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Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance The Way of Abundance The wealth in every field of consciousness and life

Deepak Chopra Page 1 Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance Index INTRODUCTION PART ________________________________________________________3 ____ _____________________________________________________2 CHAPTER 1: THE SOURCE OF ALL ABUNDANCE _________________________________________ 3 CHAPTER 2: The steps from A to Z to create wealth ___________________________ _____ 4 (Back cover) The road to wealth holds the secret by which the reader discovers t hat he is the creator and creation and that, for unlimited wealth, simply wantin g it. With a clear and simple wisdom, Deepak Chopra explores more comprehensive fields of consciousness and presented a phased plan to create satisfaction at al l levels of life, affirming that abundance is our natural state and that the ent ire physical universe is the son of a field of unlimited possibilities. (Above T ab) consciousness of wealth is a mindset. If you live concerned about the amount of money seseas and therefore do not have in mind what you have, you're really poor. Our failures are stepping stones in the mechanics of our creation as we ap proach the goal. In fact, the failure does not exist. What we call it, is only o ne mechanism by which we can learn to do things right. The knowledge of our natu ral assets is the path that leads to s wealth. According to Deepak Chopra, if we can recover the essence of our virtues will be rich. (Back cover) Deepak Chopra , MD, an endocrinologist since 1971, trained in the United States and India, is president of the American Association for Ayurvedic medicine and medical directo r of the behavior. Internationally renowned, he traveled to many countries throu ghout the world giving seminars on topics related to health and spirit. He has w ritten several successful titles published. DEDICATION: To all those that are gi ven, and in so doing receive the lavish abundance of the Universe. Infinite abun dance and wholeness is our natural condition. We just need to recover the memory of what we already knew. INTRODUCTION "Once, in a distant land, a young man went to the forest and told his spiritual guide," I wish I had unlimited wealth, and unlimited wealth to want to help and heal the world. Please, can you give me the secret to create that abundance? And the master replied: "There are two goddesses who inhabit the heart of every hum an being, and we all love deeply these supreme beings. But there is one secret y ou need to know, and I'll tell you. While love two goddesses, you should pay mor e attention to one of them. She is the goddess of knowledge and is called Sarasv ati. chase them, Page 2 Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance love her, and listen to it. The other, Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance. Seeing that you pay more attention to Sarasvati, Lakshmi will become very jealous and

set in you. The more you chase the goddess of Knowledge, the more abundance you will pursue you. Will follow you anywhere you go, and never leave you. And you w ill forever that abundance you want. "Knowledge, desire and spirit are strong an d that strength within each being is the key to creating wealth. NOTE THE AUTHOR of this free material is very concentrated and in effect literal, it is necessa ry that the reader will metabolize and experience to your own conscience. For be st results, I suggest reading the entire book and then five pages each day. When finished, you can start it again. Make it a habit for life and the abundance an d prosperity in all its forms, will follow wherever you go. FIRST PART The Way of Abundance "The vast expansion of my consciousness, infinite worlds ap pear and disappear like little clumps of dust dancing in a ray of light" - the A ncient Vedic CHAPTER 1: THE SOURCE OF ALL ABUNDANCE Abundance is the experience in which our needs are easily met and our desires sp ontaneously. We feel joy, health, happiness and vitality in every moment of our existence. Abundance is a reality and the genuine purpose of this book is to giv e us an insight into the nature of that reality. When rooted in the nature of re ality and at the same time, we know that this reality is our own nature, we real ize that we can create anything, because all the material creation has the same origin. Nature comes to the same site to create a set of nebula, a galaxy of sta rs, a rain forest or in the human body, as well as to create a thought. In creat ion, all material,€all we can see, touch, hear, taste or smell, is made of the same substance and comes from the same source. The specific knowledge of this fa ct gives us the ability to satisfy any desire, to acquire any material object, a nd enjoy the fullness and happiness, whatever the limit to which we aspire. The principles set out in this work are related, specifically, with the creation of unlimited material abundance, but can be applied to fill any desire, because the y are the same as those used to generate the nature of material reality from an immaterial essence . Before turning to these principles, wishes to speak in deta il of what science, particularly physics, tells us about the nature of this univ erse we inhabit, the nature of our human body, mind, and the relationship betwee n them. According to the theorists of the field quanta, all material things are cars, human bodies or tickets, are made of atoms. These, in turn, are composed o f subatomic particles that are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void of energy and information. In my books, always carefully explored the natur e of quantum reality. Without going into details, the basic conclusion of quantu m field theory is that the raw material of the world is immaterial; Page 3 Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance the essential substance of the universe is antimatter. All our technology is bas ed on that fact, and is the ultimate ruin of the materialist superstition today. Fax machines, computers, radios, television, are possible because scientists no longer believe that the atom, the basic unit of matter, is an institution stron g. The atom is not at all a solid entity: it is a hierarchy of states of informa tion and energy in the vacuum of all possible states of information and energy. The difference between a material object and other material object, for example between an atom of lead and gold, not on the material level. Subatomic particles , protons, electrons, quarks and bosons that make up both the gold atom such as lead are exactly the same. Moreover, although we call particles are not material objects but impulses of energy and information. What sets the gold in the lead is the provision and quantity of these impulses. All material creation is struct ured on the basis of information and energy. In essence, every event is a quantu

m fluctuation of energy and information. And these impulses of energy and inform ation are the antimatter that is all that we consider substance or matter. There fore, it is clear that not only the essential substance of the universe is not m atter, but is not thinking matter Well, what else is a thought, but a boost of e nergy and information? We imagine that thoughts arise only in our heads, but thi s is because the experience as so structured thinking language, expressed verbal ly and who speaks English ... in my case, with the accent of people from India. However, these impulses of energy and information that we think thoughts, those same impulses, are the stuff of the universe. The only difference between the th oughts that are in and out of my head I see is that those within structured in t erms of language but before the thought becomes a verb and can be experienced as language is only intention. It is, again, a boost of energy and information. In other words, in the preverbal level, all nature speaks the same language. We ar e all thinking bodies in a thinking universe. And, just as that thought is proje cted into the molecules of our body, the same impulses of energy and information are projected as events in space-time of our environment. After the visible app earance of the universe, beyond the mirage of molecules, the maya or illusion of the physical world, underlies an array invisible by definition, consists of not hing. That no invisible orchestra, instructs, guides, governs and silent forces of nature to express itself through infinite creativity, infinite abundance of, and accuracy without error in countless designs, patterns and shapes. The experi ences of life are the continuum, this seamless matrix of nowhere in that whole b ody and environment, success and failure, wealth and poverty. Apparently, all th at happens to us but very basic levels, we make it happen. The impulses of energ y and information that create our experiences are reflected in our attitudes tow ard life.€And these attitudes are the result of self-generating pulses of energ y and information. CHAPTER 2: The steps from A to Z to create wealth So what are these states of consciousness, these states of information and energ y that give rise to the experience of wealth in our lives? For practical reasons , and so they are easy to remember, I ordered as steps from A to Z to create wea lth. In my experience, it is not necessary to practice a conscious attitudes I d escribe to achieve that wealth. It is useless and tiresome to make a conscious e ffort to practice cultivating an attitude or disposition. It is only important t o know what these steps, be aware of them. The more attention we give them more take root in our consciousness and our understanding. Thus, Page 4 Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance more likely it is that our attitude and behavior change spontaneously, without e ffort. Knowledge has, in itself, organizing force. Learn, learn the principles, it is quite easy, our bodies metabolize processed and knowledge, and results wil l occur spontaneously. This does not happen overnight, but begins to emerge grad ually, after a while. If you look at the list and read it once a day, check that changes occur spontaneously and without effort, your life is filled with abunda nce. A "A" represents the absolute, abundance, authority. The authentic nature of our s tate land is that the universe is a fertile field of all possibilities. In our p rimary way we are an area that includes all possibilities. From this level, you can create anything. This is the domain of our essential nature, our inner being . It is also called absolute, and is the final authority. Is wealth in itself, i t generates the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe. B "B" represents good, the good that over time growing more and more, evolving int

o the best in all aspects and, finally, brings us the best of everything. People with abundance consciousness only aspire to better. This is also called "first, the best." If only aspire to excellence, the universe will respond by giving yo u the best. C "C" represents a lack of charity and concern. Even if you have one billion dolla rs in the bank, you do not know the experience of lack of concerns, and charity, will be poor. By definition, wealth consciousness is a mental state. If you liv e worried about the amount of money you want, and, consequently, not you conside r that you have, you're really poor. In automatic mode, the lack of concern lead s to the charity and the desire to share, as the source from which the infinite, unlimited and inexhaustible. D "D" represents the law of demand for services. Whatever service we can provide, there will always be a demand for it. Ask yourself "How I can serve?" and "How I can help?" The answers are within you. When the Hall, also find that there is a demand for the service you are able to provide. "D" also symbolizes the dharma. Each of us has a dharma, a goal in life. When we are in the dharma, we enjoy ou r work and love it. E "E" represents the euphoria over the success of others, especially your competit ors and those who are considered enemies. When you rejoice in your success, your competitors and enemies become helpers. "E" also symbolizes the expectation pri nciple that determines the outcome. Always expects the best and hope you will se e that it contains within itself the result. Page 5 Deepak Chopra The Way of Abundance F "F" represents the conclusion that failure is hidden throughout the seed of succ ess. In the material manifestation of the immaterial, the visible with the invis ible, behind a mechanical underpinning, the principle of feedback. Our failures are stepping stones in the mechanics of our creation, as we approach the mint. I n fact, the failure does not exist. What we call and only a mechanism through wh ich we can learn to do things right. G "G" represents gratitude, generosity, thank God, Gratitude and generosity are na tural characteristics of an awareness. Since we only pursue excellence, as the f irst principle that the best, why not take God as a model? After all, no one is richer than God, for He is the field of all possibilities. There is a precise me chanism through which all desires are manifested.€The four steps are as follows : ⠢ Step one: You slip through the gap between thoughts. The gap is the window, the hallway, the apex of the transformation through which the personal psyche co mmunicates with the cosmic soul. Second step: We offer a clear target in the gap . Step Three: You stop getting involved with the result, as to pursue a goal or engage with it brings with it out of the gap. Step Four: Let the universe handle the details. ⠢ ⠢ ⠢ While it is important to realize a clear goal, so is abandoning the commitment t o the goal. And the goal is for that gap, and there lies the power to organize a

nd orchestrate the details necessary to influence achievement. You may remember the time you tried to remember a name, you strove and insisted, but in vain. Fin ally desist commitment to achieve and moments later the desired name flashed on the screen of your mind. This is the mechanism to fit any desire. While I tried to remember esses name, your mind stayed active, turbulent, until at last, throu gh fatigue and frustration, you let go and the mind is stilled. Gradually slowed almost to a stop, I slid in the gap, where they release your desire, and soon y ou see it fulfilled. This is the true meaning of "Ask and it shall be given" or "Knock on the door and you opened." One of the easiest ways to slip and rested i n the gap is to do it through meditation. And there are many forms of meditation and prayer can help us express wishes from the gap Page 6