João Ubaldo Ribeiro "They need raw materials to build a country" The general belief was that earlier

served Collor and Itamar and Fernando Henriq ue. Now we say that Lula will not do. And what comes after Lula also will be for nothing ... So I am beginning to suspect that the problem is not the thief who was corrupt C ollor, or the farce that is Lula. The problem is in us. We as a PEOPLE. We as a raw material of a country. Because I belong to a country where the "smar t" is the currency that is always appreciated as much or more than the dollar. A country where getting rich overnight is a virtue more appreciated than a famil y, based on values and respect for others. I belong to a country where, unfortunately, newspapers will never be sold as in other countries, that is, putting boxes on the sidewalks where they pay for a si ngle newspaper STRIP AND IF ONE NEWSPAPER, WHERE ARE LEAVING THE OTHER. Belong to the country where the "private companies" are particular role of rogue employees, who take home as if it were correct, sheets of paper, pencils, pens, clips and anything that might be useful for working children .. . And for thems elves. I belong to a country where one feels as much because he could "pull" the TV out of the neighbor, where we defrauds the declaration of income tax to pay or not pay less taxes. Belong to a country where lack of punctuality is a habit. Where the directors do not value human capital. Where there is little interest i n ecology, where people throw garbage in the streets and then complain about the government not to clean the sewers. Where people are "cats" to steal electricity and water, and we complain about ho w these services are expensive. Where there is no culture of reading (eg increas ed our current President, who recently said he is "very annoying having to read) and there is no consciousness or memory, political, historical or economic. Where our congressmen are working two days a week to pass bills and laws that se rve only to sink what does not, fill the bag that has little benefit and only a few. I belong to a country where drivers' licenses and medical certificates can be "purchased" without doing any survey. A country where a person of advanced age or a woman with a child in his arms, or an invalid, stand on the bus, while the person sitting pretends not to sleep fo r the place. A country in which the priority is to pass the car and not for the pedestrian. A country where we do a lot of things wrong, but the jive to criticize our leader s.

The more I analyze the defects of the Fernando Henrique as a person ... though just yesterday "wet" the hand of be fined. The more I say how much Dirceu is guilty, I'm . although even this morning have gone back to a client elped me pay some debts. No. No. No. Enough!

and Lula, a traffic better as through a

I feel better warden not to a Brazilian .. fraud, which h

As "raw material" of a country, we have many good things, but we lack a lot to b e men and women that our country needs. These defects, this "Smart BRAZILIAN" congenital dishonesty in this small scale, which then grows and evolves to become cases of scandal, this lack of human qua lity, more than Collor, Itamar, Fernando Henrique and Lula, who is is real and h onestly bad because they are all Brazilians like us, elected by us. Born here, not elsewhere ... I am saddened. For though Lula to resign today, the next president who succeeds him will have t o continue working with the same raw material defect, as people, we are ourselve s. And you can not do anything ... I have no guarantee that someone can do better. But as someone does not signal a way to eradicate first the vices that we as a people, no one will do. Neither served Collor, Itamar served or not served Fernando Henrique, and serves neither Lula nor will whatever comes. What is the alternative? We need another dictator, that we enforce the law with force and by terror? Here is lacking something. And while this "something else" does not begin to emerge from the bottom up or t op down, or center to the sides, or whatever you want, we will also condemned, a lso stagnated ... Also bastards! It's very nice to be Brazilian. But when that brasilina native begins to be a hindrance to our development oppor tunities as a nation, then the things change ... Do not expect to light a candle to all the saints, to see if we send a Messiah. We have to change! A new ruler with the same Brazilians can not do anything .. It is very clear ... We who have to change. Yes, I think this fits very well in everything that goes on happening: excuse me diocrity by television programs harmful and downright tolerant of failure. It is the industry's excuses and stupidity. Now, after this message, frankly I decided to look responsible, not to punish hi m, but to require you (yes, require you) to improve their behavior and that do n ot play deaf, dumb. I'm sure I met him when looking in the mirror.

Yes, I decided to look responsible and

THERE ARE. NO NEED TO FIND IT IN OTHER SIDE. And you know what you think ...? IS WHAT I ALWAYS SAY. "WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, THE POLITICAL, NOT SO MUCH." (PAUL Busk) "Meditate!" And I would add: what we lack is EDUCATION!