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ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Who speaks to and from the heart also goes to the heart of his listeners The Spiritual Laws of Genius Speaker A lecturer in a university concluded his speech with these words: "As we pointed the decision many must work hard for the few work little, so that very few win and many earn little." I remember his pun almost hypnotized those who strongly a pplauded the intervention of charismatic speaker. The importance of knowing what to say at the right time, with the precise attitude, the public need is vital t o building a personality of genius speaker. The extraordinary detail of the grea t yet simple interventions of any professional to an audience is to know how to contact the collective consciousness of the group he leads. Translating, he shou ld investigate his audience and to really care about him, and expose the public must be the right message. The worst speeches will, inevitably, those in which t he speaker talk to the wall, or with the entrance gate but never interested in h is listeners. So have the best voice in the world, a verb Academy of Language, o r charisma of the Holy Father or spiritual teacher will not be able to reach onl y rejection and neglect. 5 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Anyone who drives and interest groups will be interested to others. And speak fr om the heart so that when you finish your talk the audience excited confess: "to day I heard one of the best lectures of my life" and only your exposure and for new Eastern recipes. Statistics from the reaction of the audience 100% of those in your audience is 50% natural that you hear and half distracted. Of the 50 who listen to half agree with you and the rest do not share your idea s. Of the 25 that are half of you takes your ideas because it sounds interesting , the rest simply forgotten. Rounding of the 12 treated half your message by tak ing action with your ideas and the other half only stored in the brain. Of the s ix who undertake an action for your thoughts have positive results in March and the other three fail.€Of those who fail half rises and the other half were satis fied with the pain of the fall. Of those who have successfully continued their c limb half and half are satisfied with their only win. At the end of March to con tinue only because one is educated does not stop with what you said and it is be st that he felt compelled to continue looking into the concerns that you will so w. Yes, in the end only one left convinced of the importance of your message. Fo r this reason, your words will carry important and useful things to others. It i s preferable for a speaker does not wait until everyone is convinced, but conten t to have motivated a sowing of ideas that germinate in the minds of the audienc e. This is concerned about others, scripturally speaking, putting yourself in th e recipient of the knowledge of others you spread. 6 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Success is the ability of going from failure to failure without losing enthusias m. -Winston Churchill

Spiritual Laws of genius speaker: Modern states ordered life in society with laws that punish or benefit either th e public. The task of constructing a genius He also founded on law business. The se laws are not met punish the same speaker, when he met give the naturalness an d charisma that often accompanies those interested in himself and others. The sp iritual laws are: 1 .- Place the heart in the words: Who speaks to and from the heart also goes to the heart of his listeners. The po wer of sincerity and conviction in the words they put magic in a statement. Neve r heard from any speaker has no natural enthusiasm to move the passions of his h earers. Perhaps the subject matter is of history and patriotism, but in two diff erent speakers that uses only one reason and no passion not equal to one that pe rhaps no great orator skills but who speaks from the heart. 7 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 2 .- sincerely interested the audience: You head to persons not a jury is going to condemn you. Interested by interest them is the great secret to awaken a geni e speaker. He who gives receives, you get to give. 3 .- Make sure that your message will serve to build, never to destroy: History is littered with bloody pages motivated by great leadership skills of el oquence, who used to condemn and kill. Also the best lines of the past the peopl e who wrote the words moved to the masses in favor of freedom, peace and love. 4 .- Recognize that words have power and know that everyone has the right to cha nge or evolve our ideas: This is magic: words are just words when they come to destroy, instead the words are powerful when you build with it depends only on us to give due importance. The view is essential. If you believe that words are offensive and they will be. 8 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 If those same words you consider them words without life, so be it. We also enti tled to evolve our ideas, the change is permanent. 5 .- To encourage excellence at all times the human being: Go to the other entails a responsibility to contribute to magnify the human bein g. If we use our communication to work with this service, we will encourage huma n quality. 6 .- Acting simply, real speakers do not behave with pride: Some believe that conquer with superior oratorical skills makes the rest. Nothin g could be farther from the truth. Then talk should enable us to approach our fe llow ever to get away. It conquers more with honey than with bitterness.

7 .- Living committed to what is communicated: Living in harmony with the construction of the item master is an attitude of hon esty to ourselves and to others. Who only speaks but does not do is as if speaki ng to sell and has never sold, or who teaches singing and never sang or cockroac h ... Awakening the genius he is not shy in making an indisputable leader, but t o discover the natural communicator to speak from the heart, and others interest ed in him. And also make each word a tool for building. 9 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 "Plan your life as if you were to live forever but live your life as if you were to die tomorrow" 10 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 A good communicator is a good listener first Creation of Genius Speaker Some people think that the genius needs to be thrown to the soul. And others tha t the genius must be taken out of hiding. We agree with that last statement. Unt il recently,€the great orators were those who possessed voices of film output as well modulated and powerful, able to interest just by listening. To create in u s a personality that is effective speaker, and modern times, it takes basically a single requirement and is to have the strong desire to transmit information. T he rest will come easily. I personally know to master social leaders that withou t education techniques of voice, or have a good vocabulary, neither understand n or armed presentation techniques of speeches, some exposures remain excellent. C ompared with a large number of scholars have analyzed in my study on the ability to communicate to the public. Simple, they are home to such leaders as powerful a message as his passion for getting your message. The difference between them and other techniques are not adequate or appropriate, but inside they have the t alent to communicate with others. And that, for starters, no more than enthusias tic desire to share information. 11 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 The strategy of the good listener One of the first things I share in my training for public speaking ability is th at a speaker if he is not first is not a good listener. Christian, a speaker is done in practice, but first you must practice being a good listener. One speaker , as a student, someone who is constantly learning. As a writer how the practice of writing, but first in the practice of reading. As a teacher teaching, but fi

rst we practice to learn. Ever asked me about why lectured free of the power of communication. Logical, I had to train myself to speak to an audience, but they do not know is that I also trained to listen to all kinds of speaker and studyin g. For a change, a task that constantly practice. In short, if your desire is to procure for a talent like the oratory skills, the first thing you need to ident ify is whether we harbor within us the feeling and desire to want to share our i deas or theme that dominates. Then, the task will become excellent listeners and students of the nature of all good communicator with an audience or public. And only practice of the principles and techniques that identify us will make us le t us try an effective communicator. It is hard work, in the end rewarding and fu ll of deep satisfaction. Theodore Roosevelt said it best: "When someone asks you if you can do a job say," I can do it with complete safety. " And then get goin g and learn how to do it. " 12 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Anybody can be a great orator? It is revealing and simple, a good communicator is a good listener first. Anyone who sincerely put in place to master the art and science of rhetoric and practi ce, achieved an above average level of those who are directed to audiences with little knowledge of public speaking experience. As experience alone is not enoug h, the healthy for our ambition she is learning from the experience of others. C onsider all types of speakers is a good and excellent start. As well as applying the principles identified. Why develop talent for public speaking? Only you can answer that question. I've seen shy people gain more confidence in developing their ability to go to groups . Some like to be admired. Some others for their efforts to change some piece of the world. Finally, over 50% of those attending public speaking courses when as ked for his decision to participate in the workshop answered with the classic re sponse of "I come to lose their fear." In truth, public speaking workshops comes to win, not lose. And more precisely to reveal the brave who already have insid e. The question really has to be answered for you. Aid: How do you think will he lp in your trade or profession to develop your ability to speak to groups? Do yo u have a sincere desire to help others? Do you think that your message can be us eful to others? 13 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 The requirements for disclosure to our genius he As clear as the sun rises every day. The requirements to unleash our genius comm unicator are five: 1) Mastering the subject, 2) Have passion and taste for the subject, 3) Have a g reat desire to share information, 4) Feeling motivated before, during and after sharing information; 5) repeated practice to enhance their communication skills .

Number one: Mastering the subject.€Everyone has their preferences in terms of kn owledge and learning, so each person stands in the knowledge of a particular fie ld or more. 14 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Number two: Have passion and love for the subject. The content of our domain is logically be to our liking. Who does not like what you know is in a truly inexpl icable contradiction. We should be overwhelmed by the pleasure of having a parti cular knowledge. Number three: Having a great desire to share the track. and per haps most important of all, and have a sincere and strong desire to convey infor mation. Anyone who wants to master the skill oratory should feel a sincere passi on for what we know and what stands out. Number four: Feeling motivated before, during and after sharing his subject. Our powerful motives to communicate a mess age will encourage us to make a good and effective relationship with our target group. Those who are not motivated and convinced of the message sent is not sinc ere. The inspiration is essential for a motivational speaker. Number five: Pract ice constantly to enhance your communication skills. It is necessary to repeat a speaker is done speaking and listening, as the tao of opposites, unless indispe nsably listening and speaking are complementary and necessary. Anyone who wants to develop his genius he only has to decide and ears to hear, brains to study an d practice natural communicator genius. 15 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 "It's not the size of the soldier in the fight but the size of the fight inside the soldier" 16 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Be a motivator, inspiring others to greatness. Be a Teacher in Selling your ideas Imagine yourself as a product. Let's see what you choose, go do it, choose a pro duct of your choice a mobile phone, a car of the year, a book, a cookie, a movie , a sporting club shirt, whatever you want. Now what is thy name, what is your b rand? Telefónica, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Love in the Time of Cholera, The War of the End of the world, Peruvian Traditions, Oreo, Soda Victoria, Titanic, ET The number 10, Juan Diego Flores, Chabuca Granda, Carlos Gardel. Well now you have a name, a product was intended to make public to satisfy some need. What to do f or us to buy? I give you a minute. We must ensure that differentiate and disting uish us from our competitors. Because there are many products as you are of diff erent brands, qualities and prices. Already cranes? For a market of enormous pro portions (26 million people) need to maintain an attractive salesperson, markete r, here is a magic word: marketing. You need a plan. First identify your dreams

and abilities. Those objectives where we want to arrive and the finest expressio n of our personality, what we do best, where we think we will get the desired qu ality of life. 17 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Friend, friend among the younger generation the first technique is recommended t o succeed in knowing yourself. First thing, find out who you are, how you got he re, what you want, what is your image, how you see yourself, what your social im age, how others see you and why, Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, which is opposed to your aspirations, what are the chances that I take, how to create them. In short how can you manage to be the best. At some point in our lives, we all seek a change, some expect that this change comes from outside and they nev er try to do something because this change rush, believe they were born under an unlucky star or fate had written for them poverty material and mental. Fortunat ely those who change the world have changed themselves first, because it accesse s the secret "internal change" and took over the idea of being the protagonists of their own change. We will explain this. First young friends to sell our image , our brand at a very high need to know what to promote, what aspects need to be changed, our dealings with people, perhaps, learn to smile at life, live as if the only day. So know your strengths, and it made a general inspection of your l ife, now plans how to differentiate yourself from the competition, remember you' re a product. Put your best plan in motion, keep your mission in the crosshairs of life because everything you do is related to it. Set your goals daily, weekly , biweekly. Set goals monthly, bimonthly, annually.€So how to be safer going you r progress. Love what you do. Do you like thinking of others. Be happy. Win peop le, sell your image, but with sincerity. For that educate yourself, remember it ends with death. Be a motivator, inspiring others to greatness. I know the best communicator of your qualities, you really are the only marketea your brand, "I, single liability company." 18 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Never forget to prepare for life, even after achieving the highest positions of existence, there is still room to continue to learn, remember life is a teacher. Every thing or living being around you is a teacher, you can learn from childre n, the insane, the tears of heaven. I foresee a lot of success if you venture to be better each day and make your life something many wish to imitate, you pave a product people!, They will take you to the top. "Smile Always and communicate effectively" cjdelarosav 19 CARLOS DE LA ROSA VIDAL ORATORY TO SELL IDEAS Dossier N º 1 Contact: Carlos de la Rosa Vidal in Lima Peru and Motivational Speaking Workshops: cj.del arosav @ gmail.com Communicator, Consultant and Coach oratorical skills. (51-1)

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