This document aims to describe the sustainer to correctly perform the procedure for registration to a review by the registration system CENEVAL online. The info rmation requested in the different sections is very important to verify the data previously provided by your institution, socioeconomic and cultural information about you that we will further study and ultimately so that we can provide spec ific information about the presentation of its consideration by Pass income. Thi s test is for students of the courses: Production Engineer or Electronics Engineer Industrial Engineer Mechanical Engin eer Civil Engineer Telecommunications Engineer Computer Engineer Computer System s Lic Administrative Computer Systems Lic Lic Lic Public Accounting Administration Deg ree in Business Administration of Tourist Enterprises Lic Lic Lic International Trade Marketing Psychology Lic Lic Lic Education Sciences Law Surgeon Dentist PROCEDURE TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE REGISTRATION. 1. Access the Internet URL http://ww 2. Enter your personal identification data. a. b. c. d. e. Select your Institution. Enter your registration. Select your career. Select your site (campus). Click " OK." The data must be entered correctly, otherwise it can not continue. In this case please contact your campus coordinator. 3. Confirm your information and assign a password. a. Check your name and if it is incorrect to return to the previous screen to re-enter your data. b. Assign and confirm a password. The system allows for the re-registration period to correct their registration information sheet CENEVAL (you're the only one who can do it) or pass recover their income. c. Click "OK." 4. Check and correct if necessary your name and date of birth. a. Check the syntax of your name. If necessary make corrections. b. Check your date of birth. If nec essary make corrections. c. Click "OK." 5. Complete data on the socio-economic data sheet of CENEVAL EGEL. This information is of utmost importance for the development of studies and subs equent reports, is a standardized form is required of all examinations of sustai ning CENEVAL. The information is confidential and must be filled out completely and entirely correct. Items marked with a red asterisk indicate that these shoul d be provided on a mandatory, its filling depends in the end get their "Income S pend," an essential document for an exam. The leaf design is intended to facilit ate the filling, using predefined catalogs to you manually complete the minimum of information. Remember that this information may be modified during the regist ration period, during which you may return the system as often as you wish, once the registration period, one may return the system to recover its entry pass. F or reasons of confidentiality and security, only you can modify the information

contained on this sheet. The head of the campus or central administrator CAN NOT DO IT. a. Complete the "Identification of the sustainer." This section contains general data of personal identification. b. Complete the identification section of the institution of which it came. a. S elect the state. b. Select the town / delegation. c. Select the institution. d. Select the mode in which he studied the degree. c. Complete Section schooling. a. b. c. d. e. Select your year of entry Select y our year of graduation. Select your average. Indicate if you are entitled. List your post-graduate studies (if any). d. Complete Section Employment status (if applicable). If the questions do not w ork will not be deployed and will continue to the next section. e. Complete the section of socioeconomic data. a. Enter the household income. b. List the services available at home. c. Indicate the educational attainment of their parents. f. Complete Data section on the exam. g. Press the "Submit Registration" 6. Get your entry pass. The entry pass is a very important document that you must present when applying the test.€This document may be accessed for printing after you have completed r egistration and application date of the examination. To do so requires that the computer has access and a printer configuration. The pass accurately tells you e verything about the presentation of its review, such as date, time and place whe re they have and the items that you may enter the examination for use. Also tell s you the number of pages that have been assigned, this is the same with which y ou may perform any further clarification or query as it is a unique identifier. END TO GO FOR REGISTRATION WITH THE HEAD OF THE EXIT OF ITS EVALUATION FOR CAMPU S WE REVIEW THE SPECIFICATIONS AS WELL AS STUDY GUIDE. 7. Re-enter the registration system (optional). You may return to the registrati on system to modify your data or to recover your pass for admission. a. Access t he URL of b. Enter your personal identification data. Internet c. Enter your password. d. Select the desired action. i. Edit your examination record. ii. Recover your entry pass.