6 Telemarketing Active Prospective Where the company takes the initiative to contact their customers, partners, sup pliers

or customers, in a systematic way, planned and directed the telemarketing goes into action. He is a widely used tool in marketing, stock sales and promot ional campaigns, and serve also for other purposes. It applies in these cases a mailling list (contacts) previously structured. To achieve better results, it is important that you take in the telemarketing process ordered this mailling qual ification, integration with systems in use and development of specific applicati ons (such as predictive dialing, call screens - front end - so friendly.). This chapter will address aspects related to telemarketing ativoprospectivo those poi nts that - Are you sure this is distinguished from other actions and strategies to upgrade the mailling? relationship with customers. 118 CALL CENTER STRATEGY TO WIN process of telemarketing has become more important with the changes experienced in the business loop through the ages. Previously, a company that produced a dur able traveled a circuit of production steps with well-known and predetermined, f or example, the path followed by the automotive industry to produce a car: 1. Ma rket research in the field, 2. Technical trends, 3. Production of the vehicle 4. Stocking 5. Training of the sales team, 6. Opening and maintaining channels of distribution (retailers), 7. Advertising to inform, motivate and attract the con sumer to the dealer to know the model and eventually buy it. The customer left t he house for resale and returned periodically for revisions planned. Gradually, the frequency and made routine contact with the sales channel shrinking. If sati sfied, he returned two years later on average to acquire a new model. Then the c ycle repeated itself. Today, everything is different. Companies adopt a more act ive and interactive, because you must hit precise targets, with optimization of activities and cost reduction. The consumer is heard at all times and the circui t traversed by the companies became more specific: 1. Satisfaction survey via te lemarketing (by phone or email) 2. Drafting panel of trends and satisfaction to guide the next release 3. Elaboration of the models, 4. Motivation of the sales force, in cooperation with retailers, supported by telemarketing, 5. Using the c ustomer base to demonstrate good level of satisfaction with the brand to inform, via telemarketing, on new models; Telemarket ING ASSETS 119 - PROSPECTIVE LUCAS - MANCINI The 6. Customizing the service, also via telemarketing (with purchase options for ch oice of favorite color, favorite accessories etc..) 7. Offer password for the co nsumer to make a test drive in the nearest reseller appointed by him, and finall y closing the sale 8. Feedback process: the sale and held possession of the spec ifications given by client, it produces the vehicle with the features chosen. Th e resale program for the day of delivery; 9. Give the car, starts the operation after sale: call of welcome from the factory, offering additional accessories, i nsurance, etc. 10. Reminder to the customer in advance that he requested the nec essary revisions, already programmed and recorded in the database. On the appoin ted day, the concessionaire search the vehicle and leave for another temporary r eplacement until the review is ready. The actual technical assistance is already properly informed of the occurrences noted by the client - your password - in t he utility page on the Internet 11. Period of exchange: begins another campaign of telemarketing, with new offerings and options for the client, which is being monitored and tracked by the system. Result: greater customer satisfaction and l oyalty to the brand. With the necessary adaptations to various economic segments and life-cycle of the product or service, this structure is repeated in various productive sectors. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Dominates the market information and the product / service to offer subsidies to allow adequate training of operators and supervisors. 120 CALL CENTER STRATEGY TO WIN ! COMPANY Basic Elements A good telemarketing project brings together some basic elements: T Strategic Pl an, with clearly defined goals and objectives; t Signup customers reliable and u pdated; t clear definition of the product, service or message to deliver; t Trai ning of all sectors involved to the company tornese collaborative;€t A call cent er well equipped, well trained and well motivated. Strategic Planning Planning for telemarketing, plus all the factors already discussed, involves som e steps that the company or the employee responsible for its implementation must follow. Definitions are critical to the success of the operation. OBJECTIVES What the company wants to telemarketing? Selling a product or service? Publicize your image? An effort to post-sale? Perform a search? Update a record? Make fol low-up (monitoring)? Often, the telemarketing campaign does not achieve satisfac tory results because the company does not have clearly defined your goals, or ha s multiple targets to attack with a single approach - which reduces the efficien cy of operator effort, because the message tends to be confusing. INFRASTRUCTURE In planning a study appears consistent comparing the various options for impleme nting the strategy for telemarketing (hiring Telemarket ING ASSETS 121 - PROSPECTIVE LUCAS - MANCINI operators, outsourcing, consulting, etc.).. It is an analysis of cost-benefit re lations. In this step, too, there is the interplay of the various sectors of the company if they are in line to operate without shocks. For example, there is no point to make telemarketing sales departments to inventory and delivery do not meet the deadlines promised. INVESTMENTS Here, it should allocate resources to implement every step of the telemarketer, whether in hiring an outside organization (total investment), either sectoral (i nternal deployment). In the latter case, you must specify funding for human reso urces, technology, equipment, technical support, monitoring, controls, etc.. SCHEDULE Goals are established in a quantitative manner the short, medium or long term. O nly then can we measure the return, examine the challenges of strategy and make corrections if necessary. The schedule is flexible to incorporate aspects not co nsidered that may occur. These are called uncontrollable variables of the macro marketing, such as legislative changes, climatic disasters and other occurrences imponderables. OPERATION Includes study of the profile of the target audience, selection of mailling, scr ipt preparation, professional training, pre-testing of the system and monitoring of events. 122 CALL CENTER STRATEGY TO WIN

Good planning telemarketing must answer five basic questions, whose order is not here, by priority. All are equally important. t What? It is the message, what i s being transmitted to the customer being called by the call center. t How? It i s the means used to interact with the client. You can be the phone, email, lette r, fax or even some still unusual, such as interactive television. t How much? I t is the frequency with which the search for the client. This often - or calenda r program - depends on the objectives, product, service or formatted message. t When? It's time to get in touch. It is defined here not only the calendar period (time of year, for example) as well as weekday and time. Other factors influenc ing this decision are called factors and temporal profile contact after (or befo re) birthday, wedding, birth of child, graduations, travel, purchase of goods et c.. t Who? The answer to this question provides the profile of the audience. It is, indeed, details on the mailling, the listing of the database. Knowing this p rofile, you define the best language for addressing the client, for example. Cho ice and also the argument that deliver fruit greater effect. Telemarket ING ASSETS 123 - PROSPECTIVE LUCAS - MANCINI CHECK LIST t The product or service being offered is well defined? t The sales goals are cl ear to the team? t The register of potential customers is sufficient and compati ble to the proposed objectives? t The register was previously updated and is rea dy to be used? t The script, that is, the script's approach was well structured and sufficiently pre-tested? t The operators were trained to command the operati on with confidence and clarity? t The team is motivated? t planning provided tec hnical support in for peak times? t The operators are able to face a tested fram ework of objections? t The design team and the structure was well done? t The lo gistics for the product or service fulfills the promise made during the sale is working with quality? Select an efficient transmitter t, t Develop a message impact; t Choose appropriate means and code; t Pay attention to the receiver (ta rget audience) t Monitor the feedback (response / return). OPTIMIZING ! The COMMUNICATION Who's who in telemarketing The secret to success in telemarketing is not only the technology used, implemen ted in software or even the right choice of partners. Is also in the way of doin g, in the way 124 CALL CENTER STRATEGY TO WIN people involved in the actions and act as their work is oriented. Previous chapt ers have already been addressed some features present in any operation of telema rketing, call or contact center. Here are seen some specific elements and skills needed to perform the process of telemarketing standards of excellence. Human Resources Selects appropriate people to design, easily to assimilate information about the message being conveyed. Training / Training Technical advice on posture, placement of voice, persuasion, approach, close of

business, customer psychology, how to overcome objections from several other fac tors. Planners Script Prepare the script and follow its application to make corrections and improvemen ts where necessary. Operator Provides information about the product or service being offered. Performs sales approach with arguments or information specifically designed for the task. A pleasant, quiet, comfortable, free from environmental pressures and ergonomic design that will provide the targets are achieved. Adverse conditions adversely affect the performance of the team. 125 ! ENVIRONMENT Telemarketing - PROSPECTIVE LUCAS - MANCINI Assistant Central Establishes the working range of operators and supervisors as call flow. Evita o ccurring interjornadas, idleness or lack of operators at a given time. Performs the monitoring of quality and feedback (response / return). Provides safety, ene rgy, technical mastery, communication, phrasing and warmth to the operational fr amework. Supervisor ! ACTION NETWORK Responsible to guide and adjust the telemarketing activities of a company call c enter. Examines the work done by his staff, checking the performance of activiti es. Compare the results achieved with the standards of pre-established. Performs the necessary corrections and improves existing methods for providing a quality service and meet the targets. Preserves the image of products and services comp any. Resolves technical problems or refers to the areas responsible and accounta ble for them. In short, does everything to avoid interference in the performance of the work. For the telemarketing really contribute to business objectives are achieved, it is necessary to structure a network of actions to produce a collaborative enviro nment. All should contribute to the relationship between the operator, who is th e spitting image of the company and client is built with sympathy and objectivit y. Directs sales force to optimize performance, discipline and welfare of the team. Provides information on the product and forwards updated information for the co mpany. Coordinator 126 CALL CENTER STRATEGY TO WIN THEORY & PRACTICE In telemarketing, one of the challenges is to overcome the barrier that many hav

e this kind of contact. It will be conducted independent of the receiver, it is highly invasive, but it is possible to overcome such challenges. In ordinary lif e, in the dialogues that occur, people issuing ordinances, perform reasoning and decide whether certain concepts or situations are true or false (ability to dis cern). These three capabilities (to judge, reason and discern) spring into actio n when the operator works, to avoid bad communication. But what are these such " noise"? Many think they are "noise": a plane that passes, a cry, a bark, a loud music or any sound which hinders the dialogue ... But the concept of noise is br oader: Includes interference that prevents communication. For example, a term in English for those not familiar with this language is a "noise" of communication , because she did not know what was said. In extreme situations, the communicati on breaks down. A link to a wrong number falls into this case. To reduce noise, the operator has several techniques, which start in selecting the mailling and c ontinue on implementing the roadmap. A good script monitors whether the communic ation occurs as expected and the actual operator, with good sense, gives the exi stence or absence of noise. For example, if after giving the information a custo mer asks the same thing, it is necessary to investigate the reason. The informat ion was unclear? The content is too complex? Or the client was unaware? In this case, why? Thus, it is possible to optimize the responses of telemarketing. Telemarket ING ASSETS 127 - PROSPECTIVE LUCAS - MANCINI