Scheme of the carbohydrate :: FOOD CAN EAT THAT WILL NOT CONTAINS CARBOHYDRATES: Foods allowed in any amount

: (in industrial products, the ideal is to check the label the percentage carbohydrate should be 0 (zero) or less than 1%) Pork, Beef and Poultry, Beef, Fish, Cream, Ham & Cooked Ham, Bacon, Pork Sausage , salami, Cup, Egg, Cheese (only industrialized cheese - cottage cheese and mini ng can not eat). And Vegetables: Cabbage, Lettuce, Tomato, Green Beans, Cauliflo wer, Broccoli, Pepper, Onion, Cucumber, Zucchini, Okra, turnip, radish, chard, e ggplant, parsley, chicory, endive, Hearts of Palm, Eggplant, Olives, Pepper, Spi nach, Cabbage, Watercress, Arugula and Tomato (maximum 3 per day). Dessert who c an control: Diet Gelatin (Adocyl, Sweet Minor and Sucryl) because it has carbohy drates. Permitted fruit after 15 days: After 15 days of diet you can add fruit . .. - Melon, Watermelon, Avocado, Mango, Papaya and Lemon. · Relationship of som e fruit with less than 10 wt% carbohydrate - (how much attention .. always in mo deration!) Avocado [5.63%], pineapple (fruit) [5.80%], apricot Para [ 3.92%] abi u [9.90%], cashew (pulp) [8.40%], cashew (juice) [10.00%], carambola [3.40%], Br azil nut [7, 00%], coconut (milk) [7.00%], the Indian fig [5.02%], guava [7.98%] , black currant [7.30%], red currant [5.75%] , jack fruit (pulp) [10.00%], lemon [8.50%] passion [9.60%] watermelon [6.90%] melon [6.35%], strawberry [7.40% ] P each [9.40%]. In the 2nd half can add: - 2 tablespoons heavy cream - 2 tablespoons Curd - 2 Polenguinhos - Premium Choc olate Adocyl - Kibon Light Ice Cream (Strawberry and Flakes) - 4 Kibbehs Diet Diet Bread - Lemon juice (with sweetener). :: DRINKS PERMITTED: Drinks allowed in any amount or the use of sweeteners, which does not contain So rbitol: Tea, Mate, Tea Clight (apple), Herbal Tea with sweetener, diet soda (Die t Coke, Pepsi Light, Guarana Diet), Coffee (with sweetener), Tonic Water Diet. Note: The Tea-Mate can be beaten in a blender with ice and lemon (do not use lemon pink) (after 15 day s of diet). :: LIST OF FOODS YOU CAN EAT: - Zucchini - green Chard - Watercress - Sparkling water - Natural Water - Tonic Water Diet - Lettuce - Asparagus - Tuna - Birds - Olive oil - Olive with seasoni ng - Cod - Bacon - Eggplant - Broccoli - Café Shrimp - Crab - Meat in general Caviar - Onion as a seasoning - Carrot (1 per day) - Tea (lemon, mate, etc ...) - Chicory - Chayote - Club Soda - Diet Coke - Mushroom - Cabbage - Cauliflower - Spinach Chicken - Diet Gelatin ( Sweet-Minor, Açucryl, Adocyl only) - Diet St rawberry Jelly (Adocyl and Sweet-Minor) Gin - Guarana diet - Jiló - Lobster - L emon - Sausage - Butter - Margarine - Mussels - Turnip Omelette - Oyster - eggs (fried, boiled, scrambled) - Baked Eggs - Fish - Cucumber - Pepsi Light - Chili Pepper - Ham - Cheese (only industrialized) - Okra - Radish - Cabbage - Salt - G reen salad salami - Salpicão (homemade mayonnaise, salad, pepper) - Salsa - Sas himi - Soda Diet - Vegetable soup Clight Juice (Green Apple, Apple TEA) - Sukiak i without pasta - Tomato (up 3 per day) - Trident - Pod. Comments: After 15 days add a fruit, preferably those containing little carbohyd rate, but that has not much caloria.O milk, but cheese yes, because only fat. Re member: do not go hungry, because when the CETONA start acting, you will not fee l hungry. :: FOOD BANNED - CONTAINS CARBOHYDRATES: Forbidden foods in any amount: Sugar, Rice, Beans, Biscuits, Flour and derivativ es, Cassava, chocolate (Nescau, chocolate milk, etc. ...), Sagu, potatoes, ham,

beets, peas, kibbe, Cheese (Fresh and Mining - Only Industrialized)-Green Corn, corn starch, noodles (pasta in general), thighs, Sweet Potato, Fruit, Preserves, Cakes and Pies. And any food that contains carbohydrates in their composition. :: DRINKS BANNED: Milk, Yogurt, whiskey, chocolate (chocolate drinks, chocolate, etc. ...), Soft d rinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta Fanta & Diet Guarana, Sprite & Diet Sprite, etc ...), Wi ne, Coconut Water, Tonic Water , Juice in Canister and Home (Orange, Lemon, Peac h, etc ...) Important Note: - Sweeteners with Fructose and Lactose can not be co nsumed. :: LIST OF FOODS THAT "NO" CAN EAT: - Pumpkin - Sugar - with Fructose Sweeteners - Sweeteners with Lactose - Tonic W ater - Peanut Meatballs - Starch - Rice - Bullets - Bullets Diet - Banana - Pota toes - Sugar - Cookie - Cookie Cakes - Cashew - yam - Carbohydrates - Ketchup cream cheese - Cereals - Chiclets - Candies - Peas - Fanta Diet - Flour - Beans - Figs - Fruits - Dried Fruit - Gelatin (Oatker Diet) - Gelatin (Royal Diet) Jel ly - Milk - Skim Milk - Pasta - Cassava - Pasta General - Mel - Maize - Mortadel la Pancakes - Bread - Raisins - Snacks - Pomarolo - Pomodoro - Fresh Cheese and Mining - Salsarette - Shaggy - Seven'up Diet - Soy - Ice Cream - Diet Sprite - F ruit Juice - Dates - Wheat - Yogurt. Forbidden to eat food because it contains c arbohydrate: CEREALS: rice, wheat, maize etc.. VEGETABLES: beans, chick-peas, le ntils, peas, peanuts (roasted), FRUIT: (some - with more than 20% carbohydrate), banana, grapes, figs (dried), plum, persimmon, chestnut, coconut ( pulp), jack fruit (seed), quince, loquat, dates, almonds, tamarind, tubers: potato, sweet po tato, parsley potatoes, cassava, sugar: sucrose (cane or beet), glucose (grape s ugar), lactose (milk sugar), maltose (malt sugar), fructose or fructose (fruit s ugar). OTHER: Milk, cookies, flour and its products, honey, molasses, royal jell y, beer, brewer's yeast, ham, carrots, beets, corn starch, noodles, candy, yogur t, pudding, anything that contains sugar and fruit, chocolate (Nescau , Toddy, e tc.).. Avoid canned because of the preservatives, sausage, pickles, sago, thighs , pie, etc.. :: OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: 1 - The time limit is 30 days of the diet are two fortnights in the space of thr ee days between them. You can continue it later, but is recommended for most peo ple who give a time span of one week. 2 - Eat constantly, whenever you feel hung ry and take plenty of fluids. 3 - Some people during the first few weeks may fee l some kind of weakness. 4 - Eat plenty of green vegetables, meats, fish, etc .. . 5 - Under no circumstances stop eating, your body will need the calories, so y ou can eat at will to address the lack of carbohydrate. :: "TIP" - WEEKLY MENU:: Suggestions: Options for BREAKFAST: Scrambled Eggs, Eggs with Bacon and Eggs Cooked Single or Omelette with Cheese a nd Ham Ice Tea Coffee or Tea Mate Tea or Juice Clight Clight Bread Diet (after 1 5 days) Margarine or Butter Cheese Ham salami. Options for LUNCH: - Salad General - Salpicão (* homemade mayonnaise, salad, chili, chicken, boile d eggs, carrot, cabbage and tomato) - Beef, Pork, Chicken (if sauce, tomatoes wi th homemade only) - Fish, Shrimp , Tuna, Lobster, Crab and Mussels - Sausages Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Eggs with Boiled Eggs - Single or Omelet with Cheese a nd Ham - Diet Soda or Juice Clight.

* Do not recommend the consumption of homemade mayonnaise (made with egg yolk) i n summer by the risk of salmonella bacteria) Options for DESSERT: Gelatin - Strawberry Jam Diet (Adocyl and Sweet-Minor). Options for the AFTERNOON SNACK: Diet - Hot or Ice Tea / Coffee - Cheese - Salami - Ham. Options for the DINNER: - Food "light." Note: In this diet, the eggplant is essential for the overall menu due to its ab ility to regulate cholesterol.