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SpeakOut Upper-Intermediate Wordlist

U P Headword Pronunciation
Part of speech French Definition Example Sentence
Unit 1
Lead-in 6 1A terminology n tmnldi terminologie the technical words that are used in a subject It is important that lawyers use the correct terminology when they prepare contracts.
Lead-in 6 1A translation n trnslen, trnz- traduction the equivalent of a word or text in a different language I always write a translation of new English vocabulary in my own language in my notebook.
Lead-in 6 1A social networking site n netwk sat rseau social a website through which you can share personal information and pictures and make new friends Facebook is the most well-known social networking site.
Lead-in 6 1A whenever conj wenev chaque fois que every or any time Whenever we come here, we always see someone we know.
Lead-in 6 2A can't stand phr v kant stnd ne pas supporter used to say that you do not like someone or something at all I can't stand it when people interrupt me when I'm speaking.
Lead-in 6 3A guarantee v grnti garantir to promise something I guarantee youll love this film.
Lead-in 6 3A thorough adj r minutieux careful to check every part of something, or doing something carefully so that you do not make mistakes The police carried out a thorough search of the house.
1 7 Titleflatmate n fltmet colocataire someone who shares a flat with other people My flatmate is so messy - I can't stand her!
1 7 Titleenquire v nkwa s'enqurier to ask someone for information I'd like to enquire about your advertisement in the newspaper.
1.1 apply
8 2 Listening v pla appliquer to use something such as a method, idea, or law in a particular situation, activity, or process New technology is being applied to almost every industrial process.
1.1 principle
8 2 Listening n prnspl principe the basic idea that a plan or system is based on The general principle is that free education should be available for children up to the age of sixteen.

1.1 lodger
8 2 Listening n ld locataire someone who pays to live in someones house We have decided to take in lodgers to help pay the mortgage.
1.1 8 3C badge
Listening n bd badge a piece of metal, plastic, or cloth with writing or a picture on it that you wear to show which school you go to, which job you do, etc. Do you have to wear a name badge at work?
1.1 8 3C buddy up
Listening phr v bdi p partager une pice to work together or share something with someone We can't afford to stay in separate hotel rooms, so we'll have to buddy up.
1.1 8 3C fortnight
Listening n ftnat la quinzaine two weeks The meetings take place once a fortnight.
1.1 8 3C embarrassing
Listening adj mbrs gnant, embarassant making you feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable My husband's so embarrassing - he always tries to argue in public!
1.1 rent out
8 4 Listening phr v rent at louer to let someone live in a house, room etc that you own, or use your land, in return for money We've got a house in the south of France which we rent out to holiday makers.
1.1 finances
8 4 Listening n fannsz finances the money that a person or organisation has The bank will always check your finances before agreeing to give you a credit card.
1.1 politics
8 4 Listening n pltks la politique ideas and activities relating to how a place is governed and who has power Are you interested in politics?
1.1 reference
8 4 Listening n refrns rfrence a letter containing information about you that is written by someone who knows you well, and is usually intended for a new employer If you are interested in the job, please send us a copy of your CV and a reference from a previous employer.

1.1 temporary
8 5A Grammar adj temprri, -pri temporaire existing or happening only for a short time He's got a temporary job working in an office.
1.1 sportswear
8 5A Grammar n sptswe vtements de sport clothes that you wear to play sports It is unacceptable to wear sportswear to work.
1.1 relocate
8 5A Grammar v rilket dlocaliser, dmnager to move to a new place Our company relocated from Birmingham to Glasgow.
1.1 9 6C available
Grammar adj velbl disponible if something is available, you can have it, buy it, or use it Tickets are available from the box office.
1.1 particular
9 9A Vocabulary adj bi ptkjl bat mticuleux very careful about choosing exactly what you like and not easily satisfied My wife is very particular about the type of tea she drinks.
1.1 down-to-earth
9 9A Vocabulary adj dan tu pragmatique practical and direct in a sensible honest way Fran's a friendly, down-to-earth person.
1.1 geek
9 9A Vocabulary n gik crack en informatique someone who is not popular because they wear unfashionable clothes and do not know how to behave in social situations He used to be a bit of a geek, but now he's the most popular guy in the class.
1.1 get into
9 9A Vocabulary phr v get nt accrocher to become easily interested and enthusiastic about something So when did you first get into classic cars?
1.1 tight-fisted
9 9A Vocabulary adj tat fstd radin not generous with money He never gives money to charity - he's so tight-fisted!
1.1 post-graduate
9 9A Vocabulary adj pst grdut de troisime cycle; aprs la licence relating to studies (Masters degree, PhD, etc.) done at university after completing a first degree I'm a post-graduate student in philosophy.
1.1 geology
9 9A Vocabulary n dildi gologie the study of rocks, soil, minerals, etc. and how they have changed over time One of my main interests is geology.
1.1 takeaway
9 9A Vocabulary n tekwe repas emporter a meal that you buy from a restaurant to eat at home, or a restaurant that sells this food Do you fancy a Chinese takeaway tonight?
1.1 short of
9 9A Vocabulary adj t court (d'argent) if you are short of something, you don't have a lot or enough of it Can you lend me a fiver (=5)? I'm a bit short of cash.
1.1 messy
9 9A Vocabulary adj mesi dsordonn dirty or untidy I've never met anyone as messy as my housemate.
1.1 sensible
9 9A Vocabulary adj sensbl raisonnable someone who is sensible is able to make good decisions Shes a very sensible girl.
1.1 practical
9 9A Vocabulary adj prktkl pratique a practical person is good at dealing with problems and making decisions based on what is possible and what will really work The right person for the job needs to be practical and responsible.
1.1 band
9 9A Vocabulary n bnd groupe a group of musicians who play popular music together Her boyfriend was in a heavy metal band.
1.1 decent
9 9A Vocabulary adj disnt convenable good enough or fairly good I earn a decent salary.
1.1 gig
9 9A Vocabulary n gg concert de rock a concert at which musicians play popular music or jazz The band are doing a gig in Sheffield on November 12.
1.1 introverted
9 9B Vocabulary adj introverti
ntrvtd, ntrvtd someone who is quiet and shy, and does not enjoy being with other people I don't get on well with introverted people - I think I intimidate them.
1.1 mean
9 9B Vocabulary adj min avare/mchant cruel and not kind Dont be so mean to your sister.
1.1 obsessive
9 9B Vocabulary adj bsesv maniaque thinking about something all the time Shes obsessive about her weight.
1.1 sociable
9 9B Vocabulary adj sbl sociable someone who is sociable is friendly and enjoys being with other people Gen and John are a pleasant, sociable couple.
1.1 10 10Brecipient
Writing n rspint destinataire someone who receives something Who was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize last year?
1.1 10 10Bhandy
Writing adj hndi pratique useful I'm very handy around the house, so if you need anything to be fixed, let me know.
1.1 10 10Bunderground
Writing n ndgrand mtro a railway system under a city I travel to work on the London Underground every day.
1.1 10 10Bdivorced
Writing adj dvst, dvst divorc to legally end a marriage Her parents have been divorced for as long as I can rememeber.
1.1 10 10Bclick
Writing v klk sympathiser du premier coup if two people click, they like, understand, and agree with each other The first time I met my brother-in-law, we clicked instantly.
1.1 10 10Cconvey
Writing v knve exprimer to express ideas, feelings, etc. What does this poem convey?
1.1 sympathetic
10 11 Learn to adj smpetk compatissant/sympathique showing that you understand and care about someones problems You should talk to Kerry - she's very sympathetic.
1.2 anxious
11 2B Vocabulary adj ks trs inquiet/anxieux worried about something Im quite anxious about my exams.
1.2 awkward
11 2B Vocabulary adj kwd gnant embarrassing I hope he wont ask any awkward questions.
1.2 relieved
11 2B Vocabulary adj rlivd soulag happy because you are no longer worried or frightened I was relieved to be out of hospital and back home.
1.2 satisfied
11 2B Vocabulary adj stsfad satisfait feeling that something is as good as it should be, or that something has happened in the way that you want Im not really satisfied with the way he cut my hair.
1.2 thrilled
11 2B Vocabulary adj rld excit very happy, excited and pleased We were so thrilled to hear about the baby.
1.2 sense
11 2B Vocabulary v sens sentir to feel or know something without being told I could sense that something was wrong.
1.2 behave
11 2B Vocabulary v bhev se comporter to do things in a particular way. Hes been behaving very strangely recently.
1.2 microphone
11 2B Vocabulary n makrfn microphone a piece of equipment that you use to record sounds or to make sounds louder She spoke confidently into the microphone.
1.2 ages
11 2B Vocabulary n edz une ternit a very long time It took my girlfriend ages to learn to drive.
1.2 put up
11 2B Vocabulary phr v pt p monter, construire to build something such as a wall, fence, building, etc. Theyre putting up several new office blocks in the centre of town.
1.2 step
11 2B Vocabulary n step pas a movement of your feet in dancing It took me ages to learn the basic steps of salsa dancing.
1.2 tread
11 2B Vocabulary v tred marcher sur to put your foot on something Sorry, did I tread on your foot?
1.2 fairly
11 3A Vocabulary adv feli assez more than a little, but much less than very She speaks English fairly well.
1.2 mundane
12 5A Reading adj mnden banal, quelconque ordinary and boring I hate my job - it's so mundane!
1.2 trivial
12 5A Reading adj trvil insignifiant not serious or important Why do families always argue over trivial matters?
1.2 construct
12 5A Reading v knstrkt construire to build something such as a house, bridge, road, etc. The Empire State Building was constructed in 1931.
1.2 flat-pack
12 5A Reading adj flt pkt monter soi-mme when a piece of furniture is packaged in pieces and stored in a shallow box to make it easier to sore and transport I hate putting together flat-pack furniture!
1.2 tap dancing
12 5A Reading n tp dans, ds danse claquettes dancing in which you wear shoes with pieces of metal on the bottom, which make a sound as you move Jenny's just started tap-dancing classes.
1.2 rate
12 5A Reading v ret valuer to think that someone or something is good, bad, etc. Johnson is rated one of the best basketball players in the world.
1.2 appeal
12 5A Reading n pil charme a quality that makes people like something or someone I've never seen the appeal of camping.
1.2 interaction
12 5A Reading n -kn interaction the activity of talking to other people, working together with them, etc. The funniest part of his show is his interaction with the audience.
1.2 relate to
12 5A Reading v rlet t s'identifier to feel that you understand someone's problem, situation, etc. I like watching her TV show because I feel I can really relate to her experiences.
1.2 totter around
12 5A Reading phr v tt rand tituber to walk very unsteadily because you are not very well-balanced The waitresses tottered around in their high heels, serving people drinks.
1.2 vary
12 5A Reading v veri varier de ... if things vary, they are all different from each other Prices vary from 15 to 25.
1.2 nappy
12 5A Reading n npi couche de bb a piece of cloth or paper that a baby wears on its bottom His nappy needs changing.
1.2 award
12 5A Reading v wd dcerner, attribuer to officially give something a rating or someone a prize or money I award the hotel a ten out of ten for great service.
1.2 loathing
12 5A Reading n l rpugnance to hate someone or something very much She always talks about her loathing for her first husband.
1.2 can't bear
12 5A Reading phr v kant be ne pas supporter used to say that you do not like someone or something at all, or that you think that something is extremely unpleasant I can't bear it when my son plays rap music in the car!
1.2 jolly
12 5A Reading adj dli joyeux happy There was a jolly atmosphere at the high school reunion.
1.2 admit
12 5A Reading v dmt reconnatre, admettre to say that you have done something wrong or illegal The chairman of the company admitted that mistakes had been made.
1.2 bonnet
12 5A Reading n bnt capot the front part of a car that covers the engine Ill need to check under the bonnet.
1.2 tap into
12 5A Reading phr v tp nt exploiter to make as much use as possible of the ideas, experience, knowledge, etc. that a group of people has In her ew job she'll really need to tap into all her previous experience.
1.2 recurring
12 5A Reading adj rkr rcurrent happening again and again Your son's bad behaviour seems to be a recurring problem.
1.2 theme
12 5A Reading n im sujet the main subject or idea in a book, film, discussion, etc. Love is the main theme of the book.
1.2 motivation
12 5A Reading n mtven motivation when you are keen and willing to do something Jack is very talented, but he lacks motivation.
1.2 13 10Adisappointed
Vocabulary Plus adj dspntd du unhappy because something you hoped for did not happen, or was not as good as you expected When my parents told me Santa didn't exist, I was really disappointed.
1.2 13 10Agenerous
Vocabulary Plus adj denrs gnreux someone who is generous is kind and enjoys giving people things or helping them Billy was extraordinarily generous to his friends.
1.2 13 11Chesitate
Vocabulary Plus v heztet hsiter to pause before doing or saying something because you are nervous or not sure She hesitated before answering.
1.2 13 11Ccomment
Vocabulary Plus v kment commenter to give your opinion about someone or something He refused to comment on the rumour.
1.2 13 11Cintense
Vocabulary Plus adj ntens intense extreme or very great Students are under intense pressure to succeed.
1.2 edit
13 9A Grammar v edt monter (film)/corriger (texte) to correct mistakes in a piece of writing or a film, and decide which parts to keep The newspaper edits letters before printing them.
1.2 instrument
13 9A Grammar n nstrmnt instrument aan object used for producing music, such as a piano or violin Can you play any musical instruments?
1.2 paranoid
13 9A Grammar adj prnd paranoaque feeling anxious and worried that you cannot trust people or that they are trying to harm you Shes paranoid about going out at night alone.
1.2 details
13 9A Grammar n ditelz informations information that helps to complete what you know about something Never give your credit card details to anyone over the telephone.
1.2 hike
13 9A Grammar v hak faire une randonne to go for a long walk in the countryside Utah is a great place to go hiking.
1.2 proper
13 9A Grammar adj prp vrai real, or of a good and generally accepted standard I've never been to a proper Mexican restaurant before.
1.2 feedback
5B Reading n fidbk ractions advice, criticism, etc. about how successful or useful something is Try to give the students some feedback on the task.
1.2 benefit
5B Reading v benft bnficier if you benefit from something or if it benefits you, it helps you The new policy changes mainly benefit small companies.
1.3 deposit
14 1A Vocabulary n dpzt versement initial a part of the cost of something that you pay before paying the total amount later We put down a deposit on the house.
1.3 fill in
14 1A Vocabulary phr v fl n remplir to write all the necessary information on an official document, form etc Please fill in this form and return it to your doctor.
1.3 first come, first served phr
14 1A Vocabulary fst km fst svd premiers arrivs, premiers servis used to say that something will be given to the people who ask for it first, when there is not enough for everyone There aren't many tickets for the concert left, so it's first come, first served.
1.3 enrolment
14 1A Vocabulary n nrlmnt inscription the process of arranging to join a school, university, course, etc. Sorry, the course has limited enrolment and there are no more spaces.
1.3 matine
14 1A Vocabulary n mtne reprsentation de l'aprs-midi a performance of a play or film in the afternoon Shall we go to the matine or the evening performance?
1.3 non-refundable
14 1A Vocabulary adj nnrifndbl non remboursable a non-refundable amount of money cannot be paid back to you There is a 40 deposit, which is non-refundable.
1.3 sign up
14 1A Vocabulary phr v san p s'inscrire to agree to give someone a job, for example in a sports team The Yankees signed him up when he finished college.
1.3 deal
14 1A Vocabulary n dil offre a special offer from a shop, restaurant, etc. with which you can buy something for less than the usual price There's a two-for-one deal on pizzas at our local Italian restaurant this week.
1.3 introductory
14 1A Vocabulary adj ntrdktri de lancement said or written at the beginning of a book or speech in order to explain what it is about The book includes a short introductory paragraph witten by the editor.
1.3 flyer
14 1A Vocabulary n fla dpliant a piece of paper that advertises something I used to have a job giving out flyers for a local club.
1.3 present
14 1A Vocabulary v przent prsenter to give something to someone, especially at an official occasion If you present this flyer when you pay for your meal, you'll get a discount.
1.3 certified
14 1A Vocabulary adj stfad certifi having an official qualification My uncle's a certified karate instructor.
1.3 scenario
14 1A Vocabulary n snri scnario a situation that could possibly happen The worst-case scenario would be if the college had to close.
1.3 negotiation
14 1A Vocabulary n ngien ngociation official discussions between two groups who are trying to make an agreement I'm doing a course in business negotiation next week.
1.3 extend
14 1A Vocabulary v kstend tre valable to make something continue for longer than previously arranged or planned I'd like to extend my work visa for six months?
1.3 pre-book
14 1A Vocabulary v pr bk rserver d'avance to make a reservation If you want to get tickets for the concert, you should try and pre-book them before they go on sale.
1.3 discount
14 1A Vocabulary n dskant remise a reduction in the usual price of something Members get a 10% discount when they present their membership card.
1.3 diploma
14 1A Vocabulary n dplm diplme an official document that you are given when you have successfully finished a course of study We can't give him the job because he hasn't got a teaching diploma.
1.3 supervision
14 1A Vocabulary n supvn supervision the action of watching someone do something to make sure they are doing it correctly Part of your job involves the supervision of new employees.
1.3 policy
14 3A Function n plsi conditions a way of dealing with something, especially one that has been officially decided by a political party or an organisation He works as a foreign policy adviser to the government.
1.3 withdrawal
14 3A Function n wdrl, w- retrait the action of taking money out of your bank account I'd like to make a withdrawal of 200, please.
1.3 charge
14 3A Function n td frais the amount of money you have to pay for something Every time you go over your credit card limit there will be a charge of 2.50.
1.3 bear with
15 4A Learn to phr v be w prendre patience used to ask someone to wait for a short time before you attend to them Can you help me with the shopping?' 'Bear with me a minute, I'm on the phone!'
1.3 appreciate
15 4A Learn to v priiet apprcier to understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someones feelings are He did not fully appreciate the significance of signing the contract.
1.3 handle
15 6B Speaking v hndl s'occuper de, manier, traiter to deal with something Computers can handle huge amounts of data.
1.3 upgrade
15 6B Speaking v pgred avoir un surclassement to improve something, or change it for something better We need to upgrade our computer.
1.4 reinvent
16 1 DVD yourself
Preview v phr rinvent jself rinvente-toi, rinventez-vous to do something differently from before, especially in order to improve or change the way people think of you Many pop singers of the 80s are trying to reinvent themselves to sell more records.
1.4 afresh
16 2B DVD Preview adv fre nouveau to start again from the beginning We decided to move to Sydney and start afresh.
1.4 foil Preview
16 2B DVD v fl djouer to prevent something that someone is planning to do Our holiday plans were foiled when our flight was cancelled.
1.4 campus
16 2B DVD Preview n kmps campus the land and buildings of a college or university Most first-year students live on campus.
1.4 initialPreview
16 2B DVD adj nl premier happening at the beginning There will be an initial period of training before you start the job properly.
1.4 encounter
16 2B DVD Preview n nkant rencontre an occasion when you meet someone or experience something when you did not plan to Last weekend I had a chance encounter with a famous actor in the street.
1.4 inhaler
16 4B DVD View n nhel inhalateur a small plastic tube containing medicine that you breathe in if you suffer from asthma If you're going to the gym, don't forget to pack your inhaler.
1.4 moralView
16 4B DVD adj mrl moral, morale based on principles of what is right and wrong This is a moral issue, not a political one.
1.4 philosophy
16 4B DVD View n flsfi philosophie the study of ideas about life, thought, and behaviour Shes studying philosophy at university.
1.4 comparative
16 4B DVD View adj kmprtv comparatif, comparative comparing one thing to another We have to write a comparative essay about the two books.
1.4 philology
16 4B DVD View n flldi, flldi philologie the study of words and of the way words and languages develop He studied philology at university.
1.4 chill out
16 4B DVD View phr v tl at se relaxer, se dtendre to relax I listen to classical music to chill out.
1.4 trainee
17 7A Writeback n treni stagiaire someone who is being taught to do a job She's only a trainee teacher at the moment but she qualifies in July.
1.4 law firm
17 7A Writeback n l fm cabinet d'avocat a company that provides legal services and employs many lawyers I'm going to Germany to do work experience at a law firm next year.
1.4 head partner
17 7A Writeback n hed ptn associ directeur the most important person in a company We're celebrating tonight because my wife's been made head partner at her law firm!
1.4 rush in
17 7A Writeback phr v r n entrer prcipitamment to enter a place quickly We all rushed into her office to congratulate her on her promotion.
1.5 18 2A reserved adj rzvd rserv unwilling to show or talk about your thoughts and feelings Ellen was a shy, reserved girl.
1.5 18 2A unfit adj nft ne pas tre en forme not in a good physical condition Hes still unfit after his injury.
1.5 18 2A uncomplicated adj ()nkmplketdpas compliqu easy to understand or having no difficulties or problems She's a very nice, uncomplicated person who's always happy.
1.5 18 5A confirmation n knfmen confirmation a statement, document, etc. saying that something is true or definite Can you send me an email for confirmation of our agreement.
Unit 2
2 19 Titleissue n u, sju question, problme a subject or problem that people discuss This is a very important political issue.
2.1 participate
20 2A Reading v ptspet participer to take part in an activity or event Eight schools participated in the project.
2.1 found
20 2A Reading v fand fonder to start something such as an organisation, company, school, or city, often by providing the necessary money Founded in 1935 in Ohio, Alcoholics Anonymous is now a world-wide organisation.
2.1 fund
20 2A Reading v fnd financer to provide money for an activity, organisation, event, etc. This is just one of many projects funded by the EU.
2.1 vulnerable
20 2A Reading adj vlnrbl vulnrable easily harmed, hurt, or attacked The army was in a vulnerable position.
2.1 fundraising
20 2A Reading n fndrez collecte de fonds the activity of collecting money for a specific purpose, especially in order to help people who are ill, old etc Since she retired, my mother's been involved in loads of fundraising activities.
2.1 telethon
20 2A Reading n teln, teln tlthon a long television show in which famous people provide entertainment and ask people watching to give money to help people Tomorrow night there's a telethon to raise money for victims of the recent tsunami.
2.1 feature
20 2A Reading v fit prsenter, faire figurer to include something as a special or important part, or to be included His new album features remixes of all his classic songs.
2.1 sketch
20 2A Reading n sket sketch a drawing that you do quickly and without a lot of details Dave drew a rough sketch of his apartment.
2.1 powerful
20 2A Reading adj pafl fort, percutant able to control and influence people and events Who is the the most powerful man in Hollywood?
2.1 transmit
20 2A Reading v trnzmt transmettre to send out electronic signals, messages, etc. using radio, television, or similar equipment We transmit our programme from the back of my father's van!
2.1 version
20 2A Reading n vn version one form of something that is slightly different from all other forms The original version of the film was much better.
2.1 bucket
20 2A Reading n bkt seau a round open container with a handle over the top, used for carrying things, especially liquids I need to buy a new bucket - there's a hole in this one!
2.1 eye-opening
20 2A Reading adj a pn ouvrir les yeux making you realise something you didn't know before I watched a really eye-opening documentary about the black market on TV last night.
2.1 jelly
20 2A Reading n deli gele a sweet food made with fruit juice that is solid but shakes when you move it We had strawberry jelly and ice cream for dessert.
2.1 hoot
20 2A Reading v hut klaxonner a short clear sound made by a vehicle or ship The driver hooted at me as he drove past.
2.1 corridor
20 2A Reading n krd couloir a long narrow area between two rows of rooms Please wait in the corridor.
2.1 unaccustomed
20 2A Reading adj nkstmd inaccoutum not used to something He was a country boy, unaccustomed to an urban way of life.
2.1 worn out
20 2A Reading adj wn at puis very tired You look worn out.
2.1 burst with
20 2A Reading phr v bst w dborder (d'nergie) to be very full of Our new puppy is absolutely bursting with energy!
2.1 donation
20 2A Reading n dnen don something, especially money, that you give to help a person or organization Please make a donation to the hospital fund.
2.1 21 5 recruit v rkrut recruter to find new people to work in a company, join an organization, do a job etc Its not easy to recruit well-qualified people.
2.1 21 5 fair adj fe juste, honnte reasonable, right, and accepted by most people Its fair to say that most scientists agree on the evolution theory.
2.1 21 5 strength n stre, stren force the quality of being brave or determined in dealing with difficult or unpleasant situations The strength and optimism of the tsunami victims is an inspiration to us all.
2.1 21 5 optimism n ptmzm optimisme the belief that good things will happen Not everyone shares her optimism about the countrys economic future.
2.1 21 5 guideline n gadlan directive rules or advice about the best way to do something New EU guidelines on meat production have been introduced for European farmers.
2.1 21 5 volume n vljum volume the amount of sound produced by a television, radio, etc. Can you turn down the volume on the TV?
2.1 21 5 region n ridn rgion a large area of a country or of the world, usually without exact limits She travelled through the north-eastern region of Russia.
2.1 campaign
21 3A Grammar n kmpen campagne a series of actions intended to get a particular social or political result Have you been following the American election campaigns?
2.1 22 10Adesert
Vocabulary Plus n dezt dsert a large area of very hot dry land where few plants grow What's the biggest desert on Earth?
2.1 22 10Aimport
Vocabulary Plus n mpt importer a product that is brought from one country into another so that it can be sold there, or the business of doing this What are your country's biggest imports?
2.1 22 10Aresearch
Vocabulary Plus n rst, rist recherches serious and detailed study of a subject in order to find out new information scientific research into heart disease
2.1 22 10Awrap
Vocabulary Plus v rp envelopper to put paper or cloth over something to cover it completely The present was wrapped in gold paper.
2.1 22 10Asubtropical
Vocabulary Plus adj sbtrpkl subtropical related to or typical of an area that is near a tropical area My country has a subtropical climate.
2.1 22 10Ahomemade
Vocabulary Plus adj hmmed fait la maison made at home homemade jam
2.1 debt (to be in a lot of - ) n
22 7A Vocabulary det dettes if you have debts, or if you are in debt, you owe money to someone She's in a lot of debt to the bank.
2.1 domestic
22 7A Vocabulary adj dmestk familial, domestique, intrieur, national relating to family relationships and life at home Police are investigating a serious case of domestic violence in which a young woman was hospitalised last night.

2.1 drought
22 7A Vocabulary n drat scheresse a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water The biggest drought in a decade continues to affect people living in western Africa.
2.1 drug abuse
22 7A Vocabulary n drg bjus toxicomanie the practice of taking illegal drugs, especially in dangerous amounts Drug abuse is still a big problem in the poorer areas of the city.
2.1 drunkenness
22 7A Vocabulary n drknns ivresse behaving in a way that shows that you have drunk too much alcohol The majority of weekend hospital emergencies are related to drunkenness.
2.1 famine
22 7A Vocabulary n fmn famine a situation in which a large number of people have little or no food for a long time and some people die Did you see that TV programme last night about the great potato famine in Ireland.
2.1 homelessness
22 7A Vocabulary n hmlsns le fait d'tre sans-abri the problem of people having nowhere to live The thing that shocked me the most about the country was the level of homelessness.
2.1 lack
22 7A Vocabulary n lk manque when there is not enough of something The lack of clean drinking water is often the biggest cause of disease after a natural disaster.
2.1 obesity
22 7A Vocabulary n bisti, bisti obsit when someone is very fat in a way that is unhealthy One of the biggest health problems in the UK is obesity.
2.1 poverty
22 7A Vocabulary n pvti pauvret when people are extremely poor Poverty and unemployment are increasing.
2.1 decrease Plus
22 9A Vocabulary v dkris diminution to become less, or to make something do this Crime in urban areas decreased by 30% last year.
2.1 export
22 9A Vocabulary Plus v/n ekspt exportation the business of selling goods to another country, or the goods themselves What product or service is your country's biggest export?
2.1 permit
22 9A Vocabulary Plus v/n pmt / pmt permettre to allow something to happen or someone to do something, or the official piece of paper that allows it to happen or be done You need a permit to park your car here.
2.1 project Plus
22 9A Vocabulary n prdekt projet a piece of work that is carefully planned and done over a period of time, or to The scientists have just begun a three-year research project.
2.1 record
22 9A Vocabulary Plus n rekd record the fastest speed, longest distance, highest or lowest level etc that has ever been achieved or reached Who holds the world record for the men's 100-metre sprint?
2.1 sponsor Plus
22 9A Vocabulary v spns sponsoriser to give money to an event or institution, especially in exchange for the right to advertise This competition is sponsored by British Airways
2.1 awarenessPlus
22 9A Vocabulary n wens, wens conscience if you are aware of something, you know about it or realize that it is there Health officials have tried to raise awareness (=improve peoples knowledge) about AIDS.
2.1 tent
22 9A Vocabulary Plus n tent tente a shelter consisting of a sheet of cloth supported by poles and ropes, used especially for camping We looked for a place to put up our tent.
2.1 blanket Plus
22 9A Vocabulary n blkt couverture a cover for a bed, usually made of wool If you get cold during the night, there are extra blankets in the wardrobe.
2.1 track
22 9A Vocabulary Plus n trk sentier, chemin one of the songs or pieces of music on a record, cassette, CD, etc. You can download her new track from the internet.
2.2 accountable
23 1B Vocabulary adj kantbl responsable responsible for what you do and willing to explain it or accept criticism The government is accountable to the people.
2.2 CCTV
23 1B Vocabulary n si si ti vi tlvision en circuit ferm. (closed circuit television) a system of cameras placed in public buildings or in the street, used to help prevent crime They've just installed CCTV cameras on my street.
2.2 citizen
23 1B Vocabulary n stzn citoyen someone who lives in a particular town, state, or country The mayor urged citizens to begin preparing for a major storm.
2.2 deterrent
23 1B Vocabulary n dternt moyen de dissuasion something that makes people less likely to do something The new law should be an effective deterrent to car thieves.
2.2 hand over
23 1B Vocabulary phr v hnd v remettre to give something to someone with your hand, especially because they have asked for it or should have it The soldiers were ordered to hand over their guns.
2.2 invasion
23 1B Vocabulary n nven v prvsi invasion a situation in which someone tries to find out details about another person's private affairs in a way that is upsetting and often illegal I think that having CCTV on our streets is a complete invasion of privacy.
2.2 keep track
23 1B Vocabulary phr v kip trk suivre pay attention to someone or something, so that you know where they are or what is happening to them I find it hard to keep track of new trends in fashion.
2.2 law-abiding
23 1B Vocabulary adj lrbad respectueux de la loi obeying laws She is a responsible, law-abiding citizen.
2.2 log
23 1B Vocabulary v lg noter, consigner par crit to make an official record of events Excuse me, I wish to log a complaint.
2.2 microchip
23 1B Vocabulary n makrtp puce, microchip a very small piece of silicon containing electronic parts, used in computers and other machines Japans largest producer of microchips has just opened a factory in the UK.
2.2 monitor
23 1B Vocabulary v mnt surveiller to carefully watch or measure something to see how it changes over a period of time Your manager will closely monitor your progress.
2.2 number plate
23 1B Vocabulary n nmb plet plaque d'immatriculation one of the signs with numbers and letters on it at the front and back of a car What colour are the number plates in your country?
2.2 privacy
23 1B Vocabulary n prvsi, pra- sphre prive when you are alone and not seen or heard by other people Teenagers need some privacy.
2.2 speed camera
23 1B Vocabulary n spid kmr contrle-radar a special camera that takes photographs of cars that are travelling faster than the legal speed limit. The photographs are used as proof that drivers have broken the law. There are speed cameras everywhere nowadays!
2.2 surveillance
23 1B Vocabulary n svelns surveillance when someone is being watched, for example by the police or by doctors Police have the man under surveillance.
2.2 put up
23 1B Vocabulary phr v pt p tlcharger - afficher a poster, a sign: stick or fasten it to a building, wall, fence, etc Photos can be put up on the Internet.
2.2 travel pass
23 1B Vocabulary n trvl ps carte d'abonnement a document that allows you to travel on public transport You can buy a travel pass from any ticket machine.
2.2 stretch
24 3A Grammar n stret tronon a large area of land or water a beautiful stretch of coastline
2.2 filter
24 5A Grammar v flt filtrer to clean a liquid or gas using a filter filtered drinking water
2.2 identity card
24 5A Grammar n adentti kd carte d'identit a card with your name, date of birth, and photograph on it, that proves who you are You should have your identity card with you at all times.
2.2 genetic
24 5A Grammar adj dnetk gntique concerned with genetics or genes In the future, genetic screening may be used to predict whether someone might commit a crime.
2.2 official
24 5A Grammar n fl fonctionnaire someone who has a position of authority in an organization, especially a government US Administration officials
2.2 infiltrate
24 5A Grammar v nfltret infiltrer to secretly join an organization to find out information about it Police attempts to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups have been unsuccessful.
2.2 hacker
24 6A Speaking n hk pirate informatique, hacker someone who secretly uses or changes the information in other peoples computer systems A hacker had managed to get into the system.
2.2 install
24 6A Speaking v nstl installer to put a piece of equipment somewhere and connect it so that you can use it The company has installed security cameras.
2.2 surge
24 6A Speaking n sd hausse, monte, accroissement a sudden and very strong emotion a surge in oil prices
2.2 spot check
24 6A Speaking n spt tek contrle surprise a check that is done without warning, in order to make sure everything is being done correctly or legally Police are doing spot checks on cars.
2.2 landline
24 6A Speaking n lndlan ligne de tlphone fixe a telephone connection that uses wires, as opposed to a mobile phone I'll be at home, so you can call me on the landline.
2.2 register
24 6A Speaking v redst enregistrer to put the name of someone or something on an official list You need to register with a doctor.
2.2 installation
25 7B Writing n nstlen installation to put a piece of equipment somewhere and connect it so that you can use it the installation and maintenance of alarm systems
2.2 safeguard
25 7B Writing v sefgd sauvegarder a law, agreement etc that protects someone or something laws to safeguard endangered animals
2.2 secure
25 7B Writing adj sk sr, en sret not likely to change or fail a secure job
2.2 identify
25 7B Writing v adentfa identifier to recognize someone or something and say correctly who or what they are She was unable to identify her attacker.
2.2 regard
25 7B Writing v rgd considrer to think about someone or something in a particular way Ive always regarded you as my friend.
2.2 violation
25 7B Writing n valen infraction to do something against an official law, principle, agreement etc human rights violations
2.2 council
25 7B Writing n lkl kansl conseil the group of people responsible for providing houses, schools, parks etc in a small area such as a town I am writing with regard to the council's recent installation of CCTV cameras in our area.
2.2 taxpayer
25 7B Writing n tkspe contribuable someone who pays taxes It will cost taxpayers 1.3 million.
2.2 pursue
25 7B Writing v psju poursuivre to continue doing something, or to try to achieve something over a long period of time He hoped to pursue a career in film-making.
2.2 resolve
25 7B Writing v rzlv rsoudre to find a way of dealing with a problem or of ending a disagreement efforts to resolve the conflict in the Middle East
2.2 request
25 7B Writing v rkwest demander to ask for something officially or formally The pilot requested permission to land.
2.2 coordinate
25 7B Writing n kdnt coordonne one of a set of numbers that give the exact position of a point on a map Matching bag and accessories provide a complete ensemble of colour coordinates.
2.2 enclose
25 7B Writing v nklz joindre to put something in an envelope with a letter Please enclose your payment.
2.2 document
25 7B Writing n dkjmnt document a piece of paper that has official information written on it a legal document
2.2 ensure
25 7B Writing v n garantir to make certain that something happens or is done Ensure that the fire doors are kept clear.
2.2 technique
25 7B Writing n teknik technique a special skill or way of doing something guitar-playing techniques
2.2 blur
25 7B Writing v bl brouiller to become less clear, or to make something less clear His writing blurred beneath her tired eyes.
2.2 prompt
25 7B Writing adj prmpt rapide done quickly or immediately Prompt action must be taken.
2.2 25 7C frame
Writing n frem cadre the wood or metal part around something such as a picture or window a picture in a wooden frame
2.2 legal to
25 9A Learn adj ligl lgal allowed or done according to the law Its perfectly legal to charge a fee.
2.2 fine to
25 9A Learn n fan contravention a punishment, especially one given by a court of law, in which the guilty person a parking fine
is ordered to pay a sum of money; also the sum of money itself
2.2 spamto
25 9A Learn n spm spam unwanted email messages, especially emails that advertise something You can filter out spam with special software.
2.3 plain
26 1 Speaking adj plen simple clothing, food, architecture, etc.. Is very simple in form and style Statistics show that good-looking people earn 10-15% more than plain-looking people on the same job.

2.3 cosmetic surgery

26 1 Speaking n kzmetk sdri chirurgie esthtique medical operations that improve your appearance after you have been injured, or because you want to look more attractive Some people want to get cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.
2.3 theft
26 1 Speaking n eft vol the crime of stealing something Car theft is on the increase in this area.
2.3 reduction
26 1 Speaking n rdkn rduction a decrease in the price, amount, or size of something, or when something is decreased a reduction in the number of students choosing science
2.3 extent
26 2A Function n kstent mesure expression used when you are discussing how true a statement is I agree to some extent
2.3 convince
26 2A Function v knvns convaincre to make someone feel certain that something is true Her arguments didnt convince me.
2.3 injection
27 6 Learn to n ndekn injection when a drug is put into your body, using a special needle The nurse gave me an injection.
2.3 liposuction
27 6 Learn to n lpskn liposuccion a way of removing fat from someones body, using suction Liposuction can help you get rid of unwanted fat.
2.3 file sharing
27 6 Learn to n fal er partage de fichiers the act of sharing computer files, such as music files, with other people using the Internet File sharing is a way to get to know new groups.
2.3 stereotype
27 7A Learn to n steritap, str- strotype an idea of what a type of person is like, especially one which is wrong or unfair stereotypical images of women
2.3 multi-tasking
27 7A Learn to n mlti tsk tre multitches the handling of more than one task at the same time by a single person. women are better at multi-tasking
2.3 unethical
27 8A Vocabulary adj nekl immoral, contraire l'thique morally wrong The scientists have been charged with unethical medical practices.
2.3 justifiable
27 8A Vocabulary adj dstfabl justifiable done for good reasons I think the judge made a justifiable decision.
2.3 inevitable
27 8A Vocabulary adj nevtbl invitable if something is inevitable, it will definitely happen and you cannot avoid it Death is inevitable.
2.3 inoffensive
27 8A Vocabulary adj nfensv inoffensif unlikely to offend anyone I thought the joke was completely inoffensive.
2.3 outrageous
27 8A Vocabulary adj atreds scandaleux very shocking or bad The price of petrol these days is absolutely outrageous!
2.4 possession
28 1 DVD Preview n pzen possession something that you own Prisoners were allowed no personal possessions.
2.4 wealthy
28 2 DVD Preview adj weli riche rich an extremely wealthy family
2.4 decline
28 2 DVD Preview v dklan dcliner to decrease in quantity, quality, or importance Coffee production declined.
2.4 consumerism
28 2 DVD Preview n knsjumrzm consumrisme the buying and selling of goods and services the power of consumerism today
2.4 instalment
28 2 DVD Preview n nstlmnt paiement par acompte a payment that you make every week, month etc in order to pay for something Were paying for the car by monthly instalments.
ou: pisode one of several parts of a story or article In tonignt's instalment of The Happiness Formula, Mark Easton finds out why the work-and-buy ethics has failed us.

2.4 status
28 3B DVD View n stets prestige the official or legal importance that someone or something has the status of women in society
2.4 rat race
28 3B DVD View n rt res stress quotidien a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power. You should escape the rat race if you want to be happier
2.4 assumption
28 3B DVD View n smpn supposition, ide something that you think is true although you have no proof Were working on the assumption that prices will rise.
2.4 purchase
28 3B DVD View v pts achat to buy something Where did you purchase the car?
2.4 designer
28 3B DVD View label n dzan lebl griffe a company that makes fashionable expensive clothes with its own well-known name on them a designer label such as Chanel
2.4 treadmill
28 3B DVD View train-train
idiom bi stk n tredml a situation that is very tiring or boring because you do the same things continuously Most people are stuck on a treadmill.
2.4 diminish
28 3B DVD View v dmn diminuer to become smaller or less important The countrys political influence has diminished recently.
2.4 unreliable
28 3B DVD View adj nrlabl peu/non fiable if someone or something is unreliable, you cannot trust them The buses here are often unreliable.
2.4 companionship
29 6A Writeback n kmpnjnp compagnie the good feeling that you have when you are not alone but have a friend with you She joined the club for companionship.
2.4 suitable
29 6A Writeback adj sutbl, sju- adquat having the right qualities for a particular purpose, person, or situation We are hoping to find a suitable school.
2.4 whereas
29 6A Writeback conj werz alors que used to say that one person, thing, or situation is different from another Nowadays the journey takes six hours, whereas then it took several weeks.
2.4 independent
29 6A Writeback adj ndpendnt indpendant not owned or controlled by another government or organization a small independent bookshop
2.4 concept
29 6B Writeback n knsept concept a general idea or principle the concept of freedom for all
2.4 stimulating
29 6B Writeback adj stmjlet stimulant interesting and full of new ideas a stimulating conversation
2.5 30 3 burglary n bglri cambriolage the crime of going into a building in order to steal things Burglaries have risen by 5%.
2.5 30 3 measure v me mesurer to find out the size, weight, or quantity of something I measured it with a ruler.
2.5 30 3 paparazzi n pprtsi paparazzi photographers who follow famous people in order to take photographs they can sell to newspapers A paparazzi photo of a celebrity.
2.5 30 1B latter adj lt ce dernier being the second of two people or things If I must choose between tea and coffee, I prefer the latter.
2.5 30 1B victim n vktm victime someone who has been hurt, attacked, or killed because of something bad victims of crime
2.5 30 1B suicide n susad, sju- suicide when someone deliberately kills himself or herself Theres been a rise in the number of suicides among young men.
2.5 30 1B overpopulation n vppjlen surpopulation a country or city that is overpopulated has too many people efforts to reduce overpopulation
2.5 30 2A current adj krnt actuel happening, existing, or being used now her current boyfriend
2.5 30 4A nickname n nknem surnom a short or friendly name for someone that is used by their friends or family His nickname was Curly because of his hair.
2.5 30 4A admire v dma admirer to like someone because they have done something that you think is good, or to like the skills or qualities that someone has I always admired my mother for her courage and patience.
Unit 3
3 31 Titledowntime n dantam temps d'arrt, d'inactivit the time when a computer is not working Often, during semesters, you have down time when you can do some exercise.
3 31 Titleniche n ni, nt place, niche a job or activity that is perfect for someones abilities and character She found her niche as a fashion designer.
3.1 compliment (on)
32 2A Vocabulary v kmplmnt complimenter, faire des compliments praise s.o. or tell them how much you like they own or have done She complimented him on his work
3.1 get on
32 2A Vocabulary phr v get n w avancer continue or start you were about to do Get on with your work!
3.1 give in
32 2A Vocabulary phr v gv n cder, capituler to finally agree to do something that you did not want to do Eventually I gave in and said yes.
3.1 ignore
32 2A Vocabulary v gn ignorer to deliberately not pay attention to someone or something They cant ignore the fact that hes here.
3.1 neglect
32 2A Vocabulary v nglekt ngliger to not pay enough attention to someone or something, or not take care of them You mustnt neglect your family.
3.1 put off
32 2A Vocabulary phr v pt f reporter to delay Do you often put off doing important tasks?
3.1 stubborn
32 2A Vocabulary adj stbn obstin, entt refusing to change your mind even when other people criticize you or try to persuade you Steve can be very stubborn sometimes.
3.1 pretend
32 3A Reading v prtend faire semblant to behave as though something is true when you know that it is not Hes not really angry hes just pretending.
3.1 irritated
32 4A Reading adj rtetd, rtetd fch, irrit to annoy someone He was getting irritated.
3.1 threaten
33 3A Reading v retn menacer to tell someone that you will hurt them or cause serious problems for them if they do not do what you want The hijackers threatened to shoot him.
3.1 selfish
33 3A Reading adj self goste caring only about yourself and not about other people That was a very selfish thing to do.
3.1 talkative
33 3A Reading adj tktv bavard a talkative person talks a lot Are women really more talkative than men?
3.1 quarrel
33 6A Grammar v kwrl se disputer to have an angry argument Shes always quarrelling with her sister.
3.1 (be) upset
33 6A Grammar v pset tre contrari to make someone feel unhappy or angry Kopps comments upset many of his listeners.
3.1 blow one's nose
33 7 Speaking v phr bl j nz se moucher to clear your nose by forcing air through it into a cloth or piece of paper He blew his nose on a paper tissue.
3.1 clean up
33 7 Speaking phr v klin p ft jself nettoyer make a place tidy by throwing away and cleaning things People who do not clean up after themselves in the kitchen are very annoying.
3.1 interrupt
33 7 Speaking v ntrpt interrompre to stop someone while they are speaking or doing something by suddenly speaking to them, making a noise etc Sorry to interrupt, but I need some help.
3.1 meaningless
34 8A Writing adj minls dpourvu de sens without purpose or meaning Life felt meaningless.
3.1 technological
34 8B Writing adj teknldkl technologique modern machines and equipment technological advances
3.1 contribute
34 8B Writing v kntrbjut contribuer to give money, help, ideas etc to something that other people are also involved in Everyone was expected to contribute 2.
3.1 essentially
34 8B Writing adv senli essentiellement used when giving the most basic fact about something It is essentially an old-fashioned romance story.
3.1 unproductive
34 8B Writing adj nprdktv inproductif not achieving very much an unproductive meeting
3.1 digital
34 8B Writing adj ddtl digital digital equipment, such as cameras or televisions, uses a system in which pictures and sound are recorded, stored, or sent out in the form of numbers a digital clock
3.1 signal
34 8B Writing n sgnl signal a sound or something that you do to give information or to tell someone to do something That was the signal for me to switch out the lights.
3.1 shopping trolley
34 8B Writing n p trli caddie, chariot a large metal basket on wheels that you push around when you are shopping in a supermarket For some families, their main time together consists of filling a shopping trolley.
3.1 volunteer
34 8B Writing n vlnt volontaire someone who does work without being paid The helplines are manned by volunteers.
3.1 join
34 8B Writing v dn joindre to become a member of an organization, society, or group Trevor joined the BBC in 1969.
3.1 reflect
34 8B Writing v rflekt reflter if something such as a mirror or water reflects something, you can see the image of that thing in the mirror or water The mountain was reflected in the waters of the lake.
3.1 overall
34 8B Writing adj vrl global considering or including everything The overall cost of the trip is $500.
3.1 population
34 8B Writing n ppjlen population the number of people living in an area, a country etc Whats the population of Tokyo?
3.1 wastefully
34 8B Writing adv westfli inutilement using more of something than you should, especially money, time, or effort Lily had wastefully left the light on.
3.1 furthermore
34 9A Learn to adv fm de plus in addition to what has already been said He is old and unpopular. Furthermore, he has at best only two years of political life ahead of him.
3.1 conclude
34 9A Learn to v phr knklud conclure, terminer finish, say the last thing you are going to say To conclude, I hope this might change in the future.
3.1 in contrast
34 9A Learn to kntrst
prep phr contraste used to mention how different one thing/person is from another mentioned earlier Some people, in contrast, make good use of their time.
3.1 moreover
34 9A Learn to adv mrv de plus used to introduce information that adds to or supports something you have just said The new design is not very good. Moreover, it is very expensive.
3.1 sum up
34 9A Learn to v phr sm p rsumer express as briefly as possible all the important aspects of something To sum up, I agree that people use their free time wastefully.
3.1 straightaway
159 3A Reading adv stretwe tout de suite at once We need to start work straightaway.
3.1 start off
159 3A Reading phr v stt f w dmarrer, commencer to begin going in a particular direction, or cause s.o. to begin doing something You start off with a character at level one and fight monsters and aliens.
3.1 on average
159 3A Reading n vrd
prep phr en moyenne based on a calculation of what usually happens On average, men still earn more than women.
3.1 fast-paced
159 3A Reading adj fst pest rapide describes the speed of something (i.e. quick) BG2525 is fast-paced and needs concentration.
3.1 insensitive
159 3A Reading adj nsenstv insensible someone who is insensitive does not notice other peoples feelings and often does or says things that upset them Sometimes he can be rather insensitive.
3.1 critical
159 3A Reading adj krtkl critique if you are critical of someone or something, you say that you think they are bad or wrong Economists are critical of the plans.
crucial extremely important time or situation Jade unplugged the computer when Sam was at a critical point in the game.
3.1 mate
159 3A Reading n met copain someone that you do things with, such as a job or sport His team mates congratulated him.
3.2 sector
35 1B Listening n sekt secteur one part of a countrys economy the public sector (=businesses controlled by the government)
3.2 buzzword
35 1B Listening n bzwd mot en vogue a word or phrase from a particular area of activity which is fashionable because people think it refers to something important the latest management buzzwords
3.2 flopout
35 1B Listening adj flpat reposant informal: inactive A flop-out beach holiday.
3.2 battlefield
35 2A Listening n btlfild champ de bataille a place where a battle is fought Education has become a political battleground.
3.2 tour operator
35 2B Listening n t pret tour-oprateur a company that arranges travel tours NIche holidays are being offered by more tour operators.
3.2 nuclear reactor
35 2B Listening n njukli rikt racteur nuclaire a large machine that produces nuclear energy In Chernobyl, you don't go into the nuclear reactor.
3.2 messageboard
35 2B Listening n mesdbd panneau d'affichage a flat wide surface such as a noticeboard or blackboard placed upright and used for showing information A lot of people have posted messages on the Traveller's Tree messageboard.
3.2 as the crow flies
35 3A Vocabulary phr z kr flaz vol d'oiseau used to describe the distance between two places when measured in a straight line My house is ten miles from here as the crow flies.
3.2 barren
35 3A Vocabulary adj brn aride barren land or soil is not good enough for plants to grow Thousands of years ago the surface was barren desert.
3.2 densely
35 3A Vocabulary v phr dentsli ppjuletd trs (peupl) containing a lot of things or people close together densely populated
3.2 heavily
35 3A Vocabulary v phr hevli frstd trs (bois) to a large degree, in large amounts, very heavily forested
3.2 proximity
35 3A Vocabulary n klz prksmti tproximit
prep phr how near something is to another thing, especially in distance or time to live in close proximity to an airport
3.2 coast
35 3A Vocabulary f kst v
prep phr cte an area of land beside a sea off the coast of (northen Scotland)
3.2 edge
35 3A Vocabulary n ed v
prep phr bord the part of something that is furthest from its centre on the edge of (Siberia)
3.2 peninsula
35 3A Vocabulary n pnnsjl pninsule a piece of land that is almost completely surrounded by water but is joined to a larger area of land the Malay peninsula
3.2 remote
35 3A Vocabulary adj rmt loign far away a remote village
3.2 slope
35 3A Vocabulary n slp flanc a piece of ground or a surface that is higher at one end than at the other The house was built on a slope.
3.2 summit
35 3A Vocabulary n smt sommet a meeting between the leaders of several governments an economic summit
3.2 unspoilt
35 3A Vocabulary adj nsplt prserv intact an unspoiled place has not been changed in ways that make it less beautiful or enjoyable The most unspoilt place in the UK is Foula
3.2 stop off
36 4A Grammar phr v stp f faire une escale to make a short visit to a place while you are going somewhere else We stopped off at the supermarket on the way home.
3.2 go on a trek
36 4A Grammar g n trek
prep phr faire une marche (un trek) to go on a long and difficult journey on foot. Some people go on holiday to do this We're going on a trek to Machu Pichu
3.2 cloth
37 7A Vocabulary Plus n kl tissu material used for making clothes and other things a coat made of thick woollen cloth
3.2 concrete Plus
37 7A Vocabulary n kkrit bton a substance used for building that is made by mixing sand, water, small stones, and cement There's no concrete anywhere
3.2 horsebackPlus
37 7A Vocabulary n hsbk cheval riding a horse We do a bit of horseback riding during the day
3.2 luggage Plus
37 7A Vocabulary lgd
n Uncount bagages the bags and cases that you carry when you are travelling Her luggage was in the back of the car
3.2 outskirts Plus
37 7A Vocabulary n atskts pripherie the parts of a city or town that are furthest from the centre They have an apartment on the outskirts of Geneva.
3.2 toiletries Plus
37 7A Vocabulary n tltriz articles de toilette things such as soap that you use when you wash yourself Our toiletries got lost.
3.2 yurt
37 7A Vocabulary Plus n jt yourte a round tent used by nomads (=people who travel rather than living in one place) in central Asia We're staying in a yurt.
3.2 37 7C content
Vocabulary Plus n kntent contenu the things that are inside a box, bag, room etc Suzy looked through the contents of her handbag.
3.2 37 7C equipment
Vocabulary Plus n kwpmnt quipement the things that you need to do a job or sport new computer equipment
3.2 37 7C facilities
Vocabulary Plus n fsltiz commodits rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose All rooms have private facilities (=a private bathroom and toilet)
3.2 37 7C means
Vocabulary Plus n minz v trnspt moyen a method for doing or achieving something That means of transport is not recommended.
3.2 37 7C remains
Vocabulary Plus n rmenz restes the parts of something that are left after the rest has been destroyed the remains of a temple
3.2 37 7C scenery
Vocabulary Plus n sinri cadre, environs the natural features of a place, such as the mountains, forests etc Alaskas magnificent scenery
3.2 37 7C security
Vocabulary Plus n skjrti scurit the things you do to keep someone or something safe from danger or crime the man in charge of airport security
3.2 37 7C whereabouts
Vocabulary Plus n werbats l'endroit o l'on est the place where someone or something is His whereabouts are a mystery.
3.3 eliminate
38 3A Function v lmnet liminer to completely get rid of something that is unnecessary or unwanted Credit cards eliminate the need to carry cash.
3.3 procedure
38 3B Function n prsid procdure the correct or normal way of doing something the procedure for getting a visa
3.3 toss
38 4A Function v phr ts kn lancer to throw something somewhere gently or in a slightly careless way Brendon tossed the ball into the air.
to throw a coin into the air and make a decision based on which side the coin falls on to toss a coin
3.3 advance
38 4A Function v dvns avancer to develop or progress, or to make something develop or progress Their analysis does not really advance our understanding of the problem.
3.3 attempt
38 4A Function n tempt tentative when you try to do something All attempts to resolve the problem have failed.
3.3 take possession
38 4A Function v phr tek pzen prendre possession (sport) to start to have or control the ball in a sport such as football If they don't succeed, the other team takes possession
3.3 clarifyto
39 5A Learn v klrfa clarifier to make something easier to understand I need you to clarify a few points.
3.3 sautto
39 5B Learn v ste faire sauter to cook something quickly in a little hot oil or fat Saut the onions for 5 minutes.
3.3 anagram
39 5B Learn to n ngrm anagramme a word or phrase made by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase Silent is an anagram of listen.
3.3 webinar
39 5B Learn to n 'webn webinaire a talk or meeting that people take part in using the Internet and often telephones as well Webinar is the contraction of web and seminar.
3.3 deal out
39 6A Vocabulary phr v dil at distribuer, remettre to give cards to the people playing a game of cards It's your turn to deal out the cards.
3.3 double-click
39 6A Vocabulary v dblklk cliquer deux fois to press a button on a computer mouse twice Just double-click on the Add Printer icon and the installation software takes you through the process.

3.3 jam
39 6A Vocabulary v dm se coincer to push something somewhere using a lot of force until it cannot move any further I managed to jam everything into one suitcase.
3.3 pass
39 6A Vocabulary v ps passer devant to go past someone or something We used to pass the shop every day.
3.3 roll
39 6A Vocabulary v rl rouler to move somewhere smoothly by turning over many times like a ball, or to make something do this The ball rolled across the lawn.
3.3 sieve
39 6A Vocabulary v sv tamiser a tool made of a wire net and a handle that you use to separate solid things and liquids, or small things from larger things Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl.
3.3 sprinkle
39 6A Vocabulary v sprkl saupoudrer to scatter small drops of liquid or small pieces of something onto something else Sprinkle the cheese over the salad.
3.3 stir
39 6A Vocabulary v st remuer to mix a liquid or food by moving a spoon around in it Add milk, then stir for five minutes.
3.3 unplug
39 6A Vocabulary v nplg dbrancher to disconnect a piece of electrical equipment by taking its plug out of a socket Unplug the TV before you go to bed.
3.3 first aid
39 7A Speaking n fst ed premiers soins simple medical treatment that is given as soon as possible to someone who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill Being given first aid at the scene of the accident probably saved his life.
3.4 overwhelming
40 2B DVD Preview adj vwelm foudroyant very big in amount or number overwhelming evidence that smoking damages your health
3.4 observe
40 2B DVD Preview v bzv observer to watch someone or something carefully psychologists observing child behaviour
3.4 exotic
40 2B DVD Preview adj gztk exotique something that is exotic seems unusual and exciting because it is from a foreign country an exotic flower
3.4 habitat
40 2B DVD Preview n hbtt habitat the natural environment in which a plant or animal lives It was great to see monkeys in their natural habitat.
3.4 faint-hearted
40 2B DVD Preview adj fent htd craintif not brave or enthusiastic She made a rather faint-hearted attempt to stop him from leaving.
3.4 dog sledding
40 2B DVD Preview n dg sled randonne en traneau chien(s) to ride a vehicle pulled by dogs that is used for carrying people or things over snow Activities not for the faint-hearted such as dog-sledding and wing-walking.
3.4 wing-walking
40 2B DVD Preview n w wk wingwalking acrobatic stunts performed on the wings of an airborne aircraft as a public entertainment. see above
3.4 hard-core
40 2B DVD Preview adj hdk passionn having very strong beliefs or opinions that are unlikely to change hardcore opposition to abortion
3.4 inspiration
40 2B DVD Preview n nspren inspiration a good idea about what you should say, do, write etc, or the person or thing which gives you this an artist who drew inspiration from Monets work
3.4 strapView
40 3B DVD v strp attacher to fasten something in place using a strap Make sure your backpack is strapped on tightly.
3.4 keenView
40 3B DVD adj kin enthousiaste wanting to do something very much US companies are keen to enter the Chinese market.
3.4 legendary
40 3B DVD View adj ledndri lgendaire very famous and admired the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth
3.4 stretch
40 3B DVD View v stret tirer to make something bigger or looser by pulling it, or to become bigger or looser in this way Dont stretch my jumper!
3.4 41 4C terrifying
Speakout adj terfa-, terfa- terrifiant to make someone extremely frightened He told her of his terrifying experience.
3.4 41 4C exhilaration
Speakout n gzlren joie intense extremely happy and excited She enjoyed the exhilaration of jet-skiing.
3.4 auburn
41 5A Writeabout adj bn auburn auburn (hair) is a reddish brown colour We saw a female with her auburn fur.
3.4 glint
41 5A Writeabout v glnt tinceler if a shiny surface glints, it gives out small flashes of light His white teeth glinted in his brown face.
3.5 42 3A lifespan n lafspn dure de vie the length of time that someone will live or something will work Men have a shorter lifespan than women.
3.5 42 3A soar v s monter en flche to increase quickly to a high level The temperature soared to 32.
3.5 42 4A lift (give a -) n lft prendre qn en voiture take someone in your car from one place to another I'll give you a lift to the station.
3.5 42 6A swipe v swap passer dans un lecteur to pass a plastic card through a piece of electronic equipment that reads the information stored on the card, for example in order to open a door or to pay for something At the entry to the underground, you swipe the Oyster card over a reader.
3.5 42 6A top up phr v tp p recharger to add more to something in order to increase it to the level that you want or need Top up your credit before it runs out!
3.5 42 6A run out phr v rn at ne plus rester to use all of something, so that there is none left Weve run out of sugar.
Unit 4
4 43 Titlemoral n mrl morale something you learn from a story The moral of the story is that crime doesnt pay.
4.1 starfish
44 1A Reading n stf toile de mer a flat sea animal that has five arms forming the shape of a star - sing and plural She had never seen so many starfish at once.
4.1 stroll
44 1A Reading v strl flner, se promener to walk in a slow relaxed way We strolled along the beach.
4.1 edge
44 1A Reading n ed bord the part of something that is furthest from the centre Billy sat on the edge of the bed.
4.1 bend down
44 1A Reading phr v bend dan se pencher to lean forwards and downwards, or to move the top part of your body forwards and downwards He bent down and picked up a starfish.
4.1 hopeless
44 1A Reading adj hpls dsespr if something you try to do is hopeless, it is certain to fail It was a hopeless task.
4.1 stranded
44 1A Reading adj strndd jet sur la cte unable to get away from a place Bad weather left travellers stranded.
4.1 tide
44 1A Reading n tad mare the regular rising and falling of the level of the sea High tide (=when the sea is highest) is at 9 oclock tonight.
4.1 dry up
44 1A Reading phr v dra p desscher if a supply of something dries up, there is no more of it Our research project was cancelled when the money dried up.
4.1 toss (back)
44 1A Reading phr v ts bk relancer to throw something somewhere gently or in a slightly careless way He tossed the starfish back into the sea.
4.1 futile
44 1A Reading adj fjutal futile certain to be unsuccessful a futile attempt to put out the fire
4.1 doom
44 1A Reading v dum condamner if you are doomed to something unpleasant, it is certain to happen to you We are all doomed to die.
4.1 intrigue
44 1A Reading v ntrig fasciner, intriguer if something intrigues you, it interests you a lot because it is unusual or mysterious He was intrigued by the woman next to him.
4.1 pointless
44 2B Reading adj pntls inutile without any useful purpose or effect a pointless argument
4.1 owing to
45 1A Reading conj t en raison de because of Work on the building has stopped, owing to lack of money.
4.1 needless to say
45 1A Reading phr nidls t se inutile de dire used when you are telling someone something that you expect they will already know Needless to say, with four children were always busy.
4.1 low
45 1A Reading adj l bas not far above the ground a low ceiling
dprim someone who is low feels unhappy and does not have much hope or confidence this made him feel very low because he could never sit up or see outside
4.1 roommate
45 1A Reading n rummet, rm- camarade de chambre someone who is not in your family who shares a bedroom with you, for example at college one of my college roommates
4.1 swan
45 1A Reading n swn cygne a large white bird with a long neck that lives on lakes and rivers Ducks and swans were swimming in the water
4.1 bare
45 1A Reading adj be nu, austre not covered by clothes children running around in bare feet
4.1 recovery
45 1A Reading n rkvri gurison the process of getting better after an illness, injury etc He has made a remarkable recovery from the operation.
4.1 pass away
45 1A Reading phr v ps we dcder, mourir to die used if you want to avoid saying the word die One day, sadly, Walter passed away
4.1 gate
45 4A Grammar n get porte a door in a fence or outside wall I ran back to close the gate.
4.1 stare
45 4A Grammar v ste regarder fixement to look at someone or something for a long time She stared at me in horror.
4.1 stab in the back
45 4A Grammar v phr stb n bk poignarder dans le dos to do something bad to someone who likes and trusts you I trusted him until he stabbed me in the back.
4.1 frown
45 4A Grammar v fran froncer les sourcils to make an angry or unhappy expression by moving your eyebrows together Mel frowned at me.
4.1 approach
45 4A Grammar v prt s'approcher to move nearer to someone or something Slowly, he approached the bed.
4.1 45 5A idiom evri klad hz slvd'un malheur peut natre un bonheur every cloud has a silver lining
4.1 45 5A idiom wt z rand kmzonrand
rcolte ce qu'on a sem what goes around comes around
4.1 45 5A idiom wen n rm du z rmnz comme les Romains when in Rome do as the Romans do
Rome, faisdu
4.1 45 5A tant qu'il y a de la vie, il y a de l'espoir where there's life there's hope
idiom we ez laf ez hp
4.1 45 5A idiom we ez smk ez ilfa
n'y a pas de fume sans feu where there's smoke there's fire
idiom chat chaud craint leau froide once bitten twice shy
idiom qui ne tente rien n'a rien nothing ventured nothing gained
idiom chaque chose en son temps let's cross that bridge when we come to it
4.1 avid
46 7A Writing adj vd passionn eager an avid reader of romantic novels
4.1 slip
46 7A Writing v slp glisser if you slip, your feet move accidentally and you fall or almost fall Be careful not to slip I just mopped the floor.
4.1 cord
46 7A Writing n kd corde a piece of thick string or thin rope The robe was held at the waist by a cord.
4.1 dejectedly
46 7A Writing adv didektdli de faon dcourage unhappy, disappointed, or sad I walked back to my towel dejectedly
4.1 astonishment
158 1A Reading n stnmnt tonnement complete surprise We all stared in astonishment.
4.1 blank
158 1A Reading adj blk blanc something that is blank has nothing written or recorded on it a blank CD
4.2 author
47 1A Listening n auteur someone who has written a book a well-known American author
4.2 bet
47 1A Listening v bet parier to try to win money by saying what the result of a race, game, or competition will be I bet him 5 that he wouldnt win.
4.2 anecdote
47 1A Listening n nkdt anecdote a short interesting story about a particular person or event The book is full of amusing anecdotes about his life in Japan.
4.2 submission
47 1A Listening n sbmn soumission when someone obeys a person or group and is completely controlled by them The prisoners were starved into submission.
4.2 era
47 2A Grammar n r poque a period of time in history the post-war era
4.2 gender
47 2A Grammar n dend genre (sexe) the fact of being male or female discrimination on the grounds of gender (=because someone is male or female)
4.2 aspiration
47 2A Grammar n spren aspiration a strong desire to have or achieve something the political aspirations of their leaders
4.2 compromise
47 2A Grammar v kmprmaz faire des compromis to accept something that is not exactly what you want President Obama has said that he would be ready to compromise.
compromettre to risk harming or losing something important see below
4.2 procrastination
47 2A Grammar n prkrstnen procrastination to delay doing something that you ought to do Aspirations compromised by procrastination, then children
4.2 touch-type
48 3A Grammar v tttap taper sans regarder le clavier to use a typewriter or a computer keyboard without having to look at the letters while you are using it I never learnt how to touch-type
4.2 temper
48 3A Grammar n temp humeur, temprament a tendency to get angry very quickly I often lose my temper with people
4.2 gutted
48 4A Vocabulary v phr gtd dgot extremely disappointed I'm gutted every time I get a postcard from my friend abroad
4.2 have second thoughts v phr v seknd ts
48 4A Vocabulary douter to have doubts about whether you have made the right decision about something I was having second thoughts about the whole idea.
4.2 pity (it's a -)
48 4A Vocabulary n pti dommage used for saying that you are disappointed about something It's a pity that I didn't listen to my father's advice
4.2 (with) hindsight
48 4A Vocabulary n handsat rtrospectivement the opportunity to judge or understand past events using knowledge that you have gained since then With hindsight, I think it's the wrong job for me
4.2 gap year
48 4A Vocabulary n gp j anne sabbatique a year between leaving school and starting university, in which someone travels or works Some students choose to work in high-tech industries during their gap year.
4.2 alas
48 5A Speaking adv ls hlas used when mentioning a fact that you wish was not true Donald, alas, died last year.
4.2 dash
48 5A Speaking v d se prcipiter to go somewhere very quickly She dashed into the room.
4.2 ditch
48 5A Speaking v dt laisser tomber, abandonner to get rid of something or someone The government quickly ditched the plan.
4.2 give up Plus
49 6A Vocabulary phr v gv p arrter to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly Why dont you give up smoking?
4.2 set up
49 6A Vocabulary Plus phr v set p fonder to start a company or organization She left the company to set up her own business.
4.2 settle down
49 6A Vocabulary Plus phr v setl dan s'installer to become calm and quiet, or to make someone calm and quiet Settle down, class.
to begin to live a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in a place Loved Sonia. Settled down with Elena
4.2 take up Plus
49 6A Vocabulary phr v tek p se mettre to start doing something regularly as a habit, job, or interest Gave up chocolate, took up running
4.2 turn up Plus
49 6A Vocabulary phr v tn p augmenter to make a machine produce more sound, heat etc, using its controls If youre cold, I can turn the heat up.
arriver to come somewhere, especially unexpectedly or without making a firm arrangement Alas, Mr Right never turned up
4.2 bring up Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v br p lever to look after a child until he or she becomes an adult He was brought up alongside two brothers and two adopted sisters
4.2 get over Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v get v rcuprer to feel better after an illness or bad experience It takes weeks to get over the flu.
4.2 go by
49 7B Vocabulary Plus phr v g ba passer if time goes by, it passes Two weeks went by before Tony called.
4.2 go on
49 7B Vocabulary Plus phr v g n continuer to continue The meeting went on longer than expected.
4.2 grow up Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v gr p grandir to gradually change from being a child to being an adult What do you want to be when you grow up?
4.2 put off
49 7B Vocabulary Plus phr v pt f dcourager, dgoter to make someone not want to do something, or to make someone not like someone or something She thought his teeth were too big and this would put viewers off
4.2 step downPlus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v step dan dmissionner to leave an official position or job, especially so that someone else can take your place He stepped down from his position in 1973
4.2 take on Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v tek n embaucher to start to employ someone Attenborough was taken on by a publishing company, but he didn't take to the work.
4.2 take to Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v tek t se prendre d'affection pour to begin to like someone or something see above
4.2 turn down Plus
49 7B Vocabulary phr v tn dan rejeter to not accept an offer or request He turned down the job of Director general in order to return to his first love, making programmes.
4.2 alongside Plus
49 7B Vocabulary adv lsad ct next to the side of something We parked alongside a white van.
4.2 adopted Plus
49 7B Vocabulary adj dptd, dptd adopt to take someone elses child into your home and legally become its parent their adopted daughter
4.2 geology Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n dildi gologie the study of rocks, soil, minerals etc, and how they have changed over time He went on to study geology and zoology at Cambridge University
4.2 zoology Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n zuldi, z- zoologie the scientific study of animals and their behaviour see above
4.2 ironically Plus
49 7B Vocabulary adv arnkli ironiquement an ironic situation is strange or amusing because it is completely different from what you expect Ironically, a lot of crimes are committed quite close to police stations.
4.2 initially Plus
49 7B Vocabulary adv nli au dpart happening at the beginning Initially, I didnt like him.
4.2 landmark Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n lndmk un repre (gographique, historique), ou un vnement important something that helps you recognize where you are, such as a famous building a landmark in the history of aviation
4.2 reputation Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n repjten rputation the opinion that people have of a person, product, company etc a man with a reputation for honesty
4.2 stamina Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n stmn persvrance, endurance physical or mental strength that lets you continue doing something for a long time exercises to improve speed and stamina
4.2 jet lag
49 7B Vocabulary Plus n det lg dcalage horaire the feeling of being very tired after a long journey in a plane Im suffering from jet lag but Ill feel better after a good nights sleep.
4.2 recognisable
49 7B Vocabulary Plus adj rekgazbl reconnaissable able to be recognised Attenborough remains one of the most recognisable faces on TV
4.2 passion Plus
49 7B Vocabulary n pn passion a very strong feeling of love or sexual desire His eyes were burning with passion.
4.2 49 7C hire
Vocabulary Plus v ha engager to pay money to borrow something for a short time Its best to hire a car when you arrive.
4.2 49 7C raise
Vocabulary Plus v rez lever to move something to a higher position or into an upright position Raise your hand if you know the answer.
4.2 49 7C resign
Vocabulary Plus v rzan dmissionner to officially tell your employer that you are going to leave your job Burton resigned from the company yesterday.
4.3 lyrics
50 1A Vocabulary n lrks paroles the words of a song He wrote some great music, but the lyrics werent that good.writelyric
4.3 gossip magazine
50 1A Vocabulary n gsp mgzin magazine ragots a magazine that gives the details of the private lives of famous people. Do you read gossip magazines?
4.3 manga
50 1A Vocabulary n m manga Japanese comic books. The pictures in the stories usually go from right to left in the same way as Japanese writing, and the characters often have very large eyes. Do you read manga?
4.3 biography
50 1A Vocabulary n bagrfi biographie a book about a persons life Boswells biography of Dr. Johnson
4.3 e-book
50 1A Vocabulary n i bk livre lectronique a book that you read on a computer screen or on a special small computer that you can hold in your hands, and that is not printed on paper Reading ebooks on my computer hurts my eyes
4.3 poetry
50 1A Vocabulary n ptri posie poems in general, or the art of writing poems Shelleys poetry
4.3 manual
50 1A Vocabulary n mnjul manuel a book that tells you how to do something, especially how to use a machine a computer manual
4.3 forum
50 1A Vocabulary n frm forum a website, newspaper, television programme etc where people can express their ideas and opinions The best thing is that lots of different people contribute to the forum
4.3 rhyme
50 1A Vocabulary n ram rime a short poem or song using words that rhyme or: a collection of traditional rhymes with illustrations
a short poem, often for children, that has lines ending in the same sound a nursery rhyme
4.3 factual
50 1A Vocabulary adj fktul factuel based on or relating to facts factual errors
4.3 diagram
50 1A Vocabulary n dagrm schma a drawing that uses simple lines to show what something looks like, where something is, or how something works a diagram of a car engine
4.3 impress
50 2B Speaking v mpres impressionner to make someone feel admiration and respect for you He was trying to impress me.
4.3 potential
50 2B Speaking adj ptenl potentiel likely to become a particular type of person or thing in the future The salesmen were eager to impress potential customers.
4.3 poll
50 2B Speaking n pl lections, vote the process of finding out what people think about a subject by asking a lot of people the same questions Polls show that most people support the President.
4.3 intellectual
50 2B Speaking adj ntlektul intellectuel relating to the ability to understand things and think intelligently childrens intellectual development
4.3 figure
50 2B Speaking n fg chiffre a number representing an amount, especially an official number the latest unemployment figures
4.3 plot
51 5A Function n plt intrigue a secret plan to do something illegal or harmful a plot to kill the king
4.3 investigate
51 6A Learn to v nvestget enquter sur to try to find out about something, especially a crime or accident The cause of the fire is being investigated.
4.3 clue to
51 6A Learn n klu indice a piece of information or an object that helps to solve a crime or mystery The police are still searching for clues.
4.3 clipping
51 6A Learn to n klp coupure de presse an article or picture that you have cut from a newspaper or magazine The clues he has come from old photos and newpaper clippings
4.3 punk to
51 6A Learn adj pk punk a type of music that developed in the 1970s from rock and roll, consisting of simple tunes played punk music
quickly and loudly on electronic instruments and words that often express anger against society
4.3 genius
51 6A Learn to adj dinis gnie someone who has an unusually high level of intelligence, ability, or skill in a particular subject Newton was a mathematical genius.
4.4 peasant
52 1 DVD Preview n peznt paysan a poor farmer who owns or rents a small amount of land, either in the past or in poor countries Most villagers are peasant farmers.
4.4 rural
52 1 DVD Preview adj rrl rural relating to or happening in the country rather than in the city a peaceful rural setting
4.4 semi-fictional
52 1 DVD Preview adj semi fknl plus ou moins fictif more or less invented for a book, play, or film Rural Wessex, the semi-fictional settings for many of Hardy's novels.
4.4 setting
52 1 DVD Preview n set cadre the place where something is or happens, and the things that surround it a farmhouse in a beautiful setting
4.4 dairymaid
52 1 DVD Preview n derimed laitire a woman who worked in a dairy in the past Tess is a dairymaid
4.4 clergyman
52 1 DVD Preview n kldimn clergyman a man or woman who is a member of the clergy Angel Clare is the son of a local clergyman
4.4 eager
52 2A DVD View adj ig enthousiaste wanting to do something very much, or waiting with excitement for something to happen Rosie was eager to leave.
4.4 expectant
52 2A DVD View adj kspektnt plein d'attente hopeful that something good or exciting will happen an expectant crowd
4.4 agitated
52 2A DVD View adj dtetd agit, inquiet very worried or upset He was in an agitated state.
4.4 contented
52 2A DVD View adj kntentd content satisfied and happy a contented smile
4.4 undergo
52 2B DVD View v ndg subir if you undergo a change, an unpleasant experience etc, it happens to you or is done to you He had to undergo major heart surgery.
4.4 labour
52 2B DVD View n leb labeur work, especially hard physical work The job involves hard manual labour (=hard work that you do with your hands).
4.4 sends shivers up
53 3B Speakout phr donner des frissons
sendz vz p j span to make you feel suddenly frightened or excited Her amazing singing voice sends shivers up your spine.
your spine
4.4 53 crew
3B Speakout n kru quipe all the people that work together on a ship, plane etc an ambulance crew
4.4 53 come up
3B Speakout phr v km p aborder to be mentioned and need to be considered A number of interesting points came up at today's meeting.
4.4 53 accent
3B Speakout n ksnt accent a way of pronouncing words that someone has because of where they were born or live Hes got a strong northern accent.
4.5 54 3 instinct n nstkt instinct a natural ability or feeling that makes people or animals know something or behave in a particular way Instinct told me something was wrong.
4.5 54 3 disastrous adj dzstrs catastrophique very bad, or ending in failure Climate change could have disastrous effects on Earth.
4.5 54 2A fall apart phr v fl pt tomber in morceaux if something falls apart, it fails completely His marriage fell apart.
4.5 54 2A collapse v klps s'effondrer to fall down suddenly Many buildings collapsed during the earthquake.
Unit 5
5.1 nuclear
56 1 Reading n njukli nuclaire relating to energy produced by changing the structure of the central part of an atom nuclear power
5.1 weapon
56 1 Reading n wepn arme something that is used to attack people or to fight against people They were armed with knives and other weapons.
5.1 rank
56 2A Reading v rk compter parmi to have a particular position on a list that shows how good or important people or things are, or to decide someones or somethings position in a list like this The lake must rank as one of the most beautiful in Europe.
5.1 biological
56 2A Reading adj baldkl biologique relating to the natural processes performed by living things a biological process
5.1 innovation
56 2A Reading n nven innovation a new idea, method, or invention innovations in teaching
5.1 frown upon
56 2A Reading phr v fran pn voir d'un mauvais il to not approve of something innovations that cause bodily harm were the most frowned upon in our survey
5.1 survey
56 2A Reading n sve sondage a set of questions that you ask a lot of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour We conducted a survey of peoples eating habits.
5.1 offender
56 2A Reading n fend dlinquant someone who has committed a crime an institution for young offenders
5.1 warfare
56 2A Reading n wfe guerre fighting in a war, especially fighting with a particular type of weapon the realities of modern warfare
5.1 usage
56 2A Reading n jusd, juz- usage the way that words are used in a language a book on modern English usage
5.1 tumour
56 2A Reading n tjum tumeur a group of diseased cells in someones body that grow too quickly He died of a brain tumor.
5.1 devastating
56 2A Reading adj devstet dvastateur causing a lot of damage Chemical pollution has had a devastating effect on the environment.
5.1 plant
56 2A Reading n plnt usine, centrale a factory that produces power, or processes chemicals etc, or produces cars, machines, etc Nuclear plants have higher construction and operating costs than their fossil fuel counterparts
5.1 fossil fuel
56 2A Reading n fsl fjul combustible fossile a fuel such as coal or oil that is produced by animals or plants decaying over millions of years Environmentalists would like to see fossil fuels replaced by renewable energy sources.
5.1 counterpart
56 2A Reading n kantpt quivalent a person or thing that has the same job or purpose as someone or something else in a different place Belgian officials are discussing the matter with their French counterparts.
5.1 subsidy
56 2A Reading n sbsdi subvention money that a government or organization pays to help with the cost of something international disagreement over trade subsidies
5.1 courtesy
56 2A Reading n ktsi courtoisie polite behaviour She didnt even have the courtesy to apologize.
grce la gnrosit de used for saying who has provided something, and for thanking them for it Nuclear plants are supported by large subsidies courtesy of the taxpayer
5.1 taxpayer
56 2A Reading n tkspe contribuable someone who pays taxes It will cost taxpayers 1.3 million.
5.1 storage
56 2A Reading n strd stockage when things are kept in a special place until they are needed a shed for the storage of tools
5.1 status
56 2A Reading n stets statut the legal position of a person, country etc Supporters promote nuclear power's green status
5.1 carbon dioxide
56 2A Reading n kbn daksad dioxyde de carbone the gas produced when people or animals breathe out as it produces no carbon dioxide directly
5.1 boom
56 2A Reading v bum tre en plein essor if business or the economy is booming, it is very successful and growing quickly a booming economy
5.1 carbon footprint
56 2A Reading n kbn ftprnt empreinte carbone the amount of carbon dioxide that a person or organization produces by the things they do, used as a way of measuring how much they harm the environment There are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.
5.1 chemical
56 2A Reading n kemkl produit chimique a substance used in or produced by a chemical process the disposal of toxic chemicals
5.1 lung
56 2A Reading n l poumon one of two organs in your body that you use for breathing Smoking can cause lung cancer.
5.1 heart attack
56 2A Reading n ht tk crise cardiaque a serious medical condition in which your heart suddenly stops working normally He had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital.
5.1 pregnant
56 2A Reading adj pregnnt enceinte if a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has an unborn baby growing in her body a pregnant woman
5.1 underweight
56 2A Reading adj ndwet maigre below the normal weight an underweight baby
5.1 doubtless
56 2A Reading adj datls certainement used when saying that something is very likely to happen or be true There will doubtless be someone at the party that you know.
5.1 debut
56 2A Reading n debju, deb- dbuts the first time that a performer or sports player performs in public He made his debut for Wales in 98.
5.1 devote
56 2A Reading v dvt se consacrer to use most of your time, effort etc doing something She devoted most of her spare time to tennis.
5.1 ultimate
56 2A Reading adj ltmt suprme better or greater than all other things or people of the same kind the ultimate rock and roll band
5.1 carefree
56 2A Reading adj kefri insouciant without any problems or worries a carefree childhood
5.1 consumption
56 2A Reading n knsmpn consommation the amount of electricity, gas, oil etc that is used the need to reduce petrol consumption
5.1 cholesterol
56 2A Reading n klestrl cholestrol a substance that is found in the blood and the cells of the body. It can cause diseases of the heart and the arteries if there is too much of it Avoid fatty foods that are high in cholesterol.
5.1 obese
56 2A Reading adj bis obse much too fat, in a way that is dangerous to your health
5.1 lawsuit
56 2A Reading n lsut, -sjut procs a problem or complaint that a person or organization brings to a court of law to be settled His lawyer filed a lawsuit against the city.
5.1 accuse
56 2A Reading v kjuz accuser to say that someone has done something wrong or illegal Are you accusing me of lying?
5.1 throw out
56 2A Reading phr v r at rejeter if someone in authority throws out a plan, proposal etc, they refuse to accept it The judge threw out the lawsuit
5.1 automobile
57 3A Grammar n tmbil automobile a car the automobile industry
5.1 humble
57 4 Grammar adj hmbl modeste not thinking yourself better or more important than other people the senators humble beginnings on a farm in Iowa
5.1 significant
57 4 Grammar adj sgnfknt important noticeable or important significant changes in the exam system
5.1 electro-magnetic
57 4 Grammar adj elektr mgnetk lectromagntique relating to the use of an electric current to produce a magnetic field an electro-magnetic induction ring is the means to harness electricity
5.1 induction ring
57 4 Grammar n ndkn r circuit inducteur the production of electrical or magnetic forces in an object by other electrical or magnetic forces near it see above
5.1 harness
57 4 Grammar v hns exploiter to control and use the natural power of something We can harness the power of the wind to generate electricity.
5.1 trail behind
57 4 Grammar phr v trel bhand ne pas arriver suivre to move along behind someone or a group in a competition The Internet trailed behind with only four percent of all votes cast
5.1 cast
57 4 Grammar v kst donner, lancer ; to choose a particular actor for a part in a film, play etc Who was cast as Harry Potter?
voter to vote in an election Who will cast the deciding vote?
5.1 alter
58 5A Vocabulary v lt changer to change, or to make something or someone change Her face hadnt altered much over the years.
5.1 damage
58 5A Vocabulary v dmd nuire , endommager to cause physical harm to something The house has been badly damaged by fire.
5.1 distort
58 5A Vocabulary v dstt dformer to change the shape or sound of something so it is strange or unclear Tall buildings can distort radio signals.
5.1 enhance
58 5A Vocabulary v nhns amliorer to improve something Salt enhances flavour.
5.1 beneficial
58 5A Vocabulary adj benfl bnfique a good effect or influence on someone or something The mobile phone has had a beneficial effect on elderly people's life
5.1 detrimental
58 5A Vocabulary adj detrmentl nuisible harmful or damaging The overuse of antibiotics has had detrimental effect on people's resistance to disease
5.1 revolutionise
58 5A Vocabulary v revlunaz rvolutionner to completely change the way people do something or think about something New technology is going to revolutionize everything we do.
5.1 transform
58 5A Vocabulary v trnsfm transformer to change something or someone completely, especially in a way that improves them The movie transformed Amy from an unknown schoolgirl into a star.
5.1 pesticide
58 5A Vocabulary n pestsad pesticide a chemical used to kill insects that damage crops The overuse of pesticides has damaged the environment.
5.1 resistance
58 5A Vocabulary n rzstns rsistance when people oppose or fight against someone or something There is strong public resistance to the new taxes.
5.1 disease
58 5A Vocabulary n dziz maladies an illness which affects a person, animal, or plant She suffers from a rare disease of the blood.
5.1 via
58 5A Vocabulary adv va, vi par travelling through a place when you are going to another place Were flying to Denver via Chicago.
5.1 breakdownPlus
58 7A Vocabulary n brekdan rupture a situation in which something has failed or is beginning to fail He moved away after the breakdown of his marriage.
panne a situation in which a machine or vehicle stops working a car breakdown service
5.1 breakthrough
58 7A Vocabulary Plus n brekru perce an important new discovery or development Police have made a breakthrough in their hunt for the killers.
5.1 downside Plus
58 7A Vocabulary n dansad inconvnient the bad part of something The downside of the plan is the cost.
5.1 drawback Plus
58 7A Vocabulary n drbk dfaut a disadvantage The only drawback to a holiday in Scotland is the weather.
5.1 outcome Plus
58 7A Vocabulary n atkm rsultat the final result of a meeting, process etc the outcome of the election
5.1 outlook Plus
58 7A Vocabulary n atlk perspectives your general attitude to life and the world a positive outlook on life
5.1 trade-off Plus
58 7A Vocabulary n tredf balancer le pour et le contre a balance between two very different things There is a trade-off between the risks and the benefits involved.
5.1 replacement
58 7B Vocabulary Plus n rplesmnt remplaant someone or something that replaces another person or thing Were waiting for Mr Dunleys replacement.
5.2 saturate
59 2A Listening v stret saturer to make something completely wet Rain had saturated the ground.
5.2 hunger
59 2A Listening n hg faim the feeling you have when you need to eat The baby was crying with hunger.
5.2 intuitively
59 2A Listening adv ntjutvli intuitivement based on feelings rather than facts We intuitively feel that if something costs more, it's better
5.2 lacquer
59 2A Listening n lk laque a liquid painted on wood or metal to give it a hard shiny surface To make it shiny, the meat is painted with lacquer
5.2 precision
59 2A Listening n prsn prcision when something is done in a very exact way Some animals can find their way in the dark with great precision.
5.2 end up
60 3A Grammar phr v end p se retrouver to finally be in a particular place, situation, or state without intending to When I diet, I always end up putting weight back on.
5.2 viral
60 5A Grammar adj varl viral related to or caused by a virus a viral infection
5.2 susceptible
60 5A Grammar adj sseptbl prdispos likely to be affected by an illness or problem Ive always been very susceptible to colds.
5.2 infect
60 5A Grammar v nfekt infecter to give someone a disease People can feel well but still infect others.
5.2 novel
60 5A Grammar adj nvl original new, different, and unusual What a novel idea!
5.2 delete
60 5A Grammar v dlit supprimer, effacer to remove something from a piece of writing or from the information on a computer The data has been deleted from the file.
5.2 edgy
60 5A Grammar adj edi insolite nervous and worried Are you OK? You seem a little edgy.
5.2 trap
60 6A Speaking v trp coincer if you are trapped in a dangerous place or a bad situation, there is something preventing you from escaping Two people were trapped in the burning building.
5.2 swat
60 6A Speaking v swt craser (insecte) to hit an insect to try to kill it He calmly swatted a couple of flies.
5.2 swing in
60 6A Speaking phr v sw n se balancer to move backward and forward or from side to side while hanging from something A gorilla swings in on a vine and hands the businessman a spray
5.2 vine
60 6A Speaking n van liane a climbing plant, especially one that produces grapes see above
5.2 advertise
61 7A Vocabulary v dvtaz faire de la publicit to tell the public about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it or use it a poster advertising sportswear
5.2 brand
61 7A Vocabulary n brnd marque a product that a particular company makes a new brand of soap
5.2 cold call
61 7A Vocabulary v kld kl prospection tlphonique to telephone or visit someone you have never met before and try to sell them something What do you say when someone cold calls you in the evening?
5.2 commercial
61 7A Vocabulary n kml annonce publicitaire an advertisement on television or radio TV commercials
5.2 endorse
61 7A Vocabulary v nds patronner to express support or approval of someone or something The president did not endorse the views of his deputy.
5.2 influence
61 7A Vocabulary v nfluns influencer to change how something develops, or how someone behaves His advice strongly influenced my decision.
5.2 jingle
61 7A Vocabulary n dgl refrain publicitaire a short song used in television or radio advertisements Do you ever find yourself singing a particular jingle
5.2 logo
61 7A Vocabulary n lg logo a design that is the official sign of a company or organization What famous logos do you know?
5.2 make
61 7A Vocabulary n mek marque a type of product made by a company a very popular make of car
5.2 brand
61 7A Vocabulary n brnd marque a product or group of products that has its own name and is made by one particular company. I tried using a new brand of soap.
5.2 pop-up
61 7A Vocabulary n ppp pop-up a window, often containing an advertisement, that suddenly appears on a computer screen, especially when you are looking at a website Is it possible to block pop-up windows?
5.2 promote
61 7A Vocabulary v prmt promouvoir, faire de la publicit pour to help something happen or be successful a meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the UK
5.2 slogan
61 7A Vocabulary n slgn slogan a short phrase that is easy to remember and is used in advertising or politics an advertising slogan
5.2 memorable
61 7A Vocabulary adj memrbl mmorable good or enjoyable and likely to be remembered a memorable day
5.2 brand loyalty
61 9A Writing n brnd llti fidlit une marque the degree to which people regularly buy a particular BRAND of product and refuse to change to other brands There's no brand loyalty in car tyres - consumers just buy on price.
5.3 62 1C brainstorming
Reading n brenstm brainstorming when a group of people meet in order to try to develop ideas or solve problems a brainstorming session to come up with slogans for new products
5.3 62 1C judgment
Reading n ddmnt jugement your opinion about something, based on the information you have We must make a judgment about whether its worth the risk.
5.3 62 1C criticise
Reading v krtsaz critiquer to express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults Ron does nothing but criticize and complain all the time.
5.3 62 1C hierarchy
Reading n harki hirarchie a system of organizing people or things according to their importance the church hierarchy
5.3 absurd
62 2A Vocabulary adj bsd, -zd absurde completely unreasonable or silly an absurd situation
5.3 ambitious
62 2A Vocabulary adj mbs ambitieux determined to be successful or powerful He is young and very ambitious.
5.3 brilliant
62 2A Vocabulary adj brljnt brillant brilliant light or colour is very bright and strong brilliant sunshine - a brilliant idea
5.3 dreadful
62 2A Vocabulary adj dredfl affreux, pouvantable very bad or unpleasant What dreadful weather!
5.3 impractical
62 2A Vocabulary adj mprktkl non ralisable impractical plans or ideas are unlikely to succeed The designs were totally impractical.
5.3 obscure
62 2A Vocabulary adj bskj obscur, vague difficult to understand Jarrett didnt like the plan, for some obscure reason.
5.3 obvious
62 2A Vocabulary adj bvis vident easy to notice or understand an obvious mistake
5.3 predictable
62 2A Vocabulary adj prdktbl prvisible behaving or happening in the way that you expect, and not different or interesting an entertaining but predictable film
5.3 senseless
62 2A Vocabulary adj sensls insens a senseless action is bad and will not achieve anything senseless violence
5.3 unrealistic
62 2A Vocabulary adj nrlstk irraliste unrealistic ideas are not sensible or based on what is really likely to happen She had rather unrealistic expectations of marriage.
5.3 weird
62 2A Vocabulary adj wd bizarre unusual and strange I had a really weird dream.
5.3 recipe
62 4B Function n respi recette a set of instructions that tell you how to cook something a recipe for chocolate cake
5.3 vegetarianism
62 4B Function n vgtarisme
vedterinzm, vedterinzm the practice of not eating meat or fish Should we get the next generation into vegetarianism
5.3 combine
62 4B Function v kmban combiner to join or mix two or more things together Combine the flour with the milk and eggs.
5.3 grab
63 5B Function v grb attirer l'attention to take hold of someone or something suddenly or violently He grabbed my bag and ran.
5.3 strike
63 5B Function v strak frapper to hit someone or something The car struck a tree.
5.3 62 4D complicated
Function adj kmplketd compliqu something that is complicated has a lot of different parts and is difficult to understand or deal with The instructions are much too complicated.
5.4 grill Preview
64 1A DVD v grl griller if you grill food, or if food grills, you cook it by putting it close to a strong heat coming from above Grill the bacon until crisp.
5.4 choirPreview
64 1A DVD n kwa choeur a group of people who sing together, especially in a church or school Susan sings in the school choir.
5.4 chorister
64 1A DVD Preview n krst choriste a singer in a church choir Susan is a chorister
5.4 engineer
64 1B DVD Preview v endn construire to design things such as roads, railways, bridges, or machines A building might be engineered to last 25 years.
5.4 tap Preview
64 1B DVD n tp robinet a piece of equipment that you turn to control the flow of a liquid or gas You forgot to turn off the tap.
5.4 spontaneous
64 2B DVD View adj spntenis spontan something that is spontaneous happens without being planned a spontaneous reaction
5.4 mumble
64 2B DVD View v mmbl bredouiller to say something very quietly, so that it is difficult to understand you Micky mumbled an apology.
5.4 65 3D anticipate
Speakout v ntspet s'attendre , anticiper to expect something to happen and to prepare for it We dont anticipate any problems.
5.4 65 3D envisage
Speakout v nvzd envisager to think that something will be possible in the future I cant envisage moving from here.
5.4 65 3D differentiate
Speakout v dfreniet diffrencier to recognize or express the difference between things or people Its important to differentiate between fact and opinion.
5.4 65 3D track record
Speakout n phr trk rekd antcdents your reputation, based on the things that you have done Were looking for someone with a proven track record in selling advertising.
5.5 66 2A peach n pit pche a round juicy fruit with a soft yellow and red skin and a large seed inside She was 28 and had skin like a peach
5.5 66 3A seduce v sdjus sduire to persuade someone to have sex with you, especially someone young people who were seduced into investing in the company
5.5 66 3A placement n plesmnt placement a job that is found for someone, especially to give them experience of work a work experience placement
5.5 66 3A identical adj adentkl identique exactly the same The two pictures looked identical.
5.5 66 3A swap v swp changer, changer to exchange something you have for something that someone else has Can I swap seats with you?
5.5 66 5A elegant adj elgnt lgant graceful and attractive an elegant woman
Unit 6
6.1 age discrimination
68 2A Vocabulary n ed dskrmnen gisme unfair treatment of people because they are old Does age discrimination affect people looking for jobs in your country?
6.1 come of age
68 2A Vocabulary v phr km v ed devenir majeur to reach the age when you are legally an adult When he comes of age, well have a special celebration.
6.1 elderly
68 2A Vocabulary adj eldli plus g an elderly person is old an elderly woman
6.1 immature
68 2A Vocabulary adj mt immature behaving like a younger person Hes very immature.
6.1 prime
68 2A Vocabulary n pram apoge the stage in your life when you are most active or most successful Stan had been an excellent tennis player in his prime.
6.1 maturity
68 2A Vocabulary n mtrti maturit when someone behaves sensibly and like an adult He showed a lack of maturity for his age.
6.1 hang out
68 3A Reading phr v h at traner, "glander" to spend time in a particular place or with particular people She knew all the clubs where he usually hung out.
6.1 take (s.o./ for granted v phr tek f rntd
68 3A Reading prendre pour acquis to expect someone to always be there and do things for you even when you do not show that you are grateful I shouted at my boss because I'm sick of being taken for granted.
to expect something always to happen or exist in a particular way, and to not think about any possible problems or difficulties Losing my job taught me never to take anything for granted.
6.1 middle-aged
68 3A Reading adj mdledd d'ge mr between the ages of about 40 and 60 a middle-aged businessman
6.1 hall of residence
68 3A Reading n hl v rezdns rsidence universitaire a college or university building where students live I am currently living in a hall of residence
6.1 attend
68 3A Reading v tend assister to go to an event such as a meeting or class More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the conference.
6.1 lecture
68 3A Reading n lekt cours a long talk about a subject, especially a talk given by a teacher to college students He gave a series of lectures on French literature.
6.1 68 3C exaggerate
Reading v gzdret exagrer to make something seem better, larger, worse etc than it really is He says everyone hates him, but hes exaggerating.
6.1 68 3C aspect
Reading n spekt aspect one part of a situation, plan, or subject Whats the most interesting aspect of your work?
6.1 impression
69 3A Reading n mpren impression the opinion or feeling you have about someone or something because of the way they seem I had the impression that she wasnt very happy.
6.1 pretence
69 3A Reading n prtens faux-semblant when you pretend that something is true We had to keep up the pretence that we were married.
6.1 outdo
69 3A Reading v atdu surpasser to be better or more successful than someone else two brothers trying to outdo each other
6.1 reckon
69 3A Reading v rekn croire, penser to think that something is true Weve done all we can, I reckon.
6.1 yell (at)
69 3A Reading v jel crier to shout something very loudly Someone yelled at her to stop.
6.1 insecure
69 3A Reading adj nskj anxieux, peu sr if you are insecure, you do not feel confident about yourself Shes very insecure about her appearance.
6.1 outgrow
69 3A Reading v atgr devenir trop grand pour to become too big or too old for something Karas already outgrown her shoes.
6.1 seek
69 3A Reading v sik chercher to try to find or get something The UN is seeking a political solution.
6.1 content
69 3A Reading adj kntent content satisfied and happy She seems content with her life.
6.1 70 10 Aharshly
Vocabulary Plus adv hli svrement, durement harsh conditions are difficult to live in and are very uncomfortable Shut up, Boris said harshly.
6.1 70 10 Apreach
Vocabulary Plus v prit prcher to give a speech about a religious subject, usually in a church The pastor preached a sermon on forgiveness.
6.1 strict
70 6A Grammar adj strkt strict a strict person makes sure that people always obey rules and behave well a strict teacher
6.1 mess up
70 6A Grammar phr v mes p mettre la pagaille to make something dirty or untidy They had managed to mess up the whole flat.
6.1 conflict
70 7A Speaking n knflkt conflit fighting the conflict in Afghanistan
6.1 generation gap
70 7A Speaking n denren gp foss des gnrations a lack of understanding between older and younger people Is the 'generation gap' greater or smaller than it used to be?
6.1 appreciatePlus
70 8B Vocabulary v priiet tre conscient de, raliser to understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someones feelings are He did not fully appreciate the significance of signing the contract.
6.1 interfere Plus
70 8B Vocabulary v ntf se mler de to try to become involved in a situation when people do not want you to I wish hed stop interfering in my life.
6.1 involve Plus
70 8B Vocabulary v nvlv impliquer, ncessiter if an activity or situation involves something, that thing is a part of it The job involves a lot of travelling.
6.1 judge
70 8B Vocabulary Plus v dd juger to form or give an opinion about someone or something using the information you have Never judge a person by their looks.
6.1 oblige
70 8B Vocabulary Plus v blad obliger if you are obliged to do something, you have to do it because the situation, the law etc makes it necessary Doctors are obliged to keep all medical records secret.
6.1 react
70 8B Vocabulary Plus v rikt ragir to behave in a particular way because of what someone has done or said to you, or because of the situation you are in The audience reacted by shouting and booing.
6.2 glimpse
71 3A Listening n glmps aperu a quick look at someone or something that does not allow you to see them clearly They caught a glimpse of a green car.
6.2 cynical
72 7A Vocabulary adj snkl cynique unwilling to believe that people have good, honest, or sincere reasons for doing something The public is cynical about election promises.
6.2 dread
72 7A Vocabulary v dred apprhender to feel very worried about something that is going to happen Phils really dreading his interview tomorrow.
6.2 despair
72 7A Vocabulary n dspe dsespoir the feeling that a situation is so bad that nothing you can do will change it In despair he phoned the embassy.
6.2 optimism
72 7A Vocabulary n ptmzm optimisme a tendency to be hopeful and to expect that good things will probably happen I think in the '60s there was a certain amount of optimism about the future in technology.
6.2 gloomy
72 7A Vocabulary adj glumi sombre, lugubre making you feel that a situation will not improve The report paints a gloomy picture of the economy.
6.2 look forward to
72 7A Vocabulary v phr lk fwd t se rjouir l'avance de qc. to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen I'm really looking forward to working with you.
6.2 look on the bright side v phr lk n brat sad
72 7A Vocabulary regarder le bon ct to see the good points in a situation that seems to be bad Come on, try to look on the bright side.
6.2 promising
72 7A Vocabulary adj prms prometteur, encourageant likely to be good or successful a promising young actor
6.2 upbeat
72 7A Vocabulary adj pbit joyeux, optimiste cheerful and making you feel that good things will happen a movie with an upbeat ending
6.2 pessimistic
72 8A Vocabulary adj pesmstk pessimiste expecting that bad things will happen a pessimistic view of life
6.2 suspicious
72 8A Vocabulary adj ssps mfiant something that is suspicious appears to involve a crime a suspicious package
6.2 distrustful
72 8A Vocabulary adj ()dstrstfl incrdule, dfiant, mfiant a distrustful person does not trust a particular person or thing or people in general They were profoundly distrustful of anything new.
6.2 73 10Aworkaholic
Writing n wkhlk bourreau de travail someone who chooses to work so much that they do not have time for anything else Make sure you don't turn into a workaholic!
6.2 73 10Arealist
Writing n rlst raliste someone who is realistic She had always been a realist, not a dreamer.
6.2 73 10Aoptimist
Writing n ptmst optimiste someone who believes that good things will happen Hes an eternal optimist (=he always believes that good things will happen).
6.2 73 10Apressure
Writing n pre pression, contrainte attempts to make someone do something by threatening them or making them believe that they should do it Her family are putting pressure on her to stay at home.
6.2 73 10Aconform
Writing v knfm conformer to behave in the way that people expect or in the same way as other people Theres always pressure on children to conform.
6.2 73 10Aquit
Writing v kwt arrter to leave a job or school permanently Im thinking about quitting school.
6.2 73 10Asort out
Writing phr v st at mettre bon ordre /rsoudre to do what is necessary to deal with a problem, disagreement, or difficult situation successfully This matter could be sorted out if they would just sit down and talk.
6.2 73 10Adownturn
Writing n dantn baisse a time when there is less business activity and conditions become worse a downturn in the economy
6.3 pierce
74 1A Vocabulary v ps percer to make a hole in or through something using an object with a sharp point A bullet pierced his body.
6.3 scooter
74 1A Vocabulary n skut scooter a small two-wheeled vehicle with an engine He loves to ride his scooter.
6.3 toddler
74 1A Vocabulary n tdl bambin, petit enfant a young child who has just learned to walk It's normal for toddler to struggle with their language skills.
6.3 solo
74 1A Vocabulary adv sl seul performed by one musician, rather than by a group When did you first fly solo?
6.3 gatherto
75 6A Learn v g se rassembler if people gather somewhere, or if someone gathers them, they come together in the same place A crowd gathered to watch the fight.
6.3 guideline
75 6A Learn to n gadlan indication rules or advice about the best way to do something guidelines on writing essays
6.4 maintain
76 2A DVD Preview v menten, mn- maintenir to make something continue in the same way or at the same standard as before We need to maintain good relations with our customers.
6.4 monotonous
76 2A DVD Preview adj mntns monotone boring and always the same monotonous work
6.4 quest
76 3 DVD Preview n kwest qute a long and difficult search a quest for knowledge
6.4 stumble
76 3 DVD across
Preview phr v stmbl krs tomber par hasard sur to find something, or to meet someone, by accident We stumbled across him in the library
6.4 inhabitant
76 3 DVD Preview n nhbtnt habitant the inhabitants of a place are the people who live there a city of six million inhabitants
6.4 longevity
76 4B DVD View n lndevti longvit long life the greater longevity of women compared with men
6.4 antioxidant
76 4B DVD View n antioxydant
ntiksdnt, ntiksdnt a substance in some foods that cleans the body and protects it from cancer A study has found that organic food has more antioxidants and less toxic metals, but may not be healthier.

6.4 protein
76 4B DVD View n prtin protine a substance in food such as meat and eggs which helps your body to grow and be healthy Consuming protein is required to build muscle mass.
6.4 calorie
76 4B DVD View n klri calorie a unit for measuring the amount of energy food produces An average potato has about 90 calories.
6.4 76 4C defy
DVD View v dfa dfier to refuse to obey someone or something people who openly defy the law
6.4 76 4C miracle
DVD View n mrkl miracle something very lucky or very good that you did not expect to happen or did not think was possible Its a miracle that no one was hurt.
6.4 76 4C phenomenon
DVD View n fnmnn phnomne something that happens or exists, especially something that is unusual or difficult to understand The phenomenon of laughter is unknown in animals.
6.4 76 4C crucial
DVD View adj krul crucial very important Money is crucial to the aid program.
6.4 76 4C property
DVD View n prpti proprit the things that a person, organization etc owns Police recovered some of the stolen property.
6.4 76 4C bloated
DVD View adj bltd ballonn full of liquid, gas, food etc, so that you look or feel much larger than normal I feel bloated after that meal.
6.5 78 2A amusement park n mjuzmnt pk parc d'attractions a large park where people can ride on big machines, for example roller coasters Europa Park is an amusement park
6.5 78 2A relief n rlif soulagement the happy feeling you have when you are no longer worried or frightened a tremendous feeling of relief
6.5 78 5A vaccinate v vksnet vacciner to give someone a vaccine to protect them from a disease The children should all be vaccinated against measles.
Unit 7
7.1 costume drama
80 1A Vocabulary n kstjm drm film en costumes a play, TV programme, or film that is about a particular time in history, Downton Abbey is a costume drama
in which people wear costumes from that time
7.1 current affairs
80 1A Vocabulary n actualit
krnt fez prgrm political, social, and economic events that are happening now and are discussed in news programmes and newspapers Temps Prsent is a current affairs programme
7.1 docudrama
80 1A Vocabulary n dkjdrm docudrame a television programme which shows real events in the form of a story Cinderella Man is a docudrama
7.1 serial
80 1A Vocabulary n sril feuilleton a story that is broadcast or printed in several separate parts a television serial, such as Game of Thrones
7.1 series
80 1A Vocabulary n sriz srie several events or actions of the same kind that happen one after the other series of accidents
a set of television or radio programmes that are all about a particular subject, person, or group of people Doctor Who is a television series
7.1 sitcom
80 1A Vocabulary n stkm sitcom a funny television programme that has the same characters every week in a different story Friends used to be a famous sitcom
7.1 sketch show
80 1A Vocabulary n sket mission de sketch sketch: theatre a short funny scene that is performed within a longer show Sketch films are rare, since the genre is associated with TV and theatre.
7.1 soap opera
80 1A Vocabulary n sp pr soap a television soap Eastenders is a famous British soap opera
7.1 check out
80 3A Reading phr v tek at regarder to examine someone or something in order to be certain that everything is correct, true, or satisfactory The police are checking the woman out.
informal to look at someone or something to see whether you like them Check out a few must-see shows on the Beeb,
7.1 affectionately
80 3A Reading adv fekntli affectueusement showing that you like or love someone as the BBC is affectionately known by its viewers.
7.1 air
80 3A Reading v e tre diffus to express your opinions publicly Everyone will get a chance to air their views.
7.1 top-rated
80 3A Reading adj tpretd trs bien class very popular with the public a top-rated TV show
7.1 fictional
80 3A Reading adj fknl fictif, imaginaire fictional people or events are from a book or story, and are not real fictional characters
7.1 surroundings
80 3A Reading n srandz environnement the place where you are and all the things in it I soon got used to my new surroundings.
7.1 racism
80 3A Reading n reszm racisme when someone believes that people of their own race are better than people of other races, and they treat other races unfairly The government has promised to continue the fight against racism.
7.1 lap
80 3A Reading n lp cuisses the upper part of your legs when you are sitting down Paul was sitting on his mothers lap.
tour de circuit one complete turn around a course in a race In the 'Power Lap', the Stig completes a lap around the track.
7.1 track
80 3A Reading n trk piste a narrow road or path with a rough surface a steep mountain track
7.1 one-off
80 3A Reading adj wnf unique happening only once a one-off payment
7.1 exploit
80 3A Reading n eksplt exploit something brave or interesting that someone has done a book about his exploits in Latin America
7.1 speedboat
80 3A Reading n spidbt vedette a small fast boat with a powerful engine A speedboat is a fast boat, such as those used for waterskiing.
7.1 participation
81 3A Reading n ptspen participation to take part in an activity or event Participation in sport is encouraged.
7.1 renowned
81 3A Reading adj rnand illustre, renomm famous and admired an island renowned for its beauty
7.1 ballroom
81 3A Reading n blrm, -rum salle de danse a large room for formal dances Blackpool is famous for its Tower Ballroom
7.1 waltz
81 3A Reading n wls valse a fairly slow dance with a regular pattern of three beats a Strauss waltz
7.1 in-depth
81 3A Reading adj ndep approfondi, dtaill a study, report etc that is thorough, complete, and considers all the details an in-depth study of patients needs
7.1 hard-hitting
81 3A Reading adj hdht sans complaisance, percutant criticizing someone or something in a strong and effective way a hard-hitting TV documentary
7.1 come under fire
81 3A Reading v phr km nd fa tre vivement critiqu to be criticized Jeremy Paxman has come under fire for being aggressive.
7.1 aggressive
81 3A Reading adj gresv aggressif behaving in an angry or violent way towards someone an aggressive attitude
7.1 schedule
81 7A Grammar n edjul, ske- calendrier, planning a plan of what someone is going to do, or when work is to be done The project looks like finishing on schedule.
7.1 dumb down
81 7A Grammar phr v dm dan niveler par le bas to make something simpler and easier to understand in a way that reduces its quality Television has really dumbed down over the past few years.
7.1 82 10Abreak downPlus
Vocabulary phr v brek dan tomber en panne if a car or a machine breaks down, it stops working My car broke down on the way to work.
tre rompu if a relationship or discussion breaks down, it stops being successful Negotiations broke down.
7.1 82 10Abring out Plus
Vocabulary phr v br at sortir to make someone or something show a quality that they have This new job brings out the best in you
to produce a new product and start to sell it The company has just brought out a new electric version.
7.1 82 10Acome across
Vocabulary Plus phr v km krs tomber sur to meet or find someone or something by chance I came across an old diary in her desk.
donner l'impression to have a particular opinion of s.o. when you meet them or see them She comes across as a confident person but she's not.
7.1 82 10Apull out
Vocabulary Plus phr v pl at se retirer to stop being involved in an activity, event, or situation Chinese and Americans are pulling out of the talks
partir (vhicule) to leave The train was pulling out when I got to the station.
7.1 82 10Aput up
Vocabulary Plus phr v pt p supporter + with: to accept someone or something unpleasant In a patient way How could she put up with him for so long?
loger to let someone stay in your house Could you put me up for the night?
7.1 82 10Atake back toPlus
Vocabulary phr v tek bk rveiller des souvenirs en qn take someone back: to remind someone of something in the past It takes me back to my teenage days.
to admit that something you said to or about someone was wrong I take back everything I said about Tom.
7.1 82 10Aturn out
Vocabulary Plus phr v tn at se rvler to happen in a particular way or to be found to be something Joanna wished things had turned out differently.
venir (assister) to go somewhere in order to be present at an event or take part in an activity Hundreds of people turned out to hear his speech.
7.1 82 10Aversion
Vocabulary Plus n vn version one form of something that is slightly different from all other forms the original version of the film
7.1 82 10Arange
Vocabulary Plus n rend gamme a group of things that are different, but belong to the same general type The Centre provides a range of services for the elderly.
7.1 82 10Amarvellous
Vocabulary Plus adj mvls merveilleux extremely good or enjoyable a marvellous book
7.1 sociologist
82 8 Speaking n sildst sociologue the study of society and the way people behave towards each other A sociologist has stated that children who don't watch TV have difficulty relating to their schoolmates.

7.1 elementary school

82 8 Speaking n elmentri skul cole primaire a school in the US where basic subjects are taught for the first six years of a childs education Children usually start elementary school at 5 or 6 years old.
7.1 witness
82 8 Speaking v wtns tmoin to see something happen, especially an accident or crime Several people witnessed the attack.
7.1 ban
82 8 Speaking v bn interdire to officially say that people must not do something Smoking is banned inside the building.
7.2 anonymous
83 2A Listening adj nnms anonyme not known by name the anonymous author of a collection of poems
7.2 hoax
83 2A Listening n hks canular a false warning about something a bomb hoax
7.2 symptom
84 6A Vocabulary n smptm symptme something that shows you have an illness Chest pain can be a symptom of heart disease.
7.2 withdraw
84 6B Vocabulary v wdr, w- retirer to stop taking part in a race, competition etc, or to leave an organization Injury forced her to withdraw from the race.
7.2 deny
84 7A Vocabulary v dna nier to say that something is not true In court they denied all the charges.
7.2 insist
84 7A Vocabulary v nsst insister to demand that something should happen I didnt want to go but Jane insisted.
7.2 persuade
84 7A Vocabulary v pswed persuader to make someone decide to do something by telling them why it is a good idea, or asking them many times John was trying to persuade me to stay.
7.2 authenticity
84 9A Vocabulary n entsti authenticit something that is authentic really is what it seems to be Archaeological evidence may help to establish the authenticity of the statue.
7.2 take credit
84 9A Vocabulary v phr tek kredt s'attribuer le mrite credit for: praise for something you have done or achieved What would you do if one of your class mates took full credit for one of your essays?
7.2 85 10Apublic
Writingfigure n pblk fg personnage public someone who is often on television, in newspapers, and magazines etc Politicians are public figures.
7.2 85 11Aappetite
Writing n ptat apptit a desire for food I seem to have lost my appetite lately.
7.2 85 11Atherefore
Writing adv ef donc for the reason that has just been mentioned The car is smaller and therefore cheaper to run.
7.2 85 11Ahypocritical
Writing adj hpkrtkl hypocrite pretending to be a good person and have moral beliefs that you do not really have It would be hypocritical to get married in church when we dont believe in God.
7.2 85 11Ainfluential
Writing adj nfluenl influent able to influence what happens or what people think He has some very influential friends.
7.2 85 11Ahowever
Writing adv haev toutefois used to introduce an idea, fact etc that is surprising or unexpected after what you have just said Its an unpleasant disease. However, its easy to treat.
7.2 85 11Adeserve
Writing v dzv mriter if you deserve something, you should get it because of something you have done After all that work you deserve a break.
7.2 85 11Aintrusion
Writing n ntrun intrusion to go into a place or become involved in a situation where you are not wanted I resented this intrusion into my domestic affairs.
7.2 85 11Aon balance
Writing n blns
prep phr tout bien considr used to tell someone your opinion after considering all the facts On balance, I prefer the new system.
7.3 biased
86 1A Vocabulary adj bast partial supporting one person or group in an unfair way, when you should treat everyone fairly The referee was definitely biased!
7.3 broadsheet
86 1A Vocabulary n brdit grand format a serious newspaper printed on large sheets of paper Le Temps is a Swiss broadsheet.
7.3 circulation
86 1A Vocabulary n skjlen tirage the number of copies of a newspaper or magazine sold each day, week etc Broadsheet newspapers are seeing a serious drop in circulation.
7.3 columnist
86 1A Vocabulary n klmst, -lmnst ditorialiste someone who regularly writes articles for a newspaper or magazine Many tabloids have a columnist dedicated to writing features about money.
7.3 editorial (page)
86 1A Vocabulary n edtril ped ditorial a newspaper article (page) in which the editor gives their opinion on an issue in the news The editorial page in tabloids tends to be direct and aggressive
7.3 feature
86 1A Vocabulary n fit article de fond an important, interesting, or typical part of something see columnist
7.3 readership
86 1A Vocabulary n ridp le lectorat the people who read a newspaper, magazine etc a magazine with a readership of 60,000
7.3 sensationalism
86 1A Vocabulary n sensenlzm le sensationnel a way of reporting events that makes them seem as strange, exciting, or shocking as possible The public want excitement and sensationalism, and tabloids deliver.
7.3 supplement
86 1A Vocabulary n splmnt supplment something that you add to something else to improve it Colour supplements also make tabloids the perfect bait for the commuter.
7.3 tabloid
86 1A Vocabulary n tbld tablode a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and not very much serious news tabloid journalists
7.3 drop
86 1A Vocabulary n drp recul a very small amount of liquid a drop in the sales.
7.3 fuel
86 1A Vocabulary v fjul activer, renforcer to make a situation worse, or make someones feelings stronger The photo fuelled the rumour that they had split up.
7.3 flip through
86 1A Vocabulary phr v flp ru feuilleter to quickly look through a magazine or book, or to quickly look at several different television programmes to flip through a book.
7.3 heart-warming
86 1A Vocabulary adj ht wm rconfortant making you feel happy, usually because other people are being kind a heart-warming story.
7.3 befriend
86 1A Vocabulary v bfrend devenir ami to become someones friend, especially someone who needs your help They befriended me when I first arrived in London as a student.
7.3 bold
86 1A Vocabulary adj bld audacieux confident and willing to take risks a bold and imaginative plan
7.3 bait
86 1A Vocabulary n bet appt food that you use to attract fish or animals so that you can catch them We used worms as bait.
7.3 commuter
86 1A Vocabulary n kmjut navetteur to regularly travel a long distance to work The train was packed with commuters.
7.3 bacteria
86 4A Function n bktri bactries very small living things that sometimes cause disease a bacterial infection
7.3 idiot
86 4A Function n dit idiot a stupid person Some idiot drove into the back of my car.
7.3 adore
87 5A Function v d adorer to love and admire someone very much Tim absolutely adores his older brother.
7.4 newscaster
88 1A DVD Preview n njuzkst prsentateur someone who reads the news on television How would you describe the newscasters: serious or funny?
7.4 blunder
88 1B DVD Preview n blnd bourde a careless or stupid mistake a political blunder
7.4 unavoidable
88 1B DVD Preview adj nvdbl invitable impossible to prevent an unavoidable delay
7.4 rolling
88 1B DVD news
Preview n rl njuz information continue refers to 24-hour investigation and reporting of news 24-hour rolling news.
7.4 visible
88 1B DVD Preview adj vzbl visible something that is visible can be seen or noticed The lights of the city were clearly visible below them.
7.4 hiccup
88 1B DVD Preview n hkp hoquet a short repeated sound that you make in your throat without intending to I got the hiccups during dinner and couldn't stop.
panne informal: a small problem or a problem that causes a short delay We have had a few hiccups with the power supply.
7.4 autocue
88 1B DVD Preview n tkju prompteur a machine that shows the words that someone has to say when they are appearing on television If the autocue was working, I could read you something, but as it itsn't, I can't
7.4 malfunction
88 1B DVD Preview v mlfkn mal fonctionner to fail to work or operate correctly A warning light seems to have malfunctioned.
7.4 88 2C undisputed
DVD View adj ndspjutd incontest someone who everyone agrees is the leader etc Doctors found undisputed evidence of nerve damage.
7.4 88 2C division
DVD View n dvn division when you separate something into parts, or the way these parts are separated the division of words into syllables
7.4 88 2C incident
DVD View n nsdnt incident an event, especially one that is unusual, important, or violent One man was arrested following the incident.
7.4 paper clip
89 3A Speakout n pep klp trombone a small piece of bent wire used for holding pieces of paper together A Canadian man has made internet headlines by trading a paper clip for a house.
7.4 snow globe
89 3A Speakout n sn glb boule neige a round glass object containing water, a small model of a building, person etc, and very small white pieces. When you shake it, the white pieces move about and then fall like snow. A snow globe with the Queen in it.
7.4 door knob
89 3A Speakout n d nb poigne de porte a round handle on a door that you turn to open and close the door A brass door knob.
7.4 trade
89 4A Speakout n tred change, commerce the activity of buying and selling goods, especially from or to another country They hope to increase trade with China.
7.4 neon
89 4A Speakout n nin san non a gas that shines brightly when electricity flows through it, used in lights and signs a neon sign
7.4 step by step
89 4A Speakout n phr step ba step petit petit a step-by-step plan, method etc deals with things carefully and in a fixed order Take each lesson step by step.
7.4 rock icon
89 4A Speakout n rk akn icne rock someone who is very famous and who people think represents rock music Alice Cooper is a rock icon
7.4 enterprising
89 4A Speakout adj entpraz entreprenant able to think of new ideas and make them work an enterprising young student
7.4 mayor
89 4A Speakout n me maire the person who is elected to lead the government of a town or city the election of the London mayor
Unit 8
8.1 92 1C hiker
Reading n hak randonneur someone who enjoys long walks in the countryside Akira Sakamoto was among a number of hikers caught in a snowstorm on Mont Blanc.
8.1 92 1C descent
Reading n dsent descente when a plane, person etc goes down to a lower place The plane began its descent.
8.1 92 1C come upon
Reading phr v km pn tomber sur to meet someone, or to find something by chance We turned right and came upon an old temple.
8.1 92 1C makeshift
Reading adj mekft improvis made to be used for a short time only, when nothing better is available They slept in makeshift tents.
8.1 92 1C shelter
Reading n elt abri protection from danger or from the weather He was standing in the shelter of a doorway.
8.1 92 1C poncho
Reading n pnt poncho a piece of clothing that consists of a large square piece of cloth A Mexican poncho
with a hole in the middle to put your head through, worn over your other clothes
8.1 92 1C moisture
Reading n mst humidit small amounts of water in or on something your skins natural moisture
8.1 92 1C huddle
Reading v hdl se blottir if a group of people huddle together, they stay very close to each other because they are cold or frightened We all huddled together for warmth.
8.1 92 1C minimise
Reading v mnmaz minimiser to reduce something that is difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant to the smallest possible amount or degree Every effort is being made to minimize civilian casualties.
8.1 92 1C spokesman
Reading n spksmn porte-parole a man who has been chosen to speak officially for a group, organization, or government a White House spokesman
8.1 92 1C evacuate
Reading v vkjuet vacuer to move people to a safer place Several families were evacuated from their homes.
8.1 92 1C treat
Reading v trit traiter to behave towards someone in a particular way She treats me like one of the family.
8.1 92 1C hypothermia
Reading n hapmi hypothermie a serious medical condition in which a persons body becomes too cold They were treated for hypothermia at a local hospital.
8.1 92 1C discharge
Reading v dstd renvoyer to officially allow someone to leave a place - hospital = means the patient is healed Blanton was discharged from hospital last night.
8.1 92 1C footage
Reading n ftd informations filmes film showing a particular event They showed some old footage of the war.
8.1 92 1C turn in
Reading phr v tn n dnoncer to tell the police about someone, because they have committed a crime Ms Matthews turned her son in.
8.1 92 1C option
Reading n pn option something that you can choose to do Its the only option we have left.
8.1 93 1C lottery
Readingticket n ltri tkt billet de loterie a game designed to raise money by selling tickets that people buy hoping Dorothy Millet bought a Euromillions lottery ticket.
that their numbers are chosen by chance in the drawing so that they win money
8.1 93 1C cash in
Reading phr v k n tirer profit de to use an opportunity to make a profit or gain an advantage The couple who found the ticket tried to cash it in.
8.1 93 1C pay back
Reading phr v pe bk rembourser to give someone the same amount of money that you borrowed from them The couple were ordered to pay back the money
8.1 93 1C temptation
Reading n tempten tentation a strong feeling that you want to have or do something, although you know you should not I had to resist the temptation to slap him.
8.1 93 1C receipt
Reading n rsit reu a piece of paper that shows you have paid for something Always keep the receipt.
8.1 93 1C purchase
Reading v pts acheter to buy something Where did you purchase the car?
8.1 93 1C recover
Reading v rkv rcuprer to get better after an illness, injury, shock etc My uncle is recovering from a heart attack.
8.1 sack
93 6A Grammar v sk mettre qn la porte to tell someone to leave their job Campbell was sacked for coming in drunk.
8.1 analyse
94 7A Vocabulary v nl-az analyser to examine or think about something carefully in order to understand it Were trying to analyse what went wrong.
8.1 assess
94 7A Vocabulary v ses juger to make a judgment about a person, situation etc after considering it a study to assess the impact of crime on peoples lives
8.1 betray
94 7A Vocabulary v btre trahir to behave dishonestly towards someone who loves you or trusts you Her husband had betrayed her by lying to her.
8.1 compare
94 7A Vocabulary v kmpe comparer if you compare things, you examine them in order to find out how they are similar or different We went to different shops to compare prices.
8.1 principle
94 7A Vocabulary n prnspl principe a moral rule that you believe is right, and you use to guide the way you behave the need to teach children moral principles
8.1 stick to
94 7A Vocabulary phr v stk t s'en tenir to do something that you promised or decided you would do to stick to one's principles
8.1 the pros and cons
94 7A Vocabulary n phr prz nd knz le pour et le contre the advantages and disadvantages of something, which you consider When you're choosing a savings account, it is worthwhile spending
when making a decision about it some time weighing up the pros and cons (=thinking about them )
8.1 weigh up
94 7A Vocabulary phr v we p peser to consider all the aspects of a situation carefully before making a decision of the various types of account on offer
8.1 cashier
94 8A Vocabulary n k caissier someone whose job is to receive and pay out money in a bank, shop etc He is a cashier at the local supermarket.
8.1 change
94 8A Vocabulary nCounttend changement something that has become different recent changes in the law
nUncount monnaie the money that someone gives back to you when you give more money Have you got change for this 10 note? or:
than it costs to buy something If you pay with a 10 note an item that costs 9, you will receive 1 in change.
8.1 attachment
94 8A Vocabulary n ttmnt pice jointe something you send with a letter, contract, or email to give extra information All the answers were in the attachment.
attachement a strong feeling of loyalty, love, or friendship his strong attachment to his sister
8.2 alert
95 1A Vocabulary adj lt alerte always watching and ready to notice anything strange, unusual, or dangerous I knew that I had to remain wide awake and alert.
8.2 anxious
95 1A Vocabulary adj ks inquiet worried about something Im quite anxious about my exams.
8.2 bright and breezy
95 1A Vocabulary adj brat nd brizi enjou happy and confident I often get out of bed feeling bright and breezy.
8.2 clear-headed
95 1A Vocabulary adj klhedd lucide able to think clearly and sensibly Are you clear-headed in the morning?
8.2 cringe
95 1A Vocabulary v krnd avoir un mouvement de recul to feel embarrassed by something It makes me cringe when I think how stupid I was.
8.2 despise
95 1A Vocabulary v dspaz mpriser to hate someone or something and have no respect for them She despises the weak.
8.2 disgusted
95 1A Vocabulary adj dsstd, dz- dgot to make someone feel very annoyed about something that is not acceptable We felt disgusted by the way wed been treated.
8.2 fearful
95 1A Vocabulary adj ffl craintif afraid People are fearful of rising crime.
8.2 groggy
95 1A Vocabulary adj grgi faible, puis feeling weak and ill I felt really groggy after 15 hours on the plane.
8.2 dread
95 1A Vocabulary n dred terreur to feel very worried about something that might/is going to happen to have a sense of dread
8.2 spring
95 1A Vocabulary n spr lasticit to have a spring in your step: walk energetically, showing you are happy and confident. He walked with a spring in his step, happy to have arrived.
8.2 on the ball
95 1A Vocabulary n bl
prep phr l'esprit rapide able to think or act quickly and intelligently an assistant whos really on the ball
8.2 peaceful
95 4B Listening adj pisfl paisible quiet and calm The wood was cool and peaceful.
8.2 absolute
95 4B Listening adj bslut absolu complete and total There was absolute silence.
8.2 think straight
95 4B Listening v phr k stret avoir les ides claires to think clearly Im so nervous I cant think straight.
8.2 sunrise
96 5A Grammar n snraz lever du soleil, aurore the time when the sun first appears in the morning In the summer we start work at sunrise and finish at sunset.
8.2 capable
96 5A Grammar adj kepbl capable having the qualities or ability needed to do something Do you think hes capable of murder?
8.2 dawn
96 5A Grammar n dn aube the time of day when light first appears We were up at dawn.
8.2 vice-versa
96 5A Grammar adv vas vs vice versa the opposite of what has been said Perhaps this will let larks understand why owls are
the way they are, and vice-versa.
8.2 undertake
96 7A Grammar v ndtek entreprendre to start to do a piece of work, especially one that is long and difficult Baker undertook the task of writing the report.
8.2 muscle
96 7A Grammar n msl muscle one of the pieces of flesh inside your body that you use in order to move exercises to strengthen your leg muscles
8.2 digest
96 7A Grammar v dadest, d- digrer when you digest food, your stomach changes it into a form that your body can use Babies cant digest the food that adults eat.
8.2 dip
96 7A Grammar v dp tremper, plonger to put something into a liquid for a short time and lift it out again Janet dipped her feet into the water.
8.2 long-term
96 7A Grammar adj ltm long terme continuing for a long period of time into the future the long-term effects of smoking
8.2 short-term
96 7A Grammar adj ttm court terme lasting for a short period of time Short-term memory
8.2 recall
96 7A Grammar n rkl, rikl rappel (capacit de) the ability to remember something A childs recall is usually accurate.
8.2 97 11Acatch
Writingup phr v kt p rattraper to do something that should have been done before He was one week behind with his work but eventually managed to catch up.
8.2 97 11Aprioritise
Writing v prartaz donner la priorit to put several things, problems etc in order of importance, You need to prioritize your tasks.
so that you can deal with the most important ones first
8.2 97 11Aruthlessly
Writing adv rulsli sans piti not caring if you have to harm other people to get what you want The uprising was ruthlessly suppressed.
8.2 97 11Aclear off
Writing phr v kl f dbarrasser le plancher to leave a place quickly Clear off and leave me alone!
8.2 97 11Aproductive
Writing adj prdktv productif producing or achieving a lot a productive meeting
8.2 97 11Aaccomplish
Writing v kmpl accomplir to succeed in doing something The new government has accomplished a great deal.
8.2 97 11Ainbox
Writing n nbks bote de rception the place in a computer email program where new messages arrive I had 130 emails in my inbox this morning.
8.2 97 11Aaccessible
Writing adj ksesbl accessible easy to reach, find, or use The park is not accessible by road.
8.2 bide your time
97 9B Vocabulary Plus idiom bad j tam attendre le bon moment to wait in a patient way for an opportunity to do something She was biding her time until she could get her revenge.
8.2 cut something
97 9B Vocabulary Plus short idiom kt sm t abrger to stop doing something earlier than you had planned The band had to cut short its concert tour.
8.2 drag your Plus
97 9B Vocabulary feet idiom drg j fit traner les pieds to do something very slowly because you do not really want to do it They're dragging their feet on a decision.
8.2 in the nickPlus
97 9B Vocabulary of time idiom n nk v tam juste temps at the last moment before it is too late to do something The doctor arrived in the nick of time.
8.2 make up for
97 9B Vocabulary lost time idiom
Plus mek p f lst tam rattraper le temps perdu to do something quickly because you started late or worked too slowly We rehearsed all day Saturday, to make up for lost time
8.2 pressed for
97 9B Vocabulary time
Plus idiom prest f tam press needing time We were pressed for time.
8.2 time after time
97 9B Vocabulary Plus idiom tam ft tam encore et toujours again and again Time after time he failed to get a job.
8.3 assertive
98 1A Vocabulary adj stv assur behaving confidently to make people listen to you You need to be more assertive to succeed in business.
8.3 collaborative
98 1A Vocabulary adj klbrtv coopratif to work together to produce or achieve something collaborative methods
8.3 confrontational
98 1A Vocabulary adj knfrntenl provocateur likely to cause arguments or make people angry a confrontational style of management
8.3 diplomatic
98 1A Vocabulary adj dplmtk diplomate, diplomatique relating to the relationships between countries The U.S. wants to establish diplomatic relations with China.
8.3 supportive
98 1A Vocabulary adj sptv d'un grand secours, soutien giving help or encouragement Mark and Sally are very supportive of each other.
8.3 tactful
98 1A Vocabulary adj tktfl dlicat, plein de tact careful not to say or do something that will upset someone There was no tactful way of phrasing what he wanted to say.
8.4 ritualPreview
100 1A DVD n rtul rituel a ceremony or set of actions that is always done in the same way church rituals
8.4 classify
100 1B DVD Preview v klsfa classer to put things into groups according to their age, type etc Whales are classified as mammals.
8.4 100 2C handshaking
DVD View n hndek poigne de main the act of taking someones right hand and shaking it, which people do What does Morris say the purpose of handshaking is?
when they meet or leave each other or when they have made an agreement
8.4 101 3D grape
Speakout n grep raisin one of a number of small round green or purple fruits that grow together on a vine. Grapes are often used for making wine
8.4 101 3D lay out
Speakout phr v le at distribuer, arranger to spread something out, or to arrange things so you can see them easily All their presents are laid out on the table.
8.4 101 3D exchange
Speakout v kstend changer to give, send, or say something to someone who gives, sends, or says something to you The two armies exchanged prisoners.
8.4 101 3D come down
Speakout phr v km dan lguer if a price or level comes down, it gets lower Wait until prices come down before you buy.
8.4 vast
101 4A Speakout adj vst norme extremely large vast areas of rainforest
8.4 rowdy
101 4A Speakout adj radi tapageur behaving in a noisy and uncontrolled way rowdy children
8.4 barefoot
101 4A Speakout adj beft nu-pieds not wearing any shoes or socks walking barefoot in the sand
8.4 acacia
101 4A Speakout n ke acacia a tree with small yellow or white flowers that grows in warm countries They stopped under a huge acacia tree.
8.4 bonfire
101 4A Speakout n bnfa feu (de joie, de jardin) a large outdoor fire Kids would collect wood and make a huge bonfire.
8.4 sour
101 4A Speakout adj sa aigre with a taste like a lemon sweet and sour chicken
8.4 roast
101 4A Speakout v rst rtir to cook meat or vegetables in an oven or over a fire Are you going to roast the chicken?
Unit 9
9 103 Titlescam n skm escroquerie a clever but dishonest way to get money He got involved in a credit card scam.
9 103 Titleemergency n mdnsi urgence a dangerous situation that happens suddenly, and in which people might be hurt or killed Come quickly its an emergency!
9 103 Titlemayday n mede SOS may-day a radio signal that a ship or plane uses to ask for help The ship issued a mayday call.
9.1 memory
104 1 Reading n memri mmoire the ability to remember things She has a very good memory.
9.1 trial
104 2A Reading n tral essai, test process of testing to find out whether something works effectively and is safe The scientists will perform the trials for the new drug next week.
9.1 forensic
104 2A Reading adj frensk, -zk mdico-lgal using scientific methods to solve crimes forensic evidence
9.1 testimony
104 2A Reading n testmni tmoignage a formal statement that someone makes in a law court Witness testimony sill plays an important part in court cases.
9.1 reliable
104 2A Reading adj rlabl fiable if someone or something is reliable, you can trust and depend on them Rick is hard-working and very reliable.
9.1 recollection
104 2A Reading n reklekn mmoire, souvenir when you remember something from the past, or something you remember He had no recollection of the accident.
9.1 mental
104 2A Reading adj mentl mental relating to the mind, or happening in the mind Stress affects physical and mental health.
9.1 rip (off)
104 2A Reading phr v rp f arracher to remove something quickly and violently A double-decker bus with its roof ripped off by the explosion.
9.1 explosion
104 2A Reading n kspln explosion when something such as a bomb explodes, or the noise it makes We heard a huge explosion.
9.1 nonexistent
104 2A Reading adj nngzstnt inexistant not existing at all Industry in the area is virtually nonexistent.
9.1 vivid
104 2A Reading adj vvd vif vivid descriptions, memories, dreams etc are so clear that they seem real a vivid description of her childhood in Cornwall
9.1 consequence
104 2A Reading n knskwns consquence something that happens as a result of something else the environmental consequences of road building
9.1 Death Row
104 2A Reading n de r couloir de la mort the part of a prison where prisoners are kept before they are killed as a punishment Troy is on death row.
9.1 felony
105 2A Reading n felni crime A felony, in the US, is a serious criminal offense, such as murder Man pleads guilty to multiple felony counts.
9.1 vital
105 2A Reading adj vatl indispensable, primordial extremely important or necessary His evidence was vital to the defence case.
9.1 court
105 2A Reading n kt cour, tribunal the place where a trial is held Witness memories are still a vital part of court proceedings.
9.1 sniper
105 2A Reading n snap tireur embusqu someone who shoots at people from a hidden position There were snipers attacks in Washington DC in 2002.
9.1 flee
105 2A Reading v fli fuir to leave a place very quickly in order to escape from danger She fled the country.
9.1 traumatic
105 2A Reading adj trmtk traumatisant very shocking and upsetting a traumatic experience
9.1 fragment
105 2A Reading v frgment fragment to break something into many small parts, or to be broken in this way Social changes have fragmented our communities.
9.1 texture
105 2A Reading n tekst texture, grain the way that something feels when you touch it the smooth texture of silk
9.1 arson
106 7 Vocabulary n sn incendie criminel the crime of deliberately making a building burn The school was destroyed in an arson attack.
9.1 bribery
106 7 Vocabulary n brabri corruption when someone offers or accepts money illegally as a means of persuasion We tried everything persuasion, bribery, threats.
9.1 counterfeiting
106 7 Vocabulary n kantft contrefaon made to look exactly like something else, in order to deceive people The police arrested three people for counterfeiting American dollars.
9.1 hacking
106 7 Vocabulary n hk effraction informatique someone who secretly uses or changes the information in other peoples computer systems the threat of hacking and computer viruses
9.1 identity theft
106 7 Vocabulary n adentti eft vol d'identit a crime in which someone gets personal information about someone Case of identity theft have doubled over the past couple of years.
so they can use that persons bank account, credit card etc
9.1 kidnapping
106 7 Vocabulary n kdnp enlvement to take someone somewhere by force, especially in order to get money for returning them a series of kidnappings
9.1 mugging
106 7 Vocabulary n m aggression to attack and rob someone in a public place Crime is on the increase, especially mugging and burglary.
9.1 pickpocketing
106 7 Vocabulary n pkpkt vol la tire stealing things from people's pockets, especially in a crowd Pickpocketing is major problem on public transport.
9.1 shoplifting
106 7 Vocabulary n plft vol l'talage the crime of taking things from shops without paying for them She was arrested for shoplifting.
9.1 stalking
106 7 Vocabulary n stk suivre qqun (harclement) a person who follows and watches someone for a long time in a way that annoys or frightens them A man has been found guilty of stalking film star Uma Thurman.
9.1 tax evasion
106 7 Vocabulary n tks ven fraude fiscale the crime of paying too little tax If you conceal part of your income you could be found guilty of tax evasion.
9.1 vandalism
106 7 Vocabulary n vndlzm vandalisme to deliberately damage things, especially public property The statue was damaged in an act of vandalism.
9.1 demand
106 7 Vocabulary n dmnd la demande the need or desire that people have for goods and services Theres a great demand for new housing.
9.1 obsessed
106 7 Vocabulary v bses obsd if something or someone obsesses you, you think or worry about them all the time and you cannot think about anything else used to show disapproval A lot of young girls are obsessed by their weight.
9.1 ongoing
106 7 Vocabulary adj ng continu continuing to happen ongoing discussions
9.1 jail
106 7 Vocabulary v del prison to put someone in prison He was jailed for tax evasion.
9.1 fake
106 7 Vocabulary adj fek fake made to look or seem like something else in order to deceive people fake $20 bills
9.1 reveal
106 7 Vocabulary v rvil rvler to tell people something that was secret The information was first revealed in a Sunday newspaper.
9.1 money belt
106 7 Vocabulary n mni belt ceinture cache billets a special belt that you can carry money in while you are travelling It is best to use money belts under your clothes.
9.1 reduction
106 7 Vocabulary n rdkn rduction a decrease in the price, amount, or size of something a reduction in the number of students choosing science
9.2 be taken in
107 1B Vocabulary phr v bi tekn n tre dupe to be completely deceived by someone who lies to you Dont be taken in by products claiming to help you lose weight in a week
9.2 deceive
107 1B Vocabulary v dsiv tromper to make someone believe something that is not true I was completely deceived.
9.2 distract
107 1B Vocabulary v dstrkt divertir, pertuber to take someones attention away from what they are doing Dont distract me while Im driving!
9.2 divert (so's attention) v
107 1B Vocabulary davt dtourner l'attention to take someones attention away from what they are doing They divert their victim's attention and grab their belongings.
9.2 fall for
107 1B Vocabulary phr v fl f se faire avoir to be tricked into believing something that is not true The Real Hustle aims to show how such scams work so that the viewer doesn't fall for them.
9.2 fool
107 1B Vocabulary v ful duper to make someone believe something that is not true Dont be fooled into thinking its easy to lose weight.
9.2 grab
107 1B Vocabulary v grb accaparer to take hold of someone or something suddenly or violently He grabbed my bag and ran.
9.2 hustle
107 1B Vocabulary n hsl agitation busy and noisy activity the hustle and bustle of the market place
9.2 pose as
107 1B Vocabulary v pz se faire passer pour to pretend to be someone else, in order to deceive people They pose as police officers to win the victim's trust.
9.2 snatch
107 1B Vocabulary v snt s'emparer brusquement to take something from someone with a sudden movement The boy snatched the note from her hand.
9.2 switch
107 1B Vocabulary v swt reporter ou changer to change from one thing to another thing If you switch to a low-fat diet, your health will improve.
9.2 identical
107 1B Vocabulary adj adentkl identique exactly the same The two pictures looked identical.
9.2 con artist
107 1B Vocabulary n kn tst arnaqueur someone who tricks or deceives people in order to get money from them In Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo di Caprio plays con artist Frank Abagnale
9.2 con
107 1B Vocabulary n kn escroquerie a trick to get someones money or to make someone do something The website says theyre offering free holidays, but its all a big con.
9.2 note
108 6 Grammar n nt billet something that you write down in order to remember something Ill just make a note of your new address.
9.2 take advantage of
108 6 Grammar v phr tek dvntd v tirer profit de to treat someone unfairly in order to get what you want, He took advantage of the situation.
especially someone who is generous or easily persuade
9.2 ATM
108 6 Grammar n e ti em guichet automatique a machine that you use with a card to get money from your bank account Where's the nearest ATM?
9.2 estate agent
108 6 Grammar n stet ednt agent immobilier someone whose job is to buy and sell houses and land for people An estate agent showed me a flat yesterday.
9.2 put down
108 6 Grammar phr v pt dan verser un acompte Give money in order to reserve something (such as a flat) A customer wanted to put down a deposit on the same flat.
poser to put something or someone that you are holding or carrying onto a surface Put those heavy bags down for a minute.
9.2 deposit
108 6 Grammar n dpzt acompte a part of the cost of something that you pay before paying the total amount later We put down a deposit on the house.
9.2 contract
108 6 Grammar n kntrkt contrat an official agreement between two or more people Read the contract carefully before you sign it.
9.2 impostor
108 6 Grammar n mpst imposteur someone who pretends to be someone else in order to trick people The nurse was soon discovered to be an impostor.
9.2 blame so/sth
108 8A Vocabulary Plusfor v blem reprocher qc to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad: Marie still blames herself for Patrick's death.
blame sth on The crash was blamed on pilot error.
9.2 108 charge sb Plus
8A Vocabulary with v td accuser to state officially that someone may be guilty of a crime He's been charged with first degree murder.
9.2 108 clear
8A Vocabulary Plus v kle innocenter, disculper to prove that someone is not guilty of something: He was cleared of the murder charge.
9.2 108 necklace Plus
8A Vocabulary n nek-ls collier a piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck a diamond necklace
9.2 108 8C hacker
Vocabulary Plus n hk hacker, pirate informatique someone who secretly uses or changes the information in other peoples computer systems A hacker had managed to get into the system.
9.2 108 8C access
Vocabulary Plus v kses accder to find and use information, especially on a computer software for accessing the Internet
9.2 108 8C greedy
Vocabulary Plus adj gridi avide wanting more food, money, power, possessions etc than you need a greedy and selfish society
9.2 108 8C activist
Vocabulary Plus n ktvst activiste someone who works to achieve social or political change activist groups
9.2 108 8C lobster
Vocabulary Plus n lbst homard a sea animal with eight legs, a shell, and large claws, or the meat of this animal as food Animal rights activists have rescued a lobster.
9.2 108 8C jury
Vocabulary Plus n dri jury a group of twelve ordinary people in a court who decide whether someone is guilty the members of the jury
a group of people chosen to judge a competition
9.2 108 8C drown
Vocabulary Plus v dran se noyer to die by being under water for too long, or to kill someone in this way The boys almost drowned in the river.
9.2 109 10Bunsuspecting
Writing adj nsspekt qui ne se mfie pas not knowing about something bad that is happening or going to happen He would creep up from behind on his unsuspecting victims.
9.2 109 10Bfare
Writing n fe prix de la course the amount you pay to travel by train, plane, bus etc Whats the bus fare into town?
9.2 109 10Bclaim
Writing v klem prtendre, dclarer to say that something is true, even though it might not be Evans claimed that someone tried to murder him.
9.2 109 10Bapproximate
Writing adj prksmt approximatif not exact, but nearly right These figures are only approximate.
9.2 109 10Bunzip
Writing v nzp dfaire la fermeture-clair to open something by undoing the zip on it Don't unzip your backpack in public places.
9.2 109 10Bbump
Writinginto phr v bmp nt se cogner contre/tomber sur to hit or knock against something They accidentally bump into you and steal your money.
9.2 109 10Bloose
Writing adj lus ample, branlant not firmly fixed in place a loose tooth
petite (monnaie) coins that you have in your bag or pocket loose change
9.2 109 10Bkeypad
Writing n kipd clavier a small box with buttons on it that you press to put information into a computer, etc Cover the keypad when you enter your pin number.
9.2 109 10Bitinerary
Writing n atnrri itinraire a plan or list of the places you will visit on a trip shopping places not on your itinerary.
9.2 109 10Breputable
Writing adj repjtbl de bonne rputation respected for being honest or for doing good work a reputable company
9.2 109 10Cbullet-point
Writing n blt pnt puce a small printed symbol Use bullet-points when you are writing a list.
9.2 109 10Cfont
Writing n fnt fonte a set of letters of a particular size and style, used in printing or on a computer screen Use different fonts to make your leaflet clearer.
9.2 109 10Csection
Writing n sekn section one of the parts that something is divided into Some sections of the motorway are very busy.
9.2 109 10Ccontract
Writing v kntrkt contracter to become smaller or narrower contracted forms.
9.2 109 10Csubheading
Writing n sbhed sous-titre a short phrase used as a title for a small part within a longer piece of writing Divide your leaflet into different sections, each with its own subheading.
9.2 109 10Cunderline
Writing v ndlan souligner to draw a line under a word to show that it is important This tragic incident underlines the need for immediate action.
9.2 109 10Cleaflet
Writing n liflt dpliant a piece of printed paper that gives information or advertises something a leaflet on skin cancer
9.2 remove
162 7A Speaking v rmuv enlever to take something away from the place where it is The police will remove any illegally parked cars.
9.2 agency
162 7A Speaking n ednsi agence a business that provides a particular service for people or organizations a hire agency
9.3 ridiculous
110 1B Reading adj rdkjls absurde very silly Thats a ridiculous idea!
9.3 inconvenience
110 1B Reading n nknvinins inconvnient when something causes problems for you We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused.
9.3 topping
110 1B Reading n tp garniture food that you put on top of other food to make it taste better pizza with extra toppings
9.3 bent
110 1B Reading adj bent courb no longer straight or flat a bent nail
9.3 lavatory
110 1B Reading n lvtri toilettes a toilet There's no toilet paper in this public lavatory.
9.3 serial number
110 2A Function n sril nmb numro de srie a number put on things that are produced in large quantities, so that each one has its own number Each computer has a serial number on it.
9.3 ethnicity
110 2A Function n ensti ethnicit the fact that someone belongs to a particular race of people Caucasian is an ethnicity.
9.3 distinguishing
110 2A Function adj dstw distinctif making sth different Distinguishing marks.
9.3 on purpose
110 3A Function n pps
prep phr intentionellement deliberately Im sorry. I didnt hurt you on purpose.
9.3 fall off
111 5A Vocabulary phr v fl f tomber de if part of something falls off, it becomes separated from the main part The handle fell off.
9.3 knocked out
111 5A Vocabulary adj nkt at tomb sans connaissance o make someone become unconscious or go to sleep I fell down and got knocked out.
9.3 stuck
111 5A Vocabulary adj stk se coincer the past tense and past participle of stick My card has got stuck in the machine.
9.3 knock over
111 5A Vocabulary phr v nk v faire tomber to hit so/sth with a vehicle while you are driving We crashed into a lamp post and knocked it over.
9.3 lock out
111 5A Vocabulary phr v lk at enfermer dehors to keep someone out of a place by locking the door I've locked myself out of my house!
9.3 run over
111 5A Vocabulary phr v rn v craser to hit someone or something with a vehicle, and drive over them He was run over and killed by a bus.
9.3 crash into
111 5A Vocabulary phr v kr nt foncer, rentrer dans hit sb/sth hard We crashed into a lamp post and knocked it over.
9.3 motorway
111 5A Vocabulary n mtwe autoroute a wide road for driving fast over long distances We broke down on the motorway.
9.3 ladder
111 5A Vocabulary n ld chelle a piece of equipment used for climbing up to high places. Women have had to fight to climb the career ladder.
A ladder has two long bars connected by rungs (=short bars that you use as steps).
9.3 precise
111 6A Learn to adj prsas prcis precise information, details etc are exact, clear, and correct We dont yet have precise details of the agreement.
9.3 pinpoint
111 6A Learn to v pnpnt indiquer exactement to say exactly where something is or what something is Im trying to pinpoint where we are on the map.
9.3 statement
111 6B Learn to n stetmnt dclaration something you say or write, especially publicly or officially, The policeman took a statement.
to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts
9.3 vicinity
111 6B Learn to n vsnti les environs in the area around a particular place Were there other people in the vicinity.
9.3 tracksuit
111 6B Learn to bottoms n trksut btmz pantalon de survtement loose clothes worn especially for sport He was wearing dark tracksuit bottoms
9.3 hoodie
111 6B Learn to n hdi sweat-shirt capuche a loose jacket or top made of soft material, which has a hood and a grey hoodie.
9.4 be inPreview
112 1A DVD charge v phr bi n td tre responsable to have control over or responsibility for something or someone Whos in charge?
9.4 hull Preview
112 1A DVD n hl coque the main part of a ship that goes in the water The ship's hull was damaged.
9.4 crewPreview
112 1A DVD n kru quipage all the people that work together on a ship, plane etc an ambulance crew
9.4 jumpPreview
112 1A DVD ship v phr dmp p dbarquer to leave an organization that you are working for, especially in order to join another The best employees jumped ship at the first opportunity
9.4 airliftPreview
112 1A DVD n elft pont arien when people or supplies are taken to a place by plane, especially during a war The Berlin airlift.
9.4 gale-force
112 1A DVD Preview(winds) adj elfs vents temptueux a gale force wind is strong enough to be dangerous or cause damage The boat was swinging uncontrollably in gale-force winds.
9.4 lifeboat
112 1A DVD Preview n lafbt bateau de sauvetage a boat that is used to help people who are in danger at sea 350 people successfully got into lifeboats.
9.4 remarkable
112 1B DVD Preview adj rmkbl remarquable excellent and unusual a remarkable achievement
9.4 account
112 1B DVD Preview n kant compte-rendu a written or spoken description of something that has happened She was able to give an account of the accident.
9.4 coordinate
112 1B DVD Preview v kdnet coordonner to organize an activity so that people work together effectively We need to coordinate our efforts.
9.4 vessel
112 1B DVD Preview n vesl vaisseau a ship or large boat a fishing vessel
9.4 beneath
112 1B DVD Preview prep bni au-dessous de under or below something the warm sand beneath her feet
9.4 112 2C set
View v phr set sel prendre la mer to begin a trip by boat or ship The ship set sail at dawn.
9.4 112 2C gravity
DVD View n grvti gravit the force that makes objects fall to the ground the laws of gravity
9.4 112 2C swing
DVD View v sw balancer to move backwards and forwards while hanging from something, or to make something do this a sign swinging in the wind
9.4 blanket
113 3A Speakout n blkt couverture a cover for a bed, usually made of wool The hills were covered with a blanket of snow. (fig)
9.4 tinned
113 3A Speakout adj tnd en bote (food) sold in small metal containers which can be kept for a long time tinned food, such as tomatoes.
9.4 generator
113 3A Speakout n denret gnratur a machine that produces electricity an emergency generator
9.4 kit
113 3A Speakout n kt kit a set of tools, equipment etc that you use for a particular purpose or activity a first aid kit.
9.4 hook
113 3A Speakout n hk hameon a curved piece of metal or plastic, used for hanging things on Tom hung his coat on the hook.
9.4 manual
113 3A Speakout n mnjul manuel book that gives instructions about how to do something a survival manual.
9.4 top priority
113 3B Speakout n tp prarti priorit absolue the thing that you think is most important Education is this governments top
9.5 114 1A impulse n mpls impulsion a sudden desire to do something before thinking about whether it is sensible I resisted the impulse to hit him.
Unit 10
10.1 116 3 circuit n skt circuit a set of wires etc that an electric current flows around an electrical circuit
10.1 116 3 slot n slt crneau a long narrow hole in something, especially one for putting coins in Put 20p in the slot and see how much you weigh.
10.1 gripping
116 1B Vocabulary adj grp captivant a gripping film, story etc is very exciting and interesting a gripping drama
10.1 predictable
116 1B Vocabulary adj prdktbl prvisible behaving or happening in the way that you expect, and not different or interesting an entertaining but predictable film
10.1 touching
116 1B Vocabulary adj tt touchant making you feel sad, sympathetic, or grateful a touching story
10.1 weak
116 1B Vocabulary adj wik faible not physically strong or not having much energy Shes too weak to feed herself.
10.1 awesome
116 1B Vocabulary adj sm redoutable; gnial very impressive, often in a way that is slightly frightening an awesome responsibility
10.1 chilling
116 1B Vocabulary adj tl qui donne des frissons making you feel frightened the chilling sound of wolves howling
10.1 horrific
116 1B Vocabulary adj hrfk, h- atroce very bad and shocking a horrific plane crash
10.1 moving
116 1B Vocabulary adj muv mouvant making you feel strong emotions, especially sadness or sympathy a deeply moving experience
10.1 unforgettable
116 1B Vocabulary adj nfgetbl inoubliable something that is unforgettable is extremely good or exciting and you will remember it for a long time A visit to Morocco is a truly unforgettable experience.
10.1 dull
116 1B Vocabulary adj dl ennuyeux not interesting or exciting a pretty dull party
10.1 creepy
116 1B Vocabulary adj kripi qui donne de la chair de poule making you feel nervous and slightly frightened a creepy movie
10.1 brilliant
116 1B Vocabulary adj brljnt brillant extremely bright/extremely intelligent brilliant sunshine, a brilliant idea
10.1 fast-paced
116 1B Vocabulary adj fst pest au rythme haletant including a lot of different things happening quickly This film is fast-paced and the special effects are brilliant
10.1 electrifying
116 1B Vocabulary adj elektrfaj lectrisant if a performance or speech electrifies people, it is very interesting and exciting Her words had an electrifying effect.
10.1 poignant
116 1B Vocabulary adj pnjnt poignant making you have strong feelings of sadness or sympathy a poignant scene near the end of the film
10.1 adolescent
117 5A Grammar n dlesnt adolescent a young person who is developing into an adult adolescent girls
10.1 bully
117 5A Grammar v bli tyranniser, perscuter to deliberately frighten or upset someone who is smaller or weaker than you, He had bullied his wife into giving up her career.
especially to make them do something you want
10.1 strike back
117 5A Grammar phr v strak bk contre-attaquer to attack someone after they have attacked you We instruct our staff never to strike back, however angry they feel.
10.1 insecurity
117 5A Grammar n nsikjrt|i inscurit if you are insecure, you do not feel confident about yourself Student teachers often suffer from a great sense of insecurity.
10.1 innocence
117 5A Grammar n nsns innocence the fact that someone is not guilty of a crime Can you prove your innocence?
10.1 ironic
117 5A Grammar adj arnk ironique an ironic situation is strange or amusing because it is completely different from what you expect Its ironic that your car was stolen outside the police station.
10.1 bleak
117 5A Grammar adj blik sombre, sinistre without anything to make you feel happy or hopeful Without a job, the future seemed bleak.
10.1 emotional
117 8A Grammar adj mnl motif, motionnel connected with feelings such as anger, pity, sadness etc children with emotional problems
10.1 shoot to fame
117 8A Grammar v phr ut t fem se retrouver propuls sur le devant de la scene become famous very suddenly and quickly Zac Efron shot to fame in High School Musical
10.1 leadership
117 8A Grammar n lidp pouvoir, direction when someone is the leader of a team, organization etc He took over the leadership of the Republican Party.
10.1 forgiveness
117 8A Grammar n fgvns pardon when someone forgives another person She begged for forgiveness.
10.1 outing
117 8A Grammar n at sortie, excursion a short trip for a group of people Were going on a family outing.
10.1 refugee
117 8A Grammar n refjdi rfugi someone who has had to leave their country to escape from danger or war a refugee camp near the border
10.1 bond
117 8A Grammar n bnd lien a shared feeling or interest that unites people the bond between a mother and child
10.1 insanity
117 8A Grammar n nsnti folie, frnsie when someone is seriously mentally ill The court acquitted Campbell on the grounds of temporary insanity.
10.1 foolishness
117 8A Grammar n fulns btise, irresponsabilit not sensible the foolishness of war
10.1 loathe
117 9A Speaking v l dtester to hate someone or something very much He loathes their politics.
10.1 plot
118 9A Writing n plt intrigue a secret plan to do something illegal or harmful a plot to kill the king
10.1 summary
118 9A Writing n smri sommaire a short statement that gives the main information about something Ive given a brief summary on a separate sheet.
10.1 recommendation
118 9A Writing n rekmenden recommandation an official statement advising people what to do about something The committee made detailed recommendations to the school.
10.1 setting
118 9A Writing n set cadre the place where something is or happens, and the things that surround it a farmhouse in a beautiful setting
10.1 reviewer
118 9A Writing n rvju critique someone who writes about new books, films etc He's a reviewer and works for The Guardian.
10.1 element
118 9A Writing n elmnt lment a simple chemical substance that consists of only one kind of atom Theres an element of risk in every sport.
10.1 illiterate
118 9B Writing adj ltrt analphabte, illetr unable to read or write It was an illiterate letter, full of mistakes.
10.1 slum
118 9B Writing n slm quartier pauvre, bidonville a house or an area of a city that is in very bad condition, where many poor people live He had grown up in the slums of Mumbai
10.1 jackpot
118 9B Writing n dkpt gros lot a large amount of money that you can win The National Theatre hit the jackpot with its first musical.
10.1 version
118 9B Writing n vn version one form of something that is slightly different from all other forms the original version of the film
10.1 convinced
118 9B Writing adj knvnst convaincu completely certain that something is true You dont sound convinced.
10.1 overnight
118 9B Writing adv vnat pour la nuit for or during the night Shes staying overnight at a friends house.
10.1 cheat
118 9B Writing n tit tricheur someone who cheats His addiction has turned him into a cheat and a liar.
10.1 torture
118 9B Writing v tt torturer to hurt someone deliberately in order to force them to give you information, to punish them, or to be cruel Resistance leaders were tortured to death in prison.
10.1 flashback
118 9B Writing n flbk flashback part of a film, play, book etc that shows something that happened earlier The events of the heros childhood are shown as a series of flashbacks.
10.1 orphan
118 9B Writing n fn orphelin a child whose parents are dead The war has left thousands of children as orphans.
10.1 glitter
118 9B Writing n glt splendeur brightness consisting of many flashing points of light the glitter of her diamond ring
10.1 poverty
118 9B Writing n pvti pauvret when people are extremely poor Poverty and unemployment are increasing.
10.1 companionship
118 9B Writing n kmpnjnp compagnie the good feeling that you have when you are not alone but have a friend with you She joined the club for companionship.
10.1 cruelty
118 9B Writing n krulti cruaut behaviour or actions that are unkind or cause suffering cruelty to animals
10.1 script
118 9B Writing n skrpt script the written form of a speech, play, film etc The script is alternatively gripping, shocking and hilarious.
criture, texte, caractres a system of written letters and symbols Arabic script
10.1 hilarious
118 9B Writing adj hleris hilarant very funny a hilarious comedy act
10.1 breathless
118 9B Writing adj brels bout de souffle, le souffle coup having difficulty breathing because you are tired, excited, frightened etc They waited, breathless with anticipation.
10.1 draining
118 9B Writing adj dren puisant to use so much of someone's energy or strength etc that they feel tired or weak Slumdog Millionaire is an emotionally-draining film.
10.1 recommend
118 9B Writing v rekmend recommander to advise someone to do something Dentists strongly recommend that you change your toothbrush every few months.
10.2 glycerine
119 1B Reading n lsrn glycrine a thick sweet transparent liquid made from fats and used in medicines, explosives, and foods Putting glycerine in your eyes makes you look as if you are crying.
10.2 sniff
119 1B Reading v snf renifler to breathe air into your nose noisily, for example when you are crying or have a cold Stop sniffing and blow your nose.
10.2 internal
119 1B Reading adj ntnl interne inside something such as your body or a country internal bleeding
10.2 exploit
119 1B Reading v ksplt exploiter to treat someone in an unfair way, by not paying as much as they deserve Many foreign workers are abused and exploited.
10.2 association
119 1B Reading n ssien, si- association an organization for people who do the same kind of work or have the same interests the Association of University Teachers
10.2 prop
119 1B Reading n prp accessoire an object that you put under or against something to hold it in position Anna looks after costumes and props.
10.2 handle
119 1B Reading v hndl manier to deal with something Computers can handle huge amounts of data.
10.2 vocals
119 1B Reading n vklz chant the part of a piece of music that is sung rather than played on an instrument The song features Elton John on vocals.
10.2 physically
119 1B Reading adv fzkli physiquement relating to your body rather than your mind Try to keep physically fit.
10.2 rely on
119 1B Reading v rla n compter sur to trust someone or something to do something for you
10.2 backing track
119 1B Reading n bk trk track d'accompagnement Many performers rely on a backing track.
10.2 provide (with)
119 1B Reading v prvad fournir to give someone something they need Tea and biscuits will be provided.
10.2 stationary
119 1B Reading adj stenri stationnaire not moving a stationary vehicle
10.2 outlook
119 1B Reading n atlk perspective, vue your general attitude to life and the world a positive outlook on life
10.2 boundary
119 1B Reading n bandri frontire the line that marks the edge of an area of land The Ohio River forms a natural boundary between Ohio and Kentucky.
10.2 astounding
119 1B Reading adj stand stupfiant to make someone feel very surprised an astounding success
10.2 cave
119 1B Reading n kev grotte, rupestre (peinture) a large hole in the side of a hill or under the ground Cave paintings
10.2 sound
119 1B Reading adj sand solide, sens, sr sensible and likely to produce good results Our helpline offers sound advice to new parents.
10.2 definitive
119 1B Reading adj dfntv qui fait autorit a definitive book is better than any other book on the same subject the definitive guide to wine
10.2 stand-up
119 1B Reading adj stndp one-man show comique a stand-up comedian stands alone in front of a group of people and tells jokes a stand-up comedian
10.2 comedian
119 1B Reading n kmidin comique someone whose job is to tell jokes and make people laugh He started as a stand-up comedian (=someone who tells jokes to an audience).
10.2 freebie
119 1B Reading n fribi faveur, extra something you are given that you do not have to pay for The company paid for the minister to fly out to Australia on a freebie.
10.2 manipulate
119 1B Reading v mnpjlet manipuler to make someone do what you want by skilfully influencing them Dont try to manipulate me!
10.2 register
120 2A Grammar v redst s'inscrire to put the name of someone or something on an official list You need to register with a doctor.
10.2 rarity
120 2A Grammar n rerti phnomne rare to not happen or exist very often Old cars in good condition are a rarity.
10.2 ruin
120 2A Grammar v run ruiner to spoil or destroy something completely This new road will ruin the countryside.
10.2 stir
120 4A Vocabulary n st sensation a situation in which a lot of people feel interested or angry She's creating a stir ...
10.2 ground-breaking
120 4A Vocabulary adj grand brek innovateur using new methods, or achieving new results with her ground-breaking mix of rap and folk.
10.2 rave review
120 4A Vocabulary n phr rev rvju critique logieuse a report that praises something such as a film or show in a very enthusiastic way She got rave reviews in the press.
10.2 sell-out
120 4A Vocabulary adj selat complet a performance, sports game etc for which all the tickets have been sold The concert was expected to be a sell-out. (the concert is sold out)
10.2 hype
120 4A Vocabulary n hap battage publicitaire when something is talked about a lot on television, in the newspapers etc, to make it seem good or important Theres been a lot of media hype surrounding this movie.
etc, to make it seem good or important
10.2 letdown
120 4A Vocabulary n letdan dception something that disappoints you because it is not as good as you expected The end of the book was a real letdown.
10.2 flop
120 4A Vocabulary n flp fiasco/navet a film, show, plan, or product that is not successful The shows first series was a complete flop.
10.2 mainstream
120 4A Vocabulary adj menstrim mainstream, dominant the most usual ideas or ways of doing something that are accepted by most people mainstream education
10.2 alternative
120 4A Vocabulary adj ltntv alternatif used instead of something else The main road is blocked, so drivers should choose an alternative route.
10.2 memorable
121 5A Speaking adj memrbl inoubliable good or enjoyable and likely to be remembered a memorable day
10.2 exhibition
121 5A Speaking n eksbn exposition a public show where people can go and see paintings, photographs etc an exhibition of historical photographs
10.2 reggae
121 5A Speaking n rege reggae a type of popular music from Jamaica with a strong regular beat Bob Marley is the most famous reggae artist.
10.2 on and offPlus
121 7A Vocabulary phr n nd f de temps autre for short periods but not regularly over a long period of time Hes been smoking for ten years now, on and off
10.2 ups and downs
121 7A Vocabulary Plus n phr ps nd danz des hauts et des bas the good and bad things that happen in life, business etc Every marriage has its ups and downs.
10.2 sick and tired
121 7A Vocabulary Plus phr sk nd tad en avoir marre de (mainly spoken) very unhappy about something I'm sick and tired of having to listen to other's people's music on the train.
10.2 through and
121 7A Vocabulary through
Plus phr ru nd ru jusqu'aux bouts des ongles completely a typical Englishman through and through
10.2 give and take
121 7A Vocabulary Plus n phr gv nd tek concessions de part et d'autre ... between two people, each person agrees to do some of the things that the other person wants In any relationship, there has to be some give and take.
10.2 rough andPlus
121 7A Vocabulary ready phr rf nd redi fruste, grossier not perfect, but good enough for a particular purpose The tests are only a rough and ready guide to a pupils future development.
10.2 now and then
121 7A Vocabulary Plus phr na nd en de temps en temps sometimes, but not regularly or often I only go to concerts now and then.
10.2 audition
163 1B Reading v dn audition a short performance by an actor, singer etc to test whether he or she is good enough to perform in a play, concert etc Shes auditioning for Ophelia in Hamlet.
10.2 portfolio
163 1B Reading n ptfli portfolio a set of pictures that an artist, photographer etc uses as examples of his or her work Youll need to prepare a portfolio of your work.
10.2 evaluate
163 1B Reading v vljuet valuer to judge how good, useful, or successful something is Teachers meet regularly to evaluate students progress.
10.2 request
163 1B Reading n rkwest demande when someone politely or formally asks for something Weve made a request for new equipment.
10.2 commodity
163 1B Reading n kmdti article, produit a product that is bought and sold agricultural commodities
10.2 launderer
163 1B Reading n lndr blanchisseur s.o who hides the origin of money obtained illegally by putting it into legal businesses money launderers
10.2 black market
163 1B Reading n blk mkt march noir when things are bought or sold illegally drugs that were only available on the black market
10.2 reliance
163 1B Reading n rlans dpendance when someone or something depends on another thing our reliance on imported oil
10.2 rhythm
163 1B Reading n rm rythme a regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements Drums are basic to African rhythm.
10.2 percussion
163 1B Reading n pkn percussion drums and other musical instruments which you play by hitting them Tonight we have Paul Duke on percussion (=playing a percussion instrument).
10.2 amplification
163 1B Reading n mplfken amplification to make sounds louder using electronic equipment percussion parts enhanced by amplification
10.2 vibrate
163 1B Reading v vabret vibrer to shake with small fast movements, or to make something shake in this way The vocal cords vibrate as air passes over them.
10.2 heckler
163 1B Reading n hekl chahuteur to shout at someone who is making a speech or performing, in order to embarrass them How do comedians handle hecklers?
10.2 humiliate
163 1B Reading v hjumliet humilier to make someone feel ashamed or stupid She humiliated me in front of the whole class.
10.2 insult
163 1B Reading v nslt insulter to say or do something that offends someone You should apologize for insulting her.
10.2 disposable
163 1B Reading adj dspzbl jetable intended to be used once or for a short time and then thrown away disposable nappies
10.2 amateur
163 1B Reading n amateur
amt, -t, -t, mt someone who does something because they enjoy it, not because it is their job It looked as if the building had been decorated by a bunch of amateurs.
10.2 sensitivity
163 1B Reading n senstvti sensibilit the quality of understanding how someone feels and being careful not to offend them His comments show a lack of sensitivity.
10.2 composition
163 1B Reading n kmpzn composition the way that something is made up of different parts, things, or people the chemical composition of soil
10.2 knack
163 1B Reading n nk don a skill or ability A good photographer has a knack for timing.
10.3 inauguration
122 3A Function n ngjren investiture to hold an official ceremony when someone starts doing an important job in government President Hoovers inauguration
10.3 bohemian
122 3A Function adj bhimin, b- bohmien living in a very relaxed way and not accepting societys rules of normal behaviour bohemian cafs frequented by artists, musicians, and actors
10.3 seat
122 3A Function v sit accueillir (nombre de siges) if a place seats a particular number of people, it has enough seats for that number The new Olympic stadium seats over 70,000.
10.3 arch
123 4A Function n t arc a structure with a curved top that supports the weight of a bridge or building We walked under an arch into a small courtyard.
10.3 sway
123 4A Function v swe osciller to move slowly from one side to another Trees swayed gently in the breeze.
10.3 height
123 5 Vocabulary n hat hauteur how tall someone or something is The boys are about the same height.
10.3 length
123 5 Vocabulary n le longueur the distance from one end of something to the other end Whats the length of the room?
10.3 width
123 5 Vocabulary n wd largeur the distance from one side of something to the other the width of the window
10.3 thickness
123 5 Vocabulary n kns paisseur how thick something is the different thicknesses of the old stone walls
10.3 narrow
123 5 Vocabulary v nr rduire to become narrower, or to make something narrower The road narrows here.
10.3 breadth
123 5 Vocabulary n bred, bret largeur the distance from one side of something to the other No one could equal Dr Brenningers breadth of knowledge.
10.3 depth
123 5 Vocabulary n dep profondeur the distance from the top of something to the bottom of it The lake has an average depth of six to eight metres.
10.3 enlarge
123 5 Vocabulary v nld agrandir if you enlarge something, or if it enlarges, it gets bigger Can I have these photos enlarged?
10.3 shorten
123 5 Vocabulary v tn diminuer to become shorter, or to make something shorter Smoking shortens your life.
10.3 entrance
123 5 Vocabulary n entrns entre a door or gate that you go through to enter a place the entrance to the tower
10.3 term to
123 6A Learn n tm terme if you explain or think about something in particular terms or in terms of a particular thing, you explain or think about it from that point of view A million years isnt a very long time in geological terms.
trimestre one of the periods of time into which the year is divided for students. In the UK, there are usually three terms:
the autumn term, the spring term, and the summer term How many weeks is it till the end of term?
10.4 eye-catching
124 1A DVD Preview adj akt frappant unusual, attractive, or noticeable an eye-catching design
10.4 meritPreview
124 1A DVD n mert mrite a good quality or feature The new scheme has several merits.
10.4 deface
124 1A DVD Preview v dfes dgrader to spoil the appearance of something by writing or making marks on it the vandals who defaced the statue
10.4 stimulating
124 1A DVD Preview adj stmjlet stimulant interesting and full of new ideas a stimulating conversation
10.4 offensive
124 1A DVD Preview adj fensv injurieux likely to upset or offend people Some people found the song offensive.
10.4 provocative
124 1A DVD Preview adj prvktv provocateur intended to make someone angry or upset, or to cause a lot of discussion a provocative comment
10.4 hideous
124 1A DVD Preview adj hdis hideux very ugly or unpleasant a hideous building
10.4 graffiti
124 1B DVD Preview n grfiti, gr- graffiti writing and pictures that are drawn illegally on the walls of buildings, trains etc What do local people think of graffiti in general?
10.4 pioneering
124 1B DVD Preview adj panr innovateur introducing new or better ideas or methods for the first time the pioneering work of NASA scientists
10.4 rumoured
124 1B DVD Preview adj rumd on dit que... if something is rumoured to be true, people are saying that it may be true but no one is sure It was rumoured that a magazine offered 10,000 for her story.
10.4 credible
124 2B DVD View adj kredbl crdible if someone or something is credible, people can trust them or believe them a credible witness
10.4 irresponsible
124 2B DVD View adj rspnsbl irresponsable doing things that are not sensible, without thinking about the possible bad results Hes got a very irresponsible attitude to his work.
10.4 multiplex
125 4A Speakout adj mltpleks multiplexe a large cinema with several rooms in which films are shown a state-of-the-art multiplex cinema
10.4 botanical
125 4A Speakout adj btnkl botanique the scientific study of plants a botanical garden
10.4 beneficial
125 4B Speakout adj benfl bnfique helpful or useful The agreement will be beneficial to both groups.
10.4 maintenance
125 4B Speakout n mentnns entretien the work that is necessary to keep something in good condition He was carrying out routine maintenance work.
10.4 fountain
125 6A Writeback n fantn fontaine a structure that sends water up into the air A fountain of blood was pouring from his chest.
10.4 awe-inspiring
125 6B Writeback adj rnspar impressionant very impressive an awe-inspiring achievement
10.4 reflect
125 6B Writeback v rflekt reflter if something such as a mirror or water reflects something, you can see the image of that thing in the mirror or water The mountain was reflected in the waters of the lake.
10.4 curve
125 6B Writeback n kv courbe a line or shape which bends round like part of a circle a sharp curve in the road
10.4 titanium
125 6B Writeback n tatenim titane a strong light silver-white metal that is often combined with other metals and used to make things such as aircraft and spacecraft shiny titanium panels
10.4 panel
125 6B Writeback n pnl panneau a piece of wood, glass etc that is part of a door, wall, or ceiling an oak door with three panels
10.4 scale
125 6B Writeback n skel chelle how big or important something is a large-scale development project (= grande chelle)
10.4 masterpiece
125 6B Writeback n mstpis chef-d'oeuvre a very good work of art or piece of writing Mary Shelley was just 18 when she wrote the horror masterpiece Frankenstein.
10.4 breathtaking
125 6B Writeback adj bretek couper le souffle very impressive, beautiful, or surprising a breathtaking view
10.5 126 1A utterly adv tli compltement complete or extreme Thats utterly ridiculous!
10.5 126 3A tile n tal tuile, carreau a flat square piece of clay or other material, used for covering roofs, floors etc bathroom tiles
10.5 126 3A racquet n rkt, rkt raquette another spelling of racket(3) a tennis racquet
10.5 126 3A crown v kran couronne to put a crown on someones head, as part of a ceremony that officially makes them the ruler of a country She was crowned queen 50 years ago.
10.5 126 3A statuette n sttuet statuette a very small statue that can be put on a table or shelf A statuette awarded to people in the film world.
10.5 126 3A igloo n glu iglou a house made from blocks of snow or ice An igloo is an Inuit shelter.
10.5 126 3A raw adj r cru not cooked raw onions
10.5 126 3A seaweed n siwid algue a plant that grows in the sea Sushis are rolled up in seaweed.
10.5 126 5A marble n mbl marbre a type of hard rock that becomes smooth when polished, used for making buildings, statues etc The columns were of white marble.
Vocabulary Bank
Vocabulary 1A cautious
148 Bank adj ks prudent, rserv careful to avoid problems or danger Becky's become a very cautious driver since her accident.
Vocabulary 1A eccentric
148 Bank adj ksentrk excentrique strange or unusual Aunt Nessy was always a bit eccentric.
Vocabulary 1A genuine
148 Bank adj denjun vrai, sincre if something is genuine, it really is what it seems to be If those are genuine diamonds, they'll be worth a fortune!
Vocabulary 1A moody
148 Bank adj mudi morose often becoming angry or unhappy Were you a moody teenager?
Vocabulary 1A nave
148 Bank adj najiv naf not having much experience of how complicated life is, so that you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen Jim can be so naive sometimes.
Vocabulary 1A trustworthy
148 Bank adj trstwi digne de confiance if someone is trustworthy, you can trust them completely James is my most loyal and trustworthy friend.
Vocabulary 1A witty
148 Bank adj wti plein d'esprit funny and clever Geoff is always popular at dinner parties because he's so witty.
Vocabulary 2A absence
148 Bank n bsns absence when you are not in the place where people expect you to be, or the time that you are away Her boss wanted to speak to her about her frequent absences from work.
Vocabulary 2A accuracy
148 Bank n kjrsi prcision the quality of being exact or correct He passes the ball with amazing accuracy.
Vocabulary 2A decency
148 Bank n disnsi politesse, sens moral morally correct behaviour At least he had the decency to apologise.
Vocabulary 2A democracy
148 Bank n dmkrsi dmocratie the political system in which everyone can vote to choose the government, or a country that has this system Is your country a democracy?
Vocabulary 2A fluent
148 Bank adj flunt parler couramment able to speak or write a language very well, without stopping or making mistakes Jem can speak fluent Japanese.
Vocabulary 2A patience
148 Bank n pens patience the ability to stay calm and not get angry when you are waiting for something or doing something difficult I dont have the patience to be a teacher.
Vocabulary 2A presence
148 Bank n prezns prsence when someone or something is somewhere at a particular time, or a group of people who are somewhere at a particular time The document should be signed in the presence of a witness.
Vocabulary 2A secrecy
148 Bank n sikrsi confidentialit when something is kept secret The operation was carried out in total secrecy.
Vocabulary 2A urgent
148 Bank adj dnt urgent if something is urgent, it is very important and needs to be dealt with immediately I have an urgent message for you.
Vocabulary 1 landslide
149 Bank n lndslad glissement de terrain a sudden fall of a lot of earth or rocks down a hill, cliff, etc. The landslide was caused by two weeks of heavy rain.
Vocabulary 1 tornado
149 Bank n tned tornade an extremely violent storm consisting of air that spins very quickly and causes a lot of damage The tornado picked up their mobile home and dumped it across the street.
Vocabulary 1 tsunami
149 Bank n tsnmi tsunami a very large wave, caused for example by an earthquake, which can cause a lot of damage when it reaches land The tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Vocabulary 1 eruption
149 Bank n -knk rpn ruption an explosion, usually of a volcano Last night there was a huge volcanic eruption which destroyed a whole village.
Vocabulary 2A economic
149 Bank adj eknmk, i- conomique relating to trade, industry, and the management of money What do you think of the governments current economic policy?
Vocabulary 2A ethical
149 Bank adj ekl moral, thique connected with principles of what is right and wrong It would not be ethical to lie to them.
Vocabulary 2A global
149 Bank adj glbl global affecting or including the whole world The global economy seems to be recovering slowly but surely.
Vocabulary 2A industrial
149 Bank adj ndstril industriel relating to industry or the people working in it What do you think was the most important invention of the Industrial Revolution?
Vocabulary 2A rural
149 Bank adj rrl rural relating to or happening in the country rather than in the city The country's rural areas have been the worst affected by the disaster.
Vocabulary 2A urban
149 Bank adj bn urbain in or relating to a town or city There is still a lot of crime in the city's urban areas.
Vocabulary 1A aim
150 Bank v em avoir pour objectif to try or intend to achieve something We aim to finish by Friday.
Vocabulary 1A beat
150 Bank v bit battre, vaincre to get more points, votes etc than other people in a game or competition Spain beat Italy 31.
Vocabulary 1A bounce
150 Bank v bans faire rebondir if something such as a ball bounces, or if you bounce it, it hits a surface and then immediately moves away from it The ball bounced off the post and into the goal.
Vocabulary 1A bowl
150 Bank v bl faire rouler, lancer to roll a ball along a surface when you are playing the games of bowls or bowling When Ian met Sue, he was completely bowled over.
Vocabulary 1A defeat
150 Bank v dfit vaincre to win a victory over someone in a war, competition, game etc In the last match, Venus Williams defeated her sister 63, 64.
Vocabulary 1A draw
150 Bank v dr faire match nul to make a picture of something with a pencil or pen She was drawing a picture of a tree.
Vocabulary 1A let in
150 Bank v let n laisser entrer
Vocabulary 1A opponent
150 Bank n pnnt adversaire someone who is competing against you in a sport or competition His opponent is twice as big as he is.
Vocabulary 1A snooker
150 Bank n snuk snooker (variante du billard) a game played on a special table with long sticks, one white ball, and a set of coloured balls They meet up every Friday to play snooker.
Vocabulary 1A tackle
150 Bank v tkl s'attaquer , prendre de front to deal with a difficult problem a new attempt to tackle the problem of homelessness
Vocabulary 1A weight-training
150 Bank n wet tren musculation
Vocabulary 2A a whole new ballgame idiom e hl nju blgem une autre paire de manches
150 Bank
Vocabulary 2A in the ballpark
150 Bank n blpk
prep phr chiffre approximatif
Vocabulary 2A kick off
150 Bank phr v kk f dmarrer, commencer to start The festivities will kick off with a barbecue dinner.
Vocabulary 3A batch
150 Bank n bt lot, tas, groupe a group of things or people that arrive or are dealt with at the same time She had just baked another batch of cookies.
Vocabulary 3A bunch
150 Bank n bnt rgime, bouquet, botte, bande a group of things that are held or joined together a bunch of grapes
Vocabulary 3A flock
150 Bank n flk vole, troupeau a group of sheep, goats, or birds a flock of geese
Vocabulary 3A gang
150 Bank n g gang, bande a group of young people, especially a group that often causes trouble and fights two rival street gangs
Vocabulary 3A herd
150 Bank n hd troupeau a large group of animals of one type a herd of cows
Vocabulary 3A pack
150 Bank n pk meute several similar things wrapped or packed together in order to sell them or send them to someone a pack of three T-shirts
Vocabulary 3A series
150 Bank n sriz srie several events or actions of the same kind that happen one after the other series of accidents
Vocabulary 3A swarm
150 Bank n swm masse a large group of insects that move together a swarm of bees
Vocabulary 1A crawl
151 Bank v krl ramper to move on your hands and knees The baby is just learning to crawl.
Vocabulary 1A creep
151 Bank v krip s'approcher pas de loup to move very quietly so that no one will notice you She crept down the stairs in the dark.
Vocabulary 1A limp
151 Bank v lmp boiter, traner to walk with difficulty because one leg is hurt He limped to the chair and sat down.
Vocabulary 1A march
151 Bank v mt marcher au pas if soldiers march, they walk with firm regular steps Troops marched into the capital.
Vocabulary 1A slide
151 Bank v slad glisser to move smoothly over a surface, or to make something move in this way The children were sliding along the ice.
Vocabulary 1A stagger
151 Bank v stg tituber to walk or move in an unsteady way, almost falling over Tom staggered drunkenly into the kitchen.
Vocabulary 1A tiptoe
151 Bank v tpt marcher sur la pointe des pieds standing on your toes, with the rest of your feet above the ground They tiptoed silently out.
Vocabulary 1A wade
151 Bank v wed patauger to walk through water We waded across the stream.
Vocabulary 1A wander
151 Bank v wnd se promener, se balader to walk slowly across or around an area, usually without a clear direction or purpose We spent the morning wandering around the old part of the city.
Vocabulary 1A break into
152 Bank phr v brek nt faire une perce (dans le march)
Vocabulary 1A launch
152 Bank v lnt lancer to start something big or important We have launched a campaign to raise $50,000.
Vocabulary 1A manufacture
152 Bank v mnjfkt fabriquer to use machines to make goods, usually in large numbers or amounts The company manufactures chemicals.
Vocabulary 1A product
152 Bank n prdkt produit something that is made in a factory or grown to be sold a list of new food products
Vocabulary 1A take over
152 Bank phr v tek v s'emparer de to take control of something His son will take over the business.
Vocabulary 1B cancel
152 Bank v knsl annuler to say that something that was planned will not happen I had to cancel my trip to Rome.
Vocabulary 1B demonstrate
152 Bank v demnstret faire une dmonstration to show that something is true The accident demonstrated the importance of wearing seat belts.
Vocabulary 1B expand
152 Bank v kspnd tre en expansion to become larger, or to make something larger The population expanded rapidly in the '60s.
Vocabulary 1B increase
152 Bank v nkris augmenter if you increase something, or if it increases, it becomes bigger in number, amount, or degree Regular exercise increases your chances of living longer.
Vocabulary 1B postpone
152 Bank v pspn reporter to change the date or time of an event to a later one The meeting has been postponed until July.
Vocabulary 1B reduce
152 Bank v rdjus rduire to make the price, amount, or size of something less or smaller Theyre trying to reduce the number of students in the college.
Vocabulary 1B re-enter
152 Bank v ri ent entrer nouveau when someone starts being involved in something again or enters a place again
Vocabulary 1B gap
152 Bank v phr si gp n crneau, trou
Vocabulary 2A built-in
152 Bank adj bltn incorpor, intgr fixed permanently somewhere and not possible to remove built-in cupboards
Vocabulary 2A camcorder
152 Bank n kmkd camscope a small video camera that you can carry around with you
Vocabulary 2A detergent
152 Bank n dtdnt dtergent a liquid or powder that you use for washing clothes, dishes etc
Vocabulary 2A dictaphone
152 Bank n dktfn dictaphone
Vocabulary 2A dishwasher
152 Bank n dw lave-vaisselle a machine that washes dishes
Vocabulary 2A eco-friendly
152 Bank adj ik frendli bon pour l'environnement not harmful to the environment eco-friendly products
Vocabulary 2A energy-efficient
152 Bank adj endi fnt faible consommation nergtique
Vocabulary 2A hand-held
152 Bank adj hndheld portable a hand-held machine is small enough to hold in your hand when you use it a hand-held camera
Vocabulary 2A high-definition
152 Bank adj hadefnn haute dfinition a high-definition television or computer shows images very clearly
Vocabulary 2A lightbulb
152 Bank n latblb ampoule
Vocabulary 2A long-life
152 Bank adj llaf longue dure long-life products continue working longer than ordinary ones long-life batteries
Vocabulary 2A pocket-sized
152 Bank adj pktsazd au format de poche small enough to fit into your pocket or be carried easily pocket-sized dictionaries
Vocabulary 2A solar-powered
152 Bank adj sl pad qui fonctionne l'nergie solaire
Vocabulary 2A voice-activated
152 Bank adj vs ktvetd commande vocale a voice-activated piece of equipment starts working at the sound of someones voice
Vocabulary 2A water-proof
152 Bank adj wt pruf impermable
Vocabulary 1A blurry
153 Bank adj blri flou to become difficult to see, or to make something difficult to see, because the edges are not clear a few blurry photos of their holiday
Vocabulary 1A dizzy
153 Bank adj dzi tourdi, pris de vertiges feeling that you are losing your balance, for example because you have been spinning around or you are ill She felt dizzy when she stood up.
Vocabulary 1A irritable
153 Bank adj rtbl irritable becoming annoyed very easily Jo was tired, irritable, and depressed.
Vocabulary 1A paralysed
153 Bank adj prlazd paralys to make someone lose the ability to move their body or part of their body The stroke left him paralyzed.
Vocabulary 1A shiver
153 Bank v v grelotter if you shiver, your body shakes slightly because you are cold or frightened Come inside, youre shivering.
Vocabulary 1A sneeze
153 Bank v sniz ternuer when you sneeze, air suddenly comes out of your nose and mouth in a noisy and uncontrollable way The dust is making me sneeze.
Vocabulary 1A stiff
153 Bank adj stf raide if someone or a part of their body is stiff, their muscles hurt and it is difficult to move Ive got a stiff neck.
Vocabulary 1A swollen
153 Bank adj swln enfl a part of your body that is swollen is bigger than usual, especially because you are ill or injured swollen glands
Vocabulary 1A vomit
153 Bank v vmt vomir if you vomit, food comes up from your stomach and comes out of your mouth He had swallowed so much sea water he wanted to vomit.
Vocabulary 1B allergic
153 Bank adj ldk allergique
Vocabulary 1B arthritis
153 Bank n rats arthrite a disease that causes the joints of your body to become swollen and very painful arthritic fingers
Vocabulary 1B bug
153 Bank n bg virus an illness that people get very easily from each other but is not very serious Theres a nasty bug going round (=which a lot of people have caught).
Vocabulary 1B dehydrated
153 Bank adj dihadretd dshydrat not having enough water in your body
Vocabulary 1B food poisoning
153 Bank n fud pzn intoxication alimentaire a stomach illness caused by eating food that contains harmful bacteria
Vocabulary 1B go round
153 Bank phr v g rand faire le tour
Vocabulary 1B insomnia
153 Bank n nsmni insomnie the problem of not being able to sleep
Vocabulary 1B nearsighted
153 Bank adj nsatd myope unable to see things clearly unless they are close to you
Vocabulary 1B sprain
153 Bank v spren se faire une entorse to injure your wrist, knee etc by suddenly twisting it I fell and sprained my ankle.
Vocabulary 1B stroke
153 Bank n strk attaque a medical condition in which your brain becomes damaged and you are unable to move part of your body He had a stroke last year.
Vocabulary 2A contribution
153 Bank n kntrbjun contribution something that you give or do to help make something successful Einsteins enormous contribution to science
Vocabulary 2A disposal
153 Bank n dspzl limination when you get rid of something the disposal of radioactive waste
Vocabulary 2A occurrence
153 Bank n krns occurence something that happens Stress-related illness is now a fairly common occurrence.
Vocabulary 2A reversal
153 Bank n rvsl renversement a change so that something becomes the opposite of what it was before a sudden reversal of government policy
Vocabulary 2B coincide
153 Bank v knsad concider to happen at the same time as something else The show was timed to coincide with the launch of the book.
Vocabulary 2B invade
153 Bank v nved envahir to enter a place with an army, in order to take control of it The Romans invaded Britain.
Vocabulary 1A breaking news
154 Bank n brek njuz dernire nouvelle
Vocabulary 1A headline
154 Bank n hedlanz titre
Vocabulary 1A lead story
154 Bank n lid stri article la une the most important report in a newspaper or news programme, which is put first
Vocabulary 1A news feed
154 Bank n njuz fid RSS
Vocabulary 1A podcast
154 Bank n pdkst podcast a radio programme that can be downloaded from the Internet The show is to be podcast.
Vocabulary 1A link
154 Bank n lk lien
Vocabulary 1A weather forecast
154 Bank n we fkst prvisions mtorologiques a report on the television or radio that says what the weather will be like Its going to rain, according to the weather forecast.
Vocabulary 2A take on
154 Bank phr v tek n embaucher; affronter
Vocabulary 1A apprehensive
155 Bank adj prhensv craintif anxious or afraid about something in the future Wed been a little apprehensive about their visit.
Vocabulary 1A cheerful
155 Bank adj tfl joyeux happy, or behaving in a way that shows you are happy He is feeling more cheerful than before.
Vocabulary 1A cross
155 Bank adj krs fch annoyed Are you cross with me?
Vocabulary 1A delighted
155 Bank adj dlatd ravi very pleased Yoko will be delighted to see you.
Vocabulary 1A disorientated
155 Bank adj dsrntetd dsorient
Vocabulary 1A furious
155 Bank adj fjris furieux, acharn very angry He is furious at the courts decision.
Vocabulary 1A livid
155 Bank adj lvd furieux very angry She was absolutely livid that he had lied.
Vocabulary 1A mystified
155 Bank adj mstfad dconcert
Vocabulary 1A petrified
155 Bank adj petrfad ptrifi very frightened Im absolutely petrified of dogs.
Vocabulary 1A puzzled
155 Bank adj pzld perplexe confused and unable to understand something Dan had a puzzled expression on his face.
Vocabulary 1A terrified
155 Bank adj terfad terrifi very frightened Im absolutely terrified of spiders.
Vocabulary 1A upset
155 Bank adj pset fch unhappy because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened Shes still very upset about her fathers death.
Vocabulary 2A a pain in the neck
155 Bank idiom pen n nek un casse-pieds
Vocabulary 2A catch somebody's eye idiom kt smbdiz a
155 Bank attirer le regard de qn
Vocabulary 2A cost an arm and a leg idiom kst n m nd leg coter les yeux de la tte
155 Bank
Vocabulary 2A get your foot in the door idiom get j ft n d
155 Bank mettre un pied dans la place/porte
Vocabulary 2A have got a big mouth idiom hv gt bg ma grande gueule
155 Bank
Vocabulary 2A lose your head
155 Bank idiom luz j hed perdre son sang froid
Vocabulary 2A see eye to eye
155 Bank idiom si a t a tre d'accord if two people see eye to eye, they agree with each other We didnt exactly see eye to eye.
Vocabulary 2A turn a blind eye
155 Bank idiom tn bland a fermer les yeux
Vocabulary 1 bonnet
156 Bank n bnt capot the front part of a car that covers the engine Ill need to check under the bonnet.
Vocabulary 1 boot
156 Bank n but coffre a type of shoe that covers your whole foot and the lower part of your leg She wore high-heeled boots.
Vocabulary 1 indicator
156 Bank n ndket clignotant something that can be regarded as a sign of something else The main economic indicators suggest that trade is improving.
Vocabulary 1 number plate
156 Bank n nmb plet plaque d'immatriculation the sign on the front and back of a vehicle that shows its official number
Vocabulary 1 steering wheel
156 Bank n str wil volant a wheel that you turn to control the direction of a car
Vocabulary 1 sun roof
156 Bank n sn ruf toit ouvrant
Vocabulary 1 tail light
156 Bank n tel lat feu arrire one of the two red lights at the back of a vehicle
Vocabulary 1 tyre
156 Bank n ta pneu the round piece of rubber that fits around a wheel of a car, bicycle etc and is filled with air I had a flat tyre (=all the air went out of it) on the way home.
Vocabulary 1 windscreen
156 Bank n wndskrin pare-brise the large window at the front of a car, bus etc
Vocabulary 1 windscreen wiper
156 Bank n wndskrin wap essuie-glace a long piece of metal with a rubber edge that moves across a windscreen to remove the rain
Vocabulary 1 wing
156 Bank n w aile one of the parts of a birds or insects body that it moves in order to fly ducks flapping their wings
Vocabulary 1 wing mirror
156 Bank n w mr rtroviseur latral a mirror on the side of a car
Vocabulary 2 collide
156 Bank v klad entrer en collision
Vocabulary 2 lane
156 Bank n len voie
Vocabulary 2 exceed
156 Bank v ksid dpasser, excder
Vocabulary 2 overtake
156 Bank v vtek dpasser to go past a moving vehicle or person because you are going faster than them The accident happened as he was overtaking a bus.
Vocabulary 2 pull out
156 Bank phr v pl at sortir if a car pulls out, it moves away from the side of a road into a line of traffic Some idiot pulled out in front of me.
Vocabulary 2 scratch
156 Bank v skrt rafler to rub your skin with your nails to stop it feeling uncomfortable Try not to scratch those mosquito bites.
Vocabulary 2 skid
156 Bank v skd draper if a vehicle skids, it suddenly slides sideways and you cannot control it The car skidded on ice.
Vocabulary 2 swerve
156 Bank v swv faire un cart to suddenly move to the left or right while you are driving She swerved but too late.
Vocabulary 3 boast
156 Bank v bst se vanter de
Vocabulary 3 conceal
156 Bank v knsil dissimuler
Vocabulary 3 condemn
156 Bank v kndem condamner
Vocabulary 3 fine
156 Bank v fan condamner qn une amende
Vocabulary 3 mistake
156 Bank v mstek prendre qn pour qn d'autre
Vocabulary 3 prohibit
156 Bank v prhbt interdire
Vocabulary 3 punish
156 Bank v pn punir
Vocabulary 2 fiddle with
157 Bank phr v fdl w tripoter
Vocabulary 2 drum up
157 Bank phr v drm p trouver, dcrocher
Vocabulary 2 song
157 Bank n s chanson
Vocabulary 2 face the music
157 Bank v phr fes mjuzk faire face la situation to experience the results of something bad you have done I went home to face the music.
Vocabulary 2 ring a bell
157 Bank v phr r bel dire, rappeler qch qqn if something rings a bell, it seems familiar but you cannot remember exact details about it Her name rings a bell, but I cant remember her face.
Vocabulary 1A acoustic guitar
157 Bank n kustk gt guitare acoustique
Vocabulary 1A bass guitar
157 Bank n bes t guitare basse an electric guitar with four strings, that plays low notes
Vocabulary 1A fiddle
157 Bank n fdl violon a violin an insurance fiddle
Vocabulary 1A cello
157 Bank n tel violoncelle a large wooden musical instrument that you hold between your knees and play by pulling a bow (=special stick) across the strings

Vocabulary 1A grand piano

157 Bank n grnd pin piano queue the type of large piano often used in concerts
Vocabulary 1A trombone
157 Bank n trmbn trombone a large metal musical instrument that you play by blowing into it and sliding a long tube in and out
Vocabulary 1A flute
157 Bank n flut flte a musical instrument like a thin pipe that you play by holding it across your lips and blowing over a hole
Vocabulary 1A clarinet
157 Bank n klrnet clarinette a wooden musical instrument like a long black tube that you play by blowing into it
Vocabulary 1A harp
157 Bank n hp harpe a large musical instrument with strings stretched across a frame with three corners, which you play with your fingers
Vocabulary 3A sooner or later
157 Bank phr sun let tt ou tard used to say that something will definitely happen but you are not sure when Hes bound to find out sooner or later.
Vocabulary 3A take it or leave it
157 Bank phr tek t liv t c'est prendre ou laisser
Vocabulary 3A sink or swim
157 Bank phr sk swm marche ou crve to succeed or fail without help from anyone else They dont give you a lot of guidance youre just left to sink or swim, really.leave
Vocabulary 3A give or take
157 Bank phr gv tek plus ou moins
Vocabulary 3A all or nothing
157 Bank phr l n tout-ou-rien
Vocabulary 3A life or death
157 Bank phr laf de la vie ou la mort
Vocabulary 3A hit or miss
157 Bank phr ht ms question de chance
Vocabulary 3A one way or another
157 Bank phr wn we n d'une manire ou d'une autre