Table 1 - Materials and hardware for construction of the mobile chicken coop.

Units 01 06 01 06 02 02 03 02 02 01 02 03 bars 1 / 2 "in February 2004 Bar 5 / 1 6" 04 Bars 1 / 4 " Sub-Total Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Specification of the material iron bar 1 / 2 "with 1.95 m of iron bars 1 / 2" wi th 2.15 m iron bar 1 / 2 "with 4.10 m of iron bars 1 / 2" with 0.65 Iron bars m 1 / 2 "with 3.70 m of iron bars 1 / 2" with 3.5 m of iron bars 1 / 2 "with 3 m o f iron bars 1 / 2" bars with a 1.15 m / 2 "with 1.61 m of iron bars 1 / 2" with 0.70 m of iron bars 1 / 2 "with 1.44 m of iron bars 1 / 2" with 0.67 m iron rods 5 / 16 "with iron bars 4.10 m 5 / 16" with 2.15 m of iron bars 1 / 4 "with 2.15 m Meters 1.95 12.90 4.10 3.90 7.40 7.00 9.00 2.30 3.22 0.70 2.88 2.01 57.36 8.20 8 .60 16.80 8.60 8.60 74.16 Weight (kg) 1.95 12.90 4.10 3.90 7.40 7.00 9.00 2.30 3.22 0.70 2.88 2.01 57.36 3 .28 3.44 6 72 2.15 2.15 66.23 Use the henhouse prop Scissors Comeeira side Base Base Base Base lateral frontal and posterior frontal Base Gate Gate Gate Gate Fixation Fixation Lona Lona Lona Support Prepared by: Valdir Silveira de Avila J. Elder C. Vicente Lopes Sangoi USE IN CREATING mobile chicken house CHICKENS FOR SUBSISTENCE 10.25 m² 19.8 m² 30 February 2001 Sub-Total 6 cm mesh tile Hinges Latch Canvas lightweight waterproof - 4.40 x 4.50 m Tie ru bber (tire chamber) 3.40 0.060 0.140 3.00 0.45 7.05 Gate Locks Gate Coverage Technical Review: ELSIE A. P. Figueiredo J. Cicero Monticelli Total 74.16 73.28 ADVANTAGES OF THE PROPOSAL 1) Greater safety for the birds released, 2) Ease of displacement due to the siz e and weight, 3) decontamination by natural radiation from the place used, 4) al lows the recovery of ground cover to be exchanged for local, 5) Best exploitatio n of the area and pasture available, 6) Low cost of construction in relation to life. Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária Embrapa Swine and Poultry Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply PO Box 21, 89700-000, Concordia, SC Phone (

49) 4428555, Fax (49) 4428559 sac @ Date: December 2002 Issue: 300 units Pigs and Poultry INTRODUCTION An alternative to the diversification of production in small farms for subsisten ce and / or sale of the surplus may be the creation of colonial chicken plant an d equipment using simple and low cost. Facilities that have served another purpo se and were not used can be adapted for the production of chicken colonial. It i s possible the exploitation of lumber, shingles, bamboo, bamboo or roundwood as eucalyptus, pine, and others in the property. However, when such alternatives ar e absent one option is to build the henhouse mobile metal structure. The materia l cost for this type of installation was $ 220 in April 2002. Fixing the canvas structure for the gate Base Structure Fixing prop canvas iron 1 / 2 "iron 1 / 2" iron headboards Beiral of 5 / 16 " 0.3 Iron 1 / 4 " Should be made of metal with iron bars for construction of 1 / 2 ", welded toget her. One end is equipped with structure for fixing the access gate and the other a prop. Perpendicular iron bars protruding about 15cm forming the legs. The pro jection of 10cm below the bars on the sides of the base serve to press and stick the feet to the ground. Structure of coverage should be higher than the base fr ame and fixed iron construction 1 / 2 ". The angle of coverage is given by combi ning the iron bars from the base structure of the roof to the apex of the prop a nd the other side with the gate (ridge). The projection of the sides 15cm and 25 cm in front and rear overhangs, with sustained iron bar of 5 / 16 "to fix the ca nvas roofs, serves to lessen the direct impact of the rains. Between the interva ls of the bars with function rafters or scissors, there is an iron bar of 1 / 4 "to minimize the embalming of the canvas cover. Paws of burial 0.3 MEMORIAL DESCRIPTION The model is built with iron construction, covered with curtain aviary (lightwei ght canvas, waterproof external light and color) and lock screen on the side and headboards. The accommodation capacity is 100 chickens until slaughter age (85 days). The dimensions are 3.00 x 3.50 x 0.50 m (length, width and height), with a total floor area of 10.5 m2, height, top of the ridge of 1.8 m. It is essentia l to observe the material contained in Table 1 as well as the recommendations of construction described below and relate them to the Figuras1 and 2. 3.0 0 3.5 7.3 Structure of the base side of Beiral Support canvas FRONT-SIDE VIEW OF STRUCTURE Side Locks, Front and Rear Canvas cover

Mobile Chicken Coop 4.1 Access gate prop 2, 15 The closures of the base frame as well as in eight and gateway to the henhouse, must be effected with 6 cm mesh screen. However, the housing of chicks with one day of age is necessary that the structure of the database contains around 3cm s creen mesh. In this case the aviary should have heating and equipment. Coverage Removal of the base with soil Screen 1.61 1:44 Eave side 0.55 0.5 Paws burial ground 0.5 0.15 5 1.7 12:15 Closing (screen) On the structure of the roof sits a lightweight waterproof canvas, type curtain aviary. This should have a scale beyond the metal structure, providing a trespas s under the anchors of the front and side edges of the roof and secured to ancho r the top of the base structure by means of tensioned rubber with the hardware. 1.15 0.7 3.0 1.15 1.5 0.05 1.5 Gate Access 5 1.7 0 0.1 FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW

LOCATION Must be allocated in the area to occur projection of shade trees in the afternoo n and surrounded with electric fence or screen. It is important that the land ha s slight slope, good green cover. The term empty premises and picket, and indisp ensable aspect of health, should be sufficient for recovery of soil characterist ics and pasture. The fallowing is most effective when practicing the displacemen t of the henhouse and the rotation of paddocks. In any system, with or without s ome restraint, the mobile chicken coop can be moved to different areas, thereby avoiding the trampling too much in the same area. PERSPECTIVE frontolateral. Structure coverage Coverage 1.8 1.95 Trough Trough Figure 2 - Perspective of the structure of avian INTERNAL ELEVATION Figure 1 - Views of the structure of the aviary.