BUSINESS PLAN Working hours and new styles With pleasure.

Restoration is a business 'sensitive' that requires constant dedication and cust omer service. The value for money is crucial, but your best weapon-mouth adverti sing will be heard. Life favors the growth of restaurants The table is Dedicate to the restoration can be a worthwhile investment if you choose the rig ht place, you have reasonable culinary expertise and above all, offer an exquisi te service to the customer. Yes, get ready to run a business many sacrifices. Decoration s is essential to capture the public if your establishment is aimed at medioalto segment of the population, but also has great importance even if your shop is g oing to be a restaurant menu. Why it is always advisable to make a big bet by th is factor. There are companies specialized in decoration of restaurants that can make you a good job. If you do not have budget, get ideas from the competition. With imagination you will find economic solutions. S Let you know s good reasons site. If you stand on a street known and well attended by the public, word of mouth wi ll be enough to know, and the departure of advertising is minimal. If not your c ase, you can serve the new technologies that facilitate effective promotion meth ods and free. María José Pérez, Vineyard Association, explains that it "offers i ts members appear Workers s salary adjustment. Need to The minimum to open These figures refer to the costs necessary to open the restaurant. The section r eflects the first month's rent plus two as a deposit, so in the coming months wi ll be only 2404 euros. With regard to contracts, they also included telephone an d insurance. Rental costs of providing local Reform, interior furniture and gas contracts, li ght ... Staff 902 euros. 7212 euros. 21 035 euros. 1502 euros. 5620 euros. TOTAL: 36 271 euros. least one waiter and a cook. According to María José Pérez, "salaries, according to convention, are usually situated between 720 euros and 900 euros, but, as no ted by Ricardo Villanueva," if you find a good employee, can pay higher wages to retain, as the mobility sector is large and not always g et competent professionals. " Many entrepreneurs complain about it. Another opti on is to train workers if you're sure to retain them.

free on the website of the association. " Similarly, the leisure and tourism por tals can include directions and characteristics of local restaurants. Another wa y is to use the mailing advertising, magazines, neighborhood or electronic maili ngs to area businesses. However, the best advertising will be what you make your clients. Therefore, pays special attention. i want to open a restaurant, the first thing you should do is assess the potenti al business success. Do not vacuum sets without achieving this step, most compan ies tend to fail precisely because not validate the feasibility of the idea. To do this, we must take into account the characteristics of the hospitality indust ry and, above all, the investment required to finance the business. Make a busin ess plan at least one year, will help you set the items you need to start and re ach the point of equilibrium. The purchase or rental of the premises will be the initial expenditure will require greater investment. Ricardo Villanueva, tax th e Madrid Association of Restaurants and Cafes, says that "if local purchase, inv estment will rise considerably, depending on the area and size. If you choose to rent, rent can be about 3,000 euros. " Villanueva believes "it is advisable, if possible, buy local." On the concontrary, José Luis Casero, legal adviser to the Young Entrepreneurs Association , advises "rent to avoid running out of cash to enable us to address other expen ses." Ultimately, the decision will depend on your chances and risks you are wil ling to assume. If you decide to hire, assess the reforms that have to perform ( multiple budgets calls) and consider whether you can develop the idea you had in mind. Another major expense to face is the purchase of machinery. Need industri al-type items such as refrigerators, kitchen, freezer, oven, cooking utensils, c offee maker, register, etc.. According to María José Pérez, tax and accounting a dvice of the hospitality association, the Community of Madrid's Vineyard, "all m aterials, including furniture, can cost between 42 070 and 60.100 euros, even ch eaper if it is second hand. " The business plan must take into account other cos ts such as incorporation and agency, acquiring ® A special VAT system hen we give up for a catering business, finance us directly included in the entr y for this sector are included in the simplified VAT regime. But we can give it up and welcome the general arrangements C although this requires meeting many formal obligations. As the simplified scheme , this requires: a) Keep a log book of invoices received for acquisitions or imp orts of goods. b) Preserve evidence payment of rates or modules applied. c) Keep in order of date of invoices and do cuments relating to the tax assessment for intra-Community acquisitions of taxab le investment and imports. Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs BUSINESS PLAN Your first year, in figures * Unless these concepts, the rest in euros hard cash June 1955% 2310 5619 90 3125 3471 13 883 701 876 19 263 13 883 June July 1950% 2 170 3260 13 042 10 187 90 701 4322 3125 18 030 13 042 July August September Octo ber November December 3260 50% 2170 13 042 5619 -55 701 391 55% 3125 13 883 3471

2310 5,619 90 3,125 701 876 53% 2,300 13,824 3,456 5,619 90 3,125 701 832 55% 2 ,310 13,883 3,471 5,619 90 3,125 701 876 55% 2,387 14,346 3,587 10,187 90 3,125 701 -3,344 51% Total 25,897 155,645 38,911 76,569 1,382 41,590 8,414 -11,221 Tot al s In our case, during the first year of the restaurant is recorded losses (11 221 euros in this case). In early losses are higher, mainly because the local o ccupancy rate of less than 50% as the business s occupation represents the perce ntage of meals served for the amount that could have been achieved if the restau rant had always been at full capacity. At first, it is normal that this rate is not very high, with Business Profile l financial plan has been developed for the following course: This is a family r estaurant in a neighborhood more or less central Spanish city of a half (Sevilla , Valencia, Bilbao). The initial investment needed to create it is 42 070 euros (12 020 of which would be obtained from a bank loan, and the rest of the contrib utions of several members of the family). The rent of the premises is INCOME STATEMENT Occupation * Number of services * Sales Purchases Financial Staff costs Other co sts Depreciation (42 071 euros to 5 years) RESULTS January 1940% 1736 5619 90 7212 2608 10 434 701 5798 0 10 434 January 30 051 12 020 52 504 February 1945% 1764 5619 90 3125 2650 10 602 701 16 594 10 602 February 1585 March 1947% 2040 5619 90 3125 3065 12 259 701 15 933 12 259 March -341 April 1950% 2100 5619 90 3125 12 621 3155 -70 701 16 887 12 621 April May 1953% 2300 5619 90 3125 3456 13 824 701 832 17 248 13 824 May Occupation least until the publicity and word of mouth begin to take effect. On the other h and, there is always a major occupation for more benefits. Sometimes it is prefe rable to have fewer customers to avoid having to hire more employees. E Euro 2404, although the first month will be disbursed in two installments over a deposit. The item "Other expenses" referred to includes both the rental and oth er not insignificant: light, water, gas, phone (it has been estimated an average of 751 euros per month). Regarding advertising, the event does not include any action in this regard. The restaurant would have 10 tables with capacities ity for 35 people and is estimated to offer four daily shifts divided between lu nch and dinner. To assist you, be hired four employees and the owner would also work on the premises. The relationship between purchases (food, drinks, etc..) A nd has established sales by 25%, ie, bought and sold 25 per 100 (not including g as or electricity, which are reflected in the "Other expenses"). CASH BUDGET Capital Sales Treasury Loan Charges TOTAL CASH August September October November December 7197 6371 13 042 13 883 13 824 3244 4 402 14 346 13 883 1472 Results still in the takeoff phase. Once over the threshold of 50% occupancy, we see tha t increase the benefits, except in July and December, because the employee bonus

es increased staff costs. 27 196 28 192 29 508 31 073 33 146 31 072 5845 7513 9422 10 639 12 875 155,645 30,051 12,020 197,716 PAYMENTS Reform and furniture safety Stock Shopping Cart Staff costs Other costs Repaymen t loan financial TOTAL END OF MONTH BALANCE PAYMENTS 3005 4568 21 035 35 910 16 594 90 7212 90 3125 5439 January 2608 February 2650 11 263 15 933 11 305 16 887 3125 5439 90 March 3065 90 3 125 12 260 17 248 5980 90 5439 April 3155 May 3125 19 263 11 810 90 3125 3456 5439 3005 3471 15 116 18 030 21 035 10 548 90 June 31 25 July 7197 38 269 391 3125 12 216 3260 5439 6371 3260 5439 4402 3471 90 3125 5 980 11 915 12 666 90 3125 90 3125 3244 3456 5439 12,111 -1,472 3,471 10,007 90 3 ,125 16,693 -3,819 42,071 3,005 35,325 75,157 1,382 41,590 3,005 201,535 -3,819 Related Searches s are included in this chapter, the amounts of purchases and those relating to e xpenditure on local reform and procurement of furniture. In general (although so me providers are somewhat reluctant to do so on the first order), purchases are usually paid monthly in arrears, ie do not have to pay the amount up to thirty d ays after the acquisition. For this reason, the supplier has a funding source is free and can be very useful when you start the journey of a restaurant. Shopping s In this section we include all the raw materials involved in the preparation o f the dishes. The cost we have assumed is that corresponding to 25% of the sales price, that is, multiply by four the cost of products (to pass to the whole rel ief for expenses). PROVISIONAL BALANCE Fixed assets depreciation Product Stock Boxes and banks Personal TOTAL ASSETS LI ABILITIES, SS and Finance Capital Bank loans Providers Profit for the year TOTAL LIABILITIES August September October November December 'Stock' product s stock management of a restaurant has a twist: many of the supplies are perisha ble, so you have to tread carefully when calculating the appropriate amounts. On

the other hand, it is little or no store perishable products such as canned foo d and especially wine and spirits, provided that we can enjoy special offers or promotions from the manufacturers or distributors. 42,071 -701 3,005 16,594 60,969 1,052 23,644 12,020 30,051 -5,798 60,969 42,071 -1,402 3,005 15,933 59,606 1,232 23,686 12,020 30,051 -7,382 59,606 42,071 -2,104 3,005 16,887 59,860 1,412 24,100 12,020 30,051 -7,724 59,860 42,071 -2,805 3,005 17,248 59,519 1,052 24,191 12,020 30,051 -7,794 59,519 42,071 -3,506 3,005 19,263 60,833 1,232 24,492 12,020 30,051 -6,962 60,833 42,071 -4,207 3,005 18,030 58,899 1,412 24,506 9,015 30,051 -6,085 58,899 42,071 -4,908 3,005 -7,197 32,971 1,052 3,260 9,015 30,051 -10,408 32,971 42,071 -5,609 3,005 -6,371 33,096 1,232 3,260 9,015 30,051 -10,463 33,096 42,071 -6,311 3,005 -4,402 34,363 1,412 3,471 9,015 30,051 -9,586 34,363 42,071 -7,012 3,005 -3,244 34,820 1,052 3,456 9,015 30,051 -8,754 34,820 42,071 -7,713 3,005 -1,472 35,891 1,232 3,471 9,015 30,051 -7,877 35,891 42,071 -8,414 3,005 -3,819 32,843 1,412 3,587 9,015 30,051 -11,221 32,843 Vacation? No thanks s at least the first year, it is unthinkable to close a month (not even a week) for a vacation. Could be put all eggs in one basket, especially given that other institutions already established cast closing. It is a good time to take advant age and make ourselves known among the regulars of the competition. In addition, the first three years of life are often a business loss, so close a month just serve to increase them. ® furniture, gender and purchase of stock, Staff costs and social security, taxes and working capital that you should keep until you start earning. Therefore, the initial investment must add at least 20% of these costs to cover contingencies. But do not be discouraged by the amount of payments you have to start. Some 36,000 euros plus the cost of alquiEmprended ores ler of the premises may be sufficient to create a cozy restaurant seats about tw enty. Calculate the profitability Once certain expenses, you have to estimate the benefits you will get to calcula te whether the business will be profitable or not. A restaurant is profitable if you get at least double the income expenditure invested in the products needed for cooking. To calculate the necess ary provisions, determine the number of local tables, shift meal if you only off er also service restaurant or cafeteria, the number of hours that will open for business, etc. First things first: Supplies. In hospitality, the daily supply of products is fundamental such, so you should be watching what you eat every day for a replacement. Howeve r,€Some products may be kept in stock for not being durable. Ricardo Villanueva advised "to buy the largest possible stock of certain products such as alcoholic

beverages, when achieved an attractive price." The room, tables and shifts. Mar ía José Pérez explains that "at least the local should be about 50 or 60 m2, while smaller local have been licensed. " But to recoup the initial investment, it needs at least five tables (for four peopl e each), and fold at lunch and dinner. Characteristics of the business. Open a r estaurant that offers only mixed meals or cafeteria-restaurant business depends on the audience you go, the premises and the area where it is located. Experts advise to maximize busine ss opportunities and diversify the services. For María José Pérez, "the more ser vices and longer hours we are open for business, the easier it will cover fixed costs." However, if you want to create an upscale restaurant, it should also giv e snacks or tapas. No ® Entrepreneurs BUSINESS PLAN Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork HACIENDA Added to individual Trade tax (mod. 845). Census declaration start of activity (mod. 037). CITY COUNCIL Application for building permit Be presented to the relevant District Municipal Board. Standard forms of applica tion for planning permission. Project in triplicate signed by a competent techni cian. Fee for urban services (reverse). The mouth-ear is the best advertisement for the restaurant business ® golden rules for success in this business, it all depends on what you offer and to whom you offer it. The menu. R icardo Villanueva explained that "you can put a price to raise the margin of the menu after subtracting the cost of preparing, without losing sight of the power to not lose potential customers." It is a mistake to charge the eleven euros me nu if in the area rarely exceeds seven. The best weapon, especially in the begin ning, it is good value for money. So, you will acquire a reputation among custom ers. Added to civil society or community property Contract formation of civil society or community property. CIF Application, high in the Census (mod. 036). Trade tax (mod. 845). Census Request individual or co mmunity partners (mod. 037). Presentation at the Community of Madrid contract ci vil society or community property with the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (mod. 600 ). Business license application or expansion of activity Be presented to the relevant District Municipal Board. Standard forms of license application to open or expand their activity (if you have a previous license). Project in triplicate signed by a competent technician and medical direction sig ned by him and endorsed in the College of Experts. Fee for urban services (rever se). Added to limited partnership or limited liability General Registry of Companies: negative certificate name. Notary public notarial instrument of incorporation and bylaws. Finance: the same documentation as in s ection 2. Register Single Application If you merge the two applications for license (works and activity) ask a single

license, providing: standard 'single license. Fee for urban services (reverse). Opening projects and works in triplicate. Photo of façade to the third floor in triplicate and in color. Accounting If you have no accounting knowledge, it is best to entrust it to an expert, agen cy or administrative autonomous expenditure will not be too high. This is especi ally advisable if the restaurant is constituted as a society because their accou nting is more complex. If you run a stand-alone houses depends on whether the in come tax system or direct estimation of modules, since, says Villanueva, "in the first case, more complex, you have to keep track of daily expenses and income f or work does not build up before each quarterly statement. The accounting is sim pler modules, enough to have counted the bills at the end of the year. " But if you want to take the accounts yourself, your computer should have a spreadsheet and a program of invoicing in euros. Although the best accounting program is upd ated annually. Maribel Gonzalez TOURISM, Restaurants and Cafes File is complete (standard form of the Community of Madrid). Opening DNI / CIF, as an individual or legal entity. Lease or deed. Floor plans of the p remises. Price-lists of the activity. Getting the complaint forms. Communicative performance rename license If we are going to open this business in an establishment that already have appr opriate license to open the restaurant business, this will serve for us, but we will inform the City Council by: Printed standardized signed by the new City Hal l and previous owner. If the previous owner can not sign, provide a lease or dee d. National Identity Card of both. If the previous owner is a corporation, pleas e provide the deed of incorporation, the CIF of it and the legal representative' s ID card. Change of ownership DNI / CIF, as an individual or legal entity. Lease or deed. Published in two loc al newspapers. Price-lists of the activity. Getting the complaint forms. OTHER WORK PROCEDURES Printed standard opening. Obtaining and legalizing guestbook. Collection and Reg istration Book legalization. Getting the work schedule. Approval of contracts of employment. Processing of approvals of gaming machines. Processing watchmen ter races, the availability of public land annexed to the facility for installation. Deposit bonds leases. Entrepreneurs 'on line' On the website ENTREPRENEURS,, you can consult the main con cepts involved in developing a financial plan. Entrepreneurs