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br Fraternity Care Seara de Luz A BARCA SOMEONE FAR ALMA JOY SWALLOWS OF LOVE AS JESUS LOVED THIS FRIEND FRIENDS OF LIGHT SELF-KNOWLEDGE BALLAD OF CHARITY WALK ON BEAUTIFUL SONG OF JOY CHRISTI AN SONG OF LOVE SONG OF FORGIVENESS CASINHA PEQUENINA CAPTIVE CHICO XAVIER BE AS GOOD AS IS GREAT FOR YOU MY LOVE SUNDAY SUN IS GOOD LIVING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNO W YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN SOCIETY EPITAPH SPIRITIST'M THINKING GOD IN TALKING WITH G OD FAMILY END OF TIME STRENGTH OF GOD THANKS TO GOD Guli ALI Scheilla HYMN HYMN TO A BROTHER TO BROTHER JOSEPH GLEBE HINO HINO Palminha PRAYER SISTER SOLITUDE B ROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON AmigaOS JESUS CHRIST JESUS JOSEPH GROSSO FREE, LIGHT AND LOOSE 18 2 4 5 19 3 11 12 3 1 5 1 8 6 4 1 14 7 18 7 6 1 17 15 6 21 13 9 8 11 3 4 5 3 3 1 7 1 8 20 2 12 Praise the Lord MY HANDS NATIONS MEI MEI Youth Miosotis OUR LADY The Rabbi of Ga lilee watches over us ORA CONFIDENT AND PRAYER OF SAINT FRANCIS FAMILY PRAYER FO R PEACE OF CHRIST BOLT FOR THE MASTER OF PEOPLE WITH LOVE PINGO PRA IMPROVING LI GHT QUANTA SPRING PRAYER PSALM WANT WANT 139 SEM CREDO, COLOR WILL BE HAPPY WITH OUT THE GOSPEL Seresteiro TRY AGAIN A SONG OF LOVE FOR YOU COME UTOPIA 18 10 5 14 10 6 13 16 20 2 8 18 17 6 9 11 9 2 16 16 12 10 4 15 17 19 7 Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 1 CAPTIVE BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON Oh! Brother Sun Sister Moon Open your eyes I see the light Oh! Brother Sister Ra in Wind Sing songs that bring me peace I love the world I like living in the cam ps live among my brothers always singing with great joy spend my days preaching the love One missing word has almost forgotten it reminds: Containing all close to each o ther and seven little letters it says "win"! Capture is love, it is also carryin g a bit of pain that someone has to take ... "Captivated" (captured), said someo ne (someone said), has created strong links ... Responsible (responsible) is you (you) so captivated ... oh! Oh! Oh! So alone in a desert, men too; I'll try to captivate, live close to someone ... BELO Beautiful to me is child's play to hear a thousand songs in a sea shell rain is falling, the field is in bloom And above all is love is love is love Beautiful t o me, when I am suffering and darkness in soul begins to grow is to remember wit h joy beyond, beyond, Waiting for me there is al ... Gemara. SONG OF JOY CHRISTIAN We are companions, friends, brothers who live happy, thinking of the good Our jo y is not good Christians Jesus offends or hurts nobody Our joy (the joy) is quit e the Gospel (the Gospel is good) and infects Vibra (vibrates and infects) the c hild to the old (the child when old) Even among hazards (notwithstanding the dan gers) We will give hands (give hands) How good friends (as friends) How good Chr istians. Always shoulder to shoulder, side by side We will work with joy For the most Christianized spiritualism For deployment of peace and harmony! Our joy ..

. IS IMPOSSIBLE Eye on everything and always find you in heaven, on earth, where everything that happens to me in meeting your love I can no longer stop believing in your love It's impossible not to believe in you It's impossible not to find you is impossi ble does not make you my ideal Oh! Jesus! All love! Flower of light, the Lord's beloved Master, the divine ligh t! Bless our doctrine. And that this day of brotherhood Be crowned with happines s Oh! Hear my prayer Jesus Jewel of Light, of my heart. PRAYER HYMN Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 2 LIGHT QUANTA In this environment how much light down on us tremble in our mind How much light as when in prayer as the soul grows the eyes of Jesus in prayer Quanta Light Fo r The Master's voice speaks to your heart How much light down on us Light Quanta , Quanta light. JOSEPH GROSSO (Melody: Sadness of Jeca) This simple story as a friend and protector of heaven That God Sends To heal our pain He is good and always loving fervent Help Reques ts the father for his brothers Joseph Grosso is the star to light in May kindly guide By Joseph Grosso our home here on Earth Found a sad end But Scheilla trans formed beautiful flower in your garden now lives beside Affectionate and devoted Serving The master always loved Joseph Grosso is the star light that day with u s At our home goodness PRAYER OF SAN FRANCISCO Lord,€Make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is discord I may bring harmony Where there is doubt let me sow faith Where there is error let me bring truth Where th ere is despair let me bring hope Where there is sadness, joy where there is dark ness let me bring light Oh, Teacher! Do I seek rather to comfort than be comfort ed to understand, be understood that Love, to be loved it is in giving that we r eceive is forgiving that one is forgiven and it is in dying that we live life to the Ether ..... at. JOY When a sad touch your heart Do not get discouraged and sings a song Remember tha t up there you have someone who wants very well, very well, very well when a nig gling pain damned hurt And deep down you do suffer Remember that there Above you have someone who wants Okay, fine, fine Put a smile on your pretty face Let the tears wash his disgust Remember that up there you have someone who wants very w ell, very well, very well Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 3 HYMN TO BROTHER JOSEPH GLEBE

Joseph Gleber, good mentor Ho! Come light of our life with us Your fight Roadmap glorious past, evolution and love for Jesus took you victorious, your Cross thi s corner, you are our guide Close to the sick, night and day towards the Lord, l ight of sublimated Help The Joseph us carry our cross. HYMN TO BROTHER Palminha Oh! Messenger beloved this vibrant prayer Receive our affection with flowers of joy and gratitude for Thy goodness to all of us vibrates Oh! Lily's charity the gardens of our home Oh! Brother mentor Source Palminha Sublime Consolation of te nderness and love Your affection is prayer in the form of light It shines the su blime peace of Jesus For me to rain on the roof's lullaby But the poor brother to him the cold rain w ill enter into their mud hut and makes the ground for me the wind is whistling m elody But poor night my brother hear the wind For the distressed wind, that cutt ing the evil He shed How can I sleep Be quiet if the day passed the I crossed my arms? How can I be happy If only my poor brother I closed my heart My love I re fused? BALLAD OF CHARITY GRATITUDE TO GOD When the shadow of sorrow Cover your dreams of happiness When you want to cry Be fore the cup of bitterness When the pain hit the door Hurting deep inside my hea rt When hope is dead And the life bitter illusion Look back Look how much pain S upplication Pleading for peace Eyes always love in the dark hands begging bread Bocas who do not speak and laugh for no reason Let the tears, smile again You're so happy, back to sing Say a prayer, be thankful to God when He blesses his son s THIS FRIEND It comes from the infinite love me amid the silence And my way, where does this friend that Jesus, te cover of Love and Light May your steps follow For between your arms I feel happy! I feel happy Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 4 Seresteiro GOSPEL Goodbye! My childhood dreams! Past bonanza, which buried the time! Goodbye! Smil ing youth! Rosary of nostalgia, Who loved in life. Goodbye! Goodbye, I say now! Already comes new dawn, It's time to go ... Goodbye! Do not cry please! True lov e will make you smile. The world is under blessed! The life, the star shine! Smi ling, I'll be there, always with the soul singing Goodbye! Oh dear fellow! My pl aintive guitar! Goodbye! From a poor serenader Gospel song done CASINHA PEQUENINA You do not remember the cottage Pequenina Where our love was born You do not rem ember the little cottage where our love was born I had a coconut tree on the sid e, that poor guy died of longing I had a coconut tree on the side, that poor guy already died of homesickness You do not remember the look with Weigh said goodbye farewell You do not remembe r the look with Weigh said goodbye farewell And I was abandoned, Desolate and cr y for whole life I was abandoned, Desolate and cry for All life Guli ALI

I like flowers up to the bad-me-not like the hills and a valley like any of the rivers that sing to me-Ali Guli Guli Guli-Ali-Ali-Ali Guli I love the animals li ke the elephant beetle tree canopy of lush I like the winds that sing for me Gul i Guli-Ali-Ali-Ali Guli Guli-Ali I like the things that God created the Earth Le t him keep always at peace, no war for you to sing this song for me Guli Guli-Al i-Ali Guli Guli-Ali-Ali SOMEONE FAR I feel a deep ache, that time passed by, somebody was so far away, By whom my so ul always cried. Following the paths of the world, in pursuit of happiness, I ha ve not found the ways you,€oh! Jesus is my longing. Nostalgia is pain, silence and solitude of someone who spoke to my heart and a tear On the face of pain, Of someone to dream, A dream of love. Repeat the first and second verse. Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 5 SOUL OF THE SWALLOWS I can not tell, where will the souls of the swallows I do not know ... I do not know ... I can not say, where to go Perfumes so many flowers I do not know! I do not know ... I only can say that within my soul I feel the nature Singing and c rying ... I only can say I feel God smiling at me I can not tell Where are joys and sorrows I do not know! I do not know! I can not tell you where to go and dis enchantment Saudades I do not know! I do not know WALKING I will walk my path is one reason I carry a live winds that beat on my face many hands that go And every glance and a laugh in every heart the desire for love a nd peace there where the sun shines on the slopes There the sea where the wind s peaks of planting From things I do not know maybe distant worlds frees my body, my soul cry of struggle and peace A HYMN Scheilla Let's attached to a Scheilla endless joy Sing like the birds that flit in the ga rden This flower is so delicate When you stick with us forever Let your perfume And the warmth of your voice Scheilla sister, so dear Come bring us this light t hat illuminates our Life In the ways of Jesus as the Good Samaritan And Scheilla to guide us We'll Always confident joyful singing Scheilla sister, so dear Come bring us this light that illuminates our lives in ways of Jesus the sick waitin g fraternity and love will take us tonight salve their pain Scheilla sister, so dear Come bring us this light that illuminates our lives in ways of Jesus MEI MEI Mei Mei In light of your eyes Shines the peace of the the sad path of pain! Mei Mei involves our prayer in Bringing the splendor of the kingdom Consolo What the ut the pain from the dismal misfortune on the road of ove Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 6 SONG OF FORGIVENESS My brother listens to this message that the Master sends with love light shining Lord is the sun shining in light of your great love! poor little children cry o great bitterness Mei Mei l

your pilgrimage is the paths of pain you forgive those who offend and slander F orget all the evil And forgive you find joy without imposing humiliation is havi ng Jesus in my heart Forgive And honestly find happiness Transforms hate into lo ve The thorn in scented flower follows the life always loving and forgiving the enemy SPIRIT IN SOCIETY In the true spirit throughout society acts as the light of a cand When we grow C omforting and confident We will clarify the truth JESUS EXAMPLE OF LIVING AND LO VING, LAIA New Yes we will all work was to begin building the universal family F ar, far away, When going beyond the world created And we all unite in the feelin g of love GOOD LIVING It is good to live when you have peace in my heart You like me, who is also happ y to learn this lesson when worry Take your thinking The Lord God Put a smile on every pain and help his brother Only then do you It's good to see then live Whe n you have peace and love and God in the heart PINGO OF PEOPLE You drop the moonlight, my ball of soap is a promise, is the beginning, white pe bble of the brook in my life of people is hope Pingo You child is my baby Of my dreams you came into my evening Pingo Firefly people, my heart Smile for life, w hen you smiled at me In your eyes I see the purity The lucidity of soul in bloom Come to my lap, beautiful child in her ear softly say: You are my love! Her smi le captivated me His joy is more than light is on earth peace, deep love When yo ur lips say the name "Master Jesus" The Rabbi of Galilee Oh! Rabbi of Galilee in meekness of thine eyes I sing, I love me calm down, I li ve Oh! Rabbi heavenly friend On the shores of Tiberias You talked of love I sing , I love me calm down, I live in the sky shines like a star all the way to light shines on earth and in your heart shines on you, me in song form Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 7 DOMINGO DE SOL (CLAUDIO MARCELO) VEM Come! Wrap me in your arms Come! Squeeze my hand! I forgive you because I love y ou, my heart is all yours. Come! Forget the past! Come! Walk with me! He wipes t he tears of sorrow and pain, Hark the singing of our love ... Redeemed soul mate of my soul the way ... Two thousand years of alliance, Of hope and love ...€Co me! Dear fellow travelers and splendors of eternity Through the "Light of my ten der love" Come! We will offer a prayer moved the Nazarene with gratitude For so much love in our lives ... Come! Jesus is smiling at the endless stops Blessing our union Come! My love! Give me your hand Sunday sun, sky so blue and so much joy in the air in a breeze scent of happines s, happy way to sing. I hope you meet a beautiful day as well so I can give you a nice hug Te indulge in a love so dainty and go out with you to walk around (ar ound) ... The hum of my heart says that is tied to your lives and the dream of h is heart, saying to my living. (Chorus) SISTER SOLITUDE

When I was a child I dreamed of you You were hoping to say without knowing why . .. I lived in his shadow looking for the paths and the soul was sobbing with tho rns With toys I dreamed but I never had And sad, so I thought that love did not exist ... The longing I felt a sting my heart I did not know that the missing si ster of loneliness is his name I do not know But, I prayed night and day To make my dream ... Today I feel your presence in the greatness of this belief the sou l light HOW TO BE GOOD LAIA LAIA LAIA We are young we are trying to understand why there And travelers of spaceship ea rth in one day going from How good is good ... Want to understand what we are Ho w good is good .. We know where we walk we are young we are trying to understand why there Of being thus able to sing love talking and smiling, singing, talking and smiling How good is good Looking from this angle as life is good, it's good to know that love dominates us How good is there LAIA LAIA LAIA Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 8 END OF TIMES (JOHN Cabet) Come Jesus, divine friend, Come bring your peace. You alone are our shelter, which brings thousand in fortunes! Come, oh gentle Nazarene, This worl d comfort! Come with your look serene, illuminate the whole earth! Away from the world war, the jackal devouring, destroying everything on Earth, spreading grie f and pain. There are cries of distress, There are no more spring, Little childr en ask for bread, men fight like beasts. JESUS AmigaOS (Patricia Passion / Eden Lira) Oh, I'm here again My heart overflows with emotio n Why do I feel this joy this longing, this harmony? This is very good! Do not w ant to leave that dream My life makes sense in this direction wonder why everyth ing is beautiful? The work on the loneliness of life goes I'm here to say I'm wi th you, Jesus, I love you! Your way is very beautiful and makes sense Jesus, you 're my buddy! (Repeats 1 and 2) I am here to say That your love makes me grow, J esus, I love you! Your way is very beautiful and makes sense Jesus, you're my bu ddy! Come, Lord, come reafforesta paths! Come, Lord, come perfume hearts! Kill the pa in and silence the guns! Come, Lord, with your love so deep, Light consciences a nd make the world happy. BOLT (ECIO BUCK) who feel suffocation in the chest! I want to scream, breathe, do not give way! Only you can get. I have the "slut" confused, Tight equal screw A "ju g" is to blow What I see makes me scared, I feel threatened world, wanting to ki ll brothers, children starving, Selfishness destroying the man, Love lost his pl ace . Jesus! ... Loosen your arms From the nails of the cross, rip the sky with thy rays of light come down and catch me Hold me, soothe me, stroke their hair, wrap me in Thy bosom so full of jealousy, catch me in her lap and me sing a lull aby. Laiala laiala laiala ilk boy who sleeps sleeps I'm here boy I'm a. .. ... e s Thurs SONG OF LOVE (André Machado) Sunshine, here I come morning you wake up in the song of love t o see you all the happiest days is more beautiful with you to smile Just be with you No need to explain It's so good friend here in the heart comes singing Spea

k to me of happiness is so good for your friendship Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 9 PRA IMPROVE FAMILY (Pirolli ANDRà ) The phone rings, you do not want to answer the letter has arrived , you did not want to read the opening ta film on screen, you never stopped to s ee life goin past and you do not want to live To improve, tune at the heart wave s of love and reason has to study and practice ta Jesus in calling my brother be ing born and reborn I will travel to live with faith will suffer from the mounta ins carrying Seizing the opportunity for real Cause I miss the more I come back to learn more (Chorus ) (EMERSON WOOD) source of warmth and love that is the light of my way Cause I kno w I'm never alone there is someone there with me Consolo, the truth here you'll find in family, friendship, trust in someone to guide us. Let us sow love and ma rriage and find a true brother in every hands together I know it will be creatin g a new world, life in retirement. In harmony and heart vibrating in one directi on embracing the same ideals we build the universal family. (Chorus) SPRING (MARCELO CLAUDIO) The butterflies are now flying full of charm, grace and lots o f color is the spring that's coming is already the world by dressing in color. I n the green woods ipês flower bouquets and even look cute And the ... you ... p ray to ask is splendid time to live. Well do not look back, look forward to ligh t shone If a dream dissolves many more will arise Alegre his heart he is a garde n full of blooming which loves roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and jasmines . .. Full of love which bloom roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and jasmines ... A cool breeze touches the symphony light rustle of the leaves seems to applaud A nd sing the creek so hot that even the clouds pause to listen. The birds sing ra pt attention to the flowers that perfume the air smelling air cure my pain and m akes me want to sing happy. Oh spring so beautiful I wanted you to eternal Who k nows the hearts beautiful flowered then also to the ways their hearts Maybe then smiled so plain to the ways their spring For you are the smile of God, for spri ng are the smile of God. Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 10 OUR LADY (ROBERTO CARLOS) Cover me with her mantle of love Keep me in peace that look to me Healing the wo unds and pain That makes me bear the stones of my way My feet hurt even tread su pport of thorns help me pass If I got hurt on strip Mother And those of my heart that I did suffer I apologize if I bend my body in pain Me relieves the weight of the cross intercede for me my mother beside me Jesus Our Lady of the hand tak es care of my heart Of my life my destiny Madonna give me your hand Take care of my heart Of my life my destiny On my way Take care of me When my tears roll Put your hands on me and increases my faith calms my heart is grand procession to a sk for forgiveness A Mercy healing of body and soul to salvation Poor sinners mo ther oh so needy of you Holy Mother of God have mercy on us

BE HAPPY (Emilio PIERONI) Sometimes you get so unhappy Forget the weather, the t ime when we ran among the flowers in the garden a sweet and happy child. Sometim es you cry a tear in it invades Nostalgia In brief moment you have dreamed a dre am, a dream as beautiful as you. Let yesterday after practical, pro tomorrow Let that peace will invade the hearts Long live the beautiful, crying because the l ove alive. Feel the forgiveness of the heart think about planting the seed The s eed of love, growing, developing, involving you will be happy will be happy .. w ill be very happy very happy HANDS NATIONS (JOHN Cabet) Love, more love and make happy the world offer their own pain We live in peace and love brothers everywhere We'll always find happine ss, joy is what we win with the soul in prayer Joining hands Serve Loving like b rothers singing Love, Love Smiling, Smiling Singing, Singing And peace reaffores ta Kneeling at your feet your hands extended to us Pray for us all your sons my bro thers me Our Lady of the hand takes care of my heart Of my life's my destiny In my way Take care of me Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 11 STRENGTH OF GOD DOCTRINE SPIRITIST STRENGTH OF GOD "DOCTRINE SPIRITIST STRENGTH OF GOD" I seek you are my home "I want to get you to donate" In you lives the li ght shine "always leads us Spiritism" You are my lighthouse teaching that the Su n "comes to clear our minds" To learn how to teach "A lot of people Spiritism" F RIENDS OF LIGHT "AH JESUS! AH MY FRIEND OF LIGHT! When you cry My life The Gospe l Our corner glitters! (Letter Luis Sérgio - Cascade Light Book Pg.85) Oh-Oh-Oh "PRAYER" Powerful eagle is on top of the totem, daime your wing, teach me to fly, crizÄ ho rizons win mountains and seas, with the light of knowledge by virtue of love. Wi th your strength O bear me such help break down the barriers of life and find th at I come to ask you, O turtle totem that you are claiming, then I'm sure your o ne day to come, see you on eagle's wings in the strength of the bear, in all cre ated things for you, elevates my soul, makes me so perfect,€leads me to know th at you are inside of me Oh Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be your name on behalf of us all with your strength O bear me such help break down the barri ers of life and find that I come to ask you , O turtle, the totem you are claimi ng, then I'm sure your one day to come, see you on eagle's wings in the strength of the bear, in all created things for you, elevates my soul, makes me so perfe ct, makes me know that you are inside of me Oh Our Father which art in heaven, h allowed be your name on behalf of us all turn to you ... You sing and live. Brings word of light is the glow that Women: In Sasas eagle, the strength of the bear, in all created things for you, elevates my soul, makes me so perfect, makes me know that you are inside me Men: Oh-Oh-Oh

AH JESUS! AH MY FRIEND OF LIGHT! Spread the Peace is also our brother ... And lo ve in the heart I want to see you holding hands And everybody's singing the song AH JESUS! AH MY FRIEND OF LIGHT! LIGHT MY FRIEND MY FRIEND JESUS Department of Children and Youth SELF-KNOWLEDGE 12 ent (BRUNO / DENIS) Fraternity Care Seara de Luz FREE, light and loose (DENIS / Jonathan) Sometimes the flowers are lost in the w ind in a garden But if spring is calm, not so bad a new flower that grows wild h eart A new perfume exhale, breathe with emotion Free Light and loose, so the tim e is If love is wrapped, all is not bad feelings become Free Take the forest is the breeze of peace, that everything is remade Loose man who can love or that mi ght embrace and live well if we lose peace, just feel the wind breeze If we lose a friend in the past makes us smile Crying slows the heart Smiling this, this i s good intuition Free, light and loose feeling is so Friendship is not a game, a re the flowers your garden Know thyself and know the truth See how the world is more beautiful Wisdom is th e key to evolution is necessary to understand the reason overcome Knowing the wo rld is knowing you need to grow, self You're a world full of love There's a beau tiful world inside Unlock the mysteries of his heart will find so much peace to Release the emotion sadness alive with a world of such beauty ... It must be lov e (You must love ...) CREDO NO, NO COLOR (ECIO BUCK - VOICE FROM THE MORNING) Changes While They're Mu da while it is day takes over corner of your vibrations of peace and joy soothes the souls suffered Look houses who lost hope in your heart to despair or den .. . ... And love, love without distinction Pain has no creed or color ... Only lo ve keeps this flame. Flame that warms and illuminates Flame burning and not burn ing feeling sublime Love That raises hopes and forgive ... ... And love, love wi thout distinction Pain has no creed or color ... Only love keeps this flame. Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 13 Watches over us (ECIO BUCK - VOICE OF THE MORNING) When the sun begins to shine Announcing a new dawn The birds sing in splendor Th anking a new day to the creator ... Watches over us! Watches over us! Watches ov er us! Who turn to you and the sweet singing fountain going down hills and gorge s Giving Your life nurturing nature whisper will singing this song! ... Watches over us! Watches over us! Watches over us! Who turn to you flowers, rocks, water and animals all live in the light of your love seas, rivers, forests and waterf alls and the winds singing Your praise also watches over us! Watches over us! Wa tches over us! Who turn to you When the night comes I'm gonna pray On the shrine of my heart to thank the light of life that is eternal redemption for my ... Wa tches over us! Watches over us! Watches over us! Who turn to you TALKING WITH GOD (ECIO BUCK - VOICE FROM THE MORNING) When Will I feel the tears roll from my eyes I stand alone And talk to God with him know that I can open m

y heart Without censorship, without fear, without holding the emotion He underst ands my crying understood my pain and my comfort be known that I am in life to f all, get up and learn and have confidence in me knows that I'll grow to love, pr otect, develop, understand and forgive I'll release your light to guide their ch ildren without their ask whether black or white, rich or poor, believers or athe ists. Forgive us Lord! The outpourings In my moments like this ... I talk to God . Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 14 Youth Miosotis INSP. Celia T. Lucchino IN SET./98 CHICO XAVIER (FABIO JUNIOR) The youth is a flower that struggle, is already preparing pro beautiful future. Wields serious flag of glory, To the happy world to come. Study jokes, smiles, d oes not distort and has sincere desire to love Christ is the bulwark that counts ,€With your smile happy to patronize. The following content, two planes, unite, Tearing the darkness with the light that strife, Come to the meeting with soft robes, look the other plan trusts. Myosotis are blue color of the sky, Its motto fight beyond. Come meet the call gently Youth who tread the path of good. Come together, read this, The moment is now. And seek the brother That was the road. Extending hand that saves. Embracing, giving affection. Chico Xavier Chico Xavier Chico Xavier was always helps Chico Xavier Chico Xavie r who has ears to hear, listen Francisco is like a river from the source to whom he collects plant the seed Its banks are harbinger for the future I do not have to swear But if I have interest Chico Xavier Chico Xavier Chico Xavier was alwa ys helps Chico Xavier Chico Xavier who has ears to hear, listen Chico Xavier is a little strange For those who believe in your own heart Chico Xavier no size He is light illuminating the darkness Chico Xavier Chico Xavier Chico Xavier was a lways helps Chico Xavier Chico Xavier who has ears to hear, listen TRY AGAIN Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 15 (Raul Seixas) See Do not say the song is Lost Have faith in God, have faith in life or try tra ... Drink For the time is still on the living water fountain you have two feet to cross the bridge bou ... Nothing aca, no no Try not not thirsty Raise your ha nd and start walking Do not think that the head bears if you stop, no no no no T here's a voice that sings, dances a voice, a voice that turns the air Bailando J ust Want to be sincere and profound desire You will be able to shake the world, will try once or tra ... Try And do not say that victory is lost If you are batt les that you live life instead Try or tra ... Epitaph (TITANS) I should have loved more have cried more have seen the sun I sh ould have risked more and more wrong to have done what I wanted to do I would ha ve accepted - people as they are Every one knows the joy - and pain that brings the heart Chance Chance goes as I go while I protect myself, protect myself dist

racted walk, walk Should have less complicated Worked least have seen the sun go down I should hav e cared less about small problems have died of love I would have accepted - Life as it is fit to each one-joys And the sorrow that comes while I'll Chance The T he accident happened while I'll go when I go the chance while I protect myself, protect myself distracted floor, floor to protect me, protect me distracted walk , walk Should have less complicated Worked least have seen the sunset Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 16 WANT WANT (Aroldo / ANA CLAUDIA MENDONÃ A-MOFRO) I want to be like a sunflower, always in search of morning light, I would want t o be a nightingale to sing when the breeze without end I would want to be happy I want, I want all the love that there I would want to be a chalk The scribble, scribble , scribble The whole world of love! Want to want to plant a flower wher e the colors of the missing peace I want to be an adult and child act in the way of being ORA AND CONFIDENT (ALEXANDRE AMORIM-MOFRO) Psalm 139 Lord, I know that thou hast I also know that I know If I sit or stand up You know my thoughts either lying or walking or you know all my steps And bef ore there are words in me I know you know me at all! Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, I k now I know I know I know that that that tu tu me me me me probes probes probes p robes See brother That sparkles in the sky The love of the Father in prayer and thanke d her life And trust ... My brother, who will come to light In answer to your lo neliness Invigorate your heart sees brother ... Invigorate your heart that the l ight will strengthen your heart God, thou beset me behind me in Your hand rests Science is great can not reach s o high If I ascend to heaven I know there also If you find me in the abyss is my bed I know you love me there too Department of Children and Youth THE MASTER WITH LOVE (Author unknown - MOFRO) There are a gardener That plant ga rdens in another land with another seed that grows its flowers in you and me Tha t we care for our patient Waiting For Spring Waiting buds are sure: Our flowers One day will be born in peace and will bloom their scent will spread and is a fe ast in every heart that is born in a flower planted by the master of love. 17 A song of love to you (Cathedral - For all mundo/99) Fraternity Care Seara de Luz A world with so much indifference contrasts wars and hunger go hand in hand with pain Life Force and your sense of truth Everything we live is nothing without L

OVE too late when you do not want to see,€It is impossible to live not only wal k, then? Do not tell me that the world is wrong today I do not want to read the paper I just want to write a love song for you have young people on street corne rs with drugs in their backpacks Enjoying a freedom artificial life and its myst ery The power of desire without makeup, freedom the heart is too late when you d o not want to see, to live is not allowed to be happy, then what? YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE (TITANS) Who expects the life of illusion can be done to get mad or die in solitude One must be careful not to suffer later Pra You ha ve to learn to live Every stone path you can take a flower that has thorns You I f you can scratch the good and evil exist You can choose you need to know to liv e you need to know to live you need to know to live you need to know to live you need to know Know how to live Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 18 PRAISE Praise Praise Praise Praise BE MY LORD my Lord my Lord, my Lord, my Lord A BARCA You, you Abeiras the beach, does not seek nor wise, nor rich, only wish that I follow the Lord, you you looked me in the eyes smile, utter my name there on the beach, I dropped my boat Together with you, seek another sea. You know w ell that in my boat, I have no sword or gold only network and my work my hands C horus You request my tiredness the rest other than clams Love Chorus You go on l oving fisherman from other lakes Lust eternal souls waiting Kind friend so call me peace of Christ, Peace, peace of Christ, Peace, peace that comes from love I wish you brother Peace is happiness to see you, Christ our brother If ever in li fe, you need me, know that I'm your friend, can tell The world gives me so many turns We'll meet, I want in life turns His hand tighten For all his creatures the sun and the moon For the stars of heaven by water and fire Praise ... For those who are happy now, by those who now mourn For those wh o are born now, by those who now die. Praise ... What gives meaning to life is t o love you and praise you for our life is always a song HOW BIG MY LOVE FOR YOU I have so much to tell you, But words can not tell you how great my love And for you there is nothing to compare, To explain how great my love for you Even the sky or the stars, not even the sea, and the infinite is not greater than my love , despair no more beautiful Me to find Some kind of tell you how great my love f or you will never forget even a second that I have the greatest love the world h ow great my love for you, But how great my love for you Department of Children and Youth UTOPIA Of the many things from my childhood, I keep alive in memory, the comfort of my home in the evening When everything is quiet the family joined together i n the porch talking Not My parents had no school, no money, every day, the entir e year, worked nonstop lacked everything, but we did not care not the important thing was missing, his smile I saw her look so often Dad get tired, but it was s acred, he stroked one by one and ask who did pranks, And Mom And in defending al l straightened slowly The sun went down and someone brought the guitar, everyone wanted to see dad sing with us Desafinado, Part hoarse, tired voice, he played one thousand tunes, look at the setting sun Your time ran, Today I see the wonde r of having a family when many do not have it. Today we speak of separation and divorce, love turned consortium Commitment to anyone. That there are so many chi ldren and more than palaces, like a hug And the affection between their parents

if the parents love each other, divorce would not come, they call it utopia, I c all it peace. 19 love as Jesus loved One day a kid stopped me, looked me in my eyes, smiling, pen and paper in his hand, to comply with school task, and asked in the middle o f a smile: What it takes to be happy? Loving as Jesus loved, dreamed dream like Jesus, think like Jesus thought, To live as Jesus lived feel what Jesus felt, Sm iling like Jesus smile And when you reach the end of the day, I know I sleep a l ot happier (2X) Listening to what I said she looked at me and said it was nice t hat I asked told me to repeat that please, that not all speak at once and asked in the middle of a smile: What it takes to be happy? CHORUS After I finished rep eating, his eyes never left the paper I looked at her smiling face, I asked them to forward it were true And she gave me a long kiss And beside me was saying: C HORUS Fraternity Care Seara de Luz Department of Children and Youth JESUS CHRIST Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ I'm here (2X) Look to the sky and see a white cloud that passes, I look at land and see a crow d that is walking. As this white cloud That we do not know where it goes, Who ca n tell you is the right way my Father Jesus Christ ... On every corner I see a l ook of a lost brother, In quest of the same good walking this direction comes fr om. It is my desire to see this procession always increasing, so that all sing t he same voice this prayer. Jesus Christ ... The whole crowd has chest love and s eek peace, and through it all, Hope does not fall apart. Looking at the flower t hat is born on the ground that they have love, I look to heaven and I grow my fa ith in the Savior. Jesus Christ ... 20 FAMILY PRAYER Get That no family in any of a sudden. That no family due to la ck of love. The couple is at each other in body and mind. And nothing in the wor ld that separates a couple dreamer. That no family shelter under the bridge. Tha t no one interferes in the home and the lives of two. Nobody forces them to live without any horizon. They live yesterday, today and in a later function. The fa mily begins and ends knowing where it goes, And that man load on the shoulders o f a father's grace, Let the woman be a heaven of tenderness, warmth and heat and that the children know the strength that springs from love Bless, the Lord fami lies, amen. Bless you my also Bless, sir families, amen. Bless you my husband an d wife also What Have strength to love without measure. Nobody goes to sleep wit hout asking or without giving her forgiveness. That children learn in her lap th e meaning of life. The family celebrates the sharing of bread and hug. That husb and and wife did not betray nor betray their children. That jealousy does not ki ll the certainty of the love between the two. What in your sky A star that has a higher gloss Be firm hope of a heaven right here and after. Fraternity Care Seara de Luz Department of Children and Youth Fraternity Care Seara de Luz 21 I'M THINKING IN GOD I'm thinking about God, I'm thinking of love (2X) Men escape

from love And after that empty into the void and anguish if you doubt, you go n ear them Still I'm thinking nobody has faith in God, I am thinking of love (2X) distressed when I see That after two thousand years Among the many disappointmen ts Few live their faith, many speak of hope More forget you I'm thinking about G od, I'm thinking of love (2X) Everything could be better if my people seek ways in which Thinking walked over to your Lord, But you is forgotten And why not lov e I'm thinking about God, I'm thinking of love (2X) Everything would be much bet ter if Christmas was not a day And if mothers And if Mary were the parents were Joseph And if we look like Jesus of Nazareth I'm thinking about God, I'm thinkin g of love (2X)