Tips and Tricks 1.

Turn XP Slow Walk to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ Once th ere, find the value that should be in HungAppTimeout 5000 (default). If not, pla ce. Even so, look for the value WaitToKillAppTimeout. Change the value to 1000 ( default is 20000). 2.After give one month in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ Curre ntControlSet \ Control \ and change the value of WaitToKillServiceTimeout 1000. 3.Se you use the Nvidia driver go to Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Clic k Services and look for the NVidia Driver Help service. In its properties, mark it as manual and not disabled. 4.The WXP does not deal well with the L2 cache. I f you know exactly how much L2 cache is your process, take a look at HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Manage ment \ SecondLevelDataCache Look for value. Double-click. In the window that ope ns check the ball "Decimal" and "Value Data" enter how many kilobytes of L2 cach e your processor has. 5.You and I know that nennhum Windows, which is more stabl e, it releases all memory that was occupied by an application when it is closed. Always gets overlooked a DLL into memory, making it virtually impossible not to have to restart your computer to be micro lighter after a session of hardcore O ffice, for example. To force the download WindowsXP memory all the DLLs that are not in use, take a look at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer There, you'll have to create a new key called Always UnloadDLL. How to create a new key, you'll ask me. Simple, I reply. Click your r ight mouse button on the Explorer key, point to New, then Key. A new key will be created within the item Explorer (it will seem a new folder). Rename it to Alwa ysUnloadDLL and change the Default value to 1 instead of 0. 6.Se you have Office installed, go to Start> All Programs> Startup, delete Office from there, it als o improves the boot. Desktop offline If you do not use Desktop offline is to disable it, this feature also affects pe rformance. Path: Control Panel> Video> Desktop> Customize Desktop> Web> Properties> Web Doc ument Disable the box "Make this page available offline. Cleanup Wizard on the desktop It is another option available which also consumes resources, to disable it, Fin d it: Control Panel> Video> Desktop> Customize Desktop> General> Disable "Run De sktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days" Improving the performance of HD See if your disk is enabled for better performance. Start> Control Panel> System > Device Manager> IDE / ATAPI controllers> Primary IDE Channel (and also seconda ry, if any)> Advanced Settings> On Transfer Mode, select "DMA if available". Thi s will make it work faster. Start and shut down faster Path: Start> Run and type control userpasswords2 and click ok. Users in the ear, disable the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this compu ter" and click Apply. You will see a dialog box asking for username and password . Choose the default user name and set a password (note: do not leave this blank password), click ok. After this, go to Control Panel> User Accounts and click " Change the way users log on or off" and uncheck the option "Use the welcome scre en" and "Use Fast User Switching." Note: This feature applies only if a user usi ng the micro, the picture that you chose earlier and which lies next to your nam e in the start menu also disappears.

Speeding up the search for other computers on the network Path: Start> Run, type "regedit" (without quotes), press OK. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MA CHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / Current Version / Explorer / RemoteComp uter / NameSpace and look for key (D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF). Delete it and go. The viewing / browsing other stations on the network will be faster. Browse faster Both Windows XP and Windows 2000 has a feature (QoS Packet Scheduler) that "rese rvation" 20% of the available bandwidth of network and Internet for their own us e, which for most users is not necessary. To recover the 20% band, follow these steps: Path: Start> Run, type gpedit.msc and press ok. Computer Configuration> A dministrative Templates> Network Select in the left window, "QoS Packet Schedule r." In the right window, double-click on the "Limit Reservable bandwidth."€On th e Configuration tab, select Enabled. In the line "Limit% of the band", enter 0 ( zero). Click Apply, OK and exit. Go into the network settings (Control Panel> Ne twork Connections), right-click on the existing connection, select Properties. I n the General tab, enable the QoS Packet Scheduler (if already enabled, leave as is). Restart the computer. Note: If more than one networked computer, you must follow the above steps for all. Internet Explorer opening soon In Windows XP as well as Windows 2000 has a function that causes Internet Explor er to do a search for scheduled tasks whenever it is open, it causes a certain d elay when Internet Explorer opens but has a way to eliminate the demand for scheduled tasks by editing the system registry, follow these steps: Path: Start> Run> regedit Find the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Explorer \ RemoteComputer \ NameSpace In the right column search key: ClassId key (D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D8700 AA0060F5BF) Delete this key without fear. Close the registry editor and open Int ernet Explorer, you will notice that your Internet Explorer will open much faste r. Agility to Windows Both Windows XP and Windows 2000 offer a choice of settings for the operating sy stem, which, if properly adjusted according to each user's profile will make you r machine much lighter and agile, these options remain hidden places for most of users or when found not know what they mean, Microsoft provides all the specifi cations of these functions on your site, but as this is a very technical and are in English are difficult to understand. Ai goes in a simplified way how you can make these adjustments, since you are the only user of the computer, and your P C is not networked, all of the options below may be disabled: Alert Task Schedul er (If you do not want PC use scheduled tasks, for example if you use Norton AV updates automatically nãodesmarque this box) Remote Procedure Call Allocator Acc ess to Human Interface Device NetBIOS Helper TCP / IP (for security reasons) Wir eless Zero Configuration Workstation Computer Browser Net Logon (if your PC is not networked) Messenger Netmeeting Remote Desktop Shar ing (for security reasons) Windows Time (cause the time is updated when connecte d) Remote Registry Server SSDP Discovery Service (for security reasons) Indexing Service (compromise the performance of HD) Telnet (for security reasons) Fast U ser Switching Universal Plug and Play Device Host Upload Manager Nero software accelerated If you use Nero to burn your CDs, there is a trick to open it faster. When you o

pen Nero, it shows the message "Scaning SCSI / IDE Bus-Please Wait" and usually you are waiting, the reason is because Windows makes simultaneous use of CD-RW. Disabling this function Operating System, Nero will open much faster. See soluti on below: Path: Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services Find the item IMAP I CD-Burning COM Service, click the right mouse button and choose properties, st artup type, choose Disable, then click apply. The next time you're using Nero it opens soon. Start menu like lightning To make the Start Menu to get more speed you have to make a change in the key of your record. Path: Start> Run> regedit Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Pa nel \ Desktop Find the item MenuShowDelay in the right list, with two clicks on it opens a box, type the value of 100 the Windows default is 400. Restart your P C to feel the effect. More on the Start Menu Start Menu Any item can be dragged to your Desktop or the Quick Launch bar, which is on the Start Menu. See if defragmentation of the boot from your Windows is enabled Defragmenting the files restart Windows makes the boot much faster, it costs not hing to give you a peek and see if it is enabled to do this follow these steps: Start> Run> regedit Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> MICROSOFT> Dfrg> See BootOptimizeFunction click on the Enable key has a Y and has a key OptimizeComp lete YES, if your boot is now faster, if by chance the key is not as above, doub le click on the Enable key, and enter a Y instead of an N. Virtual memory Many people complain that Windows has bugs, or exaggerate something,€what users need to realize is that each installation of an Operating System is unique, each uses a different function for some, has some Desktop with the same guy? No, the face of desktops are very different, this will depend on who is using, Microsof t makes a pattern, each i set it depending on your needs. If your PC is modern a nd has lots of RAM, you can shrink the Windows virtual memory, which is used whe re it exhausts the capacity of your RAM is a very good trick found by Microsoft, but as it comes an artifice, the performance of your PC is also compromised. De pending on how much RAM you have installed on your motherboard, you can decrease your pagefile, which is the swap file of Windows. PCs with 512MB or more does n ot need to use virtual memory. If you have less than 512MB of RAM installed, a c alculation you can do to adjust your virtual memory is to multiply your RAM by 1 .5 installed in my case as I have 128MB of RAM, I have multiplied by 1.5 a score of 192, set this value to the minimum and maximum, this will mean that y ou do not have performance loss and fragmentation. So you can make changes that follow these steps: Start> Control Panel> System> Advanced> Performance> Advance d> Virtual Memory> Change. Put the value you got with the calculation, click set and ok. If you notice crashes, select "let Windows manage virtual memory." Visual performance of XP x Microsoft recommends a minimum of 128MB for the installation of Windows XP if yo u have less than this, you can disable several items of visual WXP to increase p erformance. Path: Control Panel> System> Advanced> Performance Settings> Visual Effects this site choose the best option for PCs. Restore Point Vapt Vupt-Create a system restore point quickly, copy this script to your PC, after that just click on it that will create a restore point. System Restore Did you know that each restore point is created that grasps much space

on your HD? Restore points are created automatically by Windows and can also be created for you. The space created for each restore point is equal to the amount of points created. But the operating system provides a feature to vacate the sp ace formerly occupied by offering more space for your HD eliminated the points r aised earlier. Follow these steps: Start> Toddo Programs> Accessories> System Fe rramentasdo> Disk Cleanup. In the box that opens, choose "More Options" below pr efer the "System Restore" and then "Clear." Following this statement all the res tore points are deleted, except the most recent. Many delete temporary files tem porary files - with the. Tmp - are created in the folder c: \ Windows \ Temp and C: \ Documents and Settings \ user. You can delete all of them periodically and without fear. A good small program f or this is Clean Disk Security, you find here. Removing the Shared Documents fol der Some people do not like that folder is not appearing to use. You can delete it by following these steps: Start> Run> type regedit> enter Gpedit.msc. In Grou p Policy> User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Componentesdo> W indows Explorer> Remove documents from my computer. Choose "enable". For those w ho do not like balõezinhos Notice Is there a way to remove the balloons from Win dows if they annoy you. Follow the steps below and they will go to space. Start> Run> regedit Find the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> Cur rent Version> Explorer> Advanced. Click the Edit menu> New> DWORD value and choo se. Enter the text "EnableBallonTips" and an Enter. Choice for this variable the value 0 (zero). For those who have little hard drive space, or want to increase it. (Hint not recommended) This procedure is not recommended! If any Windows fi le is corrupted, the user runs the risk of having to reinstall it completely bec ause the operating system can not recover the files stored for this situation. A nd the Windows CD will not solve the cases that have been applied patches (hotfi xes and patches) on these files because their version is different from that in the CD-ROM "Baboo" ... There is a Windows XP system that protects the files if i t is replaced by you or some program that causes malfunction of the OS. This sys tem of protection of files and has the initials WFP replaces the file that was p reviously modified the original version.€But for him to use such devices, is sto red in the Windows/System32/dllcache, many files that eat up considerable space on your hard drive. Following the path below you can delete them without worry, going on a problem with Windows files and found them not, it prompts you to inse rt the installation CD of Windows XP. Start by opening the Command Prompt and ty pe sfc / cachesize = x meaning by x amount in MB that you will choose to store t he cache, a good book is 50 Mb So looks like this: sfc / cachesize = 50Mb Done T herefore, we will delete all files that are stored in cache and are taking up to o much space. In the same Command Prompt, type sfc / purgecache. Hd made his start deleting al l those files, depending on the time it takes to delete these files more space i s being vacated!! Disable Hibernate function and gain 500Mb Disabling hibernatio n function of your Windows XP, you will gain much disk space. When you need to s top for a long time the PC is the best thing desligálo. Right click on your Desk top and choose Properties then click the Screen Saver tab and after Hibernate, u ncheck the option. Bootvis is good, but it is greedy! The program Bootvis availa ble from Microsoft is good for speeds up the boot, but the bummer is that it con sumes an area of your precious HD absurd, in certain cases come to pick him up 1 Gb, generated log files, a way to recover this space if you have it installed by uninstalling is starving! File that insists not be deleted You have probably ha d this experience, but do not despair and do not fret, the first step is to rest art the PC and then try to delete it, in most cases it already works, but even i f so he still keep pushing to do this: Open Command Prompt and close all program s that are open by chance. Of a CTRL + ALT + DEL, go to the Processes tab and en d the Explorer.exe, keep the Task Manager open, on the Command Prompt go to the location where the stubborn file, type DEL-name file. Go back to Task Manager cl ick File and choose New Task Run and type Explore.exe and close the Task Manager , protinho the boring some time! Unwanted entries in the Add / Remove Programs o

ften happens that you uninstall a program and it continues to be shown in Add / Remove Programs If you want to eliminate it follow this procedure: Start> Run> t ype regedit, choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> Current Ve rsion> Uninstall Oh you'll find all the programs that are listed in your Add / R emove Programs and in the midst of the contest will be stubborn, just select it and delete. Take the signature of the OE in its ICQ ICQ installation adds a sign ature to messages sent by Outlook Express. In Outlook there is a proper function to eliminate it. On the Toolbar in OE click Tools> Options> Signatures. Click on the signature of the ICQ field signatures and then select Remove. Remove banners from ICQ to rem ove those annoying banner of ICQ, go to the folder where ICQ is installed and br owse to the file ICQHttp.dll off. Important: Do not delete the file ICQHttp_.dll To have the effect, restart ICQ. To remove Messenger Start> Run> regedit Type t he following command: RunDll32 advpack.dll, LaunchINFSection% windir% \ INF \ ms msgs.inf, BLC.Remove Important: If you use the MSN browser does not perform this operation, since both work integrated, when you come by this browser will ask h im to retrieve the Messenger. His CD disappeared? Depending on the programs you have installed on your Hd as N ero, CloneCD, CDRWin and MusicMatch JukeBox cause for the disappearance of his C D - CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD - may be there due to the fact of incompatibility these p rograms, which most commonly happens is when you install Nero with CloneCD. Belo w are some tips to solve this problem: The first step is to uninstall all the pr ograms mentioned above and restart the computer. Done so, install them again and it starts to install Nero, with each new installation restart the computer, the problem may be resolved. If you have Nero with CDRWIN, WNASPI32.DLL copy the fi le from the folder where Nero is installed to the installation folder CDRWIN. Op en CDRWIN and in settings where you select your ASPI driver, set for WNASPI32.DL L. Restart and see if it worked.€In this next tip go to: Start> Run> regedit Bro wse to and delete the dependencies these keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Con trolSet001 \ Control \ Class \ (4D36E965-E32511CE BB-FC1-08002BE10318) HKEY_LOCA L_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet002 \ Control \ Class \ (4D36E965-E32511CE BB-FC1 -08002BE10318) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ (4D36E965-E32511C E-BFC1-08002BE10318) Reboot the PC and check the result. Re marks: It is advisable to make a backup before moving on Do not delete the regis try key (4D36E965-E325-11CE-BB all FC1-08002BE10318). Front Page 2000 on Windows XP, fix this bug If you installed FrontPage 2000 with Windows XP, have had the unpleasant situati on that the FP2000, it closes automatically when it is operating. For you to get rid of this problem follow these instructions: Go to, Start> Run> regedit HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Office menu Edit - regedit - select Permissi ons. Select the user you're logged in and mark an X in the squares Full Control and Read. Restarting Windows XP from scratch is the Windows default to reboot yo ur computer happens when a system failure. You can override this command disabli ng AutoReboot. Open the Control Panel> System> Advanced, click Settings in the l ast section "Startup and Recovery." Uncheck Automatically restart. If you prefer , leave set to "Write an event in the system log." To see why because of fault t ype "eventvwr" in Run. The Speaker of the Sound Blaster Live does not work? The new drivers from Creative may not work with the speaker located in the menu Audi oHO. To resolve this problem you will have to find the file ctsumix.exe the fold er where you installed the program from Creative, a finding that file, click the right mouse button and select Properties, and Compatibility, choose the compati bility with Windows 2000. Files. Saved as jpg. Jpe The fact is the. Jpg jpeg fil es associated with. Solve this problem by discovering the following registry key : Start> Run> regedit HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT> MIME> Database> Content Type> image> jp eg Look in the right window named "Extension"; it must be of type REG_SZ with Da ta. " jpg "if it is not so, double click and right to. jpg Computer Powering the stabilizing ligand alone, and before you turn the power button, the PC already

connects alone. This can occur with some mobos linked to some types of sources. This may be because most modern motherboards have the ability to bind themselves when the computer detects network activity or modem. One solution is to disable this feature in Setup. In the section Power Management and need to find the opt ion Wake Up Events and disable functions Wake Up on LAN and Wake Up on Modem. Th us, the "Enable" to pass those options to "Disable". Backup Boot Manager settings in dual boot if installed on your PC are two operat ing systems like Windows XP and Windows 1998, Windows XP will create a boot load er. In this case, if your C: \ drive is formatted no matter what version of Wind ows is installed on it, before the boot settings created by Windows XP will be a nnulled. To retrieve this configuration you will need to create an Emergency Rec overy Disk - ERD -. To create these disks, follow the instructions below: Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Backup. If this is the first time you are using the Backup Tool skip the wizard. In the splash screen that appears click t he Backup Wizard "Advanced" In the next screen, click Next when the wizard asks what you would like to make up choose "Only file system state." After that just follow the wizard steps. When Windows does not shut down correctly click the rig ht mouse on your Desktop and choose Properties, Display Properties> Screen Saver > Power Monitor. Click the Enable support for Advanced Power Management (APM). T o not have to activate Windows XP after reinstallation If in case you need to re format and reinstall Windows XP, you must activate it again. This phase could be skipped with a simple backup of a file WPA.DBL, located in the \ windows \ syst em32. Before formatting, copy the file to a floppy or other location, and after the new installation, copy it back to the \ windows \ system32. So you do not ne ed to activate Windows XP every time you need to format it. Windows restarts whe n we want to turn off Just enable ACPI function in BIOS. ACPI is what controls t he computer shutdown.€Windows alone for internet dial By default the auto dial t he Dial-up is enabled in Windows. Do the following: Start> Control Panel> Admini strative Tools. Double-click Services. Double-click Connection Manager Remote Ac cess Auto. Choose Off. Click Ok This will solve the problem. Change or replace the letter of the partition of the HD or CD-Rom Go to: Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management in the left colu mn Find Disk Management. In the right column, click the right mouse button on wh ere you want to change and choose Change drive letter and path. Change the locat ion of My Documents folder Click the right mouse button on the My Documents fold er and choose Properties. Then click Move, select the location where you want to move the My Documents folder and then click OK twice. If reverse this process, go to Start, then right-click on the My Documents folder, choose Properties and click Restore Default. How to configure the keyboard Start> Control Panel> Regio nal and Language Options> Languages> Details> Add. If you use the keyboard ABNT2 , select Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Brazil ABNT2). Click OK If your key board is the American standard, select English (United States) and English (Unit ed States - International). Backup Outlook Express Backup of Outlook Express mes sages is by default a place of difficult access, but you have the possibility to store your messages from Outlook Express on a location of your choice, such as folder / My Documents / Outlook Express to backup the My Documents folder, you'l l be automatically backing up your mail. To define where to store their messages open Outlook Express, click Tools> Options> Maintenance. Then choose the Store Folder. In the window that opens you will see the current location where message s are stored. Click Change and select a new location. All your messages, both ne w arriving as they already exist, will be transferred to the new storage locatio n chosen. Note: If you need to restore the backup copy back all the *. dbx files to the same storage location that is configured in Outlook. More order with fewer clicks for programs you use most often Windows XP has a go od choice, just click right in the program and have set it in the Start Menu. Th is makes them more organized and gives a greater cleaning for the Desktop. Get y

our IP address and what ports are open! Start> Accessories> Command Prompt> type ipconfig / all to see which ports are open, type netstat-a boot, shut down and activate the screensaver direct from your Desktop It sucks having to go to start it to turn off the computer or to reboot, but this has a solution, programinha Wizmo will do this for you without much work, plus it has many other functions t hat make our life. See the functions it performs: Wizmo standby: Put the windows standby mode (standby) Wizmo hibernate: Places the PC in hibernation mode Wizmo Off: Places the current user in Wizmo exit off: Turns the computer reboot Wizmo : Restarts computer Wizmo volume = 50: Sets the sound volume in Windows 000-100 Wizmo mute = 0: Disables the sound system Wizmo mute = 1: Enables the system sou nd Wizmo play = som.wav: plays the sound. wav you want Wizmo wav = x: Sets the v olume of sound. wav - 000-100 - ox corresponds to the height of the volume you w ant. Wizmo graviton: Enables screen saver Wizmo - is a screensaver of himself, v ery cool. After program is downloaded, follow these steps to enable the above fu nctions: The first step is to put it in the folder C: \ windows \ system, then p ut a shortcut on his Desktop. Done that click on it with the right mouse button and choose properties in the window that opens, where Destination is written, pl ace the command you want and are available above. Start Windows Explorer on C: \ To make Explorer open the C: \ drive just follow the steps: 1 - Click the right mouse button on the icon in Windows Explorer and click Properties. 2 - Fill in this field Object: C: \ WINDOWS \ EXPLORER.EXE / n, / e, c: \ And good luck! Put the Clipboard icon on the Desktop If you use the clipboard too, likes to see its contents, take screenshots, and is missing the icon, it is in Windows \ sys tem32 \ Clipbrd his name is, just put it as a shortcut on the desktop and ready. Forgot your user password? When the Welcome screen after the boot,€press CTRL-A LT-DEL twice in a row and enter the Administrator password. You can change the u ser password in Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management. If you r Windows is the Home Edition, run as administrator to start Windows in Safe Mod e. Let your Animated Desktop! It's a silly tip, the more it is still a hint. Act ivate the Active Desktop. Then you just put your animated gif, or whatever that - must be in HTML format - in the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ WEB \ Wallpaper \ and th en select it in Display Properties. Taking advantage of the keyboard Ai are some of the functions that you can run Windows: Display the Start menu Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows Windows + E Opens Windows Explorer Windows + F: Opens the Search for files Windows + R : Displays the Run window Windows + L: Lo ck the screen Windows + U: Opens Utility Manager Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Sea rch for computer (network) Windows + Shift + M: Undo minimize (all windows) Wind ows + F1: Help and Support for Windows + BREAK: Shows the System Properties Enab le permissions on the Home version of Windows XP Start> Run> regedit See what fo lder you want to apply permissions. Create a name for the share. Click Next. Now you can customize the permissions. Renaming multiple files at once You can rename many files at once. Select the files you want to rename by clicki ng the first and with the shift key press the down arrow, done that, click the r ight mouse button on one to rename. All other files will be renamed automaticall y with the same name, and numbered in sequence. Partitioning, formatting and cre ating partitions that fdisk is no longer present in this new version of Windows, it was replaced with one that makes the task of partitioning, formatting, creat e and change the lyrics of a hard lot easier, it can be accessed through the Con trol Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management, among an d feel free! PC was already dumb If you're up to your computer starts talking li ke a parrot, there is a program called Falador - 3.8Mb - which replaces the Narr ator, the Windows feature of it is to speak whatever is typed into your window o r on the clipboard. Turn on the Num Lock key ON at boot This is disabled by defa ult in Windows XP because it is a multiuser operating system, but has a way to m odify it in the registry. Start> Run> regedit Find the following key: HKEY_USERS > Default> ControlPanel> Keyboard InitialKeyboardIndicator Change the value of 0 to 2. If in your login password has numbers, this tip will break a galhão. Your keyboard has gone bad? Use the virtual keyboard to activate it, click Start> Ru

n> ag as it

type osk Run icon on the the icon for the Run for an icon and the name E & will be a shortcut. This

desktop or Quick Launch bar Click Start, and then dr the desktop or the Quick Launch bar. It will appear Xecuter. You can rename it without problems because tip is also used for all icons in the Start menu.

Running a program with Administrator privilege, without having to take off there a way to run a program with administrator privileges, even logged in as user. C lick Right-click the program icon, select Run As ... and enter the name and Admi nistrator password. The same practice can be used to run programs from other use rs, without having to change logon, and the password is known. Trash, Trash or P okemon? It depends on your tastes change the name of the popular Trash if you wa nt, paste the text below into a text editor and save it to your desktop as lixei ra.reg. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ (645FF 040-5081-101B-9F0800AA002F954E) \ ShellFolder] "Attributes" = hex: 50,01,00,20 " CallForAttributes" = dword: 00000000 Double-click it. Windows will ask if you wa nt to trigger the key to the registry. Answer yes. Now click on the Recycle Bin with the right mouse button and you will find the option to rename it. How to se arch more than one extension you can search more than one file extension at the same time if required. Search, separate the extensions with a semicolon. Install WXP with unattended installation All of those questions, ADM's password, cd-key, where to install windows, config. regional, modem, etc ... you can preprogram all in one file and exit,€back when Windows XP will be ready! Here is an example of the contents of the script: [Date] = 1 AutoPartition MsDosInitiated = "0" UnattendedInstall = "Yes" [Unattended] = UnattendMode FullUnattended OemSk ipEula OemPreinstall = Yes = No TargetPath = \ WINDOWS [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword =* EncryptedAdminPassword A utoLogon = NO 1 = Yes = AutoLogonCount OemSkipRegional = 1 TimeZone = 65 OemSkip Welcome = 1 [UserData] ProductID = (this is the cd-key q will not post) FullName = "User" OrgName = "Personal Use" ComputerName =* [Display] BitsPerPel = 32 XRe solution = 800 YResolution = 600 [TapiLocation] CountryCode = 55 Dialing = Tone AreaCode = 11 [RegionalSettings] an SystemLocale LanguageGroup = = = 00,000,416 00,000,416 UserLocale InputLocale = 0416:00000416 [Identification] JoinWorkgroup = WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents = No [NetAdapters] = Adapter1 params.Adapter1 [params.Adapter1] INFID =* [NetProtocols] = MS_TCPIP Params.MS_ TCPIP [Params.MS_TCPIP] DNS = Yes = No UseDomainNameDevolution EnableLmhosts = Y es AdapterSections = params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1 [Params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1] = SpecificTo Adapter1 DHCP = Yes WINS = No NetBIOSOpt ions = 0 Their data on screen system Windows has an option for manufacturers of PCs in th e system include its logo and support information, but nothing prevents you to p ut your photo or your data. Your data or your photo will appear in the System Pr operties screen, click the right-muose on My Computer> Properties To do so is ea sy in Windows XP, select a bitmap and rename it to Oemlogo.bmp. This image shoul d be, more or less the size of 210 by 130 pixels. In addition, create in notepad an INI file with the following contents: [General] Manufacturer = <your name> M odel = <Model PC> [Support Information] First Line = <Up to 65 characters> Secon d Line = <Up to 65 Caracs.> Third Line = <Up to 65 Caracs.> The message could co ntinue with the entries Fourth Line, etc. Fifth Line. Save this text file with t he name Oeminfo.ini. Transfer the two files - Oemlogo.bmp Oeminfo.ini and - for the directory c: \ windows \ system32. The result will appear in the System Prop erties screen. The figure and data from the "General" section on the screen. The other items are viewed by clicking the info button. Open all your folders the s ame way Windows by default, always remembers the last view of your folders, it e nds up leaving the folder view in a mess, I, for example, taste view them always in the details mode. There is an option to leave them always in

the same way, do the following: Open any folder, put the folder in which you mo st like to see them, click it to view, there you have options: thumbnails / side by side / icons / list / detail. Done this click Tools> Folder Option> Display Mode> Option folders, click "Apply to All Folders", done every time you open a f older, they performed the same way, even if you change them , to close it and th ey will be opening again just like before. If you want even more organization, put the folders to be displayed as details, done that, right-click a blank part and select, arrange icons, select show in gr oups and organize automatically. Your folder will show everything you have into it by groups, try! Turn off or restart your computer by appointment by appointment Off To follow th ese steps: Create a shortcut on your desktop either Edit the shortcut to the fol lowing target: C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ shutdown.exe-s-t 21 600 A window with t he countdown time and will open and ready obs.: 21 600 can be replaced since it akivale seconds = 6 hours .. 21600s To restart by appointment: Just replace the line above to: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ shutdown . exe rt-60 Note: if you put i n place from January 2 ... your computer will restart when ready to click the sh ortcut. Avoiding the Banner Download Accelerator Plus is simple: Go to the folde r where it is installed and delete the folder "Ads", create one. Txt file for re ading only, as the name "GoodbyeBanner"-let without the extension -. Triggered b y the mouse cursor keypad This option can be useful when the mouse has any probl em. Follow these steps: Click Start> Control Panel> Accessibility Options> Mouse Sel ect the option Use MouseKeys In settings you will find more options. To access t his feature, simply press the NumLock. Keys to move the mouse cursor is the nume ric keypad. The number five is equivalent to left mouse button. Home Internet Ex plorer stopped by Toast CD If you installed from a CD distributed by some toast provider of Internet access and your home was locked,€use this trick to unlock: Start> Run> regedit Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Intern et Explorer \ Main In the right panel select the subkey Start Page. One-click th is key and change it by putting the address of the page that you want to be as o riginal. There you go! Seeing if your Windows is activated in doubt about whethe r your Windows is even enabled, type the following command at Inicicar> Run: oob e / msoobe / Windows Explorer with the "My Computer" expanded Begin creating a n ew shortcut to Windows Explorer. Click this link to the right, select Properties . In the Target field, put the following line, before deleting the existing:% Sy stemRoot% \ explorer.exe / e, / n,,:: (20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D808002B30309D) "" D isabling the Image Viewer and Fax Windows XP Windows XP has its own viewer and f ax, which always overrides any other which is installed. To disable it, go to St art> Run and type regsvr32 / u shimgvw.dll onfigurações Stir in hidden Windows X P Windows, XP also has its tricks. To change some settings not normally availabl e, we can use the PowerToys or xq-Xsetup. Creating MP3 using Windows Media Player 8 Windows Media Player lets you copy music from an audio CD format only. WMA (Windows Media Audi o). To enable the copy also to MP3, we have to make a small change in the regist ry: Copy the. REG below to a folder on your PC, after doing that just click on i t to add information on your record. To download it, click here 200B. Send email without opening Outlook Express Following this tip you will not need to open Ou tlook Express to send an email. Create a shortcut on the desktop. At the command prompt, type mailto: - not forgetting the colon - then click Next. Choose a nam e for the icon. Click Finish. Sending files via Email to ... The shortcuts that are on the "Send to" when you click on any file with the right mouse button are in the SendTo folder You can drag any program shortcut or folder to the SendTo f older, making several saves clicks mouse. To go to the SendTo folder, follow the se steps: Start> Run> type sendto Drag the shortcut icon that you prefer to wind ow 'SendTo' and ready!

Writing files. ISO and direct copies of CD to CD Windows XP has native support f or burning CDs, but it is not complete, it is not possible, record and create im ages. ISO and make copies of CDs To achieve this, install the ISO Recorder progr am that adds these functions to Windows XP through the context menus. Click here (1.3MB) to download it. Dump the Windows Recycle Bin or reserve 10% o f space on your hard disk to the trash. This is a waste if you have 20GB on your Hd 2GB are reserved for their trash, for that much? To reduce the space allocat ed to your recycle bin, click the right mouse button on the trash and choose a s maller size, 1% is a good size. Command Prompt and information from our system a t the command prompt type systeminfo You'll find interesting information about y our system. Security Settings You can change various settings for the security o f their Windows XP To do this click Start> Run> type gpedit.msc program using Gr oup Policies. Click Start / Run and type gpedit.msc. Oh you'll find several opti ons that allow you to limit access and control the computer. Just be careful not to meddle where they should not. Not for all of In Windows there is the option "not for everyone, but it is hidden, to make it function, press the shift key, t hen click no, so Windows will understand that you want to give" not for everyone " . This tip is good for when you're running something, and Windows gives you t he options "yes to all", "cancel" and "no", but does not give you the option "no t all" forcing us to give many noes . Windows XP and lighter Click Start> Decont rol Panel> System> Advanced> Performance> Settings set ai Getting Windows to per form better, he'll stick with the classic look of Windows for you to leave him w ith looks of Windows XP, go Control Panel> Display> Appearance and the windows a nd buttons option, choose XP. Ready your Windows will be less heavy and with the same appearance. Facilitating Copy and Move When you click the right mouse butt on on a file, you with these instructions below, you can now have two more optio ns: "Copy to .." and "Move to ..". Start> Run> regedit HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT> AllFilesystemObjects> shellex> ContextMen uHandlers Right-click ContextMenuHandlers, choose New> Key Write Copy to Repeat the above process but choose now the name Move Change the value of copy to (Defa ult) to (C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C00C04FD75D13) Change the value of Move (Default) to (C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C00C04FD75D13) Now when you click the right mouse but ton on something he'll give you more these two options , one hand on the wheel! Note: This tip is for XP (BR). Your XP is not working right? Start> Accessories> Command Prompt> type: sfc / scannow Now place the Windows XP CD, the verifier's system WXP, repair corrupted or damaged files. Be patient, this process is time consuming. If your Windows XP does not shut down correctly in most modern computers with AT X case, Windows supports completely shutdown the PC when it detects the motherbo ard that possibility, the shutdown is also acceptable in PCs that are not config ured as ACPI. The good thing is that your PC is configured as ACPI, then perform this step by step: Click Right-click My Computer> Properties> Hardware> Device Manager Double-click Computer; look if it is configured as "Interface Advanced C onfiguration and Power Interface (ACPI). Restart the computer, enter BIOS and en able the APM (Advanced Power Management); The main reason for the shutdown - shutdown - does not work on Windows XP is the use of non-certified drivers for Microsoft, which prevent the firing of the Shu tdown, Standby and Hibernate, more information can be found here http://www.micr osoft. To solve this is to do this: Disable Auto Restart in Windows XP Click Rig ht-click My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Startup and Recovery desablite the o ption Automatically Restart in System Failure. Disable ACPI in the BIOS of your computer Check the NT Apm / Legacy Interface Node on the same Device Manager> Ha rdware To do this click on the View menu in Device Manager and select Show hidde n devices, if you see the option NT Apm / Legacy Interface Node, double-click wi th your mouse and enable it. Check all the drivers that do not contain digital s

ignature from Microsoft. These drivers are usually the cause of the problem that prevents shutting down Windows XP's most famous cause of this problem is the Ea sy CD Creator Now click Start> Run> type SIGVERIF and run. This will be verified that the drivers installed on your computer and list those that do not have Mic rosoft digital signature with list in hand, check what is the peripheral you're using, and find the update for this drive. Usually the drivers are in the \ Wind ows \ system32 \ drivers were critical, then start looking around. Then check th e file name and where he stands-click the right mouse button and choose Properti es> Version Check the description field to indicate who is the manufacturer of t he driver and look for an update for it. A simple way to make sure the drive tha t is causing the problem is by uninstalling it or disabling the BIOS if it is on board, or simplesmenente uninstalling the program, then see if the problem was r esolved. If all goes well, and Windows XP shut down gracefully, you will know wh at is the cause. Here is a major cause of this problem: WinOnCD, Easy CD Creator Sound Blaster Live, DirectCD and Nero. Now, enable everything that you've disabl ed above to do this operation. Making Windows to capture the screen of a program when you want to capture occupy the whole screen of your monitor, simply press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard, or if you want to capture only a portion o f the screen press the alt + print screen. Then just enter the graphics program you use, and pasting, going to the Edit menu and click paste. The problem with t he file association with Windows programs only allow a program related to a file type. So if you have PaintShop and install CorelDraw graphics files are now onl y open in Corel format. To return to the current association and any other optio n, follow these steps: Select the file you want to convert, touch the mouse on " open with" and click "Choose Program", choose the program you want with it open and check the option "Always use this application to open these files" Next time you click a file with this extension, it will automatically open the program yo u chose.€Make Outlook Express Open Outlook Express soon will open faster if the splash screen is disabled. To disable the display of the splash do the following : Start> Run> regedit Find the key: HKEY CURRENT USER \ Identities \ (LongIDNo.) \ Software \ Microsoft \ OutlookExpress \ 5.0 After that, click the right mouse button on the 5.0 folder and select: New> DWORD Value> Enter NoSplash NoSplash Click with the right mouse button and choose Edit, enter the value 1 Close the r egistry editor and start Outlook Express, it opens a lot faster! Internet Explorer with new title Start> Run> regedit Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Interne t. Explorer \ Main, Window Title Window right click with the right mouse button and select modify, type what you want there to appear in the title of your Inter net Explorer. Internet Explorer is giving cock? Insert the CD of Windows go to S tart> Run> type rundll32.exe setupapi, InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132% wi ndir% \ Inf \ ie.inf This will cause Internet Explorer to be reinstalled. To rem ove items from the old MS-Config Start> Run> regedit Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Shared Tools \ MSConfig \ startupreg startupreg Open the folder you will find there a list of folders that appear in the System Configura tion Utility "Msconfig". Check: Start> Run> type msconfig Make Internet Explorer open faster right-click the shortcut to Internet Explorer, Properties, Object a nd the line after the quotes add the command-nohome. Your Internet Explorer goes blank and start much faster. Do not let your deleted files are recovered One of the best rubbers Electronic Eraser is free, (750 Kb). Opening the program, clic k File and New Task. In the window that appears, choose whether you want to dele te residues: Archives supposedly eliminated (Unused space) Delete an entire fold er (Files folder on) a document (File) After this, combine the Ctrl + E to see t he types of erasure offered, as greater the number of stages of the method selec ted, will be more complicated recovery files. If you will not go away with important secrets, choose option 3, which of fers good protection level. Users with slower PCs can select the method 4 (pseud

orandom Date), which is less effective, but requires less micro. Then simply sel ect the created task and hit Ctrl + R. The program creates a shortcut to delete a single file: locate the document, click the right mouse button and choose Eras e. A good option Eraser is that it allows you to schedule the automatic destruct ion of files, which can be useful for waste disposal documents. To activate it, click Scheduler, press Ctrl + N, select the Schedule tab and specify the frequen cy of the task. The best format for images: TIFF or Bitmap? The Bitmap format is one of the most common formats for storing images. But when it comes to editing photos taken with digital cameras, web publishing or the default is JPEG, which is a format that offers quality loss, if you edit the image many times. The TIF F format, no longer presents loss of quality - it preserves all the pixels, rega rdless of how many times you edit the picture. Even choosing the compression of TIFF, which uses the LZW algorithm, the image does not make losses. The Bitmap f ormat has been very popular, but began to be pushed aside in favor of TIFF, whic h has more qualities. The only reason to use the Bitmap was its application as a background on your desktop, in presenting no loss of quality, but since they ar e not compressed occupy much space in HD, making it impractical, if we can use t he TIFF format with a smaller size and similar quality. How to configure Interne t Explorer to have more than two sessions of downloads This tip applies to versi ons of Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP and versions 5, 5.01, 5.5 Windows 2000 Internet Explorer limits the number of simultaneous downloads, this is a default configuration of your browser. To increase the number of simultaneous connectio ns that are allowed for 10, follow these steps: Start> Run> type Regedt32.exe Locate the following registry key: HK EY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Sec urities On the Edit menu, click Sum Value, and then add the following registry v alues: "MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server "= Dword: 0000000A" MaxConnectionsPerServer " = Dword: 0 millionth Exit registry editor and try it. Note: Always when you move in your registry, always make a backup! Upgrade Easy CD Creator Easy CD Creator , in versions 5.0x, has certain incompatibilities with Windows XP. This upgrade released by Roxio fixes the problem. The module DirectCD,€and recorded on CD-RW as a hard drive - just drag and drop the file-has also been corrected to work in XP. Note: The backup software TakeTwo no longer part of that package. File. PPS what is this? It is trivial to receive files with the extension. PPS attachment s to e-mails. PPS is the format used by PowerPoint Show, Office. To view the fil e, you need not have PowerPoint installed on your PC, Microsoft serves up the fr ee viewer. Get your here (2.8 MB). Understand what you mean your computer beeps at startup with the PC beep Unfortunately there is no clear pattern, each manufa cturer assigns different codes of beeps, but below are the most common. On start up you should hear a beep that indicates that all is well, if not listen to anyt hing you may have a problem at the source, processor or motherboard. One long an d three short beeps indicates that the problem is with the video card. When the microwave beeps intermittently, or only two, three or four beeps is mem ory failure. Five beeps, the problem may be on the motherboard.