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John Eakin

Mrs. Cramer

College Comp 1


Are we Ready to Change the world?
In high school, students are told that they need to be prepared for the real world. They are

told they do not know what lies beyond their education, but something that helps them prepare

for their lives is the transition from high school to college. High school students are not ready for

what college has to offer for their education. High school students are not college ready due to

the teachers not caring enough about preparing their students for college, the lack of writing skill

that students demonstrate, and students missing college material.

For starters, the teachers who teach at high schools need to care more about supplying

their students with reasonable knowledge. Students go to college to get an education to do

something more with their lives, even becoming a teacher. Some teachers seem to graduate

college, get a job, and then just work the rest of their lives. Students need teachers who care

about the change they are making; people that they can look up to. “A student’s development is

based off the teacher” (Strauss 4). With that being said, students need someone who can point

them in the direction to go to be successful in high school as well as college. Some teachers seem

not to try as hard as they should. They do not think that they are being monitored all the time

which they actually are. Teachers lose their jobs that they worked so hard for, only because they

could not have cared a little more. There are policies that do hinder how a teacher teaches their

students, but it should be up to them to fight it and make it what teachers feel best to have

successful students. With these policies “students are ever less prepared for postsecondary
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academic work” (Strauss 4) meaning that certain policies are keeping students from learning

certain subjects. Teachers need to fight it, allowing them to teach their students how to. In

conclusion, teachers need to care more about supplying knowledge to their students. Students

reflect off their teachers and if they have someone that cares who teaches them they will succeed

more. They will also care more about how they perform in the classroom. With that, teachers

need to care about what they are providing to students. Students also need caring more about

their learning.

In addition, high school students are lacking the knowledge of writing. Tests that are

distributed to students are multiple choice rather the open response. “With the tests being

multiple choice it requires less thinking” (Strauss 2) students are not required to think as much

compared to open response. Multiple choice tests are cheaper to develop, administer, and score

than tests with constructed responses in which are hurting the students. Money should not be a

consideration, but the lives of our future generation should be. Money is going to have to be put

into our schools, therefore students can have constructed responses on tests.Hence, preparing

them for higher level questions when they reach college. With students arriving to high school

without common knowledge of writing, are deflating from teachers. This requires them to teach

students more material. Teachers need to focus on what they are primarily supposed to teach.

There are tests that are constructed response where students are only required to get the main

idea and they will get points. Teachers teach students how to answer questions on a test, but the

students do not have an introduction or conclusion. Their grammar is not at a high level which is

effectively bad writing. “Too many high schools are prioritizing credit accrual for graduation

over knowledge and skill development” (High) students need to be more interested in analyzing

the material, rather than just getting points for graduation. In college it is expected to be able to
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successfully write a proficient response with proper grammar and structure. This is something

high school students are strongly lacking. In conclusion, high school students demonstrate a lack

of skill in writing due to standardized tests that are being distributed. Additionally, students are

not required to display higher level thinking.

Lastly, students are not comprehending college material. Teachers are trying to prepare

students for taking tests that will get them college credit, but they cannot simultaneously teach

them to write with proficiency. Teachers are also getting too many students in one class,

requiring one person’s attention to 22-30 students in a room. One teacher states “I had too many

students in my final year, a teacher cannot give students individualized attention to improve their

writing” (Strauss 3) teachers not being able to pay attention to individual students prevents a

majority of students from obtaining college content. Teachers are required to cover an immense

amount of subjects in what they are teaching. The article states “Too much effort is spent on

learning information and perhaps insufficient time on wrestling with the material at a deeper

level” (Strauss 3) meaning teachers are struggling to go into depth of one form of material.With

everything teachers have on their plates, there is too much that they need to teach students.

Teachers can only give us, students, summaries of information instead of every bit of the material

due to many other subjects that need to be covered. This hurts us because students may not get a

certain topic, but they have to push through and learn the rest of the material. This will hurt us

being able to digest the material especially if it is college level. As a result, students are not

comprehending college material. Teachers are getting too many students and cannot give

students individualized attention. Students also need to care about what classes they are taking in

high school. If they take classes that are not involved with their career or at a college level in

high school, it can affect them in college(Schools).Along with that, teachers cannot go into depth
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of certain material due to too much other material needing to be covered. Therefore students not

picking up certain college material.

In conclusion, high school students are not college ready because teachers that guide

students do not care enough. Students lack common knowledge of writing, and students are not

comprehending college material. Our generation has the potential to change the world, but we

cannot do it without the help of our teachers and the urge to push ourselves. Our teachers need to

care more about pointing us in the right direction. Preparing us for the real world while students

need to push themselves to be the best that they can be in the classroom and on to college.

Today's students can change the world only if they strive together, bring out the potential that

each, and every student along with our mentors that are teachers.
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