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br (51) 3066 8930 Apostila Home Massage Spa Esthetics Massage clears the pores and leaves skin hyd rated and more delicate. It acts on skin cells, speeding their elimination, stim ulates blood circulation occurring local hyperemia. Acts in the elimination of f luid retention due to its performance also in the lymphatic system. When properl y applied combines the use of cosmetics lipolytic where the beneficial effects o f massage esthetics are intensifying. Most aesthetic problems is multifactorial, ie of various causes. Environmental, cultural, genetic, psychosocial and age ar e directly related to the emergence of esthetic disorders. So the massage should not be used as a single resource such as aesthetic treatment for that professio nal massage therapist must be prepared to guide the patient and the care with di et, physical activity, consumption of water, use sunscreen, among others. It is important that the massage therapist to act in the spirit of multidisciplinarity , and indicate the patient to seek advice and treatment with other health profes sionals such as nutritionists, physical educators and physicians, depending on t he needs of the patient should be evaluated with a medical history form. Indicat ions of Massage Aesthetics: Fighting hidrolipodistrofiaginóide (cellulitis), com bat localized fat, moisturize the skin, relax muscles, activate blood circulatio n, helps fight the sagging, prevent stretch marks and varicose veins. Contraindi cations of Massage Aesthetics: • high blood pressure • cardiac patients varices • • • inflammation processes cancerous nodules and cysts • • fever • Post Surgic al • heavy bleeding • pregnancy • osteoporosis • plates and prostheses Action of Massage • About Aesthetic Tissue Integumentary : Through the exchange of fluids (blood / interstitial / intracellular / lymphatic or venous) we have to revital ize tissue detoxification and nutrition for them. About Adipose Tissue: • There is no scientific evidences that the massage acts on the removal or "crashing" fa t molecules. But it is observable in practice that after a few sessions of massa ge therapy the appearance of fatty tissue becomes more uniform. One theory is th at facilitating the exchange of Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 1 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 liquid lead in improving peripheral circulation that provides the conditions to adipocytes, particularly superficial, to "keep" their load, preventing sedimenta tion that leads to cellulite, improving the appearance of the fabric. • About Mu scle Tissue: The massage detoxifies muscles by the venous and lymphatic return, nurtures and, depending on the maneuvers used as percussion and clamping can imp rove the properties of muscle contractility, favoring an increase in muscle tone , when associated with physical activity . About Circulation: • When is the cent ripetal maneuvers, targeting the lymph nodes, indicated as the area treated, the better the massage helps lymphatic and venous return. Occurs vessel dilation of blood vessels, increasing the nutrient supply to the tissues of the treated reg ion. Aging and Wrinkles The Emergence of a biological phenomenon of aging is the last of three phases of the life cycle of the organism, the first two childhood and adulthood. The physiological manifestation of aging is the gradual deterior ation of function and response to environmental stresses. Several factors respon sible for the genesis of aging, in which there is progressive loss of elasticity (degeneration of connective fibers) and skin thickness, and their adherence to the deeper planes. Dehydration is a typical brand of skin aging and results in a significant decrease in activity of sweat glands and the ovaries and testes. Al ong with the gradual degeneration of the tissues of the dermis, which causes a d ecrease in muscle and skin elasticity, becomes less intense blood supply. From t hen on the surface of the skin shows up highlighted by furrows and folds of vary ing depth. Major skin changes related to age: From 20 to 25 years: Lines orbicul ar viewed with facial expression From 45 to 55 years: Wrinkles periorbicular, fr

ontal and glabellar. Accent nasofageniano groove. Transverse folds in the neck. Training fellowships in the lower eyelid fat. Above 55 years: accentuation of wr inkles and folds.€Depression of the nasolabial groove. Massage and Aesthetics Wr inkle Massage promotes an increase in velocity of blood and lymphatic circulatio n, generating an increase in skin temperature with increasing number of skin cap illaries in activity. These effects will enhance the nutrition of the skin, and removal of its catabolites. The massage aims to recover epidermal aiming to rene w the stratum corneum and stimulate surface circulation. Edema Gelóide The Fibro fibro gelóide edema, commonly called cellulite, affects up to 95% of women, esp ecially in phases subject to hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy and use of contraceptive pills, one of the most frequent complaints in relation to aest hetics. The fibro gelóide edema is characterized by the appearance of "orange pe el" skin. The regions most affected by cellulite are the ones where women tend t o accumulate more fat: abdomen, hips, outer thighs, buttocks, thighs and legs. H istologically cellulite is an infiltration of the edematous tissue, non-inflamma tory, followed by polymerization of an essential substance that infiltrated in t he frame produces a fibrotic reaction in a row. Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 2 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 In some pathological tissue fat cells are increased in volume. Is thickening and proliferation of collagen fibers that cause engorgement of the tissues, the cir culation of drainage is substantially reduced, and the fibroblasts are incarcera ted. Elastic fibers become brittle and break up. The fibers carry a type of netw ork that compresses blood vessels and nerves. For classification purposes, cellu lite can be classified as: • Level 1: The holes are only perceived when the skin is compressed. May appear even in children, being more common in adolescents. • Level 2: The holes are already perceived without compressing the skin. Rubbing on the skin, one feels a ripple, and you can feel some bumps. • Level 3: the nod ules are quite noticeable and have hardened, indicating that there have been for mation of fibrosis. There may be local pain. • Level 4: idem grade three but sti ll more marked the appearance of orange peel. The person referred a lot of pain sensitivity at the touch of a masseur in a massage practice aesthetics. Consider ed irreversible. Tests to recognize the fiber edema gelóide: The first test is c alled the "pinch test", shown in Fig. 1. After hold the skin together with subcu taneous tissue between the fingers, promotes a movement of traction. If the sore ness is more uncomfortable than normal, this also is a sign of fibro gelóide ede ma, which is already abnormal sensitivity. The second test, Fig. 2, consists of the "orange peel test", where you press the adipose tissue between finger and th umb or between the palms, and the skin looks like an orange peel, rough-looking. Fig 1 "Test Hold" Fig 2 "Test of orange peel" Obesity and Cellulite: Cellulite can be, or not associated with obesity. However , with increasing weight, she appears more because the increase in fat cells enh ances the puckering of the fibers supporting the skin. When the accumulation of fat occurs excessively, it can compress blood vessels and lymphatic vessels lead ing to the formation of edema (swelling) and fibrosis. In this situation, the ce llulite becomes more severe form hardened areas and nodular. In some cases, infl ammation occurs and local pain. Factors Predisposing to Fibro Edema Gelóide • Ho rmonal changes (q lead to circulatory changes) • Metabolic disorders • Genetic p redisposition Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 3 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 Aggravating factors of Fibro Edema Gelóide: • Inadequate nutrition • Inactivity • Alcoholic beverages • Birth control pills • • • • Cigarette Obesity Excess salt stress Treatments for Edema Fibro Gelóide: Initially, you should make a detailed clinic al evaluation, in order to choose the method most appropriate treatment. In mild er degrees of cellulite, it has always results in faster and more efficient trea tments. • Mesotherapy: medical procedure by which a drug is injected (a substanc e in small doses with very short needles in places where we want to treat). • Ly mphatic Drainage: This is a manual massage technique for light and stimulating t he lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, resulting in detoxification and removal of excess fluid and proteins from the interstitial environment, reducing edema.€• Ultrasound: is linked to its physiological effects associated with its capacity serving substances through the skin. Among other effects, we neovascularization with consequent increase in the movement, rearrangement and increased extensibil ity of collagen fibers and improves the mechanical properties of tissues. Massag e Aesthetics and Fibro Gelóide Edema Massage is useful in the treatment of cellu lite, and should not be used as a therapeutic single, complete, due to the multi factorial etiology of fibro gelóide edema. The massage promotes analgesia and in crease in blood circulation and lymphatic. Other actions of massage therapy are: aid in the penetration of specific products with active ingredients, decreased skin resistance to currents, and increased tissue pliability. It should be used wisely. The use of techniques for lymphatic drainage is very important in treatm ent before the picture of blood and lymphatic stasis. So when the emphasis in co smetic treatment is the fibro gelóide edema, the massage therapist should give p riority in his conduct of care using maneuvers lymphatic drainage, to the venous circulation and into the lymph nodes. Can be used maneuvers slip, slip on brace let, rubs, and dents, which will also act on adipose tissue, improving its uneve n. Recommendations to Assist the Reduction of Edema Fibro Gelóide • Take water ( about 2 liters per day) • cellulite creams, which can improve by up to 10% (but should be applied daily) • A balanced diet is essential for obtaining a good • P ractice a result of regular physical activity • Do not drink alcohol • Not smoki ng • Sagging Skin When your skin elastic limit is exceeded for any reason, such as a skinny guy who becomes obese in a short period of time and then thin again, to stop the encouragement, she does not return to its original size, resulting in excess skin laxity called aesthetics. In this kind of sagging skin, only plas tic surgery will solve the problem. Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 4 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 The sagging may also occur with normal aging that we are all subject. After the third decade, it begins a gradual and continuing loss of skeletal muscle mass, a nd most are replaced by fat. Muscle flaccidity: The most obvious metabolic pheno menon of aging seems to be, however, the slowing of protein synthesis by virtue of which establishes an imbalance between formation and degradation. With aging, the skin tends to become thin in some places, wrinkled, dry and sometimes scaly

. The collagen fibers of the dermis become more rasps, elastic fibers lose some of its elasticity and there is a gradual reduction of fat deposited in subcutane ous tissue. All the changes provide the appearance of sagging in this case invol ves the skin laxity and muscle hypotonia. A feature often used to prevent or com bat sagging, when referring to muscular hypotonia, is regular physical activity. The massage not effectively reduces the sagging muscle, it does not increase mu scle tone, but some manipulations can be applied in order to facilitate muscle a ctivity (percussion techniques), obtaining better results in flaccidity when the muscle is subjected to the activities Regular physical. Massage Aesthetic Maneu vers Maneuver Slip introductory massage aesthetics. Landslides always begin in a more lightweight and superficial until the velocity and pressure more vigorousl y. This maneuver allows the massage therapist to recognize the patient's skin ty pe and whether it is in healthy condition to perform the maneuvers. This maneuve r performed slowly and promotes a rapid analgesic effect that allows the patient to gradually get used without major discomfort and support more vigorous subseq uent maneuvers. A motion smoothing is performed with the entire palmar surface o f one or both hands. For aesthetic purposes and slips when performed slowly and shallow, and the effect of venous and lymph circulation, will favor the reductio n of fluid accumulation in interstitial space, which is usually associated with the presence of fibro gelóide edema. Landslides when performed quickly and will vigorously promote vasodilatation of the skin, and increasing local blood circul ation,€improving nutrition cell skin and muscles. Kneading Kneading is a manipul ation in which the muscles and subcutaneous tissues are alternately compressed a nd released. During the pressure phase of each movement, the hand (or hands) and the skin move together on the deeper structures. Causes detoxification of muscl e fibers, stimulating blood and lymphatic drainage to produce more rapid elimina tion of toxins causes a higher cellular nutrition and can combat sagging. Should reach the skin and muscles. Assists in the modeling of fat and consequent detox ification and nutrition of the muscles worked. Clamping is recommended for muscl e activation and anti-sagging. Should be performed with the ends of the thumb, i ndex and middle. Pinching small amount of muscle with an alternate hand and anot her with the thumb and forefinger. It is used for a larger portion of muscle. It is a maneuver stimulating blood circulation, which must be made mainly on the a bdomen, arm and internal portion of the thigh. Must be one of the last maneuvers to be held in each region. Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 5 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 Percussion Used when the objective is the laxity. Stimulates the muscle contract ile properties and blood circulation, encouraging the reduction of sagging faste r when associated with physical activity. Should be performed following the orie ntation of muscle fibers. Do not use this maneuver in areas without bony support (example: abdomen). It should also ending the sequence of maneuvers each region treated. Friction is a maneuver performed with the fingertips with circular mov ements. In aesthetic massage should be deep, runs so fast and energetic in order to "shape" the fat. They can also be used thumb and knuckle to the achievement of friction in areas such as thighs and buttocks. Cosmetology The use of cosmeti cs is as old as civilization itself. Since ancient times, the man cared about th e treatment of your body. The use of salves, oils, fragrances, soaps, and even p aints his face and body, using vegetable or mineral substances were part of the habits of older people. The use of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals amplify the resu lts obtained through the massage, should be combined with the aesthetic treatmen t. Aimed at reducing the laxity, localized fat, cellulite and circulatory disord ers as the composition of each product. Cosmetics are substances intended for us e in contact with the parts of the human body (epidermis, hair, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and oral mucosa, with the purpose of

cleaning, perfuming or protecting to ~ e mat them in good condition, change thei r appearance or correct body odors, no action or therapeutic purposes are for be autification products that should not interfere with or modify the physiological condition of the skin. Cosmeceuticals are products that promote changes as inte rmediaries with the skin interact more actively. Medicines are products with mor e actions modifying the physiology of the skin that may be prescribed by doctor. Action of Active Ingredients: • Extracts of Ivy: Decongestant and softens the ti ssue. • Ginko Biloba Extract: Action anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory, stimu lates blood circulation. • Seaweed Extract: vasodilator, acts in toning the skin . • Extract of Centella asiatica: Activates the blood microcirculation, metaboli c, anti-cellulite. • Extract Ginseg: Restorative tissues, tonic, stimulant. Prom otes greater cutaneous irrigation. Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 6 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 • Hera: Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates circulation and helps skin absorption. • Horse Chestnut: Decongestant and vaso-protective. • Seed Apr icot: apricot seed powder, the product of average abrasiveness. Exfoliation and cell renewal. • Methyl Nicotinate: Hiperemizante, vessel dilator. • Horsetail: T onic and regeneration of the epidermis. • Caffeine: stimulant and vasodilator. • Hydrolyzed Collagen: A protein responsible for elasticity and firmness. • Elast in: Skin elasticity. • Vitamin A: Studies have shown that the total thickness of the skin after treatment was higher than for the untreated controls or animals treated with placebo.€Another author said there was evidence that this vitamin p oses alter or modulate the synthesis of collagen. • Vitamin E (tocopherol acetat e): Action against free radicals, natural antioxidant, acts against skin aging. • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): The use of this vitamin is attributed to the inhibi tion of damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and is still the main antioxidant in the blood and other fluids teciduais.Estimula and regulates the synthesis of collagen. Fight free radicals. • Arnica: Activator of micro-circulation. Anti-i nflammatory. • Caffeine: Regenerate, contributing to the firmness. • Camphor: St imulant, antiseptic, removes the oil. • Adipol: Complex organic natural plant ex tract obtained by Hera. Acts in the breakdown of fat molecules. • Celulinol: Pol iexietilenoglicol salicylate. It has excellent power to penetrate the skin, has properties lipotróficas and decongestants. Indications: For cellulite: • Activat ors of movement • Decongestants • Methyl Nicotinate For Laxity: • Nutrition • Mo isturizers For Localized Fat: • • Adipol Celulinol Care in the Application of Pr oducts: There is an increasing frequency of individuals sensitive to raw - mater ials contained cosmetics, which may present severe allergic reactions or irritat ions. So before starting up a cosmetic treatment with cosmetics or cosmeceutical s is due to the "proof-of-touch." Place a small amount of product in a region wh ere the skin is naturally more sensitive, as part of the forearm, and let sit fo r a couple minutes. If no allergic reaction such as redness Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 7 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 excessive itching, swelling, or "balls", the patient can make use of the product , otherwise it should not be used. Massage Facial Aesthetics To assist in improv ing the health and appearance of the face, is widely used to massage facial aest

hetics. The aesthetic facial massage aims to attenuate wrinkles and signs of exp ression and decreased laxity. To obtain the results it is necessary that periodi c sessions are carried out gradually and the effect of rejuvenating massage will be noticeable. Massage of the face should be in a mild and gentle, always consi dering the effect of maneuvers depending on the arrangement of muscle fibers and lymphatic circulation. The use of cosmetics is also a strong ally in the quest for massage to rebalance the skin's natural properties. Protocol Massage Facial Aesthetics • Start doing the work themselves sliding up and down the neck. • The n, in the region below the jaw line (jowls) have a slip from the center to the s ides. • In the face held up the slips across the face (noting the direction of m uscle fibers and lymphatic circulation). • After will be held friction movements , from chin to forehead. • In the region of the eyes, with your thumb slips are made in the orbicularis oculi (from outside to inside, so this maneuver is very effective for cases of dark circles). • Then it is used for sliding movement wit h the fingers to raise up the eyelids, a short kneading can also be done on eyeb rows. • Finish the session with tonic facial movements, small pats are given mai nly in the region of "double chin" and soft clamping can be made across the face . These latest moves will greatly increase the local blood supply causing a mark ed improvement of cellular nutrition, also taking action on the contractile musc le fibers by acting as a tonic for the face. Some points on the face were descri bed as being in favor of beauty and vitality of the face. The main located: • At the center of the eyebrows, the sides of the eyes •, • In the center below the eyes, cheeks •, • In the center above the upper lip and bottom. Pressures of 5 s econds and can be repeated up to three times these points will stimulate further aiding in the treatment of facial rejuvenation and revitalization. Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 8 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 Muscles of the face: To observe the effect of muscle fibers, which must be follo wed in applying some massage techniques facial aesthetics. Sequence of a massage Spa: Spa massage sequence on the thighs and buttocks: Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 9 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 Sequence aesthetic massage in the abdomen: Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 10 School of Massotherapy Sogabe (51) 3066 8930 Prof ª. Roberta Merino Masina Prof. Keli Steffl keli@sogab. 11