"THE PHARMACY OF THE CREATURES" A strange name for a curious Informal Labour and Research ...

Information collected through my travels, expeditions through the forests, vario us remote sites and places of our Venezuelan and South American geography, I hop e that besides Curious, is useful and beneficial to all ... Sri Deva Fénix. (Prof. Felix E. Diaz) and Panch Yanja Devi. (Prof. Diaz Yajaira Cruz) La Botica de Bugs A rare collection of recipes and medicines made with the most diverse and unusua l materials and insects ... "Used successfully by our Indian and Great Great Grandparents" "THE PHARMACY OF THE CREATURES" This curious work is to create a manual with the idea of recovering a remote acq uis our traditional and cultural fields, today in serious danger of extinction, approaching people, their health and natural resources are so readily available and which can provide on its own without this means excessive spending on medica tions. All these remedies have been tested yesterday, today, again and again by many people, in jungles, fields and villages in the remotest regions of the coun try who have proved their effectiveness effective against many of their ailments . It is my honest wish that these folk and traditional remedies are not lost in oblivion with the disappearance of the last men and women who have given so much good all those people suffering from any ailment, then showed his worth and kno wledge effectiveness of empirical methods, strange, if you so striking and effec tive formulas Natural Pharmacopoeia "Master" ... Prologue "Dedicated to all the Odd World." Maestro Sri Deva Fénix, (Prof. Felix E. Diaz) The Citadel of the Phoenix. Ecolog ical Village St. Louis. The Azulita. Edo. .. Mérida Venezuela. Acknowledgements: I want to thank to all those simple and humble people of our forests, fields and villages where I went to consult (Research) for sharing this innate wisdom, his incredible patience, tolerance, and above all, the act of sharing with me their wonderful secrets. They have been so many people who screwed up, questioned and bothered. That will undoubtedly require a long list to name their names, specialties and locations .... RECEIVE ALL THESE PEOPLE TALKING IN CREOLE the nickname of shamans, chiefs, FUN, witches and other ... This work is dedicated to all those who are dedicated to treating and curing lov ingly to their peers, no matter which method you use, the important thing is tha t they help disinterestedly, but is ... Especially dedicated to all DEDICATION: FUN IN THE WORLD ... IMPORTANT: Always Remember and use these measures ... 1 tablespoon sugar = 14 gr race. 1 heaping tablespoon of sugar = 30 gr. 1 tables poon sugar dessert race = 7 deg. 1 tablespoon sugar-filled dessert = 12 gr. 1 te

aspoon brown sugar = 3.5 gr race. 1 teaspoon brown sugar filled = 6 gr. 1 cup fu ll of sugar = 225 gr. 2 cups of coffee full of sugar = 450 gr. Homemade Weights and measures IMPORTANT TIPS: * Treatment for many insects and animal parts 1 steam should be passed to ensure proper disinfection. 2 then proceeds to dry w ell in the sun or the embers of the fire .. 3rd Some formulas require the reduct ion to dust or ash treated materials. The processing is directly related to its pharmacological effectiveness. -Cleaning of the drug product impurities facilita tes storage. -Eliminate or reduce the toxicity of the drug to a level appropriat e for their medicinal qualities, provided the prescription of the compounds and the preparation of the combinations. Preparation techniques: * General Rules:-Classification: land is cleaned, impurities and parts not have medicinal use. then separate the medicinal parts. water vapor, remove dust and other elements, for the medicinal qualities relativ ely hygiene. preparation, it is necessary to chop the material in different size s, thicknesses, lengths and prints always taking into account its various forms. embers of the fire, according to the weather. Some formulas require the reducti on to dust or ashes of the material to be treated. - Wash: For direct wash very clean or better with -Bits or chopped: For ease of packaging and -Drying: Then proceed to dry well in the sun or -Storage and Care: A) Labeling: Once you've made fragmentation and drying, we must ensure the product label to avoid confusion or misuse of the m, especially those powders or substances that are difficult to identify just by their shape, texture,€color, odor and external. B) Maintenance of dry medium: We must store these products in a dry and well ventilated to prevent the occurrence of mold, i nsect attacks, loss of oils and other changes in the properties. regularly inspect the goods stored to protect them from harmful insects. Take th em out in the sun regularly and frequently, particularly in the winter. C) Inspection of drying in the sun: It is recommended a boil. Then turns away from heat, cover and let stand a few minutes. The infusi on once made does not boil. -Infusion: Heat water and add the substance necessary -Decoction: process by which raw material is boiled in water for a period of time. Use this procedure with the harder parts, like sh ells, bones, scales and others. minutes, the reduction occurs. It is used for ac tive ingredients that resist heat and needed, for its small percentage, a higher concentration. -Reduction: If the cooking is done over 20

"Maceration: is to let the matter rest raw in cold water for several hours. Used to extract active but unstable to heat water soluble. made in alcohol and usually takes a portion of the raw material for five of alco hol. This is used if the active ingredients do not dissolve well in water or are of bad taste is commonly used powders. For example, the blind snake spirit or B achaquero. Tincture or medicinal wines: the maceration "The dye, also commonly known as essences are made with dried animal substances, minced or crushed. They lie abou t 50 gr. bocona in a bottle, 450 ml are added. Alcohol or spirits of 40 degrees, close the bottle and let it marinate for about 12 or 15 days, removing the cont ent from time to time, after this time slips through a sleeve casting, squeeze v ery well vagazo to extract all possible juice, tincture thus obtained can be sto red in a narrow-necked bottle properly capped. -Syrup: sugar are dissolved in water to which are added after the raw material. then filters the liquid. -Juice: the elements directly crushed fresh-medicinal oils: Like alcohol, the oi l is other commonly used solvents. In fact there are certain substances that transfer best active ingredients to the oil. They are best used for external use (rub, m assage or rub). substance or subjecting it to water. The vaporized materials are wrapped in thin cloth is placed over the area being treated. -Poultice or compress: are made by boiling Bees toxic. Eliminates the accumulation of gases, containing the toxic and kills para sites. Summary rashes and itching, for external treatment of the secretions of s crofula (disease state characterized by enlargement and degeneration of the lymp h nodes, especially in the neck), from bleeding hemorrhoids, the pain of teeth, bee stings and other insect bites. smallest of the Coffee, powder of bees, by in fusion, with each dose. For external applications use the proper amounts. "Properties and action: Neutral, palatable," Typical applications: Bruises, epil epsy, -Preparation: For internal application use a spoon Bees If three of these insects, dried and pulverized, then put the powder in a little white wine, serve for the suppression of urine, taken by spoonfuls. Hornets: The cottages vasijitas shaped insects that are in trees or on walls and roofs of houses, etc. Are of a very select land and effective enough to cure erysipelas and all sorts of bumps, dissolving this in water. Anemones (White) cool slightly, taste bitter. Cools the blood and neutralizes poisons. Against to xins that cause fevers and dysentery, bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps. "Properties and action: This sea creature is

-Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee as an infusion. Cow dung: Mix thoroughly dry dung in small quantities of milk or wine, put as a poultice f or rheumatic pain, sciatica, swelling. Fresh dung and then cooked in red wine un til thickened, cure the swelling. One tablespoon of dried dung powder, ground an d sieved, placed in water lettuce, tea, elderberry borage, for asthma, was taken in the morning and evening. Apply fresh manure or moistened with the cooking of the Brusca, malignant ulcers and rashes. Goat: Wherever the bladder powder spray, against the stone of the bladder and incontin ence of urine.€The urine of newborn kids or a few days old, is taken for bladder stones and urinary retention. Armadillo: The last bone of the tail of the armadillo: gets inside the ear and ease the pain, noise and the beating of this. The tusk is pulverized and placed in a snake bite, rabid dog and other venomous animals, the same dust is placed in wine or broth and drink (1 / 4 teaspoon of c offee powder) three times a day for a week. It is said that to preserve themselv es from being bitten by an alligator, just hung around the neck of the tusk, or arm or a ring. Cayman: To cure hemorrhoids, diarrhea, liver or intestinal disorders: hang at the waist, alligator bit the penis of eight days and the problem will subside. ears, putting it in and around it. The crocodile penis powders made into wine an d taken two or three times a day cure tetanus. Alligator butter cure deafness and pain Turtleshell "Properties and action: Neutral, pleasant taste. It nourishes the feminine energies and moderate men. kidney function, fatigue, chronic cough, seminal emission, metrorrhagia (bleedin g from the womb, outside the menstrual period), leukorrhea (whitish flow of the female genital tract), aches and ailments of the back and legs, deficient femini ne energy and excessive accumulation of gases, chronic dysentery, malaria, hemor rhoids, lack of suture in the soft spot for children. "Typical applications: for the poor -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee as an infusion. Carnero: The white wool is applied against noise in the ears and deafness, unwashed black wool soaked in honey gets hot in tumors or abscesses. Hundred feet. "Properties and action: It has energetic properties. Pungent, toxic. Eliminates the accumulation of gases, soothes spasms and detoxif ies. "Typical applications: infantile convulsions, spasms and cramps, paralysis of the jaws, lack of coordination, erysipelas and scrofula (disease state charac terized by enlargement and degeneration of the lymph nodes, especially in the ne ck), infections caused by trauma, desperate boils and snake bites. -Preparation:

For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee as an infusion. Crocodile (Caiman). refreshing taste salty. Stimulates blood circulation, lowers inflammation and he lps to drain the pus, it also promotes breastfeeding. "Typical applications: Rhe umatism associated with numbness and causing intense pain, muscle spasms, amenor rhea (absence of menstrual periods), ulcers and abscesses, scrofula (disease sta te characterized by enlargement and degeneration of the lymph nodes, especially in the neck ), absence of breastfeeding. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee in powder form, in teas at a time 1 or 2 time s per day. A cloth soaked in the blood of this animal and hung out to dry, apply in erysipelas without tie. "Properties and action: It has properties slightly Rabbit: Conch shell. "Properties and action: Neutral and salty taste. you have neutralizing action on the liver and lowers fever, remove the pterygium and rest ore vision. "Typical applications: Dizziness, convulsions and spasms, blurred vi sion, glaucoma and cataract. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee in powder form, in teas at a time 1 or 2 times per day. soft, salty and sour taste. Modera masculine energy and stabilizes the body's me tabolism, reduces fever and eliminate congestion. "Typical applications: Hyperte nsion and vertigo, seminal emission, tuberculous cervical nodes, hydrosis. -Prep aration: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of coffee in powder f orm, in teas. Oyster shell. "Properties and action: It has properties slightly Wherever the river, roasted alive in a glass bottle, pulverized and the powder t aken one tablespoon per day for animal bites and venomous snakes. Place the powd er with beeswax and strong vinegar. Crabs: to cure erysipelas, take a piece of tortoise shell, charred and pulverized by pl acing a teaspoon of the powder in half a glass of: white wine or a clear soup an d drink once daily. Remove inside the insect (which is white) was smeared on the scrofula, even when suppurative, top with tissue paper, do it twice a day. Tortoise shell: Congorocho black: Cockroach: smallest of the coffee powder cockroach and a half (½) of crushed eggshells, put in a bottle of white wine and added a spoonful of onion juice, half glass gives you warm to the patient until urinate. powders and a purse of brandy half a bot tle of gin in cooking of chickpeas, this drink is divided into two doses to take it fasting, is for two days. Cook a piece of beef rennet and is taken twice a d ay to contain flows immoderate and abortions. For retention of urine: put a teaspoon For the stone from the bladder: two teaspoons Rennet:

Deer: Place several piece of horn in the oven and toast (as coal), is used for snake b ite (open bite) by placing a piece of coal on the site. In spasms: a coal gets wet and horn placed in the affected area. To cure hiccups, intestinal worms and flows: place a teaspoon of the Charred Horn coffee peppermint water. The powders used in wine rubbing in colds, sore bones and joints. horn in red wine, make crops and apply the mixture into the cavities. For toothache: is cooking powders Horn of cattle: Scrape as half a handful of the horn begins to burn in a laborer for the patient to inhale the smoke, place the cloth on his head covering the ears, is recommen ded in cases of colds, bad air and spasms. For colic: is toasted a piece of horn, is sprayed and placed in ½ cup of boiled grape brandy is taken. Culebra: To elephantiasis: snake eats without head and drink the soaking water of the same, and bathing is also recommended that wa ter. Against goiter: a snake hunter passed by the goiter or mumps or you can put the skeleton of the spine of the snake. The rattle of the rattlesnake is dissected, wrapped in cotton wool and applied t o the ear, with deafness or earaches. The decoction of the blind snake or Bachaq uero taken to weld any breakage. has placed a snake without head and tail and eat every three days a caster of 2 or 3 cm. of meat. Against leprosy: given to drinking wine which Danta: Against Epilepsy him: Place the scraping of the hull or nail in half a glass of white wine, others suffering from this disease, is carri ed around the neck into pieces. Teeth ground into a powder. salty, slightly toxic. Removes constipation, helps the expulsion of mucus, and k ills insects. "Typical applications: Destranca the jaws in seizures, epilepsy, l aryngeal spasms, cough and asthma. It is used externally in cases of scabies, ri ng worm, skin wounds and ulcers. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 6 t o 1 / 4 teaspoon of coffee in powder form, in teas. For outdoor applications usi ng a proper amount. -Property and Action: Energy, acid and flavor Dung beetle soft, salty taste and toxic. Seizure stops, dissolves clots and bruising, and co ntains toxins. "Properties and action: It has properties "Typical applications: Seizure and mania, bleeding hemorrhoids, boils and abscesses.

teaspoon of coffee in powder form, in teas. For outdoor applications using a pro per amount. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 Scorpions integers. "Properties and action: Neutral, palatable although somewhat acidic, toxic gases and removes removes spasms. "Typical applications: Shock and hemiplegia, nystagmus (spasmodic oscillation of the eyeball about its axis horizontal or ver tical axis), infantile convulsions, spasms, tetanus, leprosy. teaspoon of coffee in powder form, whole or scorpion 3-7 scorpion tails prepared as an infusion. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 Bat dung. refreshing citrus flavor. Stimulates blood circulation and improves vision. "Properties and action: It has properties "Typical applications: Vision difficult, cataracts, marasmus (extreme emaciation of the body.) child. teaspoon of coffee in powder form, in teas. For outdoor applications using a pro per amount. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 powder (two tablespoons) in generous wine. Also gives the patient the fat in sea food that taking a few sips of wine. Cook a bit in natural water for rheumatism. To cure goiters or mumps: a spray and place half a teaspoon into wine (or other vehicle), daily. Sea urchin: For epilepsy: it takes guts, toasted Sea sponge: For pushes, hemorrhoids and affirm the denture: It uses the same preparation but diluted in water plantain and rose to crops or enemas. For pain of the uterus or urethra: is used fresh and fried in oil, add w ine and sprinkle with cinnamon, then placed in the arch of the foot. For cancers and fistulas. prepared using the same above but without the cinnamon. Manure ass bleeds for sputum and white flowers: They take 10 tablespoons of manure is put to soak in water, strain and this is made with brow n sugar syrup, to take four teaspoonfuls morning and night. Soak plantain juice, squeeze and mix a tablespoon of nettle juice with juice or weld to weld, until no evil. dry manure and pulverized in a long taffeta bag on a pad. For the bleeding: take 1 to 2 cups of manure, For excessive menstrual flow: place the Horse manure: faded into wine soup warm after brewing. For pleuritis (pleurisy): Place four cu ps of manure on two bottles of white wine to boil until mixture is reduced by ha lf, strain and it gives the patient a cup in the morning, bed rest ( sudorific).

For those who urinate blood, cooked in wine and adds 2 tablespoons of oregano, is placed in the form of plaster on the navel. For stomach pain: is toasted and sprinkled with wine to form a paste that is applied in the stomach. To bring out smallpox: is cooked in 2 cups water manure Elder, strain and drink. For retention of urine: take 3 tablespoons Goat manure: For dislocations, and cracking splintered: It is sprayed and placed vinegar until have consistency of plaster, is applied to the affected area. This same composit ion diluted in water plantain and rose for haemorrhage, swish to reaffirm the te eth, chronic diarrhea and pushes (both in enemas). making fresh 3 tbsp oil fry adding wine, sprinkle with cinnamon and placed in th e arch of the foot. For pain and burning in the uterus and urethra: the Pig manure: For migraine: place the manure in a pot on the braces along with a little bark Tacamahaca, you get the smoke with his head covered. For toothache: the powders are placed in the cavities. For uterine bleeding: the powder is kneaded Plantain juice and placed on the vulva. Dung thrown at the foot of a pomegranate acid, becomes sweet. Note: Chicken Manure: To cure ringworm: searching for the manure that is yellow and it dissolves in water, spread on the site of the instep. For the evil Urine sprayed manure (half teaspoon of coffee) and add the decoctio n of stems of grass along Iguana dung: Pigeon dung: Honey bees (plaster) and applied in the affected area. For tullimiento: powders are mixed in a cream with a little honey and rub the affected part. For the ston e in the bladder: manure is soaked in vinegar for 24 hours, allowed to dry (powd er), place a teaspoon of cinnamon manure with other powder in half a glass of wi ne. For tumors and paronychia: dry manure is mixed For stains on the face, ringworm, pimples, rashes: manure is placed in vinegar, or diluted and sore jaw and side: to cook manure in wine until it thickens and is applied in the sore. smeared several tim es. For ringworm: dried in the sun or fire, pulverized, mixed with vinegar and smeared on the head where it is ringworm. For epilepticus or he art, diluted in wine or water plantain is often taken. For dysentery and intesti nal diseases: white manure is taken, pulverized and placed it in half teaspoon o f plantain and rose water Duck manure: Turkey manure:

Manure dog Mouse dung: For the spitting of blood, incontinence and diabetes: is sprayed (on e teaspoon) and place in order to remove the pain and deflating the breasts of t he nursing: the powder flowing away in a little manure water and coated with a pen. a cup of juice of plantain, sweeten and taken fasti ng and at bedtime. Incontinence: the neck is roasted in the oven, the sprays and powders are made (one dessert spoon) into wine at bedtime. The peak b lood mixed with crushed garlic and wine, you expel the poison has been taken. Gallo: acrid and salty, toxic. It promotes diuresis. "Typical applications: Edema (swel ling soft body parts, which yields to pressure and serum is caused by infiltrati on in cellular tissue), difficulty in urination.€-Preparation: For each dose was used in 5-6 crickets, roasted and crushed, and mixed with boiled water and then take it. Cricket garden. "Properties and action: It has energetic properties, Swallow: put in the oven until toasted, pulverized and make a broth with a teaspoon of po wder in the morning and evening. To cure angina: A swallow pigeon is Cricket: For ease of urine retained: two or roasted three fetters, are pulverized and place a heaping teaspoon in the decoction of p arsley root. Ant: a good portion of salt, which is by way of an ointment and applied. For deafness : used ant eggs mashed and mixed with onion juice, then instilled into the ears. salty taste. Hemostasis. "Typical applications: Metrorrhagia (bleeding of the u terus, outside the menstrual period), leukorrhea (whitish flow of the female gen ital tract), excess stomach acid, staining, traumatic bleeding, ulcers of the sc rotum. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2 tablespoon full of cuttlefish bones in water or spray them and they take in water. For the uppers and spots on the face: it is ground Cuttlefish Bones. "Properties and action: Slightly energy, Hen's egg: For coughs and refresh the lungs: they beat the For diarrhea, dysente ry and coughs pushes rebels: take three or four clear bottle clear natural water and sweeten. For inflammations of the eyes and deafness recently: one (1) whipped egg whites 1 cup water 4 tablespoons rum, in the ears are placed to build and in the eyes as eye drops. rose water, sweetened with sugar and adding 6 to 8 tablespoons of almond oil, ta kes a drink frequently. For the swollen veins: Beat 2 egg whites, mixed with whe at flour (a tablespoon) and chicken blood, apply warm in the veins if there is p ain. Hen's egg: For stains on the face and beautify the skin:

Beat three egg whites in one (1) bottle of brandy and ½ cup of rice powder and s ifted, and placed a mask for 20 minutes. For pain of the kidney: it beat eight ( 8) buds with four (4) tablespoons of oil breach, it warms and three (3) consecut ive mornings are enemas, it must also take the decoction of flowers or seeds of fennel. For gonorrhea: 1 egg yolk, put two teaspoons of turpentine or 1 teaspoon oil stick and taken fasting. For the affections of the rectum: use the same rec ipe above, diluted in a decoction of plantain and roses to use as enema. Chicken egg: oil mixed with pink and red wine, put a poultice on the affected area. simmer is twelve (12) eggs, peel, chop in half, you take out the yolks and within the whi te sugar is placed, join the halves and placed on a grid with a container undern eath to collect the liquid that summarizes overnight (left in quiet), takes a sp oonful of the liquid in fasting and one to bed. As resolution: 12 eggs are cooke d but yolks are used, placing them in a bag of cotton cloth between two plates i n warm place, are left to sweat and you get oil and egg. For ulcers and wounds: Apply three buds For coughs and chest affections rebels: Hen's egg: For pleuritis: put twelve (12) well bud beaten in water and drink holy thistle Mix the egg whites with lime, is used for sealing tiles, marble, glass etc.. Note Curiosa Ant eggs: To cure deafness: Mash the egg is tough and earthworms (ground), fry in olive oil, place a few drops in the ears and cov ered with a cotton ball soaked in oil. Turkey eggs: For scabies, ringworm and skin diseases: the burn some eggs, are pulverized, mixed with vinegar and smeared. Iguana: For the sciatic pain and swelling: fat the iguana is mixed with a little oil of sassafras (for sciatica) and alone in t he swellings. iguana, pulverized and the powders are applied to the bladder. For the evil of urine: the stone that is extracted from the bone of the tail: us ed for earache. Soap: For tumors and swellings: mixed soap brown sugar and oil, is placed as a poultice. To cure liver: scraping the castile soap (two tablespoons) mixed with two (2) tablespoons of olive oil, green snuff juice and two (2) tablespoons of passivity, put the fire and you get a cool ointment to be applied on the liver. black soap is placed on the navel of the children and pla ced over a brown paper bag. For astriction abdomen and colic: the calm water and is accompanied by eating them roasted or cooked without eating an ything else. Cow's milk has nutritional properties, coolant and bland. To cool t he blood, take the decoction of barley. For the affections of the chest: watercr ess puree with milk and take one or two glasses a day. Pushes for dysentery and liver: cook cow or goat to reduce it to a third party, add one (1) tablespoon li me water and drink half a glass three times a day. To shed that has drunk poison

: take first half glass of olive oil and then donkey milk. Lizards: For elephantiasis: various lizards are placed in Milk: Milk: For the pushing (uncontrollable desire to defecate or urinate): Boil a quart of cow's milk or goat, strain and are incorporated pink 2 tablespoo ns honey and 2 egg yolks, is taken three times a day and take sole food. For the same origin: boil the milk to halve it, add water decoction of barley also redu ced by half mix the two and is taken twice a day. For rectal ulcers: is added to milk a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lime water, this is done with smal l enemas. Milk: To the evil of urine: are made with milk enemas a quarter of white wine. bread, milk and saffron. To the irritation: Output loam plaster goats, reducing it to cook until the third part, you put sugar and drinks, plus water gargles are made from elderberry flowers with starch. To cure asthma: take a bottle of milk For weak stomachs: drink milk honey. lettuce, plantain, and purslane, strain and add four tablespoons of brown sugar and takes a long time. To cure scurvy and blood diseases: boil the serum in sufficient quantity, eggs well beaten and mixed with the drink of choice of taking on an empty stomac h will hate drinking. Owl: those who have been expelled from the body, roast and ground, then take a teaspo on of powder and cooked with mint and passivity, daily. earthworms are washed, m ash a quarter of its weight of ant eggs, cooked with some fat and the first boil ing, strain and squeeze, spread on the parties concerned. For epilepsy: a teaspo on of powder of earthworms are added to the decoction of chicory, take three day s (the early days of the new moon). Worms: For pinworms: washed thoroughly To the irritation and dropsy: they take Worms. "Properties and action: It has properties slightly refreshing, salty taste. Reduces fever, calm the spasms, and promotes diuresis d etoxifies. difficult to relax and headaches, cough, labored breathing, convulsive spasms, d ifficulty in urination, ascites (abnormal accumulation of fluid with a high cont ent of protein and electrolytes intraperitoneal. It occurs more frequently in pa tients with liver cirrhosis or any other serious liver disease), hemiplegia. tab lespoon for a large cup of water infusion. is also effective for external applic ations (by dissolving the powder with sugar) to combat erysipelas and chronic wo unds. "Typical applications: fevers associated with -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2

Manatee: neck, pulverized and added two teaspoons of baking powder nettles, plantain and rose. For venereal diseases eaten meat in quantity. To stop the flow of blood, the bone Manteca: For recent hits, scabies and cramping used lard with sulfur. For asthma and cram ps: take beef butter (two tablespoons), followed by a few shots of his own urine . For irritation and pain: this butter is smeared with sugar cane liquor. Manteca: fresh cow butter with three fingers of brandy in a glass bowl over low heat, sti rring with a wooden paddle until it consumed the liquor, then lowering it from h eat, add one tablespoon of oil of sassafras. It will have some paintings that ha ve been boiled before with bleach and they are well dried, is embedded with butt er, place the affected part and cover with another on top, always warm and every time you apply the cloth must be clean, apply morning and night. For palsy: placed 4 tablespoons Butter: For the heart palpitations, pain caused by gas or cold: In the middle (½ ) pounds of unsalted butter, put 4 white onions, chopped a few sprigs of rue, watercress, chamomile flowers, anise a little fist, a little beef gall and scraped loaf;€Cook it in glass (Pyre x), once cooked, squeezed with a cloth and stored for morning and evening to ano inting the affected area. too salty. Strengthens the kidneys and provides control over the emission of sem en, remove seizures and calms the nerves. Impotence, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, enuresis (involuntary discharge of urine), incontinence, apprehens ion, memory loss, Mantis religiosa. "Properties and action: Neutral, palatable and tablespoon for a large cup of water infusion. excessive perspiration. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2 Wood butterfly. bitter. eliminates pulmonary congestion, restores and recovers the voice, normal izes liver function. -Property and Action: Refreshing taste "Typical applications: cough and hoarseness, colic, inflammation of the liver and stomach. -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2 tablespoon for a large cup of water infusion. Honey: When taken alone, is purgative and work on the matrix and the intestinal organs. For recent and pushes diarrhea: Mix the honey, almond oil and rose water. To cu re external ulcers: the honey is mixed with turpentine and a quarter of incense powder, an ointment is made by placing it on the affected part. To loosen phlegm and clear the stomach gets the fire in clay pot, 4 cups of honey, 4 cups sugar and 1 quart of vinegar, you will be removing the foam and is ojimel. For shifts: the gum is coated with: honey mixed with powdered alum stone, stone Lipis and v

erdigris (greenish material that forms on objects copper) in equal parts. scaling and fat loaf is placed in plasma tasting until cured. For all types of tumors: mixed with honey It is purgative, women who take daily maintained their regular periods, this hon ey cleans and purifies the matrix and the bladder in men. The cold honey smeared on the heart palpitations. Honey canes: Mono: For asthma or drowning: you place the hair of the monkey in a small cloth bag and tied in the pot (lower neck) of the patient. half a glass of blood from the tortoise with half a glass of red wine, taken in the last three days of the waning moon. Morrocoy: For epilepsy or heart trouble: mixed Housefly. slightly soft, pungent, toxic. Lubricated so as to remove congestion, burns the tissues, preventing the toxin from spreading. characterized by reddish skin blis ters and weeping, resulting in crusting and scaling) with cobalt, fungal infecti ons, boils, pus and scrofula (disease state characterized by enlargement and deg eneration of the lymph nodes, especially in the neck), dog bites rabid. "Properties and action: It has properties "Typical applications: Eczema (condition -Preparation: For each dose using a fly at a time, in tea or powdered and mixed with boiled water. Urine: For the bad breath (halitosis) taken daily three shots of the rust on rising. For sciatic pain and other: cooking urine and Artemis, then placed fomentation (cloths with medicine) in the affected area. T o access asthma: take own urine. In the hard part: take the woman's urine husban d and give birth soon. For constipation: enemas are urine and scraped loaf. If you take the urine of a seriously ill and are put breast milk, if the milk fl oats patient is not death but if the milk or dissolved sits opposite happens. For rin gworm rebels: the urine sediment is left for a day and then rubs the affected pa rt of the head and covered with an oilcloth. Oysters salty. Low energy, cleanses the lungs and remove the phlegm, relieve asthma and provides moisture, removing congestion. pulmonary hemoptysis (expectoration of b lood from the trachea, bronchi or lungs), dyspnea, tumors, stomach pain, chest p ains and sides. tablespoon for a large cup of water infusion. "Properties and action: Neutral, bitter taste and "Typical applications: Excessive heat -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2

Palomo: To cure the stone in the bladder is toasted gizzard or rennet, pulverized and is picked up. sour lemon big in a water jug of brown sugar and 4 egg whites beaten, taken in s mall doses until finishing the preparation. Also to apply the same bad enema add ing starch or coconut charcoal with a little vinegar of good quality. For wounds or bruises: the loaf is scraped and mixed with olive oil or kneaded with fat.€F or falls and blows: take the water of brown sugar and add salt, put in poultices . Pasteboard or panela: For diarrhea and pushes: put on the crust using the friction of brown sugar dissolved in a little water or juice of planta in leaves of pumpkin. For diarrhea simple: mix the juice of sugar cane juice str ong mint. For chest colds: use the burnt brown sugar and put in elder flower wat er with three tablespoons of rum. Pasteboard or panela: To cure ringworm and other skin rashes: Sloth: For hemorrhoids: the skin is used as a seat. Hoof cattle: For the thrill: charred and crushed it up make fine powder, place a spoonful in water and drink holy thistle until no symp toms, the patient should be well wrapped to take the remedy. Peak bottle (green toucan) For epilepsy: take the powders (average teaspoon), and put in white wine. eagle stone placed in the nest to protect thei r young from predators. It is an effective antidote when you have taken any pois on, drink powders in water or wine. To expel retained placentas: take the powder s containing the stone. dust will be taken dissolved in water. powders as well. Eagle Rock: For suppression of menstrual ons of the urine for uterine n the area of pain, take the : them. takes the stone in the flow, affections of the uterus, tonsils and conditi cramping or below the short ribs: Place the stone i order to weld the cracks: To tie the stone epilepsy neck along with the seeds of peony.

Cheese: the paste and is made with cow's milk, goat or sheep and crops do with this. For toothache: a bit of cooking For breakdowns or dislocations of bones, bumps and bruises: place in poultice mixed with brown sugar. Frogs: For retention of urine: drinking water which have soaked several frogs. hours in the customary drink liquor sick drinking it for three days without limitation, be cured. For alcoholism: Place three live frogs for 24 For the pains of gout: the oil which makes Frying the frog, is spread on the sore area. wine, sun-dried and powdered, mix o ne teaspoon of powder in water and lemon balm taken for 30 days in the mornings. For epilepsy: used frog livers washed in Mouse: For incontinence of the urine is sprayed on

mouse dung and place a teaspoon of powder in broth and taken by three mornings. Leeches. "Properties and action: Neutral, salty flavor bitter. Removes clots and invigorate blood circulation. "Disease" symptoms ", fractures and bruises, amenorrhea (a disease that involves the suppression of menstrual flow). "Typical applications: Group -Preparation: For each dose was used in 1 / 2 to 1.1 / 2 median teaspoon of desserts as a tea or cooked and then leeches powder can be sw allowed with a glass of water. Samur (Vulture): applied in a Mechita and heal in four to six days. For alcoholism: you put your heart for 24 hours by infusion of brandy and is taken daily. For epilepsy: baked the heart and guts, pulverized, add a teaspoon in water and white wine, blessed thistle, should be taken in the waning moon. For fistulas: the core of the bobbin Toad: To facilitate children's teeth: the dissected frog bones and was hanging from the neck. For inflammation, dental and other Erysipelatous: Passing a live toad (belly) for inflammation. Sebo: Paras that very young children stay healthy belly: he smeared the fat in t he spinal cord to the sores, pimples, tumors and excoriations: smeared with grea t success. For fractures, wounds and paronychia: resolving As you mix in maligna nt tumors (cankers) and scab (strongly embedded dirt): tallow is cooked in a copper container, allow to cool right there and then apply the fat green in the affected area. For anthrax (Anthrax malignant): takes a po ultice. fat, sugar, castile soap, olive oil, cook over low heat until all is inc orporated. grease and smeared with brown sugar. for long. For colds: warm smeare d on the walls affected. Sebo: tablespoon melted fat in a cup of decoction of the flowers of elder, borage and lettuce leaves. In addition to taking this remedy, in asthma is smeared on the n eck and back, an ointment made with tallow 8 tablespoons crushed green snuff (4 tablespoons of juice), because the sun for three days or heat. For any pain: Use the melted fat of goats,€pulverized and mixed with incense rubbed with it are g iven. To cure hemorrhoids: outlines a candle (suppository) and inserted into the rectum. For buboes (tumor purulent): melt one tablespoon of fat, add another pi tch and applied in poultices. Rebel cough and asthma: put a bones of the fish in wine or other vehicle and take, delivery will be quick and alleviates the anguish and pain. Temblador: For deliveries difficult: you place the scrapings Horse testicles: For scrofulous, mumps and curb: To expel the placenta and birth are cut and slice, it washed in white wine and put to roast, then pulverized, take two teaspoons of po wder in white wine for 15 or 20 days. difficult: take this powder (a pinch) in w hite wine. Tiger: To assist in the dentition: is placed in the neck

a canine child. Deer: To drop coral: take the dirt that is in deslíala animal and crop into wine when you have symptoms or when you have acces s. Skunk or skunk: For spasm, chest ailments, colds and fevers: they sprayed the li ver and is taken a ½ teaspoon of powder in a cup of warm water. Only Curious hope that in addition, be useful and beneficial to all ... Thank yo u Panch Devi Yanja ciudadelafenix@yahoo.es Maestro Sri Deva Fénix