suffered by vehicles can occur during manufacture or as a result of weather conditions. The need to adjust the color of a vehicle requires a meth odology to speed and reliability to the process of color reproduction. Paint man ufacturers are responding to this need with various alternatives, among the curr ent cards are color variations or lozenges. FEBRUARY 1999 TECHNICAL SERVICE VEHICLE COLOR PROCESS OF ADJUSTMENT 6 The exact reproduction of the color of a car often involves the adjustment of co lor formulas that the manufacPaint singing provides. On the difficulty of this process of correction, there w ere several different methodologies and new products that facilitate this. Description of equipment The traditional method for color matching in the repair of a vehicle includes th e following steps: 4th. Locate on microfiche specific color formulation. 7. Prep are a quantity of color, with full regard to the formulation chosen. 8. Catalyzi ng and dilute a small amount of paint to apply on a test tube. This case is part icularly important when the life of the mixture ready for use is critical. 1. Locate the identification code of the paint on the nameplate located on the v ehicle. Vehicle Identification Plate Search formulation microfiche 2. Polishing an area near the vehicle to be painted, to really appreciate the co lor. 3rd. Identify the reference color in the listings and microfiche provided b y paint manufacturers. 5. Select the catalog of the corresponding color tablets and compare it with the color of the vehicle. 9th. Painting a probe, following the manufacturer's instructions regarding the p roducts, processes and parameters (air pressure, fan, nozzle, piezapistola dista

nce, time of evaporation, etc.). And under the same conditions in which to make the painted the vehicle. Catalyzed and diluted Color Chart Catalogue 6 º. Prepare the color starting with the first formulation of the microfiche. Th e following formulations are alterations, called variants. Painted in a test tube PAINTING TECHNICAL REPAIR OF VEHICLES 7 COLOR ADJUSTMENT PROCESSES 10 º. Observe the drying time needed before comparing as many colors vary during this time. 11th. Compare the specimen obtained with the color of the vehicle in the area previously prepared for it. Comparison of test with the vehicle 12. Adjust the color of the specimen, if it does not correspond to the vehicle, or prepare a new variant, which may be already made. All these steps are carried out considering the manufacturer's instructions, the influence of application p arameters and the basic color adjustment. Catalog of variants with pills An important aid to this process are the tablets of colors, corresponding to var iants made in microfiche. They provide a great saving of time in choosing the co lor, since it is not required necessarily the standard color, as it directly par t of the vehicle compared with the existing pads, including variants. We choose the most appropriate and sets the color, depending on formulation. Variants Pads Catalog of variants with pills Both the pills with standard colors such as variations have the same limitation: the colors that are seen in them are made of printing ink, which can be approxi mated to those found in the microfiche made for the products of the paint manufa cturer, but in some cases, offer a high accuracy. To avoid this, the paint manuf acturers offer color tablets spray applied and painted with the same products as in the painting process. The color matching method using color pellets involves the following steps: 1. Polishing an area of the vehicle to assess the current color. 2. Select the appropriate pills and compared with the vehicle, finally ch oosing one. Color pads applied to gun PAINTING TECHNICAL SERVICE VEHICLE COLOR ADJUSTMENT PROCESSES 8 3rd. Make this paint code on a formula, with the corresponding microfiche. 4. If the color of the chosen card does not correspond exactly to the vehicle, the fo rmula should be tweaked to be prepared. Formulation of the color information of the tablet Pills comparison with the vehicle spray

Comparison of different methods Traditional method (Letter of colors) color pads applied to gun Variants Pads Find the color code Find the color code Find the color bar of checking the color of the vehicle Compare the color of the vehicle with the pill Compare the color of the vehicle with color pads (standard and variants) and cho ose the most suitable paint the piece chosen formulation Prepare the color chosen by the formula Paint the piece with the wording chosen Deciding whether to amend and adjust color How to Observe a color • Clean the areas to be watched. • Illuminate the area properly, without making the light fall directly on it. • Adapt the color tablets, as far as possible to the shape of the panel. • Check color pads on the damaged panel and the adjacent piece, respecting clearance between parts. • Maintain a distance of 50 cm betwe en the pad and eye color. • Vary the angles of vision to detect the flop or late ral reflection. • Avoid reflections from other nearby vehicles or colored walls. • Do not look for a long time the color charts in order to avoid eyestrain. PAINTING FEBRUARY 1999