MUSCLES OF UPPER MEMBER 1 - Muscles that act on the shoulder joint 1.1) 1.

2) Deltoid coracobrachialis 2nd - Muscles that act on the elbow joint 2.1) 2.2) 2.3) 2.4) 2.5) Brachial Bice ps brachii Triceps brachii brachioradialis Ancona 3 - forearm muscles that act on the hands and fingers located in the forearm mus cles can be located in two compartments: the anterior compartment and posterior compartment. In the anterior compartment muscles are 8, 5 surface and three deep . In the posterior compartment, there are 12 muscles and 7 surface and five deep . 3.1) Anterior compartment (8) Surface (5) Flexor carpi radialis Flexor carpi ulnaris Flexor Superficial Palmar l ong fingers pronator teres Deep (3) Deep flexor ) Surface (7) brachioradialis Extensor carpi radialis brevis Extensor carpi ra dialis longus Extensor carpi ulnaris Extensor Extensor finger joint of the littl e finger Ancona Deep (5) indicator Extender Extender over thumb Extensor pollicis thumb flexor pronator quadratus 3.2) Posterior compartment (12

abductor pollicis longus supinator Arm Muscles Biceps Brachii Muscles A = B = C = Brachial Triceps coracobrachialis D = E = Anc ona Action Flete forearm is in supination when the forearm Flete being in all po sitions helps to flex and adduct the arm extends the forearm help to extend the triceps forearm Superficial and Intermediate Layers of muscles in front of the forearm Muscles A = B = pronator teres flexor carpi radialis C = D = Palmar Long flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum superficialis = Prona and flexes the forearm and abducts the hand Flete Flete Flete's hand and raises his hand Action Flete the middle phalanges of medial four fingers Deep layer of muscles in front of the forearm Muscles = deep flexor B = flexor pollicis longus C = pronator quadratus Action Flete the distal phalanges of medial four fingers Flete the phalanges of the first finger (thumb) Prona forearm Superficial muscles on the posterior face and forearm extensor Brachioradialis muscles A = B = Extensor carpi radialis longus C = extensor carp i radialis brevis extensor digitorum D = E = Pinky Finger Extender F = extensor carpi ulnaris Flete Extends the forearm and abducts the hand extends and abducts the hand Action

Extends the medial four fingers and the hand extends the fifth finger extends an d raises his hand Deep in the posterior muscles or forearm extensor The supinator muscles = B = abductor pollicis longus C = Extensor pollicis Exten sor Long D = E = Extension of the Thumb Indicator Action Supine forearm Extends and abducts the thumb extends to the proximal phal anx of the thumb extends to the distal phalanx of the thumb extends the 2nd fing er and helps to extend a helping hand