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Listening Scripts Lets Make Friends with


untuk SD Kelas 6

Lesson 1 How Many Oranges Do You

Lets listen and answer (hlm. 5)

1. How many bananas do you have?

2. How many limes do you have?
3. How many mangoes do you have?
4. How many coconuts do you have?
5. How many oranges do you have?
6. How many strawberries do you have?

Lets listen and fill the crossword (hlm. 6)

Fill in the crossword with names of the fruits that suit the following clues.

1. This fruit is small and round. You can find them in red, green and purple.
2. This tropical fruit is large with yellow and green skin. Inside it you find
sweet orange or red flesh and round black seeds.
3. I dont like the skin of this fruit because its rough and thick. But I like its
sweet yellow flesh.
4. I ike this red fruit. It has very small yellow seeds on the surface.
5. This fruit is small and green. It is also sour. My Mum uses it for cooking.
6. It has sweet yellow flesh and thin skin. We can also drink the juice of it.
7. You can drink a milky liquid of this fruit. It has a hard shell and white

Lesson 2 What Do You Need?

Lets listen and circle (hlm. 11)

1.A: What do you need?

B: I need potatoes.
2.A: What do you need?
C: I need corn.
3.A: May I help you?
B: I need onions.

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4.A: May I help you?
C: I need carrots.

Lesson 3 What Do You Like to Drink?

Lets listen and write (hlm. 17)

1. A: What do you like to drink?

B: I like a cup of tea.
2. A: What do you like to drink?
B: I like a glass of tomato juice.
3. A: What do you like to drink?
B: I like a cup of coffee.
4. A: What do you like to drink?
B: I like a glass of orange juice.

Lets listen and circle (hlm. 19)

I like to drink iced tea very much. I usually drink it when I have lunch. My
friend, Tiara, likes to drink orange juice. Its healthy, she says. My little
brother, Rio, likes to drink milk and my elder sister, Kanya, likes to drink
avocado juice. My parents have different taste. My Mum likes ginger tea and
my father likes plain water. They also like to drink coffee in the morning.

Lesson 4 My Hobby is Cycling

Lets listen and repeat (hlm. 2627)

1. My hobby is cycling.
2. My hobby is swimming.
3. I like painting.
4. I like reading.
5. His hobby is fishing.
6. She likes listening to music.
7. Her hobby is gardening.
8. I like collecting stamps.
9. She likes cooking.
10. My hobby is playing computer games.

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Lesson 5 Around the School

Lets listen and repeat (hlm. 3536)

1. School library
2. School office
3. School hall
4. Classroom
5. Canteen
6. Teachers room
7. Prayer room
8. Laboratory
9. Restroom
10. Storeroom

Lesson 6 Where Did You Go?

Lets listen and complete (hlm. 44)

1. I went to Bali last month.

2. She ate dinner last night.
3. He drank coffee this morning.
4. They stayed at home yesterday.
5. We went to Mount Gede last year.

Lesson 7 It Suits You

Lets listen and circle (hlm. 56)

1. Your skirt is too short.

2. That hat is too big.
3. This shirt is too bright.
4. You look great in that red gown.
5. Her shoes are too small.
6. His trousers are too long.
7. He looks awful in black.
8. That blue jacket looks great.

Lesson 8 By Bicycle

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Lets listen and circle (hlm. 61)

1. Herman goes to school by bicycle everyday.

2. Mr Jackson goes to Singapore by plane.
3. I like to travel by train.
4. Mrs sandra goes to her office by taxi.
5. People of Kalimantan travel by boat.
6. The postman delivers mail by motorcycle.
7. Shinta and her family went to Bandung by bus last week.
8. Randy and Cici took a train on their holiday last year.
9. People can take a ferry to go to Bali.
10. The president went to Japan by plane last month.

Lesson 9 How Much is It?

Lets listen and repeat (hlm. 6768)

How much is it?

1. It is 75.000 rupiahs.
2. It is 10.000 rupiahs.
3. It is 5.000 rupiahs.
4. It is 23.000 rupiahs.
5. It is 500.000 rupiahs.
6. It is 48.000 rupiahs.

How much are they?

1. They are 225.000 rupiahs.

2. They are 15.000 rupiahs.
3. They are 320.000 rupiahs.
4. They are 92.000 rupiahs.
5. They are 115.000 rupiahs.

Lesson 10 Where is the Post Office?

Lets listen and follow the direction (hlm. 77)

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You are now at Suwirna street. Go north and take a left turn at Sunyoto
street. Go along the street. Turn left at the intersection of Hasanudin and
Sunyoto street. Go south and stop. Pass the kindergarten. Enter the place on
your left. Where are you now?

Lesson 11 Can You Tell Me Where South is?

Lets listen and write (hlm. 84)

1. Where is east?
2. Where is south-west?
3. Where is west
4. Where is south-east?
5. Where is north?
6. Where is north-east?
7. Where is south?
8. Where is north-west?

Lesson 12 Bring Me Some Spoon, Please

Lets listen and repeat (hlm. 91)

1. Bring me a glass, please.

2. Bring me a spoon, please.
3. Bring him a fork, please.
4. Bring him a cup, please.
5. Bring her a plate, please.
6. Bring her a knife, please.
7. Bring us a dessert plate, please.
8. Bring them a tea pot, please.
9. Bring us a pitcher, please.
10. Bring me a bowl, please.
11. Bring me a mug, please.
12. Bring us a saucer, please.

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Lesson 13 Whose Magazine is This?

Lets listen and write (hlm. 99)

1.A: Whose bag is is?

B: Its Tinas bag.
2.A: Whose bicycle is it?
B: Its Siskas.
3.A: Whose teddy bear is it?
B: Its Avnis teddy bear.
4.A: Whose watch is it?
B: Its Novans.
5.A: Whose violin is it?
B: Its Nazwas violin.
6.A: Whose book is it?
B: Its Cicis.
7.A: Whose comb is it?
B: Its Riris comb.
8.A: Whose TV is it?
B: Its Ardis.
9.A: Whose bedroom is it?
B: Its Andros.

Lesson 14 Ive Got a Headache

Lets listen and repeat (hlm. 105-106)

1. Stomach ache
2. Sore throat
3. Mouth ulcer
4. Runny nose
5. Headache
6. Backache
7. Injection
8. Stethoscope
9. Medicine
10. A nurse
11. A patient
12. A doctor

1. Ive got a cold.

2. Ive got stomach ache.
3. Shes got a runny nose.

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4. Hes got a headache.
5. It is a bandage.
6. It is a thermometer.
7. It is a wheelchair.
8. It is a bottle of vitamins.

Lets listen and rearrange the pictures (hlm. 109)

On Sunday afternoon, Marina and Rina went to a supermarket. They

bought many things such as pencils, books and new rulers. Besides, they
also bought some chocolates and candies. Marina bought so many
chocolates and candies because she likes them a lot. Marina bought five
pieces of chocolates and five packs of candies. When she arrived at home,
she ate all her chocolates and candies. She was very happy to eat all her
chocolates and candies.
On the next day, she got a toothache. When she checked it to the
dentist, the dentist advised her not to eat much chocolate and candies
anymore if she wants to have healthy teeth.

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