EUCHARIST BOYS PUTTING A Sister Gabriella Gigliucci M.P.V.

EUCHARIST And 'the memorial of the Last Supper in which Jesus says: "Do this in remembranc e of me" This is why every Sunday we remember the great love of God for us. WHY 'you go to Mass? To thank Jesus died and rose for us. To listen to his word that illuminates our l ives. To receive his Body, which is the nourishment for our journey. To form the community of brothers, the Church, people of God PARTS OF THE MASS RITES INPUT WORD OF THE EUCHARIST LITURGY Greeting RITES INPUT The opening song, expresses the joy of being together to tell God that we love a nd want to become the Lord of our lives. The priest kisses the altar represent ing Jesus in our midst. The priest greets us: "Peace be with you" and everyone responds "And also with you" RITES INPUT Penitential Act First to participate in the St. Mass we must recognize that in our lives distances us from God who is Father and that alienates us from others who are brothers. This is asking for forgiveness, believing that God's love for us is great and we welc ome it and live it with great care, to be his sons and brothers of all. RITES INPUT THE GLORY Rediscovered mercy and goodness of the Lord for all of us, we sing the Gloria, the song of the angels began to Bethlehem for the birth of baby Jesus, song that manifests our worship and our love for God (The Glory not is said eith er in Advent or Lent) LITURGY OF THE WORD The Word of God illuminates the life, and keeps moving towards full friendship with him. LITURGY OF THE WORD LITURGY RITES

In this first part of S. Mass, we hear what Jesus is telling us with attention a nd silence. The Word of God illuminates the life and is to give strength to our weakness.

LITURGY OF THE WORD FIRST READING AND 'reading tells us that the theme of Sunday usually comes from book s of the' Old Testament in Easter time we read the Acts of the Apostles In C hristmas time we read the first letter of John LITURGY OF THE WORD THE Responsorial Psalm 150 Psalms and part of the answer is that the House gave the first reading, singing with joy that what God tells us is our good. What God tel ls us is for our growth in faith and live by what He gives us for our salvation. LITURGY OF THE WORD SECOND READING It 's always taken from the New Testament books. It 'a reading which teaches u s how to live more closely on' example of Jesus through the experience of the Ap ostles. LITURGY OF THE WORD The words of the Alleluia verse introduce us to Jesus in the Gospel message that we want to communicate because we live it. It is sung to thank the Lord who s aved us through the gift of himself and his Word. You are standing, because th e Gospel is the presence of the Risen Christ among us. LITURGY OF THE WORD First to hear the Gospel we make the sign of the cross on the forehead, mouth and hear t. Because the word is accepted, proclaimed, loved. The Gospel is proclaimed w ith joy, the good news is that Jesus gave the world. GOSPEL E ' The Good News that Jesus brought us, we are no longer far from God, Jesus becomi ng man, God has placed in our hands, in our lives in our hearts we are not alone , God is with us. hearing his news, which is good and beautiful for us, we exp erience the joy and complete happiness. GOSPEL Through the Gospel is Jesus himself who speaks to us. The book of the Gospel is extolled , honored, blessed because it represents the risen Jesus in our midst. Through the reading made by the Priest or Deacon, Jesus enlightens the mind and heart b ecause we live according to His Word.

Liturgy of the Word L 'HOMILY The Word of God is proclaimed by the priest, because what Jesus told us long ago , can be understood even today and have lived by all. The Word must become our life which is manifested in our actions and act. LITURGY OF THE WORD The CREDO (symbol of the faith) And 'recognize that God the Father, Son and Ho ly Spirit are very strong in union with us, in communion of love. The union of Love, also binds people together by making them brothers in the one Church of G od is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. LITURGY OF THE WORD AND PRAYER ' of FAITHFUL response to what God told us through the Word, because what you've heard transfo rm our lives and makes it similar to Jesus€ Our prayer becomes universal prayer , because it makes us stand in solidarity with all men. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY PRAYER PRESENTATION gifts EUCHARISTIC EUCHARISTIC LITURGY Presentation of the Gifts are brought to the altar the bread and wine, which the n become the Body and Blood of Jesus, we submit to God but also our life, joys, sorrows, work, our friendships because they want to become like Jesus: acts of l ove and goodness. We also bring our offerings, the result of some sacrifice in f avor of the poorest brothers and sisters, so that their life becomes more dignif ied life. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY PRESENTATION gifts The chalice and ciborium are brought on the altar EUCHARISTIC LITURGY Presentation of the Gifts Taking the ciborium in his hands the priest said: - Blessed are You Lord God of the universe from your goodness we have this bread which earth has given and hum an hands, we present to you will become for us the bread of eternal life "All re ply: - Blessed be God forever. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY PRESENTATION OF GIFTS Taking the cup, after putting a few drops of wine and wate

r, the priest says: - "Blessed are You Lord for this wine, fruit of the vine and work of man, we present to you will become our spiritual drink. " All respond: "Blessed be God for ever": EUCHARISTIC LITURGY PRAYER on offers The priest standing with arms outstretched to represent all of humanity that tur ns to God is prayer over the offerings, while everyone is standing under the uni versal priesthood, the gift of our baptism. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY Eucharistic Prayer And 'The central part of S. Mass, the priest proclaims the pr ayer of thanksgiving - Eucharist means giving thanks to God - It 's also the pra yer that sanctifies and transforms the bread and wine into body and blood of Chr ist and transforms us as a single body. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY SANTO He sings to God thrice holy means that God is most holy, and we must make us hol y as He is holy, and through listening to the testimony of his word and cibarci of His Body and His Blood. Eucharistic Liturgy PRAYER Holy Spirit In a long prayer invoking the Holy Spirit for the gifts brought to the altar the Body and Blood of Jesus and because those who receive transformed by his presen ce, to become capable of bringing to others the Salvation of Jesus who became fo od to give strength to our faith journey. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY STORY LAST SUPPER The memorial is' the central and most important of the Mass. T he priest repeats the words of Jesus at the Last Supper when he offered his Body and his Blood. Today Jesus offers him again to everyone. Here repeats his great sacrifice and gives us new life through His true presence in the bread which is his body, in which wine is his blood. EUCHARISTIC LITURGY "Take, eat this is my body" "Take and drink this is my Blood" EUCHARISTIC LITURGY The Eucharistic liturgy is open to a great prayer of praise to the Father who sa ves us through the one mediator Jesus Christ - through Christ, with Christ and i n Christ to you God the Father Almighty all honor and glory for ever and SECOLIt utti with joy and Faith answered AMEN EUCHARISTIC LITURGY RITES OF COMMUNION

With the same words of Jesus, we turn to God calling OUR FATHER EUCHARISTIC LITURGY RITES OF COMMUNION Our Father, saying, change the relationships with others, all are our brothers. That prior to receiving Jesus, we exchange a gesture of peace. This sign means t hat we want to live in peace with all and for this we exchange the peace of Jesu s EUCHARISTIC LITURGY RITE OF COMMUNION Before receiving the Body of Christ still ask to be made worth y - "Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us" The cel ebrant raises the consecrated host and says, "Behold the Lamb of here is God who takes away the sin of the world "It all adds," Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed " EUCHARISTIC LITURGY COMMUNION RITE The celebrant goes to the Assembly from the altar and each is approaching to rec eive Communion. The words "THE BODY OF CHRIST" Put your hands on each other at h eart and responds: AMEN EUCHARISTIC LITURGY RITE OF COMMUNION AMEN is our adherence to Jesus joyful, we want to live with hi m and of him, chose him as the dearest friend, true, why is our Savior. Returnin g to our place in silence please, thank him, ask us how in His Love RITES OF LEAVE Prayer after Communion We thank the Father who has given us through the Holy Spi rit to nourish the Body of Christ. Blessing The celebrant blesses the sharehol ders' meeting in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then he greets and wishes to bring to life the joy and peace of the Lord. and bring peace and love of Jesus GO