The multi-orgasmic Jürgen Wolter Table of Contents I. Are you a perennial lovers!

II Get to know the physical bas is III. If it does not work properly ... IV Men Without Women V. Sexual abilitie s can learn VI. Ejaculate Not the same! VII Banish the stress out of bed! I. Be persistent lover! "Suddenly it was all over crash landing" This book is about ejaculation and orga sm in men. Both the outpouring and the climax are often identified, including bu t not together necessarily. Men can, even without ejaculation orgasm experience. Even multiple highlights are successively possible without that one must have e jaculated while. This opens men fascinating new possibilities of enjoyment. And bring women finally the satisfaction that is denied them too often. Two, three, is four minutes then it frequently with the male beauty and Strength over. It is "the man, he ejaculated, breaks down. The woman, far from her orgasm, remains o n the track. It must not be, any man can delay his ejaculation. Just as the 24-y ear-old Klaus In the following exemplary case. Frustration rather than pleasure He had come with his wife, Annegret to sexual advice. Alleging frustration rathe r than pleasure during sex. Specifically: He always came too early, they never r eached their peak. "This is a horrible feeling," said the woman, married for two years. "At first I was happy to be able to sleep with Klaus. He said to me was always something sweet, tender, and I could not wait to feel him in me. It was l ike a dream, we were both united us so near. My thoughts and feelings seemed to be in seventh heaven take off too. But suddenly it was all over, crash landing. Klaus shook, poured. Snorting, he turned to the side. More than once I could onl y howl. "suffered from the two years younger husband Therefore feelings of guilt . "I know that women longer to orgasm need. I would also like to bring love to b e there. But what shall I do? It seems to me just because I can hinders any myse lf." The relationship between the two deteriorated rapidly. They made each other allegations. Annegret: "You want so only your own pleasure. You just used me." Klaus: "You deny me more and more traffic. I thought that I then our rare meetin gs'm still excited and it I still come faster. " "Staying power" needed His hasty disappointed Annegret each lot. Instead of tear s, she responded eventually with contempt. She remembered an old friend, and by his perseverance, she told the deeply injured Klaus. Moreover, they met with him , slept again a few times with him. "It was all about sex," she said. "I love hi m and Klaus will be together. The other was just the satisfaction, as we agreed. There were great nights. He gave me this, I longed for and what I was not Klaus . "Klaus was able to respond to this act of adultery only. It hurt him, but then he felt guilty, was aware of being able to give her too little. He took refuge in alcohol and masturbation. Suff was in, although much more bearable at the mom ent, the real problem but he aggravated by it. As he once ran "" was allowed to stir anything. wimp! Too much drinking! to an inadequacy was now a second, far g reater added. your sarcasm made him even less, was to not think about sex. Masturbation as a remedy By contrast, Masturbation Klaus did something very clever. He could work off whe never he wanted. The build off the excitement with which he was otherwise in the rare get-together and the marriage was over after the more quickly. He discover ed masturbation also as a means to prolong intercourse and ejaculation herauszuz ögem. When he was allowed to sleep shortly after masturbating with Annegret ", h e observed,Masturbation as the previous had taken much of the tension and the ou tpouring significantly postponed. He also learned at the hand of his responses t o know before ejaculation and learn to control in its infancy. Man (n) can do mo

re to practice and the stability ejaculation delay. Klaus was willing to learn s uch techniques. And Annegret it would help. And they did to a sex therapy, he le arned next to some tricks to suppress an incipient effusion. These tricks and tr eatments are extremely effective. They are easily understand and implement. They can be learned by anyone, regardless of whether he is alone or has a partner. E ven you, dear reader. From "ZweiMinutenMann" to love artists If you ask men to their biggest problem i n the bed answer, three out of four: I will "it" too early to ejaculate. I, befo re my partner has reached her orgasm. As early and premature ejaculation denote the number of men and make themselves so ill, although they are not. For if the premature ejaculation in the jargon as "premature ejaculation called" a concept of sexual medicine and relates to those men who already makes the insertion of t he penis or just get out an effusion. The one sexual intercourse at the very app roach is impossible, but to treat them with great success. What the three-quarte rs as regards problem men, they complain really only about normality. In KinseyR eport indicates the average duration of sexual intercourse with two minutes, and this value will also can reach the vast majority of the mourners. But this norm ality can not be satisfied. Two minutes to the beautiful game just not enough. W ell, that seems to understand more and more men. Not good that they make from th eir normality a problem in a disturbance vennuten, contribute to their own insec urity. Such painful thoughts are among the main obstacles on the way to skip the two minute mark. Two minutes is too little It is actually quite easy to hold out longer than two minutes before it comes to ejaculation. Even five, ten, twenty minutes coitus should be created for almost everyone. And it is even longer. This must be the relationship between arousal and erections want to know of ejaculation and orgasm. It is necessary to master some retarding techniques and a little to do for physical fitness. This book is all that can no longer wishing to bring themselves and their partners fulfilled love hours to give assistance. The tricks and exercises can apply any man, no ma tter whether he is a real EjaculatiopraecoxFall, one or two MinutenNormalMann Lo ver is already a perennial. All the time of genital stimulation may extend until ejaculation. The end is open. There is no limit to the Verzögerbarkeit the ejac ulation and the sensation of orgasm. Except for a single, most important: the fe eling and taste. Not everyone and not all are enthusiastic about an hours of sex ual intercourse with multiple orgasms. A rapid number can also have their appeal , that all depends on various factors. Sometimes simply not enough time for the marathon love, or the spatial conditions are not followed, or it is just physica lly uncomfortable. As I said, it is not a must to prolong the sexual act. Our re cipes are not meant to necessarily nachgekocht be from you and eaten. Also on th e domestic hearth, you just hit the in the pan, which you will taste all probabi lity. This is to deal with our recipes. Always something new Let's stay in the comparison with the cooking and eating. S ince you have problems when you buy the ingredients, cook the meals and set the table. These efforts are as important as a good recipe. It's the same in bed the re also has to make the effort when trappings, in the atmosphere.Anything else i s between the bedroom and kitchen the same: in both, must always new ideas into it. Let the steak so tender, the salad may still as crisp, the rice may still so heartily to be you do not like to eat every day steak with rice and salad . Als o a favorite dish you will be tired when it is served too often. come just as ha ving sex. The once strongest position and the most daring art bores when both no thing new to think of. One consequence of such Tired of the familiar can realize rapid completion of the bed his duty. The man, it is too early, the woman does not even come to the point. Make a free program from compulsory! Try to be more than just love crafts, namely love artists!

Everyone is responsible for his own orgasm! Rein, out, in, out, finished Little Claus ... So you rhyme a few decades ago, and so did you look at it. The woman h ad to carry out their legitimate duty of pleasure as a reward for it, no one spo ke. She lay down, he top, and everything went as quickly as possible. His outbur st was, after all the evidence of his orgasm, and that he wanted to reach climax quickly. The wife was under those circumstances, sometimes even quite happy if they "it" could quickly get behind him. Sex was for them something that does hap pen, a man and a woman can be over. It does not speak to the bedside lamps were deleted, it drove in the dark. Equal ly gloomy was watching it with the sexuality in general. We did not talk about i t, and if so, only bad. To witness was making love still allowed, but otherwise he is devil's work . Alone or in early years they had before hand and thoughts o f genital away, get close later only wife or husband. How, told a nobody. This m akes the individual even hardly make it a reproach that he coitus so inconsidera te, or they it all has so humiliating to put up. guilt was a society that placed the man over the woman and taught him, as he might and power, but not able to e xercise love and desire.'s sexuality was a means to do so. The men were certainl y In its most convinced that their woman ought to have feelings similar to those in her orgasm. They moaned and trembled finally, cheered and gasped. That he di d not know that there may be very few women in a raw RuckZuckKoitus "," should h ave simply located on a lack of education about anything sexual. And at a certai n speechlessness sexual matters over between him and his wife. was a core set of ethics: On everyone. Indeed, it was a shock when the modern sex research in the fifties and sixties their results presented and stated, only one woman is in no rmal sexual intercourse to orgasm. And if it succeeds, he will not fire through the penis into the vagina, but by touching the clitoris. The world view of the s trong man and his orgasmusbringenden vaginal intercourse collapsed. The men had to confess that was two thirds of all its Koitusbemühungen the opposite result w ith their partners exactly that which they persuaded themselves. They felt like students who have written with the secure feeling of a "1" march from the school to get a little later and then a "6" slapped around the ears. Such a thing can quite unsettling. To scientific knowledge was not to quibble, however. They were cut iron proof to prove. For the first time had not sexologist somehow abnormal, the police and P sychiatry "delivered" people studied with abnormal tendencies, but the average s exual being man accepted. Alfred Kinsey and his employees were interviewed, for example, 20,000 Americans on all aspects of their sexual behavior and then a rep resentative picture of manners of the people can draw. amazement, it was found t hat the majority of others do that, at most of the people talked in whispers.And that even as perversions Valued practice exercises in everyday life for million s of families were. 10 000 orgasms in the lab, William Masters and Virginia Johnson broke with their research before even in the most intimate corners of the human body. 700 men an d women could copulate in her laboratory, which included 10 000 orgasms and they analyzed it. Drew on their instruments, in which bodies What tenths of a second clock flashed that square centimeter of skin in which nuances discolored, which glands how many milliliters secretion uttered. researchers such as Kinsey, Mast ers and Johnson switched abruptly neon lights in a given area, which the moralis ts would have preferred remain in the deepest darkness. A more open way of think ing to sexuality, one talking about it, came about through the results. The sexu al medicine, which today can pretty much eliminate any interference, was first f ounded by this research. Orgasm with obstacles the other hand, have led to results for the Orgasmuserlebe n the woman to a deep insecurity of the man. Only a third of orgiastic satisfied women had to be different. But how? One of the women had themselves some respon sibility for your orgasm granted, would have been easy . She would have sexual i

ntercourse even stimulate incidentally may have, can masturbate without a partne r. But the standing of the claim of the man, contrary as pleasure bringer. He to lerated no other finger next to his penis, no practice next to "his" sexual inte rcourse began. Since its problems: The normal sexual intercourse with in the vag ina to and departing penis was found to be one of the worst ways, the female org asm has. your pleasure center happens to be the clitoris, and sits at the entran ce to the vagina and is used by the Koitusbewegungen rarely affected. Your suppo rt activities, such as a rubbing of the clitoris during sexual intercourse, but were not accepted by the man because he gave to understand that he alone Hinkriegt not orgasm, and that the woman does not need help. Frustrating for som eone who thinks everything to go it alone! Other techniques, however, such as th e licking and stroking of the clitoris, it applies only in the context of forepl ay. Coitus remains For him the main thing, fingers and mouth games are only seco nd choice, which will be done carelessly and as quickly as possible. The right m an wanted the woman get orgasm with a real sexual intercourse. Sure. But difficu lt. And so toiled and toiled it off. tried to suppress their own feelings, to co me as late as possible "." He concentrated on the seconds and minutes that he co uld stand up to the ejaculation. devotion and desire remained on the track. "Hon ey, it comes you soon," he whispered some . put less of sympathy than of impatie nce. "Yes, right away," replied the woman. She was also placed under pressure, w as also torn by such conversation from the pleasure experience. The orgasm pushe d for them in long distance, without a chance to really come. could stop this cr uel game two. He, if he could not hold back, despite all the effort and ejaculat ed. you if they copied her orgasm and the height of pleasure only. The simulated female orgasm is not nachkontrollierbar, he gives no clear sign of himself. In men, it is easy to control, he shoots for certification of the peak out a spoonf ul of ejaculate. Everyone is their own happiness, we are now entering a third phase of the gender relationship. Gone is the time to show calmness only to its rapid consumption m an. Gone are the days of respectful only to the female orgasm man. It begins the period in which each responsible for his own orgasm. This does not mean that lo ve and togetherness should be wiped off the edge of the bed and that operate beh ind an autonomous and non-affiliated nature.. No. The sexual act is and remains the highest proof of love. Love means, the other the maximum to indulge in feeli ngs. loved his meanstreat yourself to this maximum. It's like mountain climbing. alone, concentrated on themselves, it is progressing. let no one in the fudge b ecause Seilwerk. It's nice to know but that a few yards further climb the partne r as well. And it is very great, at the summit to take this woman firmly in her arms. Delimited climb together to celebrate something like that could be the mot to. Four times even orgasm ejaculation "Recently my wife and I saw that I was very i ntense and all symptoms of an orgasm but one ejaculation, which occurred after a n eternity seemed to come. It was quite incredible and seemed to me like if you drop out of the booth and a few inches before it hits the ground, suddenly hangs in the air . " Several highlights without ejaculation was the man of the American Sexforscherin Shere Hite on record. They had interviewed a multiorgasmischen man. One that mu ltiple orgasms can have a row without ejaculating. In women Multiorgasmen are no t unknown. Among the women who ever the climax coming, every second, a number of them in succession. In men lived, however, there was consistently assumed that they reached only once the peak of sexual pleasure, to acknowledge her outburst, and are then satisfied. We now know better: orgasm and ejaculation are not the same. One can also "dry" orgasms, climaxes without ejaculation. Of these, severa l consecutive possible. Every man knows that orgasm is like orgasm. The ejaculat

e may gush, but sometimes you feel really at Summit all earthly pleasures, somet imes it is a fade or even devastating. The ejaculation is not a quality seal for the orgasm. It is a sign for him, but not an inevitable side effect. Multiorgasmische men they exist ... various sexologists in the U.S. have multior gasmische men and confirmed the phenomenon. The principal researchers are Nick K onnoff, DO Cauldwell, Mina B. Robbins and Gordon D. Jensen, and Marilyn Fithian, and William Hartman. Matching your Summary: Multiorgasmische men have little se xual dysfunction, have no problems with premature ejaculation can, the female ne ed for prolonged intercourse are, at most. In short: I dream of men are in bed. They make their wives a lot of fun, and, above all himself because on average mu ltiorgasmische men four times to peak before finally ejaculating. The record sta nds at 16 dry orgasms! Now, how will you multiorgasmisch? First, one must abando n the idea that orgasm and ejaculation have always coincide. Then you have to le arn the ejaculation herauszuzögern to suppress or redirect. The semen must in fa ct do not necessarily shoot out from the tip of the penis, it can also be backwa rds down into the bladder. Although an ejaculation takes place, take him out not true. called retrograde ejaculation das. later when urinating then we noticed t hat traces of semen in the urine can be found. This Retrograde ejaculation is a possible and not harmful side effects in the experim ents, multiorgasmisch to be. What multiorgasmische skills of the man also cause the exercises that we present to you and to imitate recommend are the way to multi-orgasm. That which is disp layed against a premature ejaculation and a satisfying orgasm can also ability l ead to multiple orgasms. We deliberately say "may" because not every man will be multiorgasmisch. It is a kind of peak sexual self-control, which is not easy to learn. And and that was a consolation to all that this target will not meet, sa id not every man and not every woman happy. A woman who suddenly is a multiorgas mischen man in bed and experiencing the arts will be inspired not to it. you, th e end with the shot after the usualshort time is used, is like the long enduranc e of the multi orgasm man may not work. You is found scary, they will worry and worry, may develop even aversion to her lover. You can take the act too long, th ey can face him and his thrusts feel delivered. you can have the impression that he is still with her his sexual need to catch up because he did not partout may stop. It can also make allegations that may cause the man not obvious and orgas m bring. you can guess at all that he had another, think of it and concentrate n ot on the act, such brooding during sex prevents its orgiastic end. Who thinks a nd cares, can not simultaneously take off into the sky of lust. This applies to both partners Men as for women. Multiorgasmische skills of the man so bring some thing if the wife knows about it and consider it positively. Who wants to be mul tiorgasmisch should do the exercises with his partner. If they know how much the y can benefit from this, it is him the training easier. And it is the outcome of his efforts instead of inquiring, skeptical looks bright glorified enjoy, eyes. II Get to know the physical basis "I'm drunk, I pick it up" "I can still clearly remember the first night with Mar ianne," says Paul. "Oh, it was not just one night, it was the following day and the next night. The mood was ebullient, like magnets we put on ourselves. We had found us, would not let us. The euphoria went straight to the genitals, unleashed unexpected po wers. I do not know how many times have we slept together. But it was often agai n and again and again. As I have done that, I do not know. But I still remember that it came to me with tremendous force, I exploded right. There was something out of me, I blurted out then. Various We orgasm qualities are together now for seven years. Traffic, we have a

lmost daily, sometimes several times. I feel that sometimes too much, I also wan t time to have my peace. Marianne but calls him, and I then do with it.'m With t he orgasm I never had a problem, to me it always comes. I can put it off too lon g, so that Marianne comes at their expense. But often, mostly when I have no rea l desire, it seems to me as if the semen just flow out only . Then the climax of orgasm no more. "The sensations are at each other orgasm. Once he tickles out s uch a feeling that we want to embrace the whole world. On another occasion he wa s seen with a sluggish feeling in the stomach, behind even disappointed . Every man experiences orgasm differently. main character of the orgasm is its own cons titution and the relationship to the sexual partner. It is crucial, the environm ent, from the quality of the bed up to the privacy of the place and moment. part icipation are mood, fitness and health. And much more what you can not find out in detail. Many compare an orgasm with a rush: "I think I'm stoned, I freak out, I'm intoxicated." Or, on a flight: "I stand out, take off. "And:" It's as if I' m in the clouds rush, as if I bathe in downy feathers. " Insensible to orgasm often has the feeling of tension solution: "You feel really relaxed." "Something beautiful bursts. Time with a loud bang, like a balloon. T imes sizzles on the other hand out only the air." Peng! Explosion! "A multiorgas mischer man who claims that he could direct the Samenenerguß deliberately in the opposite direction, says: "It is an implosion, a directed inward pressure. Befo re, I splashed out and I'm giving away everything from me. The feeling of the wa rm juice was delicious, but afterwards I thought to be empty, to have lost somet hing valuable. Now I keep it in me, and I can use that power again and again.The n when I finally ejaculate at the end, this is really a crowning conclusion of a fulfilled love the game. Then I give away all that I have previously received a t pleasure. I hope that my wife feels this way. " Another man says: "I am free of such an act of love enormous amount of power. Th e orgasm I feel my energy into the woman to transfer. The one hand I have given away the physical strength to the other, I stole mental strength." Is usually ri ght unconscious to be forgotten during orgasm, everything around him: "We are re ally into each other. I let my penis after the outpouring of long in it, I feel safe in it easy. We have a good packing concerns, with the children and with my job, but in such moments we forget everything. "The orgasm caused verifiable phy sical reactions, especially in men which are perceived at the climax:" My heart is pumping very fast. "" I shot through it normal. "" I'm on a wave of welding t o be carried away. "Comforting warmth enveloped me." The orgasm in 0.8 seconds cycle The orgasm is the climax of sexual activity. In it solves the excitement, he is something of a final fireworks after lustful min utes or hours. Orgasm orgasm is not the same. Everyone feels that highlight diff erent and, depending on external circumstances or physical condition, he is expe rienced differently. A great empathy for the partner, the complete devotion, com plete shutdown of all distracting thoughts also increases the experience of orga sm. Conversely extinguished love, agonizing rumination or annoying stress an org asm to a boring, even frustrating reaction can degenerate. The four stages of arousal, as always the highlight is experienced subjectively, he consistently has a constant physical course. The psychologist Virginia E. Jo hnson and William H. Masters have the gynecologist after the analysis of tens of thousands "reaction cycles," as they called the orgasm general symptoms and cou rse forms identified. They divided the sexual act and the responses into four pa rts: It begins with the excitement phase, the mutual stimulation of the partners . In a man's penis when erect very quickly increase the testicles, and will by i tself thickening skin Sacks used to the body. In women, the vagina and the exter nal genital area through a lubricating fluid to come what is there prepared. The vagina expands, clitoris swells slightly. The breasts are bigger and set firm, its warts on, the veins stand out clearly.

The second stage is called plateau phase. This is the height of pleasure sensati on, from either the peak of orgasm climb or by the man / woman slowly drops in t he unexcited normal. In men, the testicles continue to rise up, the penis turns dark red a little secretion is released. heart rate and blood pressure to rise, occasionally becomes flushed and the body ("Sexflush"). In women, the Sexflush f requently, it affects particularly the face, neck, breasts and thighs. In the pl ateau phase swell the small labia to twice their usual size. It forms an orgiast ic cuff that surrounds the imported penis nice and soft and firm. Now comes when she comes to orgasm phase. breathing, pulse and blood pressure continues to gai n pace, batting start various body parts. In the average distance of 0.8 seconds contractions are recorded, which are rhythmic contractions, such as the orgiast ic cuff or the after rosette. The man is pushed out in most orgasm cases the eja culate, the semen, which goes in 0.8 seconds intervals. After orgasm is the regr ession phase. Sexualröte goes back, heart, circulation and breathing to normal. The penis is limp back, the swelling of the breasts and labia go back. If one th e whole process of sexual arousal is graphicallythen the picture is that of a be ll-shaped curve. As seen in most cases, the man just an orgasm, appears in its g raphics a bit, from which it then quickly goes back via the resolution phase to normal. In multiorgasmischen men stand on the other hand above the plateau phase multiple Such tips from before it goes into the resolution phase. Different excitation curves for women, multiple orgasms more frequently. Among t he women, the orgasms at all, are those who experience the more such highlights, even in the majority. Graphically, they are characterized by either a continuou s wave trough or with two or three steep pointing upwards excitation peaks from. The two excitation curves for men and women, has often been compared. It is the n put down mostly, that this reaction sequences together did not in time. The fa ct that the man its peak, that is orgasm achieved much faster than the woman, th at consequently the much talked through together climax in the majority of bedfe llow illusion remains. Masters and Johnson brought one yet the specific figure o f thirty percent of women who reach orgasm during intercourse, not because it is the men just too early "is coming". The unsettled in the following years a number of men. They began to feel respons ible for the orgasm of her partner. They tried to better than two-thirds of his dissatisfaction. The result was miserable in general. The man neglected his own orgasm pleasure, the woman felt observed to put pressure on, "Well, come at last ..." Brought the never has anything. No one can bring the other targeted an org asm. The building on each for themselves, each own particular experiences are th e differences between male and female reaction course not all that great. If the y deviate from each other, not the sex, but the individuality of the cause. Much more important for the actual course of the excitation curve is the ratio of th e two lovers themselves, are external circumstances, physical condition and quit e particularly influences of education and social integration. For example, if a man has learned from childhood, strong, demanding, taking and if need be brutal , he will probably herauskehren also in relation to women these MachoTyp. That i s, he is with the aim intercourse to begin to come to the attenua (l) Ifthe to p rove to himself and his partner, as he is male after all. Conversely, a woman wh o is the supposedly feminine virtues such Waiting, endurance and keep still been educated, passive lie there and wait long for a climax must. As I said, the dif ferences in sexual response are not natural, but depend on the personality of th e individual. The wisdom of the long lead time of the woman and the rapid ejacul ation of the man is a cliche that should be quickly forgotten. When creating the premature ejaculating men to hold out longer, then fit the two excitation curve s to each other fine. This book will help. The female body is mind receptive to tenderness, you should influence a man but some differences from the sexual experience of your partner. These differences, the reaction processes and the orgasm experience. Overall, the women much more v ariable in the sense of sexual pleasure, she has many more antennas of this than

the man . His feeling is almost exclusively centered on his penis, he wants to know where its stimulation. The female body as a whole is much more receptive to Streicheleien and caresses, the selection of erogenous zones is much greater. W hether on earlobes, neck, feet or back of such places, the Mrs. immense pleasure to receive. Even by touching her nipples can get some orgasm. In general, most women put much more emphasis on physical contact, to tenderness. The actual sex is much more strongly with feelings of affection and Gift connected, coupled with much more love.While men often sleep with women the y covet not otherwise be able so and want the reverse rarely women. The outer at tractiveness of the man is one for women less than the inner power of attraction , while for men the physical attributes of the partner is an extremely crucial m oment of excitement. The orgiastic capacity of women is greater than generally considered erotic fant asies or viewing of pornographic images of women as less stimulating. Women also seem more easily distracted during coitus and to dissuade from his orgiastic pa th. Your unpleasant practices of the partner, but also nagging thoughts about th e reliability of the contraceptive, they can quickly fall back into the lustful Plateau Valley sober. The achievement of orgasm for women is largely a matter of learning and experience. In the "first come" as good as any girl or woman to cl imax but sometimes only after two years of "practice." a woman has but found out only once, have some contacts and what rhythm you best, then her orgasmic capac ity of the man far exceeds. In the second half of life women orgasms are much mo re susceptible than men. These remarks to female characteristics are admittedly generalizations that are true but tend to most women. Consider this, it can cont ribute a great deal of harmony and sexual fun! The American psychologist Allan F romme pulled a musical comparison, the essence to illustrate the physical and em otional vote, the warmth and intimacy: "For such a happy love is not enough anym ore. The orgasm is just the grand finale of a symphony with many sentences dar. The thunder of kettle drums and the blare of horns, the mere sex act is made eve n more not a symphony press. Maybe they the main subject of the symphony most fo rceful way, but without all the previous variations of the violins and oboes, th ey are nothing more significant than a noise. "With a more beautiful picture cal ls Fromme, not the high point technically, but human to : see "Represent the only orgasm as a result of rubbing meat parts, would be the same as would be called a wonderfully played Violin Sonata, the scratching effect of horse hair of cat gut." The penis and its cavernous This thing has many names, and it is significant to the relationship with him, as it is called. One academic lectures about it, then it means penis or penis. Volkstümlich it is called tail or cock, also lout or t ip , latte or stand. Often it is compared with tools and machine parts: the hamm er and drill, piston and pin. Or torturing equipment: stick, stick, rod, belt, d agger or sword. That feels almost hurt already, is it so in the soft sheaths of the woman.'s bad is that such associations are considered by some men as a recip e: Strong, hard and brutal is the thing be used. So, is it not as a transmitter of love, but the executor of a criminal court. The enthusiastic hardly a woman, clearly. It also charged the man, because the penis is sometimes considerably so fter than a dagger, and more delicate than a tail. The man feels like a loser an d the thing is still flabby. Remember, the penis is not a independently operatin g part of the body. It is part of your body and your personality. Put him one as nice as you want to be your partner. The role of the cavernous Get familiar with the operation of the joy bringer, it is highly ingenious. No bones or muscles provide movement and stiffness of the limb, but a system of reflexauslösenden nerve endings and refillable cavernosa. This cavernosa are spongy blood vessels, which when excited be filled. Simultane ously, the outflow of blood impeded, so that the "sponges" and thus the penis ar

e well filled.In the penis three put such cavernosa, two large and one smaller. The latter surrounds the HarnSamenRöhre and goes to the tip of the penis in the glans about. This is the most sensitive part of the limb, yes, the whole man. Hi ghly sensitive nerve endings take every touch, every caress, each rubbing up and transferred it to the sex center in the brain. The commands issued as feedback the "blood stasis cause swell penis!" and later "can come orgasm cause ejaculati on! Stimulation opportunities If you are not circumcised, the glans is covered by th e foreskin. But what they do in most cases, move easily and is preserved by a ri bbon before too long slide down. Even the ribbon approach is highly sensitive. M any men are preparing touch this pleasure triangle greatest joys , the other a s light pain. palpation you link your views, determine where you stroking like bes t. Tell that even your partner, run their delicate hand or tongue to where you w ant them to be. There are particularly large differences the sex drive with or w ithout foreskin slipped. Some men are excited when it is withdrawn and the bare glans is touched. Others, like the do not they "come" it is either very fast or not at all. They appreciate the sense of the the glans back and beautiful lish t he foreskin. your relevant preference will know you as a man. you should tell th em also to your partner. It is frustrating not only for you, if it lack of an ap propriate point of contact not radios, the woman struggles do not like long in v ain away . Cleanliness is important for all tastes are indeed the same when it comes to Eic helweiß, called smegma is. That may not. It is formed by the strong oily sebaceo us glands of the glans and foreskin and by desquamated cells. These deposits do not smell very unpleasant, they are also a good breeding ground for bacteria. Yo u should always pay attention to cleanliness. Ever is a shared bathroom is alway s a splendid preparation for upcoming love games. First, the water has a certain erotic effect, which many a prelude or first act the same in the tub animated. Second, the mutual knowledge prevents the absolute purity of the other, that bod y parts are left out during sex, because they are considered unclean. The main function of the testes hardly observed, but are highly important for th e sexual act the testicles. They produce the seminal vesicles, and they respond to the different stages of arousal. The two in the bag housed in the testis, a c omplicated structure of the 200 subjects, and to to 300 meters of fine channels. you need a lower by two to three degree temperature than the body, so they hang out in an airy bag. In cold weather they are used to the warm body, then pulls up the skin of the scrotum. dangle In heat below it, the skin stretches. During sexual arousal, the "eggs" has become much thicker. The sack skin stretch es, and testes expressed in the body. The more you entgegenfiebert the peak, the more close up she is the dam between the anus and genitals. The farther it up c ome, the stronger is the pressure of ejaculation. The other way: Does this rise to the testicles, then the outpouring impossible. The suppression of the testis is thus a way to control the ejaculation and back. Then we will come back again . Muscle-flexing in the pelvic floor to become erect does the penis no muscles. Fo r intercourse, you do not need either. The filled cavernous ensure hardness and durability. Do you want but control your ejaculation consciously and multiorgasm isch be, then you need muscle. And those in the pelvic area, the primarily to co ntrol the precipitation processes are there. They close as the ureter and preven t the leakage of urine at the wrong time. With get g an give the strength of the pelvic floor muscles The muscles in the pelvic floor to to know you should, and you should strengthen it. Then you can stop delayin approaching effusion, or draw even in the opposite direction. Then you can several consecutive orgasms. Try again. Your penis to lift by muscle! it wo

rks? Even if he is only moderately stirred, you should continue with this muscle . clamping it to, whenever you remember, wherever you are! muscles are strengthe ned by its use, thereby win them in power. There is to be men who were there tra ined to below such "Mucki" that they can hang their towel on her upturned penis. Mind you, their muscular and not through a structured erection penis! Try once, while to interrupt micturition the water. Here, too, if you notice the strength of a pelvic floor muscle, you can control at will. This exercise peeing you sho uld also include in your weight training program should include a full beam can bring to a sudden halt. There is a so-called point of ejaculatory inevitability, that moment where you just have to ejaculate, and you can trick this delay by c ontrolling pelvic muscles. Ejaculation without orgasm is possible The orgasm is the sexual center in the brain (the hypothalamus triggered), the e jaculation of a reflex center in the lower spinal cord. Even these two different bodies make it clear that orgasm and ejaculation show not one and the same. Als o practical experience that the two are separate operations : So boys can before puberty quite orgasms even experience a dozen in a row, but obviously they can emit any semen. And there are men who have simply no ejaculation, but do still o rgiastic feelings. This is referred to as "Plaisir sec" or "dry orgasm", or if i t is a sexual health case as aspermatism. This can be seen as a disease, but als o deliberately to be practiced and enjoyed. Copyright is precisely the pelvic fl oor muscles, which blocks the Ejakulationsweg and the liquid is mostly backward into the bladder expresses (retrograde ejaculation). Conversely, an ejaculation without orgasm is possible, such as medical experiments showed. It trickled to a cocaine solution into the urethra, making any sex drive is off. However, the su bjects ejaculated. Description of ejaculation draws at the ejaculation, the muscles of the epididym is, vas deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate together jerky. Thus, the ejacul ate is forced into the HarnSamenRöhre. The rapid contraction of the pelvic floor muscles eventually lead to the expulsion of fluid from the penis. About two to six cubic centimeters ejaculate normally herausgespritzt, the filling of a tea b y tablespoon. The gray-white or yellowish liquid is a mixture of products from d ifferent organs. The key to reproduction sperm, the sperm is formed in the testi cles. hundred to three hundred million sperm cells, all try than to reach first the female egg and fertilize to make from there on, about 17 centimeters long jo urney to the tip of the penis. Of a total amount of ejaculate they are involved, despite their high numbers only to ten percent. So can a sterilized husband sti ll neat. inferiority spray because of an insufficient amount of liquid are unfou nded for him. The seminal vesicles produce a clear secretion which makes the spe rm only mobile. In the prostate the milky juice is added, which gives the ejacul ate color, smell and taste. The Cowper 'between glands are for the "joy drop" ch arge, which ooze out even in the arousal and erection. It adds HarnSamenRöhre of urine residue cleaned and the smoothness of the traffic improved. Even in this secretion can be einmogeln spermshould consider what peop le want to practice contraception with "coitus interruptus" or "Ejakulatio retar da." prematurely interrupted the intercourse and ejaculation purposely rückwärts geleitete are therefore most unreliable anti-baby method. The production of the ejaculate sometimes you can hear the old saying "The man h as shot and then 4000 is the end." This is nonsense, because the testicles and o ther glands involved can freely provide the ingredients to ejaculate. When repea ted after ejaculation is reduced while the amount of liquid, but has no effect o n sex drive and ability to fertilize. The muscles do not limp. On the contrary, muscles are strengthened by frequent use. Keep therefore now look at your pelvic floor muscles and start the training: limb lift: and : breaking the stream!

III. If it is not working properly Sexual disorders are widespread, only a quarter of men have no problems with sex ual functions. They were representative studies of sexologists Siegfried Schnabl . This means, conversely, that 75 percent of the male sex being more or less lik ely to have problems with erection and ejaculation, libido and orgasm . The fact that sexual functioning so has its pitfalls, Patzer and dropouts are widespread here. This was said in the introduction, to all those to calm some who believe stand there with their flaccid member, her early effusion or their pain alone. E ven more reassuring is the fact that the overwhelming majority of sexual dysfunc tions can be treated relatively easily and promising. And for the most part in t heir own work, without the consultation of doctors and therapists. Where's the fire in the man? The man mainly affect erection and ejaculation. The most common, according to Schnabl in 30 percent of all cases, problems with eja culation, especially premature ejaculation. With 20 percent followed by a weakne ss or lack of erectile function (impotence), 15 percent of the cases is to have both. The reasons for sexual dysfunction are varied. Often, fears of failure, or prior to the rejection by the partner the cause. A high work pressure, one for consci ous control during sex prepare especially inexperienced men trouble with erectio n and ejaculation. Partner problems, as recent disputes or lack of honesty block the expression of desire and deprivation, also feed on the road to sexual fulfi llment. Sometimes simple, physical ailments, the cause of a limp penis, such as exhaustion, fatigue or a disease. Drugs, drugs and alcohol is also a good part o f the erectile capacity. If there is a problem difficult is the diagnosis and therapy, if guilt feelings, fears and dislikes sitzen.Wenn deeper the relationship with the opposite sex is profoundly disturbed, if the partner or the partner inwardly rejects or even ha te. In such cases, one with our tricks and do not exercise their development. Th en a visit to a psychotherapist or a marriage counseling agency appears. so dram atic course, are only a few mishaps. unproblematic, however, is troubleshooting and repair of the many small fatigue, ill-timed molding or sluggish highlights. The tool they find later , in the chapters with the exercises and the sensation ejakulationsaufhaltenden training. Premature ejaculation: fright of the penis and Edeltraud Eberhard studied at the same faculty. He in the sixth, they in the first semester. After they had eaten a few times together in the cafeteria and had durchgequatscht two nights in the ir dorm, they felt their mutual affection, their love. In the forest they would "dare" then the first time. Eberhard: "I was very excited. it was bad, as I said Edeltraud that she was a virgin and am afraid of defloration. She asked me very carefully to be. "The Eberhard insecure addition,before the insertion of the pe nis, he ejaculated, "Premature ejaculation" is called in the medical Latin: prem ature ejaculation. Even later attempts has not always enjoyable. Although succes sful sexual intercourse, and thus the defloration, but Eberhard there were alway s a few bumps. He: " I started to watch myself more and more exactly, because I wanted to improve. Without success. Even the feeling of pleasure at ejaculation was getting weaker. The term orgasm deserved that. "She:" This can not but be an ything, I thought. Then we can yes without a moment later. So we frequented less and less with each other. It w as always unsatisfactory, he always came earlier. " The problem of over-arousal with the rare traffic did the two exactly the wrong one. For Premature ejaculation is primarily a problem of younger, inexperienced people, which makes combat at the very best with ample practice. As with many of impotence cases, the cause in the excitement of tension and the fear of doing s

omething wrong. With sexual experience and with age go back PraecoxFälle. Physic al causes of premature ejaculation are unknown. It is a really simple problem of over-arousal, easy to explain and to treat lightly. Yet tried some depth psycho logists in the past, seen in the premature ejaculation more than just the fright of the penis. Sigmund Freud believed, for example, that the Praecox the whole a ct vorgenießt in his imagination, "so that he meet in the female a few seconds t o orgasm bring about. "Others made the cause of the fear of castration or disapp earance of the penis in the vagina and an aggressive attitude toward women. Rapi d ejaculation is common in the animal world. After ten, twenty seconds of mammal s with rammishness are done. You can not more time because they must constantly be on guard against stronger enemies. Similarly, people react when they do not f eel disturbed. you masturbate quickly in the toilet so no one can draw due to a too long residence suspicion. They love fast in the back seat of the car, becaus e they are afraid of observation by passersby. you long for the rapid outpouring on the bed of a brothel, because the girl is waiting impatiently for the end of the Geschäftsakts. The quality of orgasm that they are now generally more time for sexual intercour se, and for attempting to delay ejaculation, seems to be a result of our culture and civilization process to be. For sheer necessities of life were delights: Ma n "dine" instead of eating, you love "" to copulate place. It is simply more tro uble. In particular, better-educated people consider sexual stamina as an ideal, while in the lower layers of an early effusion is often still seen as a sign of special masculinity is. The premature ejaculation did not see many men affected as behandelnswertes problem at. Selfishly they think only of her own pleasure t hat comes when praecox even a bit faster. That the woman is unsatisfied and feel s exploited remember, they often only when they bring their fun with others, con siderate and "better" men or even leave her husband or boyfriend. The premature orgasm need not be this is the problem to get well under control. With high cure probability "that we have described exercises ejaculation (Stop S tart, and printing) from suffering. Short-term assistance can also use the coati ng of condoms and the massaging of special Aktverlängerungscremes be. Thus the s timulus sensation of the penis is subdued. A prior masturbation can also be usef ul, as this large a voltage is reduced. Some people swear by distracting thought s during intercourse, such as solving math problems, or the counting of sheep ap pears. We are one Such distraction for concern because the emotional connection between the two lovers disappear. We suggest the contrary, to concentrate on the ir own feelings during intercourse,to enjoy the sensations of the penis into the vagina. Then you feel how beautiful it is and certainly has the desire that the remains for a while. Premature retarda: fear of ecstasy There is a paradox: while the premature ejacu lation in men often causes no suffering, others complain more frequently about a verspätetete ejaculation. Among the premature ejaculation, however, suffer the partners, delays by which they can benefit from it. He is them time enough to cl imb up the pleasure peaks and orgasms. Often you highlight is also the man of th e trigger, but to ejaculate yet. "Premature retarda" is the name of this delayed outpouring, "aspermatism is the name of his complete lack. causes a lack of sex ual arousal, possibly a certain antipathy to be compared with the sexual partner . But fears of ecstasy, before the loss of control are expected of himself and h is reactions, his reasons. The myth of the can with every "shot" degraded man's power to an unconscious adherence to this alleged power lead. If the delayed effusion is frustrating as with Charles, late forties, who heard in his youth, but evil on the masturbation. That they disappear the spinal cord can and bring the bullshit, they told him with a raised index finger. But as he liked to masturbate, he led diseases on his back Masturbation, she was a consequ ence of his Rubbelei.

Karl: "That's why I developed one as I was clever masturbation system. I rubbed to highlight up, then stopped briefly stopped before it and began after the regr ession of the excitement again and again. In all the years I have never slipped out an outpouring." This Technology has a therapeutic exercise a certain value, the constant absence of the recently redeeming ejaculation him aberbrachte orgas m and ejaculation. Later he married, but the sexual married life was frustrating and took not the desired offspring. A doctor at about the fear, that phobia the "debilitating effusion finish". Shortly after the treatment his wife was pregna nt. If you have an unpleasant delayed ejaculation or their complete absence, you should continue to exercise our sensation. relax this and unlock the Ejakulatio nsSchloß. Impotence: work pressure and fear of failure impotence: is nothing, nothing work s. The term does not erect or only slightly, intercourse is impossible. Every ei ghth man knows that feeling. Only a few are but impotent permanently, never get a high. Has for most of the limp tail psychological causes, which are mostly eas y to fix. As such, the word sounds so cruel impotence is no reason to panic. Ongoing impotent which there is hardly an example: Alfred and Gudrun had been ma rried for 16 years. He was a good-natured and rather reserved person, she eloque ntly and demanding. He worked as a baker in the morning and had to get up at hal f past three. At noon he lay down for one hours on the ear, in the evening he wa s liked by the "Tagesschau", around eight, to bed. Not so the wife: It was only then really tried to alert the husband in front of the TV are still alive, and t hen making sex. In the first ten years of marriage, which also went fairly well. Gudrun: "We slept together about ten times per month. I would have liked me mor e." Alfred: "Me too. But I was often just too tired. I learned a very hard and t ook a lot of power . At some point there was nothing more to do, his penis remai ned below. prostrate was also his self-confidence. The woman could not conceal h er disappointment, she scolded him a loser. because of his impotence was simply to different TagWachRhythmen of the two. He was just physically too weak if they wanted dinner. The two began now to lie down for lunch together. At this time, both were equally fit, this is not a Zeitmußte keep alive the other difficulty. you started their sexual discovery with Pettinghandlungen,with Streicheleien without subsequent sexual intercourse. The Alfred freed from the pressure to perform, i t was again susceptible to caress his wife. And he, too, it could again give aff ection without having to fear before, that that would end with intercourse, perh aps again with a failure . After a few such midday love games, it was ready, tha t pleasure prevailed for more. They pushed into each other sexual intercourse. N o problem! Since then, they do "it" is preferably at noon, when both are equally rested. In the evening it leaves its early bird early in the go bed. Fatigue and work pressure: Erection killer addition to fatigue may also like phy sical exhaustion reasons for impotence. Who gets after a ten-hour grueling drive or after a hard day's work an erection to need little to worry about. He needs sleep and rest, is then it certainly again. Also work worries and mental strain, such as taking exams, have an impact on potency. Sex is something for which one needs brain and heart, time and rest. If the above consumed, it does not work b elow. One of the most common causes of erectile problems is a kind of sexual tes t anxiety. It sets in when you are with the first or a new partner together: How to flip it? Will I be able to satisfy them? work pressure and fear of failure r uining beautiful love games. What also promotes the impotence on the other hand, a saturation and habit cause impotence. After some time, can one of the well-known spouse become boring. We know every square inch of his body, his every sexual techniques. The act itself begins to fade to become . Moreover, declining physical attractiveness. The husb and with the beer belly, the wife irritate the sagging any more. In addition, th

ey give themselves often have little trouble to be of interest to the partner. b ad breath or greasy hair can release all the partners and the desire kill. Other impotence reasons have anything to do with the situation and the premises. A st range environment, an uncomfortable bed, or the fear surprised to be prevented, the relaxed sexual pleasure. particularly high so the failure rate of young peop le in the bed of the outgoing parents on the back seat of the car, behind the th in cloth of a tent or the bushes of a park. too worried about an unwanted pregna ncy or sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS affect the erection often substanti al. These causes are relatively easy to make finding. Similarly, it is usually easy to remedy them. In the best case, the erectile dysfunction then disappears immed iately. If the good piece stubbornly below, then help the later described feelin g exercises. Drugs Anders is the matter with organic reasons. In ten percent of all impotence reduce drugs and medications, the main cause. Particularly excessive alcohol co nsumption and the intake of sedatives, the erectile function. Small amounts of a lcohol stimulate relax on and on, larger quantities but grab the Erek tionsauslö ser in the brain and the nerves. So moderation: with alcohol and drugs should ch eck with the doctor about side effects potenzbeeinträchtigenden! Female dysfunction: Shadows of Education, the sexual dysfunctions of women conce rning their sexual responsiveness and their excitability and the Orgasmuserleben . If there is a lack of libido, this is called frigidity, when the orgasm absent from anorgasmia. There is also the problem of vaginal spasm ( vaginismus). frig idity and vaginismus are caused mostly in a prudish upbringing or negative sexua l experiences. There is lack of interest and aversion to sexual intercourse and the partnership intimacy at all. Guilt is the parental characterization of the g enitals with "Shame!", denying an open education, the withholding of contracepti on. But even traumatic experiences such as rape,Defloration raw or unexpected me nstruation. One can only reckless or clumsy partner also be a reason for the lac k of excitement and lack of climax. Female lack of interest in sex a man who is married to a frigid woman is badly o ff: Because she is either earlier than he does in bed and be asleep when he was later to her sets. Or they stay longer sit in the living room engrossed in a boo k or tinkering, and hopes that the husband is already asleep when she joins. Bef ore the "conjugal duty" there are long debates with the accusation that he would always just "one" although it "the" but there is only every four weeks. And the act itself, they keep quiet just now, looks at him disapprovingly and can be un mistakably different things go through your head. terrible, but widespread. Ever y tenth woman has absolutely no interest in sex. Your suffering is low because they do not feel sick or fraught with problems. Th ey often do not understand that their partner suffers from its refusal. For peop le who themselves have no needs, can not sympathize with that other waiver hurts it. The orgasm barring same applies to VaginismusFrauen. The vaginal spasm, the knee -jerk barricade the vagina at the approach of a penis is associated mostly with general pain in sex and inability to orgasm. But others, who are married to some extent for years to develop, replacement techniques they to the climax bring. F or example, by leg movement, mouth and hand stimulation or clitoral massage. Thi s sometimes forty and married intact virgins come in doctors' offices and ask on ly for help, if they create dissatisfaction and infidelities of her husband, mar ital problems or if a child suggests. Fortunately, the Treatment of vaginismus p romising highly. It begins by highlighting the causes of defensiveness and nonse nsical ideas refuted by the vulnerability associated with sexual intercourse, by a kind of impalement. At the same time, the woman must make friends with their

genitals, should there explore meet the bottom and . For this it needs a mirror, and her fingers. It is to be at her legs spread her vulva look in the mirror, i s with her fingers to open the large and small labia and palpate the vagina. Wit h the introduction of her fingers, it will make the anxiety and anticonvulsant e xperience that "it" does not hurt. libido and orgasm problems women encounter wi th the sensation of training. This includes women for pleasant, pleasurable feel ings. Secret weapon: Masturbation For lack of height, we also advise on self-stimulati on, that is to masturbation. During coitus, the partner may also take such posit ions where they can stimulate the same time as the hand of the clitoris. Suitabl e for this purpose, the lateral position with the rear imported penis and the po sition of the top horse woman. Through a stroking of the clitoris until just bef ore the orgasm, the man led up to the woman ultimately triggered coital climax. IV men without women Practice, practice, practice, but with whom? Sexual inexperience is a common cau se of problems with erection and ejaculation. The treatment recommendation is ea sy to pronounce: practice, practice, practice. But it is difficult to carry out for many. For whom? Inexperience are just the men who have no partner. Those who want one, but not quite trust the other, because they are afraid of failure. Fear of failure, such fear of failure are often born sixteen in past failed sex tests. "I was at a party I cuddled with a classmate," says the now 24 year old B ert. "We went behind her home, she had a supposedly likes speak . For them and f or me it was the first time I was terribly excited, even worse than it was a ser ious class work. too: 'Do not hurt me, "she said.'Passport yes to pull and you b ack in time! "Question mark at me filled: What do I actually do during intercour se? Bother us really no? I Prepare you may pain and how they responded to my pen is, is he big enough?" How can they actually look like naked? How do we prevent a pregnancy? And so on ... I think she was just nervous. In short, it was a disa ster. Hardly had we had taken off us and laid on the bed, it came to me already. I was my thing does not even come to her pussy. "Bah," she grumbled, wiping the stuff from the thigh in disgust. I was totally confused, and did it to me any m ore. We have not subsequently tried together, were both disappointed. A little l ater she told me triumphantly that it had worked out with a different type: 'He could control himself, which was great! "Then I was still bent. Since then I've never tried to have sex with women . I learned while some know who also had inte rest in me, but whenever it threatened to become intimate, I screwed up. Althoug h I just 'the' most wanted. "The good Bert needs a sense of achievement. He need s an understanding partner, who takes his stage fright and it even after a botch ed first appearance again asked to the stage. Because that is not there, or Bert would not hinwagt to such, he has to practice alone. He must first of all the o verwhelming excitement mine, and the most easily through masturbation. And he mu st feel that you can get an erection for a long time and that they can build eve n after a loss quickly. He must learn to delay his ejaculation and control to a certain extent. Also for the masturbation is the best. With "weird" ideas Likewise young are our next two SexProblematiker. The one, Ha ns, came with false, weird ideas into sexual encounters, the other, Hermann Jose f, complete with a Nichtahnung. The result is the same: It does not work, it is unsatisfactory . Hans felt already in his school strongly attracted to the oppos ite sex, he felt the erotic moment in many meetings with classmates. But virtual ly never came of it. He dreamed of, without that he could think of concrete, run what actually between them should. remedy he hoped in porn movies found. Such f ilms aroused made him swell his member and discover masturbation. was for person al contacts, however, in the movie "Learned" catastrophic consequences. He behav

ed like the LeinwandPotenzler and fell on hard the nose. "repeated three things in all porn. Then I thought that these were important components of any Act," ap ologizes Hans. "That was the beginning of the call of the man to the woman: 'Now do it pretty stiff time ! 'Then it was the quick change of positions during the actual intercourse, and finally it was the ejaculation outside the vagina. "All three Hans tried with his friends. to take when seeking the fellatio, at desire , his penis in her mouth He once earned a slap in the face and the accusation of being perverse. "At other times it was so that 'he' I have stood up when we wer e petting and we moved out. He must therefore not be steifgeblasen, he was so al ready. Nevertheless, I invited them to do so, and they did. It was such a nice f eeling that I was still in her mouth had an ejaculation. She, who had already ta ken my penis is not exactly enthusiastic in his mouth, was outraged . She was di sgusting, and they insulted me horribly. We found ourselves again. Later, with a nother girl, it happened to me no better. 'I shall not leave me around from you, ' she said, and refused to oral play. When she was fucking pissed. I tried to ta ke all possible positions, which they just bugged. 'Can you not even stay calm, I can not concentrate at all,' she whispered to me.I came out completely, the ai r was gone, the stiffness as well. "All the bad things are three: when he was sl eeping with another friend, had Hans say that was not even on the PornoEjakulati on outside the vagina turn. Hans snapped" It actually quite good. Then I felt th at I came. "It seems to me, 'I gasped and pulled his penis out of her. you asked annoyed and reproach: 'What is that why you stay in it not? I take hing,' "Hans was puzzled by this experience. is done wrong to have. He was now more women nd continue to porn yourself secretly hoping rip. the pill, because I can not do anyt He had the feeling that everything from the consumed away, satisfied a to meet a woman like from such a st

Unreal from the world of eroticism is the not. Porn films are not films for good sex, but serve to stimulate or substitute gratification. They often show male d reams and fantasies and pretend that women want them. Porn movies want in as few minutes show as many techniques and positions. And they obey the dictates of a certain camera: The can capture particularly well and oral aesthetic practices, and that they will also do extensive. For them, the actual coitus, however, is q uite boring, because the genitalia are not visually fitted into each other much. give permanent position change and new practices, even if they are uncomfortabl e and unsatisfactory, have to balance that. Finally, does the camera take everyt hing, especially the conclusion victory. He is a kind of receipt for sexual inte rcourse, which must be visible and not in the depths the vagina seep should. The rules of the porn film and it should remember all porn consumers have little to do with the practice! The same applies to the beer-bar debates, at which it com es to penis length and orgasm frequency. Then will someone blessed with a 30Zent imeterDing be, and another brags of his seven times, he creates quite loose in o ne night. If such is holding a talk at face value, will probably get an inferior ity complex. Because a horse tail he will have little, and with the seven times it will probably hardly work. Hermann Josef could have been a victim of such fai ry tale. For he had contributed to sexuality no idea when he came in the crucial age. Neither in theory nor in practice. In his strict parents house was the sub ject of taboo, and the school absolutely nothing in terms of education. Mistakes A irst night elt at the us element out at the disturbing mix of curiosity and fear was all that he brought in the f with a younger friend from the youth center. His erection, which he f first caresses with Beatrice, he was ashamed of such that he rebellio in a tight swimming trunks squeezed. It was simply cramp, which came first attempt by the two sexual advances. They left it then.

An open and proper education, an informal deal with sexual issues is still the b est precaution against such experiences. Rookie mistakes can then be put away to o easily. And it discouraged to continue. A good recipe for practical education

is still partly a visit to a brothel. Buyment professionals should instruct the youth in the art of love with them, he should work off his nervous eagerness. So me boys who were with Dad and uncle went into the hundreds Puff come with some v ery useful experience out again. But at least as many frustrated such a visit so that he difficult for them later partnership sex life more. can disillusion dis gust or disillusionment with the purely business-process and uncertainty. Herman n Joseph, John and Bert made typical rookie experience. The three could not be c ompensated by positive succession experiences, they are now alone. You want a pa rtner, but want to be sure it runs properly with it then.The best treatments suc h that one undertakes in cooperation with the partners. Hermann Joseph, John and Bert are but have not, they are forced to try to get their erection and ejacula tion in the handle. Masturbation, exercising the pelvic floor muscles and the ap plication of techniques delaying ejaculation are good ways to work alone in itse lf. The newly-won security may dampen the beating heart before the next intimate test significantly. With surrogate partners sex therapists, especially in the U.S., use in standalon e clients sometimes called surrogate partner. They are paid, sexual health train ed staff to take over the role of women in therapeutic exercises. You are partic ipating in Streichelübungen, instructed in various techniques and practicing sex ual intercourse . The work with surrogate partners is controversial. The great a dvantage is that the single with sexual dysfunction opportunity is to gain selfconfidence and security. The most important disadvantage is that the therapy run s counter to such surrogate partners in the humanization of sexual relations. Th is is the main objective of each sex therapy. If you, dear reader, at the moment have no partner and improve but your erectile function and control your Ejakula tionsverhalten want to help our exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles as well a s the stop-off and printing technology. But above all, ardent masturbation. V. Sexual skills can be learned The training starts now begins the practical part. Now you are called upon now t o join you. Before you begin, please answer the following questions: 1 I want to really change and improve our sex life? Will I still climb higher peaks of desi res? 2nd Am I willing to take me to this time and some rest? 3 Can I withdraw an d distance to get the everyday things? fourth our relationship is really intact? 5th we have no fear of unwanted pregnancy? We use reliable contraception? 6th A m I open to new sensual feelings for unusual touches in all my body parts? 7th I have a keen interest in experimenting? Did I want to explore with all parts of my body all the regions of my partner? 8 . Can I receive pleasure without also w ant to give pleasure? 9th Can I prepare like without having the right to be sati sfied in parallel? Say what you like and what have not you answered all questions with "yes"? Good. Then you begin. Do the exercises, but always only as long as they make you and your partner enjoy. Listen for unpleasant feelings on. Enter to understand your partner during the exercises, what you like and what is not. Do you hear in the opposite case to them. Show her through gestures and sounds, how much you like t hey do. Talk to you afterwards about your feelings and experiences. VI ejaculate. Not the same! The ZwanzigMinutenProgramm for endurance and multi orgasm These exercises are specifically designed to Herauszögern ejaculation. They were men strongly encouraged to use who want to prolong the act of love that you wan t may be multiorgasmisch. They are especially those recommended to suffer regula r under a "premature ejaculation, where" it "that is already at or shortly after the introduction of the penis into the vagina is. The target we are aiming at a duration of twenty minutes, the excitement of the erect penis and hold out befo

re an orgasm and / or ejaculation takes place. Two proven techniques Illusory? Not at all. There are two proven techniques that you too can achieve the ZwanzigMinutenZiel. First, the technique of printing (i ncluding Squeeze, pressing, pinch or Quetschtechnik), which was developed by Wil liam Masters and Virginia Johnson. The other is the stop-start method, which has devised James Semans. We advise you to try both ways to find out what pleases y ou and affects you.They can also be combined. You should so often masturbate as possible. You will get to learn excitation process and threshold. In addition, y ou should train your pelvic floor muscles. If you master it, you can thus contro l the effusion. Another way to an herauszuzögern ejaculation, is Karezza. This p ractice of the penis may remain one or two hours in the vagina, without it comes to ejaculation. Spiritual Highlights will it replace the körperlichnassen. Stop! Start! Is important, as often as possible, preferably on a regular basis t o make these exercises. Keep fixed weekly days and hours of free, such as the Mo nday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between acht und zehn clock in the evening. C ancel all other obligations and appointments. Make telephone and bell off, you c reate a relaxed atmosphere. First, we describe the stop-start method you can thu s play through with your partner: Start your game of love in the way that you ar e used to. With tenderness, caresses , the undressing. Lie on your back. Close y our eyes, breathe deeply. Enjoy aware of the feelings that await you now. Now yo ur partner caresses your body. She is always closer to your hocherogenen zones t o the inner thighs, the scrotum, penis up. you masturbating your penis with her hand. Concentrate on the sensations you experie nce it. Think of nothing else, do not try to distract themselves. If you feel it s approaching ejaculation, give her an agreed mark. You will hear immediately wi th the stimulation. pull in time, the "brake" ... your desire to ejaculate, is waning. Also, your er ection will go back. After that, your partner stimulate your penis again. your e rection will return, and eventually you are back before the Ejakulationsdrang. T hen enter again the signal agreed upon, and your partner will stop once their ha nd. The repeat four times. Then enter no ejaculate signs and. There is no reason to get upset if you already have come before. Catch the exercise just once on. There is always a next time Repeat the exercise until you can recognize the sign s of the coming effusion reliable. Has worked two to three times, is the second step. It is the same exercise in principle, only this time the penis with a lubr icant rubbed. This is very exciting and conveys a strong sense of the term in th e soft, warm and moist vagina. Gleitcreme Instead of using the partner's penis m ay also stimulate oral, so with her lips and mouth. Let stimulate again as long as until the effusion is at the door. Enter listens to the stop sign, and the pa rtner. After the decay of the Ejakulationsdrucks it's back on, a total of four t imes. Then may you finally ejaculate. Even during coitus "Stop Start" Then comes the coitus, the insertion of the peni s into the vagina. Again, the stop start principle. You lie back comfortably on the back. The woman kneels or squats, with the face facing you, on you. Keep it on the hips and run it up and down. Concentrate on the sensations, which your pe nis from the vagina. Enjoy it. If you feel the approach of ejaculation, stop you r partner. Wait you until the urge has passed. Then go on, again four times with "Stop" and then to the effusion. "Stop Start" when you change position ejaculation Is this again a few times and have succeeded in the sense to hold out longer, then you try other positions and movements out. Make gradually increased, pushing movements. you have intercourse on the si de, and invert the very end untenPositionen up /. If you are on top, kneel or cr

ouch and beyond exercise more active movements that ejaculation is the most diff icult.If you succeed in this position for a satisfactory control of your ejacula tion, you have reached your first goal. Orgasm without effusions Do you want more, to do that is at the stop orgasm to e jaculate without, you have to practice using this scheme further. You need to co ntinually creep up to the point of "ejaculatory inevitability" to the split-seco nd sense of the more than splashing out or decide stop in the seminal fluid. The hard-working practice and a good sense for this point are the main prerequisite for multi orgasm. It is helpful to control the pelvic floor muscles, you need t o harness the critical moment to stop the effusion or even redirect. For the lea rning of these orgasms without effusions, there are no time constraints. How fas t and whether you multiorgasmisch any, is person to person. Many take weeks or m onths, some did not create it. Pressure on the penis after the stop start pattern we proceed with the printing industry. Only will this down instead of letting go at the "Stop!" On the penis. This pressure makes the ejaculation disappear tionsbedürfnis. Just below the gl ans, in the amount of coronary sulcus, is clamped firmly . The thumb is on the t ape to the underside of the limb, during Show and middle fingers are on the oppo site side. It is pressed until the erection disappears. seconds at least three t o four, should under certain circumstances, up to ten or fifteen seconds Stop th e pressure. Then, after a short break of about half a minute, then starts again, the stimulation by hand, mouth or the vagina. Reports to back the ejaculation i s again clamped. Pressure stops outpouring This pressure prevents quite reliably the effusion. Ph ysically similar effects can be achieved when a finger firmly pressed against th e vas deferens, that is, on the causeway between the scrotum and anus. Effective is the suppression of the testicles. In the case of sexual arousal the testicle s towards the body raised, and the degree of increase is crucial for the intensi ty of the effusion. If he announces itself, it can pull down with your hand and prevent ejaculation. The partner can also what is seen as particularly exciting, with the mouth the testicles enclose try and divert time down. Some men they stick between his legs to stop t he ejaculation. That's all taste and feeling thing that you can try everything o nce. Press Early everything The end of the printing technique exercises very similar to the Stop Start program: You lie on your back. The woman massaging and rubbing your penis. At the point of ejaculatory inevitability, it expresses in the way described on your link. At first it may be appropriate that You put your finger on your partner to show her where and how strong they wink. but you must press f irmly, but it can not hurt, of course. Then you will make the soothing experienc e that one lost erection returns. Four to five times let your wife or girlfriend or wink in time, then discharged. After two or three such meetings you love doi ng these exercises with lubricants or oral stimulation. And three to four times. A ride to dominance in the next step is the woman astride you, the face facing y ou. The penis does not run even one. Rather, you repeat the stimulation with twi ce flap. Then she guides your penis into her vagina by itself quasi him on set. There he remains largely motionless. If you feel the urge to ejaculate, she dism isses him from the vagina and presses again. Then she leads him on again. 20 minutes without ejaculation slow you must begin with the following lessons wi th restrained pelvic movements. Can you make it, this game fifteen to twenty min utes to continue without ejaculation and if so,it may also your partner move her pelvis, you can develop both always uninhibited and try new positions. Even if you hold it back twenty minutes, you should in the next six months or at least d

o it once a week a couple of pressure exercises before the actual intercourse. F or multi orgasmus candidates is the same as what was at the end of the Stop Star t chapter said. Speaking with the partner! The Stop Start program and the printing technology is extremely promising methods for ejaculation. In the majority of all conformer i s within a few weeks sex with a duration of twenty minutes to the ejaculation to be possible. But it can also be a problem. It can be pain occur during the work out, and it can lead to dissatisfaction with the outcome. The woman takes the active part, both to the StopStartens "or" pressed to "get t ired, especially if they are not quickly recruited a visible success. To not giv e such couples, they are after three weeks, a" free "love night per week allowed . In this they can each sleep without bothering to stop off or print commands. A nother problem is the unilateral shift to be a man, the one-sided tease out his pleasure. The partner may be frustrated because they thereby neglected and unsat isfied remains. Perhaps she feels the therapist, even to prostitute degraded. It leads the man to orgasm, but who they are stimulated? remedy is available: the man can irritate the clitoral partner, with his hands or tongue. But this must o nly happen after the completion of his training. First, then have the exercises to be completed by the methods described by us Stop Start or printing methods, t hat is, the man must have ejaculated. Only then can (and should) take care of hi mself to his wife or girlfriend. If he think of it during his stimulation and di straction, the success of the training would be called into question. The fact o f receiving one-sided affection and desire of men will cope in different ways. F or some, this is something new and positive. They had been the active and giving Part of the couple. But now they lie there passively and receive something from their partner. you enjoy it, and they learn by how much their wife or girlfrien d loves them. However, where the self-esteem of the man a crack, he is concerned about the durability the relationship, extradition may cause considerable distr ess to their activity. He may be afraid of the woman refused, and no longer to b e taken seriously. On Troubleshooting Talks between the two can solve such problems in partnership. The common preoccu pation with something intimate as their sexuality and the need to talk about it, even their ability to communicate is in other areas. This is not possible, the problems are deep and carrying it possibly other, repressed to light, do not be afraid to seek the help of professionals to complete. marriage counseling center s and psychologists are the right person. Occasionally turns out that a sexual d isorder was a stabilizing element of a relationship. For example, a woman who op posite her husband, insecure and unable felt needed really his problem with prem ature ejaculation. You could show tolerance and understanding, he had to return the favor with gratitude. His failure made him dependent upon it. And now, as he again worked well? Hat he is not there gained such appeal that he was taking ot her, wilder women could? Since then comes the feeling of inferiority and weaknes s in the wife out again. In this case, it is important to give this woman the lo ve and appreciation of the man and to prove. It is problematic even when sexual dysfunctions of women so far behind those of the men were hiding, and now that t hese men "cured" are to be dragged to light. Sure,that some women had to prematu rely ejaculating male orgasm difficulties. How should they be brought to a clima x by six, seven piles? But how is it her now that he can hold out twenty minutes , still not? too, suddenly becomes a division of roles, to which they had accust omed themselves, turned over. He was previously the case of a problem, they beco me victims, the martyr. Now the reverse is true at a time, she has a disorder. b e sure: Even this therapy so. However, only in connection with the exercise prog ram of man. He must only have one really learned to take control of his ejaculat ion. then can be taken care of the partner. It is hoped that women who matter, d o not read this outlook as a threat but as an opportunity. Their problems with o

rgasm and libido can be solved. Homemade Lust Masturbation is an enjoyable form of sexual activity. And it is an important element in our exercises akulationssicherheit greater Ej and multiple orgasms. By masturbation you get to know his sexual responses, feel how it spre ads, the erection and again declining. Merkt, when the threshold is reached will be triggered after the ejaculation and orgasm. learns, by means of which to uches and movements of the pleasure highest. you should, even if you have a part ner, take twice a week for half an hour for the self-stimulation. This is also t he twosome sex serve as the go with security fitter and more skillful. Masturbation is not a substitute satisfaction even in a partner relationship mas turbation important functions. It balances uneven sexual desire has the partners and reduces individual stress. It helps you, which at the moment, perhaps the n eed for sexual satisfaction to a pleasant orgasm without you Your partner just l ackluster use "quality". And vice versa. It is better for both parties, as neede d to vent alone than to harass a partner, opened just bad and exploit them. For consideration in a relationship also includes the ability to sense those hours i n which the other has no pleasure in sex. masturbation should both, if they feel like it. They should also talk to each other, not that the partner is offended when the other his hand he prefers. It must be clear that one does not masturbat e, because the Partner is a sexually unattractive or anything there. masturbatio n is not a substitute satisfaction, it is not underdeveloped form of sexuality. It is neither inferior nor anything abnormal, it is not harmful or makes them ad dictive. guilt and shame because of them are completely inappropriate. Experimenting is fun There are a lot of techniques for masturbation. Experimenti ng with them is fun and stimulating. Whether one patting gently with your finger tips the glans if you prefer powerful 'Miss Faust "and descending on leaves, whe ther the link between the palms of the hands ist rolling and or if you fondling the testicles, which will find out each man himself. Whether woman rubbing her c litoris, or if female, the vulva, stroking, whether women like to use a vibrator or whether woman expresses her nipples will also learn. Apart the physical stim ulus is masturbation a psychic. prerequisite of which is this that is also imagi nation and dreams. When masturbating, you can / give women the idea for which th e intimate contact with the partner is often no room. If one is alone, everythin g is permitted. Would delay your ejaculation and control, we recommend this exer cise: Go gently with your hand up and down the shaft of the penis. Do not hastily, but not soporific. Rub at the point of ejaculatory inevitability up and then stop. The erection will fade away slowly, but you can by re-stimulation again. Try to build up to twenty minutes to masturbate your penis, without achieving the Ejaku lationspunkt.Stimulate three times to the threshold for high effusion, and disch arged on the fourth time instead simply to stop the rubbing and massaging, you c an use to avoid the ejaculation, the printing technology. Effective enjoys the s upport Ergußblockade by the tensing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles. They were later to use a lubricant, to simulate the vaginal sensation. so try to sup press the ejaculation three times. The fourth time it may be wet. Masturbation even with erectile dysfunction If you suffer from erectile dysfunct ion, do not give up, but masturbate anyway. Even a limp or semi-erect member can be up to the orgasm roll pat and rub. Instead of using your strong hand once th e other to masturbate. Are you right handed, then use the left hand sometimes. Y ou see a different, new penis feeling. your penis feels right to left with much bigger. Training for the pelvic muscles of the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the erection of no significance, but are in ejaculation and orgasm the more acti

ve. Accordingly, one can influence through their control of ejaculation and clim ax. Even while you sit there now and read, you may feel tense these muscles. Try again. increase your penis or your anus consciously taken together: and interru pt you at the next urination aware the beam! An important muscle These are initial exercises you should do at every available opportunity. The most important of these muscles is the Hamleiterschließmuskel, in the jargon Pu called bococcygealMuskel. For his fitness should be consistent practice times set up with solid workouts. A hundred times every day, is the mu scle for three Seconds tighten. Will you be multiorgasmisch, he needs more intensive care. Spec ifically: 200 contractions per day. Begin to gently, with 50 contractions in the first and 100 from the second week. Practise in blocks of 20-25 at and relaxati ons: in the morning before getting up, just before the lunch, afternoon coffee, while the television advertising will be. This gives you more aware of the activ ity of these muscles are performing conscious in ejaculation and orgasm their co ntractions. You will be able to intervene in these reflexes and thereby ejaculat ion prevent and delay. How can the woman PCMuskel uses skillfully Also your partner do something for th e strength of their pelvic floor muscles. When you have these muscles is even mo re significant, because they are supervisory bodies for all openings in this are a, including the entrance to the vagina. you can with the strength of their Pubo coccygealMuskels example, the penis in her vagina to hold normal. And that is fo r you, you want the delay in the effusion and the achievement of learning multip le orgasms, following practical value: First, they can use this Vaginalmuskel as an element of printmaking. Can it to develop sufficient strength, then she pull s it together at the point of ejaculatory inevitability and exercises like this the pressure on the penis, which they otherwise would have caused with your fing ers. Second, it may extend after ejaculation the stiffness of the limb to a good quarter. They stretched their muscles about twenty seconds and surrounds so tha t the limb. The extreme sensitivity of the currently leergespritzten penis and t herefore touching dislike, just attach another number is reduced. The man can th en go on without pain feelings often directly. The second coitus is also general ly most enduring and gives himself and his partner still such a grandiose climax . Heaven on earth "Carezza is based on the fact that the sexual intercourse with o rgasm for the purpose of the pleasures of sin to the creative power, and that th is outrage, this waste, the main factor to suffering and Weltübeln is." It says so in a textbook to Karezzaliebe (of Cesare A. Dorelli to read). The claim thatt hat sex and orgasm with ejaculation was a wasted effort, is simply wrong. Anyone who sets up yet and acts, which must put aside the knowledge and replace it wit h the faith. The belief that one's sexual body and can draw life force flows in purely spiritual paths. This is the basis Karezza. Karezza has much to do with faith and meditation, and very little with körperlic hsinnlicher happiness. Karezza a motionless form of sexual intercourse Karezza, the introduction of the penis into the vagina of the woman and the quiet persistence there. Both partne rs do not move, do not bump orbit, not. Carezza is a motionless form of sexual i ntercourse, with the relaxation of the limb and not with effusion and orgasm end s. The teachings of the Karezzaliebe came from India and China were firmly assoc iated with meditation exercises and a spiritualized way of life. It was to lift the spirits and to withdraw the body. The bonds of mutual emotional attachment s hould relish feelings than the mere physical reaction. From the Far East was rep orted that some men could stand there for hours in the sheaths of the women to e jaculate without, and that in this time is particularly wise and able to think e

ffectively. This makes many merchants do business, while their penis in the part ner stuck. In the same situation led politicians negotiations and wrote poet boo ks. "Karezzakraft is elixir of life and fountain in one. Karezza is heaven on ea rth," writes Dorelli. "The ejaculation is not now by orgasm and emission of sper m but to convert as emotional tide, as happiness, which felt the whole body of t he fertilized or the beloved, flooded, blissful, rejuvenated, steels, embellishe d, for all the beauty of the world and unlock all the luck in the earth, and pre pare ... "Such a intimate KarezzaGenuß only be able to experience those who can fully immerse themselves in this geistigmeditative depth. Only the will in the l ong run the orgasm without and through this diffuse mental ejaculation can repla ce. "sexual doctors warn also against damage caused by the continuous orgasm and EjakulationsVerzicht (pure KarezzaFans ejaculate only for the purpose of procre ation of children). Karezza a love variant against premature ejaculation as a exual intercourse but can Karezzaliebe's be nice. Even as r premature ejaculation it is good. A try it is all worth in a comfortable, horizontal position, preferably side by penis into the vagina. change to the normal s a therapeutic agent fo it: Take your partner side. Slide your erect

Start with no rhythm, thrusting movements, even if you feel like it is. Remain c alm, even if it is difficult. Give the gift of that which might otherwise be giv en to the movements of your partner, with words and gestures. Tell her how much they have and while you caress your body. blocking off all but lust, but is stil l gehenzulassen. steer yourself if necessary with the thought of another, you ta lk about God and the world. Man (n) can surprisingly long it stand with a limp p enis in a quiet vagina. That in itself is an educational, positive experience. E ven if the penis is limp, he should stay in it. Threatens he slide out, then rec overed with some erotic movements and very careful pelvic movements, the erectio n be. beatifying As the only sexual practice, we can not recommend Karezza. But as a variant and "Rückhalteübung" they should be thoroughly tested times. VII Banish the stress out of bed! The sensation of training against power problems and orgasm disorders There were times there was the couch in the practice of psychologists, the most important tool to treat sexual disorders. Then practiced one does not, however, to make it better. We lay there motionless, and had the psychologist his dreams and to dep ict childhood memories. The effort to make this deep-seated neurotic conflicts i dentified. He tried tothem in an early childhood stages categorized by Freud's, they give reasons for problems in the anal or oral Phase. When sexual disorders, it was on the couch This is still not so long ago. And no w there are still some master of this AnalytikerZunft to drill deep enough to ac count for sexual problems and to treat. The success rates were and still are, ho wever pitifully low. Anders was it with the sex therapy by William Masters and V irginia Johnson. recognized the two as orgasm researchers became known sexologis ts that sexual dysfunctions are usually quite simple and Exposed causes: pressur e to perform, failure anxiety, tension and stress, poor partner communication. P ractical exercises standing by their therapeutic concept in the foreground . The client must always join both! found a two to one to three weeks stay in their i nstitution. This was a day and leave the sanatorium atmosphere, a meeting held a conversation with a Therapeutenpaar. This gave the then troubled instructions f or exercises to increase the capacity for emotion, to enjoy displays of affection, to experie nce the physical reactions in arousal and climax. This allowed the often blocked ability to experience re learned. It rose in ever more stimulating practice, wi th the coitus remained strictly prohibited. Especially with erectile difficultie s man's libido and orgasm disorders of women achieved considerable successes Mas

ters and Johnson. On average, 80 percent of their patients were "cured", in the long run. The recidivism rate was extremely low for years. Become your own therapist was further developed this concept of sex therapy from the American Helen Singer Kaplan. She and her colleagues lead the outpatient tr eatment through, so it lasts longer, but appeals to many more people. For the Ma sters / Johnson intensive course was an expensive and valuable weeks of both con suming and capacity terms limited affair. For Women Kaplan were the main princip les: The place or sexual partner in is involved, the sexual responses will be tr ained in stages, the sexual intercourse is forbidden. On such sexual therapies o ur training programs based on increasing the capacity for emotion. We are fully aware that we can not promise the great successes achieved by Kaplan and Masters / Johnson. Because we lack the mutual conversation, the common talk about your needs and your problems. We can not let you describe how you the exercises have fallen, we can not answer with specific advice and Verbesserungstips it. We can give up Femstudieneinheiten and prompt you to do this in accordance with our ins tructions. And we can only hope that we have given you enough information about the backgrounds of sexual responses . Thus we wanted you in a position to review your own sexual practices critical, so you can identify potential problems trea t properly. And so you develop your sexual skills and can find your fulfillment. In most cases of sexual disorders is a therapist dispensable . then, especially if you have no problems in bed, but "only" want to improve your skills. If you want to achieve the goal of the ZwanzigMinutenKoitus without effusion, multiorga smisch or just sensitive like to be for the body signals. All that we in the sub sequent sensation recommend training, fun, and increases the pleasure. Even if i t should not lead to the hoped-for result of you, it hurts but not. Break it off but, if they report feelings of pain. Communication between partners is especially important: Talk with your partner. Speaking about the sexual feelings and desires is an essential element of these exercises. It is often the case that such communication was missing that one is unable to feel it. That sex was actually as unpronounceable. The proposed exerci ses are an excellent wayup for this communication, their own needs and those of the partner to know and affirm. Let them know with all training steps, your part ner, what do you like. Watch out for such reactions to your partner, to sounds a nd gestures. When sexual dysfunction due to your training, then you always remem ber that both participate equally. There is no "sick" and not "healthy" partner. The sensation exercises excellent opportunities to deal with erectile dysfuncti on (impotence) and sluggish orgasm feelings of the man as well as libido (frigid ity), and orgasm problems of the woman suffers. the woman in vaginal spasms (vag inismus), so the program does not apply. Instead, they stretching exercises show n, which we describe elsewhere. Even with premature ejaculation (premature ejacu lation) you should not practice these exercises at first. In Either way the trai ning after the stop start method or the printing technology to carry out. If tha t adequate control of ejaculation has been achieved, one can follow leave this t he sensation training. In the sense training is about the give and take pleasura ble sensation of touch. It is neither a still have an orgasm ejaculation. be car eful not to sexual intercourse! to petting stroke and kiss and caress The sensation training you and your partne r to caress caress one another. explore to make what touches you most. you shoul d perform the pleasurable signals your body intense and undisturbed enjoy. You d o not want to erection think and orgasm. your link does not become erect, and yo ur woman did not need help to do so. you should feel only joy and happiness, no more and no less. Create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Leave the worries at th e door You are not thinking about work, school or family. The evening when the d ay's work is done, is particularly good. bathing or shower. Pull out completely, lie down naked together in bed. Even petting and stroking to be learned each alternately one by the other is str

oked. Only one person is always active, the other passively enjoying the touch. Is changed when, every couple decides itself will remember each if he had enough of fondling or Gestreicheltwerden has, then the roles are reversed. It is also possible to define for a whole night the roles and maintain. You can start with a "Night of the Woman" in which only you caress your partner. The next day, it i s then reversed, as they dedicated only to you. So, now captures the feeling Tra ining, step one in handy: Stroke, first your wife. She lies on her stomach. You create and share, or squat down next to it. Start with a warm-up round: stroking it easily throughout the body. The "right", begins with intense stroking her he ad. Begin there, especially scratch his ears and neck. Work your way slowly down the back. Every piece of skin is touched by you, hugged and be cuddled. Take yo ur time, beware of superficiality. If you have browsed the buttocks, legs and fe et when you both have the feeling with the rear lots to be done to turn your wif e or girlfriend the back. Now you caress her face, her stomach, her legs and so on. Take a bow, but at her nipples, the clitoris and the vaginal opening. Do not touch these posts please. The role reversal exchange Later the roles. Lie down (first on the abdomen, then on the back) and enjoy the touch. It is to caress the entire body except the pe nis. Concentrate on the sensations you through the have the kisses and caresses. Give her to understand whether and how you like it. before it goes too fast and wish that their fingers or their tongue on a certain body part stays longer,the n you share it with the. Likewise, if you touch do not like. Express yourself wi th gestures, movements or sounds, and if possible with words and sentences. Spea king is mind thing that could detract from the devotion to the feeling. Be imagi natively in terms of technique of stroking, petting, massaging, kissing or fondl ing. Do not look only your hand and your mouth, use other body parts. Support th is on your taste by items such as a vibrator or feathers, and refine your your g ames by using body oil, cream or similar. But this is, as I said, taste. Now the genitals it ... Did you like the first stage of our perception training? Fine. Then go from the second part. Furthermore, it is a matter of concentratin g desire to receive and enjoy, or to give. There are also the conditions of peac e, privacy, relaxation and nudity on, also the Koitusverbot. The sensation Train ing Part 2 are also stimulated the genitals, should not that end with an orgasm. Intimspiele you start again with the stroking of the whole body relax, but not f or long here, but rather use these feelings in the mood and warm up. Start your touch as a man with the stimulation of your partner. Surrounding and your breast s, the nipples. Caresses them Gentle, lick it or suck it. Take care if your woma n likes it or not. Middle note of the genitals. They crawl in her pubic hair, yo u feel the right to clitoris and vulva. Be careful to work, contact the clitoris in the meantime and then very gently. Circle the vagina, you pat on the labia. You penetrate not necessarily one with your finger in the vagina. Then, when you r partner you stimulated, they should also carefully your penis and scrotum . yo u should take a while to play with it, and leave the stem on, touch the glans to touch the testicles. Neither she nor should you do not have the erection, which may be adjusted. It's not about them to ejaculation and to an orgasm exploit th e contrary. So, avoid rhythmic, driving movements. And you can after a while on the genitals and direct mouth or hands to other body regions in order. Do not wa ste any thoughts of your erection, which will decrease now. It is again determin ed. Then, if your partner turns back your good piece. Opportunities of mutual sympathy proof There are convenient, comfortable positio ns for the second stage of sensation workout: Will the man caressing the woman, then he sat down with the bed that he can lean back against the wall or a part o f the bed. Between his legs wide apart to set the woman with her back to him. Sh e leans against his chest, the man she can now include easy. His hands can reach me her breast, her stomach, her genitals and her thighs.

If she wants to pet him, he shall be best on the back. She sits down between his spread legs, his face turned towards him. So they can easily reach his penis. F or oral stimulation are all possible sitting, kneeling or lying position next to the passivgenießenden partner possible. One should not only take the classical 69erStellung (head to foot), because it could provoke a simultaneous oral stimul ation. As before, only to stimulate an active and enjoy the other passive. The o ral techniques cunnilingus and fellatio are Incidentally wonderful possibilities of pleasure gifts and sympathy demonstration. good eighty percent of all sexual ly circulating people who like this oral practice and exercise it, but others re sist stubbornly against it. oral sex is not a must in the sexual intercourse, an d if he does not you pleases, should it save yourself. If you are still inexperi enced, but so far it because you simply inhibitionshygienic reservations or nebu lous moral concerns were, then you can help our perception exercises may. For th ey all calling for everything that is fun and should also stimulate new experime nts. One such open atmosphere could also existing aversions to oral genital cont acts simply by stimulating and pleasant sense to reduce it. Beautification of the pubic hair, the certainty that the other is really clean a fter showering or bathing, and a Oralkontakt nothing "dirty" can be overcome, al so inhibitions. You can also create a certain genital cosmetic incentives in the se regions, particularly joyful and with tongue and to approach her lips. Have y ou ever thought to comb, not only the hair and to cut, but even the pubic hair? is a little light in the thicket down there seem very inviting, especially for w omen. All too often spoils the female pubic hair the splendor of the man cunnili ngus and deprives a woman beautiful KitzlerEmpfindung. blench she got her hair d one or even shaved them off, it can motivate the partners is essential to whirl around there with his tongue. Eggnog in the Belly Other frivolities can inflame tired flickering fire of love again. Crown Bet but once your penis top with whipped cream and a candied cherry ! That she bites? Or sip eggnog or honey from her navel or the breasts. Is throu gh such ideas also a well-known partner sweet and exciting. And the glad when yo u show him the so. The pure pleasure "Us has the training made a crazy fun," tell Heike and Rolf, m arried both in their forties, and for fifteen years. "We have three evenings the sensation training through the first stage and then tackled on a weekend the se cond part . We had factored in a lot of time and finally we were able to sleep t he next day. But that it went to four clock in the morning, but has surprised us . It was so exciting and beautiful that we did not tire easily. "Rolf:" I was pl easantly In contrast to normal traffic, that I had to do nothing. I did not wait out that the penis was hard. I considered not even know if he was really nice a nd big for. I was feverish not prevent the penetration. I also did not try my to give women an orgasm. So far for me is always the result of the focus was on: I wanted to achieve something with sex, the orgasm of us was. Compared to the res ults of my efforts always lean. And those were some efforts ... " Climax during intercourse is not "Now I have noticed that arousal and erection a re all by itself. This is natural, that does not require the Miteinanderschlafen ." Heike "I loved it, what feelings I experienced, where it tingled everywhere. The same we knew so far even as a prelude. But that was always more of a chore t hat had to follow as soon as possible of the traffic. "Heike and Rolf stimulated in such a case the sensation of training that they received both an orgasm. For both it was an unusually intense experience Also, because this peak was not see n during coitus. These positive impressions has paid off for both the training. You will be able to crown also coital traffic in the future with impressive orga sms. The most common and most important response to the sensation of training is pure pleasure : fun has done it, luxury has been's. New physical sensations wer e experienced, researched white areas of the anatomy. "I did not think that my n ipples are so sensitive," says a man Another: "stroked my wife gave me quite dev

otedly to the poo hole. I wanted to resist, because I as a gay practice looking at. But it was such a pleasant feeling that I let it happen. It was also why so long on this because they wanted to make clear that they also want to touch ther e. I reciprocated, and since we know a source of pleasure any more. " No Koitusdruck "I am convinced the Koitusverbot," says one woman. "So suddenly all the pressure was gone, the otherwise lead them to sexual intercourse and prevents me at all that I can develop properly. Until I was ready yet, it was usually already too e nd with the glory. panted man, I was wet and had nothing like this. Through the exercises, I was excited for a long time again so that I too wanted the traffic. We did it then, and it was wonderful ... "We will not deny that there are negat ive reactions that some couples have difficulty in carrying out the sensation tr aining. Some can not get used to the unusual intimacy with the naked and the rev elation of every angle of her body to fear. Others, that the partner they could find physically unattractive, think they are too old or too fat now. Sometimes t here is also an aversion to the sex organs of another, against their appearance, their smell and their possible discharge. It is also the inability to be selfis h and caresses of the partner to enjoy passive. If the sensation of training will be blocked all this can block the feelings and frustrate the success of the program. Offer the other just the sensation exerci ses excellent ways to get these settings to be aware and to tackle them. Communi cation with the partner is essential to achieve this. Each one of the other to s ay how attractive he finds him and how much he spoiled him. If you had such prob lems with our training, we recommend that you first of all a second try. Experie nce resistors and dislikes are but a further significant weakening. Another poss ibility is the conscious inner fish up erotic fantasies during the exercises. Sh ould you come caress your woman have any difficulties, then you play sexual drea ms and practices in your brain through. The same can also help your wife or girl friend in the opposite case. Additional treatment steps stands behind your motivation to stir such emotion ex ercises a sexual dysfunction and you are disappointed with the "healing" results , then please proceed with additional treatment steps. They are in impotence and frigidity of nichtfordernde intercourse and orgasm disorders in women the mastu rbation. If premature ejaculation and vaginismus are feeling more than exercises displayed as a second step. Their treatment begins with the start and stop prin ting technology or with stretching exercises. Scroll as needed to the relevant chapters forward or backward. Intercourse without the pressure of sex is usually the result of sexual exciteme nt with their physical concomitants: The vagina of the woman gets wet when erect the penis of the man. The traffic itself has both a goal of orgasm. If in sexua l responsiveness (frigidity), or erection (impotence lacking), is often cling to the orgasm that aim to blame. The partners are afraid to give the other this ca n not orgasm. They believe that comply to his demand out of the sex can not. In order to help the nichtfordernde coitus impotent men and frigid women, we now withdraw the claim after an orgasm during intercourse. Use only the feelings an d sensations on contact between the vagina and penis are taught and enjoyed. Mor e than this pleasant intimate contact between two parts of the body should do no t bring the coitus. The basic technique for this nichtfordernden coitus is simpl e: the two partners to stroke and caress tenderly. The man lies on his back, the woman sitting or kneeling over him. It introduces his penis into the vagina. Th e man remains essentially passive. The woman determined rhythm, direction and de pth. In frigid women has the advantage that they can do what brings you right no

w what a delightful signals. you should focus only on those feelings, selfish, o nly their satisfaction of search.Impotent men relieved the activity of women, al so they can give themselves fully to their feelings, perhaps even their fantasie s. Men are generally persistent, if they are taking the passive role, saving add ition to them is a lot of physical effort. This is an important aspect when pres sure to perform its function disturbs or if he has the overall objective of the multi-orgasm. The satisfactory functioning partner has both a treat by, helping function in nichtfordernden coitus completed: the husband or friend of a frigid woman must have some degree of erectile safety. He must be their rigid link prov ide in order to experiment with it, practice and ultimately to a taste for it. T he man at the end of the exercise is to be helped in any case, reach orgasm, eit her by suitably violent movements during intercourse or stimulation by loving ha nds. When impotent man must partner try gently and encouragingly to introduce the pen is itself. If the erection is defective, then it is to fill the term really into her vagina. It is quite possible, and only this event can wake up so many loose things inside. About this erection may be happy, but you must not use or even t o Weiterkoitieren ejaculation. At this stage, the woman must restrain themselves , even if they still continue on so much. Only an interest, only his erection, h is only satisfaction is one You will be satisfied later, by his hand or mouth wo rk. He should be devoting much time to clitoris to notice that it is the source of female pleasure and that his penis into her vagina to not really necessary wo uld be. If has stabilized the erectile function of the man, can the couple to in crease its activity. Then the man may well ejaculate in the woman, he should tak e agreeable positions, he can determine rhythm and tempo. He is in fact so well cured as "". help are tricks and gimmicks to power disturbances addition to nichtfordernden l ove techniques tips and tricks that men with erectile dysfunction can: Take a mo rning erection, the "Morning Latte" from. Run in the early morning hours, the se nsation of training at level 2 by. Practice your oral Sex off. oral genital cont acts are largely internally as a very exciting process and bring physiologically pleasant stimulus sensations. Give yourself builds erotic fantasies out. This f rom anxieties and intensified the reaction. But beware: This may be problematic in some partnership relationships. Approximately when the woman in the dream bei ng is jealous that you run into your fantasies. Or if such ideas are considered by you as perverse and abnormal, and guilt cause. Take advantage of the pressure technique. This will be demonstrated that a lost erection can be regained. Afte r your partner has been by pressing your erection to disappear, it will give you a loving stimulation quickly a new one. Stretching exercises for vaginismus in women cramped with vaginismus, the vagina l opening involuntarily at the approach of the penis or a similar body part or o bject. This disorder has no physical causes, even if affected sometimes hormone disorders, inflammation, or an "I'm too narrow" for blame . There is a phobia, a morbid fear of penetration of the penis. In conversation ca n try to psychologists, the causes out for it and to reassure the client and ask , these fears an offensive tackle. Is this a stretching program, in which object s or body parts of growing size be introduced. The success of this method is app roximately one hundred percent. sexologists recommend different things for inser tion. There are special pens rising caliber of metal, glass and rubber, but also their own fingers are very good.Emotionally, most of these women, this natural extension tool is best. The stretching exercises start with considering Scheiden öffung by means of a mirror and feeling the area with your fingers. The woman um streicht the entrance and leads carefully the finger tip. If they succeed, then put them into the following exercises, the whole finger, then two. Stretching exercises by the partner If this is done, the partner is invited. He

is doing now what they did before: detailed viewing, the introduction of the fin ger, one finger, two fingers. He does it slowly in and out, but tries not to put his penis into the game. Its first performance must first be agreed upon, the w oman may be surprised in any circumstances. will lead him gently, he pulls it af ter a few minutes out again. He may not make any Koitusbewegungen. At this stage the rest is entirely by itself, the two begin with cautious shocks, increase in tercourse itself, ...