temporal and Portals Star Essence Star Essence Screen Buddha and Auric Field Ilisha CAM LUT SAM ELLEM • Connection to the Portal 12:12 INTRIM DISHTRAMENT • Acts in DNA proofreading and deprogram the flaws and manipulations since the c reation of our soul. CALOTH • Recovery of magnetic loops and double energy of all bodies. • Analysis of DNA from 22 races, allowing the alignment of the 12 tapes of the l ower bodies, with the 13:17 from our I Am. • Connection to the mesh Christic Gai a allowing the absorption of knowledge stored. • Performs the monadic level, eng aging power with TAN-TAR, helping to fix the DNA of mankind at the lower bodies. • It maximizes the performance of the creative energy within us. • Restores the threads that unite • Remove the elemental fear of activating the chakras function and guilt, beyond our false entire set of portals or ideas in o ur structure. energy centers. • Works the balance between the two cerebral hemis pheres, between the mind and heart. • Alignment with the true cosmic identity. • dissolve the false concepts in connecting to Source. Protection and Shut. Essen ce of Shield Starfire • Restores the screen Buddha. Star Essence Scan. and removal of implants LYNDOLL For depression and tear caused by nergético bsessão and black magic. Buddha and the screen reconstitutes orteleçe our network magnéica and temporal. To keep the frequency within the standards ibratória ermita free recall the influences of n egative fields ind. Used in conjunction with the VANTIL otencializar for the rec onstitution of alha magnetic screen and Buddha.

Lyan SOO • Instrument of healing for the removal and location of any intruder energy with in the patient's energy field. • Removal of implants and blocks the energy field . • Can be used with STELIK and KEE - clean energy from the patient. LAME TON • Creates a protective layer high vibration against the flow of many negative me ntal entities present in our work and cleaning disobsession the threshold. • Mus t be inserted into the brow chakra and can be worked with Melita. • In protectin g against psychic influences. • Do in ourselves and in others use TANTRIN. IRWIN • For mental health problems, shock and deep emotional states of panic. • Enter the person's current reality, removing or organizing the memories of other lives and parallel realities (schizophrenia or paranoia). • Area psychological and me ntal. MALATIEL MELITA MELTRIX MENATON MENSHUI NUQUEY OM CHRIST OM MARIA esdobramento temporal and Portals Quantum Healing - Chakras Scan. and removal of implants MENATON • Opening of internal portals. • Key access to record the memories of our chakra s. MELTRIX • Alignment and energization of the 12 chakras. Use after you have done cleaning them. • Unifies the chakras into three main generation centers: head, torso and abdomen, as three large suns in connection with other plans where it manifests the 12 chakras of the human being, connected to 12 strands of DNA. MELITA MALATIEL • Symbol of Truth, acts as • To open up blocker and handle records in the causal body and I'm allowing Holography. access to records of past lives and parallel realities. • Guide our intuition from our heart for truth. • Design other or on top of the blockade. Star Essence

Quantum Healing - Chakras OM MARIA • Unconditional Love. OM CHRIST NUQUEY • Remove the negative elements of the past still trapped in our reality. • Neutr alize the influences of those leaving them free to its evolution. • Help in the transmutation of karma and deprogramming, eliminating the effects of the past. • For the removal of elemental rage, aggression, responsible for failure in the p hysical body like the liver, where they are trapped most of these energies. MENSHUI • Regulates the opening of the chakras. • To close the chakras of a person in ca ses in which mediumship or clairvoyance are creating imbalances in energy. The c losing of chakra does not occur all, there is only a reduction of its vibrationa l flow. • Anchoring of the Cosmic Christ and all Creative Hierarchies • Connection to th e Spirit of Light tied the Order of the Holy Love shown in the Michaels. Great M aster as Mary • Protection / Unification with Rowena, Nada, Porter. Divine I AM Presence. • Full Protection. OM METÍSTICA OM MICAH OM MIGUEL OM PLASH RAMIPH RHAMETON SALASH SALTOK esdobramento temporal and Portals Cleaning and Disobsession Spell Closing Work Clean and Disobsession Spell OM PLASH • Activation merkabah protection. • Enables the body of light hitting the vehicl e morontia for deployment outside the matrix Nebadon. • Deployment. OM MIGUEL • One of the most powerful shields and cutting of all magic and obsessive proces s. • With the symbolism of the sword Commander Michael and their Hosts have the conditions for cutting up and break any spell and demand. • Resolve all. • menta lize symbol spinning. OM MICAH • Emblem of our Creator God Micah. • Shield protector. • Closes the work closes the gap.

OM METÍSTICA • Use energy to lighter. • Disobsession. • Ultraviolet Ray (37). • Burning of mi asma and egregore negative auric field and cell bodies. esdobramento temporal and Portals Star Essence Alignment of the Body Snatchers Star Essence SALTOK • Connection to 11:11 • Access information from parallel lives connecting with s patial hierarchies responsible for bringing many races to earthly reality. • Use d in the recovery of consciousness of the soul - memory and spiritual integrity to be able to continue his mission here on Earth. SALASH • Deprogramming of implants and placing the chips again be in balance and harmon y. • Used to implant high-tech. • For impatience and irritability, as well as em otional imbalance caused by these devices. RHAMETON • Alignment of bodies. • Therapeutically used to labyrinth and dizziness. • Sick ness. • Make the end of care RAMIPH • Emergency Solution. • For cases of mental anguish and despair when the person does not achieve the emotional balance. • Acts as shock energy allowing the reac tivation of the emotional body. • Great for emotional disturbances, mental or ph ysical. HOLY AMETHYST Shaal SHAM LOO SHAMLIN SURILH TAN TAR TANTRIM TESMATE Quantum Healing - Police Star SHAMLIN • Subjects energy denser. • Deriving from the radius 29 Rainbow distributed amon g eight sovereigns of four elements, and Orisha. • Works with the elementals, Gr een Point and Point Base. • Works with the four elements: Air (mental), earth (p hysical), Fire (spiritual) and water (emotional and earthy). SHAM LOO • On the court and used to resolve situations related to karmic incarnations on

other planets - karmic connection with exiled souls from other worlds. • Connect ion to the Police Federation's Stellar Blue Tigers turned to Sirius. • To resolv e karmic issues that are pending in other situations outside the context of our land. Clean and Disobsession Spell Shaal • Merkabah anchoring the 49 spokes. SANTA AMETHYST • Grounding of all the rescue teams of Souls. Teams of 7 ray. • Command Emblem H oly Amethyst. • Hosted by Saint Germain, the Violet Ray. Adjustment Frequency Closing Work Temporal unfolding and Portals TESMATE • Adjustment of touch with the ency dimensional, temporal and ent energy consciousness which as the entities that need the person and the environment. • Adjustment of frequ mental health. • Allows the capture of the differ allows us the engagement of staff to work as well guidance and help.

TANTRIM • Shield paralyzed allowing the imprisonment of human beings to be submitted by teams of healing and redemption of Hierarchies • Light shield of protection to t hat disqualified the energies of thought and often the beings that are part of t he table do not affect the patient's obsessive our vibrational field. • Hush exc ess mental. Paralyzes the mind. TAN TAR • To work with the genetic code. Restoration and activation of DNA strands. • Al ignment of DNA. • Use the close of work. SURILH • Dissociation of the mental and astral bodies. • Assists in the deployment and projection of both the monitor as the patient. • Used to decouple the states of consciousness. • For projection and difficulty of deployment. Thalma THALOOM VANTIL YAM TOO YAPECA YESHA ZECH TRUE LOVE caneam. and removal of implants Screen Buddha and Auric Field

YAM TOO • Cutting And any implant chips by raising the frequency and molecular vibration . • Spiritual Elevation. • Protection from Astral during sleep. VANTIL • On the energy of Archangel Matraton. Help in balancing four bodies acceleratin g the healing process from the higher bodies. • Energy directed from the higher mental body for each of the affected system allowing the anchoring of elemental healing. • Designed the heart chakra increases the coefficient of light. • Used together with the radius liquid gold Buddha restores the screen. Scan. and removal of implants Scan. and removal of implants THALOOM • It works along the radius Ouro Branco (radius 26) from anchoring ship Star of Life. • Removes all types of implants and chips at the cellular level, used by t he Alpha Draco and other creatures of the highly dangerous and technological kno wledge. • Acts as a powerful purifier of our cells. Thalma • Ray Brightness of t will be necessary n 12 dimensions and in the universe of Stars (35). • Promotes subtilization molecular our bodies, i for the stellar and planetary quantum leap. • Sweep energy i parallel realities, beyond the 49 planes which the soul acts free will and duality. • Removal of equipment and locks.

Quantum Healing - Saving Planet. Closing Work Protection and Shut. of Shields Adjustment Frequency MOR TRUE • Uthai FUMIRÊ amplified. • Directly connected to SWEET HEART EARTH and to incre ase energy as a strong egregore sustaining the process of planetary rescue. ZECH • Ray cobalt calypso (43). • Anchor the will of the supreme, the total energy of Alpha and Omega and the strength of the archetypes from Havona. Turns our Thoug ht Adjuster (takions) that is within our threefold flame. • Used after work. • A lignment and tune with the Source of All You. YESHA • Shield of Protection that anchors the power and strength of all the Hierarchie s of Light of the 21 galaxies in the universe of free will. • Protection against external forces. We can carry this symbol anywhere. YAPECA • Grounding and insertion into reality. • Coupling. • Apply the basic chakra and feet. BRAN CHA CHO KU REI DAI KO MYO 1

DAI KO MYO 2 DIX EARTO HEART EOMLISH GATE Quantum Healing Quantum Healing Quantum Healing DAI KO MYO 2 • Removal of intrusive energies: fibroids, chips, implants and others - form the traditional symbol. • Can be used in healing from a distance - by its frame rat e. • Leverages symbols of healing. • Connection with the Christ energy and power of the cosmos - energy tunnel. • Clockwise - condenses the KI in the nucleus of the symbol. In a counterclockwise direction - expansion of KI causing relaxatio n. Quantum Healing DAI KO MYO 1 • Removal of intrusive energies: fibroids, chips, implants and others - form the modern symbol. • Can be used in healing from a distance - by its frame rate. • Leverages symbols of healing. • Connection with the Christ energy and power of t he cosmos - energy tunnel. • Clockwise - condenses the KI in the nucleus of the symbol. In a counterclockwise direction - expansion of KI causing relaxation. Qu antum Healing - Glands CHO KU REI • Powers / Power. • Used to increase the power of the therapist's way of thinkin g, leveraging the strength of other symbols. • It should not be used alone in si tuations of healing - a strong archetype of power - if the therapist is out of b alance, you can amplify, causing disorder in the patient. • Accelerates wound he aling and regeneration / restoration in the physical body. • How to protect home , etc.. Quantum Healing - Healing Planet Quantum Healing - Protection BRAN CHA • Shield Holographic protection. • Clean the dimensions denser - to move heavy e nergies. • Design all chakras and especially the solar plexus. Quantum Healing - Awakening GATE Stargate ultidimensional. Access to records in other Lanet or parallel universes . Amplifies the power of parser and the mental aspect and astral projection. Use d with Hokota - ork regression oder to better understand the karmic specter of a being. EOMLISH • Reinstatement of the balance of hormones to all glands. • Operates from our me ntal body. • Causes are embodied hormones necessary for the proper functioning o f our glandular system and as a result of our chakras. EARTO HEART

• Heart of the Earth. Supported by the cities of light intraterrenas • Used in m editation and planetary work - so the process of vertical Terrestrial without ca tastrophes. • It helps to restructure the geopathic lines and Christed Gaia stre ngthening planetary healing and accelerating the process of stabilization of new energy charges. • Used in deprogramming the barrier frequency. DIX • Delivering the desires, demands and requests - to achieve the same plasma in t he field. • Using the meditations and mentalizações to accelerate the capture an d channel optimization, helping in the awakening of consciousness. HAI Halu HART Hokota SHAZAM SHO ON 2 MEN IOA TO KEE Koorax Quantum Healing Karuna Reiki - Equilibrium Amoroso Karuna Reiki Quantum Healing - Exp.Consciência Hokota Treatment regression onsciente. Access to the Akashic record.€for cover past liv es - issolução karmic specter of many mental and motional. Anchoring energy of t he ierarquias Melchizedeks. Used with SEI HE KI - helps to dissolve blockages. HART • Equivalent to Uthai FUMIRÊ symbolizes love, peace and beauty. • Healing relati onships. Ancora • energies higher for connecting with our teachers, mentors and light beings. • Restores the balance of love in our hearts unconditional love. Halu • It is an amplified zonaris working in higher dimensions and at deeper levels a nd powerful. • On the truth, harmony. • Works karmic impressions smoothly. • Hel ps heal our shadow side allowing an improvement in our being. • Has METÌSTICA eq uivalence with helping in the transmutation of the negative aspects. Quantum Hea ling - Glands HAI • Used in meditations on the process of consciousness expansion - intuition. • U sed in patients helping to awaken the consciousness that is seeking a spiritual path and can not stabilize the same. Used with METÍSTICA - • For emotional blocks: egress conscious and Uthai FUMIRÊ HART + + SEI Heki. ork ármica transmutation. ura Quantum - Cleaning Blood Quantu m Healing - Disables Implants

Koorax Clean the Blood - helps rradicar viruses and bacteria, ortalecendo munológico sy stem and the formation of white lobes. Designed in a clockwise m each chakra and Organs that need REATMENT. Caution because it can change the frequency of heart and liver of bone by inserting an electric current spawn. Not for use in heart with arcapasso. Quantum Healing KEE • Restorative and Disabled energy intruders. • Helps restore the original geneti c patterns, maximizing our spiritual immune system. • Disables the implants and chips. • Symbol of the hierarchy of the 10 * golden ray. • Restorative spine. IOA TO • Restores the original cellular and genetic archetype of each gland within an e nergetic treatment. • Use with MELTRIX. • Glands - secretion of hormones respons ible for many aspects of our energy and our body chakras. SHAZAM SHO HON MEN 2 • Distant Healing - mental projections. • Operates from the lower mental body to the physical body. • multidimensional portal to access other parallel realities of being red. • Used with CHO KU REI + SEI HE KI in extreme situations. • Used with Hokota - open Akashic records. KROTHAF KRYA CHO KU REI LEMUT Lyan TOO MANTANTAR Maverik Maxam MELENTIER Opening of Quantum Healing Quantum Healing Work - Healing KRYA CHO KU REI • It is a double CHO KU REI - focus and harmonize the physical manifestations of the individual with the human race. • Rear or releases energy creating a state of equilibrium. • rushes situations. • The Cure - leverages the power of medicin e, food and healing of the bone system and circulation. • Use with liability bec ause it acts from the human ego and our mental and emotional moment. Quantum Healing - Bones and Muscles Lyan TOO Collector healing energies. Help rocess and enhances all healing in the body ISI C, mental or emotional. Tool of mentors * Ray. LEMUT • Reconstruction of tissue capillaries, as external or internal injuries. • Also for people who have undergone surgery in helping the healing process. • Suitabl

e for all curative treatments. KROTHAF • For specific treatment of bones, tendons and muscles attached to the skeletal structure, helping the regeneration of calcium. • Used to speed up the healing p rocess in bone fractures, rheumatism and others. • KROTHAF + KEE - Treatments in the spinal cord. • Accelerates the healing of bones. Quantum Healing - Depression Quantum Healing - Lymphatic System Deployment Time and Portals Quantum Healing - Physical Healing MELENTIER Reversal of the depressive and venturesome elancólico by flogging and ULPA that make the place a barrier erson nconsciente to cure diseases that are Lasma ifíci l treatment. Must be applied on the Hakra heart, solar and front. Maxam • Cleaning of the Lymphatic System - Purge the biological organism. • Maxam Koor ax + - speed up the process of cleaning the blood. • Can be used with CHO KU REI and OM LAM. Maverik • Help in the Wake of the Christ Consciousness Universal Love Universal linked t o (use the meditations). • Manage aligning the front and crown chakras, accelera ting our power to channel energy through the heart. • Important tool to make the deployment and temporal projection acting as a powerful storm tunnel. MANTANTAR • Revitalization of cellular mitosis.€• For processes of cellular rejuvenation o f the physical body. • Healing Cancer. • Recommended for bone fractures and plas tic surgery in accelerating the healing process. MELINTAC MELVIC METANPOKA METÍSTICA MONEY KEE NAKAUT OM GYVIX OM KEE Quantum Healing - Cleaning METÍSTICA • To Transmuting - Disobsession - Cleaning. • 7 * Violet Ray - Council of evolut ion on Earth. • In chakras - clean energy charges in this life and earlier. • Us ed in the work of obsession, anchoring of rescuers and indoctrination of souls, or elemental egregore on the person. • Amplifies the cleanup work at home. ura Q uantum - Capacid. Success

Quantum Healing - Elemental MELVIC • Weapon of imprisonment of entities that resist indoctrination difficult to lea ve the etheric bodies of its host and to be directed by teams of Light • Used fo r healing work, where the diseases are linked to the work of black magic and a t able obsessing. • Symbol with the combination of bat and Metística Evolutionary Council. • Use with SEI HE KI, Hokota and GATE to open portal to eliminate karmi c problems. Quantum Healing - Knowledge METANPOKA • Healing and transmutation of all the elements of nature, anchoring the energy of Green Point and Point Base. • Deprogramming the karmic effects that are in me mory of those elemental quantum - transmutation through the violet flame and gol d and the power of love. MELINTAC • On the esoteric schools of the Temples of the Masters and the Federation in th e cities esoteric. • Used in meditation - helps absorb the knowledge of our soul , to have understanding of the spiritual world and its processes land in the tra nsmutation of karma and the actual rise. OM KEE Combining evolutionary CHO U KING. Help cure Lanet. Inner connection. 7 * imensã o. Amplifies the power of symbols nteriores. Help our guides and mentors to incr ease our ability and success. Deprogramming ensamento misguided ways that MPEDA that good things will crystallize the way in our Quantum Healing - Chakras Quantum Healing - Blood Pressure Quantum Healing - Material OM GYVIX • Balances the four elements (fire, earth, water and air) into the chakra balanc ing and aligning the energy vortices. • Aligns, restore the mesh of beams, clear s, harmonizes and regenerates the chakras. NAKAUT • Used to stabilize blood pressure from the subtle bodies. • Use in the kidney, spleen, solar plexus and heart. MONEY KEE • Combination of evolutionary CHO KU REI. Help Planetary healing. • Bridge betwe en the energies of point land bridge and solar. • Helps crystallize projects rel ated to the material plane. • Works the nerve centers of the chakras and subtle body • Healing insecurity and weakness of character. • Help planetary healing in other elemental vibrational pattern. OM LAM OM MAN LIM TREIM TO LIT OM NUT OM RADHIX

M SHAZAM SHAZAM SHO SHO ME OR 1 OR 2 OM HAM SHO OM SHO Quantum Healing - Sist. Ura breeder Quantum - Cleaning Physics OM NUT • Clears and Heals reproductive system, especially the uterus and fibroids OM re moving cancerous aspects of the uterus. • Minister important impulses for the re storation of the natural functions of sexuality and reproductive system. • OM + NUT YAVYTH - clean and transmutes the negative elements in this region • In preg nancy: OM + SHO Uthai FUMRÊ - to sustain the child's soul. • Great at menopause and hormonal disorders. Job Opening Quantum Healing - Cure Cancer Quantum Healing - Clean Blood OM RADHIX Cleans deep viscera organs of toxic substances harmful elements. Remove abscesse s, wounds and nflamações. Potentiates impeza symbols. Remove and transmutes stra nhos bodies to the body - umor cells and viruses and ancer. MAN LIM TREIM TO LIT OM LAM • Cancer Treatment and any degenerative disease of our cells. • Restructures the water in our cells accelerating the cure of diseases. • Physical healing - works in the lymphatic system allowing the purification of blood and lymph. • Enables gland function for healing and purification organic. • Can be used with Maxam and IOA TO (glands). Job Opening Quantum Healing - Distance Healing Quantum Healing - Distance Healing OM SHO • Symbol of Protection. • 5th Dimension • * Protect the therapist and client. • Energy of the masters of the Blue Brotherhood of Sirius. • anchors the energy of Archangel Michael and Master Jesus. • Covers subtle bodies to our physical body . OM HAM SHO • Symbol of Protection potentiated and older. • 7 * Dimension. • Grounding of pl anetary energies with the star - to be anchored in the new energy.€• Sustained b y egregore the crystals that have already made the cosmic ascension. • Should on ly be used on people who have worked their internal channels. OM OM SHAZAM SHAZAM SHO 2 SHO NO NO 1 • Used for healing at a distance with people and situations. • Operates from the lower mental body to our physical body. • multidimensional portal to access oth er parallel realities of being red. • Used with CHO KU REI + SEI HE KI - extreme situations. • Used with Hokota - to open Akashic records. • Used for healing at a distance with people and situations. • Operates from the lower mental body to

our physical body. • multidimensional portal to access other parallel realities of being red. • Used with CHO KU REI + SEI HE KI - extreme situations. • Used w ith Hokota - to open Akashic records. OM TAL Rame NUI OM TRACKDOBLE OM TRASH MASH CAM LOO OM TRE LAM TAM OM VRIL Raku superluminal RAMA Ranya Quantum Healing - Antibiotic Quantum Healing - Soothes Pain Quantum Healing - Restaurad. Organs Quantum Healing - Clean Blood OM TRE LAM TAMOM TRASH MASH CAM LOO Antibiotic and Antiflamatório. Use with Koorax • Soothe the pain. • Put your han d in the area where the pain manifests and chant the mantra. OM TRACKDOBLE • Restores and unblock the liver and spleen of impurities and toxins that make u p the blood in these organs. • Used in patients with cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosi s, etc.. - Regenerates cell tissue. • Apply to the organs. • Use in patients wit h organ implants to facilitate fusion of the DNA of new cells in the body back t o the patient's body. OM TAL Rame NUI • Clean the blood and lymphatic system. • Use with Maxam OM + LAM enhancing the healing of the lymphatic system and blood. Quantum Healing - Kundalini Karuna Reiki - Grounding Quantum Healing Quantum Healing - Prana Ranya Assist in the alignment of our proven effective in inactivating and ind in the f orm of Kundalili, tuando where the vital energy of erson is reduced or blocked b y some bstruída nergético. Good maggots to clean the astral body. RAMA • Connected to Joy. • Grounding with Mother Earth healing the lower chakras acti vating Kundalini. • Clean the environment of negative energies. • Can be used at the end of a session to bring the person into the body, landing it and allowing

any vision received reaches the conscious mind and can be harmonized and healed . Raku superluminal • Power of closure in healing work, and cleaning disobsession - seal master givi ng protection to the surgical treatment with the patient. • Used by command stel lar Santa Esmeralda rescue gene linked to the restoration of the twelve strands of DNA Adamic - insert the power of our higher self within a line christ and not karma. • The flow of energy KI. OM VRIL • Archetype of Prana (cosmic energy, Ki, etc.). Within our field. • Used to Do a t points in and designed to strengthen your chakras vibrating field. ANTA ESMERALDA SEI HE KI SELAPH Selter SHADY SHAMBALA SHAMLIT SKALIBUR Quantum Healing - Radiation Selter Helps make healing elacionadas to contamination or radiation effects - reduces s effects of degeneration caused by the same Elul estaurando the original pattern of the NA of the person. Use in patients exposed to adiações (tmb. sun and ompu ter), radiotherapy and uimioterapia. Anchors a team that work in the edit emodel ação angles of chemical igações idrogênio of bridges that they are affected radi ation. Quantum Healing - Imprisonment Quantum Healing - Cholesterol Quantum Healing - Emotional Quantum Healing - Healing and Truth SELAPH • It helps to remove cholesterol from our body from the subtle bodies. • Can be used with Maxam and Koorax. • SELAPH + + STELIK Koorax - Remove Negative cholest erol. SEI HE KI • Emotional Healing. - Acts in the emotional body and the lower mental. • Used w ith CHO KU REI - amplify healing emotional and karmic linked to fear and guilt f or family situations. • Aligns I land with emotional I - remove the thought form s of guilt and fear that lead to somatization of emotional and physical disorder s. • Use with discretion - outward situations erased by the mind. Patient prepar ation. SANTA ESMERALDA

• Hierarchy of Master Hilarion and Matilde. Rafael Angel in charge of the ship o f light and healing. • Green Ray of healing and truth. • Rescue Christic Earth. • If the manifest until 6 9 * * demension. • Healing mental, emotional and physi cal health of all living beings on all levels. • Monitoring and ecological recov ery of elemental - planetary balance. Quantum Healing - Unlocked Quantum Healing - Clean Blood Quantum Healing - Healing Planet SKALIBUR Captures the negative forces Esad within your field and strength and power - to be ntregues the Karmic Board. Used as a manual device - * and 5 * Dimension. Can not be used irresponsibly anuary - use om anifesta that love and justice in our hearts and the spiritual plane. Formed in pleasing geometry. SHAMLIT • Acts as a filter within our bloodstream helping in the transmutation of all th e formative elements in the disease. • Can be used with Koorax, Maxam and OM LAM . SHAMBALA • Unified Energy Sanat Kumara and Venusian fleet. • Jobs planetariums - is the a nchor of all aspects Christic to save our planet from destruction, strengthening the project avataric in reality land. SHADY • release of energy meridians, veins and arteries. • SHADY + + STELIK SELATH - e xcellent results in cases of obstruction of the coronary arteries. • Removing bl ockages in the energy meridians in acupuncture points. • SHADY + + KEE KROTHAF A bout spine • SHADY + + Ranya Raku - About nadis Skee STELIK SWEET TANATRON TETA TOO LA TEC Uthai FUMIRE YALOT ura Quantum - Abert. Paths Quantum Healing - Children Quantum Healing - Ret. Implant Quantum Healing - Material TANATRON Spiritual Growth - sado coverage period helps in the meditations of the paths. E spect clears our vision with our real ission. Helps resolve problems and situati ons síquicos embrance the past and ealidades parallel. Kabbalist symbol on ace n

tigas esoteric societies. SWEET • Dawn of the disciples of the Light • Anchor energy for children who holds the new genetic code can sustain itself as a new root race that is being shaped on t he planet. • Backed by the feminine energy. • Used in depressive states - when i t loses the will to live. • Aligns our heart with our Higher Self. STELIK • Removal of implants, chips or any energy that vibrates within the light couple d in the field of subtle bodies to be. • Use rotating counterclockwise. • It des troys cells in disharmony. • Used with DAI KO MYO and KEE. • 4 * and 5 * Dimensi on (higher rates of fixation of implants). Skee • Combination of evolutionary CHO KU REI. Help Planetary materialization of our goals. • Developed by hierarchies ementation and adaptation of new forms of life on earth. ple who no longer want to live - strengthens the love of Quantum Healing - Bones Job Opening • Can be used as an antibiotic. Quantum Healing - Awakening Consciousness. Quant um Healing - Clean Planet YALOT YALOT KROTHAF + + + LEMUT Koorax MANTANTAR - REATMENT bones as far espect the br eakage, eumatismos, etc.. Uthai FUMIRE • Love unconditionally. • Represents the spiritual Hierarchy of Lady Venus divin e complement of Sanat Kumara - founder of the White Brotherhood on Earth. • Used after the SHO ME unifies the power of love and protection of the radius Male, w ith the power of Christ-love of the feminine aspect of this symbol. • Allows wor k to be performed within a egregore love. TOO LA TEC • Raising internal awareness. • In ss in search of the rise that each o Source. • Ancora energy and love ite Brotherhood. • Can be designed rgy flowing through it. meditations to accelerate the awakening proce must perform to fulfill his plan and return t of Master Kuthumi and other Masters of the Wh in the heart and brow chakra leaving your ene healing. • Help in the related to project impl • In the cure - for peo life.

TETA • Amplifies the power of all our shields and weapons in the removal of orbs rebe ls of the Earth. • Leverages our mental strength and connects us to the hierarch y responsible for purging and cleaning planetary Ashtar Command and the White Br otherhood. • Gather the CHO KU REY or any other symbol. YAM YOM YANKIN YAVITH Zonaris ACARESH

OM KALAX NUT Karuna Reiki - Time Line Quantum Healing - Cleaning Zonaris Work on the timeline om our past lives and ealidades parallel - working ogether with our causal body. Used by teams in esgate esencarnaram beings. Acts on point s of order enet, working cells, ransmutando déias negative feelings and lives of others. Used in the two hemispheres erebrais. YAVITH • Against Black Magic - Disobsession - Cleaning. • Clears all the bodies of any negative energy. • Symbol essential for all visits and treatments with quantum h ealing stellar. • Designed and printed in the chakras - makes a clean and elemen tal forms of negative thoughts. • Used to protect homes, clinics, workplaces and vehicles. Protrude inside the symbol. Quantum Healing - HIV Quantum Healing - Love and Healing YANKIN • Analysis of the DNA of the person doing so a comparison with the DNA of the su btle bodies. So it is activated infected immune system so it can react and destr oy the HIV virus. • Can be used with Koorax, Maxam and STELIK. YAM YOM • Used to insert inside each chakra thought forms of love and healing. • Can be molded in the shape of a crystal which is designed and transmuting lifting low f requencies and karmic issues. • Open the molecules to enter another symbol withi n the body to treat. Quantum Healing - Sist. Breeder Call Trina - Depression OM KALAX NUT • To shape a new female reproductive system - applied on the belly or the * seco nd chakra. • Clears the uterus and ovary of genital anomalies and works a congen ital malformation of these organs. ACARESH • In connecting directly with our Threefold Flame, leveraging its power of actio n and acting directly on the heart chakra. • Strengthen our network immune from our higher self. • Take away the sorrow, anguish, grief, depression, joy anchori ng and elevating the standard vibration, aiding in recovery from serious illness es. • Help in the Wake of the Christic