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Modding Chapter V A PC quieter and PERFORMING If you missed the first four parts of the course you can ask (as arrears) by sen ding an email to servizioarretrati@edmaster.it PART FIVE

During modding 31/08/2005 10:26 Page 34 Modding Chapter 5 CHAPTER V PC quieter and performance Modding a respectable obviously can not stop at the homes of only cosmetic chang es. The next step is therefore to install a more powerful processor which ensure s respectable performance. This obviously increases the temperature inside the P C that is necessary to dispel with fans and cooling systems Silence The PC The addition of fans (in English 'fans') inside the PC has the effect of cooling the inside of homes but also to increase the noise of our PC. If the noise can not be avhum of the fans can become, in the long, annoying for us and others. You realize how much noise to produce a modern PC, when it goes off: suddenly falls silent! Even without adding more fans two or three "standard supplied" already produce a decent sound. A post on the CPU fan sucks air relatively cool inside the case and blows it on the chip to cool it, another fan inside the power supply, it blo ws out hot air. Often there is a third fan on the unit of calculation chart (GPU ) video card. In addition to the background noise produced by fans, hard drives are also in volture, with control of neon lights. Let one of the most advanced model, the Vante c Nexus 301. The panel is The package of the Vantec Nexus 301 A liquid cooling system for very expensive PCs, it can be said that 'silence is golden'! convertible while listening to loud music or playing a noisy game, is a differen t story when we use the computer software 'silent', in which case the In the package, in addition to the panel are all the cables needed to make the c onnections An example of a quiet fan for CPU To stop and cool the graphics card you can use heat sinks with fins. you be a good source of annoyance. There are equipment-accessories that can be u sed to mute the PC fans quieter, rubber feet, insertion of silencers or sound-ab sorbing material for hard disks. An accessory that not only reduce noise, make a A PC quieter and performing

fine show installed in our computer is a controller for the fans. There are ple nty of front panel controls: adjustable fan with temperature sensorsThe knobs on the left side panel allows you to control the fans. The decrease in fan speed is achieved by reducing the supply voltage can be adjusted between 0 and 12 V. 34

During modding 31/08/2005 10:26 Page 35 PC quieter and performance Chapter 5 The knob to the right allows the switch on or off the Neon, you can also place t hem in a state 'reactor' so that they react to sounds and noises. In the market there are different types of soundproofing material, occur as sheets of foam rou gh or smooth, as well as synthetic materials including cork is an excellent soun d insulator. Then, using line and square, draw a rectangle we mean cut. Modding 3 can control up to three fans also can handle two neon. Turning knobs connected t o the fan can reduce the number of laps and then the fan noise. In the following we used a piece of cork to deaden a bulkhead of the case, but t he procedure is valid for any type of sound absorbing material in sheets. In the box are two neon-type 'reactor' Assembly is simple, you must have a spare 5.25-inch free and then do this and no w that we should be able to perform without any problems. • We extract the closi ng panel of the open bay • Place the panel in the compartment • Connect the inve rter neon • Using the supplied adhesive glue the neon in a location of choice wi thin our homes • The pin fan power should be detached and reattached to grips co ntrol panel • Connect the power supply faceplate to a free molex • Finally prope rly align the panel so that it does not protrude, and using the screws provided, fissiamolo firmly at home.€Another way to reduce noise is to trap him inside th e house, soundproof bulkheads. Remove the bulkhead and mean puliamone soundproof the inside thoroughly with a c leaning product containing ammonia, dirt is the worst enemy of a good bonding. 1 The cutter to cut the cork is fine, repeat that you must follow some basic preca utions for working in terminals sicurezza.Fissiamo always the workpiece and the ruler, do not put your hands on the cut line, always wear gloves protezione.Se w e can use a metal line, using a plastic ruler could affect the sharp cutter, dev iate from the path and head towards our hands. 4 2 Helping with the relief of metal homes take measures.

5 Cut with a light touch, perhaps by making repeated passes until the crop will co me off naturally.

35 During modding 31/08/2005 10:26 Page 36 Modding Chapter 5 A PC quieter and performing Study methods are much more refined to mute the raft form is to have the microphones around the icrophones is reversed by constructing a 'sound PC speaker mixing Noise original, so the PC is computer, system, currently in d fan, the sound captured by the m opposite' that is emitted by the 'silenced'.

AS HAVING THE FANS velocità.La dedicated to sending information about the power of a fan is measure d in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute, cubic feet per minute) and shows the volume of air that the fan is able to move in a minute. It is sometimes used liters per se cond. A typical 80x80 mm fan has a capacity of about 10 liters per second. Other features of the fans are: size measured in millimeters, and the speed at maximu m speed, usually between 1500 and 4000 rpm 6 After completing the two cuts we check, placing it on the bulkhead, the sheet of cork is its exact size. The electronic circuitry of the CPU are damaged when the heat becomes excessive, but not only the CPU all the other components enclosed in homes have limits to the temperature that can sopportare.All 'Houses of the internal temperature shou ld never exceed 70-75 degrees. Keeping the temperature using the method of venti lation: it sucks hot air from inside the house calling outside air cooler. This air movement is generated by the fans. REVERSE THE FLOW OF AN AIR FAN It is not possible due to the type of engine used to run a fan in the opposite d irection by reversing the polarity of power, if we are lucky fan will not work, a protection diode will block the opening, the fan will burn if we are unlucky. However, it is simple enough to reverse the airflow simply by turning. To disass emble the fan and then reassemble it so that present the opposite side. Many fan s report printed an arrow indicating the flow of air. 7 Spread a suitable glue (almost all are fine, it is not a critical bonding) on th e metal bulkhead. TYPES OF FANS Apart from size and color, the fans differ in the type of normal controllo.Una f

an rotates at a constant speed, its typical use is to cool the case and it shoul d applicata.Le controlled fan, through third wire, are able to inform the mother board (which must be provided) on their speed, thus you can generate alarms in c ase of breakdown. The typical use of these fans is the case and the CPU. Fans ca n be used as 'normal' wire is not connected to dedicated control signals. Simila rly you can connect a normal fan to power a fan tachometer, in this case will no t send any speed signal and the BIOS will consider the fan stops, it will be pos sible, if the board so provides, turn off the fan when the system enter at savin g energetico.Le controlled fans finally have a circuit that controls the rate at which, thus, may vary, are typically used for power supplies. When you mount a fan pay attention to polarity: the black wire to indicate the ground, the red on e positive and one white or yellow (if present) is 8 We support the cork in place and prepare the paper to avoid air pockets and to a dhere the glue. In this scheme we have depicted one of the most common situations: points 'hot' are represented by the hard drive, the graphics card, the CPU from power. Fresh air is drawn from the slits down the front of the computer,€route diagonally to the power supply is heated and is expelled by the fan mounted on the back of. WHERE TO PUT THE FANS If you want to add one or more fans to our PC we should carefully consider where and how to mount them mount for maximum After waiting for the glue has hardened can replace the bulkhead houses. 9 36

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 37 PC quieter and performance Chapter 5 effect; fans mounted incorrectly may even increase the temperature in homes, rat her than decrease it!. Given that there is always the power supply fan at the to p in the back of the case that 'sucks' and expels hot air from inside. The bette r place to install a fan that works in conjunction with this, that, that sucks a ir out and fresh face in circular houses, is probably the front of the computer. There are fans on the market suitable to be mounted in this position, the dimen sions are generally 80x 80 mm. It is not possible to give general guidance, it s hould analyze their homes and check if it is provided by the manufacturer the ab ility to add fans, there is generally a grid and the holes for mounting screws. Keep in mind that, even if minimal, even the fans produce, like any equipment, t heir dose of heat, power supplies, which will provide more energy, produce more heat. Also the fans, suck in air and all that it contains, even dust. If the ide a of a computer full of dust does not bother us, we consider that a thick layer of dust does not help cool the components. Moreover, the dust clogs the fans sho uld be cleaned frequently to maintain and their ability to function. The fans ma ke noise, beyond the question whether the noisiest fans mounted on ball bearings or bushings on those, most noise is generated by the airflow. Ideally, therefor e seems to be one or more fans in the back that hot air blown out (fans of expul sion) from the chassis and one or more fans in the front that fresh air blown in side the case (intake vents). The fans of expulsion should be placed at the top

of the back of the computer, while suction as possible down the front of the com puter, so you get a diagonal airflow should be able to cool the entire compartme nt, also favoring the natural tendency of hot air to rise. Everything said is ve ry general and applies to a case of type Mid-tower (though the most common) or T ower is completely different to the discourse of other homes. Even the provision and quantity of devices introduces variable factors: a powerful graphics card c ould move the center of gravity of temperatures toward the rear of houses, while a pair of hard disk drives at 10,000 rpm would create a concentration of heat m ainly in the front. Design the optimal placement of the fans is not easy, becaus e it is not easy to get feedback unless you spread the homes of temperature sens or and take weeks to do tests and experiments. Modding 2 We support the fan in place and tighten the four screws provided. GOOD ADVICE Silent or Window? Windows and noise do not agree. To effectively soundproof the homes should cover both bulkhead and, if possible, the upper houses of course if the bulkhead has a window would not be sensible to cover it. Before commencing to engage in a win dow on your PC, so if you think you care more to have a PC with windows or a sil ent PC. MOUNT ONE FAN Before buying a fan let us pause to make a simple consideration: if the fan is v isible from the outside we can choose one with colored lights, strobe effects or other effects, and if, conversely, the fan is hidden will be useless to spend m ore, we will use a normal fan with no special effects. Of course you must also t ake steps to determine the ideal size. At this point we can only connect the pow er cord into an outlet on the motherboard. 3 4 We connected the new fan into an outlet that says 'chassis fan', if in doubt con sult your motherboard manual which shows the map of all connections. MOUNT A Fan cover Mounting a fan is easy if the case is prepared, if, ie, some perforated with hol es for the screws.€Otherwise it will be necessary to drill the homes in a suitab le location and drill the screw holes. The computer you're working on, fortunate ly, is designed for the application of the fan. 1 Do not neglect the back of our computer! Are commercially fan rug with colors an d different shapes. Mount is easy if the homes, as often happens, is designed fo r fitting this. If you want to mount a cover-fan check your house before rushing into the store to pick one!

37 During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 38 Modding Chapter 5 GOOD ADVICE We are tightening the screws into the holes. Very often the cover-fan is not sup plied mounting screws, then we obtain them, or secure it with glue. MORE CLEANING, quieter If your PC is too noisy you can, first, the vibration control: a bad case closed , a hard disk insecure, dirty vents may be the cause of much of the noise. So, b efore buying the products 'silence' check your PC trying to accurately identify the source of vibration and hum. After this first operation of 'listening' remov e the case and repeat the search for the noisiest areas. A fan is too noisy at t imes can be 'silenced' simply wiping: a fan with a firm brush remove all accumul ated dust and finish the job of cleaning with a mini-vacuum cleaner, and often t his works and we re a welcome surprise to discover that our computer has become less noisy. 1 with the other, if you have rooms free distanziateli as possible to circulate th e air between them. • Do not put expansion cards in adjacent slots, if you have space distanziatele, especially the graphics card produces a lot of heat. • Do n ot put your computer in a corner in contact with the walls: even around the hous e there should be room for air to circulate • Do not put vents in profusion in t he strangest of places if you do not know exactly what you are doing, may benefi t as well as made the situation worse by introducing turbulence that slow down t he overall flow of air. • Do not lower the voltage, and thus the speed of the fa ns below certain limits 'because that makes less noise'. • Do not let dust accum ulate on your computer, prevents air circulation and proper cooling, as well as reduce fan speed and efficiency. viable solution to enhance the aesthetics of our creature. We may also suspend t he ceiling by steel cables, or if we retro tastes, place it on a column of chalk . ... Our imagination will guide us surely the most spectacular. Do not overlook lighting, it is true that your PC has become bright and dim light makes a great effect, but do want a nice even when turned off, or the room is dark. Maximum effect Having both worked on our computers to make 'a work of art' would make little se nse to hide back under the desk is not it? Possible solutions to 'expose' our ma sterpiece we are dependent on space and the arrangement of our workplace. Possib le solutions are many, the easiest is to transfer the computer 'under the desk' in 'on his desk,' but we could also put it on a shelf fastened to the wall. Ther e are special marketing arm laptop (similar to those used for TVs) to be fixed t o the wall, one solution that not only make us gain ground, showing all sides of our work, careful not to put too high though or you could meet to play basketba ll every time you want to change the CD. Also supports swivel monitor or TV coul d be a It is not difficult to have one or more halogen direct on our computer to set of f the look. A PC quieter and performing

If you really can not do nothing but relegate the PC under the desk at least dot iamolo wheels, so it can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. 2 This is how the cover-fan assembly completed WHAT NOT TO DO Speaking of cooling and ventilation there are no absolutes, each computer is a d ifferent story. It 's easier to say what not to do: • Never fans that cancel eac h other out, like an ejection in the front when there is already a fan of expuls ion in the back • not impede air circulation inside the homes,€then focus on str ips of data cables or other components inside the case. • Do not put discs in co ntact one Let us not be intimidated by hate beige color of this laptop on wheels, the desi gn is interesting and we will entertain us with the same color to paint the hous es. 38

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 39 Modding & Overclocking Modding CHAPTER VI Modding & Overclocking Upgrade the hardware of the system may be useful to provide higher performance i n all applications we use most often. Sometimes, however, is not necessary to bu y new components, you just overclock those already in our possession. Obviously with precautions WHAT IT MEANS OverClock Anyone who is passionate about computer has certainly heard of overclocking, won dering perhaps what exactly. The CPU (or microprocessor) operates at fixed time intervals, marked by a clock (clock), it is quite obvious that if, somehow, we m anage to go faster the clock, the CPU will be urged to work more quickly . teeth ... processor or burned. Currently there are competitions where overclocki ng enthusiasts of this 'sport' is measured seeking higher operating frequencies can be avoided, while burning the CPU. THE BIOS Currently you can overclock via software, to do so should take a look at the BIO S (Basic Input Output System). When you turn on your computer loads a small prog ram contained in ROM, it is the BIOS and its function is to enable the startup, recognizing and testing the hardware and prepare the car for the next loading op erating system. Some parameters and values are obtained automatically by the BIO S, others are stored in a small memory permanently powered by a battery on the m otherboard. This memory is called the CMOS memory. LEARN Chapter 6

CPU AND MOTHERBOARD Most processors operate at a speed higher than that of the components on the mot herboard, which is why the frequency of the latter is multiplied to reach the re quired speed. For example, a motherboard with 133 MHz bus frequency will be adap ted to a Pentium IV 2660 MHz frequency setting multiplier to 20, because 20 to 1 33 gives 2660. We will, therefore, that the CPU will work at a rate 20 times hig her than the other components like RAM, although the computer generation, the fr equency of the RAM is different from that of the bus. The relationship between r eproductive frequency of bus and CPU frequency is called frequency multiplier. N ot all CPUs on the market allow the change of frequency multiplier, Intel while AMD can not allow the change. MORE ' What is the limit? One wonders how can increase the frequency of the processor, what is the limit? You can not give a precise answer as any combination of CPU, motherboard and oth er hardware are different story. Almost every system can be overclocked by 10% w ithout problems, the operating system and applications will be slightly faster a nd you should not see problems of instability. With more rate increases will beg in to notice problems: the system freezes after a certain period of use, especia lly in summer or applications using 'heavy'. With overclocking even gone there i s a real risk that the system will not boot. Or that the CPU damaged. The microprocessor is a very small chip that contains many millions of microscop ic electronic components The operating speed of the microprocessor is measured in Hertz. A hypothetical m icroprocessor operating at a rate of 1 Hertz then draw up a information per seco nd, a latest generation microprocessors from 3 gigahertz (GHz = billions of Hert z) can then draw 3 billion of information every second. The overclocking is now very widespread, because now no longer even need to open the computer to increas e the CPU frequency, this practice was established primarily to obtain better pe rformance from PCs, whereas it costs nothing overclock you can get a PC faster w ithout having to change. Subsequently, the enthusiasts were engaged all'overclok hobby for pure personal satisfaction were working processors at frequencies 'im possible' to obtain surprising results In most systems, to access the BIOS, you must press the "Delete" at startup The two main manufacturers of microprocessors for personal computers are Intel a nd AMD In the market you will find many types and different BIOS versions, which vary d epending on the motherboard used. The BIOS can be configured using a simple user interface characters that we can bring up by pressing the Delete key switch, bu t not all PC follow this rule, is usually specified on the screen which key to u se. Whatever the version, the BIOS can always intervene on-AlCu

39 During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 40 Modding tion of basic parameters, it is recently evolved and will allow access and modif ication of a greater number of parameters. Options increases, the risk increases

to assign values to the parameters too far existing hardware, then we could get the hang of the system, it is not worrying, just reload the default settings by pressing the Insert key turning on the computer. Although this procedure may va ry from machine to machine, refer to our BIOS to know the exact procedure. Chapter 6 GOOD ADVICE Advanced Chipset Setup (or Chipset Features Setup): This section contains parame ters that modify the functioning of memory and the motherboard chipset. Use caut ion when changing these values, selecting values that are not supported by the t ype of memory that we hold in most cases the system becomes unstable or not boot . Power Management Setup: Allows you to set parameters concerning energy saving. USING THE BIOS The BIOS is not a friendly program and does not forgive mistakes, there is onlin e help and there is a heading 'Undo' to retrace your steps. The only area of the BIOS where you can move without too much concern is that the default parameters , all other pages use the utmost caution. In unfortunate cases we really risking the total blockade of the computer and would be unable to even turn it on! Sign up paper (it's really annoying, it is essential) that alter each parameter and a change machine at a time. Do not modify the parameters at random and do not ac t upon parameters that 'it seems' should do something in such cases should be 10 0% sure of what you do. If you want to know more about the Internet easily find guides who will explain all the features of your BIOS. The power management settings defined here take precedence over those set in Win dows. The user interface shows multiple BIOS menu leading to the various options. PNP / PCI Configuration: we can change the parameters for devices that use the P CI / ISA. go into details, let's just say all the hard drives of recent construction are c orrectly identified. Some types of motherboards do not have jumpers to select th e multiplier or voltages for various components, these values are set directly i n the BIOS via a dedicated menu. Generally, setting the type of CPU installed au tomatically set all other values. This will not ever need to open your computer fiddling with the jumpers. Some motherboards give the option to select custom co mbinations and the frequency of bus and leverage are the ideal motherboard for o verclocking experiments. Many recent motherboards are able to monitor CPU temper ature, fan rotation of the queens, the case temperature and voltage delivered fr om. There are software that can read these values without necessarily having to start the BIOS. Needless to say, these functions are extremely useful for people wishing to dedicate all'overclock. Currently one of the best and most common is the Award BIOS, is very rich in par ameters and allows for fine tuning the operation of our car, of course you must know to properly configure. The main menus in almost all versions of the BIOS Aw ard are: Standard CMOS Setup: Here you set the current date and time, the number and characteristics of the hard drive, AUTO can leave work without the BIOS rec ognition having to set parameters that often do not know. Advanced BIOS Features Setup: This page is dedicated to the operation of devices. RISKS AND PREVENTION SYSTEMS The menu PNP / PCI Configuration is to be used with caution, change could create an IRQ conflict overclocking, in addition to positive aspects, it also presents Modding & Overclocking

risks, the most obvious is to ruin the CPU due to excessive heat. Integrated Peripherals: among other things, here we set the PIO mode discs. Better safe than sorry ... We try not to "fry" our computers! The page devoted t o Integrated Peripherals (integrated peripherals on the motherboard) The Advance d BIOS Features menu allows you to set parameters regarding the types of device operation IDE HDD Auto Detection: This section starts the procedure of automatic recogniti on of the hard disk. There Changing the working frequency of your CPU, this requires a greater amount of el ectrical current that causes heat and inevitably result in an increase in temper ature. Now if we want to avoid40

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 41 Modding & Overclocking Chapter 6 King surprises we munirci a cooling system adapted to our needs. Area below to f ind information on the current operating frequency. A hasty and risky method to overclock AMD was the old unit with a pencil, some contacts on the CPU. Further down we see information about the cache. A good cooling system can prevent overh eating of the CPU and motherboard components Modding BENCHMARK PROGRAMS The benchmark programs can measure the performance of a system in general or its individual parts (video, hard drive, CPU, memory, etc. ...). The output of thes e programs measure absolute values (as, for example, the projected number of fra mes in a second, or millions of operations carried out in a second) or on: set e qual to 1, the overall speed of a reference system the result 2 returned by the test program, indicates that the tested system is two times faster than that tak en as a sample. On the Internet there are many of these programs, we used WCPUID , a software targeted analysis of operating frequencies, in our opinion is very valid. Perform a SIMPLE OverClock Before running our experiment specify that overclocking was performed on compone nts that explicitly support overclocking, because not all motherboards will make possible an increase in the frequency of the bus, as not all microprocessors ma ke it possible to change the multiplier. We use a system with a motherboard with Intel Award BIOS and installed a microprocessor Intel Pentium IV 2 GHz (2000 MH z). In case of failure, the processor is not necessarily the only cause. We saw that the motherboard plays an essential role in overclocking, since the frequency of its bus system that determines the processor frequency after application of a m ultiplier. In case of malfunction, the head may not always be the CPU, we have s een that to increase the frequency of the processor must also increase the frequ ency of the system bus, so it may be one of several devices attached to not with stand the operating frequency of tax . There are sites that list the most suitab le CPU all'overclock within the same CPU model number series (identified by ID n

umber) are better than others. A site to be consulted in this regard is: www.ove rclockers.com. AMD processors allow you to change the CPU multiplier, the main a dvantage of this type of overclocking is to not change the frequency of the syst em bus, so the devices AGP, PCI and memory not risentono.Purtroppo, lately AMD h as locked multipliers of its CPU, in some cases you can still unlock the multipl ier of the bridge joining the contacts on the surface of L1 processor, this can be done via a simple pencil. We must specify that the operation is highly risky and not always work. GOOD ADVICE CAUTION, CAUTION AND STILL BE CAREFUL! Overclocking act in your experiments with small steps, check system status, if y ou feel that something does not go the right way immediately back on your feet. Always consider that if the computer you use, then a few milliseconds earned are not worth the time lost in a 'blue screen' or data corruption. If overclocking is a sport for you and give them to you CPU .. then dare even to the limit! We begin by restarting the computer and test the speed of the microprocessor in the splash screen: how we see is 2 GHz 1 The interface shows multiple WCPUID information on components and operating freq uencies In this interface contains information about the microprocessor. 2 Now press the Delete key (before loading the operating system) to see the BIOS i nterface.

41 During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 42 Modding Chapter 6 3 Select the Advanced CMOS Setup by using the arrow keys and press the Enter key 6 Now select the item Save Settings and Exit 4 Now select the item CPU / DRAM frequency basis 7 Modding & Overclocking

Press the Enter key appearance of the confirmation window. 8 5 42 We bring the value of 100 MHz to 133 MHz then press the ESC key to return to the main menu. The system will then automatically restart, the startup screen we see the increa sing frequency of the microprocessor 2 to 2.6 GHz We therefore considerably incr eased the clock frequency of our microprocessor, but also by increasing its norm al operating temperature.

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 43 The kit modding Modding CHAPTER VII The kit for modding For best results you must use the right tools that will allow us to perform our work better. Here's how to choose VARIOUS CATEGORIES OF ACCESSORIES Modde your PC is definitely fun and recreational activity, but it is questionabl e whether it is also costly: It is not easy to answer this question because they have created two different schools of thought. A more radical claims that the c hanges to the homes should be strictly personal and, where possible, made with p arts recovery or almost free. The other, however, puts the quality of work and c reativity tend to buy kits ready. The modder 'creative' critics often modder 'co nsumption' as well modded computers would often similar to each other, losing si ght of the true spirit of modding. This section is dedicated to those who, to be gin, would take the easy way or those who have not had much time to devote to th is hobby. Just look around to realize how every successful idea has been cleverl y marketed, the market obviously the computer is no exception, indeed, is perhap s the one that grows faster than the competition and given the pervasiveness of both machines in the workplace at home. The modding, which is very fashionable t oday, of course, was not spared: it is difficult to not find this kind of materi al in a well-stocked computer store. Where problems arise in obtaining the mater ials, we can always rely on the online stores, as we saw in the previous section . The starter kits are of various types and costs, and are divided into two cate gories: kits dedicated to 'aesthetic and functional ones. Many are commercially available starter kits. Those who are used to improve the aesthetic appearance o f the houses contain lights, colored fans, seals and wiring. more substantial and all other components will be chosen on the basis of their t ype of tower that we have adopted. more details, being small can be placed almost anywhere thanks to Velcro offered provided. With a small additional fee you can also buy them with special lighti ng effects like lights in sequence, sound or strobe-reactive (that is, they reac t to music or noise). GOOD ADVICE Chapter 7

BUY ON-LINE If you are looking for the latest and most accurate descriptions refer directly to the manufacturers' sites, here we list a few. www.sunbeamtech.com A site that sells houses, lights and fans. www.chieftec.de German site that promotes the pr oduction of different accessories, from keyboards to the silent power supplies. A French producer www.boogiebug.com well stocked. This deals specifically www.co olermaster.com manufacturer of coolers and heat sinks. This creates homes www.th ermaltake.com known manufacturer, fronts, water cooler. www.arctic-cooling.com S pecialist in thermal paste. Produces bright www.swiftnets.com sinks. If we are going to buy a new case ready for modding, might as well opt for a hol iday rather than a fully transparent with a window LIGHTS A computer modded respectable gives his best in the dark or in shadow, making it impossible to modify an application without at least one neon colored. Neon has a lot happened in this area as it offers good light and consumes very little po wer, are also beautiful and available in shapes, colors and sizes. Some are also sound-reactive, or react to sound impulses. The packaging of LEDs are increasingly including power cables, mounting we use V elcro or glue Lately I have also sold pins bright, funny and definitely impressive ... If we t hink is an unnecessary expense because there amazed seeing houses covered by ass embled in the dark get a particular effect of light reflected off the floor. There are a thousand kinds of neon lights, the costs are variable, this neon fla g has a very high cost, however the effect is significant The legs are bright, in some cases, reduce noise vibration softening PC THE wiring If we believe that round the old EIDE cables and cover with a colored spiral win ding is a waste of time, we can find on the market paTHE CASE The choice of homes to be made with care and consideration since it is also one of the charges' s use of laser-LED is recommended if you want to illuminate

43 During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 44 Modding ances in various types of round cables colors (both the 'power for data transmis sion). Again, if we wanted to spend more money on acquiring them lights would ge t a better effect. As for the kit but can be divided into functional: cooling ki t (themselves divided into aeration kit, hddcooler and watercooler) and noisered ucer (for noise reduction). None of course forbids us to add a colorful fan just for the heck of it, but usually these kits are recommended for those who take t he way of overclocking the need to cool the processor as possible. Chapter 7 kits for modding

shows that the internal temperature and sometimes even add some USB ports and fi

rewire. If it were not for the high costs would be a good purchase, are generall y very nice to see and give the PC a touch that never hurts high-tech. a layer of sound absorbent material such as DynaMat, cork or neoprene (smooth or textured). Also here is the 'most expensive alternative: commercially available power silent (noisekiller) which greatly reduce the noise produced by the curre nt transformer. THE FANS With the boom of modding the production of the fans is certainly increased. If t hey are really all types and from many different shapes and colors. A cooling kit for Hard Disk of the most simple: the front fan draws air from out side and conveys the hard The application of sheets of soundproofing is quite simple, the downside is that the homes disperse less heat Watercooler The watercooler, or water cooling, is the definitive solution to cooling problem s. These kits include a real external radiator that circulates a liquid in speci al tubes. It is a mixture of water and coolant that lowers the temperature of th e processor, and then returns to the radiator which cools it and puts it back in to the circulation. Recommended only for true maniacs of 'overclocking willing t o spend no figures available to everyone. Moreover, the mounting of these kits r equires considerable time and careful reading of the owner 's manual (usually in English). Before 'purchase is necessary to know the version of the processor so cket as not all models are suitable for all processors. MOUNT A LIQUID COOLING KIT Let's see together how to mount a commercial kit to cool your PC. We deliberatel y chose one of the most complex (and expensive) marketing watercooler: this prod uct from Thermaltake Aquarius III. The kit consists of an external radiator alum inum in blue, aggressive design, finished with great care and with a bright disp lay, it is a beautiful thing to see and put next to the computer. In addition to the radiator are the conduit rubber and a slot to screw into the back of the co mputer. The package also included a bag with the Thermaltake logo that will be u seful when you will bring your system to a few races overclocking. If they are really fans of all types, colors, shapes, sizes and price. However, remember that the purpose of a fan is not just ornamental! At higher prices there are more professional fans, but the expense makes sense o nly if we overclocckare the CPU. Difficult to give advice, let us then to our ae sthetic sense and carefully analyze the wide range of choices that this product offers us. HARD DISC COOLER To cool the modern hard drive with high speed using the kits that resemble the s lides for the removable disks. These kits, in addition to cool the hard drive wi th a top fan,€often include an integrated slot for feeding external fans (if not enough power supplies on the motherboard) as well as a front for adjusting the tension of the fan, an LCD display The water cooling is taking place to calm the 'hot spirits' of our increasingly thirsty Watt CPU in the box are all that is r equired for assembly of our Aquarius: how we see the components are numerous, no t all are used as the Aquarius provides mounting attacks using different process ors different, all packaged. The instruction manual is very clear but only Engli sh. 1

NOISE REDUCER To reduce the noise caused by the many fans, the majority of users simply to app ly the bulkheads 44

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 45 The kit modding Modding In this picture we see the true Aquarius, the connecting cable to the computer t hat supplies power and transmits data. We also see the beautiful bag. 2 The first step is to remove the CPU fan, conserviamola in case we decide to use your computer without liquid cooling. 5 9 We support the heatsink on the CPU and then, using the clips that we have assemb led fissiamolo. Here we see the heatsink on the CPU to be fixed after removing the fan heat sink are connected to two tubes fixed to a slot-type card-size computer that attache s to the back. Also visible are the measuring probe and connecting with Aquarius . 3 6 Under the fan is generally a passive heatsink mounted finned smontiamolo removin g the spring clips. 10 7 Now we mount the spring clips (supplied) required to secure the heatsink to the CPU Aquarius. The heat sink mounted on the CPU, leaving the tubes are connected to a slot-type card. 4 The large brackets are necessary with certain types of CPUs, in our case the com puter has an AMD processor and not use it. The orange box has clips to attach th e heatsink to the AMD. We also see a small bag with thermal paste spread between the CPU and the heatsink. Below are two pieces of tape resistant to high temper atures that are used to attach the probe thermometer to sink. Finally, top right , designed the bottle for dispensing distilled water and coolant. The coolant is contained into the bottle. Chapter 7

11 To insert slot Aquarius, take off one of those free in the homes. 8 The CPU is stripped, you spread the thermal paste with a brush provided in the p acket. 12 To pass into the slot valve should rotate.

45 During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 46 Modding Chapter 7 13 So now we insert the slot and avvitiamolo. 17 We are removing the tube closure. After removing the lid extract the silicone plug that closes the tank 21 14 Using the supplied adhesive tape pasted the measuring probe on the heatsink. Now connect the pipes provided with valves protruding from the rear of the compu ter, the connection to be clearly indicated on the valves and pipes. The boss 'I N' tube is connected with the valve 'IN', while that labeled 'OUT' is connected to the valve marked 'OUT'. 18 In this picture we see the hole filling the tank and its cap. 22 23 15 Connect the power supply to a molex Aquarius free. 19 That is the link once completed. kits for modding

Another link between Aquarius and computer: a serial cable is connected from the outlet to a similar COM Aquarius mail slot dedicated to him, the cable allows c ommunication and also provides the power, therefore no need any external power. 16 46 Aquarius The two valves are connected by a tube must be removed, conserviamolo f or transport, so that the liquid does not spill. 20 To access the fill hole, unscrew one of the two lids Aquarius, the operation is easy and is done with the fingers. All the necessary connections were made, we are almost ready to test the operati on of the cooling liquid. 24

During modding 31/08/2005 10:27 Page 47 The kit modding Chapter 7

Modding CONCLUDES We concluded our experiments modding, we had fun and now we see the finished res ult. Finished? We are sure that you, like us,€be of the opinion that there can n ever be considered finished personalizing our beloved PC, perhaps tomorrow we wo uld like to add a new light, drill another window, add a fan ... With what we ha ve learned will be a breeze. Enjoy! 25 Distilled water using a measuring cup and fill the bottle up to two thirds. Now we must open the various valves of the system, when it sold the valves are c losed, it completely aprirleruotando the thumbscrews counterclockwise. 29 Open the bottle by cutting off the coolant nozzle with a knife and versiamone th e entire content in the bottle. If we were to top up the mixture, the manual rec ommends using antifreeze for automobiles, which, besides preventing the freezing of the liquid, impedes the formation of algae and microorganisms. 26 The valves are to open four, two on computers and two sull'Aquarius. 30 The end result of our efforts 31 27 Detach from the bottle the top of the tube, infiliamola hole filling the tank an

d then lift the bottle to decant the liquid. Having poured the entire contents of the bottle, we observe the fluid level in t ransparent window, close the container with its silicone plug and screw the lid Aquarius. 28 Now we turn on the computer, the front panel will light up and hear the noise of the pump and fan. The manual recommends that you observe the proper functioning for 30 seconds, the tubes are filled with liquid without air bubbles. The color of the display should be blue, becomes red if there is something wrong and shou ld immediately turn off the system and find the fault. The display at the top le ft shows the water temperature, you can set an alarm if the temperature exceeds a predetermined value. The display at the top right shows the CPU temperature, e ven in this case we can set a value that must not be exceeded. When you switch t he first time both temperatures are shown in degrees Fahrenheit, you must select Celsius. Bottom left shows the speed of the fan Aquarius, you can adjust the kn ob on the bottom right to increase or decrease the effect of cooling and noise. Our PC photographed in shadow, the lights are applied to a beautiful effect.