[Test] Metal Slug Anthology Type: Game PSP Published by: Atari Genre: Action Links: Article PSP-GEN

: http:// www.pspgen.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2722 Introduction: Metal Slug ... Who does not know Metal Slug? Series mythical Neogeo exit, and wa s then edit it on Playstation, Game Boy and other consoles! Today is our dear an d loving it landed for our greatest pleasure. It is not a new episode, but a com pilation of 2D Metal Slug 7 (the best!) Just for you. Enough talk, let's see wha t the beast in the belly! Launch: After running the UMD and a little intro (you can not pass) we arrive at a simpl e menu, a little too simple or dead! A simple frame in the top left where you ch oose one of the episodes available for Metal Slug, namely 1,2,3,4,5,6, X. I sele cted the episode 1 and click on X. There, another menu appears offering me to pl ay the episode, host a party or join an existing one. For the moment I chose a s olo part for multi we will see later. We like: Graphics: 17/20 From the graphics side, it's 2D, nothing really exceptional. This date, but they are clean and smooth. The drawings are very detailed One might say that 2D is o utdated, but it does not interfere with anything, it's very nice that we recall our good old Game Boy! Playability: 18/20 For the gameplay is like the graphics! It's 2D and the PSP lends itself very wel l! The game is played and the nice grip is very fast, some button is enough to p lay. And what a pleasure it found a good old episode, the same as Neogeo! We do a good back, scroll levels and envy is still there! Scenario: 17/20 For the scenario is almost the same as usual because this is a compilation, ther e are lots of different story, but the goal remains the same for everyone. You a re a man armed with a knife, a pistol and grenades and you guessed it, the goal is not to make an apple pie, but to eliminate the evil not nice surroundings! Of course other weapons or vehicles (tanks, camels ...) you will come as reinforce ments. For weapons, you get throughout your adventure in releasing prisoners and destroying crates, but lose to each death. For vehicles you find at certain pla ces. Sound: 17/20 One important thing for years game is the sound and atmosphere is great! Backgro und music that moves, bombs exploding, bullets that burst,,, everything is there ! Even the sound of the knife is planted in the enemy! It's really very well don e! We know they are cared the slightest noise! Multiplayer: 18/20 After a nice solo part of a game nothing like a multiplayer part, it must still be successful! Metal Slug And then? Well for knowledge management menu. Choose a n episode and host or join a party. And then the foot is already the single play er mode is great, but multiplayer is a sandy beach with palm trees and sunshine! It's simple but effective story of two solo ... A single shared pleasure! Basic ally, tested if you absolutely Metal Slug! Bonus: Each game is over you gain points, and with these points you can unlock bonuses. To reassure you it is not great bonuses! You can unlock wallpapers, a gallery o

f art (drawings), music and an interview! So in the end nothing really interesti ng, we say that it gives us a goal to be accomplished as any unlocked! We dislike: Nothing, we love everything! General Conclusion: We have a game for 7-77 years. Older regain the pleasure of a good old Metal Slug and younger reade rs will discover a legendary series. To go buy a matter of urgency, even if the hardcore gamers will finish quickly, because it's a game even ended, we willingl y takes part as a 5 min 40 min! Overall rating: 17/20 Have fun with it! Top