Consumption habits to save the planet.

ECO SOLUTIONS Climate Change and friendly consumer habits Alejandra Jiménez Environmental Consultant We are experiencing climate change, plants and animals are endangered by global warming causing changes in their habitats. Loss of marine biodiversity as a result of global warming Five species of sea turtles that are endangered lose a significant portion of their nesting b eaches for the possible rise in sea level. Carlos Drews. World Wildlife Fund WWF.

"In other regions of the world unlike no water and no more rain"

Hurricanes and in May will increase strength in the past. ng pictures! What can we do to help our planet?

Consider the followi

DRINKING HABITS OF THE ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY Be more careful in what we eat, some things are not needed and quickly stopped u sing. Avoid using materials that really will not use. Simple things you can do e very day to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Some appliances on standby (connected to electricity but not use) emit more than one million tonnes of greenhouse gases (CO2) per year. Did you know? The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can is equivalent to ke ep a television on for three hours. An aluminum can T.V. 3 hrs The energy required to make a new aluminum can is equivalent to the same energy that is engaged in the process of recycling 20 aluminum cans. By recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees. By recycling one ton of paper saves 7000 gallons of water, enough to support 22 households of 4 members for 1 year. And ... ... By recycling one ton of paper saves 4200 kWh, enough to provide electricity to 4 000 people for a day. 1 ton of recycled paper. thousand Electricity for 1 day for 4 pers. By recycling one ton of any recyclable material is saved as an average landfill

m3 AMBIENTIPS: Paper used the best two sides of the leaves photocopy on both sides. To clean th ings seeks to use dishcloths instead of paper rolls. Reject flyers and brochures that will not use. Use recycled paper whenever possible prefer articles minimal ly involved. Stores recycling paper in a box and take it to a collection center or a place where there are special containers for deposit. AMBIENTIPS: PLASTIC If you are using a disposable plates prefer the board, are less polluting than p lastic or polystyrene (stereo fon). Rejects vegetables or meats that come in pla stic trays or stereo. . Before you throw a "six-pack" short circles since many a nimals such as turtles, fish, birds and others can be caught in the rings. Choos e refillable or returnable containers and avoid disposable items (razors, pens, etc. AMBIENTIPS: GLASS prefers the use of bottles or jars, recycled glass. Have a cup or glass ja r in his office, to avoid using disposable. Reuse glass containers of jams, pres erves, and other cookie, beads, screws, etc. AMBIENTIPS: ALUMINUM prefer drinks in returnable bottles and family size. Make your own frui t juices, natural, more healthy and do not consume the waste material. Collect c ans whenever you can and put it on the sites for collection and recycling. AMBIENTIPS: MATERIALS AND OTHER CHEMICAL Avoid consumption of products containing PVC (cadmi um and lead), asbestos, stereo funds injected with toxic gases (gas pentane). Pr efer to buy rechargeable batteries. Repairs electrical appliances, shoes, umbrel las, clothing, instead of buying new, but Give it can not. Prefer environmentall y friendly products, for example biodegadables soaps and disinfectants. To dispose of cooking oil, place in a lecture bottle, instead of throwing the ki tchen sink. One liter of oil pollutes about one million liters of water, enough for the water consumption of a person for 14 years. Saving natural resources (energy and water) ENERGY SAVING

Maintain good electrical installation. Please check your installation by a techn ician once a year. Make sure your installation has ground attack and polarized o utlets. Install wind turbines, turbines and photovoltaic cells. As far as possib le have multiple electric meters. ENERGY SAVING home

Using Energy Efficiency Accessories: Kitchens spirals, utensils of the same size€and dry, take advantage of residual heat. Prepare a cold meal at least once a week. Use layer pans and cook food all at once. No use the oven for small portions. Use hornitos, coffee maker, electric frying pans and to lower consumption. Thaw food at room temperature or at the bottom of the refrigerator before Refigerador: Replace your old refrigerator with a new energy efficiency in the end will be ch eaper by saving. Distribute food thoroughly. Keep it always full even with water , an empty refrigerator spend more. Do not leave doors open. Store tightly cover ed food. Try not to freeze food unnecessarily. Do not store potatoes in the refr igerator, they have more durability than vegetables. Buy more foods that require no refrigeration. Clean once a week the refrigerator inside and out. Refrigerat or not use the dryer. Keep it well ventilated and that the sun's rays do not giv e him direct. The Shower:

Keep the temperature in the lower part. Do not use tank heaters. Use solar colle ctors or take advantage of the warmth of your roof. Close the water while soapin g. Land your shower properly. Use low power showers.

Washing and Ironing: Load Washer tank full. Wash with water at room temperature. Iron the clothes much as possible at once. Never run the iron over a single gar ment.

In the Office: office ventilated and lighted naturally. Adjust the air condition ing of 20-22 º C at night leave the AC off. Set computer monitor to turn off aft er 5 minutes of no use. If not using the computer for more than 10 minutes, stop and monitor off after 30 SHUT at all. Do not leave faucets open.

Use efficient luminaire. Use motion sensor switches. Clean the fixtures at least once a month. Use LCD monitors. Clean the air conditioning system. General:

Disconnect accessories not used, to avoid tension in a vacuum. Turn off lights n ot occupying. Use energy-saving lamps. Use motion sensors for automatic shutoff. Keep in good repair pipes, faucets and try to reuse water from washing machine and others.

Do not lose your most valuable asset we have: Earth. Wake up now that you have t he opportunity, change your lifestyle.