12 tools to know a business or a small business - Part 1 When you are entrepreneur, we are often faced with a dilemma

: how to know his bu siness with a limited budget? If we had not thought his upstream project and its promotion, only classical ideas come to mind: distributing flyers, make faxing, call companies in the region ... But very rapidly, is demoralized by the outcom e of these operations and no longer knows what to do to make his company ... The purpose of this article will give you sound advice, practical and above all che ap to publicize a business, and especially a small business. Before you even sta rt talking about marketing and commercial actions, it is essential to recall tha t for a small business location is essential. Without passing location, the merc hant will go beyond great difficulties that will make the future of his business already dark before you even start. Before thinking about his plan of action, i t must already carry a reflective and answer the following questions: - What pro blems will solve my product to my prospects? What are the expectations of my cli ents? He commend needs that? Why will they buy from me and not elsewhere? How "c alled" He commend the product I sell them? ... - Who are my clients: What is my heart and what are the target customers more "casual"? Who is the decision maker in buying? ... - What is my catchment area and how far is He commend my profita ble prospects (neighborhood, city ...)? Where to spend my customers? Where can t hey see my ad? - Who are the prescribers? Is there any individuals or companies who can advise my clients to buy my products? If yes what is their activity is r elated to the use of my product? - How my offer is different from my competitors , what is my difference or my position, what I like to put forward ... - What ar e the media that read my future customers? Do they have specific habits? - ... O nce this preliminary work done, you should already know your customers better, w hat you should say and how to say. You can begin to imagine your communication p lan. Communicate to sell, do not you build a picture! By cons, know that it is e ssential to set up operations that will push your prospects to buy. Your communi cation must not be aimed "to inform you, but trigger sales. Indeed construct an image is when you have big budgets and no obligation of short-term results, yet for most small businesses there is no right to waste money ... The difference ma y appear subtle but yet it will be decisive for the profitability of your market ing efforts. For example if you are a restaurant classic, "Advertising in the br ochure of the football club in your area with your address and a photograph of t he facade of business is advertising image. It will not bring you sales (or so f ew ...). By cons to such advertising if you're a bar for young people, with larg e screen TV and follow football matches can be very interesting if you encourage more readers to get into your trade by providing for example a glass to 50% dis count on presentation of a coupon in the magazine, or providing a happy hour to all members of the football team as they arise or provide cakes or snack s every game for all fans of the club ... Watch your bottom line! Another key fa ctor for the success of your business, will pay close attention to return on inv estment of your communication activities. Indeed we should not spend money witho ut having an idea (even approximately) what this will bring ... This course pass es through coupon codes, a specific phone number (we just call France Telecom to create a Temporary special issue for a large commercial operation ...). But it is also making a quick calculation cost-effectiveness. For example, one should r ealize that a mailing on a highly targeted prospects allows maximum return rate of 0.5% to 2%. And on the basis of non-targeted marketing is the 0.1% or 0.01% o f those prospects who order ... Here is for example the feedback site sale of de corative objects www.planet- deco.com.€As they are specialists in exotic furnitu re on the web but the specificity of owning a physical shop, they decided to mak e themselves known in their catchment area via a targeted mailing to all those w ho have recently moved the few miles around. On paper, it was a good idea: targe ting thoughtful (if you move it is likely to have needs furniture), but they did not calculate the return on investment ... because the cost to mailing "turnkey " (printing, routing ...) via Maileva cost them 1.5 / e, to reach a target of 1,000 people ... Now, a quick calculation will show that we should expect the ma

ximum rate 0.1%, or a potential order for a transaction cost of 1500! Pownce t arget over his heart. The third factor of success of its publicity campaign is t o target their messages to target his heart, and multiply targeted communication s. It is important to remember that we should not dissipate its efforts on prosp ects who are unlikely to order (like money, time is extremely valuable). For exa mple in a salon should be able to identify what are the hot prospects, and not w aste time on cold leads. Similarly at a party "networking", it should contact as many people, identify those "potential" and avoid wasting time. Then he must re peat his messages because it is not necessarily where your prospect sees your ad it will buy immediately. For example, distributing flyers only 1 or 2 times is not used much ... The flyer distribution is a non-targeted marketing campaign th at builds over time and therefore the volume of flyers distributed ... because a s a mailing the rate of return is often less than 0.1% ... We must therefore rel y on the quantity and repetition of the message. Some U.S. studies say it takes between 5 and 8 contacts with a prospect before making a client. For example, a first prospectus but received too early (eg just after a birthday), a second rec eived flyers in the right timing (eg just before Father's Day), the first visit in store "for a ride" with few words exchanged with the merchant, and finally ba ck in stores with the purchase once it has verified that the gift corresponded w ell. Develop a system to attract hot prospects A fourth success factor is to enc ourage prospects to warm the first step. This may sound obvious but it is a guar antee of success. In fact if you try to make a direct sale offer must be very st rong to trigger a purchase (coupon prices, offers unique, surprising message ... ) or fall at the right time. Or find prospects with both the need for the produc t, the motivation to buy and finance can be a real challenge! Therefore, it is i nteresting to set up a sale in 2 stages: first offer of "free" then go to the pa y offer. This allows one hand to reduce the concept of risk perceived by the pur chasing customers, but also to recruit a broader target customers or your compet itors. Caution: this offer is free to draw your heart to target and then push th e purchase ... The goal is not to attract anyone, especially not non-consumer .. . For example you should provide a sample, a free guide, an introduction ... For example, a wine shop in Rennes offers one or two evenings a week wine course s for a few dollars to a share offer additional products other than wine (to rec ruit future lovers of good wine), but also attract prospects that are sure to bu y one or two good bottles after their course ... and it helps build relationship s with future clients. Making the course fee, can "filter" access, but its low c ost to make the document available to anyone who is motivated (or through his fa mily as an excellent gift for Father's Day, to birthday ...). Being SINGLE! To s ucceed in its communication activities should be different from its competitors. Being different is not necessarily a product or offer new services, but the pos ition itself as different in the minds of its customers (this is called the USP or Unique Selling Proposition). Positioning can be done by exploiting an argumen t that is not used by its competitors.€USP This should allow you to answer the q uestion "How are you different from your competitors" or "Why should I go with y ou rather than another. For example on the market that we thought over-dominated by Coca Cola, new entrants there is a great breakthrough in creating the "Breiz h Cola" or "Corsica Cola. For a business that is the same thing: it position its elf in a niche on an argument, a profit ... or poorly exploited by its competito rs. For example, a glacier Rochelle that sells homemade ice cream at La Rochelle has repositioned its competitor set at 20m by highlighting its many perfume, wi th the creation of local products and years of experience in this house . Anothe r example is to offer a service "Eat As Much As You Can" at lunchtime, an assort ment of sauces unusual ... Using its customer base! This is generally a neglecte d by traders: exploit its customer base. Indeed, the merchant makes a sale, and looks at his store that the customer returns ... We must go beyond this position and consider its customers as its main "treasure" - they should be encouraged t o return more often to buy your products - it must be his ambassadors - they mus t offer products complementary to those they have purchased - ... and finally ma ke the relationship you have with them is no longer based solely on price, but a

lso services and the relationship you have forged. This is achieved as soon as p ossible register their details at least the email (to subscribe to your newslett er "good plans" to send them targeted promotions ...) if possible the phone (to send promotional SMS ), phone number and address of course. Make a Marketing Pla n, even if only a few lines Once you have all the previous notions firmly in min d, you can skip to the choice of marketing actions to know your business or your small business. It is important to list the various actions to be performed mon th by month (week by week if possible) to find out what you can reasonably set a goal in terms of financial cost but also time to spare. The aim is to list the most important actions and use this plan as a guide in the first months of activ ity. It is not necessary to spend hours there, but just make sure that within 6 months of the tools are in place to generate sales and bring in customers. 12 to ols to know a business or a small business is below 12 tools at your disposal to drive traffic and increase your sales. The distribution of flyers or handbills non-personalized The interest of the flyers is the low cost of production (from 0.01 to 0.05 / unit depending on the quality of paper, the number of colors ...) and distributi on (just do it or even, by his family or his friends, hire a junior business col lege, to call on students ...). So it is a tool you can see the success with a m ass distribution. It is necessary to distribute hundreds of fliers before seeing the first concrete results. It must, if possible target distribution. Example i s the Metro station near your restaurant, if you target the university youth, th e streets of downtown if you target shoppers' ... It is also possible to operate a sporting or cultural event with authorization of the organizer. Again it is n ecessary that the event is related to your products. For example below is a dist ribution of handmade pasta at a sporting event: But it is also the case of yogurt St Malo offering products for free at big even ts in La Rochelle. To improve your payout rate, it is advisable to dress in your color (hat, TShirt ...), this allows one hand to visualize the prospect that it is a distribution of flyers (and not yet another petition), and secondly to mak e video advertising in addition to the flyer. Of course if your target is different, your display rack must also be different and adapted. Below is an example of display on dogs. You also have the example of the advertising marketing street where beautiful gi rls were hitchhiking with a sign "Only Peugeot" (I do up in a Peugeot), and for all drivers who stopped, a gift was offered. You can make additional distribution in the mailboxes of their neighborhood thro ugh a contract with the mail or with a distribution company, or even students (n b some contractor just "street smart" have managed to achieve " key factor when it is forbidden!). A good trick is also to file prospectus on the windshields of cars in the parking lots of supermarkets. In Paris some have even started to pu t fliers on Vélib! Nothing to stop you from making a communication operation ide ntical to this one below with a saddle that protects was offered as part of a st reet marketing. On the flyers and other marketing materials is essential to present its offer, c ontact information ... but in addition to an irresistible offer. It's such a gif t to come out a newsletter with a contest to submit a free offer, a coupon mater ialized with a check or a short post ... put "concrete" on a piece of paper. Of course we must take advantage of every opportunity to publicize his shop! For ex ample if you are a restaurant, you can distribute a flyer before Valentine's Day with a proposal for a Special Valentine's menu with such a rose offered to all women invited for a massage parlor that can be 30 minutes of massage " Special b ack pain "or" Stress "free for all persons over 50 years ... The display device is one that traditionally is most often used by traders or small businesses. It

should display its signs around the catchment area. However it is not possible t o do whatever we want, the display is highly regulated in both town and countrys ide. Nevertheless, some tricks can be implemented if you own land near a busy hi ghway, or if you rent a space for a person who is well placed (inquire Always as k before you embark on such initiatives to avoid surprises!). Your display shoul d give priority list your promotions and your prices, but we must also support s ervice advertising. The display can also be used to launch a competition or a special animation for the opening of the store. Set up a contest for the opening of a store is somethi ng that always works well and has the advantage of attracting onlookers. The dis advantage is the cost (price + 150 fee for filing the bailiff regulation). The refore as far as possible offer a small gift for everyone (a tasting ...) or a " service" (balance capillary free ...). Do not hesitate to make special events to attract (opening night, open house day ...). Do not hesitate to put you yoursel f in a situation: for halloween you dress up as witches at Christmas in Santa Cl aus ... Of course it is important to stage the property with a specific decorati on. Do not hesitate to direct its customers, providing them with disguises, eith er by giving discounts to disguise. It should also play on alternative ideas: pa rties talk in English, games ... Some even go further by brushing the illegality of posting ads on poles, and the additional businesses to its own. By cons for that to be truly effective it must produce ads that stand out extremely hard-hit ting adverts cats and dogs for adoption ... But there are other even more original ways to publicize his business with just a little imagination ... He just put his product or service in a surprising situ ation to make known. Below is an example of a baby crib that has had the good id ea to attach a child's bicycle in places where normally only one adult bicycle s hould be to communicate about the precocity of the children of its customers . The display in your window: it is an essential tool for traders. A prospective r elies primarily outside (billboard, shop window ...) before returning. It needs to be treated (not bleached images of watches, no dust ...) and renewed regularl y. It is also important to indicate its price, and especially his promotion to l ead procurement cost of heart (or pulse). It is also possible to be original,€Ev idence for the U.S. advertising "Tell us you hate Bush and you will receive a fr ee cake!". This idea can be broken down in France, with such a gift to all fans of the team of France, all the blondes who appear ... If you do not have much money, but a good dose of creativity, you can do yoursel f to A3 posters, printed in a photocopying shop (such as Copy top) and distribut e your posters in shops in the neighborhood at the City Hall ... Do not forget t o call a company to sign cost selling (readable from a distance, with a clear of fer). It is also possible (subject to agreement with City Hall and local authori ties) to set up ads with a somewhat greater cost but with a strong visual impact . Below are some examples of original commercials: Your vehicle is also a strong tool for communication, do not hesitate to put you r address, your services. This can be done in a very traditional, but with a lit tle imagination you get results that offer a high degree of retention (see below ). Launching an operation related news for journalists Often small businesses do no t have the reflex to use the press as a promotional tool for their business. But in smaller towns the local and regional press is an excellent means of communic ation: newspapers like West France, Telegram, La Voix du Nord ... are read daily by thousands of people. Of course, the easiest way and quickest is to spend an advertisement in the newspapers. The cost is relatively low, and the beach setti ng and achieving relatively easy (but again we must put forward an irresistible offer, a trial offer ...). A second tool is to get free press article in press r

elations. Of course we must inform the local newspaper in your opening, but it i s also advisable to do so regularly at your events. Note for item "free" in a lo cal newspaper should be interesting information to publish the newspaper. Indeed , a journalist will not be an item "for you to advertise" ... it must submit you r news angle is a funny, informative, or yours ... There are several ways to get free press article. For example for the company help desk www.jeresous.fr, the goal is not to make a press release on the opening of yet another corporate help desk. This information is not "interesting" for a journalist. For cons, the fac t that the creator of the company Jeresous.fr is a disabled person who is doing creating her own business despite his handicap is information that will certainl y be published. In the same vein, do not hesitate to places of specific communic ation actions: - Valentine's day or evening parties singles - animation with pai nters - evenings charities (eg the benefit of restaus of heart ...) where you of fer a% of earnings, eg Special Halloween evening with donations to charities ... - Provide a free meal at the retirement home in the town. - ... And of course e very time he should invite regional journalists to inform them of your news. It is essential to prevent a few days (or weeks ago) by offering to cover the event (and do not forget the day before a small bite recall ...). In the case of "min i events" does not necessarily require a press release, however if your event is important you read our article "How to write a press release"). The bottom line is that sending a press release is here to publicize the event or initiative an d not to advertise your business. Some of these newspapers as West France on its site even offers a link to submit your "news". Campaigns buying keywords on Goo gle Adwords The goal is to develop a campaign keywords Google (the "Sponsored Links") at loc al or regional. It is of course obvious that the number of leads sent by Google will not be enough to run a business (do not expect more than one or two custome r / week). Nevertheless it is a good way to attract cost some particularly targe ted prospects,€and also to capture prospects who use the Internet to do research (it is a tool increasingly used, even to find a dealer). To do this, simply go to Google Adwords, open an account, make his announcement, target keywords and t o a limitation in a city or region. For example, for the rental of several cotta ges, Mr Canevet has created a website to present their vacation rentals in Brita in with all the information online. The first goal was to reduce costs (no more pictures to be sent by mail, send no more blank contracts in the mail ...) and t o attract new targeted visitors. It suffices to choose keywords related to their rental activity holidays such as "vacation rental in Britain", "Vacation Fouesn ant", "Home for 9 persons in Fouesnant ... In a future article we will be docume nted on good practices to be adopted for the realization of a Google Adwords cam paign. Knowing that it is essential that you choose the right keywords, write ad s urging action, to properly manage your cost per click (usually between 0.15 an d 0.3 Click for organic keywords). Of course users will land on a website or b log with a special offer a free trial ... The ideal is to make them print a coup on, a discount code ... which both encourage them to pass your business and seco ndly that you will tracker links. If you have local produce, original ... you ca n also use the Internet as a channel for additional sales. The ideal is to open his own e-commerce site (see our article on How to choose the solution of e-comm erce). Initially limited to costs, it may be easier (and less risky) to be prese nt through the price comparison (see our article "How to attract quality visitor s"), auction sites like www.ebay. fr, www.priceminister.com .... To sell your pr oducts in announcing your location. Indeed you can enjoy a wide audience and ski lled at lower cost. A technique may also write a blog about the news of your tow n (see our article "How to create a blog Pro and make known"), but this may be a lot of time to invest for a return on investment and long- uncertain. This is w hy the blog Pro will be limited to companies for services (consultants, architec ts ...) whose main value added is the production of services. Develop a sponsors hip to its customers its ambassadors Your satisfied customers are your best sale s people ... Just give them the means to promote yourself! To do this, simply se t up a simple mechanism for sponsorship. For example, any client of a hairdresse

r who is sponsoring one of her friends, gets a free facial and her goddaughter i s a discount of 15% for each person brought a new client receives a gift or a co upon ... To make the sponsorship program work you must: - That the sponsorship m echanism is simple (not arcane rules, restrictions, hidden ...) to define who ex actly Sponsors reach ( must write clearly who is involved in the sponsorship), t he gains should be visible (sponsorship must be visible on a business card via a n in-store displays ...) and respond quickly (it does not wait 2 years before ac cumulate enough points), the benefit of the sponsor must arrive quickly after or dering the godson ... Generally it is more interesting to offer a gift rather th an a voucher. Indeed, the perceived value is a larger share (the client does not know exactly how much you spent on a gift), and secondly it helps materialize t he gift. For example, the "Creators Club Beauties" offers its clients to sponsor a friend, and from the first command of it, the sponsor receives an MP3 player. In addition to this sponsorship program is essential to retain customers, the fi rst reflex remains loyal to the card coming back to store ... But do not forget to send newsletters, promotions ... Up a Partnership Program or limitation Partn erships are a great way to get a very good visibility at less cost.€The goal is very simple to offer a prescriber or a company that offers complementary product s to promote your products (actively or passively) to its customers and prospect s (possibly by offering reciprocity). This principle works very well between mer chants, such as a bakery and a cheese shop that put in their respective prospect uses with an offer on their respective products. But for this to continue profit able for two parties here are some rules to follow: - Identify what are direct i nfluencers in the purchase deed and whose activity is directly affected by your choice of product (eg doctors and firms psychology or masseurs). If there is a s trong link between the activities, the sale will be more effective. - Propose a mechanism with a simple sponsorship traceability. It may be possible to propose a fee but generally the volume is low, there are only disappointed ... we must t herefore focus on gifts or exchange of mutual visibility. For a reseller's compu ter software, such as suggesting that a large surface a highlighted its capacity to train, to troubleshoot ... via a flyer, and in return the dealer will host o pen houses in store and return it to the supermarket to purchase the software an d hardware. One secret to the success of a good mentoring program is the "free" or offering discovery: the aim is to distinguish itself from its competitors, le aving his advisor give a gift to its customers via your intermediary. You can al so edit a mini brochure or a free book that you leave with your prescriber (of c ourse with a coupon and contact information): How to Stop Smoking in 3 weeks and 5 positions to relieve his back pain ... Finally the partnership may be to make the sharing of vision: to include a prospectus / partner sample for each sale, a coupon ... For more information, see our article "How to build a win-win partn ership." Distributing goodies original to make your customers your sandwich men strolling Goodies The distribution can be a great to be known at the launch of h is company. By cons fly promotional pens and other trinkets that are stored in t he drawers ... You need to offer goodies that will be visible to your customers or on the street, and who will want to show them. This may for example via a bag and original sound that will be used by customers after their purchases. A big sturdy bag is also an excellent tool to advertise a room: visitors usually leave with a pile of documentation, and throughout the show they gather in the larger bag all prospectuses, becoming the Men Sandwiches vendors. Another good trick is to print stickers and postcards humorous or shifted on his company and then distribute them at local shops. The stickers distributed wisel y can earn you a lot of visibility indirect (but beware of complaints if they ar e stuck anywhere!). The display typical urban Advertising through posters, bus s helters, taxis are often ... certainly impacting, but the cost of creating adver tising, printing and distribution are largely incompatible with the budget of an Small Business ... And the display time and memory is often too short. They are not suitable tools for a business or a small business. We reserve these tools t o build awareness that selling ... For information, thanks, thank make a smart (

that is to say, sticking stickers on the car: hood, doors, rear window, complete body ...) is expensive : it is in the 2,500 for advertising often ephemeral i n the minds of passers-by ... Sign physical directories (yellow pages) and professional Before Google, the Yel low Pages directories were the obvious place for all small businesses. Now with the Internet, the good old paper directories are less and less used. But the Yel low Pages directory and its counterpart on the internet (www.pagesjaunes.fr) are important tools to make themselves known in a city. It is therefore advisable t o register, even if the cost is sometimes prohibitive ... If you sell services t o businesses and www.kompass.fr www.annuaire ventures.com are also interesting. Alternatively, it is interesting to register on sites for local information, suc h as Google Maps http://maps.google.com http://maps.yahoo.com http://local.live. com/ It sites are also allowing you to present your business on a map of France, with the most Internet users rating: http://dismoiou.fr/ http://www.gootza.com/ http://www.notrecanton . com / http://www.urbamania.com http://www.voozici.com/ http://www.deuxpas.com/ In the same vein Skype also allows traders to locate his favorites with SkypeFin d To create a network If you have a B2B business is very interesting to join a t rade union, a trade association, a club of entrepreneurs to create ... a profess ional network that will allow you to get contacts and build relationships with o ther entrepreneurs. The aim is also to obtain advice, assistance, sharing of goo d ideas ... To do this simply be closer to ICC or the Chamber of Trade to find o ut which agencies are available to you. With the advent of the Internet, do not hesitate to use social networking sites like Facebook and Viadeo. For more infor mation, see our articles "How to develop its business with Facebook" and "How to find customers with Viadeo. Establish an operation Emailing / Faxing / Phoning / mailing / smsing target over his heart When he founded his company is essentia l to prospect companies around to offer them your services. If your heart is rel atively small target, the easiest is to simply peel the local directories and ca ll one by one all the hottest prospects to get an appointment. On prospects warm or cold, use of less expensive prospecting tools that can target a larger targe t, such as sending faxes (see our article "How to succeed in its operation faxin g"), emailing (or even guide to emailing Diemark) or traditional mailing (see "H ow to make a powerful mailing"). But do not forget the unit cost of each of its tools (eg a mailing 1.5, 0.1 ... faxing a) that the return rate is generally low (between 0.1 and 1%) offers a super attractive is essential, we must work t argeting to reach the right person, he must repeat these operations before we ca n expect results ... If you're new and you can not afford to recruit a telemarke ter in permanent or fixed term contract, you may appeal to a junior company, or even a trainee (see our article "How to recruit an intern for free"). For more i nformation, see our article "How to Prospect and loyalty. Organize a local event with other traders. Unity is strength, so feel free to get together with other businesses and traders to launch local initiatives. For example you can organize an exhibition "The Well Being", by bringing in the municipal buildings all rela ted businesses "well being". You can also set up an animation between local trad ers with gifts or items bundled ... It is also possible to make education in sch ools by promoting your business. For more information see our article "How to or ganize a fair. MORE info on http://www.conseilsmarketing.fr