PARTICULARS 1. AVOCADO - Love 2. Turmeric - Purification, health, happiness 3. A CACIA - protection, protection against nightmares and sleep 4.

Agrimonia - disso lution of negative influences and protection 5. AIPO - mental and psychic powers 6. ROSEMARY - cleaning and concentration, soothing, divination, study, healing, protection, purification 7. ALFALFA - prosperity, money, happiness 8. LAVENDER - calming studies, purification 9. GARLIC - health, protection 10. Musk - aphrod isiac, love, Planet: Venus 11. ALMONDS - money, prosperity, wisdom, 12. AMORA health, money, protection 13. ANETO - lucky 14. ANGELICA - protection, purificat ion, health, clairvoyance 15. Star Anise - divination, purification, luck 16. AR NICA - Clairvoyance 17. RICE - Fertility 18. ARRUDA - protection, cleansing, hea ling, purification 19. Artemisia - divination, altered consciousness, 20. Asafoe tida - Exorcism, protection 21. Aloe Vera - protection, luck and love 22. BAMBOO - 23 wish fulfillment. Barbatimão - spirituality, purification 24. Burdock - h ealth, protection 25. VANILLA - love, seduction 26. BEET - love 27. Benzoin - bu siness, exorcism, Planet: Venus 28. MOUTH OF THE LION - Protection 29. BRION - M oney 30. Calendula - protection, troubleshooting, 31. CAMELLIA - prosperity, wea lth 32. Chamomile - money, love, purification 33. SHIN - business, property, lov e, cleanliness, power, success, love, protection 34. Camphor - psychic developme nt, clairvoyance, health 35. CARDAMOM - seduction, love 36. CARDO SANTO - curing 37. CARVALHO - Fertility 38. Cascara Sagrada - problems with justice, money and protection 39. Horsetail - Fertility 40. ONION - protection, health, money 41. CIPRO - longevity, health 42. CRAVO - business, strength, power, love, cleaning 43. DAMASCUS - love spells 44. Lemon balm - success, love 45. SWEET LEAF - prote ction 46. EUCALYPTUS - cleaning, charms attract, energize, heal, health, protect ion 47. FIGUEIRA - clairvoyance, fertility 48. APPLE BLOSSOM - soothing 49. FREI XO - divination, healing, protection, prosperity 50. GINGER - money and success 51. SESAME - Money 52. GINSENG - love, fulfillment of desire, beauty, health, pr otection and power 53. SUNFLOWER - Fertility 54. HERA - (no effective plan for men) protection, lov e, health 55. MINT - curing 56. JASMINE - improve mood, love, soothing, healing 57. ORANGE - love, money 58. LAVENDER - healing, love 59. LEMON - love 60. LOTUS - love 61. LAUREL - business, divination, protection, strength, health 62. APPL E - love, attracting charms, healing, immortality 63. BASIL - love, spiritual cl eansing, protection 64. MANDRAKE - Fertility 65. Honeysuckle - Money 66. Passion Fruit - peace, friendship 67. THOUSAND LEAVES - exorcism, love 68. MIRRA - good luck, spirituality, meditation, healing, protection 69. STRAWBERRY - love, luck 70. NARCISSUS - healing, luck, fertility 71. Nutmeg - Divination, Fertility 72. Frankincense - healing, purification (resin key) 73. OLIVEIRA - peace, fertilit y, protection 74. Patchouli - clairvoyance; Planet: Venus 75. PINE - attracting charms, fertility 76. POMEGRANATE - Fertility 77. PINK - love, spirituality, div ination, fertility 78. Elderberry - purification 79. SAGE - healing spells, long evity, wisdom, wish-fulfillment 80. Sandal - love, divination, purification 81. BLOOD OF DRAGON - purification 82. WHEAT - wealth, money, fertility, 83. Nettle - Exorcism, protection, health 84. UVA - fertility, money, wealth 85. Vetiver command, Planet: Venus 86. Verbena - meditation, love 87. Sap - Protection 88. V IOLET - aphrodisiac, meditation, spirituality CORRESPONDENCE WITH HERBS OF GODS AND SIGNS SIGNS 1) Aries: musk, sandalwood, opium. 2) Taurus: Pine, Eucalyptus, Clove, Cinnamon. 3) Twins: Pink, Rosemary, Jasmine. 4) Cancer: Apple, Lavender, Violet. 5) Leo: Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood, Opium. 6) Virgo: Pink, Lavender, Benzoin. 7) Libra: Apple, Rose, Cedar. 8) Scorpio: Musk, Opium, Eucalyptus. 9) Sagittariu s: Clove, Cinnamon, Rose. 10) Capricorn: Lotus, Rosemary. 11) Aquarius: Violet, Rose, Flowers of the Field. 12) Fish: Violet, Rosemary, Lavender. HERBS FOR ... ... MEDITATION: ênula, juniper, balsam of tolu-, sedge, clary sage, broom, wist eria, Sandalwood, Calamus-aromatic, magnolia, myrrh. ... LUCK: cinnamon, jasmine , lotus, hyacinth, vanilla, Cumaru, geranium, nutmeg, bergamot, cypress. ATTRACT SUCCESS ... AND PROMOTIONS: azalea, marigold, frankincense, peppermint, ervacid

reira, hyssop ... LOVE: pea-to-smell, lotus, hyacinth, vanilla, birch, camellia, coriander, lily , Florentine, pink, coumarin, sour orange. ...Clairvoyance is S TIMULUS OF MIND: saffron, lemon grass, bay leaves, star-anise, aloe, celery, cam phor, ênula, juniper, anise-starry estoraque, fennel, honeysuckle, cactus, Cala mus-aromatic ginger. PROPHETIC DREAMS ...: peony, mimosa, amaryllis, broom. ... REMOVE NEGATIVE ENERGY: camphor, me-nobody-can, guinea, rue, rosemary, sword-tobe-jorge. ... IMPROVING FINANCES: chamomile, frankincense, lavender, lemon balm, cedar, hyssop, cypress, pumpkin. ... FRIENDSHIPS: pea-to-smell, heather, citron ella, lemongrass. ... AGAINST BLACK MAGIC: rosemary, bay leaves, jasmine, carrot , purple, mint, verbena, asafoetida, geranium, basil, patchouli, hyssop, nutmeg, bergamot. HERBAL BATHS FOR ... ... HAPPINESS - MIX: Marjoram, Clove, rosemary, cinnamon, 1 / 2 cup of alcohol. ... PROTECTION AGAINST HAZARDS - MIX: sword-to-b e-jorge, guinea, rue and mint. ... PROTECT YOUR LOVE - MIX: white rose, lemon ba lm, white palm. NAME OF THE PLANT AND ITS ENERGY ROLE Rosemary - Helps to forgive hurts Lavender - Increases confidence Anis-stars - H elp with the feelings and emotions in the release of Arnica - Promotes concentra tion thoughts Artemisia - stimulates action and expression of ideas Arruda - Cle ars the aura of astral debris Aloe Vera - Help on shutdown mental Chamomile - He lps to cultivate patience and confidence Camphor - promotes the shedding materia l Capuchin - Promotes the sense of integrity and balance Broom - Clears the body of old emotions Comfrey - stimulates the feeling of personal security dandelion - It brings courage to face obstacles Lemon Balm - Help in making important lif e decisions Guinea - Clears the body of negative energies Yarrow - Cleanse the b ody of traumas and negative feelings Elderberry - Help in making quick decisions Sage - Give encouragement to put into motion all the energies of the body Plant ain - Stimulates initiative USE OF HERBS AND PLANT A healthy body is certainly a great tool for channeling the energy that we wizards have developed almost dail y. As well as health is a precious gift that we can keep maintaining a good and balanced diet. Many diseases caused by energy imbalance can be cured through die t, others can be avoided, and some already installed, adding to supply medical t reatment achieved cure faster. The following is a list of vegetables, herbs and fruits, as well as their properties are described and not only help prevent dise ases and how they work in perfect functioning of the body. One should always tak e particular care in diseases that are already installed, medical treatment is e ssential, food in these cases, adds to a faster healing, but do not replace allo pathic prescriptions. Hence maintaining a healthy and organic AVOID disharmony t hat causes disease. Avocado - Persea gratissima The avocado can be substituted f or meat, because it contains fat and the same nutritional value. The avocado is used especially for diabetics, both through the fruit and leaves. People attacke d by this evil is advisable to base a treatment of avocado, for fifteen days: Ea t fasting half a mashed avocado After meals take a tea of dried leaves of the av ocado, no sugar. Another indication of the leaves of the avocado is to clean the liver. If the liver is not going well for being fat and saturated with toxic, m ake a tea of dried leaves of the avocado and take it in sips, hour by hour throu ghout the day, repeating for 15 days. The core serves as a hair tonic. In headac hes apply hot avocado leaves on the head, compress. Always use dry leaves for th e green cause heart palpitations. PINEAPPLE - Pineapple Pineapple sativus, and g reat blood purifier, is a diuretic and helps digestion. His statement is remarka ble in the treatment of wounds, sores, infections. In acute infections, eaten in slices, is a great partner of antibiotics. Catarrhal cough, you use two tablesp oons of pineapple juice diluted in a cup of hot water and a tablespoon of honey. Drink plenty warm before bedtime. Pumpkin - Cucurbita pepo Rich in potassium, i ron, phosphorus and magnesium, is effective as a diuretic and to fight constipat ion. It is a fresh juice with chunks of ripe pumpkin, placing them in a napkin a nd hoping to extract the juice. Sweeten with a little sugar and take a morning y es and one no, fasting for a month. Chard - Beta vulgaris Vegetable shown to oxygenate the blood and normalize diges tion, and soothe the nerves and strengthen the brain. It is very useful to be ea

ten by people nervous.€Watercress - Nasturtium officinale Watercress is so effe ctive that one should not use it daily, except for treatment of the bronchi duri ng limited periods. The amount of iron, iodine and vitamins containing passes to the water that is left to soak a good portion of his strength, so a recipe for iron deficiency and the blood clearance is called Water Cress: In a glass of wat er at room temperature plunge leaves of watercress. Cover the cup and gun makes them in the bedroom. In the morning, strain and drink it without sugar. The ther apeutic properties of watercress combat rickets, uric acid, and diseases of the lung, acting on the purification of the liver and estomago.Os smokers should mak e use of watercress, once a week for detoxification of the body. Its juice, swee tened with honey is an excellent syrup to combat bronchitis, cough, pulmonary tu berculosis and all sorts of catarrhal diseases. It is used in salads to combat d iabetes, and daily intake for those suffering from uric acid. AIPO - Apium grave olens This green combat depression. Being rich in sodium chloride, is ideal for cases of insomnia and nervous disorders, and may enter for salads, be drunk as j uice or even chewing on their stems. As food is recommended to those suffering f rom arthritis, rheumatism and uric acid. It also indicated its use in external c hilblains, for both, put 100g of celery in one liter of water and boil slowly fo r 20 minutes. Giving a very hot bath in the feet or hands, once a day. LETTUCE Lactuca sativa contains several vitamins and is a source of iron and minerals. Your cleaning power of the intestines is fantastic. Strengthens the nervous syst em and muscles, and helps digestion. It is a great soothing to the nerves and co mbat insomnia more recalcitrant. A tea to sleep is made by boiling rapidly two l ettuce leaves on a measure of a cup of water. Take time to warm at bedtime. It a lso recommended against the diseases of the heart and kidneys, either as tea or salad with these little olive oil, vinegar and salt. For bumps and bruises to ma ke a poultice by boiling a few lettuce leaves in little water for five minutes. Leave to cool, grease the sheets with olive oil, spread on a gauze and apply on affected area. This same method can be used for skin irritations and blushes. GA RLIC - Allium sativum Garlic purifies the blood, acts on the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and lungs, disinfects the entire body works as an antibiotic t o fight infections. In weakening the body, especially the elderly, consume durin g meals and a clove of garlic crushed with a carrot, it prevents more serious il lnesses. Acts in the circulation, and for these problems, consume rye bread flav ored with crushed garlic, parsley and olive oil drops being that this is the fir st food of the day, repeated for a week, 15 days rest and do it again, so on. Ga rlic baked, has a large loss of efficiency and raw in large quantities irritate the kidneys. Chicory - Cichorium intybus Rich in vitamin A and C. Indicated for lack of appetite, used raw in salads or lightly steamed. PLUM - Prunus domestica powerful laxative. Indicated against constipation, which in this case consumed dry. It is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium and minerals. For problems of the stomach it is a digestive liqueur plum: cook in the middle and two liters of white wine, fresh plums 20 peeled and caroço.Depois fifteen minutes to extingu ish the fire, adding no more than 3 grams of cinnamon bark and let macerate. Aft er three days, filter the liquid, add half a pound of sugar and set on fire and boil for several minutes. Wait to cool completely and add a pint of alcohol at 9 0 degrees and put in a bottle or two. Take one cup after meals. Asparagus - Aspa ragus officinalis Asparagus should be eaten in its natural, since when cooked ca n irritate the kidneys, making Unlike the effect of clean-them.At fist indicated in diseases of liver, spleen a nd stomach. The problems of heart hypertrophy and fighting calms palpitations. F or the heart makes a 50gr boiling decoction of the roots of asparagus in one lit er of water, allowing to stand until cool. Take three cups a day between the mai n meals without sweetening. Can still be used for diet boiling in three quarters of a liter of water, 40gr of the roots of asparagus. Drink in the morning and f asting throughout the day. The same decoction can be given to people nervous and excitable. OATS - Avena sativa natural source of vitamins, proteins and mineral s, containing many calories. Used in flakes or flour, adapts to delicate organis ms,€ensuring a smooth functioning of the bowels lazy. It is also anti-hemorrhoi

ds, its intake has the virtue of reducing fat and sugar from the blood, aiding i n atherosclerosis and diabetes. Against uric acid boil a handful of chopped oat straw in one liter of water, strain and drink throughout the day. OLIVE - Olea e uropaea A curiosity about the olive. It is said that Athens, the Greek goddess o f wisdom, gave birth to a spear the olive fruit of that tree, and feed the man, would produce an oil for seasoning your food, strengthen your body, heal their w ounds and lighten their night. Olive has big fat and minerals should be consumed with caution. BANANA - Musa paradisiaca Very nutritious and regulates the funct ions of the intestine. The juice of the banana Sao Tome is particularly suited a gainst diarrhea. It uses the juice from the flowers in the affections of the che st. Trunk sap that is extracted is indicated for laryngitis, canker sores, hair tonic and snake bite serum. POTATO - Solanum tuberosum Rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. Used raw, has application to combat headaches (placed in rings on the forehead) and against skin irritations. The potato-carrot is well suited for th ose suffering from kidney disease. For erythema or sunburn, you make a compress with grated potato that is exchanged three times a day. The juice made from pota to is an excellent remedy for ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, since taken in small doses because its overuse can cause symptoms of intoxication. The water f rom cooking the potato is used to prevent and combat the drop. Broccoli - Brassi ca oleracea Rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. It is best to c onsume it raw in salads to enjoy all their nutritional value. It's a great food for weight loss diets, because it makes a clean sweep of the body and removes fa t. COFFEE - Coffea arabica is contraindicated in people nervous and sleepless, s weetened with honey serves as a remedy for angina pectoris. It's an exciting ner vous system, muscles, brain, kidneys and heart. It is used for washing ulcers of the legs. Facilitates digestion. Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla cramps Suita ble for children, made tea. It is also soothing, antispasmodic and sleep aid, an d should be done in time to take tea. Indicated for rheumatic pains, in this cas e it uses the dried flowers that are cooked in oil banhomaria, after two hours o f cooking seeps out, and after cold massaging with this oil the painful areas. I t uses tea also fight for abdominal pain, intestinal colic with gas, cystitis, m outh sores, conjunctivitis. CINNAMON - Cinnamomum zeylanicum in sweet, is not di scussed, is a great seasoning. Its medicinal properties are in combat anemia, to make it a cinnamon bark tea four times a day. Also recommended for bronchial ca tarrh. Is presented in gastric atony (weakness of the stomach) and dye: 50gr pla ce of cinnamon bark in a quart of alcohol at 60 degrees. After 24 hours filter t he liquid and seeps it in a bottle, consumed with spoons before meals. ONION - A llium cepa cross must always be ingested, since boiled loses its properties. Com bat intestinal worms, infections and colds. The daily consumption of onions to p revent heart disease but also prevents the development of existing ones. CARROT - Daucus carota For the sights, since it is rich in vitamin A. It also acts as a cleansing of th e liver and strengthens the body. In cases of difficult digestion, is used to bo il a pinch of carrot seeds in a cup of water and drink after meals. (In this cas e the seeds must be removed from the foot, whereas those intended for planting h ave harmful pesticides). For hoarseness, cook 100 grams of carrots, crushing and mixing with the cooking water, sweeten with honey and drink hot. CHERRY - Prunu s cerasus Another purifier body which operates mainly in the kidneys and liver. As it has sugar and minerals, is used for the manufacture of cough syrups. Used in cases of arthritis and gout, to this end, it boils up 30gr dried stems in one liter of water, strain and sweeten lightly, drinking a cup during the day. Cons titution as the body's kitchen is fresh cherries or dried (not canned) in so muc h wine as needed to cover them. Drink up and sweetened. BARLEY - Hordeum vulgare Diuretic, Tonica and digestive. Used powder is a great substitute for coffee, e specially for people nervous and sleepless. For throat infections 70gr boil barl ey in one liter of water for 20 minutes. When warm, filter the liquid, sweeten w ith a teaspoon of honey, mixing well. Gargling during the day. For inflammations of the bowel, colitis,€boil in a liter and a half of water for ten minutes thr ee handfuls of barley washed. Filter the liquid when cold, sweeten with honey an

d drink cups. Chicory - Cichorium intybus You should use it only in juices and s alads. Like the carrot, is indicated for eye problems. He also works in circulat ion. Drinking three cups of chicory during the day, prevents many evils of movem ent. Here we can also use the rye bread. A great food to normalize the movement is a chicory salad with rye bread. As a diuretic, can be used in infusion: In a cup of boiling water put 5gr of chicory root. Strain and drink during the day. C huChu - Sechium edule Indicated to combat hypertension. Ingesting the chayote as an important part of the meal and drink the tea daily, regulates blood pressure . COCO - Cocos nucifera Coconut water, is the regulator of the heart. Contains v itamins, minerals and potash. Its effects are noticed in the skin and the daily intake eliminates kidney stones and normalizes the functioning of the kidneys. F ighting has jaundice, gastrointestinal irritation, breast diseases, inflammation s of the eyes, vomiting in pregnancy, and still serves in eliminating intestinal worms. Coriander - Coriandrum sativum Nominated as soothing. Tea coriander shou ld be done with the whole plant, leaves, stems and roots after thoroughly washed . As the stomach and liver stimulant pour a cup of boiling water in 5gr dried fr uit of coriander, filter, sweeten and take after meals. CABBAGE - Brassica olera cea vegetables that contain sulfur and it is believed to cure diseases hidden. B esides the sulfur containing iodine, arsenic, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins. In ancient Rome, he advised that to have robust health, simply eating lots of cabbage was sufficient. The cabbage juice, sweetened with honey, drunk d aily for three months before lunch, it is effective to combat gout (uric acid), bronchitis and poor circulation. The same juice without being sweetened, topical applications in healing ulcers, mixed with warm water is recommended against co lic in children. Consumption of cabbage also purifies the blood, acts against hy pertension and is a defense for the body against cancer. In cases of varicose ul cers make a compress: after removing the rib thicker than a cabbage leaf, wash i t well under running water and place it in a solution of boric acid (available a t pharmacies) leaving macerate for three hours . Apply a sheet, lying on a gauze on the wound clean and fillet. Renew the night and morning. Internal ulcers in the stomach or duodenum, can be controlled and even cured by the ingestion of ca bbage juice made with 200gr lips and squeezed cabbage stalks. The liquid should be eaten fasting every day, in small sips. HERB SWEET - Foeniculum vulgare conta ins potassium, sodium and iron. Tea seed is an intestinal regulator and soothing to the stomach. Clears the bronchi and oxygenating the lungs better. It is beli eved that breastfeeding women should take fennel tea to pass through the calming effects of milk for the child. For the elderly, the same tea normalizes blood c irculation and combats depression. Also acts as a stimulant of digestion and uri nary tract. In general use the fennel tea is made in one liter of boiling water with 10g of seeds. Strain, sweeten slightly and take four to five cups a day. SP INACH - Spinacia oleracea rich in vitamins A, B, C and H, and contains potassium , sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is suitable for people prone to bleedi ng, diabetes, nervous, suffering from intestinal worms and eye disease, spinach should be eaten raw in salads, or drunk as juice. FIG - Ficus carica is a natura l laxative, combat constipation and replaces very well the purgative for childre n. Has beneficial effects in cases of bronchitis, flu, cold and cough in these c ases, cut into pieces 20g dried figs, 250gr in boiling milk for about fifteen mi nutes. After sweeten with a spoonful of honey, filter the milk and drink it hot. Against diseases in the mouth and throat, boil in one cup of milk two fresh fig s, cut into pieces and a spoonful of honey for fifteen minutes. After filtered a nd warm, use the milk to gargle and mouthwash. GINGER - Zingiber officinalis A r oot with high medicinal powers. Fighting nausea, causing increased salivation, c an be chewed to prevent sickness in sea voyages. Acts very well in the neck, and her tea indicated for all people who make great use of voice as speakers, singe rs, etc.. Fighting flatulence, simply just use it as seasoning for meals.€It al so has an application in cases of rheumatism, lung problems and blood circulatio n, using the tea. GUAVA - Psidium guajava Famous against diarrhea. The fruit in mild cases and sheets in the most extreme cases. You use the tea leaves to stop the disturbance. The fruits are beneficial in cases of respiratory diseases such

as coughing and bronchitis. MINT - Mentha piperita Mint-gal, is used as seasoni ng and acts as a sedative when used in tea. The peppermint stimulates the skin a nd nerve endings sensitive to cold. To warm very cold environments, there is a b asin of water and mint leaves. As a digestive, it is an infusion with hot water 100g already sweetened, there is 5 grams of fresh leaves or dried mint, then str ain and drink slowly. For nervous excitement and insomnia place a pinch of fresh mint leaves in a cup of hot water, strain and drink the liquid. (In cases of in somnia, take before bedtime). Yam - Yam Colocasia antiquorum Raw is a powerful a nd even cooked antianemics retains much of its healing power. It's a great debug ger blood should be taken by people suffering from inflammatory processes of any kind and all those who need to receive blood. ORANGE - Citrus aurantium This fr uit fight the tendency to bleeding and flu, fever and inflammation in the veins. To combat nervous excitement, pour a cup of boiling water 2gr of orange leaves, filter, sweeten with honey and drink. Fever, place a ripe orange, sliced, with the bark and in pieces, in 30gr of boiling water sweetened with two tablespoons of sugar. Once completely cool, strain the liquid and drink. Lentils - Ervum Ric a lens protein. Besides being considered a food that attracts prosperity is like ly to mothers in breastfeeding. It is also recommended its use for people with anemia. LEMON - Citrus Fruit limonum for medical excellence. Meets the needs of vitamin C also acts on the uric acid, gallbladder disease, mouth, throat, stomach, sigh t, nerves, bronchus, lung. Still fighting infertility, alcoholism, poor appetite and bad breath. The most frequent uses are as a tea of the fruit. Lemonade in t he morning every day, prevents diseases. The juice mixed with warm water can be drunk on cold days to avoid problems with temperature. The juice mixed with hot water is used for gargling beneficial for diseases in the mouth and throat. Agai nst gout and uric acid, fasting morning drink the juice of three lemons diluted in half cup of water for at least ten days. Discontinue treatment for seven days and then repeat it for another ten days and so on. This same treatment is also used for cases of arteriosclerosis and hypertension. With the juice of a lemon, it prepares a simple amalgam against colds, just mix the juice with an egg white and beat with a fork for ten minutes and take a spoonful of the mixture every h alf hour. LOSNA - Artemisia absinthium is advised tea on the problems of liver a nd intestines, as well as in cases of urine released. In diarrhea can boil it in wine and drink tea or use it in compresses on the belly. This same tea is an ex cellent eye drops. APPLE - Pyrus malus Digestive and exercises control over the gut. Recommended against fevers and inflammations, and diets in the short cases of diarrhea. Against fevers, poor digestion and constipation, you can cook the A PPLES OF WATER: Mix one large apple, peeled, Mondada (free of useless parts, see ds, washed out and very well) and cut into very thin slices, with 10gr leaves of lemon balm (melissa, the leaves not the grass), juice of half a lemon and a pie ce of cinnamon. Add two tablespoons of honey and a pint of boiling water, leave for ten minutes. Spending prepared by a sieve, drinking the liquid at the end of meals. In the case of fevers and intestinal inflammations, drink water througho ut the day. You can also create WINE OF APPLES, which is indicated for digestive disorders and constipation: Place a spoonful of sugar and a piece of lemon peel in a cup and a half of wine, cooking it and peeled an apple Mondada. Pass every thing through a sieve and drink the wine soon after meals. WATERMELON - Cucurbit a Citrullus Diuretic and nutritious. Indicated for kidney disease, cleanses the liver, fighting colds and bronquites.Seu consumption is highly indicated in case s of renal obstruction because its juice promotes the rapid elimination of uric acid. In its natural state helps in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, gast ric acidity, dyspepsia, disorders of the kidneys and bladder.€STRAWBERRY - Frag aria vesca Richer in vitamin C than orange or lemon, so very suitable for preven tion of colds and flu. Boiled has no value and raw acts to purify the body and c ombat rheumatism. The consumption of strawberries helps digestion, stimulates li ver functions and appetite; fight gout and rheumatism. A diet of strawberries is beneficial to those suffering from hemorrhoids, circulatory disorders, kidney d isease. NABO - Brassica napius The turnip is indicated to combat influenza and d

iseases of the bronchi. The tea leaves and even root can strengthen bones, it al so acts as a diuretic. CUCUMBER - Cucumis sativus Cucumber, not to become stodgy , should not be peeled. The bark is that it facilitates digestion. The daily int ake fortifies nails and hair, acting as an astringent for the skin. Neutralize s tomach acidity, tones the liver and kidneys. PEAR - Pyrus communis A mild fruit can be eaten without restriction. His performance is remarkable for being a kidn ey excellent diuretic. Their consumption is recommended for people suffering from o edematous swellings characteristic of patients in the circulatory system and kid neys, eliminates these bumps. Raw or cooked, and sometimes combined with bread a nd yogurt, are indicated in the schemes against obesity. PEPPERS - Capsicum annu um A food that produces no calories. Consumption is given to strengthening the s kin, nails and hair. Its intake is also beneficial for the disinfection of the o ral mucosa and gastric intestinal destroying germs without harming the normal ba cterial flora. Okra - Hibiscus esculentus favors the digestive organs, intestina l, kidney and urinary tracts. Used as an adjunct in the treatment of bronchitis and strengthens bones by its calcium content. Radish - Raphanus sativus stimulat es digestion, cleanses the blood, tone the nerves, acting mainly on the renal un it. CABBAGE - Brassica oleracea capitata Suitable for people weakened, anemic, c ancer or tuberculosis. The iron content, restores the blood and being a great fa t burner is recommended for weight loss diets. Elderberry - Sambucus nigra tea, drinking water is as effective in cases of measles. For diabetes treatment is in dicated at least three months, where they make daily tea leaves. As a cleanser a nd liver against poisoning, boil seven grams of fresh leaves of elderberry crush ed in a pint of water for ten minutes, drink a half cup of liquid filtered and s weetened with honey in the morning fasting. SALSA - Petroselinun sativum Fightin g flatulence, stimulates appetite, helps digestion and cleanses the lungs. A tea leaf parsley is a powerful diuretic and is recommended in cases of gout. Parsle y also acts as an aid in curing liver disorders and hypertension. The infusion o f salsa is made leaving for ten minutes 30gr seed salsa (again not to use the pl antation, but withdrawals of the plant) in 200g of boiling water, filter the liq uid, then drink half, the remaining three hours later. UVA - The leaves of Vitis vinifera vine are set to make teas that refresh the intestines, relaxes the ner ves and invigorate the heart. This is a short overview of foods that can make ev eryday, which not only nourish us but bring us good health combined. The art of cooking is an alchemy with which we can transform disease into health. Making th e most of the powers of Nature that the Goddess created, even while cooking beca use we are working with the four elements water, earth, fire and air, and we kno w that these powers become anything.