CURIOSITIES IN FRUTOTERAPIA Frutoterapia: This technique is based therapist medicinal substances in fruit, p rotein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements

, etc., Which help metabolize sugars, lipids and proteins also act in the affected organs. The author proposes the fru toterapia as a global project of production forestry with fruit trees, besides a lleviating the problems of soil erosion. Retained to afforestation and building an additional water plant cover, as well as becoming a source of frutoterapia nu tritional and healing for humans. The fruit comes from the Latin word frutus, wh ich means fruit, vitality, good. CLASSIFICATION OF FRUITS. SWEET Anon Apricot Ba nana Cherry Plum Loquat Soursop Guava Prickly Pear Melon papaya tart apples Tama rindo Guava Pineapple Lemon Orange Grapefruit Grape Apple Beet Chirimoya Dual pu rpose semi-acid Chayote Cucumber Eggplant Tomato Strawberry Guava Peach Mango Ma ndarin Mamoncillo Caimito Lima Marañón Radish Malanga Sago Peanut Avocado Hazeln ut Olive NEUTRAL Coconut Almond Peanut Nut Cocoa Nutmeg Cherry Peach Peach Acidic foods are great for lowering cholesterol and uric acid. The semi-acid are rich in proteins of high biological value. The sweets are characterized by the largest group, are compatible with each other, rich in vitamins A, C, E. Complex B12, B15. The neutral are the richest in protein, minerals and trace elements. 1 GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE FRUIT. • • • • • • • • • • • • must be consumed f resh. Should be eaten alone, without mixing with other food. Do not abuse the ac idic fruit juices. It is convenient to take fruit juice after meals, should be 1 hour before or after. Vegetables and fruits should not be consumed at the same meal. The orange should be eaten alone. "Orange is gold in the morning, silver a t noon, lead at night." All citrus fruits should be eaten before 2.00 pm. The sw eet fruit can be eaten any time of day. All fruits should be chewed well. Should be eaten ripe and in most cases, peeled, seeded and well washed. Should not be eaten as a dessert, difficult to digest. Fruit juices should be consumed fresh a nd as soon as possible as it fermented and become a source of pain and diseases affecting the liver and brain. MIXTURES DISADVANTAGES ORANGE-CARROT: Raises the acidity, causes liver dysfunction, stimulates excess b ile, substances that attack power renal system produces heartburn, reflux and da mage to the ureters. PINEAPPLE - MILK: It is a poison so powerful that breaks co ckroaches, bromelain pineapple potentiates containing active ingredients that tr igger the poisoning. Papaya-LEMON: It causes problems with hemoglobin and causes anemia. GUAVA, BANANA: Causes of hyperacidity problems or acidosis. ADVANTAGES OF THE PROTEINS OF DRIED FRUITS on animal proteins. • Do not presented as a wast e product urea, uric acid, so abundant in meat. • Free of harmful bacteria which gave the meat. 2 • They are free of parasites. • They are rich in vitamin B, necessary for the he alth of nerves in the brain. VITAMINS AND OTHER ELEMENTS IN THE FRUIT. Vit-A Axe roftol Vit-B1 Thiamine Vit-B2 Riboflavin-B4Adenina Vit Vit Vit-B5-B6 Pyridoxine in lemons, oranges: Growth, eyes, skin, hair, prevents colds, helps a good sleep and normal stress. Prevents fatigue and helps digestion. There is much in orang e. Brightens the eyes and good color to the skin. Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts . Conducive to growth. It antiparalítico factor. Regulates the metabolism of liv er tissue, nervous system and skin. Enteric is a factor. Antianemic, promotes re d blood cell nuclei.

Vit Vit-B7-P VitB12Cianocobalamina capillary permeability. Vit-PP Niacin or nico tinic acid, Vit-C Vit D Vit E Vit-KIt favors the nerves and good digestion, need to have healthy skin, helps with b leeding and other blood problems, helping grow and keeps your metabolism. Limón. Promotes immune system, development of teeth and bones, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, absorb iron, prevents bleeding gums, is a disinfectant. Cond ucive to growth. Important in reproduction and nerve and muscle function, protec ts cells, it is an antioxidant and preserved tissues. Is to prevent bleeding, is in the Orange. MINERALS. Sulfur: Help with the burning of sugar, so the bones, detoxifies, incr eases the hair and tones, is found in cherries, apricots, oranges, pears,€peaches, hazelnu ts and almonds. Bromo: Found in apples, grapes and figs. Calcium: Helps blood cl otting, can be found in grapes, strawberries, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. 3 Chlorine: Helps digestion, for growth, is found in dates, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Copper: Essential in the formation of bones, anti-inflammatory, useful against arthritis. It is found in grapes, pears, oranges, almonds and hazelnuts . Fluoride: It prevents diseases and protects the skeleton and teeth, are in app les and grapes. Phosphorus: It is the nutrient of the brain, nervous bra and bon es, are apples, plums, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Iron: There are apples, p lums, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, apricots, peaches. Magnesium is nee ded for digestion, allows the transmission of nerve stimulation to the muscles. There are coconut, almonds, cherries, oranges and pears. Manganese: Contributes to smooth functioning of the nervous system and brain, involved in the metabolis m of fats, are in cherries, oranges, apples and grapes. Nickel: There are cherri es, apricots, grapes, pears, plums. Potassium purifier and intestinal digestive juices, is nutrient muscles and brain cells, tones and immunizes the body agains t disease. Selenium protects cells, slows aging and prevents cancer. Silicon: It is a great antiseptic organic. There are coconut, almonds, peaches and cherries . Sodium: alkalizing and helps to cure disease, eliminate toxins. Iodine helps r egulate growth and the volume of the body for thyroid function, is in melon, gra pes, strawberries, pears. Zinc: Combats stress and is beneficial for growth and skin. There are peaches and oranges. 4 CURIOSITIES The fruit of man is the PERA, considered as such because their properties help c ounteract prostate diseases, reproductive problems and male sex. The fruit of wo men is the brief, because it is a stimulant of polycystic ovaries and improvemen t problems, fibroids, fibroids, etc.

I-FORMULA for sexual stimulation. Ingredients: ½ avocado 1 tablespoon honey. P reparation: Take the avocado and mix with honey. Be prepared to be consumed befo re meals if possible, two times a week. Effects: Men: This blend promotes bloo d flow at the arterioles, which allow the filling of the cavernous body strength and also potentiates the smooth muscle of the penis. Prevent premature ejaculat ion. In women: consumption is beneficial for those suffering from anorgasmia and frigidity, and also for those who are slow to get or achieve orgasm. 5

II-THE FRUIT, ITS USES AND PROPERTIES Fitoterapeutic. OLIVE (Neutral): are advis ed to no appetite, contains water, protein, oil, carbohydrate, potassium, chlori de, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, Vit. A, C, P and essen tial fatty acids, calories, protein, manganese and carotene. They are nutritious , appetizing and tonic stomach, liver and serves as an activator bladder. OLIVE OIL: It is recommended for cases of liver failure, stones, constipation, diabete s, and to remove stones. Eat fast for three days 100-200 cm3 of oil for gallston es and constipation. The black olive is more digestible.

1 - Lemon juice disinfects wounds, purifies the blood and cleanses the liver and kidneys, strengthens the bronchi, kills germs. It tones the nerves. 2 - For acu te inflammation of the throat, tonsillitis, colds, chills and even throat cancer , is well retained Gargle every 2 hours with lemon juice in hot water. 3 - massa ge with lemon: For arthritic and rheumatic pain, massage is applied with halved lemon. 4 - To reduce a fever: It starts the lemon in half and each half is place d under the armpits from the open, are changed every time you warm up to reduce fever. Also lowers the fever by taking the juice of one or two lemons a day. 5 To open the hands and feet and dry: Take on an empty stomach juice of a lemon, the same was repeated 1 hour before meals for 20 days. 6 - The flowers of the le mon in knowledge serve to calm the nerves and taking it at night to aid sleep. 6

Mamey (sweet): calcified bones, teeth, nails, preventive against osteoporosis. M amoncillos (Semi-acid): It is the fruit of the bladder, helps prevent inflammati on and obstruction. It is astringent, tones the muscles of the estinteres, balan ces the functioning of the kidney. It is diuretic and helps combat diarrhea. MAN DARIN (Semi-acid): The organic fruit, and that pulls the lead, mercury,€cadmium and chromium found in the blood, becoming decontaminator fruit.

1 - They take 5-7 tangerines with pulp and peel (without seed) is liquefied with out water, sweeten with honey and take 1 hour y1 / 2 before breakfast for 5 days . The preparation should be done daily. 2 - In highly polluted cities, this trea tment should be done three times a year. 3 - The Mandarin should be eaten alone is not compatible with other fruits. MANGO (Semi-acid): It is the fruit of the heart. It has Vit A, great for heart d isease and arterial valves. It is laxative and diuretic. The handle is an expect orant seared with honey, prepared as follows: take a clean pan, fat, covered wit h mango slices d, add 2 tablespoons of honey and place on fire. As you release t he syrup, consumed, like the slices of mango. APPLE (sweet): purifies the liver, brain and phosphate to give vitality to the nervous system. Recommended for hea daches, nervousness and anemia. Marañón (Semi-acid): It is the fruit of memory, cures cancer and is immune to contain large amount d Vit C. It is used to counte r cough syrup. The seed is used to strengthen memory. MELON (sweet): The Fruit o f the kidney, but it cleans it should be consumed as fresh as possible, as a onc e opened, degenerates rapidly and produce toxins. On contact with oxygen produce s up to 0.5% of arsenic. Tissues and helps clean the blood, reduces fever, incre ases milk of nursing mothers. It is recommended for patients with prostate, kidn

ey and urinary tract, is used for high blood pressure. Should not eat dessert.


ORANGE (acid): The more sun fruit stores, so called solar food. The best time to consume it is before breakfast. You should eat 3 hours before preparation. It i s antiseptic and highly nutritious. Loquat (semi-acid): Contains vitamins and mi nerals. It is rich in carbohydrates. D almond seed is used to pulverize kidney s tones and peel to dilute the gallstones. Papaya papaya (sweet) helps in the dige stion of food. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. CUCUMBER (avid): It is refre shing, purifying, detoxifying, diuretic, stimulating the nervous system, solvent of uric acid, helps sleep. Recommended for gravel and dissolve gallstones and k idney, for the affections of the prostate. It must eat natural, well washed and without salt, then mixing with salt and vinegar is more difficult to digest, you can always add lemon and fresh consumption. Beneath the skin are important natu ral salts and vitamins. It is good for healthy nails and hair. The natural juice of cucumber prevents hair loss, prevents wrinkles, acne and fluid retention, re moves stains the skin and lightens freckles. If it produces gases must remove th e seeds. ALMOND (neutral): Contains large amount of oil, sugar, starch, choleste rol and esparagina. Besides water, protein, carbohydrates and cellulose, Vit B1, B2, PP, C, A, D and EE, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sulfur , chlorine, manganese, copper and zinc, are mineralized, antiseptic and energy. Fortify the nervous system, promote digestion. Increases the secretion of milk. Contains the eight essential amino acids. It is an intestinal and urinary antise ptic. Recommended for growth and convalescence. Almond Milk: 7-8 almonds, are left to soak in water overnight, the next day the skin is removed, you make juic e, strain and drink slowly and climate (never boiled), is used in cold and flu, helping to eliminate toxins.

Anon (sweet): It is highly nutritious and digestive systems. It contains Vit C a nd B, carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium. The pulp with salt is used for boils and drainage for malignant tumors, the seed is used as an insecticide spray. 8

HAZELNUT (neutral): It contains water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, Vit A, B1, B, PP, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulf ur, silicon, chlorine and essential amino acids, Food trainer and repair of tiss ues recommended for anemia because of its abundance of iron. It contains plenty

of fat nitrogen, is the most digestible of all the fruits neutral. Bananas and p lantains (sweet): Contains iron, water, starch, cellulose, sucrose, dextrose, gl ucose, tannin, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, thiamin, neacina, ribo flavin, Vit A, C, E and B12, magnesium, potassium , zinc, sulfur, chlorine, Vit B1, B2, PP. The banana peel is used for removing warts and fungus. For 15 days t he shell is placed ripe bananas€You can scrape the inside of the affected skin, it sticks with a plaster and leave overnight, is changed periodically until the wart disappears, also applies to combat fungi of the skin, under fingernails d m onkeys and feet. It is expectorant, regularly consuming manage stress. It is the fruit of the nervous system, controlling the mind. To cure asthma use a banana leaf with root and everything is cooked, then squeeze the juice, take a daily ta sit sweetened with honey, 2 or 3 cups yogurt mixed with milk is a complete food. N or should be eaten as a dessert, because it is indigestible, instead it is go od for breakfast or snack between meals or before eating.

TIPS • To purge the skin and leave it silky: the face is massaged with peanut oi l. • For wrinkles on the face: it is clean at night the face with cotton wool so aked in the lemon juice. • For fine and soft skin: apply massage every morning b efore going to bed with almond oil. • For mixed skin: is crushed and added avoca do honey, mix well and apply a thin layer on the face for 15 min. • For normal s kin: apply on face pineapple juice. • For smooth skin and hair growth: for 15 da ys eating apples and carrot juice for breakfast. 9 • For skin moisture: peel papaya with some pulp is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, including the face. • For Freckles: to fade away applying the expresse d juice of ripe papaya. Mask to hydrate the skin and tighten the chin, thighs an d breasts. ½ cucumber. 15g of mango pulp. 5g 10g papaya pulp of ripe banana pulp was macerated into a mass, which is applied to the body part that is needed, le aving ½ hours and is removed with water, then it is advisable to apply moisturiz er. Take hair treatment zapote shell, is liquefied with water, strain, add one t ablespoon of honey and place it on your hair, well entrapped without massaging, and retires at 20 min, then washed in shower. To prevent hair loss guava Use mas k mixed with cucumber, carrot, aloe and honey. II. BENEFITS, BENEFITS AND APPLIC ATIONS OF FRUIT CONSUMPTION IN CHILDREN. 1. ANON is excellent because the highly nutritious and digestive systems. Before the 1st year not enter into the acid f ruit diet, because although rich in Vit C (which raise the defenses against cold s) produces and exacerbates allergies and other digestive problems. 2. For const ipation can be given plum cooking water. 3. The cooked ripe banana and is recomm ended for after 1 year. 4. To combat the worms make the lemon seeds mature (1cdt a) is crushed and boiled in a cup of water for 3 min. 10

PEANUT (neutral): Contains a high proportion of protein and essential oils neces sary for the human body, which helps the metabolism to maintain perfect health o f the skin and circulatory system, increases defenses against infection and serv es the growth and for normal cell respiration. It is nutritious and energy. It i s said that massage with peanut oil may cause parts of your body fat overnutriti on skin, it is magnificent to correct wrinkles and cleansing, should not consume toast, the correct way is raw, milk, butter and oil. It is compatible with all fruits. COCOA (neutral): Contains Vit C, B, A water, protein, fat, potassium, ca rbohydrates. It acts on the nervous system and heart, very nutritious and restor ative energy is used in chronic diseases of the chest. Caimito (Semi-acid): Cont ains calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, iron, V

it A, C, B. CHERRY (sweet): Contains iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodiu m, magnesium, silicon, Vit A, B, B2, B3 and C. It is good for rheumatism, gout a nd atherosclerosis by their content of salicylic acid. PLUM (sweet) has curative effect on kidney diseases, hemorrhoids, constipation, liver and gallbladder ane mia, arthritis, high cholesterol, blood co, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, and general weakness. COCO (neutral): It contains water, protein, fiber, sugars, Vit A, B, B1, B2, E, PP, C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, silicon, barium, do not consumed with milk, because their fat is different, not be mixed with eggs, coconut healing effects are mainly due to its magnesium content, some researchers have concluded that it is essential for defense against carcinogenic changes cells,€pulp and coconut milk consumed on an empty stomach causes the expulsion of certain types of Tapeworms. The coconut h as substances that destroy free radicals. For its wealth of calcium and phosphor us strengthens the skin, nails, teeth and nerve tissue, is a nutrient and energy , is a good substitute for eggs and milk. It serves to deworm children and adult s especially amoebae: Mix ½ cup coconut milk ½ cup pineapple juice and eaten as a breakfast at 9 am, taking care not to eat other food for 2h.

11 Coconut water contains proteins, carbohydrates, fat, iron, calcium, silicon, pho sphorus, magnesium, chlorine, potassium, sulfur and phosphorus substances, Vit B , is very good for all diseases of the bladder. Coconut milk is good for esteros clerosis. For people with poor memory are taken by ground coconut 75g 300ml of h ot water, and cool moves, one is cold, strain and squeeze. Tamarindo (acid): The flesh is excellent against constipation, bilious diseases and combat scurvy, anemia cure is excellent for its richness in iron, cleans, to nes and strengthens the liver, indicated for the liver to be a good restorative, it is also recommended against gases and inflammation of the columns. TOMATO (S emi-acid) should be eaten peeled, seeded and that is where the greatest number o f pesticides, as well as the skin is indigestible, which led to severe intestina l disorders, being 60% of the cause of appendicitis, the pulp is so wonderful th at we should not deprive us of their consumption, it is advisable to eat fresh, can help clarify the voice and throat, etc.. It has been shown that consumption of tomatoes prevents cancer because of its high content of lycopene. GRAPEFRUIT (acid), is the fruit to cure diabetes, hypoglycemia, and some eye diseases, the Vit C content is similar to orange, to cure prostate inflammation grapefruit jui ce is excellent as relieves the kidneys, it is recommended to consume when they want to come down in weight, fasting. Laxative, regenerates the nervous system, cleanses the skin and vigorous tissue of the lungs, serving as treatments for co lds, indigestion and fevers. UVA (acid): Do not eat the peel, it is recommended torque acidosis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, sciatica, lumbago, kidney stones e tc. .. Zapote (Semi-acid): contains a lot of Vit A, is used for growth d childre n and young people to raise the defense in its seed kernels substances have been found capable of curing leukemia, bark abundant hair shine and tones.

12 FRUITS and BEAUTIES Acne Skin Treatment:-10g of fruit pulp pump - mango pulp 10g - 1 tbsp honey Stir until compact and placed over the face for 20 minutes, is removed with cool wat er (do 1 time week. Wrinkles: - prepare 50% of avocado pulp - 50% of cooked carr ot mixture until purchase is creamy consistency, is applied to the face for 2 ho urs and removed with warm water. Put the orange pulp for 15 min and put pads, wh ich trigger movement. Cucumber Mask for dry skin: It takes a cucumber juice and add 2 tablespoons of cream, and making a homogeneous mixture and apply on face a nd neck for 15min, then removed with cold water. mask for oily skin: Add the lem on juice and the same procedure done before. Masks for normal skin: Cut the cucu mber on wheels and is applied directly to the face. To lose weight: In juice of 3 lemons juice from 3 cucumbers, radishes and three stalks of celery, it takes 1 hour before breakfast for 9 days, rest and repeat once. for diseases of the thr oat and angina pectoris: is removed 1 cucumber juice and sweetened with honey, t ake a drink in the morning and evening. PERA (sweet): The fruit of man, with a p ear-therapy cure prostate disease, contains vitamins, carbohydrates carbon, phos phorus, iron, silicon, chlorine, iodine and manganese, it is appropriate to remo ve 13

edematous swelling in the patients of the circulatory system and kidneys, for pr ostate diseases are recommended for breakfast chopped pear with skin for 15 days , sweetened with a tablespoon tablespoon bee pollen, resting five days and is re peated as many times as necessary. PINEAPPLE (acid), is drenched fruit, rich in Vit C and fiber, contains other vit amins, it contains bromelain, stimulates digestion and bowel activity, diuretic, detoxifying, normalize the microbial flora of Coluna, alleviate the hemorrhoids , prevents and corrects constipation,€is used for ailments of the throat and mou th, the juice relieves infections of the larynx, pharynx, mouth, bronchitis and colds, the cooking of the pineapple shell purifies the blood and relieves inflam mation, relieves cystitis juice, fevers and colds. BEET (acid): Dissolve the blo od and purifies the body, stimulates the appetite, it is easy to digest, is used to treat anemia, disorders of the bladder, anxiety, neuritis, hypertension, fat igue, jaundice, liver and kidney is laxative, rich in iron, juice eliminates uri c acid activates the stomach, purifies and renews the blood, activates the intes tines, liver and gallbladder, is indicated for cases of tuberculosis, nervous di sorders, rheumatism, gout and arthritis and to lower fever, contains more Vit A than carrots. Studies in Europe show that it is a good agent for cancer or tumor s in the liver, contains phytoestrogens, female hormones involved in calcium met abolism and help to stabilize the menopause, to prevent the formation of fibroid s, breast cancer, cysts and fibrocystic disease, is the only chance you have to stop and reverse osteoporosis. CHIRIMOYA (acidic): Recommended for undernourishe d, anemic and digestion problems, has a latex which helps to lose weight. Peache s (Semi-acid): It is good against rheumatism, lung conditions repetitive, obesit y, herpes, ulcers, constipation, skin diseases, sand and stones in the kidneys a nd bladder, kidney, prostate, and anemia, stimulates the stomach and digestive t ract, acts as a mild laxative and harmless. Soursop (acid), is the fruit of dige stion, regulates the stomach temperature, the tea is used as flowers espectoral,

by latex that contains the pulp helps improve chronic constipation, desinflama the columns, heals ulcers columns, cure diverticulosis, strengthens the intestin al flora.


GUAVA (sweet): Contains 16 vitamins, is the queen of fruits being the most compl ete in nutrients, proteins, minerals and trace elements, it is recommended that raw and in shell, red guava contains more Vit A, while the white is rich in Vit E, Vit C content in a 5 times greater than that of orange, stimulates the activi ty of the heart and to lower the pressure. For joint pain, 3-4 and chopped ripe guava is added 1 liter of boiled water, leave to soak for 3 hours and consumed d uring the day, from 15 to 90 days.

LIMA (Semi-acid): To combat the drop to be very rich in calcium and contain citr ic acid Formica, Its juice mixed with water is good for fever and combat atheros clerosis to skin diseases is recommended to consume all 4 files morning tea aids digestion shells and combat gases, tones the nerves. "To cure gout: You removed the seeds and thins the skin, pulp and a glass of wat er is taken for 10 days, 1 hour and ½ before breakfast can be repeated one time after five days of rest. "For gases: Drinking water scented shell of a file, aft er meals. "For the liver: Drink a glass of liquid lime juice without the skin, 1 h before breakfast for 20 days. "For diabetics: blending a small file in shell, seeds in ½ cup water, strain and take 1 hour before lunch, first 10days, after w hich be tested for glucose curve controlled by your doctor to see if you can For repeated or non-ulcer: Take after meals infused with the skin for 10 days, 5 da ys rest and repeat. For the obese: fasting Take a large glass of lime juice at b reakfast for 15 days. 15

LEMON (acid): It is called the fruit of a thousand uses, antibiotic and antisept ic, when gastrointestinal toxicity is recommended to take their juice with hot w ater, a little every half hour until the evil disappear, helps the functioning o f the pancreas and liver. AVOCADO (neutral): Contains calories (127-142%), water , protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, Vit A, C, E, calcium, magnesium, potassium , Vit B complex, iron, phosphorus and minerals. 1. The avocado has a nutritional value similar to that of a serving of meat, their flesh is an unparalleled sour ce of energy, protein and minerals, decreases cholesterol values, helps build th e brain, useful for people with excellent mental work, the pulp is good for gas, rheumatism, kidney problems, sedative (calms nerves), favors the formation of r ed blood cells d and heals the skin, can be consumed with all the sweet and sour fruit, minus the pineapple, with the semi-acid and food of salt and sweet, is n ot compatible with acid or egg products. 2.€The shell is used as a laxative: 10g are taken from the peel and 1 liter of water, making it an infusion half ys fas

ting and the other before bedtime, for five days, rest for 10 days and is repeat ed for another 5 days . 3. The decoction of the seed helps to control menstrual disorders and vaginal discharge, inflammation of the uterus and the womb: The se ed curta in pieces, cooked and boiled for 3 min. And is placed so as to receive heat in the genitals, is repeated every day until improvement. 4. Dry seeds and mixed with honey or hot spray applied to soothe joint and muscle pain, relief is obtained by the amount d which contains tannin, the leaves are good for you com bat fatigue, head pain, respiratory disorders and menstruation irregular, colds, coughs, colds, hoarseness, diseases of the throat and chest, swelling of the mo uth, throat and bronchi, neuralgia, oozing, etc. .. 5. Should be eaten ripe, but not broken, nor as a dessert, or accompanied by spicy or chili.

16 6. It is a super food by eating it with pure honey, the protein does contain a l ot of muscle fiber is acquired and serves to strengthen the brain, regulates the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides stabilizes the pH of the blood, cleanses t he liver and stimulates diuresis, is said not combined with other foods high in fat, mixed with fried foods and slow digestion produces heavy and diseases of th e liver and gallbladder, stimulates the appetite and tone the nerves. 7. Contain s Vit A by favoring the growth and formation of teeth and bones, strengthens the cough and prevents infections, avocado fat do not raise blood cholesterol. 8. I t has been stated that the plant contains more carnitine, an amino acid involved in the metabolism of the heart muscle, so it is being used in the treatment of heart disease and lack of appetite. 17