catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 02 mpieza 2008 with the third installment of Romance, a preview of what's new Plaza & Janes

, Swan and DeBolsillo for the first half of the year. This is a special opportunity to offer two sagas of one of your favorite authors of the Regency, L oretta Chase, we highlight in this issue. In January, all for a kiss, closing th e cycle with which we released in the past two años.Y Swan in June, with the help of Plaza & Janes, will hit shelves Perfect, the conclusion of the trilogy Carsin gton brothers. The followers of the historical romance genre can enjoy the readi ng of new titles by Gael Foley, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Melody Thomas , Laura Kinsale and Mary Jo Putney, and the rescue of a classic work of Kathleen Woodiwiss. Without abandoning the genre, will be an honor to introduce you to a n unpublished author in our country: Adele Ashworth, RITA winner. On the contemp orary romance novel, I reencontrareis with Barbara Delinsky, Nora Roberts, Danie lle Steel, Jennifer Crusie, Jill Mansell, Susan Andersen and the great renewal o f the genre, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Before concluding, we announce a slight change of look in Cisne: content with the same quality as always, but with a slightly lar ger format and new design. We hope you like our books even more. We said goodbye a few months waiting for you to spend formidable, and nothing better to do this selection, especially for you, from love stories cooler and at the same time pa ssionate. E More information on our news in, or www.editoria catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 03 LORETTA CHASE Perfect All for a kiss SUSAN ANDERSEN always by your side Stay Jil l Mansell Laura Dare once KINSALE A sweet star called Shadow and Sherrilyn Kenyo n The night game Enjoy the night Kiss of the night and want revenge NORA ROBERTS BARBARA Delinsky Family Portrait Return to Middle River GAEL unspeakable sins f orbidden desires FOLEY 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 12 14 15 16 17 MARY JO PUTNEY Captives of fate MELODY THOMAS DANIELLE STEEL Moonlight house dat ing game ring hidden charms KATHLEEN ADELE ASHWORTH Woodiwiss A Rose in Winter J ENNIFER CRUSIER Mad About You JACQUIER D'ALESSANDRO a gentleman almost impossibl e romance MARY BALOGH A seductive Slightly Slightly perverse 18 19 20 21 21 22 24 26 27 27 28 29 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908

16:26 Page 04 FEATURED AUTHOR Loretta Chase "If anything characterizes Loretta Chase is his writing. His pen is full of wit, intelligent humor and wonderful dialogues, full of spark that show without doub t the essence of the era in which lies the book. " us stories, this original and charming, and his characters are full of nuances h ave captivated readers and has won the praise of his peers. Mary Jo Putney, Step hanie Laurens ... many women writers of the romantic genre praising the talents of Loretta Chase, an author who captivated the audience with a novel that has be come a favorite of many readers: Left to your touch. BA in English literature at Clark University, USA, Chase has always been passionate about the letters. His work as a video film writer took her to meet who would become her husband and hi s main support in his vocation: it was he who encouraged her to write novels tha t quickly ascended to the list of titles awarded by the Association of Authors R omantic Novel of the United States. Following the success of Left to your touch, in 1999, Loretta stopped writing for five years, but returned to re-excite his fans with the trilogy starring the Carsington brothers. Plaza & Janes has publis hed Irresistible and Impossible, the first two titles in the series, and now the saga closes with Perfect. Also, the series we know from Left to your touch and whose previous titles have been published by Swan in his pocket, is now reaching a whole for a kiss. Chase has devised a foolproof recipe for historical novels set in the Regency with a unique label, a sparkling sense of humor, scenes brimm ing with passion and sensuality, complex and memorable characters, original plot s and different ... It's one of those authors whose stories are invited to be re read again and again. S 04 © Walter Henritze catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 05 THE GOLDEN CLIP WITH TWO SERIES knows the Wit and Irony of LORETTA CHASE FINA. PERFECT B enedict Carsington is a perfect English gentleman: impeccable manners, serene in his conduct ... A great example of distinction and wisdom. Only a woman could s hake the foundations of such perfection. She represents the opposite: it belongs to a famous family of crooks. Destiny join these two characters that immediatel y succumb to a magnetic attraction: Benedict will be discussed between listening to her mind or her heart, and Bathsheba will be tempted to break a promise more

than they did for the sake of their small ... Perfect, one of the best romantic 2006 by Booklist, the trilogy of Carsington, published in Plaza & Janes, which includes irresistible and impossible. DEPARTURE DATE JUNE 2007 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm ALL FOR A KISS L ydia Grenville is the author of a successful serial adventures, but his past and his questionable lineage chiaroscuro make it very unlikely to find a good match . Vere Mallory, the Duke of Ainswood, honors his family and grown man's fame fad ed. Lydia has launched a press campaign against the rise of prostitution in Lond on, when Vere knows it can not help falling in love madly, but try to dress it u p as simple lust. Between them comes a sparkling just love when their backs are potentially threatened by a secret enemy. DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm All for a kiss is the end of the series set in the regency, which includes the c harm of a scoundrel, Captives of the night and left to your touch. 05 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 06 Susan Andersen ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE DEPARTURE DATE MARCH 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm eau Dupree has more important things to do than go to all parts of this rich gir l, came to New Orleans for the opening of the new hotel of your dad. Nothing has served to protest, because he has not fought to be his watchdog. Beau intends t o earn a dismissal, and for that Juliet will try to take their prim boxes ... As it requires a new bodyguard, he can return to really know what to do: police wo rk. But it's a doomed plan. When Juliet's hair is released, will prove to be wom an enough to handle Beau. Can he handle it? B "Movida and fun." Susan Elizabeth Phillips STAY

DEPARTURE DATE JUNE 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm egla number 1: do not let him enter. When photographer Nick Coltrane enters as i f nothing in the private security company Daisy Parker, she sees only the man wh o broke her heart nine years ago. After that, provide protection 24 hours a day is not in any way planteable ... It? R STAY Susan Andersen Rule number two: do not commit much. Nick wants to help Daisy hired goons who se ek him tickling not achieve its purpose He looks capable of living in close coex istence with the woman he has been longing for years. Yeah, sure there will be n o major problem ... Some rules were invented to be broken. 06 "Sparkling, cheerfully impetuous and sexy." Jennifer Crusie In the same series in Cisne: I'm all yours catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 07 Jill Mansell ONCE ATREVETE inding your soul mate is no easy task and Lottie knows very well. Despite this a nd having gone through a divorce, is not prepared to surrender in your search. E DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm Tyler suddenly appears, a nice man, intelligent and very attractive. The chemist ry between the two arises spontaneously, but when everything indicates that Lott ie has found the man of her life, two ruthless judges disapprove his choice: his two sons, Nat and Ruby. Lottie, much to his chagrin, was forced to dismiss Tyle r. But immediately another man will regain the illusion: Seb, a funny kind, lovi ng, quickly gain the favor of Nat and Ruby ... but hides a very dark personality . Dare once is a funny and tender novel about the courage it required certain de cisions. Give up to true love? Never! The risk is worthwhile when you jump witho ut a net vacuum ... and lands in the arms of the perfect man. "Elegant women's literature that will appeal to readers of all ages. Jill Mansel l shows a great ability to develop many parallel stories, without making the rea

der get lost in a maze. " Daily Express Jill Mansell lives with her partner and their children in Bristol, England. Dedicated entirel y to writing, she has sold over three million copies of her eighteen novels. The ir stories, fresh and emotional, are followed by his loyal audience of readers,€wh o eagerly await the launch of his books. 07 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 08 Laura Kinsale ONE SWEET FLAME DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm T fter years of heroic campaigns in the British Army, which has earned the title o f knight, Sir Drake Sheridan has become a cynical man, pragmatic and amoral is n ot willing to continue risking their lives for defending their country. However, the Foreign Office will not let you go until you meet one last mission: to marr y the princess Oriens Olympia, who lives in exile in the English countryside. Wh at Drake does not imagine is that Olympia rejected his proposal of marriage, and that far from being a timid and submissive wife, the princess is a young head f ull of revolutionary ideas, you want to apply to the country whose crown has jus t inherited and to be transferred immediately. Olympia, however, begs to accompa ny him to act as a protector on a journey that will take them from England to Ma deira, the desert of Arabia, exotic Istanbul ... and every step of the journey b etween them forge a love as ardent as it was unexpected. "One of the best writers of historical romance genre. Laura Kinsale has the gift to express powerful emotions with enormous subtlety. " Lisa Kleypas The author's Plaza & Janes: 08 Flowers in the Storm Lord of Midnight catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 09

A STAR AND SHADOW Eligible around the world come to London to join the celebrations for the Jubile e of Queen Victoria. Also coming, accompanying a diplomatic mission to the far i slands of Hawaii, an enigmatic man. Attractive, cultured and wealthy, Samuel Ger ard magnetic personality behind the scars of a childhood cruel. Only discipline and self-control have been away from what it perceives as its darker side and ha s repressed desires ... until it comes into your life Leda Etoile. D DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 DeBolsillo paperback 12.5 x 19 cm Finalist award of romantic novels, Shadow and Star is one of the most praised an d read books by Laura Kinsale. Once again, the author captivates us with vulnera ble characters, rich in nuances and human greatly, and a history atypical and su rprising until the end. Laura Kinsale is one of the most recognized authors in the genre thanks to their stories emotionally intense and always original, winning several awards. The be st writers of the genre have known and admired the quality of his work. "From time to time I reread this book to make me remember some things ... a roma nce novel writer must force the borders of a story beyond what is comfortable, a nd give the hero the precise dose of vulnerability to enhance its strength. Exot ic lands, living characters, smart writing, a tender love story: Shadow and Star has it all. "Lisa Kleypas 09 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 10 Sherrilyn Kenyon GAME OF THE NIGHT Dark Hunters, No. 5 DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm B McTierney ride wants nothing more than men. His ex has thrown overboard and five -year relationship Bride think that all are equal: selfish, immature and unable to love itself, as it is. So he has given leave to your heart for a while to avo id falling in love. Just the day to decide this, a mysterious man comes into you r store. Have a look wild animal. What Bride does not know is that this is Katta lakis Vane, a werewolf who looked at it for months, when he put aside his duties to his clan and allied with the Dark Hunters to protect a mortal. Now your comm unity has been sentenced to death and has become an outlaw. His eyes pursued Bri de animal has an overwhelming power that will break all codes to be with Vane on ly once. However, both know that the Fates have a very different meaning for the couple ...

is one of the freshest and most original voices of the romantic genre. Her Dark Hunter series has revolutionized a genre little known here, the paranormal. With over ten million copies sold worldwide, Kenyon is the undisputed star of the ne w romance. Sherrilyn Kenyon 10 Pleasures of the night, the first novel in the series Dark Hunters, was chosen b y the best paranormal romance novel 2006. In addition, readers named author Sherrilyn Kenyon's best nove l of 2006. © Sheri Reno-Nashville catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 11 ENJOY THE NIGHT Dark Hunters, No. 6 V Aleria Magno was a member of one of the most powerful families of the Roman Empi re, but has been part of the Dark Hunters from an act of treason chained him to the whim of the goddess Artemis. He suffers a punishment he deserved, but in hon or of his lineage only obeys a motto: do not give mercy to anyone, nor ask for y ourself. When Tabitha Deveraux bursts into his life, Valerio shield behind which has sheltered for two thousand years apart. She is sexy, funny, witty, carefree ... the antithesis of what a woman looks Valerio. But will be forced to fight a common enemy fierce. They say that opposites attract, but can they stay togethe r even when the goddesses of fate conspire against them? DEPARTURE DATE JUNE 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm As sexy as Sex and the City. As unusual as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Dark Hu nter series has revolutionized the landscape of romance. Dare to join the Kenyon manía! KISS OF THE NIGHT Dark Hunters, No. 4 lay the fourth installment in the series. Wulff is an ancien t Viking warrior doomed to be remembered by people who see ... until today. Beca use after Cassandra Peters save from the clutches of the vampires of Apollo in a sexy nightclub, she refuses to forget. And the torrid Cassandra, who is also th e last woman of his race, well worth a damn fight. L DEPARTURE DATE APRIL 2008

SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm With Kiss of the Night Sherrilyn Kenyon managed to break into the bestseller lis ts in the U.S., also slipping in The New York Times. He remained there for twent y-seven weeks, and has shown that here to stay. Previous titles in the series: Pleasures of the Night (No. 1) Embrace the Night (No. 2) Dancing with the Devil (No. 3) 11 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 12 Nora Roberts DESIRE AND REVENGE DEPARTURE DATE FEBRUARY 2008 Hardcover DeBolsillo 12.5 x 19 cm twenty-five, Princess Adrianne spends his days in charities and nights wrapped i n glamorous gala gala.Pero this rich girl pose is nothing more than a calculated effort to hide the millimeter a dangerous truth. Adrianne ten years has fueled the desire for revenge. As a child, all he saw at home was the cruelty that was hiding behind the seemingly ideal marriage of their padres.Ahora, has the perfec t plan to pay his famous father: they snatch a priceless necklace fabulous he ap preciates above all things. However, when it is ready for revenge, his life appe ars in Philip Chamberlain, a smart, charming and enigmatic, which has its reason s to come to it. And only when it is too late Adrianne will realize the danger t hat threatens her ... while two men will find stunning: one can steal your freed om, and one with the power to take his life. A Nora Roberts is one of the most successful American writers in novels actualidad.Sus consiste ntly top the lists of bestsellers in the United States, Britain and Germany. Mor e than three hundred million copies of all his work in the world endorse the mas tery of this author. Other titles in DeBolsillo: Red hot 12 Trilogy dream: A dream bold Share a dream Looking for a dream © John Earle catalogo_romanticas_08

02/11/1908 16:26 Page 13 Fallen Angels No. 1 on The New York Times Winner of the Quills Book of the Year and the best r omantic novel of 2007 Become a Gift Best of Nora Roberts in Plaza & Janes and DeBolsillo catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 14 Barbara Delinsky FAMILY ATO RETR DEPARTURE DATE FEBRUARY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm ana was a lonely child. Her father left when I was young and his mother died sho rtly after. He was raised by his grandmother, who gave him all the love in the w orld but could never fill his dream of a stable family. D By contrast, Hugh Clarke from a model home. His lineage goes back to the first s ettlers arrived in North America, and his family is one of the most influential and wealthy New England. When love comes between them, Dana wants to create with Hugh that family so much craved. It soon becomes pregnant and the marriage live s waiting for their baby with great enthusiasm. But when Dana gives birth, the f oundation of their happiness will begin to crumble ... Family Portrait is a swee ping novel that raises disturbing questions about the choices we make when we ar e at a crossroads,€the profound impact that these have and how drag on for generat ions. "Portrait of a novel family is warm, rich in nuances, it is impossible to drop." © Marie-Reine Mattera is one of the most popular writers inside and outside the United States. His boo ks are translated into twenty-five languages and among its recent titles publish ed by Plaza & Janes given a second chance, Whispers in the evening and return to Middle River. Barbara Delinsky 14 Nora Roberts

catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 15 BACK TO MIDDLE RIVER P o the casual visitor Middle River is an idyllic place. The classic New England t own where everyone knows and breathes only peace and tranquility. Apparently ... DEPARTURE DATE MARCH 2008 DeBolsillo paperback 12.5 x 19 cm After years of absence, Annie Barnes returns to Middle River turned into a succe ssful novelist, and is not well received. Both his sisters and their former neig hbors fear that come to poke around in their little vices and sins, their stormy lives, to write his next book. After all, Middle River is the town that inspire d Peyton Place, a novel that shocked the society of an entire era. But Annie has not returned to remove conscience or memory. He wants to rebuild ties with her sisters truncated, retrieve old friends, heal the wounds of first love ... and y es, to uncover a secret that is poisoning the lives of all of them. "Barbara Delinsky is a wonderful storyteller who knows how to discover the drama tic side, deep in the simple daily lives." Bookpage From the author DeBolsillo: A woman with a past promise of a dream A second chance at sunset Whispers 15 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 16 Gaelan Foley Unavowable SINS DEPARTURE DATE FEBRUARY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm a love of gambling and pride made him lose the woman he had always believed in l ove, but now discover the genuine desire and love. Then one of the most anticipa ted titles for the followers of the saga of the Knight brothers. L Lord Alec Knight is part of the gilded youth and careless of the great world of

London. It is attractive, witty, seductive and cynical hedonism. Occupation has never known and so far his life has elapsed between the pleasures infinite, the bedroom and gambling houses. But recently drained the last drop of the cup. Sudd enly he has lost everything: luck with the cards, the financial support of her f amily, love of the only woman he would marry and have respect for yourself. Now he is caught and chained to the image that has been cultivated for years: that o f a proud man and a libertine, who lives for pleasure but does not believe in lo ve. His old life is no longer fun, his faith in others is zero. Until one night he meets Becky Ward ... "Gaelan Foley presents in his novels with rich characters and a carefully nuance d historical setting." Publishers Weekly The saga of the Knight Plaza & Janes: 16 Seductive Innocence (No. 1) Heart of Fire (No. 2) Heart of Ice (no. 3) Prohibite d Desires (No. 4) In love with the devil (No. 5) catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 17 FORBIDDEN DESIRES L a fourth installment in the saga of the Knight. The rebellious and impetuous cha racter of Lady Jacinda seems to lead to the same scandals surrounding his mother , indeed, sanctimonious society expects it to fall into those errors for final s entence. One night, while escaping from a future husband for whom nothing feels, Jacinda finds herself face to face in an alley, with the famous Billy Blade, th e leader of a gang of thieves operating in the slums of London. The kisses he st eals awaken in her the desire of a man who, unfortunately, can never possess. An d the handsome robber, who flees from a childhood full of secrets and pain, I ha d never imagined that a woman with such re-ignite your inner fire momentum. Two bad and reciprocal influences face conventions. Can also reckoning with the past ? DEPARTURE DATE FEBRUARY 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm Gaelan Foley is a graduate in English literature. His enthusiasm for the English Romantic poets took her love of England in the early nineteenth century. This is the scene of the series that has enshrined within the genre and why it has received several awards: the saga of the Knight brothers. © Redford Photography The saga of the Swan Knight: Seductive Innocence (No. 1) Heart of Fire (No. 2) Heart of Ice (No. 3)

17 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:26 Page 18 Mary Jo Putney CAPTIVE OF FATE DEPARTURE DATE MARCH 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm L ady Meriel de Vere has managed to deceive Adrian, Earl of Shropshire. In a clear ing of the king, with a hawk perched on his fist, has been lodged with this powe rful warrior, an angel and a devil at the same time, as a commoner Welsh is actu ally hiding a Norman noble. Both belong to opposing sides for a decade in a frat ricidal struggle that has plunged the kingdom of England into anarchy. But when you think you can escape Meriel, Lord Adrian decides to take her away to his cas tle to try to win that girl of indomitable spirit. In the dark, mystical Middle Ages was born a love subject to the vagaries of fate and broken promises. Mary Jo Putney is one of the most popular authors in the romance genre. Since 1987 he has writt en thirty books, many of whom have entered the bestseller lists of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly. 18 "Captives of fate is one of my favorite books by Mary Jo Putney. The medieval se tting is perfect (...) and the result is one of the most solid and inspired book s. " All About Romance catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 19 Melody Thomas LUZ DE LUNA rianna is the only girl in the clan Donally and has always fought to not be inti midated by their guards brothers. Also rebelling against the constraints of Vict orian England, has become a brilliant photographer and has joined the newly laun ched women's suffrage movement. But when he ends up in jail for his beliefs, his family decided to send it to Egypt under the tutelage of his brother Christophe r and his wife Alexandra. B

DEPARTURE DATE MARCH 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm Months later, Brianna and Alexandra are crossing the desert to meet with Christo pher when traveling caravan is attacked. Only they manage to escape and wander l ost for four days, until a stranger, dressed in Bedouin gives them a night bathe d in moonlight. Major Michael Fallon is certainly an unusual man. As attractive as dangerous, complex and fascinating, from the moment he senses that Brianna ha s finally found someone as restless and out of the convention as she was. Moonli ght is the second installment of the series of Donally brothers. Melody Thomas has become Publicity © Silver Cross, Joliet one of the most interesting and promising writers of historical romance genre du e to the number of siblings Donally, the saga of a troubled family of Irish orig in, is making headway in Victorian society, winner and runner-up prizes. The saga of the Donally in Plaza & Janes: Where the heart sleeps (No. 1) "Where the heart sleeps is one of the best historical fiction books I've read so far this year." 19 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 20 Danielle Steel LA CASA DEPARTURE DATE MARCH 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm C on only thirty-eight years, Sarah can boast an impeccable career: it is a succes sful attorney and partner in the law firm where he works in San Francisco. Howev er, his personal life is far more disastrous, for four years he has lived a rela tionship that does not satisfy at all with another attorney, Phil. He flees the commitment and Sarah, who would like to enjoy more of your company, this is not nothing but continuous dating frustrations. Everything changes the day her favor ite client, an elderly millionaire, he bequeathed a large sum of money in his wi ll and the ability to buy the mansion in which he lived. In this house, Sarah su rprises await: a touching family story, the happiness of seeing their dreams ful filled ... and a man other than Phil. Once again, Danielle Steel delights his re aders with a story of characters who struggle to overcome barriers, to fill thos e desires and live love stories ever craved.

publicist left the race to pursue writing in the early eighties. Since then, alw ays appears on lists of best selling books The New York Times, sometimes with mu ltiple titles at the same time, and has been hailed as one of the biggest names in current romantic genre. Danielle Steel The author's Plaza & Janes: 20 Toxic Bachelors Impossible catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 21 DATING GAME Armstrong aris unsuspecting. I was happy with his life, his children, and older, and her husband of twenty-four. But one night, apparently after a nice dinner, her husband for divorce. Paris is shocked and his world begins to crumble. Littl e by little you have to overcome depression and learning to live again.€And the re vival brings something that no longer knows how to do: return to dating. This is somewhat complicated to age: men or are too young or too old, or married or dat ing drinkers ... Game is the deeply human story of a woman who has to overcome a thousand obstacles to rebuild their lives, as well as funny and touching novel will not indifferent to their faithful readers. P DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 DeBolsillo paperback 12.5 x 19 cm What happens when a woman is thrown into the idler back to dating? THE RING No one immersed Germany in the war and hatred, she receives the most precious Ar iana family legacy: a ring, this will become a symbol of lost home, because afte r being separated from her family, and no possibility of escape from Germany, Ar iana is arrested. A Nazi officer, however, offers the chance of survival and hop e. The tragedy and a sudden turn of fortune leads to Ariana to the United States in an adventurous journey to a new life among strangers and misfortune to disco ver. Apparently lost with the past and an uncertain future, the ring that still holds is the only memory that remains of his father and brother. What I do not k now is that, over time, the ring will serve as a bridge between what he left beh ind and the future. E DEPARTURE DATE JUNE 2008 DeBolsillo paperback 12.5 x 19 cm

THE A N I L L O Danielle Steel One of the classic novels of Danielle Steel, again in bookstores. 21 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 22 Adele Ashworth HIDDEN CHARMS DEPARTURE DATE APRIL 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm pompous ass of suitors, Miss Natalie Haislett want to live a love story and adve nture. Longs for the mysterious Black Knight: English thief who has stolen the h eart from a distance with its legendary prowess. To know, Natalie must turn, how ever reluctantly, to the only person who knows the famous knight: Jonathan Drake , an arrant philanderer who courted her years ago. A Jonathan agrees to accompany her to France, where he is rumored to be hiding the Black Knight. To remove any shadow of doubt, travel like a married couple, shar ing intimacies that end in friendship, and kisses that arouse an insatiable hung er ... When they start to occur around theft, Natalie is already caught in the w eb of desire woven by the man of her dreams. Hidden charms is the first novel in a series which began publication Swan. Adele Ashworth "A thorough reading and irresistibly beautiful." The Romance Journal degree in journalism and, after working for seven years as a flight attendant, s at down to write romance novels. In 1998 he published the first, My Darling Caro line, which was an unexpected hit and won the RITA for best debut. Since then it has become one of the best authors of historical romance. 22 "Have fun and causes ... brisk and entertaining. " Rendezvous catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 23

catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 24 Kathleen Woodiwiss A ROSE IN WINTER DEPARTURE DATE APRIL 2008 Plaza & Janes hardcover 15 x 23 cm Rienne not willing to submit to the dictates of his father, who, overwhelmed by gambling debts, wants to marry her in exchange for a hefty dowry. She is a restl ess and independent woman who has rejected all those who have courted so far. Be cause Erienne only has eyes for one man: Christopher Seton intelligent and attra ctive ... the only man she is not allowed to join in marriage. E To get rid of the tricks of his father, Erienne escapes to London, but has an ac cident on the road and loses consciousness. When he awoke, days later, he discov ers that the mansion is Lord Saxton, a man who hides behind a mask and a layer o f the terrible wounds he caused the fire in the face years ago. Erienne is force d to return home and discover, to their surprise, that his father has taken a dr astic decision: to deliver the hand of his daughter to the highest bidder. And t his turns out to be the enigmatic Lord Saxton ... What should obey Erienne, the duty or the dictates of your heart? revolutionized the historical romance genre in the early seventies to give it a bold and sensual air. Thirty-six million copies of her novels sold worldwide att est to the success of the author, who died in July 2007 at the age of sixty-eigh t. Kathleen Woodiwiss 24 A damsel in distress, as beautiful as exquisite, a man who has nothing to lose . .. DeBolsillo relaunches one of the most emblematic books of this author, a capt ivating story about freedom and the vagaries of fate: Shanna. catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 25 A Rose in winter is a classic romantic novel, a work indispensable in the librar ies of the followers of the genre. Twenty-five years after the first edition of this landmark title, returns to bookstores in a new translation that reproduces, for the first time the full text of the original work. Those who have read, say ing:

"The first romance novel I read and got me hooked to the genre. A Rose in Winter is a delightful story, charming and fresh. Despite the years that have elapsed since its first publication, you can not help but feel trapped by the plot and c haracters. " Yolanda, our novel "Without a doubt, A Rose in Winter is one of the best romantic books ever writte n and, for me, the best of Kathleen Woodiwiss. It's like Beauty and the beast, a great love story that every lover of romantic literature should have in their p ossession. " Rachel, our novel "A Rose in Winter has earned to be considered a classic of romance. No doubt his will reissue a discovery for those who still have not had the great good fortun e to read, and a great joy for those who, like me, we had the opportunity to dis cover, thanks to her, a genre is as wonderful as romance novel. A perfect tribut e to an author who has done a lot for this genre. " Nieves Calvin "Kathleen Woodiwiss is an undisputed queen of romance. He created wonderful scho ol with such classics as A Rose in Winter, a title which to me is one of the jew els of the romantic genre. " Esther Ortiz, 25 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 26 Jennifer Crusie LOCO POR TI DEPARTURE DATE FEBRUARY 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm E s Wednesday and McKenzie Quinn decides to change his life. It's Thursday and tri es to get someone to notice. On Thursday night, someone notices. Quinn takes what she often called a beige life. You are leaving to type in the w orld nicer, has a great job as an art teacher in a school, family and friends su rround you always know pitch in ... and is bored to the point of almost going ma d. Where, despite the objections of her boyfriend, Quinn decides to make a chang e in your life and adopt a stray dog, things start to get out of madre.Ahora fin d in their day to day canine kidnappings, burglaries, possessive boyfriends, ex brothers who become lovers, sabotage, more secrets than you really want to know, and two men, suddenly, they go crazy ... for her. "A novel populated by thousands of characters (so to speak) that the author has succeeded in giving life. People who might know with whom to chat and have a goo d time. " All About Romance

Jennifer Crusie became interested in romance novels while researching his doctoral dissertation. With his third novel, Getting Rid of Bradley, won a RITA award and since then h as continued to achieve success, to become a regular on the best sellers of The New York Times. 26 In the author in Swan: Temptation catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 27 Jacquie D'Alessandro ALMOST A GENTLEMAN instigation of his father, Lady Victoria is forced to travel from London to the country estate of Viscount Sutton, where he does not care much for the noble as his younger brother, Dr. Nathan Oliver, a former spy. Fate has rejoined Victoria with the first man she kissed, before the map disappear after the murky end of one of their missions. But the reunion is not without its difficulties. Nathan m ust recover some stolen jewels, for which Victoria is to be an inadvertent clue. The relationship between Victoria and Nathan flashes forward to a novel where t he suitors abound of quality, sparkling dialogue and the sensuality of an era. A DEPARTURE DATE JANUARY 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm It completes the cycle of novels Jacquie D'Alessandro set in the Regency. AN IMP OSSIBLE ROMANCE C olin Oliver, Viscount Sutton, left his beloved rural home to find wife in London . No doubt, someone quite different from Madame Alexandra Larchmont: she is now does not go among the nobility, and it is beautiful like few others, but also wo rks to put the letters in the salons of high society. However, Colin has his goo d reasons for not taking his eyes off ... For years, Alexandra letters have warn ed against the dark-haired stranger who wreak havoc with your life, and when you see it in a veiled first thought is to flee. Unfortunately, it also succeeds in between the plot of a murder, and the only person who can go is the man who kno ws he should depart€a man who looks downright greedy eyes. DEPARTURE DATE MAY 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm In the author in Swan: Curse of love A hidden love

27 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 28 Mary Balogh Ament LIGER SEDUCTIVE DEPARTURE DATE MAY 2008 Plaza & Janes paperback 15 x 23 cm uch of British society has gathered in Brussels on the eve of the Battle of Wate rloo, including Gervase Ashford.Gervase Morgan Bedwyn and has lived the last yea rs in exile because of a wrongful conviction in which Wulf, the older brother Mo rgan took part. At a ball, Morgan and Gervase flirt and he sees an opportunity t o avenge Wulf through it. G But as they discover the known each other for someone very different from that i nitially imagined. When war breaks out exercises saver Gervase Morgan, Alleyne w ho seek news of his missing brother in the front. Accompanies Gervase England at this time of trial ... and could not help falling in love with her. To avoid sc andal, he proposes marriage, without considering that Wulf will refuse outright to this union and Morgan, out of loyalty, never accept. Scandal, intrigue and a love story in the fourth installment in the saga of the Bedwyn. 28 The saga of the Bedwyn in Plaza & Janes: Slightly Married (No. 1) Slightly perverse (No. 2) Slightly scandalous (No. 3) © Patricia Holdsworth Born and raised in Wales, and resides in Canada for some time. He has sold over four million copies of his books, always in the Regency acclimated. His series o f Bedwyn siblings has established himself as one of the most respected writers o f the genre. Mary Balogh catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 29 WICKED Ament LIGER A

lgo in the laughing eyes and triggers the rider who has come to the aid of post chaise to Judith Law awakens a desire for adventure, it is fleeting. Want to avo id the tedious and gray future that recently opened before her, and will not let go right now. Also from the start, Rannulf Bedwyn has been attracted by this yo ung woman who has appeared as Claire Campbell, a theater actress. He does not re veal his real name and position, which only involve obligations of marriage with out love. For two days they both play to deceive, not believe that never again m atch. But when fate unites them again, have to hide from the world his shameful secret. Slightly perverse is the second book in the Bedwyn saga. DEPARTURE DATE JUNE 2008 SWAN paperback 12.5 x 19 cm "Slightly evil is an intriguing story, absolutely captivating, love, passion, du ty and honor." Romance Reviews Today In the author in Swan: Unforgettable night of love Slightly married 29 catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 30 The best stories that talk with humor and tenderness of everything that happens to a girl like you. MARIAN KEYES Is there anybody out there? On sale in January 2008 in DeBolsillo Life in the Big Apple is perfect for Anna. It has the best job in the world, a l ovely apartment and great friends. But one day he wakes up in his mother's house in Dublin, with the stitched face, a dislocated knee, hands bandaged and not re membering what has happened. As soon as you can, back to Manhattan baffled but d etermined to find out how her life changed overnight. When he begins to reconstr uct the tragic past, is also proposed search of someone very dear extravagant .. . up to and including board mediums, spiritualists or anyone who can point out t he right direction. Matching the darker parts of life with hilarious humor and t enderness and wit that characterize, Marian Keyes has been achieved in Is there anybody out there? a suggestive and fascinating portrait of love. "You need talent to make people laugh and mourn the readers, but Marian is brill iant when exploiting both emotions, which sucumbiréis, with the added bonus that t he story will be deep inside you long after you have read the last page. (...) W e will have to dress in mourning when you run out Marian Walsh sisters. "Heat catalogo_romanticas_08 02/11/1908 16:27 Page 31

Emily Giffin Can I borrow it? On sale in February 2008 in DeBolsillo "Irresistible and absorbing. I loved this book from beginning to end: I read in two ways. " MARIAN KEYES "Nor do you need to wish your best friend's boyfriend to worship this book (do m e any) ... Here is a protagonist with which congeniaréis and a book that you can n ot drop. I loved it. " Lauren Weisberger SONIA STREET Imperfect love On sale in February 2008 in DeBolsillo "A sharp analysis of the main male archetypes using film and literary examples." Cosmopolitan "love her as they are ... and if you do not look capable, you can get through the book imperfect love. "Mujer Hoy