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(the) Sleek Hair and Bad H air Day, Orkut by Celia edited by Alice in pdf. Ingredients · Anti-residue shampoo to open the cuticles. The deep cleaning of Salon Line is very good. The Farmaervas of the Juá too. · Formaldehyde at 37% · Keratin (liqui d, gel or cream). The Wella Liquid Hair works great. · Defrizzer Vizcaya to prot ect your hair from the heat of the dryer, according to the girls, and also count eracts some of the odor of formaldehyde, but do not overdo it, because it may hi nder the toothbrush. · Ampoules products without rinsing, each type of Alfaparf, Loreal or Regener or one of Biorene (ANTI-FALL AND CONTROL OF oils), anything o ily (suggestion of several girls). All tested and approved. Silicone also compli cates the toothbrush in my opinion. Equipment · Glasses suitable for handling chemicals or swimming goggles. · Mask suitable f or handling chemicals or common shade thicker. · Gloves (latex, silicone, vinyl silicone) · · Canister nonmetallic brush. · Towels Before you start Take a swab test to check results and reaction from the hair. Spend a little of the mixture behind the ear and smell the product to predict possible reactions. Measure each one straight to you know the final concentration of formaldehyde in its mix. The formaldehyde qa we buy is 37%, but I want to complete the q 100ml with keratin cream and get a concentration of 4% formaldehyde, for example. So y ou do the following account: 0.37 (37%) x Vi = 0.04 (4%) x 100 ---> Vi (initial amount of formaldehyde) = 10.8 ml of formaldehyde concentration for this 90 + 2 ml of the other ingredients, thus completing the q you either 100ml (90.2 + 10.8 = 100). Got it? If you want to change the concentration, just change where q is 0.04 by the percentage you want: 7% = 0.07; 5% = 0.05 and so on. · Example: 6.66% for 100ml ---> 18 ml formalin, 52 ml of keratin, the defrisante 20 ml and 10ml ampoules of q without rinsing choose. For half the recipe (short hair like mine), would be nine formalin, keratin 26, 10 and 5 ml of defrisante ampoules. It is to your liking. I prefer to pass the mixture with a brush, but s ome feel better spraying. They used flat iron metal at first, but I bought a cer amic for the coming times. They say it's better. Cao you use the iron metal blas ted with a jet of cold dryer immediately after the iron. Important: If you only EP with the iron you MUST use only the pottery, please, okay? Antidote (To avoid any discomfort post-EP) • 1 st option: An envelope unflavored gelatin (15g) powder with the juice of hal f lemon. Dissolve gelatin in 3 tablespoons cold water (do not let it froth, but loses its effect) and squeeze half a lemon. Can not put sugar, as it also cuts o ff the end. • 2 nd option: Capsules 500mg of activated charcoal (see pharmacies) . It is one capsule 30 minutes before making an EP and after the EP. The action of activated charcoal purifying the blood that is, if contaminated with formalde hyde. The elimination of coal + toxin (formaldehyde) is the intestine. • 2 hours before, take one tablet of an anti-allergy to prevent any possible allergic sen sitization in the long run because sometimes the allergy is not manifested for t he first time. How do Wash 2-3 times with deep cleaning your hair with warm water to warm giving a lit tle time to act before the shampoo rinse. Do not use conditioner, or anything. J ust the shampoo. This will open the cuticles and permeate the mixture. Wipe ligh

tly with a towel, untangle your hair gently (be rough), to give a dried to remov e excess moisture, divide it into sections and secure it. Put on gloves, mask on face and glasses, if possible. Now, lock by lock, pass the mixture, avoiding th e scalp, massaging each soaking enough to better absorb and dry quickly with the dryer. Do not pass on the hair all at once. You go and brush, one by one. After all set, ceramic flat iron to close the cuticles. Or you can also pass the mixt ure on the hair and dry it ONLY with the iron. Tested and approved of two ways. Once ready I advise saving what is left, because the pH change and may not work as well. Wa it 48 hours at least. Top 72 and if possible even more. If you feel any burning / itchy scalp, q is unlikely, moisturize it with a cotton swab in the affected a rea. If there is peeling after first wash, it's probably because the formaldehyd e came into contact with the leather. Keep a distance of one finger, at least, t o avoid this problem. Avoid mark with clips, rubber bands, clamps, put behind th e ear during this time.€Some think if the hair fashion wave or ruffle any, shoul d be given a light retouched with dryer or flat iron to fix it during this break period. Q others already think not. You decide. In these three days, the hair i s ugly, hard and oily, but hold on, because the result is interesting. For those with long hair, I suggest q make a cap and put half in the head (nice, lol), no cramps, sleep. STAY AWAY FROM RAIN too. If you are sweating a lot, use a cloth to avoid wetting the hair. Try to police. From now until the next time you do, a void shampoo anti-resíduos/limpeza deep, leaving the sun without a leave-in with sunscreen for better conservation of the progressive, because the cuticle is op en and the formaldehyde comes out. Do not wash too often and also use only gentl e shampoos with acid pH, physiological type of daily use. 'm Washing every other day. Avoid hot water in the hair, because it opens the cuticles tb. If you want to give a bath of cold water with vinegar, then conditioner once a week. Moistu rize your hair once in a while even though it looks wonderful, because keratin r econstructs the wire, but not so well. Cream: B-5 is great, vitamins A and E as well. Maintain good nutrition and escape from stress. This helps your hair grow strong and beautiful and that does not fall. Do not paint, please. Prefer henna, but it is an opinion of mine. I dropped out of Color Touch and am using Henna. If you want to paint anyway, first you paint, make fuses, only AFTER the PS. I d id everything the same day and never gave trouble. The EP is compatible with oth er chemicals, however it is suggested an interval of 2-3 weeks between them. Products after the brush progressive The products used after all to be more progressive to acid (shampoo, conditioner , mask, leave-in), because it helps not to open the cuticles. Most of the market meets this basic criterion. Do not cauterizations often tb, because last less p rogressive. You will not need to burn it, because the progress already is a brus h when you turn the iron to be absorbed by the hair keratin, right? obs.: To obs erve the pH of the products is very important, because each ingredient has its f unction within certain conditions. Dyed hair and lights and there is no problem in applying this mixture. The hair seems reborn with this process. It is very na tural. Depending on the hair (thicker, curly, more stubborn), the smooth effect is not immediate, but each time is greatly improved. The mine was smooth at firs t, because it is thin and wavy, frizz but the increased volume. There are photos in my album on Orkut. I made the 2nd for nearly two months (two touches at the edges) and still very good. Guess lasts about 6-8 weeks. About the formaldehyde The formaldehyde is toxic if inhaled and there are all those precautions that ev eryone talks about. The decision is yours. Search for more and reach your own co nclusions. Not advise or warn against anyone to do. Only I did and liked. I'm no t chemistry or Cosmetology, anything like that. Just know the process as you mee t them, or the Internet. The formaldehyde is not an illegal substance and you ca n make it progressive normally inside your house, but not in the hall because th ere are government agencies q prohibit this process, but everyone else is doing,

I'm sure. There were cases of allergy, short hair loss, because every human bei ng reacts differently to things. Make an assessment of the hair fiber. Find out if a person is allergic too, because there are alternatives in the market q it w ill be more compatible. Stay alert and there on impulse. Q heard in Rio were usi ng formaldehyde 50ml + 50ml of keratin, a high concentration q can intoxicate. B esides illegal products mixed with smoothing to enhance the effect. The formalde hyde in excess (more than 10%, some mentioning above 7%), keratin hardening in o rder to get the elasticity of this protein, as any movement is not anticipated, as crushing, bending or pulling the hair fiber, it is enough to break it. The re ason is that formaldehyde at high concentrations, it eliminates the water contai ned in the hair fiber, making it more compact and brittle. Nothing nice to say, but came to this conclusion by trial and error to figure out the best and lowest concentration to preserve corpses: about 10-12% Retouching and concentration According to my friend and cosmetology chemistry, concentration is not safe to b low the hair in the long term is 7% at an interval of six weeks between each oth er, but I'm getting smaller every time - 7.4% in first 5% on Monday and, God wil ling, I'll stick with 2-3%. I do not want to risk because the hair can break but if you overdo it, but it is long-term (one year or more).€If you can wait 3 mon ths (I doubt), the formaldehyde will have already gone through your hair. The re touching must be done on any hair. Note: Hair is dead substance from the time he leaves q the hair follicle. The formaldehyde is a treatment / straightening I a lways say is the best glue q exists today. Another technique (No more, all equal) There is another method in q you'll every 10 days informing the hair of the pres ence of formaldehyde. The advantage seriaq you could achieve an effect satisfató riocom less than 7%, q is the maximum. The scheme would be as follows, starting with 2%: Day 1: 2% -> 5.4 ml formalin + 94.6 ml of the remaining ingredients, co mpleting 100ml. 11 days: 2.5% -> 6.7 ml + 93.3 ml day 21: 3% -> 8.1 ml + 91.9 ml 31 days: 3.5% -> 90.5 + 9.5 ml ml 41 days: 4% -> 10.8 ml + 89.2 ml 51 days: 4.5 % -> 12.1 ml + 87.9 ml day 61: 5% -> 13.4 + 86.6 ml ml 71 days: 5.5% -> 14.8 ml + 85.2 ml 81 days: 6% -> 16.2 ml + 83.8 ml 91 days: 6.5% -> 17.5 + 82 ml 5 ml 10 1 day: 7% -> 19 ml +81 ml When you want to achieve the effect q (no need to reac h 7%, it may even be earlier - at 5%, 4%), three months you must stop and recomm ence the procedure.