFT key (String) New New picture selection vector "Only" and "All" with more criteria ENVIRONMENT Selection Modes ENVIRONMENT References to entities Removes the "square" symbols for each type of reference new references are added ENVIRONMENT Autocursor Near Perpendicular Tangent Angle Horizontal / Vertical Marquee dialog to select which points of ref. Be used. DESIGN DESIGN Wired Design Construction Plane Disappears With the switch to 3D and Map 3D C. in plant, equi valent to the old Plano C. 3D. With the selector switch is drawn as 2D version 9 with any plan (Elevation, Profile,€etc) and switch to 3D, eliminating the need to change Z for drawing at different heights on the same plane. DESIGN Surface "Net" New surface to replace surface patches, in almost all occasions, greatly enhanci ng functionality, the examples shown were performed with a window selection. The

re was no need, nor to break entities, or set them to have perfect crossing poin ts. DESIGN Surface "Fence" New surface for extensions on the edge of a surface or surfaces from making a cu rve on this surface extension allows "tight" on a tangent DESIGN Surface "Agreement" Preview of the agreement to create, to change the resulting image is updated. Th is same feature also occurs in other design features. MACHINING MACHINING Mastercam now always starts a new drawing as "Design" To begin making machining operations, you must first select which type of machine and want to work with th at model. If the piece has lathe and machining Strawberry, be all in the same file piece. In the Operations Manager, will be separated by different groups of Operations. MACHINING Operations Manager Permanent manager (ALT + O) to hide or display. New look and new options New Symbol "red triangle" that lets you decide which are inserted to machining o perations MACHINING With the addition of new computational algorithms, Mastercam Version 10 reduces the computation time of the machining of surfaces and improves the quality of pa ths generated, thus improving the quality of finished machined parts. Level 2 Module Now Milling machining Multisuperficies also in basic mode (ATM Gr inding and finishing by Copy) MACHINING Wired Simulation Renovated control box total control of the position of the tool motion during dy namic simulation of the operation Important Information MACHINING Robust Simulation Verification with the same background color graphic Taco the form of a solid add ition to the possibilities that already exist. Now you can take a point and meas ures between two points. Stop Checking between operations, but use the same tool . Dynamic movement during the verification MACHINING Add the possibility of creating a separate operation finishing within 2D Cashier MACHINING Option "Pages" to outlines It allows for making convoluted also flat areas according to a side step MACHINING Milling through planned areas devastated by cashier flat

MACHINING New options in Mechanized bitangencial " Method High speed / Hard Machining mill (HMM) Limitation Past unlimited angular side Sobreradio Past MACHINING HTAs support. conical HTAs can be used. conical in the following types of machining: bitangent, Spiral 3D Copy MACHINING Copy Machining Lets you use negative surplus Strawberry flat. Surplus: -0.10 MACHINING Machining of STL files with V.10, faster and more accurate Mastercam V.9 Mastercam V.10 MACHINING STL machining with Version 9 0025 mm Tolerance sharp corners in the last jumps Lack ago MACHINING STL machining with Version 10 Tolerance of 0025 mm creates sharp corners in the last Career with V.10 MACHINING Post-processing Select the operations to post-process and click on the icon will appear the sign of dialogue with the name of the active Postprocessor opaque. The following ste ps are similar to v.9 MACHINING How to change post-processing to post-process with multiple checks Click on Edit Files Select. the desired and SETTINGS SETTINGS Configuration Disappearing memory allocations, with the V.10 Mastercam handles RAM allocation required at all times. To work with Mastercam Level 3 Strawberry, recommended 1 GB of RAM. With the other modules, you only have 512 Mb SETTINGS Personalize From this dialog sign personalize the icon bars cascading menus are added to an icon menu is personalized right mouse button

SETTINGS Status bar icons This sign shows dialog, right, all the possible toolbars. Choosing a bar is visi ble on screen or off and disappears from the screen. To the left is the list of predefined combinations of Mastercam as the module is activated. The user can cu stomize the toolbars to display for each name on the list. The user can also cre ate combinations of bars, for example,€interest you for a certain work, give it a name and record. SETTINGS How to update the post processors Concept Definition and Control machine are new concepts which will eventually le ad to the simulation of CNC machining with the machine complete. With Alt-C run UPDATEPOST.DLL Refresh every individual v.9 Postprocessor the machine will be ge nerated and associated with Postprocessor Control. Leading the CAM sector CIMdata Report 2005