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: Introduction: The text presented here was taken from the book: Mary Magdalene an d the Holy Grail: The Woman's alabaster box of American writer Margaret Starbird . The chapter on the tarot transcribed almost all of the research the author ... Omitted passages related to the small holy blood, which refers to work, and add some information (in italics) to make sense of text. Suggest reading the book f or a better understanding of the topic: The Heresy of the Grail. In our small co mpendium presents only the symbolism of the cards ... In a parallel analysis of distant M. Starbird, included the overview of divinatory meanings of the Major A rcana, from the book "Tarot Temple Living written by Ross Anderson. This summary is presented as captions on the cards, since the images belong to different car ds and not one, object of study Starbird. We believe that both views are given m ore consideration. (Alexander Freak) file: / / / C / home/www/ (1 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot The Tarot Cards Rungs on a ladder that leads to hell? The Tarot is a medieval artifact ... which gave rise to our modern deck. The pla ce that would have occurred is unclear, and speculations in this regard ranging from India to Egypt. Although these letters were already a reality in 1392, beli eved to be the oldest still existing deck has been created by a painter of the f ifteenth century, possibly Andrea Mantegna (1432-1506). The four suits and 22 tr ump cards in the deck of this period share symbols that contain the heresy of th e Holy Grail, and especially that of Charles VI deck, or deck Gringonneur which seems to have an intimate connection with the secret tradition. In 1450, preachi ng against the cards for considering them an invention of the devil, a Francisca n friar was particularly careful to condemn them, calling them "rungs on a ladde r that leads to hell." When the authorities of the Catholic Church condemned the tarot cards, calling them heretical, and not immoral or decadent, must have had full knowledge of its contents. I believe the horn ("Game" or "trumpets") Tarot of Charles VI form an illustrated catechism of medieval heresy of the Grail. Su ch letters could be dated to the mid-fifteenth century, based on the garments of the figures represented ... A century later, the tarot cards circulated by the courts of Europe, led by bands of gypsies, clowns, jugglers and acrobats (the Jo ngleurs), from city to city. They ended up being used on gaming tables in virtua lly all corners of Europe ... And their symbols still persist in modern decks. T he meaning of tarot cards has been the subject of debate for many years and nume rous revisions and interpretations of the bind-ostensibly to alchemy, the secret societies of Freemasons and Rosicrucians and the occult sciences in general. Al though the meaning of many obscure letters has been declared, they still retain an aura of danger. The Church condemned the tarot as a heretic when he first app eared in Europe, but no one could determine with certainty that heresy lurked in their symbols. The knowledge of the Grail heresy arises to clarify this puzzle. A tarot deck consists of: q q Minor Arcana - comprising the four suits: Spades, or Gladios; Cups or Bowls, Dia monds, or five-pointed stars, and sticks or canes. Major Arcana - (Greatest Secr ets), or Trumps.

Modern decks are no longer the Game ... but the trick is a trump trick still pre sent in many card games today. file: / / / C / home/www/ (2 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot The Major Arcana of the Tarot (... THE FOOL:) release, we make attempts to break the patterns of "normality." The spirituality that seeks the liberation of matter. Idealism and aspiration. : (It may represent the compromises caused by an unlimited freedom that is unable to sustain itself. Or, may be an alienation from reality, an escape from the wo rld or in a more advanced stage, the madness ...) The only relic of the 22 original strengths found in modern decks, and that is s ignificant to our story, it's The Joker - the clown or jester, reminiscent of th e "clowns of God", which was attributed to the action of having spread the tenet s the Albigensian heresy. (Albigensian on the region of Alba in medieval Europe, populated by ethnic background of the Cathars). This figure appears frequently in the watermarks - (sort of icons of family clans).€The wildcard is a "fool fo r Christ" (1 Corinthians 4:10): "We are fools because of Christ's love ... suffe r from hunger and thirst, are naked and are buffeted and have no certain dwellin g. We are persecuted and endure. " Links with the heretics persecuted for seekin g the truth is clear. And even today, the Joker wins. He seems to have a hidden power and irrevocable. His figure, by association, is also linked to Hermes / Me rcury, messenger of the gods, often called a cheater because of its cunning ... The Trumpet trompe The word in Old French, meaning "horn" (the name given to the tarot trumps). In the original decks were these assets that illustrated the tru e doctrines and history of the church hide the Grail. No authority on the subjec t seems to know exactly why the tarot trumps were considered subversive, partly because the original meaning of the symbols has been obscured by later scribes . .. Only the older decks that still exist, including that of Charles VI, keep an original symbolism sufficient to identify the hidden heresy in assets. So let us use the cards of this deck to decipher its symbols ... file: / / / C / home/www/ (3 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... THE MAGICIAN:) Learning, communication, ability to learn and to perform man ual labor. Knowledge, will and guile. : (It may represent the antithesis of what was described above: deception, miscommunication, difficult to learn and inabil ity to accomplish what is proposed ...) The first card is The Fool, or "The Common Man" In the terminology of the Grail, Parsifal is that the researcher did not start. To start up the secrets, he must ask the right questions. This theme of the common man should formulate question s that are repeated in the initiation rituals of Freemasonry. This letter is fol lowed by the wildcard, which is still part of modern decks. The wildcard knows a ll the secrets. He is a professor of hermetic tradition. These two cards and the following two disappeared tarot of Charles VI, but their images can be determin ed by analogy with the decks later. (... The PRIESTESS:) Intuition, clairvoyance, assimilation of the learning done by Mage, changes of mood. : (When you're evil aspect may represent a lack of sen sitivity, inability to see reality as it is, someone who tries to fool someone . ..)

The next letter of the sequence is The High Priestess in the Church heretical (t he traditions of the medieval Cathars) women had position and level similar to m en. Many were considered to be descendants of Jesus - one of the tenets of their file: / / / C / home/www/ (4 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot faith. They called themselves the "Vine", referring to the real bride of Judah, "the plant of the delights of God" (Isaiah 5:7). Moreover, they followed the ver se of John 14 - "I am the vine, you are the branches" - and Sirach 24: "I blosso m as the vine." The Hidden Church of Love was considered equal and parallel (tho ugh in opposition!) To the Church of Rome. This church to which the author refer s to are religious expression considered heretical or pagan Roman doctrine in re lation to ... forming a parallel with the Pope of the Church of Rome. (... THE EMPRESS:) Pleasure, lust, aspects of motherhood, work capacity, sacrifi ce in pursuit of an ideal. : (It may represent debauchery, laziness, laziness an d inability to bring an end to what is proposed ...) The third asset portrays Pope Joan Church she represents is the Vine, the descen dants of the other Mary ... your real matriarch. This church honors the principl e of "sitting at God's left" - the feminine. It's definitely antiestablishment. No wonder that the letter has been eliminated! - The deck of Charles VI, the obj ect of study of the author. The letter Empress, was also lost. Decks later portr ayed the figure of a woman carrying a shield on which was a phoenix, but it is u nclear whether this symbol was also on the Tarot of Charles VI. She was clearly the "opposite / equal" to the Emperor, who is shown in a subsequent letter holdi ng a globe and a scepter. file: / / / C / home/www/ (5 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... The EMPEROR:) Willpower, commanding voice, attitude imperative, an early st ability. : (When is ill may indicate violence, ambition, instability, irritabili ty for no reason ...) After Emperor The Pope's letter is called The Pope, a character who is sitting b etween two red-robed cardinals.€The Pope's Charles VI deck of a door key, leavi ng us the keys of the kingdom that, according to the Gospels, were handed over t o Peter. Probably the female pope's lost letter carried the other key. (... The Hierophant or The Pope:) Divine Wisdom achieved through work, knowledge used for instruction, good advice. (If you are badly aspected by other letters, may represent the misuse of the knowledge acquired, or the inability to seek an d learn ...) Lovers Then we have The Lovers (The Lovers on decks or later), letter in which t wo cupids are depicted with ribbons on torsos, forming the letter X in red. They point arrows to a procession of couples dressed with magnificence, according to the latest fashion of the time - the nobles of Europe dancing in a procession t hrough history. This letter represents the file: / / / C / home/www/ (6 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot lineage of heresy moving in pairs by the European scene. The dancers are clappin

g and singing, another subtle association with the "fruit of the vine." Families are carrying the strain Sangraal, Blood Royal, over the centuries ... (... THE LOVERS:) decision, choice by choice, choose seemingly unimportant or mi nor issues, relationship. : (When is ill may indicate indecision, pressure from third parties, loss or stress in relationships ...) The woman at the center of the drawing depicts the head a large and elaborate or nament blue, shaped like the letter M - Mary? Or perhaps the Merovingian? The sy mbol is not accidental. The real name of this letter is''The Vine. "When we chan ge the usual sequence of letters and The Coachman The Hermit, the chronological order of assets becomes clearer. I suggest that the next card is called The Herm it. (... THE HERMIT:) Wisdom, routine work, dedication, initiation, reflection. (If you are badly aspected by other cards can indicate loneliness, loss, lack of wis dom and lack of willingness to work ...) file: / / / C / home/www/ (7 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot A man with a cape and a long beard The hermit who appears on the deck of Charles VI is Peter the Hermit, whose zealous preaching of the First Crusade at the end of the eleventh century in Western Europe, culminating in the retaking of the H oly City (Jerusalem) and their sanctuaries. Significantly, he is holding an hour glass in this deck, an explicit reference to the issue that the time had come to liberate Jerusalem from the Saracens and rebuild the Holy Temple. The first Cru sade (1098-99) occurred in the late first millennium after the destruction of th e Temple, which would probably had a deep meaning for the heretics, whose battle cry was "Ave Millennium ': The large rock formation drawn on the right side Her mit is another detail that confirms this interpretation because the name Peter, as any Christian child knows, means "stone." (... STRENGTH:) The domain of emotions. Strength demonstrated by the smoothness (seduction), passionate love. (If you are evil aspects, may indicate misuse of f orce, crimes of passion, emotional instability ...) Boaz: The left column of the Temple of Solomon Being feminine nouns abstract vir tues were personified by women in tarot. Depicted on the next card is Strength, a woman holding a broken column. This is another pillar of the keys that reveal the meaning of tarot cards, it is a representation of the left column of Solomon 's Temple, with its "lily work" on top. As we have seen, this is the column name d Boaz (strength) in the Hebrew Scriptures (1 Kings 7:21), associated with the L ion of the tribe of Judah and the Davidic royal succession. Boaz, the husband of the widow, Ruth, was the grandfather of King David. The supremacy of the descen dants of Judah is described in the Hebrew Bible: "But the race of Judah, which w as strongest among the brethren came the princes" (1 Corinthians 5:2). Boaz was the tribe of Judah, and his direct line of descent passed through Obed, Jesse, D avid and Solomon. And according to the scriptures of the Greek New Testament, cu lminated a thousand years later, with Jesus. Boaz, a broken left hand column of the Temple, is a reference to this line of legitimate Davidic kings, now also br oken. Graphically, this acquires a meaning even more evident in the confirmation letter Strength Tarot of Mantegna, in which the woman holding the broken column shows two lions on their clothes, and a third lion appears at his side: one for Judah, one for Boaz and Jesus to the "Three Times Strong"! The design of a Grai l appears jagged at the top of the column.€A phrase still used in Masonic ritua l is part of the myth of the Lost Word of the Master Creator: until it is found in

file: / / / C / home/www/ (8 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot a future age, "there is a force in the Lion of Judah, and he will prevail." Stre ngth represents the lineage of the Lion of Judah and the promises made to the he irs of David (Psalm 89, 2 Samuel 7:16). (... THE CAR:) Trying to generate / create a structure. Preparing to move toward victory, preparation, health, ownership of our forces and emotions, detachment. : (When is ill may indicate a false view of welfare, lack of infrastructure, un preparedness and lack of emotional ...) The treasures of the Temple The following is the letter the Charioteer, which in modern decks is called The Car. However, the man driving the vehicle on the dec k of Charles VI is not a driver but a rider. He wears armor and a successful rec overy, holding a stick in his right hand (ancient weapon shaped like an ax), whi le balanced on the car in which they are spoils of war. This vehicle resembles a coffin - or a tabernacle. One man's feet rest on an ornament that forms the let ter I. The curvature of the ornament on the side makes it form the letter C. The letters are the initials IC Iesu Christi. This asset shows that the spoils of w ar brought from Jerusalem are somehow associated with Jesus. The letter represen ts the return of the Templars who, rumor, had brought back a great treasure to P alestine after the First Crusade. The ceremony of Royal Arch Masonic ritual emph asizes that secret files were found in excavations under the Temple of Solomon a s "temporary residents" of Jerusalem. Thus, the famous treasure of the Temple ma y be linked to information discovered in its ruins. file: / / / C / home/www/ (9 of 18) 05 /21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE:) Good luck and opportunity, the right time to start s omething. Success. : (You may indicate inadequate time to start something, lost opportunities or corruption by power conquered ...) The Friday the tenth letter of gambling, which also disappeared from the tarot o f Charles VI, but incorporating other decks, is The Wheel of Fortune. I believe that it refers specifically to the abrupt change in the fate of the Knights Temp lar. For two centuries, this order has amassed great wealth and political power, but in 1307, King Philip IV of France collaborated with Pope Clement V to exter minate it. On October 13 this year, a Friday, a notice determining the arrest of the Templars was published simultaneously in all cities in France and throughou t Europe. In this day of ill omen, Wheel of Fortune has radically changed and tu rned against these powerful knights, whom fate had been so favorable. (... JUSTICE:) Balance, balanced emotions, sense of justice, the quest for harmo ny in life. : (When you're evil, identified an imbalance, lack of sincerity and even mental illness ...) file: / / / C / home/www/ (10 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot The female virtue Justice is the virtue female depicted in the chart below. The woman holding the scales of justice and two-edged sword. The Templars were put o n trial, accused of heresy. For seven years, the Inquisition questioned them wit

h immense brutality in an attempt to discover the hideout of her famous treasure . (... The HANGED or hang:) The non-acting, pure knowledge, without interference o f the will. : (When is badly aspected indicates rainfall, lack of awareness, sta y in your own way ...) The subtlety of the invalid The next letter of the sequence, often called The Ha nged Man (or The Hanging in modern versions) and considered the most enigmatic o f the deck, could be called "The Templar Tortured." The leg in which the man is hanged is a metaphorical euphemism, used since antiquity in literature and art, to refer to the genitals. It is at the same time, a subtle reference to the holy blood and Anfortas, the invalid King of the Grail. The bags of money in the han ds of the man representing the legendary treasure of the Temple. Despite the ter rible tortures applied by the inquisitors, the Templars leaders did not reveal t he location of hidden treasure, perhaps because his real wealth was not made of gold. It was stored in containers land - the royal lineage of Jesus, the King, a nd the other version of Christian history that they kept in their hearts. file: / / / C / home/www/ (11 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... DEATH:) Death of a situation that has no more reason to continue. Gradual s hutdown and natural changes that will generate growth. (If bad aspects, may indi cate, resentment, loss, injury ...) The death of the repressive elite Trump called Death is the next letter. Strange ly, however, their bodies trampled by the hooves of the donkey are the barbarian king and one of the figures represented in an earlier letter: The Pope and the cardinals in red robes. This is another important clue to the correct interpreta tion of the tarot as a catechism Albigensian: In March 1314, Jacques de Molay, G rand Master of the Templars, prophesied, shortly before her death burned at the stake, that King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V would meet him in the do ck, before God, yet that year. The prophecy came true: they both died before the end of that year. The letter portrays the death of the repressive ruling elite, the unholy alliance of powers that banded together to destroy the truth of the Grail and its protectors. (... The PRUDENCE or TEMPERANCE:) The balance of the parties the right point req uired for the change that will occur. Insight, transmutation. : (Indicates inter ior blindness, inadequacy, loss measurement, lack of courage to look at yourself and fix your mistakes ...) file: / / / C / home/www/ (12 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot Prudence It is believed that the following letter represents a virtue: prudence. The female figure is seated, patiently, pouring water from one jug to another. The esoteric meaning of this letter is that supposedly wiped out the dogmas are being transferred, for security reasons and with great care, to another containe r. Water is the symbol of the Christian spirit and truth, the dogma of "one true faith." They were not lost. (... THE DEVIL:) a material, ambition, struggle to conquer a position. : (You ma y indicate loss through misuse of the well-received, limitation, obsession, temp tation ...)

"The Hammer of Witches" The Devil, the next letter in sequence, is a representat ion of the unbridled power of the male principle prevailed in Europe after the d issolution of the Temple and the annihilation of the Albigenses. Figures around a terrible ogre are removing stone. This creature is a visual representation of the "tyrant" of the Middle Ages, the Inquisition, which was set to boot heresy i n the bud, but it ended up being used to repress any kind of free thinking. The monster secure heavy chains with which enslaves the human race. Its horrible and huge ears probably represent the spies of the Inquisition that were everywhere, intimidating and oppressing the people. There are heretics of the Vine serving this monster of wickedness - their slaves are the Orthodox Bishop of Rome. file: / / / C / home/www/ (13 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... THE TOWER:) Breaking with the past growth, will, courage. : (You may indica te ruin, discussion, going beyond the allowed limits, moral decay and physical . ..) The Tower of the Flock The letter called The tower depicts the destruction of th e tower of a fortress, which was called The House of God in some decks later. It is a haunting reference to Magdal-eder, the "fortress" of the daughter of Zion in exile. It seems to symbolize the destruction of the City of God, that was the hope and dream of ancient heretics. In a world that denies and represses the tr uth, she can not stand. (... THE STAR:) Hope, achievement of long-term, faith, help, knowledge and deter mination. : (You may indicate deception, false hopes, lack of determination ...) The Water Bearer The following letter has disappeared from the deck of Charles V I, but was named The Star in later versions. In some of these decks, a girl come s pouring down the water contained in two vessels, a sign of hope for the future regeneration of spirit and truth. In an earlier letter, the virtue of prudence appeared transferring water to a new container. The Star can also be a reference to the astrological sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the New Age prophetess whose symbol the dissolution of the patriarchal ruling elite through the "water" female (mare, meaning "sea") and the spirit of truth . Water spilled in this le tter will make the desert bloom in the centuries to come. file: / / / C / home/www/ (14 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... MOON:) Overcoming self, change, courage to face situations. : (You may indi cate unjustified fear, suffering, anguish, deceit,€illusion ...) "The young lady who appears in the sky" In the next letter, Moon, there is a cre scent moon in the sky and two men working on a parchment noting calculations. Th is celestial body is an important symbol for the occult sciences and to the godd ess. (An allusion to Isis, goddess of fertility ...). Men seem to be calculating the heavenly dimensions, a graphic illustration of the esoteric belief that rea lity on earth mirrors the order of the cosmos. These measures determine the dime nsions of the temple ground. The true architect of the Temple is part of the ori ginal myth of Freemasonry, whose rituals include Hiram Abiff ("Mason" builder of Solomon's Temple) and a cry: "There will be no help for the children of the wid ow?" The recurring theme of building the true temple, according to the principle s of cosmic harmony and balance of forces, still permeates the doctrines of the brotherhood of Masons. Men are using the letter shapes and V, the same compass a

nd square interlocking who became symbols of Freemasonry. Placed together they f orm the ideogram IA, Ave Millennium, watermarks found in the Albigensian. The ex aggerated crescent moon symbolizes the occult - specifically the medieval scienc e of alchemy and astrology. There are many signs that both were linked to the co nstruction of medieval cathedrals. One might even speculate that the two men who appear in this letter are establishing a basis for an astrological cathedral, t rying to align it with auspicious signs of the stars and the cosmos, as did the builders of the church of San Miniato. (Church in Italy, with representation cos mic engraved on the floor). This practice was copied from another similar, used by designers and architects in the Arab Middle Ages. file: / / / C / home/www/ (15 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot (... THE SUN:) Indicates lighting, glory, virtue, self-fulfillment. (If you are ill may indicate limitation, inability to see ahead, waste, false appearance of power ...) The secret to light The Sun The letter portrays a girl in broad daylight, with a bobbin hands. Her hair is loose and she holds a line, a symbol of continuity. S he is Sleeping Beauty, who jabbed his finger at a time, fell into a deep sleep a nd only woke up when a prince crossed the forest of thorns to rescue her and fre e her from the spell. Putting this letter alongside the previous two, The Star a nd The Moon, we see that the water spirit and truth, which had been poured, turn ed into two rivers whose waters carry the tenets of the heresy of the grail. One , the occult and secret traditions of certain societies, runs under the darkness (The Moon). The other river, the popular legend, carries the secret to light. T his letter tells the investigator that it is these sources that he should look f or clues to the truth. (... THE TRIAL:) Changes in large, important decision making for good definition . : (When is hardly indicates their inability to decide, uncertainty, inability to interfere with the result ...) The awakening of the "dead" Following is The Trial. Two angels blowing trumpets appear (again, the trumpets!), And people at the bottom of the drawing are risin g from their graves. The file: / / / C / home/www/ (16 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot significance of this letter is not the last trial, conducted by the King of Heav en, part of dogma of the Roman Church. The theme is "Awaken." The Trial depicts the day of enlightenment, when all people will agree to his personal responsibil ity and destiny communal as the Son of God, whose name, Immanuel, means "God be with us." In the doctrines of heresy, the promise is for the "reveille" and not to "touch of silence." These trumpets, as well as tarot cards, Announces New Day (... THE WORLD:) Limitless, the final overcoming the breaking of any tie materia l / spiritual unity. : (Even evil ways, this letter suggests success and decisiv e victory over the events ...) The World's last letter, The World, is the fulfillment of that promise. The just ruler, with a crown, a globe and a scepter, dominates the whole Earth, which ap pears surrounded by mystic cycle to perfection. The kingdom of God has become re al.

The Suits of Tarot Cards - Minor Arcana The suits contain a tarot symbolism of the Grail that confirms the interpretatio n of the 22 assets. The suit of spades was originally represented by a small swo rd, the "Blade" masculine. Nearly all the tombs of the Templars were marked with swords. In the original symbolism of the cards, the suit of hearts was a cup.€ It also symbolized the Grail and the alternative church, which had, among others , the epitome of the Church of Love. Subsequently appeared in many hearts waterm arks Albigenses, and those two themes - the chalice and the heart - were involve d. The suit of diamonds was originally called "Pentagram", the name of a five-po inted star that is the symbol of man in the occult. According to the book The Ho ly Place (Holy Place), Henry Lincoln, the star had a special significance to the Knights Templars and the Church instead. It was a symbol dedicated to Venus, be cause the planet's orbit that was named after the goddess of love formed, every eight days, a perfect pentacle in relationship to the Sun This drawing is reflec ted in the ground through the five mountain peaks that trace a pentagram in the heart of the Albigensian heresy. Lincoln suggests that they were built by the Kn ights as a natural temple dedicated to Mary the Magdalene. In the earliest versi ons of the tarot, the spades, perhaps the most significant of all, he appeared a s a rod or a stick, flower - a scepter. This symbol is the visual image of the " staff file: / / / C / home/www/ (17 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44 Marymad and Me - The Light of the Grail Tarot flowered from the root of Jesse "the messianic promise described in Isaiah 11:1, and is repeated in the use of the" Sceptre "which refers to the Davidic Messiah in the War Scroll, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of Qumran. The three-leaf clover modern decks is a clear mention of the royal line of kings of Israel and its divine mandate. Stylized in our modern decks, the emblems of the four original suits were well defined and purposeful symbols of the Grail heres y. In this analysis, we must remember that a major contribution of the Albigense s was exactly to do with his insistence that the Scriptures were translated into your language. The sect infiltrated reintroduced in the verses of the Hebrew an d Greek Bibles. Messages that may seem obscure to us was the food Daily heretics . This passion for direct access to the written word of God was one of the most significant legacies of the Albigensian to Western civilization. By spreading th e Gospel, the heretics of Provence (region of southern France) planted seeds of freedom, justice and equality ... Later revisions of the paintings and symbols o f the tarot cards ended up obscuring its original meanings. I tried to rebuild t hem on the basis of existing assets still one of the oldest tarot decks. In ligh t of the heresy and its links with the Knights Templars, the symbols are easily placed in a chronological sequence. Through this catechism drawn, the basic tene ts and history of heresy crossed across Europe. The origin and meaning of tarot are, even today, a puzzle that disturbs historians art, but only because they di d not recognize their connections with the Lost Bride and her close association with the Albigensian heresy of the Grail. -/-/Links interesting: ⠢ Site, in Engl ish, with over three hundred different tarot decks, of which illustrate part of this page: ⠢ Site in English with beautiful illustr ations and interaction with the simulator consulting tarot cards: http://www.cir -/-/Fonte: - Starbird, Margaret. Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grai l: The Women's Vase Alabaster. - Rose, Anderson. beta-test version of the book: "Tarot Temple Living - A Guide For the Insurance Associate Crowley Tarot of the Qabalah and Astrology" . Participate actively: 'webmaster' Marymad and Me - The Symbolism of the Tarot in the Light of the Grail 'home' file: / / / C / home/www/ (18 of 18) 0 5/21/2007 15:00:44