Aphrodisiac Foods. Types of food, natural aphrodisiac.

Royal jelly, brown sugar, cinnamon hazelnut celery, onion, chocolate .... Food Aphrodisiacs The man spends much of his time, to obtain food. The important fact of work, is to meet the primary need. What symbolizes for us? What is meant by food aphrodisiac? What is the expectati on which we started to imagine an aphrodisiac? What do we expect, or present, sh ould occur with its use? Psychology, or any part thereof, defines an "aphrodisia c" as any drug that induces the carnal lust. An aphrodisiac is any substance whi ch in theory increases the sexual appetite. His name is a reference to Aphrodite , the Greek goddess of love, which emerged from the foam of the sea when the god Cronos killed and castrated his father, threw his genitals into the ocean. Some aphrodisiacs often work by stimulating certain senses (sight, touch, smell and hearing) and others are taken in from food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, "lov e potions, drugs or medicinal preparations. Already in the Kama Sutra, Indian lo ve text, identifies many ways for man to increase his sexual stamina with food s uch as milk and honey, which have always been recognized as a source of energy. In traditional Chinese medicine using herbal remedies such as ginseng root to en hance longevity and sexual vigor. The Arabs highlighted the value of perfumes, f ragrances and cosmetics to multiply sexual pleasure. For those looking phallic S axons plants like carrots and asparagus won reputation. Today can be considered aphrodisiac substances such as alcohol disinhibiting their property. Modern scie nce recognizes only a small number of aphrodisiac substances, one of which is th e blister beetle ("Spanish fly"), consisting of dried and crushed remains of pol lock, but care must be taken because it is extremely dangerous and exciting use for humans because of its high toxicity. Natural Aphrodisiacs Ginkgo Biloba: Keeps the male organ in full form, over and over again, so it can be repeated if the couple allows us to. Shark Fin: Typical dish of Chinese food, is surely one of the secrets of the fertility of the Chinese. Royal Jelly: A general stimulan t and genital course, which takes something to take effect, but the results are sure y. .. prolonged. Brown sugar: The custom of always taking a sweet dessert m ay have been made fashionable by the good lovers, and the truth is that a slight hyperglycemia is always beneficial for love. The lack of sugar leads to increas ed production of the hormone adrenaline and blocks any favorable response to sex . Celery: As with any food that acts on the urinary organs, celery has a mild ap hrodisiac effect, even if he takes his soup. Coupled with the beet is even more effective, but it never mix with the lettuce, because if you do cancel the good effects. Hazelnut: It is consumed in some towns in the wedding party and even pl aced in baskets next to the bed of newlyweds. There must be some. Cinnamon: On t he properties of this condiment has been talked a lot, including our grandmother s. It appears that added to the soft liquor is safe and immediate effect. Onion: And garlic, but it is best to eat them the two lovers at the same time, as well the strong smell of our breath does not bother the couple chosen. Both spices a re widely used by the Arabs in their food and nobody can deny that know how to t reat women. Clavo: Here is another kind of strong taste and smell, but, used wis ely, including drinking, give us good results. Raspberry: This fruit is more sui table for women as it helps to relax the sexual organs and makes the lovemaking in the male. Ginseng: A warm tea, fifteen minutes before the session, is a conco ction totally safe, because so many millions of Chinese and Koreans who take it can not be wrong. Higo: Here is another sweet fruit, as sweet as the passions aroused. The ancient

Egyptian and Greek gods always appeared with necklaces of figs, and even came t o regard as sacred fig tree. In our time, yet it is customary to put figs on the door of singles in the confidence that this will quickly into the streets to fi nd a husband. Malva: This herb can be useful for those chance encounters that ma ke us tense, and that taking it to infuse enough we relaxed at the same time as our passion grows. Apple: Used and quite successfully by Eve, is perhaps the fir st known aphrodisiac. Since she worked,€sure you, too. Mint: The mixed drinks w ith peppermint are well known to everyone and if someone repeatedly offered the suggestion is clear. In his hand is drinking or not. Mistletoe: The same thing u sed to scare away the demons that as a filter of love. The ancient witches inclu ded in their brews and they would not have gone to so many kings and lovers in t ears if they had not taken effect. Nut: Another product present in all ancient w edding nights and also included in Chinese desserts. This coincidence is meaning ful and better left on the bedside table a handful of nuts. Pepper: fast and inf allible remedy. You can add the tomato juice or drink you want, as long as your stomach is not sensitive. Parsley: Do not forget to add it to your salads to giv e them a new loving touch. Pistachio: Maybe that's the secret of why it is so ex pensive and so appreciated by the people. Mix in a bowl with the hazelnuts and f igs and get ready for whatever comes. Romero: Kingdom with mint is a good tonic preparation for after dinner. Nose: Another food pricey but quite effective. Salvia: This plant could not miss in any garden of ancient Greece and said she g ave eternal life, but I think his true value was not just longevity. Artichoke: It has a great effect, but to stay in shape ... Bananas: We will replace the str ength to try again, so keep it handy. Datil: Another sacred fruit for the Moors. The security of your effect is complete, do not put in doubt. Polen: One of the best aphrodisiac, but it takes to take effect at least five days, so plan to ti me your sets of love. Avocado: In Mexico they say is a good stimulant, best are not going to doubt his word. Oats: Oat flakes are useful in women without enthus iasm, but have little effect on the male. Chocolate: They say the Spanish are so fiery as a result of chocolate, so I already know: a bowl of tea with milk choc olate. Pumpkin: It is unclear why are eaten in guateques youth. It works mostly in men without strength. Cherry: If you can, grind the bone and eat it. It conta ins the precious vitamin B15 which they say makes people forever young. Gamba: A nd of course any shellfish, the popular tradition that speaks wonders, more than anything in the sense of starting over. Honey: That you go on honeymoon was not silly, and it was customary to give to those who love jars of honey for his fir st amorous were crowned with success. Licorice: They say the woman eating licorice is passionate strength, so make up your mind to look around you. Dandelion: Although it contains no special substan ce is a powerful restorer of lost energy. Strawberry: a directly stimulates the endocrine glands and nervous system. If your problem is stress, you know. Lettuc e: Do not you dare eat it to make love. Only get sleep in his arms, although thi s is not so bad and you're waking full of passion. Poleo: It's good for women as it stimulates the production of female hormones. The best men we spend on coffe e. Soybeans: Usually restore sexual dysfunction, so the first course may well be a stew of green soybeans. Vitamins C and E: If your diet is deficient in any of them, much more if the two, forget about your partner for something other than walking. Vitamin E has a direct influence because it acts on the reproductive or gans and the C acts on the endocrine glands in general.