CONSULTING ICT BUSINESS PROFILE Industrial Engineer with experience in analysis and problem solving administrati ve and operational, from the area of Technology. Experience in project managemen t, personnel management, survey process, design and implementation of quality sy stems, costing ABC management. Facing the area of Technology. Excellent interper sonal relations and teamwork. EDUCATION SPECIALIZATION IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY COLLEGE EAN currently MILITARY "NUEVA GRANADA" 2001 ENGLISH: Advanced Level WORK EXPERIENCE COLOMBIA MOVIL SA E.S.P. - MANAGEMENT IT Analyst IT Incident December 20, 2004-p resent • Participation in the design and implementation of the automation projec t escalation from customer service problems in the activation process and after sales. • Generating set of tests for quality assurance of software developed by the interaction and integration with the rest of the platforms of the operation. • Support Customer Service area from the area of IT and massive corporate level , in cases of Incidents billing, activation, activation aftermarket, disconnecti ons, etc • Preparation and development of the area CIOS Training (Support Servic e Sales Support) in problem-solving issues at the functional level. • Participat ion in the project to automate escalation from customer service problems in the activation process and after sales. • Development of Instructional for handling Incident scale applications. • Development of manuals for the standardization of procedures in the resolution of errors of different platforms. • Establishment of SLA (Service Level Agreements) by the analysis of activities, time commitment , necessary resources. • comprehensive knowledge of the activation process, cust omer service and disconnection. • IQ Knowledge management, document management f or the company. • Siebel-CRM management, account generation, ordering, data modification. • • • • Management Infranet Billing platform: billing processes, hierarchies changes, ca ncellation and product and account activation, change of state of IMSI and MSISD N, change SIM and MSISDN. Knowledge of procedures and policies and portfolio col lections area. Prepaid platform management: installation, disconnection, transfe r, migrate in, event validation, pricing, Vouchers. OVSA Management: knowledge m anagement and pending messages from the GUI. Incidents solution to level of acti vity, creations, deletions, activations, suspensions, changes in single and mass ive way by using the RPM tool Aprovisonamiento Mass, control logs in HPSA. Creat ing XML files for processes related to the Activator. Analysis and interpretatio n of the errors presented in the platforms during all stages of the process. Ana lysis of the history of users for the proper reconciliation of information acros s different platforms (Siebel, Ovsa Query, Prepaid, Infranet, HLR) through the g eneration, revocation, or simulation of forwarding service requests. Knowledge o f policies and procedures for resolving incidents, with the respective contacts for redirecting and scaling. Knowledge of EAI: duties of consultation and deleti on of both the table and the service concurrency response. Management and consul tation of databases using SQL tools. Contract review and monitoring of the Vice President of Information Technology with suppliers. • • • • •

• • HEWLETT PACKARD-MOBILE COLOMBIA Engineer Billing Issues June 2, 2004 - November 30, 2004 • Solving incidents in the platforms of the communication system of Col ombia Movil. • Analysis of the history of users for the proper reconciliation of information across different platforms (Siebel, Ovsa Query, P-SMS, Infranet, HL R) through the generation, revocation, or simulation of forwarding service reque sts. • Implementation of special procedures as a critical platform Infranet as a cancellation and activation of products and accounts, buying packages, changing the state of IMSI and MSISDN, change SIM and MSISDN; OVSA functions such as can cel, retry and service manual activation according to the conditions, EAI, respo nsible for consulting and deletion of both the table and the service concurrency response, according to the instructions of the administrators.€• Management and query databases using SQL tools. WASTE ECO-EFFICIENCY-Bogota Operations Coordin ator October 15, 2003 / March 31, 2004 • Survey of information for process stand ardization. • Process optimization using statistical tools and administrative. • • • • • • ABC Costing for policy making. Time and motion. Preparation of manuals and respo nsibilities. Establishment of management indicators. Logistics management, opera tion personnel, routes, times. Warehouse Management. • • • • Project management of industrial solid waste management in Postobon. Diagnosis a nd project planning. Presentation of projects in business prospects. Training th e staff of the various client companies (Postobón SA, Quala SA, Meals de Colombi a, Bavaria) Process billing, collection, inventory management, accounts payable, reconciliations with customers and suppliers. Maria Teresa Bello Alvis C.C. Bogota 52,498,071