School Grouping Lousada West Performance evaluation of teaching staff - Sheet Individual Goal Setting - Acade mic year

20___/20___ TEACHER NAME: STATE VOCATIONAL _____________________________________________; .: _____________; DEP.C: ______________GRUPO__________ Items DR Art.9 º 2 / 08 Year / Class Discipline in Individual Objectives Previous year%> 2% PE Target Objec. Prof. %> 2 Rationale / Background Class 8b H a) Improving educational achievement of students b) reducing dropout Get involved in the analysis of situations in detecting the causes of which invo lve the abandonment, in choosing appropriate strategies, in planning and carryin g out actions and, in evaluating the results in view, the classes that I teach a nd collaboration with their team of teachers of the class council achieve the ta rgets set by the school for school dropouts and / or early withdrawal of student s. (Safeguarding specific situations where the classes where clearly defined goa ls for the school will not be affected) School Grouping Lousada West Individual Objectives Collaborate with the class council in formulating and implementing strategies to adapt curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties standing, provide educat ional support to students, using in particular the time for activities that supp ort the educational component of non-teaching work of establishment; Pay support the students, individually or in groups, in the classroom, bearing in mind the principles of differentiated pedagogy; Undertake activities in Class Council are defined under recovery plans, monitoring and development of students. c) the provision of learning support students including those with learning diff iculties

Identification of positions Individual objectives Participate in meetings of the class council, giving a contribution to the plann ing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the class project, coordinate the activities of the department curriculum in order to foster cooperation and s haring of experience among teachers with improve the articulation of the curricu lum; Subject the intervention in the pedagogical activities to support their coo rdination, collaboration on proposals related to the development of skills that body, for regulating and monitoring the implementation of decisions and evaluati on of results. Intervening in the school assembly with a view to achieving the c ompetences of this body, but always emphasizing the importance of institutional

collaboration and communication as a key strategy for school improvement. d) participation in the structures of educational guidance and management of the school group or ungrouped

Directorate of Class Representative Group

School Grouping Lousada West Identification of situations Individual objectives Not pretend to be rated by parents and guardians. Perform activities defined in the context of relations between the school and the education community, the edu cational project, or the annual plan (s) project (s) curriculum (and) s class, w hich is my responsibility to involve the educational community self-evaluation o f the school, under arrangements to be set to keep parents and guardians of a re lationship marked by the cordiality and respect, responding to questions about t he students whenever required. Leverage knowledge and resources from the environ ment to enrich the teaching and learning Meeting w / School Activities EE e) Relationship with the community

Individual objectives f) Continuous training appropriate to the fulfillment of an individual plan of p rofessional development Conduct a training by public or private institution on ... .. Conduct training i n the potential of my area of training and studies; undertake the proposed train ing in the training plan in the school area. ... Accomplish for the evaluation p eriod, and considering the previous targets, at least the credits required by la w ..

School Grouping Lousada West Identification of projects - PAA Individual objectives g) participation and Dynamism: i) projects and or activities listed in the Annua l Plan of Activities and the class project Identification of activities - PAA Individual objectives

Identification of activities - PCT Individual objectives School Grouping Lousada West Identification of extra-curricular projects Individual objectives ii) Other projects and extracurricular activities Identification of extra-curricular activities Individual objectives h) participation and Identification of projects Individual objectives encouragement of research, educational innovation and Developme nt School Grouping Lousada West Individual objectives i) Compliance with academic and non-academic service Achieve 95% on completion of service school distributed. Provide me, whenever re quested to carry out exchanges with another teacher's classroom teacher or disci pline that is qualified to teach within my department's curriculum. fully comply with the time of establishment provided for the coordination of the department curriculum. fully comply with the time of establishment provided for the dynamic s of the draft self-assessment of school. Comply with the full time allocated to support educational activities for students. fully comply with the service that I is distributed under the occupation full time school students. DECISION OF assessed against the proposed objectives: Chairman of the Executive Council: Coordinator Department: School Grouping Lousada West Reviewed assessed against the objectives of contracted: The Rated: ______________________________________; Date: _______ / ______ / ____ _____ The Reviewer: _____________________________________; Date: _______ / _____ _ / _________ The Reviewer: _____________________________________; Date: _______ / ______ / _________