1 - WHY make jewelry CREATIVE OUTLET AND THERAPY The art of jewelry is a form of self expression.

We are so tied to technology, our jobs or even for leisure activities, we need a cr eative outlet to use their hands, mind and spirit. Playing metal, beads and ston es, designing pieces of art, can express ourselves in unique ways. Any manual wo rk functions as a therapy. The mind focuses on the work and creativity keeps flo wing naturally. EXTRA INCOME The manufacture of handmade jewelry requires a smal l investment, occupies a small space and can be done only at certain times of da y. With $ 300.00 you can make a good course and buy the necessary materials. It is the ideal occupation for those who want an extra income without having to app ly too much money or time. HOBBY OF RETIREMENT Several retired people learn some type of craft in order to remain employed or to have an extra income. It's neve r too early or too late to get involved in the art of jewelry. There will always learn new techniques when it comes to making jewelry. MEETING SOCIAL Attend cla sses, craft fairs, exhibitions are a great way to meet people, exchange ideas, e xperiences and even make friends. These are some ideas for which we remain invol ved with the art of jewelry 2 - IDENTIFYING YOUR STYLE The first step when starting the manufacture of jewelry is to identify your styl e and determine the target audience. The style is what will dictate the line to create his collection. In the beginning is difficult, but think of the parts whe re you have demonstrated greater ability to produce. Search fashion trends and b righter colors for each season. What people look for when buying jewelry and acc essories is a personal touch. Simple clothes like a white shirt and a pair of je ans can look good trance if adorned with accessories to original design. A strik ing necklace, an earring particular a charm bracelet add a special touch to any outfit. 3 - WHERE INSPIRATION COMES The periods of inspiration come and go quickly. Every designer, no matter how gi fted is, goes through periods of lack of inspiration. Then you have some tips fo r when downloading a lack of inspiration. Remember to always carry a notebook an d a pencil or pen when you see something interesting. - TV & CINEMA What is in f ashion, or will turn fashion, is in novels and movies. Even if you do not like n ovels, watch one chapter or another, to see what the actresses are wearing. The films with the famous Hollywood actresses also influencing fashion. Talk shows, serials and many other Americans are sources of inspiration. For subscribers of TV's cable or satellite programs for several national and international speciali zed in fashion. Some events like Fashion Week are broadcast live through these c hannels. - STORES MUSEUMS & A good look at jewelry stores and jewelry stores in the city, mainly in shopping malls is a good way for inspiration. Take a look in the wind ows of the clothing stores to learn more about the style of the season. Museums are the greatest sources of inspiration when creating a themed collection. From Egypt to the modern era, one can draw inspiration from exposed parts and large t hematic exhibitions. MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS The weekly magazines and special sec tions of newspapers carry stories about where fashion and trends. The trend in B razil has gained such importance that even the specialized journals in economics bring great material on the subject. There are several magazines that specializ e in jewelry, almost all teaching step-by-step techniques. International journal s in the French, American, English, Spanish, Italian, such as Marie Claire, Vogu e, Elle, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and In Style are sources of trends for th e coming seasons. No need to buy them all. Large bookstores leave open for exemp lary customer browsing. Enjoy, too, to peruse while in hairdressing and medical practices. - FESTIVALS & WEDDINGS Great places to observe what they use. Always have someone with a different piece. - INTERNET The world is at your feet, or ra ther to your mouse. In search engines you can search all about fashion and

jewelry. Type the words fashion, fashion accessories and jewelry, and a myriad o f sites will appear. Go researching and seeing what's out there. In search engin es international search with the words fashion, fashion jewelry, bijouterie to f antasize, bijoux, mode, biggioteria, BisuterÍa and a world of designers and sho ps comes to you with just one click. 4 - HOW AND WHAT TO BUY To enter the fascinating world of jewelry,€you should familiarize yourself with the tools and basic materials used in the manufacture of parts. It's so much we alth of materials available in specialty stores, you'll be fascinated and will w ant to buy anything. First-timers take it easy! Beware of sellers who are prepar ed to push everything in the store. It is their function, but you have a budget, is not it? Because the jewelry is linked to fashion, a little stock is ideal. G et the parts as needed. Beware! Pay close attention to what they purchase, caref ully examine all the material to see if there are minor defects. Rarely, exchang e goods stores. Remember that low price is a sign of poor quality. Generally, th e stores give a deadline for payment on second purchase. Ask for a registration. Several credit cards accepted. With a deadline to pay, you may create, sell and pay for material profit. The quality of the products of metallurgy is very impo rtant. The pieces of metal are found in various baths such as nickel, gold and b ronze. Electroplating is the process of bathing the part. The piece is dipped in a chemical solution which produces a coating, mostly gold or nickel pl ated. This work is performed exclusively by specialized companies. When the piec es do not get a bath (gold or nickel) of good quality, quickly oxidize, leaving the dark. Sometimes, when the mold, peeling off the bath is leaving the part wit h two colors. We must pay close attention when purchasing the products of metall urgy. One tip is to compare prices. The cheaper ones have a bath below. 5 - AREA OF PRODUCTION One of the first places where jewelry is beginning to assemble at the kitchen ta ble. Not the perfect place, but sometimes it is the only option. With good light ing and gives organization to work. When production grows and you can no longer save anything to use the table at the next meal, the ideal is to move to an area well lit in a corner of the house that you are not bothered. A comfortable chai r and, for a correct posture, resting the arms on the table and that is at the h eight of his chest. These little rules are very important to keep your spine hea lthy after a full day's work. Depending on the piece that is produced, line the table felt, plastic or thick towel so that the balls do not run. To glue parts u se a sheet of styrofoam, which facilitates the fixing of parts, especially the e arrings hole. For cutting materials like leather, metal and other hard materials , use a zinc plate (the one used on rails) in which you can cut with scalpel and not spoil the table. 6 - 7 SUPPLIES - STORAGE MATERIALS The storage is an important point. Most jewelry designers are full of ideas and limited time to cook them. The creativity flows faster when we see all kinds of materials we have. In stores like "DIY" type drawers find plastic boxes that are easy to accommodate all the basic stuff like pins, plates, Ringlet, locks, etc. . Label each drawer. For pearls, beads, shells and other materials, use of glass mayonnaise, jam, coffee, chocolate pots. The secret is to take the labels, wash , rinse and let dry thoroughly before putting the bills. Another inexpensive opt ion is the jars for creams sold in specialty shops for making cosmetics. Earlier not draw too much money on this type of material. Over time you will find simpl e and inexpensive solutions to store the material.