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and specified number of comp onents visible. Navigation Home Community portal Current events Recent changes Random page Help Donations Search Go Search Toolbox What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link [Edit] 1. Chassis, frame or picture, of one or more pieces, ultimately supporting struc ture of the other components, and also the rider. 2. Group, essential motor comp onents, such as shafts, pinions, plates, rods, pedal, pedal, steering, chain, ch anges, derailleurs, brakes and controls. 3. Other essential components such as h andlebars, handlebar stem, saddle, etc. Seat Post. Ruedas, usually two, either t he same or different sizes each. Accessories (not less necessary depending on us e, and taking into account that the bicycle vehicle itself is a simple and easy to adapt and repair by the user). Some of these components are found in virtuall y all bicycles in the world are, cuffs, handlebar tape, rack, lights, fenders, b ell, air pump, air pump or pump to inflate, guardacadena and also disseminated t o other industrialized countries, common as speedometer, suspension, advances, q uick releases, carrying bags of various shapes and sizes, set of tools. List of parts that make up a basic bike: 1. Crank, Crank 2. Chain, Transmission 3. Chass is 4. Close Saddle 5. Direction (bearing the address) 6. Brake controls, levers, Transmission, Brake Bridges, Clamps or cams and Shoes 7. Fork 8. Handlebar Seat post one piece or more, such as handlebars, handlebar Seat Power 9. Pedals 10. B B 11. Pinion 12. Plato 13. Fists 14. Axis Wheels also called Hubs, Tires, Tires or Tyres, chambers, valves and usually with 15 rays. Saddle with Seatpost Buildi ng Blocks or tube which is then divided into the road bike and mountain bike: 1. Chassis 2. Group 3. Other Component Parts that can carry certain types of bikes : (eg mountain bike) 1. Saddle clamp with or without the Fast Close 2. Front buf fer 3. Rear shock and swingarm 4. Brake Cable, Power Shift, Brake Case, Change C ase 5. Rear derailleur and / or derailleur + shifters Del. Change 6. Wheel quick release 7. Hydraulic Brake 8. Automatic Pedal 9. Rastral, Colaptes 10. Brake Co ntroller, Exchange Regulator Accessories List possible to find a bike: 1. Saddle 2. Anti-Theft 3. Progress 4. Bomba, Bombin, Inflator, Blowing, Mancha, Bufa 5. Horse, Goat Leg Pin 6. Odometer, Speedometer, Computer 7. Lighting Equipment 8. Faro + Dinamo + Installation 9. Fenders 10. Chain Store 11. Luz Del. or after. R iders 12. Carrier, Folding, racks, Saddle Bag, Handlebar Bag, panniers, slides, Octopus 13. Bottle, bottle cage, cans, bottle, boat, Pileup 14. Reflectors and reflector 15. Mirrors or mirrors 16. Buzzer buzzer or horn, Pito photos show common, simp le cuts in some types of bicycle.

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