More than 50 software and sites to save time as qu'eMarketeur or bloggers!

There is little time for one of our readers asked us what tools we use to send o ur newsletter to manage the statistics of the blog, to find images in illustrati on ... This is why, rather than making an individual response we offer This list of the main tools we use daily as Web Marketers and Bloggers. This list of soft ware as well as services offered by Internet sites, most of which are completely free. With these tools we gain several hours a month ... so why not you? 1 - Th e Google Toolbar: This small toolbar can save a few seconds to look up informati on instead of going through the home page of Google. 2 - the websi te automatically stores all your logins and passwords, and filled all the forms automatically. The toolbar that is added is very convenient. 3 - Hotmail / Gmail : Use WebMail is very useful even for a professional. It is available wherever o ne is, and there are no problems related to the PC (virus, PC lost casssé ...). WebMail course is complementary to conventional messaging (such as MS Outlook) because it allows archiving all data without any size limitation and allows a mo re rapid (add attachments, images ...). Note that from MS Exchange 2003 you can read its mail "Outlook" on the internet, which is very interesting when one is a way on holiday or at home. 4 - iGoogle: The RSS reader in addition to the main p age of Google searches is very convenient and can be read quickly the latest new s of his favorite sites. 5 - Google Analytics: It is essential statistical tool for website 6 - It was the tool for sending free newsletter simples t and best designed a year ago, even if it has changed little and it starts to g et old (bp crossing spam filters ...). 7 - Digg Likes: These are essential tools for any eMarketeur, because they are both a source of information but also a to ol to make themselves known. The leader being 8 - This is an indispensable tool to create a blog, that a hosted or on a dedicated server. Note that it is sometimes advantageous to use blogger .com for blogs unimportant designed to generate little traffic or just to earn m oney. 9 - and These are the two biggest social networks in France, they serve both to identify prospects, keep contact with cus tomers ... 10 - a service to analyze your backlinks listed by Goo gle, but also those of your competitors (in order to know where you should be to o!). 11 - This small site is very convenient to convert files in any format (PDF ...). 12 - Google Adsense: This is the source of income No.1 for al l bloggers ... 13 - Google Adwords Editor: free software for managing Google Adw ords campaigns is really important because it offers additional features that wi ll save you a lot of time in the establishment and maintenance of your campaigns keywords sponsored. 14 - PhotoFiltre: If you can not afford to pay 1000 ⠬ for P hotoshop, use PhotoFiltre. Besides being free, little greedy in memory and disk space, this software contains all functions needed by a eMarketeur (nb: the JPG compression is not as good as Photoshop cons). This is not the last version we n eed to download (the pay, but the one before that is free). 15 - YouTube & Daily motion: The two leaders will allow you to broadcast your videos on the internet in a simple and convenient, but also to benefit from their hearing to know your services. Note that offers a better quality broadcast images. 16 - Firefox: Once we started to use it, it becomes necessary to navigate the Inte rnet. Note some interesting keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + T for new tab, CTRL + figure to jump to a No. open tab ... and especially in very useful plug-ins suc h as UnPlug for retrieving videos on your PC Youtube, Alexa ranking to improve i ts site, Firebug to analyze the code of a 17-page ... and Dreamstime .com: The sites sell royalty-free images with less than one euro. You will find on these two sites all the images to your website and blog (and you can even sel l your own photos). 18 - Filezilla: Although a bit "rustic", Filezilla FTP clien t remains the easiest to use. 19 - This is the most effective so lution to manage subscriptions to its RSS feeds. 20 - CCleaner and Disk Defrag: These two free tools are essential when your PC starts rowing ... After running these two utilities will have spent your PC a makeover that will operate 5 to 10 % faster! 21 - Google Desktop: It's really an essential tool for automatically i

ndexing your emails, files, PDF, PPT ... but to make a backup of your data cache deleted (very handy). It is at least 15 minutes won a day! 22 - Google Translator: The translation tool from Google might be simple, it mak es all the same great service for simple translations. For example, in translati ng the titles of your articles for tickets that you can publish in several langu ages. 23 - Google Maps on Mobile: Using a PDA to replace Google Maps does not cu rrently have a GPS, however it makes great service when we must move in a city t hat is not known. 24 - MSN Messenger: In addition to serving for the chat, MSN i s interesting insofar as it provides a simple tool for making remote hand (note: there is also that SparkAngels has used more "profe ssional") 25 - This site file sharing is simple and convenient. I t lets you send files up to 100MB (photos, files ...) and share them without any restrictions on traffic and time. 26 - This free utility lets y ou record your screen and your vocals, allowing you to make screencasts in minut es and publish them on YouTube and Dailymotion. 27 - This site a llows you to share your PowerPoint presentations, but also to make known to othe rs. 28 - For creating online forms, such as that to receive our free ebook "The Survival Kit Enteprise the Creator. Otherwise there creator.zoh 29 - to create a poll on his blog (max 10 questions in a fr ee version). 30 - this is the tool that offers the best value for sim plicity to create a Digg Like (see our practical application through ConseilsCre 31 - Joomla: CMS a simple and effective. 32 - to be sure to use the correct conjugation of a verb. 33 - Google Docs and Google Spre adsheets: These 2 services are only useful to publish a document online on a blo g or share it with a client. 34 - In we use it primarily as a tool for SEO. In addition you must use the plug in ShortText to increase the number of characters to post on Twitter. 35 - Ditto for storing the copy / paste (very handy for referencing a blog article on multiple Digg Likes) . 36 - forums for answers to pointed questions or technical problems: how it wor ks, Yahoo Answers ... 37 - Shopping List to record tasks, shopping lists ... on a Smartphone. 38 - Winrar to compress files with defined sizes (for a copy on DV D, send it via FTP ...). 39 - VMware Workstation to install software (in beta test ...) on a virtual Wind ows order not to my Windows products, contaminated too. If you do not have the b udget to buy the Workstation version, try VMPlayer allowing use VMware images fo r free! 40 - Texter to involve repetitive text with keyboard shortcuts. 41 - Kom pozer (NVU ex): a simple and comprehensive HTML editor to create and edit HTML p ages. 42 - it is a tool for project management (tasks to perform ...) Collaborative simple and convenient. The product is especially useful for working in teams on a large complex issue. To complete this list here are some o ther tools that are interesting, but we have not had time (or opportunity) to us e: 43 - management tool bugs Online. 44 - http://gui.pi to edit images without having to install software 45 Creating websites by Google. 46 - http://supercopier.sf super-copy,€software that replaces the copy / paste in Windows. 47 - adds a watermark on your photos to identify the author. Finally, here are some tools but revenue missed as WebMarketeur: 48 - MS Office ®, particularly with Microsoft Word (for a spell and its "universal") a nd MS Excel (for simulations, business plans ...) . 49 - / m / to make WebCast, make remote presentations ... 50 - Skype: for sending group SMS. 51 - ACT! : Contact management. 52 - To analyze what your readers on your site. 53 - The software is int eresting, especially to compare files and see the changes that were made between the two versions. To go further, here are some sites with tools to save time: a daily selection of very good software and free servic es. - 38 software to save time studied closely by ceclair! - A list of 108 tools (in English) to save time! - A series of Web 2.0 tools to save time by Altaides . - A list of tools and services by 2.0 Mashable interesting. - The directory of

personal development blogs. And you, what other tools or sites did you use as Blogger or WebMarketeur? Share your best practices and leave us a comment on!