Everything you need to know about holding a contest!

On the Internet (as in the "real" life), make a contest can easily recruit hundr eds of addresses of prospects. The advantage of the contest: - it is simple to implement (just set up a simple form, post it on your site and receive feedback on an email address). For more i nformation visit http://www.ccim.be/ccim328/htmlplus/fmdef.htm on how to make yo ur own forms. - You can put in place even before the creation of your website wi th a simple page with your bid and the future form of the contest. - You buy you rself some prizes (tickets to movies, digital camera ...) and you send yourself by mail (in colissimo) after a random draw. The disadvantages of the contest - Y ou must file the regulations to a bailiff (200 ). - You get the addresses of "p rofessional gamers" who spend their evenings to enroll in all competitions they are. - Participants must agree to receive promotional emails (opt-in principle) because they can play well without being obliged to receive your mailings ... th en - there are always cheaters, so be careful to protect your PC against intrusi ons. Here are five steps to prepare your contest, ie attract qualified leads to lower cost ... 1 - Determine what your target's target and competition Is it to adver tise a product or service Is recruit qualified prospects in the marketing (a spe cific target ...) Is it to reward your existing customers .. . Especially set a major goal to achieve, and objectives (criteria for measuring s uccess). Ex: My goal is to collect email addresses for marketing professionals t o send my newsletter marketing. My goal is to recruit 500 emails (with 60% valid ). If your goal is to make the traffic on your site, do not bother asking to com plete a questionnaire and detailed ... By cons, if you want to recruit prospects in your best interest to properly target your contacts (purchasing files) and t o propose a question about his intentions of equipment (and agrees to be contact ed by your sales team). 2 - Determine what your budget and the media It can be from 0 (you offer goods "free" samples, tips, photo ... but careful to include in your shipping cost!), Or 1 million of EUR .... Remember though, th at your budget must be consistent with your objective and the potential sales th at you will return. Ex: get 500 email addresses, with a budget of 500 gift, it makes me a gross acquisition cost of 1 . If I buy an external file in addition to 500 , it makes me an acquisition cost of 2 . If I send parcels by post at cost of 200 , it makes me an acquisition cost of 2.4 . To help you, feel free to calculate what the value of a customer (= the average sum of all revenues gen erated from a customer you with accumulated purchases). Depending on your budget you will also have access to certain media: - On your website: almost free. - C oupons on a living room: 0.2 per flyers. - Paper Mailings: 1.5 to 2 per ma iling. - Street Market with distribution of flyers: 0.3 to 1 per flyers - Coup ons in your mailboxes: 0.1 to 0.5 print. - Emailing: 0.15 to 0.3 for a renta l file. - ... Nb: The renters files are very numerous, Sos Files, COMPUBASE, CD prospection (Bis Media), Infobel ... It must also take into account the time ava ilable: count 3-4 days to print a flyer, a half day for emailing, a day for a si mple Web form, and several days for a real website for a contest. 3 - Set the co ntents of your contest - The game itself Is this a survey? Is it just a lottery? Is it restricted to all? Is it restricted to customers only? Depending on your choice, you will help the impulsive action (lottery, scratch ...), or thinking ( MCQ) or the multiple visits (questionaire in several parts), visiting your site (a matter on your products) .. . Warning: There is no "contest" under the Act. It is a game (the chance comes, for example via a lottery), it must be FREE wit h the reimbursement of costs of participation, and there is no obligation to buy (separate form for a possible purchase command). - It is a contest (you rely on the knowledge of players), NOT to call randomly.€You can make alloir its partic ipation in a purchase. - Endowments: Always a jackpot, then two other lots of in terest. It is generally acknowledged to offer the following batches then 7, but

you can of course offer more to increase your turnout. If you do not have enough budget, seek a partner to co-brand the event and offer a portion of appropriati ons (a logo on the right of participation = 10% of the amount of the campaign). Prizes must be related to the target: no question of providing a skateboard boar d for a target of retirees ... Tips: a lot that works well is the gourmet gift b asket home made with a selection of products you have purchased in a supermarket , another way to have visibility at a show is to give stickers that participants can stick around (be careful having to remove then ...). Otherwise you can fall back on the boxes Wee kendesk with good value for money, USB sticks, DVDs ... If you want to appear mo re pro, I advise you to appeal to sellers of advertising items to mark your item s with your logo (USB, key chain ...). Expect delays long enough, sometimes thre e weeks, because they are often made in Asia. Nb: it is forbidden to offer coupo ns on your products ... but you can offer gift certificates! - Imprint Clearly e xplain how to participate in your game, the deadline, the mode of drawing, how t o get the rules for free, because your social, RCS, Phone, value for money of pu blic lots, the nature of game / contest conditions for reimbursement of costs of participation, how his savvy winners ... but at the end of the questionnaire so as not to alienate participants. Caution - you must deposit your payment in a b ailiff, remember to do so under penalty of heavy fines from the DGCCRF. - If you distribute papers on the public way add the words "Do not litter the public hig hway" 4 - Define where and how to store the records of participants. If you inte nd to use the data, we must always keep a computer file (with Excel as a minimum , or better with ACT! See demo www.simplyact.net). I also advise you to keep the entries for a few months (to avoid claims ...). If you plan to use paper coupon s, a ballot box (a box ... a box covered with an elegant paper or your logo will do), and especially the dozens of pens. Expect also the time of the draw will b e notified and how the winners. Nb: The seizure of the coupons on paper is a ted ious job (they are often illegible, and must be retooled for use on computer ... ) but you must allow this budget to maximize your time share. 5 - Promote your c ontest Advertise everywhere "Great contest" with the magic words like "Free", "t o win" ... followed by "Click" (nearly 30% of clicks more with this simple word! ). The grip is essential to ensure success, therefore heal it up! Then add lots of pictures to encourage your target to participate. By cons do not make a conte st too long or tedious to risks alienating the participants ... Here is a list of key sites announcing contests: http://www http://www.lesconcou rs.com/cgi-bin/ajoutconcours/ajoutnet.pl http://www.concours.fr/webmasters/signa ler_jeu.asp .atouts-gagnants.com/addc.shtml http://www.concours2000.com/ (paying 100 ) http://www.cgratuit.com/add_site_step1.php http://www.jeu-concours.biz/ proposer_jeu.php http://www.ledemondujeu.com/proposer-concours.html (paying 100 HT) http://jeux-concours.kadodujour.com/?part=gg1 http://cjcp.maxitoo.com/ ind ex.php? option = com_content & task = view & id = 97 & Itemid = 51 Nb: if you make a emailing sure that your email is not considered as SPAM (junk mail). Indeed filters antipam hotmail, Caramail ... analyze and fi lter those emails to them seem "shady" (with the words free, millions ...). So a dd some text describing your competition.