Contests The connective if ... then .. and conditional MATH - Prof MODULE 2.

Fabio Soares (Piauí) CONCEPTS OF LOGICAL Fundamental Principles of Logic • • Principle of co ntradiction: a proposition can not be true and false simultaneously. Principle o f excluded middle: every proposition is either true or false. truth (B) False (F ) is represented by the symbol EFP has the following truth table: pq pq VVVVFFFV VFFV The following expressions can be employed as equivalent to "If A then B": I f A, B. B if A. When A, B. All A is B. A implies B A is sufficient for B. B is r equired for A. A only if B. Theorem counter-reciprocal p → q is equivalent to (~ q) → (~ p) Example: If an integer is even then its square is also par "is the s ame as" the square of an integer is not pair then the pair is not integer. " if and only if and is represented by the symbol biconditional p ↔ q and has the fol lowing truth table: pqp ↔ q VVVVFFFVFFFV may also be employed as equivalent to " A if and only if B" the following expressions: A if and only if B. All A are B a nd all B is A. All A are B and vice versa. If A then B and if B then A. A only i f B and B only if A. A is sufficient for B and B is sufficient for A. B is requi red for A and B. A is required for Definition The logical equivalence propositio n P is equivalent to the proposition Q if and only if the biconditional P ↔ Q is a tautology or that P and Q have the same truth table. Is represented by P ⇔ Q and reads P is equivalent to Q Example: Say: "It will not," is equivalent to say ing: "Go" Logical value: The usual logical connectives are not and, or, if ... then ... and if and only i f ... The connective and negation NOT A denial of a proposition p is a new propo sition whose logical ditch is V p when F is false and when p is true. The negati on of p is represented by the symbol ~ p that reads not pe has the following tru th table: p ~ p VFFV • Note: The denial of "The boy is honest" is "The boy is no t honest" or "not fact that the boy is honest. " Connect and EA CONJUNCTION The conjunction is represented by the symbol p ^ q which reads peqe has the followin g truth table: pqp ^ q VVVVFFFVFFFF Concept and disconnection or the disjunction of two propositions p and q are following truth table: p q VVFF VFVF PVQ VVVF Note: The connective or, represented by the symbol v, is inclusive and means at least one. You can, however give the connective or sense of exclusion. In this c ase the symbol used is only a means to see. TJ - 2006 1 Contests Example: Today it rained so I stayed home today is equivalent to no rain or stay ed home. Properties p ^ p ^ q vq (q ^ r) pv (QVR) p ^ (QVR) pv (q ^ r) ~ (p ^ q) ~ (~ p) (pq) ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ q ^ p QVP (p ^ q) ^ r (vq) vr (p ^ q) v (p ^ r) (vq) ^ (pvr) (~ p) v (~ q) P (~ q) (~ p ) 2. P1: All lovers like flowers. P2: Miriam likes flowers. C: Miriam is passionate. Valid argument We say that an argument is valid when its conclusion is an obliga tory consequence of its set of assumptions. It is important to note that when di scussing the validity of an argument is irrelevant whether the truth value of ea ch of its premises. In logic, the study of argument disregards the truth or fals ity of propositions that make up the arguments, but only their validity. Example : The syllogism: "All the sparrows love to play chess chess like no operas. Ther

efore, no sparrow likes opera." is perfectly well built, and is therefore a vali d argument, although the validity of the assumptions is questionable. Invalid ar gument We say that an argument is invalid or fallacious sophistry, when the trut h of the premises is not sufficient to guarantee the truth of the conclusion. Ex ample: The syllogism: "All students passed the course. Mary is not a student of the course. So Mary did not pass." is an invalid argument, fallacious, because t he premises do not guarantee the truth of the conclusion. Mary may have spent ev en without being a student of the course, because the first premise has not said that only students had passed the course. Exercises fixation 01. Tick the state ment incorrect. a) The denial of "2 is even and 3 is odd" is "is not second or t hird pair is not unique." b) The denial of "5 or 7 is prime is even" is "5 is no t prime and 7 is not aware." c) The denial of ≥ 5 2 2 is ≤ 5. d) The negation of "there is a prime number par "is" any prime number is not aware. "02. If you ru n the beast catches. Therefore: a) Running is a necessary condition for the anim al to catch. b) The animal get a sufficient condition for running.€c) Run is a n ecessary and sufficient to catch the beast. d) Run a sufficient condition to cat ch the beast. e) The animal pick up is necessary and sufficient condition for ru nning. 03. "Andrew is going to mass if and only if, Ricardo goes to the movies. It is known that Andre is not going to Mass, then I. Ricardo goes to the movies. Categorical propositions Some valid arguments are not always logical operations with only the connectives before reminded to prove its validity. Such arguments can not be justified only by propositional logic. Quantifiers "All", "Some" and "No" The categorical propositions may be presented in four distinct forms: All S is P No S is P Some S is P Some S is not universal affirmative Proposition P Pr oposition particular universal negative proposition Proposition particular affir mative negative Example: Every Bahian axé like. So: Anyone who does not like axé music from Bahi a is not. Note: "To deny all, just one." Ex: Peter and Fabio look for a group of women. Peter says: They are all blondes. Fabio says Peter you are wrong, becaus e one is not. Note: A good way to solve the problems of categorical propositions is through the use of the diagram of Euler / Venn relations between sets. ARGUM ENT It is called the argument relation that associates a set of propositions P1, P2, ... Pn, called the argument's premises, a proposition C which we call the c onclusion of the argument. In lieu of the words premise and conclusion can be us ed the corresponding hypothesis and theory, respectively. The arguments that hav e only two premises are called syllogism. Thus, syllogisms are examples of the f ollowing arguments: 1. P1: All artists are passionate about. P2: All lovers like flowers. C: All Artists like flowers. TJ - 2006 2 Contests II. Nothing can be said about Ricardo. III. Ricardo is not going to the movies. a) Only I is true b) Only II is true c) Only III is true d) I and II are true I and III are true 04. "John is a student athlete or Mary." Then: a) b) c) d) If M ary is not so John is not a student athlete. If John is not an athlete so Mary i s not a student. John and Mary is a student athlete. If Mary then John is not st udent athletes. b) I do not see Carlos, and I'm depressed, and it rains, and it's hot. c) I see Carlos and I'm not depressed, and no rain, and it's hot. d) I do not see Carlos, and I'm depressed, and no rain, and does not heat. e) I see Carlos and I am dep ressed, and no rain, and it's hot. 10.Sabe that "no friend of mine is your frien d" and that "some of his friends are his friends." Thus, it can be said, correct ly: a) some of my friends are his friends b) some of his friends are my friends

c) no friend of mine is his friend d) some of his friends are not my friends e) none of it is my friend 11.Considerando friend "every book is instructive" as a true proposition, it is correct to infer that: a) "No book is instructive," a pr oposition is necessarily true. b) "Any book is instructive," a proposition is ne cessarily true. c) "Any book is not instructive" is a proposition true or false. d) "Any book is instructive," is a proposition true or false. e) "Any book is n ot instructive" a proposition is necessarily true. 12. All students were approve d SUPER LOGIC, all students SUPER LOGIC are smart, intelligent people do not bec ome unemployed, so: a) at least one person who did the SUPER LOGIC is unemployed . b) Some unemployed studied in SUPER LOGIC. c) the persons employed were approv ed. d) People are unemployed and not approved) Not all employees are intelligent 13. (BNB 2002 FCC) Considering that all are gringle Jirnes and no Jirnes Trumps is the assertion that none can be gringle Trumps is: ) necessarily true. b) Tru e, but not necessarily. c) Necessarily false. d) False, but not necessarily. e) Unlimited. 14. Consider the assumptions: P1. Babies are illogical. P2. Unreasona ble people are neglected. P3. Who knows tame a crocodile is not neglected. Tick the only alternative that is not a logical consequence of the three assumptions presented. a) Babies do not know how to tame crocodiles. 05. It's called a tautology that every proposition is always true, regardless of the truth of the words that compose it. An example of tautology is: a) b) c) d) if Peter is beautiful, then Peter is beautiful and the sky is blue if Peter is beautiful, then Peter is beautiful or the sky is blue if Peter is beautiful or t he sky is blue , then the sky is blue if Peter is beautiful or the sky is blue, then Peter is beautiful and the sky is blue 06.€If Ana goes to school, then, Pétrus is tennis. Or Carla is a Brazilian, or w ill Rafaela medical, or Pétrus will Rafaela If tennis is medical, then Anna will go to school. However, Pétrus will not be tennis. Then: a) Carla is Brazilian a nd not medical Rafaela b) Carla is not Brazilian and Anna will not go to school c) Rafaela is not going to medical school and Ana d) Rafaela is a physician or g oing to school and Ana) Rafaela is medical Pétrus and will not be tennis 07.Se F abio is a teacher, then Caius is not rich. Maria is beautiful or Benedict is Gre ek. If Benedict is Greek, so Caius is rich. Now Fabio is a teacher. Logo: a) b) c) d) e) Mary is beautiful and Benedict is Greek. Mary is beautiful and Benedict is not Greek. Benedict is Greek or Caio is rich. Caio Fabio is Professor and ri ch. Caio is rich and Mary is beautiful. 08. The high tide is necessary and sufficient condition for the surfer and party is a necessary condition for the dog barking. The sky is cloudy is a necessary condition for the cat to stay home, and a sufficient condition for the dog barki ng. The surfer is not celebrated, Logo: a) b) c) d) e) The sky is overcast and t he dog did not bark. The dog barked and the tide is high. The cat stayed home an d the sky is not cloudy If the cat was not at home, then the tide is high The sk y is not cloudy and the tide is not high. 09. (MPU - 2004) When I see Carlos, do not walk or get depressed. When it rains, do not walk and I'm depressed. When does the heat and walk, I see Carlos. When it rains and I'm not depressed, not walk. Today ride. So today) I see Carlos and I'm not depressed, and it rains, and it's hot. TJ - 2006 3 Contests b) People are illogical neglected. c) People do not know despised tame crocodile s. d) People do not know illogical tame crocodiles. e) Babies are despised. 15. A test consisted of two problems, 300 students were only one problem. 260 hit th

e second, 100 students were two and miss the first 210. How many students have t aken the test? a) b) c) d) e) 610 400 450 350 870 also that of the 100,000 fans, 85,000 were Australians, 84,000 were from São Pau lo and that only rooted for the 4000 Sao Paulo Flamengo. Ask yourself: How many fans were non-São Paulo and nãoflamenguistas? a) 64,000 b) 55,000 c) 96,000 d) a nd 16 000) 15 000 PROBLEMS OF DENIAL, AFFIRMATION, MINIMUM NUMBER AND MAXIMUM NU MBER OF EVENTS Note: I - Organize information into logical schemas II - You shou ld check the assumptions one by one if there is no contradiction the assertion i s valid. Exercises 19. The following statements, all of them true, were made on the order of arrangement of five books, I have, on a shelf. I. The Bible is at t he center and just before the greatest of all. II. The dictionary is the first b ook of algebra and is smaller than him, this is just before the shortest one. II I. The book of logical reasoning is just after the book of geometry. Logo: a) is the shortest book of geometry. b) The first two are respectively Geometry and L ogical reasoning. c) The largest is the algebra of the Bible and the lowest d) T he Dictionary and the Bible is the first smallest. e) Algebra is the largest and the last logical reasoning. 20.the five grandchildren of Mrs. Mary are on vacat ion at his home. One day the tv appeared broken. Dona Maria asked the five: "Who broke the tv?" Each one of them answered: Andrew:''I'm innocent,''Daniel,''Andr ew said the truth "Cicero:''Beto''Beto is the culprit:''Fernando Fernando is the culprit'':''Beto''lied Knowing that only one boy lied and said that all other t ruth, we can conclude that the culprit is: a) b) c) d) e) Beto Fernando André Da niel Cicero 16. With a group of 100 people, was made a poll to determine the level of popula r approval for three different proposals for government policies to reduce crime . The proposals (referred to as "A", "B" and "C") were not mutually exclusive. O f those interviewed, 78 are in favor of at least one of them. 50 are in favor of the proposal, the proposed 30 B and 20 C. the proposal we know also that 5 of t otal respondents favored the three proposals. Thus, the number of respondents wh o are in favor of at least two of the proposals is as follows: a) b) c) d) e) 12 17 15 22 5 17.Considere AIDS patients classified into three risk groups: hemophiliacs, homo sexuals and drug addicts. In a certain country, in 75 patients, found that: • 41 are homosexual, • 9 are homosexuals and hemophiliacs, and are not drug addi cts; • 7 are homosexuals and drug addicts, and hemophiliacs are not • 2 are hemo philiacs and drug addicts, and are not gay; • 6 belong only to the risk group of drug addicts;€• the number of patients who are hemophiliacs is only equal to number of patients who are just gay; • the number of patients that belong simultaneously to the three risk groups is half the number of patients who do not belong to any groups at ri sk. How many patients belong simultaneously to the three risk groups? a) b) c) d) e) 2 3 1 0 1 18. In the last classic Corinthians x Flamengo, held in São Paulo, found that on ly went to the stadium from São Paulo and Rio and they were all just Australians or just flamenguistas.Verificou21. Five friends, Ana, Bia, Cati, Dida and Elisa, are aunts or sisters Zilda. Th e aunts of Zilda always tell the truth and sisters TJ - 2006 4

Contests Zilda always lie. Ana says Bia's aunt Zilda. Bia says Cati's sister Zilda. Cati says Dida's sister Zilda. Dida says Bia and Elisa have different degrees of kins hip with Zilda, that is, if one is to another aunt's sister. Elisa says she is a unt Zilda. Thus, the number of sisters Zilda this set of five friends is: a) 1 b ) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 Witness 4: "He is tall, dark eyes, curly hair and no mustache." Each witness des cribed correctly and only one of the characteristics of the assailant, and each feature was correctly described by a witness. Thus, the assailant is a) low, blu e eyes, straight hair and a mustache. b) tall, blue eyes, straight hair and a mu stache. c) low, green eyes, straight hair and no mustache. d) medium height, gre en eyes, curly hair and no mustache. e) medium height, black eyes, curly hair an d no mustache. 26th. (Fiscal Work) Three friends - Luis, Nestor and Mark - are m arried to Teresa, and Sandra Regina (not necessarily in that order). Asked about the names of their wives, the three made the following statements: Nestor: "Mar k is married to Teresa" Luis: "Nestor is lying, because the wife of Mark is Regi na" Mark: "Nestor Luis and lied, because my wife is Sandra "Knowing that Sandra' s husband lied and that the husband of Teresa told the truth, it follows that th e wives of Louis, Mark and Nestor are respectively: a) b) c) d) e) Sandra Teresa , Sandra Regina, Regina, Teresa Regina, Sandra, Teresa Teresa, Regina, Sandra Te resa, Sandra Regina 22. A horse and an ox, to flee the farm, dressed elephant. At one point the road were stopped by gunmen from the farmer. The two were lined up and forced to spe ak. "I'ma horse, said he had proboscis yellow and black ear," I am a bull, said he had ear red and green trunk. "It is known that one of them is lying then: a) b) c) d) e) The horse and the ox lying is telling the truth. The ox is in ear re d and green trunk. The horse is proboscis yellow and black ear. The horse told t he truth and the cow is lying. The horse is red snout and ear green. 23. Three brothers, Charles, Henry and Peter, are traveling by plane for the fir st time, and to feel more secure and confident, sitting beside each other. Carlo s always tells the truth; Henry vazes to mind, sometimes speaks truth; Peter alw ays lie. What is on the left says: "Carlos is the one who sits in the middle." W hat is in the middle says: "I'm Henry." Finally who is on the right says: "Peter is the one who sits in the middle." The correct sequence from left to right is: a) b) c) d) e) Charles, Henry and Peter. Henry, Charles and Peter. Pedro, Carlo s and Henry. Henrique, Pedro and Carlos. Peter, Henry and Charles 24. (Anal. Budget) On an island there are only two kinds of people: those who al ways speak the truth and they always lie. An explorer hires an islet called X to be his interpreter. Both find another island, called Y, and the operator asks i f he speaks the truth. He replies in his language and the interpreter says - He said yes, but it belongs to the group of liars. This situation is correct to con clude that a) Y speaks the truth. b) the response of Y was NO. c) both speak the truth. d) both lie. e) X speaks the truth. 25. (Forum - SERPRO) After a bank ro bbery, four witnesses gave different descriptions of the assailant four on four characteristics, namely height, eye color, hair type and use or no mustache. Wit ness 1: "He's tall, green eyes, curly hair and a mustache." Witness 2: "He is sh ort, blue eyes, curly hair and a mustache." Witness 3: "He is of medium height, brown eyes, hair smooth and a mustache. " 27.Pedro keep their carts in a single box in his bedroom. It is six beetles, nin e Mercedes, two vans, five BMW. four Ferraris. One night in the dark, Peter open s the box and picks up some carts.€The minimum number of carts that Peter should take to make sure you have taken at least two carts of different types is: a) b ) c) d) e) 5 7 9 May 10

28. Messiah met with 12 siblings on Christmas dinner. About the people gathered can say that: a) b) c) d) e) At least two of them were born the same year. Two o f them are women. At least two of them were born the same month. One of them was born a couple days. At least one of them has a son. Arithmetic and algebra BASI C MATH 29. The triple is the number 1abcde abcde1. Determine the sum of the digits of a ny of the numbers: a) 25 b) 26 c) 21 d) 23 e) 27 TJ - 2006 5 Contests 30. Knowing that 22222222n is divisible by 6. The possible values for n are: a) 1e2 b) 2:03 c) 2:08 d) 0 and 2) 2:07 38. One person left home for work after 5 / 18 one day and returned to his home after 13/16 the same day. He stayed away from home for a period of a) b) c) d) e ) 14 hours 10 minutes and 13 hours and 50 minutes and 13 hours 30 minutes 13 hou rs 10 minutes and 12 hours and 50 minutes 31.The smallest positive integer that when divided by any of the numbers, two, t hree, five or seven leaves REST A, is: a) 106 b) 210 c) 211 d) 420 e) 421 32. A nurse has received a lot of drugs with analgesic tablets 132 and 156 table ts of antibiotics. Should distribute them in similar containers, containing each , the maximum possible amount of a single type of medication. Considering that a ll containers should receive the same amount of medicine, the number of containe rs required for this distribution is. b) 16 c) 12 d) 8 e) 4) 24 33.Dois traffic lights close together at a given moment. One of them remains closed and 10 / 2 4 0 / 2 open, while the other remains closed and 10 / 2 30 / 2 open. The minimum n umber of seconds required, from that moment, that the two signals again to close together again is: a) 150 b) 160 c) 190 d) 200 34. In our calendar years have 3 65 days except for leap years that have 366 days. A leap year is when is a multi ple of 4, but is not a multiple of 100, unless that is also a multiple of 400. H ow many complete weeks are 400 years in a row? a) b) c) d) e) 20 871 20 870 20 8 69 20 868 20 867 39.Renata entered a work of 100 pages numbered 1-100 and printed. Leafing throug h the work, he realized that his printer was defective because it changed the ze ro by one and a zero in the numbering of pages. After fixing the printer, how ma ny pages had to reprint the minimum? a) 18 b) 20 c) 22 d) 30 e) 28 40th sum of all two-digit odd numbers minus the sum of all even numbers of two f igures is: a) 50 b) 46 c) 45 d) 49 e) 48 1st grade equation 41.Um hawk says a fl ock of doves, "Good morning, my one hundred doves." One of them answered: 100 do ves! not us. If we were the ones that are, more than half, more and more a third of his friend Hawk, then yes, we would be 100. "How many doves were? A) 72 b) 6 6 c) 54 d) 42 e) 36 42.Um loses some jeans, when wet, 1 / 11 in length and 1 / 12 the width. The ori ginal width was 1.5 m. How many meters of jeans we buy, once wet, to obtain 75 m 2? a) 50m b) 54m c) 60m d) and 65m) 70m 35 number N has three digits. The product of the digits of N is 126 and the sum of the last two digits of N is 11. The figure of hundreds of N is: a) 2 b) 3 c) 6 d) 7 e) 9 36.Joãozinho play to form squares with matchsticks as shown below.

43. The total capacity of two reservoirs together is 2000L. The first contains w ater up to three quarters of its capacity and the second halfway. If we put wate r in the first second, this will be full. What is the total capacity of the seco nd, in cubic meters? a) 12 b) 1,2 c) 8 d) and 0.8) 120 44.Pedro left home and ma de purchases at four stores, each in a different neighborhood. In each spent hal f of what he had and at the exit of each of the stores has paid $ 2.00 for parki ng. If at the end still had $ 8.00, that amount had Peter to leave the house? a) R $ 220.00 b) R $ 204.00 c) $ 196.00 d) and R $ 188.00) R $ 180.00 45.Rafael ha s two of Roberto's age and is two years younger March 4 that the age of Reinaldo . Reinaldo. The age of Roberto represents three years in the sum of the ages of three is: The number of toothpicks needed to make 100 squares is: a) 296 b) 293 c) 297 d) 301 e) 280 37. John's fortune was divided as follows. A fifth for his older brot her, a sixth of the remainder to his younger brother and the rest equal parts fo r each of his 12 children. What fraction of the fortune each child received? a) January 20 b) January 18 c) January 16 d) January 15 e) January 14 TJ - 2006 6 Contests a) 48 b) 72 c) 58 d) 60 e) 34 46.My daughter Pietra proposed 20 problems. I told him that for every problem th at hit him would give you $ 10.00, however, that for every problem solved or not err, it would charge a fine of $ 7.00. Pietra accepted and completed the task w hen it received U.S. $ 149.00. How many problems hit? a) 15 b) 10 c) 17 d) 16 made in inverse proportion to their respective service times in court. If A, B a nd C work in the Court for 3, 5 and 6 years respectively, the number of forms th at would give B's. a) 100 b) 120 c) 200 d) 240 e) 250 56. An inheritance will be divided between two heirs in shares inversely proportional to the fortunes amas

sed by each of them until the moment of sharing. Initially, the fortunes are 10 million and 15 million and growing at a rate of 10% (cumulative) per year. If th e shares will be consummated in 10 years, what fraction of the estate will be up to the heir who had initially 15 million? a) 3 / 10 b) 2 / 5 c) ½ d) 3 / 5 e) 7 / 10 RULE OF THREE SIMPLE AND COMPOUND 57.Uma industry produces 30,000 cars per month, working 12 hours a day. How many cars would be manufactured in a month, if the industry ran 16 hours daily? a) 50,000 b) 45,000 c) 40,000 d) and 38 000) 35 000 58. In a cycling competition, Carlinhos has circled the track in 30 seco nds, while Paulinho takes 32 seconds to complete a lap. When Charley complete th e round number 80, Paulinho will be completing the turn number: a) 79 b) 78 c) 7 6 d) 77 e) 75 59. A machine that working without interruption, was 90 copies per minute was replaced by another with an efficiency of 1.5 the previous one. Supp ose the new machine has to do the same number of copies that the old, in an hour of uninterrupted work. For this, the new machine will spend a minimum time, in minutes, of: 25 b) 30 c) 35 d) 40 60.Uma hare is 90m in front of a dog that chas es. As the hare runs 16m, the dog travels 20m. How many feet will walk the dog t o reach the hare? a) 360 b) 450 c) 90 d) 180 e) 300 61.Um car traveled six days, running six hours per day, at an average speed of 80km / h. In how many days he would make the same trip if rodasse eight hours a day, at an average speed of 9 0 km / h? a) 8 b) 4 c) 5 d) 9 e) 3 62.Num amusement park, some children queued t o ride the roller coaster. Each cart was carrying five children, and the departu res occurred every 40 seconds. The row ended in 12 minutes. In how many minutes the line would, in each cart were six children, and the matches took place on 28 in 28 seconds? a) 7 b) 10 c) 9 d) 12 e) 15 63.Suponha as x2 x3 monkeys eat bana nas every few minutes (where x is a natural number given). How long it is expect ed that five of these 90 monkeys eat bananas? a) 11 minutes b) 18 minutes c) 16 minutes 47. The arithmetic average of six numbers is 4. When we add a seventh number, th e new average is 5. The number that was added is: a) 5 b) 6 c) 8 d) 10 e) 11 100 48.Antônio bought gifts for the party that always gives at the end of the year. The three different kinds of gifts cost $ 10.00, $ 3.00 and $ 0.50, respectivel y. Knowing that the total spent 100.00, we can state that the amount of $ 10.0 0 gift you purchased is equal to: a) 3 b) 2 c) 5 d) 1 e) 8 49. My father told me that in 1938, talked with his grandfather and note that the age of each was exp ressed as the number formed by last two digits of the years when they were born. So when my father was born, age in years of his grandmother was: b) 55 c) 60 d) 65 e) 70 to) 50 50 ratio and proportion. One student received 36 problems to so lve and one other received 45. The first 24 hits and 30 sec. Which student has t he best result? 51. know that p is inversely proportional to q + 2 and p = 1 whe n q = 4. When q equals 1, we have p equal to: a) -2 b) 0 c) ½ d) 2 e) 3 52. Two jars contain equal mixtures of alcohol and water in proportions of 3: 7 in the first jar and 3: five in the second jar. Joining the contents of the two pitchers will get a mixture of alcohol and water in proportion to: a) 9: 35 b) 3 : 5 c) 7: 13 d) 21: 35 e) 27: 53 53.Da adult population a small town, 5 / 6 of m en are married with 7 / 8 women (and monogamous marriage is between people of di fferent sexes). What is the ratio between the number of unmarried persons and th e total number of people? a) 2 / 14 b) 3 / 16 c) 6 / 41 d) 7 / 24 e) 1 54. Want to split a string of 30m in two parts, according to the ratio 2:3. Determine the value in meters, the lower part: a) 18 b) 14 c) 15 d) 10 e) 12 55. Three employ ees, A, B and C decide to divide among themselves the task of giving the filing of 420 forms. The division should be TJ - 2006 7 Contests


d) e) 13 minutes 15 minutes 64. Two cranes, working together, unload a ship in six hours.€Working separately , knowing that one can unload the ship in 5 hours less than the other, how many hours it would take each? a) 5:10 b) 11:16 c) 10:15 d) 3:08 e) 6:11 a) b) c) d) e) 94.2% x 95% x 95.13% x 95.24% x 95.5% x PERCENTAGE 65.Uma company granted an 8% increase to their employees. After the i ncrease, an employee was receiving U.S. $ 237.60. What was the salary of this em ployee? a) b) c) d) e) R $ 200.00 R $ 220.00 R $ 196.00 R $ 162.00 R $ 212.00 70.Uma pear has about 90% water and 10% solid matter. A producer puts 100 kg pea r to be dehydrated to the point where water represents 60% of the total mass. Ho w many liters of water will evaporate? (Remember: 1 liter of water has mass of 1 kilogram). a) 15 liters b) 45 liters c) 75 liters d) and 80 liters) 30 liters 7 1 .. An employee receives a monthly salary to work eight hours daily. Working tw o hours overtime every day, he has a 50% increase in his salary. As he gains mor e for overtime? a) 50% b) 60% c) 80% d) and 100%) 120% 66. A contest was developed in three successive stages and playoffs, eliminated 30% of the k candidates in the initial first step, 20% of remaining in the secon d stage and 25% of those who still remained in the third step. Thus, completing the three steps, the percentage of k that remained is: a) b) c) d) e) 56% 25% 35 % 42% 58% 72.Uma shop offers the following promotion: "Pay x real and take goods to the va lue of (x + x / 3) real." What is the discount on the value of the goods it take s? a) 21% b) 22% c) 23% d) 24% and 25%) 67.Uma person paid 20% of a debt. If R $ 4,368.00 responsible for 35% of the rem ainder to be paid, then the total debt was initially: a) b) c) d) e) R $ 15,600 R $ 16,500 R $ 12,000 R $ 12,600 R $ 18,500 73. Beverages L, V, R, have an alcohol content of 24%, 44% and 36% respectively. What is the alcohol content of a Cóctel consisting of 50ml of L, V 25ml, 25ml a nd 100ml of water R? a) 15% b) 20% c) 16% d) 17% e) 19% 74. In a batch of 100 co mputers, 99% are in perfect condition. How many computers in perfect condition, this lot must be removed so that the percentage of computers in perfect conditio n for this new lot thus formed is 98%? a) 98 b) 1 c) 49 d) 50 e) 99 75. A trader in Miami it similar products from two different countries: the product that com es from the country whose currency is the Light, arrives at the port of Miami at a cost of L $ 15.00, the country B, with currency Presidential arrives at the s ame port at a cost of R $ 24.00. knowing that the exchange rate of these coins i s $ 1.00 = L $ 1.00 and $ 1.00 = R $ 1.20, about how much the currency of countr y B must be devalued so that both products arrive at the port Miami with the sam e value? a) b) c) d) 50% 25% 33.3% 40% .. 68.Desejo buy a television in sight, but the amount that I have Q equals 80% of the price P of the unit. The seller offered me a discount of 5% in price, but st ill lacks R $ 84.00 to make the purchase. The values of P and Q are, respectivel y: a) $ 600.00 $ 480.00 and R b) R $ 560.00 R $ 448.00 and c) R $ 480.00 R $ 360 .00 and d ) $ 500.00 and $ 400.00 e) and R $ 660.00 R $ 528.00 69.Numa microente rprise is currently consume x liters of fuel per day. For the next week there wi ll be a tems of 5% in fuel price. Aiming to maintain the same expenditure, there will be a reduction in consumption. The new daily consumption of fuel is expect

ed to be approximately: TJ - 2006 8 Contests e) 66.6% simple and compound interest second year, the value is the amount of R $ 242.00. In the regime of compound in terest. the rate of annual return on this investment and of: a) b) c) d) e) 5% 7 .5% 12.5% 10% 15% 76. An appliance costs $ 250.00, the view, but may be paid in two installments: $ 150.00 entry and $ 150.00 in 30 days. The interest that the store is charging the customer who paid in two installments and a monthly fee: a) 45% b) 50%. c) 5 5%. d) 60%. 77. The deadline for applying for a capital of R $ 14,400.00 R $ 360.00 which pr oduced a rate of 20% per year was: a) b) c) d) e) 45 days 15 days 1 month 2 mont hs 1 / 4 years 83.Uma person invested R $ 10,000 at compound interest of 15% pa for a period of three years and eight months. Assuming the linear convention, the amount of app lication was the deadline for PS: (1.15) 3 = 1.5209 a) b) c) d) e) R $ 16,590 R $ 16,602 R $ 16,698 R $ 16,705 R $ 16 730 FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF COUNTING The text refers to the questions 84, 85 and 86. In general, public or private use co des for filing the entry or exit of documents and processes. Consider that if yo u want to generate code whose characters belong to all the 26 letters of an alph abet, which has only five vowels. Based on this information, try the following i tems. 84. If the protocols of a company shall contain four letters, the latter b eing a vowel, then can be generated more than 400,000 different protocols. 85.€I f a company decides not to use the five vowels in their codes, which can have on e, two or three letters, which allowed the repetition of characters, then you ca n get more than 11,000 different codes. 86. The total number of different codes consist of three distinct letters is over 15,000. 87.Para answer certain questio nnaire, fill up the card shown below, by placing an "X" one answer for each ques tion. How many different ways you can respond to this questionnaire? 78. A capital of 50, applied to simple interest at a rate of 3.6% per month, rea ched in 20 days, an amount of: a) b) c) d) e) 51 51.2 52 53.6 68 79. Carlos imposed quarter of their capital to trade simple interest of 18% pa f or a period of one year, and the rest of the money at a rate of 24% pa for the s ame period and the capitalization system. Knowing that one of the applications y ielded R $ 594.00 in interest more than the other, the initial capital (R $) a) b) c) d) e) 4.600.00 4.400.00 4200, 00 4.800.00 4.900.00 80.Uma person placed in an investment fund Its capital, at the end of the first month e second month, plus 15% and at the end of of three months, your accumulated capital 2.30 R $ 409.80 R $ 420.50 R $ 435.00 R $ 100.00 monthly for three months. was increased by 10% at the end of th the third month, plus 20%. At the end was: a) b) c) d) e) R $ 345.00 R $ 35

81.Um certain type of application doubles the value of the application every two months. This application will yield 700% interest in: a) b) c) d) e) 5 and a ha lf months 3 months 6 months through 5 months and 3 months) 3125 b) 120 c) 32 d)

25 e) 10 82.Uma person receives an investment proposal for today, when an amount of R $ 2 00.00 will make at the end of 88. The map below represents the division of Brazil in their regions. The map sh ould be colored so that regions with a common boundary are colored with distinct colors. Determine the maximum number (n) of ways of coloring the map, using fiv e colors TJ - 2006 9 Contests a) 600 b) 360 c) 1200 d) 480 e) 120 Coach the probability of being late is 26%. On a given day, chosen randomly, it was found that Peter was late at school. The likelihood of him having gone cycli ng today is: a) b) c) d) e) 11% 13.35% 0.275 21.6% 0.238 89 number of different ways that four boys and three girls can sit in the same r ow so that the people of the same sex are always together is equal to: a) 36 b) 72 c) 144 d) 216 e) 288 90. The total number of integers, with all distinct digits, ranging between 11 a nd 1000, is: a) 576 b) 648 c) 728 d) 738 and) 741 PROBABILID ADE 91. Consider al l the numbers from five distinct digits obtained by permutation of the numbers 3 , 4, 5, 6 and 7. Picking up one of these numbers at random, the probability of i t being a multiple of five is: a) third b) 25% c) 0.45 d) 0.20 e) 30% 96. A survey with a group of students about their preference among the subjects of mathematics and Portuguese, it is known that, the probability of choosing one that likes to Portuguese is 5 / 9, the probability of choosing one who likes ma th is 2 / 3 and the probability of choosing one you like the two materials is 2 / 9. One person was chosen to represent the group, it is known that she likes Po rtuguese, how likely is it also like math? a) 51% b) 0.25 c) 40% d) 0.08 e) 3 / 5 97.Três perfect data A, B and C have their faces numbered as follows: Given A: Two-sided and numbered with a four to five; Given B: Six-sided numbered with 4, Given C: Four faces numbered with 2:02 to 6. Launching two of these data, we wi ll say that winning is the one that has the highest number in face-up. With such information, review the following statements: 1. The data of A given B wins wit h probability 2 / 3. 2. The data of B given C wins with probability 2 / 3. 3. Th e data of C given A wins with probability 5 / 9. Is (are) right (s): a) 1 and 2 only b) 1 only c) 1, 2 and 3 d) and 1 and 3 only) 2:03 only 92. The 64 employees of a company respond to a questionnaire on the two optional courses offered by it. The results were as follows: • 44 staff attended the cou rse in computing. • 32 staff attended the course in Spanish. • 20 employees atte nded the two courses. Randomly choosing a company employee, what is the probabil ity that he has not attended the course in computing? a) 31.25% b) 22/64 c) 0.32

5 d) 0.125 and) 12.5% 93.Sobre population 200 people in a certain village is kno wn as follows: 60% are women, 20% are right-handed and 65% of men are left hande d. Picking up a random person in this population, what is the probability that s he is a woman's right hand? a) 24% b) 28% c) 12% d) 6%) 8% 94. In a certain country,€10% of income tax declarations are suspect and subject ed to detailed analysis, among these it was found that 20% are fraudulent. Among the non-suspects, 2% are fraudulent. If a statement is fraudulent, how likely i t was though? a) 20% b) 90% c) 32.5% d) and 10/19) 0.562 95.Há only two modes, m utually exclusive, Peter's going to school, either by bicycle or bus. The probab ility of Peter go cycling is 40%. When he goes by bike, the probability of being late is 15%. When he goes TJ - 2006 10