5S PROGRAM The 5S Program consists of five senses which, if implemented, produce profound c hanges in people's lives.

They are: • Sense of Use, • Sense of Ordination; • Sense of Clean; • Sense of Health; • Se nse of Self-discipline. Sense of Use This sense teaches us to separate what is useful from what is no longer usable a nd should be reused in another location, recycled or donated. Example: • • • Knowing how to use, without waste, materials, water, electricity ... Do not stor e in backpack, in your closets, anything that is not necessary. Promote the broa d use of the potential of people (time, talent, creativity). Sense of Ordination This sense teaches us to sort properly all the material that is stored and used at work, at home and in the student's backpack. Example: • What you use should always be very close. It is also important to put labels on the objects to facilitate the use and return to places of origin. Knowing how to make use of time, distributing the tasks to be fulfilled. • Sense of Clean The sense of cleanliness teaches us to clean and maintain clean environments in which we live: home, school, workplace and public areas. Clean parts are not the ones we're always cleaning, but those that we are not dirty. 5S PROGRAM Benefits School cleaner and more organized: • gardens, patios and Blocks clean and well k ept; • Bathrooms in hygienic conditions; • Cantina clean, with a healthy menu of snacks and distribution organizations; • Library neat and tidy; • Secretariat o f the school clean organized and with a good level of care. In Behavioral Area • Improvement of relations between people of the school community; • Improved dis cipline in the classroom; • Improving security in schools, reducing the level of violence to rescue rules of coexistence; • Combating drug use; • Combat the use of weapons; • Prevention of teen pregnancy; • Combat systematic waste of all ki nds: time, money, talent, resources, materials and articles. In summary, the 5S Program promotes the construction of a quality environment for achieving better results in the activity-end of the school: teaching and learning. 5S PROGRAM Suggestions for Concrete Actions • Check whether the use textbooks that are still in the library are used. If not over used, look for a school that needs them and donate them, • Check whether t here is any book that is broken and can be retrieved. Some schools have taken ad vantage of even the chairs have broken the back to put them in other areas of th e school as banks; • Promote exchanges (which can be a material that is not usab le in a particular sector can be leveraged in another); • Promote a donation cam paign at the school. While many schools have students in need, there's always cl othes and objects that can be donated to the local community, • Establish a moni toring of the consumption of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and equipment used by the agency. Establish goals of consumption, for example, "Consuming 10 rolls

of toilet paper throughout the school, per month" • a campaign to promote better use of physical space of the school. For example, setting a goal of number of v isits from each class to the Centre for Multimedia; • Standardize the use of sch ool facilities. Post a script for usage instructions in the copy machine, overhe ad projector, computer, fans, televisions, videos, etc.. Ordering • Provide badg es for all school employees, including members of the core manager, • Topping an d register the equipment; • Label files and folders from the Registry, leaving t hose on hand that are used more frequently; • Organize the library, separating t extbooks textbooks books. Group and expose the educational games that each schoo l received. Sort books and games following a predetermined pattern, eg, author, subject, alphabetically, etc. • Check whether the environment of the classroom i s left at the end of each period, just as is found at the beginning of classes. • Place signs or signs indicating the numbering of the rooms, male and female ba throoms, multi-media center, office, etc.. Clean • Provide protective covers for all school facilities, so that video, television and overhead projector are pro tected from dust, scratches and water; • Check if the rooms, desks and gardens a re clean. If the condition is not found satisfactory, organize activities that i nvolve students in cleaning its environment. A joint effort with the participati on of parents,€students, faculty and staff, is a good way to mobilize and sensit ize everyone to the maintenance of cleanliness; • Facilitate the garbage collection; • Establish, together with the responsible officials, a standard for carrying out cleanup activities at school. • Health Ch eck constantly physical conditions of the institution, answering the following q uestions: "The room is well lit?", "The ventilation is adequate?", "Is there any way to minimize the noise within and outside the classroom?" • Promote campaign s against smoking, alcohol and drugs. Can be lectures, group activities, drama a nd art activities with the support of specialists and / or teachers of related d isciplines; • Delivering lectures on prevention of teen pregnancy and sex educat ion; • Eliminate all sources of danger at school. Examples: wood debris, constru ction material, trash, damaged toys, sharp objects, leaks, • Disseminate educati onal materials on physical health, mental and environmental; • To maintain excel lent hygiene conditions in the toilets, canteens, water fountains, laboratories and workshops school; • Encourage personal hygiene habits in and out of school, • Ensure that the model of uniform is appropriate to the local climate in school s that use it; • Seek partnerships in the community so that students receive ins truction on how to brush their teeth properly, floss, prevent cavities and maint ain good oral hygiene; • Teach students the basics of hygiene, which serve to pr event worms • Promote campaigns to combat violence; • Develop an agreement for c oexistence between teachers and students in each classroom; • Promote sports and training support for sports teams at school. If there is physical space, promot e competitions between school teams with teams from other schools. • Promote sel f-discipline in a school contest to promote the launch and the anniversary of th e 5S; • Discover characters in our history or athletes who have reached their go als on the basis of self-discipline. • Invite alumni of the school to participat e in a roundtable discussion on how self-discipline needed to be approved in ope n or in entrance examinations; • Encourage attendance and punctuality of teacher s, staff and students, • Check whether the patterns of cleaning and use of equip ment that were established in the school are being followed; • Ask students to w rite an essay on the subject discipline; • Implementing the Programme of Monitor ing of 5S in schools. Class representatives will meet weekly charts and the resu lts should be disseminated throughout the school. Rewarding room cleaner with a trophy • Promote regular events that keep the flame of 5S. At the appropriate ti me is important for the school, the way you find most feasible, schedule an acti vity to rescue the walk of the 5S program and the benefits to school. In doing s o, the school will be working in permanent awareness of people and, consequently , in maintaining this program. • Reflect on the comprehensiveness of the five se nses and create new ways to address them; • Use other languages such as: music, theater, games, drawings, etc.. Ceara is a vast storehouse of artists.

How to Implement A) Organize a search for reviews, involving all segments of the school This rese arch need not be answered by everyone in the school. Should be selected some rep resentatives of different segments (Core Manager, teachers, students and staff) to answer questions, as the table below: Size of School School School Level C Level B Level A School Number of Representatives Select 50 Select 75 representatives representatives re presentatives Select 100 For this research, use the form below: Notes: a) This form can be adapted to the reality of his school (adding or remov ing issues). b) The form must be completed individually selected by representati ves of all segments. c) data should be organized so they can meet the priority n eeds of the School. B) Develop a Plan of Action, according to the needs of the S chool, pointed out in research is essential that the Research and Action Plans a re focused on the goals of freeing up space and reducing costs related to waste the School, which should be defined taking as basis the overall goals of the sta te. The Action Plans should contain the following data: * Example adapted from the Basic Plan of Action 5S, School CAIC Maria Felicio, c reed 22,€Fortaleza, Ceará. C) set a day for the launch of the 5S Program for all School Route: • Plan a workshop texts, using the following material: - Preschoo l and Elementary Education - Initial Series (from 1st to 4th grades or other arr angements equivalent) : Using the book "The Backpack and 5S. - Elementary School - Series Terminals (5th to 8th grades or other similar arrangements) and High S chool (from 1st to 3rd grade or other equivalent methods): use the book "Working with the 5S". • Develop the workshop through readings, discussions and reflecti ons of the texts cited above, following the route given below: - What do we impr ove our school? - Our classrooms are clean and organized? - And the free areas o f the school? How are the bathrooms? We know use them preserving the cleaning? Our library is organized? How is our yard? Know how to use the dumps? We are defacing our schoo l? We are keeping the bulletin boards (panels) of our School? And our personal h ygiene? It is careful? We have addictions that harm our health and our community life? We are organized to study? Our material is ordered? In good repair? And a t home, which is our routine of school work? And our closets? It is clean and or ganized? What can we take home from our learning of the 5S Program? And for our life in general? How important is the practice of 5S? How can we promote our gro wth by applying 5S? • Organize the work as follows: Form groups of about five students. Suggested ac tivities: - Preparation of texts on 5S - Creating a logo for the School of 5S Creating a mascot for the school; - Making posters about the 5S - Presentation t eatrinhos (flash parts) - Elaboration of comics - Manufacture of educational phr ases for the preservation of public property - Choose the representative of 5S i n the class. Suggestions for special elementary school students - Initial Series - Book Coloring the bag, using techniques of collage and painting - Suggest tha t each student makes an organization in your backpack. Notes: - Each group will choose one of the activities suggested above, or even the teacher could indicate the activities to be developed, adding others as it considers necessary for the enrichment of work. - It is important that the work included in panels and are fairly distributed throughout the school, through the internet, etc.. D) Manage carefully the actions contemplated in the Plan After completion of the Plan of A ction requires the Center Manager will oversee, carefully, the implementation of

all actions, charging of the responsible conduct of activities as they were pla nned and on time predetermined. It should also be prepared the Report of three g enerations to follow the Plan of Action E) Maintenance of the 5S Who are the mon itors 5S? Are the class representatives, spokesmen for people who bother to help class to improve in every way and shall provide for the continued practice of t he 5S Program. Artibuições • Complete the weekly evaluation form in your class a nd give it monthly to the godfather of her class teacher; • At the end of classe s and where the class leaving the room, turn off the light (preferably using the sunlight) and off the ventilator; • Encourage colleagues to keep the living roo m, patio and bathrooms clean and organized, • Arrange with the class the "Cleanu p Effort" • Ensure the practice permanently, the 5S Program in school and classr oom; • Remind colleagues of the practice of 5S Always! How are the forms of the monitors of the 5S Program? Each school should choose the most important items t o be monitored. The important thing is that the evaluation is done reliably, con tinuously, and is checked by the teacher sponsor. The form below serves as a sug gestion. Who are the faculty sponsors? Professor godfather or godmother teacher will act as "guardian" of his class, us ing 5S as a tool to assist students in improving the physical environment (class room, bathroom, patio, etc.), improvement in the aspect of behavioral and academ ic (discipline, organization and performance) of their students patronage. Artib uições • Being an intermediary between the students in the class, fellow teacher s and co-ordination with the goal of making the school community more united; • Disclosing to fellow teachers practices that will assist in cleaning the school, such as deleting the table after classes, not to let the students leave the roo m until all portfolios are properly organized, lights and fans when the room is empty;€• Support the student monitor the performance of their duties; • Educate students to have zero tolerance with respect to the graffiti on the desks or wal ls of your classroom, • Collect the form of weekly evaluation of the monitor, an d if you agree with the assessment by the monitor, complete a carômetro posted i n an area of great movement in school. This carômetro must have the number or na me of all classes and a space for the teacher sponsor coloring for the previous month. The color used for each class depends on the performance stated in the va luation of the monitor. The color that predominates in each completed form must be completed by the monitor in general carômetro school by the teacher sponsor. One class receives very good green color. A class that needs improving should re ceive yellow. The class whose performance with respect to the 5S program is leav ing much to be desired to receive the color red. Carômetro This should be very s imple and easy to interpret. For example: