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strength of yo ur business begins with your financial stability. Purchase only the quantity of raw materials according to availability of funds. Whether you have little money, buy only the amount of materials you need to start your business, according to his ability. The Jewelry is a business that requires little capital to start. So you do not need much money to start. Working out of debt you will always have p eace in the business gave it, his main concern is to produce and sell. Find Buy Search to buy parts in the exact amount you'll need. If you buy more items, will be sacrificing part of their capital. Goods cute little besides take up space, also occupy their money could be being used in products sold easier to give. Outsource Your Manufacturing If you have to increase its production and no longe r has time for that you can hire third parties, paying a sum of parts assembled. Try to work with those third parties in their own homes. To both you simply bui ld a distribution system components and parts ready for collection. With this yo u can increase its production indefinitely. For control purposes, seek to provid e the components for assembly in the exact amount that will be needed for the ma nufacture of parts. Calculate Your Cost Record all expenses you have to produce and sell their Jewel ry. Knowing exactly your costs, you will have an accurate idea of profit margin you will have. Knowing your profit margin, you will have greater ease in trading of its products. Assume that it is better to have a profit margin a little less than losing a sale. Set Your Prices The price determination of a Jewelry depend s on some factors you should consider, such as: 123456Interesse you woke up on t he buyer. Purchasing power of the buyer. Parts used. Level of complexity of asse mbly. Number of competitors in the market where you are located. Search prices f or similar products 2 Create a Search Distribution System to identify among the people in your family or your relationship, those who have greater ability to sell. There are several ways to sell their Jewelry. The most common are: Door to Door Sales are already on the market several people already living this kind of sale. Usually these peo ple already have several customers who usually buy their Jewelry. They sell clot hes, beauty products and other goods. Try to contact these people and offer an a ttractive commission for every sale they make. Take care not to rely too much. I f you leave jewelry in confidence, try to do the reckoning in the shortest possi ble time. If you notice something wrong do not rely more goods until all that wa s previously provided is accurate. Selling on consignment This type of sale you can do through beauty salons, gyms, shops, boutiques, department stores this cas e you leave the jewelry displayed in these establishments and offers a commissio n for every sale by owners who are held. Negotiate with the owners so that the j ewelry will be exposed in a conspicuous place. Also in this case, try performing the settling of scores within the shortest tim e possible. 3 Bico Jewelry Some people can sell like beak. These are people who normally parti cipate in environments with large movements of the female audience. If you know people who work in banks and large enterprises or studying at colleges or partic ipate in gyms, they are potentially good for the practice of sale. Also in this case you can offer an attractive commission so that these people may have a extr

a income. Shops and Malls Shops There are several types of stores can sell their jewelry. Even stores that do not specialize in sales of jewelry, but have a goo d frequency of female public, may be potential buyers of your produtos.Caso you find it difficult to sell these stores, offer a system of consignment. Beware th e Default If you facilitate the sale in installments, will be running the risk o f default. The delinquency rate is lower when you sell by predating checks. Jewe lry to consign their persons or institutions, insofar as possible, get some assu rance such as pre-dated checks.€Assure you are trusting the products you're tru sting that the products and only a security check and will be returned so that t he person or establishment making the reckoning. How to Choose Jewelry Components models Stay tuned for release of components of jewelry. Track trends fashion trends through magazines, television and other media, notin g Mostly jewelry that are being used by artists that are in evidence. Creativity Try to be creative by giving their personal touch the pieces that fac tory. Search 4 Try to develop various models for samples and see many people to choose the most interesting. In possession of the outcome of research to produce the pass they are more selected. Following these steps, you will be producing products with go od acceptability and certainly will be easy to be sold. How to Value Your Jewelr y Jewelry Appreciate your always as follows: Presentation Present your parts are always clean and preferably on a surface that makes good contrast. Eg blue or b lack velvet, etc.. Statement Before presenting the product to someone to sell, s et the aspects which give more beauty to the piece, to highlight them when they' re showing. Try to experiment with the person who will try to buy the piece, so you have more precise notion of the effect it will cause. Using a small mirror o n these occasions is recommended. Packing Deliver parts to customers within appr opriate packaging. Sales Kit To sell the kits that you assembled in this course are suggested below the minimum and maximum values. This will exclude 01 - Colla r Black Satin min R max R $ 15.00 $ 20.00 02 - Orange Necklace min R max R $ 15. 00 $ 20.00 03 - Felt Keychain min R max R $ 5.00 $ 8.00 04 - Golden Earring min $ 10.00 max R $ 15.00 Silver Earring 05-min R max R $ 8.00 $ 12.00 06-min Tape B racelet $ 10.00 $ 15.00 07 R max-R min Earring Pin $ 5.00 $ 8.00 09 R max-R min Braided Bracelet $ 12.00 max R $ 16.00 May 10-Felt Hearts Necklace $ 15.00 min R max R min R $ 25.00 Total $ 105.00 Tot al Max R $ 139.00 Increase your income by making and selling Handmade Jewelry Ma rketing and whatever else has grown in recent years. With the high rate of unemp loyment, people driven by good ideas increasingly entering this market, betting on its ability to develop their creativity. Betting on its ability to develop th eir creativity. The Jewelry and one of the fastest growing segments in the past year. And analyzing it because this growth, we may come to the conclusion that i ts use is personal, Jewelry and more consumed than other types of crafts. With t he profile of today's woman, his constant preoccupation with appearance to compl ement increased from Jewelry to "'behavior." And the behavior of women today, an d do not leave home without a pair of earrings, necklace bracelets, rings, bags, anklets, hair clips, headbands, belts and so on ... When combined with clothing and with their style and status spirit. Following this reasoning, we can conclu de that this segment of Jewelry is well suited to start your business. A good ti p for anyone starting, and to analyze the preferences of your target audience, b egin to notice what kinds of Bijuterias their friends and acquaintances like to use. Watch the colors of clothes, shoes, handbags and belts. Take that informati on obtained through eye contact and make custom pieces for each person, so you w ill conquering your audience. Remember to write down all the birthdays of those

close to you, and offer to friends and relatives of the birthday pieces created exclusively for her. It is infallible, but remember to offer well in advance but they will say they have already bought this. Partners of Your Creativity Cuttin gs, carabiners, crystals, pins, inset ... To enter the fascinating world of Jewe lry, you should familiarize yourself with the materials. And not only: how they are sold and get an idea of prices, besides knowing the tools that will help tra nslate their creativity, will make it easier, and much, your choice. Pins - Very used in the assembly of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Are found with head - to do with ring pendants and rings - are links between the decorations and fin ishes. Basis for the Ring - Parts in which you'll paste the stones of the ring, with adjustable or not, but there is also the ring-shaped spring. Bases with Pin for earrings - Specific to stick earrings in the ear, they are su pporting when you will fix the earring ornament. The tuning pegs that secure the earring are sold separately.€Bases sieves for earrings - Earrings are common i n more developed, pressure or pin. On screen, you will hold the work she. Tips o r terminals - are used to support the collar ex; puts it at the end of a rope, n ylon. Most of all necklaces are made with them are two most common types that ar e fixed with pliers and are therefore safer. 6 Pin against the pin - is one that is already done with the ride and comes with t he head often used for earrings. Some materials Pin Head Against Pin Pin Terminal Tips Base Earring Hook Rings Great Lobster clasp Small Close Buoy 7 Current Inset Base Earring Pendants Terminal Alligator Tulips Pliers with Tip Chata CUT NOW YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON HIS INITIATIVE, CREATIVITY AND SEARCH FOR HIS EFFORT

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