1 MODEL Materials 24 4mm Swarovski Crystals Pendant 1 Swarovski beads (Seed beads) a brooch and tw o rings. ± 1.20 meters of nylon 0.25 mm in diameter before starting models incl ude the start of all collars will be just the beginning of the 3rd bracelets exp lained in the manual, as the case may be different then what I will explain in d etail otherwise proceed in the same way that the bracelets making a beaded ring at the beginning and end and then strung the clips there. Step 1: After making t he loop of beads, proceed to add four beads in each nylon and crossing a new bea d, repeat this procedure until you have approximately 15 cms, (it depends on the size you want the necklace, remember that attached to the entire course you hav e a chart to measure necklaces, rings and bracelets), to be with four beads on e ach side with a crystal cross as seen in the beginning of the scheme, introduced a glass on each side and crossed with a beaded then enter four in each nylon be ads and crosses over and repeat, repeat this process three times, crossing with a glass insert on each side and a cross with a bead, then the nylon insert two b eads left and the right and proceed five Insert the two nylon by the said (in th is case we use a heart, you can place you want), in the right nylon insert two b eads and the left five cross with a bead and repeat the process again to reverse . No.2 MODEL Materials For the central Flor 12 4mm Swarovski crystals 6 Swarovski Crystal Hearts 1 or F acet 8mm Pearl beads (Seed beads) For the remaining 70 5 flowers 4mm Swarovski c rystals beads (Seed beads) also need: beads (Seed beads) faceted crystals for bo nding nylon 0.25 mm in diameter brooch and two rings Central Florida: Introducing a heart and take you to the center of nylon, then w e put a bead and a glass for every nylon and nylon cross two hearts. We introduc e a bead and a glass for every nylon and crossed the two nylon for a heart, so u ntil we finish all the hearts. When finished entering all hearts again insert a bead and a glass for every nylon and nylon crossed two by the first heart. We in troduce the glass round and we stand on the glass front, we review the top two t imes we went through a heart and review the bottom, to reinforce the flower. Reasons for Flowers: Step 1: Insert six beads and crossing one by inserting a gl ass on each side, then on each bead and nylon insert a cross with a crystal by p assing the nylon beads, glass beads with existing and which crossed at the begin ning and the following Step 2: After each nylon insert a crystal, beads, crystal and beads, nylon inser ted alongside the existing glass, and the two following beads, repeat this proce ss again in both nylon leaving the two on each bead as shown in the diagram. Step 3: After both nylon insert a glass separating introduce nylon and glass bea ds, nylon insert the glass beads and the existing side and finish putting the th read through the bead and the last glass, then reviewed for firming, this flower to five times. Collar assembly: We start as usual but this time you must place ten beads on eac h side and crossed with faceted crystals, once given the desired length aprox.15 cm or more appropriate to assemble according to the scheme guided by colors loo k for the green nylon and insert the sequence that leads entering the correspond ing number of beads to attach the flowers, do the same with the red enter the be

ads, and nylon made from the flowers and goes out through the windows that appea r in the scheme and so is joining the flowers, repeat for the other side the sam e way only in reverse. (This would be the assembly between the A and B). To assemble the C simply with a new thread is placed in a glass of the small flo wer to the center and carries incorporates ten beads on each side and reviews th e collar as much as you can to give strength and it does not break, proceed to p lace the brooches. No.3 MODEL Materials 94 4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls 8 10 or 10mm Swarovski beads (Seed beads) a broo ch and two rings. ± 1.50 m nylon thread 0.25 mm in diameter Step 1: This model is very simple just to begin doing a few loops of beads (you can also use silver bullets), about 8 or 9 cms approx.€then crossed with a crys tal on each side and put a bead or BB, a crystal, beads, crystals, beads and a c ross with a crystal, then enter a bead on each side, and a beaded crystal and pe arl cross with a again on each side of a bead, a glass and a beaded and cross wi th a crystal., repeat the process to carry four pearls. When in the glass which crossed the last game with the pearl do the following in the left insert nylon b eads, glass beads, glass beads, glass beads and the right beads, glass beads and cross with a crystal , then enter the beads, glass beads and cross with a pearl , then each side beads, glass beads, and cross with a glass insert in each nylon two glass beads and a cross with a beaded refunded and get the 2nd crystal left on the far right and start the above process for the remaining four pearls, rev iew the collar and place the pins. Apart with a stick makes the charm that is in the middle of introducing a pearl necklace, a crystal and close it by a ring to hang on the bottom of the collar. MODEL No.4 Materials 72 4mm Swarovski Crystals Hearts 1 16 Swarovski Teardrop 13x6, 5mm 2 Swarovski L agrimas 11x5, 5mm 119 beads 2mm beads (Seed beads) a brooch and two rings. 2 Tap anudos and chafa or staple. ± 3 meters of nylon thread 0.25 mm in diameter Step 1: Start by placing the tapanudos work, but this time introduce three nylon, fi rst working with two and one is left waiting to be used, introduced in both thre ads a bead then pull the thread and enter seven beads each, then both put a hear t, then left in a nylon and glass beads and the right two glass beads and a cros s with a pearl in the place two pearls left nylon and the right one and cross wi th a pearl, then the left one bead, two beads on the right and target both by he art and repeat the sequence until the end of the heart or to the desired length (should be given to odd sequences fits the motif of the center). Step 2: With the pending stay nylon makes the following, inserted through the le ft side of the existing beads and heart, then introduces eight beads, a pearl, c rystal, pearl, beads and a pearl eight and put the nylon by the heart and just s tick pearl and repeat to complete according to the scheme only in the part befor e the half instead of glass has a tear of 11x5, 5mm and in the middle has a tear in 13x6, 5mm repeat on the opposite side the entire sequence, close tapanudos a nd mount the snaps. No.5 MODEL Materials 56 Swarovski Crystals 3mm 12 4mm Swarovski crystals separator 4 Silver Crystals 6mm 8 1 4mm faceted 6mm faceted glass beads (Seed beads) a brooch and two argoll as.ç ± 1.5 meters of nylon thread 0, 25 mm Step 1: We started making beaded ri

ngs, five on each side and crossed with one and then introduce one on each side and crossed with another, we repeat some eleven or twelve times as you prefer to stay in the beads after crossing and by the nylon we put a splitter and crossed with a glass of 4mm, then the nylon right or left either, we introduce three 3m m crystals and 4mm faceted glass and back glass for the first three, then by nyl on introduce the other three crystals and we put the existing faceted glass oppo site side and return it by the same three crystals inside (as shown by the arrow s in the diagram), finally crossed by two 4mm glass nylon., repeated two times a nd introduce a separator then we repeat the process once and we do it again but this time instead of carrying a glass take a 4mm faceted 6mm (FIG.1) this part s tay in the middle and we repeat the flower with faceted 4mm spacer and repeat th ree times (FIG.2). We closed the end and going over and putting the pins. No.6 MODEL Materials 20 Swarovski Pearls 4mm 10 6mm Swarovski pearls 2mm pearls or beads of 2mm a bro och and two rings. Chafes or staples Tapanudos and ± 1.5 meters of nylon thread 0.25 mm in diameter Step 1: We introduce the set tapanudos and once came across a 2mm bead, place one on eac h side and crossed with another, repeat 55 times or up to the desired length (de pending if you want short or long), then place on the left side do 2mm beads, on e 6mm and 2mm two on the right side place a 2mm pearl, a 4mm, one of 2mm, a 4mm, 2mm and a cross with a 2mm€repeat until the end of the pearls and repeat the p rocess again on the opposite side. Then place the tapanudos close it, and reinfo rce walking around, place the pins. MODEL No.7 Materials 36 4mm Swarovski Crystals and a suede cord Metro Mostacilla (Seed beads) a brooc h and two rings. Wire ± 1.5 meters of 0.25 mm diameter nylon Step 1: Take about twenty beaded rings three or four beads as desired side and crossing with one, then as shown inside a glass insert in each nylon and crossing a bead, place a c rystal in each nylon and two beads and cross with one, then two glass beads and nylon and crossing each one bead, repeat the process until all the crystals and then make the twenty rings as at first, put the rings and brooches. Step 2: Once the collar just take the leather cord and push it through the rings of beads, starting with the preceding the beginning of the flowers and end up a s the last as is indicated by the arrows in the diagram. Step 3 Take the cord at both ends must be level and tie a knot at a distance tha t you like (as you see in the picture below), then cut the ends of the cord diag onally. Step 4: With a bit of nylon than make a game of flowers as shown in the diagram, only four flowers, and review it to insert into the tip of one of the suede lac es, meanwhile the other end is going to cut a little more to the point where ins ert the flowers, this stay as a way to tie. No.8 MODEL Materials 59 Swarovski Crystals 3mm 6 Swarovski crystals 6mm 14 6mm Swarovski Pearls Mosta

cilla (Seed beads) a brooch and two rings. ± 1.5 meters of nylon thread 0.25 mm in diameter Step 1: We started as indicated by placing the tapanudos, crossed by a beaded, p ut one in each nylon and crossed with a glass of 3mm, insert six beads on each s ide and crossed with a glass of 3mm again, repeat nine times. Step 2: We were in a glass of 3mm nylon and introduce the pearl left and the rig ht two beads, one 3mm and two glass beads and crossed with a glass of 3mm, then to insert the left hand by two beads, one and two 3mm glass beads and a pearl fo r the right and crossed with a glass of 3mm. Now, on the left nylon insert a 6mm glass and the right two beads, glass beads 3mm and two and crossed with a glass of 3mm. Repeat until the end of 6mm crystals and were as shown in the figure cr ossing the 3mm glass. Step 3: Finally we repeat the process of the nine rings and finished according t o the diagram, we place the tapanudos, we give back to reinforce and put rings a nd brooches. No.9 MODEL We can make simple necklaces rowed combining many materials we have at hand an e xample would be the necklaces that like-stone bracelets: MODEL No.10 We have this one which uses the same technique that the bracelet is the same mat erial that the bracelet and Czech Crystals 4mm 4mm faceted, only for many to tak e into account how big you want the necklace and in this case we use tapanudos t o place the pins. Step 1: Insert eight beads carrying them to the center of nylon and came across a new one, then we put three beads on each nylon and crossed with a Czech, Czech per insert two nylon and come across a new Czech, then insert two Czechs for ea ch nylon and re-crossed with another, and continue to give the desired length, c rossing the last we put three Czech beads with a cross and then introduce four f or each crossing with a nylon and returning us to the first existing Czech. Step 2: Insert a glass for every nylon, and came across a bead, go back to get a glass for every nylon and crossed by the Czech's left front, we continue to fin ish, then we reinforce the strap going over again. Until now we have learned some techniques for rings, bracelets and necklaces, I invite you now to see my 5th and final manual which includes some models of earr ings and accessories. Once again my best wishes, success and luck .... Miriam Escorcia