Machinery Protection Basics Machine - Apparatus for application and use of energy that can have parts fixe

d and mobile, each of which is determined according Machine Tool - Any machine with a set of mechanically driven tools and is intended to shape the raw materi al Basics Equipment - Set of tools and equipment needed to equip, provide, supply to per form work. Device - Set of resources with planned location for a particular pu rpose. Basics Risk Possibility Probability Risk

Basic Concepts - Energy Kinetic Energy - energy that causes the mass displacement Potential Energy - is the gravitational energy stored - Elec trical or mechanical Electricity - Present transmission lines, transformers, s witches, motors, etc. .. Can be direct or indirect source Hydro - Fluid overpr essure Energy Pneumatics - Air Pressure. Purpose of Protections Complicating the maximum occurrence of accidents, providing a safe working on the machines In the event of accidents, reduce its severity Protect the operator of the existing risks mainly operati ng point Protect people, moving close to the machines and their parts energize d Operating Point It takes place where the work for which the machinery is: Ex: Contact between the tool and the workpiece being machined Power Transmission Is any mechanism that transmits power or motion for the machine do the work for which it was built Eg Shafts, pulleys, be lts, gears, chains, etc.. Other Moving Parts Other Moving Parts They are those who move without transmit power to the machine and not part of the operating point: Ex: Carrier C hip and Parts Risk Analysis Machinery and Equipment -Movements-Parties-Parties Energized Heated / cooled-NPS-Chemical Hazards Risk Analysis Project - Ergonomics - Protectors - Component Locations - Access p / maintenance - Lay o

ut - Drives Risk Analysis Environment - Ventilation - Lighting - Noise - Thermal Comfort - Chemical Agents When Adopt Protections Projects After building operation adaptations When changes occur and

In the absence of protections After the occurrence of accidents

Where to put Protections In Point Operation In transfers of power at other moving parts energized In parts In parts heated / cooled In the components above the NPS N. Action NR 12 12. 2.1 - Machinery and equipment should be starting and stopping devices loca ted so that: b) is triggered off by the operator or in its working position c) n ot be located in the danger zone of the machine NR 12 a) Can be fired or turned off in case emergency by a person other than the operator. b) Can not be fired or turned off unintentionally by the operator or otherwise accidental c) does not entail addi tional risks NR 12 12. 2. 3 - Any machinery or equipment they use electricity, they must possess a master switch in an easily accessible place. 12. 3. 3 - Machinery or equipment that offer risks of disruption of its parts, projecting parts or parts thereof, should have protected her movements. Machine Guards Group 1 - The protection of sites that do not require constant maintenance or access to risk point Group 2 - The protection of sites that allow access to the danger area Note: The provisions of the group should have a preference for group 2 Protections - Group 1 Type Fixed - Used when not required their withdrawal for the operation and can be removed for maintenance, only thro ugh the use of tools, because there is action on the electrical system of the ma chine. Ex Protections side machines, fixed grills, etc.. Protections - Group 1 Movable Type - Allows an introduction in sequence of operation and should allow its removal or opening eg doors, grilles mobile Protections - Group 1

The safety devices like mobile must be electrically controlled so that, when it opened, interrupting the cycle of operation and when its replacement, the only machine working again after the firing of a command Protections - Group 1 On security devices that protect a risk area, which requires the introduction and withdrawal of cycled parts, is valid as an order to drive the next cycle,€its deployment in the safety position . This device should be controlled by an electrical control cycled. Protections - Group 1 The safety devices mobile possible introduction during intervals of operation, the risk area must once mov ed, immediately stop all movements in the risk zone. Protections - Group 2 Manual Controls Bi Photo Cell Light Curtain General Considerations - All movements of machinery and mechanical installations that offer risks to staff for maintenance and operation , should be isolated for safety devices - These must prevent people or body pa rts from entering the danger area and accidents that occur in parts of the machi ne in motion . General Considerations System Shutdown Key general - For each machine should be provided a general key to its shutdown. Emergency button - Must be located nea r the operator, which totally disrupts the movement of machinery must be in the form of a mushroom and red being the color Concluding Remarks If there is fruit, thanks to beauty flowers; If there are flowers, thanks to the shade of the leaves; re no sheets, thanks for the intention of the seed. Henfil Claudio Cassettari If there a Scanners