Help Mobile GMaps on V3 or V3X 1 - GPRS must be activated on your phone. If features in C menu engineering / ph one capabilities / MS op.

mode, GPRS is not active. You have to be on the way B for GSM GPRS together. For your information, put the phone to C (GSM only) save battery. Once you change something in the Engineering Menu, you must turn off yo ur phone, you reopen it. If GPRS is active, you'll see the GPRS icon beside the signal bars. 2 - You can configure your WAP. First thing to do is configure a Ja va Session. a) Web Access menu, and you Profiles Web (here, we need to type a We b profile that is named "Java Session". With the menu button, go to "Edit." b) H ere are my settings: i) Name: Java Session ii) Homepage: here, the indrezzo to c onnect via GPRS Java Sessions. - For the TIM: - For Vodaphone : - To the Wind: iii) Service Type 1: HTTP iiii) IP 1: - for the TIM: 213026205001 - For Vodafone: 10128201076 - F or WIND: 212245244100 iiiii) Portal: 9203 (can also be 9201) iiiiii) Here did yo u have the settings for the first conezzione. We gave two indrezzi here in Canad a for mobile phone operator. For you, I found the information only for the first , nothing that spoke of a second. IIIIIII) The DNS remain IIIIIII 0) Timeout: I actually spent 15 minutes. The amount of pages GPRS Kb Carrico, no t at the time of modem connection. I find that I run even better with Mobile GMa ps, breaks unless the modem connection. IIIIIIIIII) Data Rate: IIIIIIIIII 9600) call Type 1: ISDN iiiiiiiiiii) APN: iiiiiiiiiiii) GPRS user ID: - f or the TIM: waptim - For Vodafone: leave blank - For WIND: wind iiiiiiiiiiiiii) Password: - For the TIM: waptim - For Vodafone: leave blank - For WIND: wind is made to the settings of the Web Profile "Java Session 3 - Now, let's change the settings in Mobile GMaps. a) In the Menu Games and Applications, Mobile GMaps b) Once the application, press the menu button, you can "settings" c) Here are my settings i) Google Maps enabled ii) Low Memory enabled. I recommend it this way because I function better than my party. Maggari you can try it without. iii) Proxy Server: Here, I have not found any information that spoke of Proxy fo r your mobile operator. However, here, I use a Proxy for its security. The setti ngs are the same as for the Java Session We gave that made together in step 2 (s ee steps biiii, biiiii, biiiiiiiiiiii is biiiiiiiiiiiii for parameters). iiii) C ache Size: Mine is at 75%. With 7.9Mb of memory total 7Mb of free spaces worked well for me. That's it for the settings of Mobile GMaps 4 - Now, let's) Menu Gam es and Applications b) Mobile GMaps c) START In a few seconds, come see the map of the USA (I get that). Let me know for you please. If you see a brown backgrou nd color with red, there is something wrong in the settings. Let me know if the guide works for you. As you saw in this 3D works fine for me. Greetings from Can ada