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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Sendy Beatriz VilledaMenjvar Room: H-10
Subject: Intermediate Intensive English II Date: Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
Unit: 7 Think again Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Key Contents: - Grammar: Modals of deduction.
- Vocabulary: Adjective suffixes ful, -less.

General Objective By the end of the class students will be able to predict possible situations in the
present using modals of deduction as well as use suffixes in adjectives.
To get students acquainted with the use of modals of deduction in some real

Remember about the use of suffixes in adjectives; its meaning and use.
To make correct use of modals of deduction, must, cant, might/may/could when
talking about posibilities.
-Adjective suffixes; fearless, painless, careless, hopeful, powerful, careful... etc.
Puzzle Time/Skill
Warm up Some puzzles will be written on the board.
The students will be asked to solve them as soon as possible, by 10
giving what comes next in a series of numbers, letters or words. Speaking
-The teacher will briefly introduce the grammar section with the
Presentation conversation on page 71about modals of deduction and then, ask
students to complete the form and function exercises of their text 20
books. Listening/
-The teacher will project a short video in order to explain uses of Writing/
modals of deduction. Speaking
-Students will be asked to fill out exercise C; Practice in their text
book. Answers will be checked.
Activity 1 Guess the country 5
The teacher will write a list of countries on the board. Writing/
The students will be given a series of statements related to a country Speaking
in specific.
Have the students guess the right country making use of the modals
Activity 2 Vocabulary

The teacher will give students a brief explanations on how turn 15

nouns into adjectives by making use of the suffixes full and less. Writing/
The students will do exercise A on page 72, then they will share the Speaking

Activity 3 Agree or Disagree

The students will work on exercise B. Then, they will share with a
partner if they agree opr disagree and why. 15
Modals with pictures
-The teacher will project a set of images related with situations that 10
imply deductions. Writing/
-Students will be asked to formulate possible sentences that they Speaking
think the picture describes.

Wrap up Make the students share their sentence with the whole class. Vocabulary

Assessment -The correct use of vocabulary, the grammar structure and pronunciation will be
assessed in the different activities during the class.

Materials -Markers, an audio CD, a CD player, a video projector and a laptop.

-Textbook, Openmind, Level 2. Second Edition, Teacher book.

Bibliography -Openmind, Level 2. Second edition, Teacher book.