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Week Two: Classroom Management Style Reflection

Alexis Lajambe


Lakehead University

Airin Stephens


September 14, 2016


I believe that I have conductor classroom management style with some hints of facilitator

and dominator. I like efficiency and am task oriented which align with the goal of conductor

management style which is on-task behaviour (Shindler, 2010). I enjoy when a classroom has

clear rules, consequences, and routines right from the first class similarly to a conductor

management style (Shindler, 2010). Building relationships with students is essential to classroom

management and being able to understand why students act the way they do. I occasionally have

some mannerisms of a dictator style since sometimes I simply want a task done and find the

fastest way to do this is telling the students what to do and expecting them to follow my orders

(Shindler, 2010). I can also be a facilitator by having the students decide what we are going to do

in class, such as what games to play in physical education, or if some students have a particular

skillset let them teach it.

According to Shindler (2010), it is important for teachers to be confident, responsible,

efficient, and to have self-efficacy. I believe these are some of my main personal traits that are

indicative of a successful style of management since the students will have an outline of what to

expect during class and will feel more confident when learning if I feel confident teaching. The

few times I have taught a lesson, I have tried to make them organized and interactive. I have

found this to be successful as the students maintain their focus throughout the lesson. I have

experience with youth between the ages of eight and 22 and have learned that regardless the age

they want to be involved in the lesson and engaged.

As a teacher it is important to be aware of any biases you may have to prevent them from

influencing decisions. Having a diverse class, it is important to keep an open mind to the

students beliefs and new strategies that may work in the classroom. One personal value that I

may need to revisit is that change can be a good thing and that it is alright to try new things.

Being a kinesthetic learner supports my development as a teacher since I like engaging and

interactive lessons with frequent breaks. I have a tendency to move around too much and

sometimes forget that not everyone likes to move a lot and that I should not make them too


I believe that I will be a successful teacher since I am hard worker, enthusiastic, and

organized. I also reflect on my days to see where I can make improvement which is important for

teachers to improve. Having a conductor style of management, my students can expect

consistency in the classroom and can always expect what is going to happen. I plan on working

hard to make my classroom more student centered so students feel like they have a say in what

they learn.

I think my previous experiences teaching and coaching have provided me with an

opportunity to gain and enhance valuable skills, including public speaking, explaining content in

different ways, and being able to connect with youth. My teaching style will separate me from

my classmates since I hope to adapt my strategies for each lesson to each student instead of

teaching the class as a whole. I want students to understand the fundamentals of the curriculum

to help build their success in the subject. I hope to be able to inspire the students in my class to

continue to learn whether it be inside or outside the classroom.



Shindler, J. (2010). Transformative classroom management: Positive strategies to engage all

students and promote a psychology of success. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.