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media "Historical development of advertising campa igns the group coca cola" Advisor: Luis Humberto Ruiz By: Ana Karina Salazar Velarde. P11 June 10, 2008 Introduction I've always considered a person of taste defined, two of them and p erhaps my favorite are Coca Cola and Advertising. In this paper, I'll tackle to make a historical survey of the campaigns have been advertising my group apparen tly Coca Cola Company of the media, that communication. There have always been r umors at round about the products of the company, "You can clean the screws" "Us ed to clean the wheels of cars," but this has not prevented him placed in the to p spot on the world market Why be? What skills make us ignore the fact that all direct attacks towards your product? The answer is simple: advertising. The main aim of advertising is to show the existence of a product but when the product i s already sufficiently well known to touch the psychological, sociological, demo graphic. Coca-Cola advertising has had its notable developments, including recei ved several EFFIE 1i evolved the hand present, the advertising is mostly for "Do not Forget", though of course always soaked their , Has been directed to several social groups, depending of course the historical period which is situated and equally to different houses was led by advertising, the most important of D 'Arcy and McCann Erickson. Taking all th ese points in mind, I invite you to join me we embark into the world of advertis ing and a major company for more than 100 years: Coca Cola. i1 They are the most important awards in the communications industry marketing orie nted. No doubt that Coca Cola is one of the leading companies worldwide, was a May 8, more than 120 years ago when the drug Styth John Pemberton invented the formula of the now famous drink. The publicity was generated almost immediately with jus t three weeks after leaving the market in one of the newspapers in the United St ates could read the ad "Coca-Cola ... Delicious! Refreshing! Stimulating! Invigo rating! . This was more than anything to be given to know the product, remember that in the historical period of 1886 the press was the medium par excellence, t

his time also were treated with commonly used products with the brand printed on them. In the next 20 years, his strategy was to enter the common ground of citi zenship, referenced by the social environment that was developing, for example in 1910 fo cused on the "number one American sport" baseball and this is where advertising appeared collectibles or little notes with pictures of the idols of the sport. I n the 20's comes another of the media: radio and Coca Cola did not spare to use it as a means to spread their advertising strategies, this no doubt served to sp read their territories. Something very strange is that during this period create d Coca Cola one of the most beloved and recognized worldwide, yes, I'm talking a bout Santa Claus, the famous character was the product of the illustrator Haddon Sundblom. That is why the traditional red suit of the old bearded. Since then t he emergence of television D'Arcy is responsible for performing some of the company's business first, yet still with that sense of capturing crude reality, but during this period we did not have a hearing as demanding as today. In Mexico and throughout Latin America, we see trade from the 50's or 60's creat ed in a manner so "rustic" with little market research, for example is an advert isement for Coca Cola Mexico in the 60's circulating on youtube, that unlike spa rk of publications to which we are accustomed seems an invitation to go to the c ircus. This was an important period for the world of communication the 50's and 60's, it is important to note that advertising is considered a branch of it is t he "communication-oriented marketing" within the Coca Cola corporation is at thi s time where change publishing house, now all this serious mission McCann Ericss on. Many attribute this change to a different medium that was used. D'Arcy had f ound an excellent agency with the print medium but with the coming of television was the right time for the company to seek new talent. Unlike the press or any print,€television has the attribute of generating emotions, this is something t hat no doubt the media should exploit and even more advertisers, which aims to s ell. no longer could display messages only classics, "Drink Coca Cola that taste s good" in this time and influenced by other factors. With regard to the 60's an d 70's know how was the society in all that atmosphere of seeking unity and peac e that also try to capture coke, there is a commercial 1971-looking young pacifi st sings about a quiet and relaxing this commercial at this time would be extrem ely boring but of course Coca Cola, knew and knows how to get to the company eac h time. McCann Ericsson understood that it was no longer necessary to convince the publi c begins to seduce him but campaigns such as "Things go Better with Coca-Cola" t hese are more creative and trade more items that had been driving, is in the emo tions, " Things are better with coca cola on Saturday night "indispensable for o ur breaks. with this chorus humanizes the drink and make it part We no longer talk about the quality of the product only tells us that our lives will do best after consuming the drink, and not merely talked about how refreshi ng it can be, now if we take things "Iran very well" " Curious no? Mentioned bef ore the commercial from the 70's youth singing coke and peace, I want to emphasi ze with this rotation that I take the marketing of the product, since the late 6 0's focused on young people, this allowed them to use songs or artist famous sta tion (as is the case in this commercial.) During the 80's coca cola bag to marke t a new coca cola, had changed their ingredients and was ready to take over the market, but this time the publicity it was not all, the public demanded that the old taste of Coke back for this was known as "Coke Classic" today there are tho se calling for a Classic to differentiate it from other product extensions "Ligh t" or "Zero" but this is referring to the old drink more than 100 years. Now he had another taste of cola no choice but to do two campaigns, one for each flavor , the new change was more competitive in the Classic was more emotionally recall ed the colors of the company, at this time was considered a symbol of coca cola

North America, especially its classic taste. In the 80's, 90's and to date adver tising of coca cola was embodied creativity and a recognizable style and at this date and there are phrases and slogans and traditional classics such as "Always Coca Cola". Speaking of the "Always Coca Cola", comes from a very catchy song, which is represented in a pure video images and effects, to differences in the o ther business is already looks like the current creative potential, Coca Cola is the reason of fun and a world without it would be inconceivable. As I touch the subject of a world without Coca Cola, have to move to a more current times, the last commercial Coca Cola, which shows how the world would be if there are only a Coca Cola, in the fanaticism would make a successful youth campaign or the si mple use of other young people to drink more the company one more time try to explain why drinking is so important in society , without it there would be a world of chaos. But of course in the end we give a n example of friendship and camaraderie while also making the moral and ethical sense of the company. The latest publications are marked with an original and st ylish, in high school I had a friend who stopped all activities to assess each n ew business that the company offered us, yet this young and dynamic environment, we must confess that Coca Cola tastes how to reach each of its consumers. Somet hing that particularly caught my attention are the campaigns of recent years, fo cusing in a special way to clean up the image of the company by way of reply by all these negative criticisms to discredit the drink. Recently launched a market very close to the day of the mother, but I confess that on TV only had the oppo rtunity to watch once, did not last long in the air, but enough for thousands of people learn of its existence, in which neighbors chat appeared several mothers of families talking about how they had been told that coca cola was bad for our health and changed them just ignored the comments claiming that nobody knows mo re than a cook. So what is special about coke that makes us consume even after both direct attac k against it? How can our rationality compete with product that is luring us alm ost from the onset of each media is, we have captured coca cola, creative thinki ng and its looking to do so. One of the key attributes of their campaigns is tha t they evolved according to time, based on each company's unique style when deve loping their marketing efforts, directed, which is why it continues to lead the soft drink companies. by that I mean, you know that so sold in accordance with t he times and society we will A managed to achieve that power, to put aside their creativity but it has prefer red to follow the head as she has managed over 120 years. Sources: â ¢ Fargas, Gonzalo (2006, May 17) 100 years of Coca-Cola, the electronic magazine 9 0 +10. Retrieved on June 8, 2008, in 100aos-de-coca-cola.html Youtube, "coca cola tv commercial of Mexico 60's" http : / / / watch? v = X68yRYCPLtA, June 22, 2006. Monograph, "Health, w ealth and Coca-Cola" tml, retrieved June 8, 2008. Youtube, "Buy the World a Coke" watch?v=Q8H5263jCGg, June 18, 2006 Youtube, "Things Go Better With Coke" http:// = teP7siOAAUY & feature = related, July 29, 2007 Youtube, "A lways Coca Cola", September 30, 2007 Yout ube, "La Ultima Coca Cola" http://youtube .com / watch? v = CG4TzB3tpQU, October 21, 2007 Youtube, "Mother", March 10, 20 08 â ¢ â ¢ â ¢

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